Bikini Beach: Denial

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Synopsis: Logan Holt considered himself not just God’s gift to women, but God’s gift to the world until a trip to Bikini Beach gives him unwanted insight into who he really is. Will he be able to learn from the experience or will he sink into the depths of denial?

Bikini Beach: Denial
By: Light Clark

“Jeez, look at all the babes!” Jayce Miller shouted as he caught glimpse of the line to get into the water park. “They don’t call this place Bikini Beach for nothing. Hot damn.”

“No kidding,” Evan Kent agreed, scoping out the potential targets as well. “And I was worried there’d just be a bunch of little kids and old ladies.”

Logan Holt, the driver of the car, also took a glance at the line, but it was a brief one, just enough to confirm that there were plenty of high school aged girls in line. “Clearly that won’t be a problem,” he noted while maneuvering the car into a parking spot.

Once the car was stopped, the three boys grabbed their things and started toward the ticket counter. They moved with the confidence of people that knew they were at the top of the totem pole. They were going to be seniors in the fall, which for many would be enough to give confidence, but they were the cream of the crop of them as well. Jayce was the starting quarterback as well as tall, good-looking, and endearing in a cocky boyish sorta way. Evan was the trio’s artist, lankier with longer hair and his own garage band in which he naturally played guitar. Rounding out the group, Logan was the pretty boy with an outstanding well-muscled physique, thick blonde hair, and features that were a couple years from looking like they belonged on the cover of a romance novel or magazine. They had every confidence in their ability to rule wherever they decided to hang out, even a park full of beautiful girls.

As the trio made it to the line, Jayce and Evan were still scoping out their options, pointing out potential targets they intended to look once they got into the park. Logan on the other hand just stood in his spot with a relaxed posture. His attention was focused on his arm, wondering if the line would take too long and whether he was doing enough tricep work during his lifting sessions.

“Holy shit!” Jayce suddenly gasped. “It’s the queer!”

“What’s he doing here?” Evan questioned hostilely.

Logan looked up from his musings to follow his friends’ gazes. Sure enough, a little way down the line he spotted Ryan Lane, their school’s resident homosexual. He certainly looked the part, too, with his refined features, bespectacled piercing gray eyes, and foppishly over styled dark brown hair. He seemed more like he was getting ready to model three piece suits than about to go play around at a water park. It was kind of a shame. If he wasn’t into men, he and Logan would probably still be friends. He was, though, and as Logan’s dad had always told him, there was nothing worse than being a faggot.

“Probably plans to spend the whole time leering at guys,” Jayce noted logically.

Evan shuddered at the thought. “Fucking gross. He better not look at us.”

“If he does, we’ll just teach him not to,” Jayce replied, his tone making it clear that any lesson they taught would not be fun for Ryan.

“Still … it’s just fucking creepy having him here,” Evan muttered not convinced.

“No kidding,” Logan agreed. “We should just get rid of him.”

Jayce nodded along with the sentiment, as he watched Ryan get his ticket from the booth and head over to the doors.. “Well, we can’t do anything about it till we get inside, but if we find him in there, we’ll give him a reason to leave. Then we won’t have to worry about him.”

“And we’ll be able to enjoy the chicks in peace,” Evan added, leering at the ass of a girl a couple places in front of him.

Back onto the topic of girls, the trio spent another couple minutes scoping out the girls in line before their turn at the ticket counter finally came. “One ...” Jayce said with a smile as they made it to the ticket counter. “... adult,” he added as he checked out the girl that was working – specifically her chest.

The girl behind the counter was a few years older than the boys and apparently named Anya, judging by the name tag Logan noticed that she was wearing. “So, I see,” Anya replied in a tone that sounded friendly but perhaps a little patronizing. “And how long do you want the pass to be for?” The question got a look of confusion from the three boys. “We don't sell tickets here, but passes,” Anya explained. “They range from a single day to lifetime.”

“Oh, just a day,” Jayce answered. The price the girl quoted for the pass seemed a little steep, but none of the boys were gonna complain about paying a little extra for the view.

“Here you go,” Anya said pleasantly after she printed out a pass and handed it to Jayce. “Just swipe it at the gate and please make sure to shower in the locker rooms before entering the park proper.”

“Sure thing, babe,” Jacye assured her as he stepped out of the way to let Evan up. The little exchange of flirting and money replayed itself quickly before Evan too had a pass in hand.

