Star Trek Genesis

Star Trek Genesis
(Takes place immediately after Star Trek Into Darkness)

James Tiberius Kirk awoke in a hospital bed and turned to see Doctor Leonard McCoy standing over him. "Don't be so melodramatic. You were barely dead," McCoy told him. "It was the transfusion that really took its toll," McCoy added as he used a sensor around Kirk's head.

"Transfusion?" Kirk whispered, his voice was hoarse.

"Your cells were heavily irradiated. We had no choice," McCoy explained.

"Khan?" Kirk asked.

"Once we caught him, I synthesized a serum from his super blood," McCoy continued. "Tell me, do you feel homicidal, power mad, despotic?" he joked.

"No, I feel different," Kirk muttered.

"In what way?" McCoy asked seriously.

"I don't think I ever said thank you for all that you have done for me," Kirk realized.

"Just doing my job," McCoy said embarrassed.

"No, you got me on the Enterprise when I was a cadet. You got me to where I am now," Kirk said gratefully.

"Well, you're welcome," McCoy said. "Don't tell anyone about that," he warned.

McCoy approached Kirk with another sensor tool. "Your blood pressure is spiking, Jim," McCoy muttered.

Kirk, suddenly and without thinking, grabbed McCoy and kissed him on the lips. McCoy went wide-eye in shock and surprise and then pushed Kirk back onto the bed. "Damn it, man, what's gotten into you," McCoy said wiping his lip.

"I don't know. I feel strange," Kirk admitted.

"Your dopamine levels are off the charts," McCoy reported.

"Don't tell anyone about this," Kirk said embarrassed.

"I'm a doctor, Jim. Of course, everything is confidential. But if you try to kiss me again, I'll knock you out," McCoy threatened.


Kirk exited the hospital in a wheelchair and found Starfleet officers on either side of him applauding his recovery. Kirk smiled embarrassed and grateful. He waved to them as he was carried out. "Great, this will just make his head bigger," McCoy grumbled.

Kirk entered his apartment and took a shower. He looked at his face in the mirror. He was perfectly healthy, yet Kirk found his face alien to him somehow. He looked over his muscular physique and found himself concerned with his appearance. Was it disgust? Perhaps, shame that he had not been able to physically apprehend Khan, himself. No, only a Vulcan male could take on Khan in physical combat. He remembered how he got his ass handed to him when he provoked Spock into attacking him before. All that training and it didn't save him. He was weak.

Typically, in the shower, Kirk would have at least some sexual thoughts towards an exotic alien female or even a member of his crew. He knew it was inappropriate, but Kirk always had a high libido. His thoughts wandered to Dr. Marcus, the hot blond weapon's specialist. His thoughts suddenly went dark as he recalled her screaming when her father, Admiral Marcus, had been brutally killed by Khan.

Kirk felt nothing as the water poured over him. Was he depressed? Was this post-traumatic stress after literally dying? Did he feel responsible for the thousands of lives that had been killed on board the Enterprise and downtown San Francisco? It was all his fault. He didn't stun Khan enough times; Khan took over the ship, killed Admiral Marcus, and then flew the dread-naught right into San Francisco creating a large crater in the ground. What difference did it make to save a handful on the Enterprise when so many others had died?


Spock attended the debriefing instead of Kirk. "First Officer Spock, your report?" the new Head Admiral asked.

Spock looked around the room and found that over the last few weeks, the Starfleet leadership had been decimated. Almost all the people in the room were newly promoted captains and admirals. "Apologies for the absence of our captain. He is still recovery from his ordeal. Khan has been captured and put into cryo-stasis along with the rest of his crew where he is to remain indefinitely. Repairs to the Enterprise are ongoing. We expect those repairs to be completed in a few weeks," Spock said.

McCoy then entered the room and gave Spock a grumpy look. "Doctor McCoy, your analysis of the blood sample?" the Head Admiral asked.

"We first tested Khan's blood on a tribble and found it had regenerative effects. In a last ditch effort to save Kirk's life, we gave him some of Khan's blood. The blood is genetically enhanced and has healing properties that I have barely been able to study. It was able to repair Kirk's damaged cells and revive him," McCoy said.

"We have discovered that the Starfleet officer responsible for the bombing at the archive had a sick son who was dying of terminal cancer. Khan offered his blood to cure the child in return for this Starfleet officer planting the bomb at the archive. What we have since discovered is that the boy is now a girl," the Head Admiral said.

"What are you suggesting, Admiral?" Spock asked.

"Khan's blood may come with a cost. The boy's chromosomes changed on a molecular level switching on some genes and switching off others. Over the course of a few weeks, he went through a physical metamorphosis from male to female. The child is too young to determine what effect this has on sexual maturity and fertility," the Head Admiral said.

"Good God, man," McCoy whispered shocked.

"Captain Kirk is to be put on medical observation for the time being. Mr. Spock, you will be acting captain of the Enterprise," the Head Admiral ordered.

"As you wish, Admiral," Spock replied.

"Everything concerning Captain Kirk's condition is not to leave this room," the Head Admiral ordered.


Spock and McCoy walked together through the halls of Starfleet Headquarters. "Kirk isn't going to like it when he hears this," McCoy muttered.

"Doctor, perhaps it would be best if he was not made aware," Spock suggested.

"What are you saying? That I lie to him?" McCoy asked flabbergasted.

"Of course not, doctor. Omitting certain details is not the same as lying," Spock reasoned.

"When he does find out, he'll hate me for it," McCoy said.

"That would be an illogical reaction. Knowing of his possible illness will not help him overcome it," Spock said.

"Often times, when a patient knows what they're facing they take the bull by the horns and fight to the very end," McCoy pointed out.

"I defer to your good judgment, doctor," Spock said and the two parted ways.


Doctor McCoy found Kirk in the gym lifting weights. "I figured I would find you here. You do know this is the least efficient way to build muscle mass."

"This isn't about that. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't lost my touch," Kirk said as he worked the weights.

"You should take it easy while you recover. This kind of stress on the body isn't good for you," McCoy lectured.

"I just want to feel alive," Kirk said.

"If you want dopamine and adrenal, I can get some for you," McCoy said simply.

Kirk put the bar up and stood up to McCoy. "It's always injections and medical scanners with you. In a real fight, its raw physical power," Kirk said.

"Jim, you can't compare yourself to Khan. He was genetically designed for combat," McCoy said.

"My father would have put up a better fight," Kirk said sitting down.

"For God's sakes, your father was just a man. A good man but just a man," McCoy reminded him.

Kirk stared aimlessly. "What was discussed at the briefing?" he asked.

"Khan's blood is to undergo more tests. You're to be put under medical observation. Spock is acting captain," McCoy summarized.

Kirk sighed and shook his head. "They've taken the Enterprise from me. Maybe, you shouldn't have brought me back."

"Are you listening to yourself? This is only temporary. You'll be captain again in no time. You have a five-year mission in deep space to look forward to," McCoy said.

"I fucked up," Kirk said changing the subject. "I should have killed Khan when I had the chance with those torpedoes. Now, thousands are dead because of me."

"Kirk, it was Admiral Marcus' fault. He knew Khan's crew was in those torpedoes, he was the one that built that ship in secrecy, and he's the one that fired on the Enterprise," McCoy argued.

"You know why I went to the reactor core to fix it myself instead of sending an engineer to do it?" Kirk asked.

McCoy could only stare blankly. "It's because I can't lead a star-ship. How useless is a captain that can't be leader? So, I did the only thing I could do. I made myself expendable, because I was useless," Kirk said loudly.

"You're making a scene, Jim," McCoy whispered.

"Am I?" Kirk shouted.

Kirk suddenly collapsed in front of McCoy. "Get an ambulance!" McCoy shouted and immediately took out his equipment.


Kirk was back in the hospital feeling weaker than ever. McCoy was at his bedside. "What is happening to me?" Kirk asked; his voice a little softer than before.

"Khan's blood is changing your physiology on the chromosome level. Somehow, it is rewriting your DNA," McCoy said.

"Khan was strong. Why am I becoming weaker?" Kirk asked.

McCoy hesitated to say. "There's evidence to suggest that Khan's blood specifically changes the sex chromosomes. In your case, the Y chromosome is becoming an X," McCoy said.

Kirk stared up at the ceiling as he realized what that meant. "Can you stop it?" he asked McCoy.

"I don't know, Jim. We can do hormone therapy to increase your testosterone, but it's a losing battle. Khan's blood is changing your body on a cellular level. It will affect your brain, your organs, your skin, and even your genitals," McCoy said.

"How much time do I have?" Kirk asked as if this was a death sentence.

"It will happen in stages most likely. You've already experienced muscle degradation and emotional instability. It could take weeks," McCoy said.

"Is that why I kissed you?" Kirk asked.

"Your sexual orientation could change," McCoy allowed.

Kirk hesitated to say anything. "Kill me now," he said finally.

"What?" McCoy asked not believing what he had just heard.

"You heard me. Kill me now while I still have my dignity," Kirk said.

"I am not going to euthanize you like some dog," McCoy objected.

"You did it to your father. Why not me?" Kirk asked.

McCoy gave Kirk a stunned look and then backed away facing the window. "I'm sorry," Kirk said regretfully.

"You don't get to be sorry, you son-of-a-bitch," McCoy said angrily. "You want to kill yourself, leave me out of it," McCoy said and then placed a phaser on his bed.

McCoy then stormed out of the room. Kirk looked over the phaser and sighed.


McCoy half-expected to hear a phaser sound from Kirk's room. He knew he would have a lot of explaining to do on how Kirk managed to acquire a phaser in a hospital. At this point, he didn't care. His father had spent painful years battling a terminal illness to which there was no cure. His father had begged him to end his life. After watching his father live in agony, McCoy finally placed a device on his bed that painlessly and quietly ended his life. A few years later, a cure for the disease had been discovered. In his depression and guilt, McCoy treated everyone around him like shit and nearly destroyed his career. His wife divorced him and took everything from him. Ever since, McCoy worked hard to save every life he could as if to make up for it.

Kirk approached McCoy as he sat on a couch and dropped the phaser near him. "I'm sorry, Bones. I was an ass. Please forgive me," Kirk said sincerely.

"You going to fight to live or are you going to be a waste of my time?" McCoy asked still teary eyed.

"To the bitter end," Kirk said resolved.

"Let's get you home," McCoy said and the two walked out of the hospital.


Spock entered the Enterprise bridge while it was still held in a space dock being repaired. All the officers were present except Kirk. Spock sat in the captain's chair to the surprise of the other officers. "Where is Captain Kirk, Sir?" Sulu asked.

"Captain Kirk is still under medical observation," Spock said simply. "Begin diagnostic checks of all systems," Spock ordered.

"The reactor core is still unstable, Captain," Chekov reported.

"Send an engineering team to work on the repairs," Spock ordered. "Ensure the engineering crew work in shifts so no single crew member is exposed to unacceptable levels of radiation," Spock added.

"Yes, Captain," Chekov replied mindful of Kirk's death.


Kirk escaped from his house arrest and took his motorcycle across the country to Iowa. There he found his mother, Winona Kirk. His stepfather had died a few years ago. Kirk got off his motorcycle and came inside.

"I heard rumors you had died," Winona said upon seeing him.

"No, I cheated death again," Kirk smiled.

"Just like your father," Winona said and then noticed something different about Kirk. "What's wrong?" she asked concerned.

"A lot of people died, but I lived," Kirk said somberly. "I shouldn't have let it happen."

"You saved this planet, remember? You saved billions of lives. The entire Federation owes you a great debt," Winona reminded him.

"How long can I ride on that?" Kirk asked.

"You don't owe the planet a thing, Jim. You can retire from Starfleet and be a farmer here in Iowa if you want. It's up to you," Winona said.

Kirk hesitated to discuss the next thing on his mind. "I required a blood transfusion. I can't explain all the details, but I can tell you that the blood was tainted," Kirk said seriously.

"Are you sick?" Winona asked.

Kirk paused before saying it. It was the reason why he came out this whole way. "It's changing my DNA from male to female," he said finally.

Winona stared at Kirk as she realized what this meant. "You're changing sex?"

"Maybe, they don't know yet. It could be reversed somehow," Kirk downplayed.

"Oh, Jim. At least you're alive. That's the important thing," Winona said.

"If I can't stop this. If it becomes inevitable, I'm sorry," Kirk said sadly.

"I will always love you no matter what sex you are. We didn't even know what sex you were until you were born. We could have found out, but we wanted to be surprised. We named you Jim after my father," Winona revealed.

"Tiberius was almost going to be your first name," Winona smiled.

"That sounds terrible," Kirk smiled in spite of himself.

"You should see your brother. He's in town," Winona suggested.

"I'll do that," Kirk agreed.


Kirk found his brother at a popular bar. George Samuel Kirk was a little older than James Kirk and was an alien biologist. James Kirk strolled into the bar and found his older brother at a table. "Where's your beautiful wife, Aurelan?" James Kirk asked.

"Jimmy? What are you doing back here?" George Kirk said surprised. "She's with the boys back home."

James Kirk sat across from George Kirk and had a drink. "I just came by to see mom," James said.

George nodded. "Good thing you did. I am going to the Deneva colony soon."

"Is that why you're here. To get your head straight?" James asked knowingly.

"Yeah, it's a big decision. How about you? You still fly Star-ships?" George asked.

"I'm actually not supposed to be here. I'm under medical surveillance," James admitted.

"What's wrong with you this time?" George asked.

James told George everything about what had happened. George was attentive the whole time and asked a number of follow-up questions about the biological science of it. "Well, it looks like I am losing a brother and gaining a sister," George said.

"It looks like it," James smiled. The two were a little drunk.

"Got a new name?" George asked.

"Maybe Jaime," James considered.

"The men under your command are going to see you differently, you know that," George warned. "Be assertive and confident more than ever before. But do not over compensate either."

"I think I can handle it," James said confidently.

"Don't be afraid to ask for help," George advised.


Captain Clark Terrell was black-skinned, tall, and imposing figure. He beamed aboard the space station at Regula One and found Starfleet scientists busy at work. They eventually came to Dr. Carol Marcus, the daughter of the deceased Admiral Marcus.

"What can I do for you, captain?" Carol asked.

"By order of the president, we are confiscating all your work," Captain Terrell said seriously.

"We're not finished, yet. We haven't gone beyond phase II," Carol protested.

"The president doesn't see it that way," Captain Terrell said.


Meanwhile, Lt. Chekov was in the captain's chair on the USS Reliant. Three Klingon warships suddenly decloaked. "Shields up!" Chekov ordered as the Klingon warships fired on the Reliant.

"Shields barely holding. Their weapons are unlike anything we have seen before," the helmsman reported.

"Captain, we are being fired upon. Your orders?" Chekov said through the comm.

"Beam up the genesis capsule," Captain Terrell ordered.

Carol watched in stunned silence as the Genesis capsule was beamed aboard the Reliant.

"Now, beam out everyone on Regula One," Chekov ordered his crew.

"The Klingons are jamming us. Communications are down," the communications officer reported.

The Klingon ships continued to fire on the Reliant. "Fire all weapons, FIRE!" Chekov said frustrated.

The Reliant fired on the Klingon ships with little effect. Their shields absorbed the phaser fire. The Klingons retaliated blasting holes into the Reliant's hull. Chekov listened to damage reports and stared at the screen in front of him as three Klingon ships continued to fire.

"Take us into Federation territory. Maximum warp," Chekov said finally.

The Reliant turned away from Regula One and accelerated away into hyperspace. The Klingon warships then descended upon the spaceship.


Uhuru found Sulu in a bar all by himself. They were both in casual clothes. No one would suspect they were both officers from the flagship of the Federation fleet. "I didn't think I would find you here," Uhuru remarked. They were in a popular gay bar in San Francisco.

Sulu gave her a startled look. "How did you find me?" he asked embarrassed.

"Your communicator has a tracking device on it," Uhuru said simply.

"You must think…," Sulu muttered.

"That you're gay. I've known for a while now," Uhuru said as if it were nothing.

"You can't tell anyone," Sulu said freaking out.

"Don't worry about it. I've felt stigma myself for dating Spock, a Vulcan," Uhuru said understanding.

"It's not really the same," Sulu muttered.

"It's not? Should we spend countless hours discussing which of us is the least privileged," Uhuru mocked.

"My parents would kill me if they found out. I have to carry on the family name," Sulu said.

"You could have died many times already on the Enterprise. If carrying on your family name was so important, you're doing a poor job at it," Uhuru pointed out.

Sulu had nothing to say to that. "The thing is…I come here often and yet I am never noticed," Sulu said sadly.

"Just tell people you're a Starfleet officer of the greatest ship in the fleet," Uhuru smiled."

"I can't use my title to attract people. That's not how I want to do things," Sulu said. "I want people to notice me for my personality."

"Maybe this isn't the place to find what you're looking for," Uhuru suggested. "Anyway, we have to go. There's an emergency meeting, and we're already late."


James Kirk entered the hospital looking for McCoy. He finally found him in the hallways after asking some of the nurses. For the first time, Kirk didn't even care to look at the female nurses. McCoy looked at Kirk in shock. His face looked more feminine; he had lost weight, and was even an inch shorter. His hands looked thinner than before.

"You look like hell, man," McCoy remarked.

"I feel worse than I look," Kirk admitted.

"Where have you been? You're supposed to be under my medical supervision. I've had to fudge several reports," McCoy said displeased.

"I went home to see my mom," Kirk said.

"You're changing sex. It's not a terminal illness," McCoy whispered.

McCoy's communicator indicated an emergency meeting. "We have to go. This is serious," McCoy said.

"I can't go in looking like this," Kirk said fearfully.

McCoy considered what to do. "Alright. Don't make me regret this."


Spock entered Starfleet Headquarters punctual as usual. Lt. Chekov was already there standing at attention to Admiral Curtis LeMay. Lt. Uhuru and Lt. Sulu ran down the hall and arrived just in time.

"You two are late. How unexpected," Spock said to them both disappointed.

"Apologies, Commander. I wasn't wearing my communicator. It's my fault," Sulu said.

"Indeed," Spock eyed the two of them and said no more.

Admiral LeMay then greeted Spock. "Commander Spock, where is your captain?" he asked.

"He is still undergoing medical treatment," Spock said vaguely.

"Present, Admiral," Captain Kirk said as he entered the room with McCoy with him. Spock gave Kirk an odd look as he entered the room. His face was healthy and boyish as usual with that typical Kirk smirk. There was a thin metallic collar around Kirk's neck that was slightly above his shirt. It was barely noticeably except the perceptive Spock. McCoy sat next to Kirk with an anxious looking face. Spock could tell that something was off but made no inquiry about it.

"Glad you could join us, Kirk," LeMay remarked.

"Glad to be here. What did I miss?" Kirk asked.

"Lt. Chekov," LeMay ordered.

"The Klingons have attacked our space station, Regula One. This space station was working on Project Genesis, a molecular modifier that can create organic life from non-organic elements. It can create planetary atmospheres and oceans. It was designed to bring life to lifeless planets and moons. A prototype was used to terraform New Vulcan," Lt. Chekov explained.

"Fascinating," Spock remarked.

"The Klingons attacked Regula One to take this technology from us. Lt. Chekov bravely brought the Genesis project back to Earth. Unfortunately, Dr. Carol Macus and Captain Terrell were captured by the Klingons," LeMay said.

"What is our plan for getting them back?" Kirk asked concerned.

"There is none," LeMay said flatly. "The Klingons have gone beyond the Neutral Zone and have been raiding our outposts. We are at war, ladies and gentlemen."

"What if the genesis project were to be used on a planet that already has life?" McCoy asked.

"It would kill all life on the planet in favor of its new matrix," LeMay said coldly.

"My God, man! This is a weapon of mass destruction," McCoy said alarmed.

"There are no plans to use project Genesis as a weapon. We don't even know if it would work. However, it could be the only thing that keeps the Klingons at bay. I have suggested to the President that we test a Genesis missile on a lifeless moon and study the results," LeMay said.

"I volunteer the Enterprise to conduct the test," Kirk said immediately.

LeMay smiled. "That is why I brought you all here. Not only does the test have to be successful but the Klingons have to see it."

"How do we bring the Klingons to us?" Kirk wondered.

"We will leak the test site on unsecured channels. If the Kingons are listening in, they will be there," LeMay said.


Kirk and McCoy walked to a transport ship that would take them to the Enterprise. "This is madness, Jim. You're getting worse with time," McCoy said seriously.

"You said it yourself, I'm just changing sex. What's the big deal?" Kirk asked.

"You don't seem to understand. During the transition, you will be experiencing hormonal surges and unusual body chemistry. It can affect your body and mind," McCoy warned.

"Do you want Spock or me to handle Genesis?" Kirk asked bluntly.

McCoy hesitated as he thought about it. "Damn it, Jim," he muttered.

Spock then approached the two. "Doctor, in your opinion is Captain Kirk fit for duty?"

"Absolutely," McCoy lied.

"Good. I will see you on the bridge," Spock said leaving them.

"Thanks," Kirk whispered.

"Don't mention it," McCoy said.


Scotty was in an uproar as classified Genesis missiles were placed in engineering. "Captain, first of all, I am happy you're alive and well," Scotty said politely.

"Thank you, Mr. Scott," Kirk said patiently.

"What are these bloody things? I thought we talked about this before."

"This is no ordinary torpedo. It's part of the Genesis project. Here are the files. Knock yourself out," Kirk said giving Scotty the datapad.

Scotty glanced at the pad and then walked off to read it more thoroughly. "Flight checks complete," Sulu said from above.

"Thank you, Mr. Sulu," Kirk replied.

"This will take a while for me to read, Captain," Scotty said at his desk.

"You have to make it fast. Time is of the essence," Kirk pressed.

"Last time, I quit and you ended up not firing those torpedoes. Do I need to resign again to make my point?" Scotty asked.

"No, Mr. Scott. You were right, and I should have listened to you. I have learned from my mistake," Kirk said.

"Alright, Captain. I'll sign for it," Scotty relented.


"Captain on the bridge," Chekov said as Kirk exited the elevator shaft.

All eyes were on Kirk as he took the Captain's chair. "Open a channel."

Kirk felt his throat sore and constricted. The device around his neck deepened his voice, but it could fail at any time. Kirk felt nervous and anxious as he was about to speak. "This is your captain speaking. We are on a routine science mission. However, the Klingons have declared war on the Federation. We must always be prepared for hostilities. I know you will perform well at your station as you have done in times past. Kirk out," Kirk said.

The Enterprise exited warp and found nothing but space in all directions. Kirk stared at the screen dumbfounded. "Mr. Sulu, did you input the right coordinates?" Kirk asked impatiently.

"Yes, Sir. These are the coordinates," Sulu replied.

"Sensor sweep the area for any nearby systems," Kirk ordered.

"Sensors indicate no nearby systems, Captain. Perhaps a mistake was made," Spock said.

"Or maybe we were set up," Kirk said frustrated.

Kirk turned to Uhuru. "Lt. Uhuru, communicate to Starfleet that we are at the correct coordinates but there is no system. We are in deep interstellar space."

"Yes, Captain," she replied and began working on her console.

"Mr. Spock, you have the bridge," Kirk said as he felt fatigue and sick. McCoy followed Kirk off the bridge much to Spock's curiosity.


Kirk entered his quarters and looked at himself in the mirror. He gently peeled away the elastic face mask and took off the collar around his neck. His real face looked girlish now. "What the hell is going on?" he said in a soft pitched voice referring to his body and mission.

McCoy abruptly entered Kirk's quarters. "How did you get in here?" Kirk asked outraged.

McCoy did a double-take upon hearing Kirk's voice. "It wasn't locked," he said simply. "It's a good thing only I came in."

"I still got this," Kirk said to him.

"The hell you do. There's no moon, and we are out in the middle of nowhere," McCoy said.

"You know…I should be an admiral so these sorts of things would stop happening," Kirk said deliriously.

McCoy checked Kirk's readings. "The changes are accelerating."

"You want to see how fast, doctor?" Kirk said and took off his yellow shirt. Kirk then took off a body suit that diminished his breasts and curves. McCoy simply held up his sensor as he examined Kirk's A-cup sized breasts.

"The breast tissue is growing normally. Once the change is complete, they should be able to lactate," McCoy said clinically.

"Thank you for that assessment," Kirk said bitterly.

"You might as well completely undress if you want a medical examination," McCoy said.

Kirk obliged taking off his black pants and kicking off his shoes. McCoy studied Kirk's hips and hairless legs. Kirk's muscular physique was nearly gone. He was wearing bulkier pants to cover it up. "All the way," McCoy said finally.

Kirk sighed and took off his underwear. He gave McCoy an embarrassed look. "Don't worry about it, Jim. I'm a doctor," McCoy said as he examined Kirk's shrinking genitals. McCoy then gave Kirk a disappointed look.

"What?" Kirk asked.

"Inside your pelvic region, female reproductive organs are developing. You already have a womb, Jim," McCoy reported.

Kirk sat on his bed demoralized. "Just one more mission, Bones," Kirk said.

"No one would blame you if you stepped down. Hell, I could sign the paperwork relieving you of your post, so you can save face," McCoy offered.

"I would rather leave on my own terms than pushed," Kirk said.

"Alright, Jim," McCoy allowed. "I can increase your testosterone input, but I doubt it will make much of a difference."

"You've been really good to me, doc," Kirk said appreciatively.

"It's my job, Jim," McCoy said.

Without thinking Jim grabbed the back of McCoy's neck and kissed him. In spite of himself, McCoy kissed him back. The two made out on Kirk's bed caressing each other. "I can't stop myself. I don't want to," Kirk said as he continued to kiss McCoy.

"Damn it, Jim," McCoy muttered as he continued to kiss him.

Kirk grabbed McCoy's pants and lowered them enough to free McCoy's erect penis. As if under a spell, Kirk took hold of McCoy's cock and began to suck on it. McCoy closed his eyes enjoying the feeling but knowing what they were doing was so very wrong.

"This is unprofessional. I'm your doctor," McCoy said to him.

"Spock and Uhuru fuck each other. Why can't we?" Kirk asked.

"You do raise a good point," McCoy admitted.

"How long has it been since you got laid?" Kirk asked McCoy.

"Long enough," McCoy said remembering his ex-wife.

"And is that medically advisable?" Kirk asked.

"No, it's not," McCoy agreed.

McCoy got on top of Kirk and the two kissed and touched each other passionately. McCoy hadn't had sex in years and Kirk was trying out his new body for the first time. There was a fiery passion between them. Kirk felt utterly intoxicated and his male mind was confused by what he was doing.

"Fuck me," Kirk ordered McCoy.

"Jim, that's not sanitary and it could cause…," McCoy said clinically.

"I don't give a fuck," Kirk replied.

"Alright, but you're going to want this," McCoy said and then gave Kirk a numbing injection.

McCoy positioned himself correctly and penetrated Kirk's ass. It hurt at first but the numbing agent took care of it. McCoy pushed further all the way to the hilt. Kirk instinctively wrapped his legs around McCoy's hips as he was being fucked.

McCoy went slow at first so Kirk could get used to it. "I have to be on the bridge, doc. Make this quick," Kirk encouraged.

"Fine," McCoy said quickening his pace.

Kirk moaned and shook as McCoy rubbed his shrinking prostate over-and-over. With his right hand, Kirk stroked his flaccid cock. He would never get an erection again and the thought scared him. Finally, Kirk exploded on his stomach.

"Holy shit," Kirk gasped.

McCoy grunted and came inside Kirk. He immediately withdrew from Kirk and took a health injection. "At least you can't get pregnant, yet," McCoy grumbled.

Kirk sat up dazed and confused. It was the best sex he had experienced in a long time. All of his anxiety was gone for the moment. He felt good and energized. "That's exactly what I needed," Kirk said.

"You're welcome," McCoy said fully dressed.

Kirk quickly put his clothes back on and went over to the bathroom. He placed the collar around his neck. "Testing…testing," he said in his old voice.

He then put on the electronic facial mask that created a hologram image of his old face. He looked back at McCoy. "How do I look?" Kirk asked.

"You look fine," McCoy said feeling uncomfortable. He had just had sex with Kirk who now looked perfectly like a man.


A confident and upbeat Kirk entered the bridge. "Captain on the bridge," Chekov announced.

"Thank you, Mr. Chekov," Kirk said appreciatively as he took the chair from Spock.

"No word from Starfleet," Uhuru reported.

"Nothing? Not even an apology?" Kirk asked dismayed.

"My instruments tell me they're receiving our messages, but they're not responding," Uhuru said.

"Long-range sensors?" Kirk asked.

"There is an uncharted nebula nearby but no systems," Chekov replied.

"Well, we are explorers, right. Mr. Sulu, take us closer to the nebula. We're sitting ducks out here," Kirk said anxiously.

"Captain, moving closer to the nebula will disrupt long range communications with Starfleet," Spock said.

"I am aware of that, Mr. Spock," Kirk said patiently. "That is why we will stay just outside of it."

The Enterprise moved closer to the nebula on impulse power. Nearby disturbances in space followed them. Kirk stared at the screen and saw disturbances in space. "Shields up! Red-Alert," Kirk ordered.

Immediately the bridge was flooded in red flight. "Shields up, Captain," Chekov said.

"Captain, what is the meaning of this?" Spock asked confused.

"They're here," Kirk realized. "Mr. Sulu, get us into the nebula."

Klingon warbirds decloaked and fired on the Enterprise. The ship shook from the impacts. "Twelve Klingdon warbirds decloaking," Spock reported.

"They're not receiving our hails," Uhuru reported.

"I don't think they want to talk," Kirk said. "Mr. Sulu, get us out of here."

Mr. Sulu made the calculations for warp while the Enterprise was being hit repeatedly. "Warp drive disabled, Captain."

"Mr. Scott, get me warp," Kirk ordered.

"They targeted our warp drive. They knew where to hit us, Captain. I can give you impulse power but that's it," Scotty reported as the engine room had several fires.

"Full impulse into the nebula!" Kirk ordered Sulu.

The Enterprise sped towards the nebula while twelve Klingon warbirds chased them. Chekov's hands worked furiously as he targeted warbirds with phaser fire. The Enterprise fired phasers from the saucer section 360 degrees as the Klingon ships fired and then cloaked.

"Minimal damage, Captain. There's too many of them," Chekov said.

"Concentrate on one bird at a time," Kirk ordered as the bridge shook.

"It's difficult, Captain. They keep cloaking and changing position," Chekov said.

"Activate Genesis, Mr. Scott," Kirk ordered.

"Genesis? Captain, are you suggesting we use the Genesis project?" Spock asked surprised.

"I am not suggesting anything," Kirk replied.

Even inside the nebula, the Klingons continued their pursuit. The Enterprise fired torpedoes that exploded in the nebula creating brilliant explosions. A Klingon warbird became damaged in the explosion.

"Keep it up, Mr. Chekov," Kirk said excitedly.

"At this rate, we will run out of torpedoes," Chekov said.

"We better use them all," Kirk replied.

"Genesis is locked and ready, Captain. It's on a delay timer to give us some time to escape the blast zone. We can't launch it without warp," Scotty reported.

"Understood," Kirk said.

The bridge was hit hard sending officers to the floor. Several computers were busted and on sparking from the blast. Kirk got off the ground and looked over his officer crew. He didn't realize it but half of his facial mask was torn off and his collar was snapped in two. The officer crew gave him horrified looks.

Kirk touched his face realizing that his facial mask fluctuated on-and-off. "Oh my God," Uhuru covered her mouth in shock.

"Captain?" Spock said.

"Spock, you have the bridge," Kirk said in a higher-pitched voice. He departed the bridge with McCoy following him. "Engineering," Kirk said to the computer.

"What do you intend to do?" McCoy asked.

"I'm going to get that warp core working again," Kirk said simply.

"How do you hope to do that? There's a radiation leak. You'll get yourself killed a second time," McCoy said to him.

"Khan's blood is still in me. I am the only one that can do it," Kirk said.

"There's no guarantee Khan's blood will be enough to regenerate your cells," McCoy argued.

"Look, I don't want to use this voice more than I have to, alright," Kirk said sadly. "Patch up my crew," Kirk ordered and patted him on the back.

Kirk entered engineering which was a total mess. "Captain? Is that you? What the hell happened?" Scotty asked.

"Not now. We need the warp core fixed," Kirk said.

Scotty raised an eyebrow at Kirk's new voice. "The radiation is too strong even for suits."

"Then I'll go in," Kirk said heading to the chamber.

"I can't let you do that, Sir," Scotty said blocking him.

Kirk punched Scotty to the gut hard sending him to the floor. Kirk entered the radiation chamber and went to work on warp core.


"Concentrate on their engines, Mr. Chekov," Spock ordered.

"Aye, Commander," Chekov said firing phasers at the Klingon ships with some success.

"We have no communications in the nebula," Uhuru reported.

"Thank you, Lieutenant. However, it seems we were meant to be ambushed," Spock considered.

The Enterprise continued to get hit blasting holes in the hull. Crew members were blasted out into space.


Kirk fixed the warp core at enormous cost to himself. His sight was reduced and his skin was red with 2nd degree burns. "Captain!" Scotty shouted as he got to his feet.

"Launch Genesis. That's an order," Kirk said in a hoarse voice.

Scotty nodded and launched Genesis from a computer console. The Genesis missile was fired as a torpedo into the nebula. The Klingon warbirds simply avoided the torpedo as it went past them. "Wait a few moments," Kirk said as it was launched.

"Captain, it will detonate in 1 minute," Scotty said alarmed.

"Wait for it," Kirk repeated.

"Thirty seconds, Captain!" Scotty shouted.

Kirk waited a few more moments. "Maximum warp, punch it!" Kirk ordered.

Scotty sent the Enterprise into warp just as Genesis exploded.


The Genesis missile floating in the nebula exploded creating a shockwave as fast as the speed of light. The Klingon ships were destroyed before they knew what hit them. The Enterprise accelerated and escaped the shock wave blast just in time.

Kirk fainted in the radiation chamber. Two Starfleet personal in radiation suits took Kirk out of the chamber. "Take him to sick bay," Scotty ordered.

"No, I will endanger the other patients. Just leave me here," Kirk said.

"You'll die for good this time, Captain," Scotty pressed.

"Actually, I feel a little better now," Kirk said getting to his feet. Scotty could see his face regenerating from the damage of the radiation.


"Are we a sufficient distance from the blast?" Spock asked.

"We should be good now, Commander," Sulu replied.

"Take us out of warp," Spock ordered.

The Enterprise exited warp and eyed a bright star-like object in the nebula. The Klingon fleet was gone completely. "Fascinating," Spock said of the newly formed object.

The bridge crew watched as the gas in the nebula collected and formed a new planet. "Genesis," Sulu realized.

"Indeed, Mr. Sulu," Spock replied.

The new planetoid formed an atmosphere and started creating oceans. What would have taken billions of years was happening right before their eyes.


Kirk sat by himself in a corner as engineers detected his radiation levels. McCoy came over and scanned Kirk's body. "I think you're going to be fine," McCoy smiled.

"The cats out of the bag," Kirk said referring to his looks.

"It was going to happen eventually. You saved the ship and got those Klingon bastards," McCoy said impressed.

"What happened?" Kirk asked.

"Genesis created a new living planet in the middle of the nebula. It's a miracle of science," McCoy said excited.

"Get me to the bridge," Kirk requested.

McCoy brought Kirk to his feet. "Can you walk?" McCoy asked.

"I think so," Kirk said weakly.


McCoy put his arm around Kirk as he led him to the bridge. Kirk was a mess as he saw his bridge crew. His face was feminine, his hair was longer, and his voice was distinctly female. Spock stared at Kirk with surprise and concern.

Kirk made his way to the center of the bridge and saw the planetoid forming in the nebula. "Get us out of the nebula and restore communications with Starfleet. Tell them Genesis was successfully tested," Kirk ordered.

"Captain, you deceived us about your condition. You are in fact getting worse and your condition may have affected your judgment," Spock accused.

"I saved the ship and destroyed the Klingon fleet," Kirk pointed out.

"Once we reached warp capability, we could have made our escape without further hostilities. Instead, you risked the lives on this ship by detonating Genesis and unnecessarily killed hundreds of Klingons," Spock said.

"That was the plan wasn't it? We were went sent out here to be ambushed. Admiral LeMay set us up to be attacked by the Klingons. He leaked our location to them. Well, we completed our mission, and we're still alive," Kirk said.

"Your vanity puts everyone on this ship at risk," Spock said.

"You want my chair? You can't have it," Kirk said angrily.

"You are hereby relieved of duty, Captain," Spock said finally. "Let the record show the time and date."

"Fuck you, Spock. You can't relieve me. You better kill me first," Kirk said confronting Spock.

"Kirk, you're in no condition to…," McCoy told him.

"Kirk, don't do this," Uhuru said worriedly.

"I'll kick your ass this time," Kirk said confidently.

"A human female is physiologically no match for a Vulcan male. Stand down," Spock insisted.

"Not female, yet," Kirk spat.

Kirk attacked Spock with his fists while the rest of the bridge crew watched in shock. Spock condescendingly blocked Kirk's attacks and then Kirk hit him hard to the face stunning him. Kirk advanced punched Spock all over the bridge. McCoy attempted to intervene by putting a hold on Kirk. Kirk elbowed him hard to the ribs and continued his assault on Spock. Kirk placed his hands on Spock's head and squeezed tightly just as Khan had. Spock broke Kirk's hold and then smacked Kirk to the face a few times knocking him down to the floor. Spock calmly grabbed a hold of a struggling Kirk and nerve pinched him in the shoulder. Kirk fell to the floor unconscious.

"Take…Kirk off the bridge," Spock ordered.

Security personal took hold of Kirk and took him away in the elevator shaft. Spock then turned to McCoy. "I believe you have concealed important information on Kirk's condition from me," Spock accused.

"Doctor's confidentiality," McCoy replied.

"Indeed doctor, but I have a theory that you lied to Starfleet as well," Spock said.

"Theorize all you want," McCoy said defiantly. "I'm a staff officer. You can't order me to do anything, you pointy-eared bastard."

Spock simply stared at McCoy. "I can throw you in the brig," Spock reminded him.

"Go to hell," McCoy spat.

Spock stared down McCoy and then placed his right hand on McCoy's face. McCoy struggled for a brief moment and then went still as Spock scanned through his mind. Spock then released McCoy. "Fascinating," Spock said disappointed with McCoy.

"Fuck you," McCoy said enraged.

"I think you have patients to attend to, doctor," Spock said releasing McCoy.

McCoy left the bridge in a huff. Spock then turned to the rest of the bridge crew. "Mr. Sulu. Take us into Federation space."

"Aye, Captain," Sulu said awkwardly.


Kirk woke up in a hospital bed in a hospital gown. He couldn't hide it anymore. His breasts were noticeable in the gown as were his curves. His hair was still short but otherwise he looked female. Instinctively, he felt for his penis and found that it was there albeit barely.

Sulu entered the room with two security guards outside. "Sulu, why are you here?" Kirk asked.

"It's my time to guard you," Sulu replied.

"Where's Bones?" Kirk asked.

"He's treating other patients right now," Sulu told him. "I'm taking a blood test. Doctor's orders," Sulu said putting a test tube in a machine. It quickly filled up with blood.

"Do you know what it feels for people to look at you like a freak?" Kirk asked softly feeling sorry for himself.

Sulu hesitated to reply. "Yes, Sir."

"Really?" Kirk wondered at Sulu.

"I was that Asian freak that loved calculus and theoretical physics," Sulu joked.

Kirk smiled and then laughed for the first time with a female's voice. "Tell Spock, I'm sorry," Kirk said seriously.

"I will, Sir," Sulu said and then exited the room.


Sulu entered the medical bay with the blood sample in his hand. He looked around to see if anyone was looking. He quickly took an injector and placed the test tube inside it. He then placed the injector on his arm and sent Kirk's blood into his system. He then destroyed the tube so no one would notice.

The Reliant approached the Enterprise in Federation space. Spock waited patiently as Admiral LeMay and his staff beamed aboard the Enterprise. "Admiral," Spock addressed respectfully.

"Where is Captain Kirk?" LeMay asked confused.

"He is being treated for a medical condition," Spock said truthfully.

"I would like to see him," LeMay said.

"His condition requires quarantine protocols," Spock replied.

"Very well, Mr. Spock. I am taking command of the Enterprise," LeMay said.

"Of course, Admiral," Spock said diplomatically.


LeMay and Spock walked to the elevator shaft and then to the bridge. "The President is pleased by the successful test of the Genesis project," LeMay remarked.

"I hope the President is aware of the substantial costs involved," Spock said boldly.

"We've sent a message to the Klingons they won't forget. Next time they invade Federation space, we will hit Kronos with a Genesis missile," LeMay said confidently.

"What you are suggesting is mass genocide, Admiral," Spock objected.

"It's merely a deterrent," LeMay backtracked upon seeing Spock's expression.

"It is very plausible that in response to Genesis, the Klingons will manufacture their own deterrent," Spock warned.

"You make an excellent argument for a pre-emptive strike," LeMay smiled.

"That was not my intention," Spock objected.

LeMay sat in the captain's chair. "Mr. Sulu, plot a course to Kronos."

"Aye, Sir," Sulu said and plotted in the course.

"Punch it," LeMay smiled.


The Enterprise and Reliant went into warp and arrived near Kronos. "Shields up, red-alert," LeMay ordered.

Immediately, Klingon warships approached. "We're being hailed," Uhuru said nervously.

"On screen," LeMay ordered.

A Klingon captain appeared on screen. He spoke angry Klingon at LeMay. "Tell him, we demand the release of Captain Terrell and Doctor Marcus. Tell him, if they refuse, we will launch Genesis on the planet," LeMay ordered Uhuru.

She interpreted LeMay's message in Klingon. The Klingon captain gave LeMay a defiant look and gave his own message. "He will consult Klingon High Command," Uhuru reported.

"Good," LeMay said pleased.

The Klingon captain appeared on screen again for another message. "Lower your shields, and they will be beamed aboard," Uhuru interpreted.

"Lower shields," LeMay said and then ended the transmission. "Reliant, be ready to fire Genesis on the planet," LeMay ordered through the comms.

"Yes, Admiral," the Reliant captain replied.

"You have a Genesis device on Reliant?" Spock questioned.

"Of course, Mr. Spock. I had a hunch this crew might be a little squeamish, so I gave it to Reliant. I handpicked that crew," LeMay revealed.


Captain Terrell and Doctor Marcus were beamed aboard the Enterprise. Medical personal was immediately on the scene. McCoy was personally present to examine them. "Where's Kirk?" Dr. Marcus asked.

"He's not well. You shouldn't see him right now," McCoy said vaguely.

"Captain Terrell, come to the bridge," LeMay summoned.

McCoy followed Captain Terrell to the elevator shaft. "I need to see him," Dr. Marcus pressed.

"What's so damn important?" McCoy asked flustered.

"I'm pregnant," Dr. Marcus whispered.

McCoy stared at her in shock. "Go to sick bay. I'll be with you shortly."


Captain Terrell entered the bridge with McCoy behind him. "Thank God you're alive and well, captain," LeMay said pleased.

"Glad to be back, admiral," Terrell smiled.

"Spock, you are relieved. Captain, you will serve as my first officer," LeMay said.

"Admiral, this man is not medically cleared," McCoy protested.

"I have cleared him," LeMay said simply.

"This is against Starfleet regulations. I must insist…," Spock began.

"I am not going to debate with you, Mr. Spock," LeMay said authoritatively.

Spock looked around at the bridge crew helplessly and then left the bridge. McCoy followed him off the bridge.

"You can't let him do that," McCoy argued as they walked the halls.

"What you are suggesting is mutiny, doctor. I will be in my quarters meditating," Spock said and the two parted ways.


Admiral LeMay focused on Kronos. "Arm the Genesis missile," LeMay said to Reliant.

"Arming sequence initiated, Admiral," the Reliant captain replied.

"Sir, they gave us what we wanted," Sulu protested.

"And what of the other scientists that were killed on Regula One. No, they will pay for what they've done. We're going to end this war today," LeMay said.

"You're talking about genocide," Uhuru said.

"Admiral, there are approximately, 3.84 billion Klingons on the planet," Chekov pointed out.

"See, I told you they would be squeamish," LeMay smiled at Terrell.

"Yes, Sir," Terrell smirked.

Terrell suddenly took a phaser from Uhuru and began firing inside the bridge. Flashes of light went everywhere as Terrell hit every single person on the bridge. Terrell confronted a weakened LeMay. "Why?" he asked of Terrell.

"The Klingon Empire sends its regards," Terrell said and then fired on LeMay killing him. Everyone else on the bridge was stunned.

Terrell shoved Sulu and Chekov off the controls and took over the ship by himself. The Enterprise turned and focused on the Reliant. Terrell fired torpedoes and phasers against the Reliant in a surprise attack. The Reliant was devastated floating in space. With Reliant's shields down, Terrell beamed aboard the Genesis missile.

The screen then turned to the Klingon captain. "I have taken over the ship. Prepare to board, captain," Terrell said.

The Klingon captain clasped his hands and laughed in victory. Klingons boarded the Enterprise and started fighting Starfleet personal in fire fights. The Klingon warbirds approached the Reliant and blasted it to pieces.


Kirk awoke as she heard the fire fights. She quickly disconnected the IVs and looked for clothes in the drawers. She found a blue female uniform and quickly put it on. She didn't bother putting on a bra and then escaped sick bay. She looked around and saw a fallen security officer on the ground. She picked up his phaser and went down the halls.

Spock joined up with security personal and engaged Klingons in the corridors. Kirk blasted a few Klingons as she went from hallway-to-hallway. Spock started losing people as he continued to engage the Klingon soldiers. Eventually, he was left by himself. Kirk and Spock ran into each other pointing their phasers at one another.

"Captain," Spock realized upon seeing her.

"Spock," Kirk said pointing her phaser down.

"We must get to the bridge," Spock said seriously.

"Let's go," Kirk agreed.

The two climbed a long ladder that would take them to the bridge bypassing the elevator. The two made it up to the top of the ship with great effort. "Impressive for a human female," Spock complimented.

"I appreciate your condescension," Kirk said dryly.

"I only meant to…," Spock began.

"Just open the damn door," Kirk said frustrated.


The Enterprise approached Earth at maximum warp and then exited into normal space. Terrell oriented the ship to fire the Genesis missile at Earth. He hesitated to push the button that would send the genesis missile into Earth's atmosphere and kill all life on the planet.

With his strength, Spock forced the door open to the bridge. Kirk immediately fired mortally wounding Terrell on the spot. He fell to the ground in a heap. Kirk kept her phaser on him as he lay dying. A parasite that was controlling his mind exited his ear and fell on the floor. Kirk fired on the parasite vaporizing it.

"I'm so sorry," Terrell said and then died.

Kirk turned to Spock who was examining the crew. "They appear to be alive. Just stunned," Spock said. "The Reliant, on the other hand, has been destroyed," he said gravely.

Kirk looked around sadly. "All stations report," Spock ordered through the comm. Spock listened as each station gave their assessment.

"The Klingons have been defeated," Spock reported to Kirk.

The bridge crew started to wake up from being stunned. Kirk decided to leave before they could see her. Before she did, she passed a glance at Sulu and noticed something odd about his face. Shaking her head, she left the bridge and went back to sick bay.


Kirk and Spock faced a Starfleet tribunal on what had happened over the last few days. Kirk was present in a yellow female Starfleet uniform. "For the record, all references to James Tiberius Kirk are to be replaced with Jaime Tiberius Kirk for these proceedings" the new Head Admiral said delicately.

"Thank you, admiral," Kirk said politely.

"We've read your reports, and we have found that they match with each other and what we believe to have happened involving Project Genesis. We are saddened by the loss of life, and we are embarrassed that high-ranking Admirals have acted against the principles of the Federation and the regulations they swore to uphold," the Head admiral began.

"The world's very existence was threatened yet again, and you two are credited with saving it yet again. Unfortunately, data on the Genesis project was leaked to the Klingons. They are now building their own version. Welcome to a new arms race," the Head Admiral said disappointed.

Kirk and Spock looked at each other in shock. "Perhaps, we could negotiate an end to these types of weapons on both sides," Spock said.

"That would require inspectors on both sides to ensure one side wasn't cheating. The Klingons are not in the mood for negotiations," the Head Admiral said.

"I used the Genesis weapon first. I take full responsibility for creating this arms race," Kirk admitted.

"You did what Admiral LeMay intended to have you do. You saved your crew and demonstrated the power of Genesis. We will not hold that against you," the Head Admiral said.

"If I may ask, what is the purpose of this meeting?" Spock asked boldly.

"We have intelligence reports that indicate the Klingons are talking with the Romulans. War is brewing. Your five-year deep space mission has been canceled. We need you more than ever to patrol the Neutral Zone," the Head Admiral said.

Kirk looked down saddened by the news. "With all due respect admiral, I offer my resignation."

Spock gave Kirk a shocked look. "Very well, Captain Kirk. We ask that you stay in Starfleet until there is a suitable replacement for you," the Head Admiral said disappointed.

"Thank you, admiral," Kirk said subdued.

"I, too, must submit my resignation. I am needed on New Vulcan," Spock said.

The Head Admiral nodded as if expecting it. "Then, there is nothing else to be said."


Kirk met up with McCoy where the 73 frozen capsules were placed. "Are you sure this is a good idea? What if he doesn't cooperate?" McCoy asked.

"Then we are no worse off than before," Kirk replied.

The capsule was opened and Khan's body was unfrozen. A squad of security personal had their phasers on Khan as he slowly awoke. Khan got out of his capsule and looked around disoriented. He then focused on Kirk and McCoy. He stared at Kirk in particular with those icy blue eyes.

"Captain…," he said condescendingly. "It would appear there have been some changes since we last spoke," Khan said amused.

"I only thawed you out to ask a simple question," Kirk said.

"What would that be?" Khan asked with a smile.

"Can what happened to me be reversed?" Kirk asked.

"My blood was purposefully tainted to deter people from exploiting it. There is a cure, but I'm afraid you're too far gone, captain," Khan said.

"What is the cure?" McCoy asked.

"I would have thought it obvious, doctor. Take blood from a female member of my crew, and it would have reversed the process. Anyone who receives a blood transfusion from a female member of my crew would begin to develop masculine traits," Khan said.

"Damn it. Why didn't I think to?" McCoy muttered.

"It's alright, Bones. I've accepted it, now," Kirk said.

"Are you going to keep my crew frozen forever or kill us in our sleep?" Khan asked.

"I have petitioned that your crew be sent to Ceti Alpha V. It's a habitable planet where your people can farm and grow free of technology and weapons," Kirk said.

"Sounds like a paradise," Khan replied. "You don't intend for me to join my crew in this Garden of Eden, do you?"

"No, I am going to send you to Kronos. Hopefully, the Klingons will capture you and use all of your blood," Kirk said.

"You still can't kill me, Kirk. Even after all the thousands I've killed, you still can't bring yourself to pull the trigger," Khan mocked.

"Not in cold blood," Kirk replied.

"What's the difference?" Khan asked.

"I'm leaving Starfleet. I just wanted to give you one last goodbye," Kirk said.

"Very good, captain. Instead of killing life, perhaps you will create some," Khan smirked.

"I'd punch you in the face, but you would probably like it," Kirk replied.

"Do you think this small security force is enough to make sure I don't escape?" Khan mocked.

"No, I brought more friends than this," Kirk smiled.

Kirk then exited the warehouse where another hundred Starfleet security were present inside, aircraft hovering above them, and several squads of patrol vehicles outside waited. The security team then escorted Khan away.


Chekov walked into a bar and came to the counter. He was wearing a black leather jacket and looked unrecognizable from being a Starfleet officer. "A shot of vodka," he ordered. His shot glass was filled and placed near him. Chekov then looked around and eyed the pretty girls in the bar. After finishing his shot, he strolled to the dance floor.

He noticed an attractive Asian woman having fun on the dance floor. She saw him and then smiled awkwardly at him. The two danced together with Chekov making goofy dance moves. The two then wandered over to the bar.

"Sake," she ordered.

"Another vodka," Chekov said right after her. "So, what is your name, ma'am?" Chekov asked politely.

"Hikaru," she replied.

"Pavel," Chekov introduced. "Have you been here before?" he said never seeing her before.

"No, first time. I'm really enjoying myself here," Hikaru said smiling.

The two chatted long into the night enjoying each other's company. Throughout the night, Chekov felt like he knew this woman for years.


Spock awaited his ship that would take him to New Vulcan. He was no longer wearing a Starfleet uniform but instead a traditional Vulcan attire of dark-colored robes. As he waited, he felt a sense of nervousness that even his Vulcan training found difficult to suppress.

"You were going to leave without saying goodbye," Uhuru chided.

"As you know, I personally invited you join me on this voyage," Spock replied.

"I didn't say yes," Uhuru pointed out.

"I assumed you would come to the logical conclusion that I have. Your place is with me on New Vulcan," Spock reasoned.

"It's a strange new world. I don't think I will fit in," Uhuru doubted.

"That makes two of us," Spock smiled.

"If you go to New Vulcan, you will want to help repopulate the planet with baby Vulcans. I can't help you with that," Uhuru said.

"I have donated a substantial amount of my sex cells for any female to analyze and partake of. Do not worry about your condition," Spock assured her.

"I thought sex for pleasure sake was illogical," Uhuru teased.

"For you, I will make an exception," Spock replied.


McCoy came by Kirk's apartment partly for a medical check-up but also for his own reasons. The door opened revealing a very feminine looking Kirk. "I heard you resigned from Starfleet and that Sulu has too. Now, Spock and Uhuru are leaving together for New Vulcan," he said annoyed. "Even Scotty is transferring to the Mars shipyards."

"They cancelled our five-year mission. They want to militarize Starfleet," Kirk said softly and then gestured for him to come in.

McCoy closed the door behind him and began scanning Kirk's medical readings. "What will you do now?" he asked.

"I don't know. Maybe go back to Iowa and be a farmer," she joked.

"You're no farmer," McCoy said seriously.

"You have any suggestions?" she asked.

"Yeah, come with me. I can teach you everything I know," he offered.

"I don't know if I cut it as a medic," Kirk said doubtfully.

"For this mission, we can bring family members," McCoy said.

"But Bones," Kirk said confused.

McCoy looked at her with sincerity. "Marry me. Come away with me," he said.

Kirk stared at the man that had saved his life countless times and had been his faithful friend. "Sure," she smiled and the two kissed.

Not long thereafter, the two were taking their clothes off. Leonard got on top of Jaime and started kissing her while touching her well-formed breasts. For a moment, he had to stop to think whether Jaime had fully changed. He looked down and removed her underwear. Where her cock and balls had been, there was now a perfectly formed vagina.

"It happened a few days ago," Jaime smiled.

"Have you tried it out?" Leonard asked.

"Not like this," she smiled.

Leonard brought himself inside her and the two started to fuck clumsily at first but then with greater ease. In the final stretch, Jaime got on top and controlled their pace. She was slow at first but then worked up a faster speed.

"I had no idea girls felt this way," Jaime gasped as she felt an orgasm coming.

"Which one do you prefer?" Leonard asked enjoying her hips grinding against him.

"It's just different. I don't have to worry about finishing too early," she smiled.

Leonard grunted knowing all too well. He touched and squeezed her breasts as she moved her hips. Finally, she arched her back and cried out as she reached her first female orgasm. Leonard soon followed sending his seed straight into her womb.

Jaime smiled as she felt the new sensation. "How fertile are you?" she asked nervously.

"Very," he answered and the two kissed lovingly.


Hours later, there was a knock on the door. Leonard and Jaime opened the door both wearing bathrobes. They were both surprised to see Carol Marcus in civilian clothing. She looked at them both as if knowing already. "James Kirk, I presume," she said to Jaime.

"Carol, how are you doing?" Jaime said awkwardly.

"We need to talk about this baby," Carol said.

Leonard gave Jaime a haunted look. He had completely forgotten to tell her. Jaime simply gave her a look of surprise and shock. Despite all of his love-making sessions, he had never gotten a female of any species pregnant till now. "Well…," she said still in shock.

Carol stared at both of them. "It seems the three of us are going to be well acquainted," she smirked.

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