After that, it was Logan’s turn, and he stepped up to the counter. “Another day pass, please,” he requested politely, handing over the money he readied while his friends were chatting up the ticket girl.

Anya took the money and started up the little pass printing machine again, but rather than it quickly popping out a newly made pass, it sputtered and whined as gears inside it apparently ground together. “Crap!” the girl cursed, wincing at the grating sound. “Sorry! Just give me a moment to get one of the other printers up and running.”

“Sure thing,” Logan responded amicably, even though he was perturbed by the delay. It wasn’t like getting angry would make the mechanical failure go away, though. It would just spoil his carefully practiced nonchalance and make him look like an asshole. That, he considered unacceptable.

With an apologetic bow of her head, Anya turned to fiddle with the secondary printer. “It’ll just take a little bit to warm up.”

Jayce rolled his eyes impatiently at the news. “We’ll meet you inside, Logan. Alright?”

“Yeah, go ahead. I’ll catch up,” Logan told him.

Tapping Evan on the shoulder, Jayce and the other boy turned and hurried off toward the gate, eager to get in amongst the bikini clad girls. Watching them go made Logan more than just a little annoyed about the malfunction that had forced him to wait. Turning back to the counter, he tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for the printer to warm up, but that was as much as he would let his frustration show.

“Ah, foma;;u,” Anya declared after a couple minutes, right before pressing a few buttons. A moment later, she handed Logan a nice, warm, freshly-printed pass. “There ya go, and sorry again about the wait.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Logan muttered dismissively as he turned to jog to the gate. After a quick swipe of the pass he was in.

Directly inside the gate were two buildings. The first was much larger than the second and was labeled the girls locker room. The other much smaller building was the boys locker room. As he jogged over to the boys’ one, he glanced between the two trying to figure out what was going on with the size difference. There had been a lot more girls than boys out in line, but, now that he’d thought about it, it seemed strange that more boys didn’t try to come to a place like this. In the end, though, he just shrugged and went inside, dismissing the oddity as a quirk of the park’s clientele.

The interior of the locker room was rather mundane, just a few rows of lockers on one side and showers on the other. There was also notably no sign of either Evan or Jayce. “Guess they were in a hurry,” Logan commented as he went over to one of the lockers and pulled it open.

Tugging off his t-shirt, Logan chucked it into the locker before taking a moment to stretch and loosen up. Once he was done with that, he tossed his wallet, towel, and other things in the locker as well and turned toward the showers. As he did, his reflection in the mirror on the exit door caught his eye.

“Well, I am already way behind them, anyway,” Logan mused before turning from the showers to head over to the mirror.

Standing in front of the mirror, Logan went through a few quick poses, some casual and some more showy to check his look. Nothing seemed out of place from his impressive, especially for a seventeen year old, musculature to the way the slightly snug blue trunks he wore highlighted his clearly considerable package. Add to that his handsome features, thick blonde hair, and ice blue eyes and there was very little for him to complain about.

“Even Adonis himself would be jealous,” Logan told his reflection vainly before finally turning from the mirror to go shower. Even then, he couldn’t resist the urge to glance back and make sure his butt looked good too – it did. “I knew those extra squats would do the trick.”

Making sure not to get his hair wet, Logan flipped on one of the showers and let the water wash over him. “Wow, actually warm,” Logan noted in surprise as the water hit him at just the right temperature. Enjoying the soothing feel of the spray on his skin, Logan just closed his eyes and let it cascade over him, all the while thinking about how he should really ask them how they managed showers this nice in a public locker room. The school showers could clearly use an upgrade.

After a couple minutes, Logan turned the shower off and started toward the exit, feeling faintly disappointed as the water stopped. He didn’t let the annoying emotion stick, though. After all, if the showers were this good, he figured the rest of the park had to be even better. That thought had him, finally, starting to feel excited to be at the park.

Focused on what the rest of the park would be like, Logan didn’t notice the nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right which tugged at the edges of his thoughts. As he turned the corner to the door, Logan looked up, prepared to check his reflection in the mirror one last time before he presented himself to the masses. After all, he’d only checked how he’d looked dry not wet, and this was a water park, so he was bound to get wet. What awaited him around the corner, though stopped him in his tracks and stole the confident smirk from his face.

Across the way stood a beautiful girl with long platinum blonde hair that was pulled up in a ponytail and ice blue eyes. A tiny, blue, bikini bottom clung to shapely hips while displaying plenty of her long toned legs and trim taut belly. There was no top covering the girl’s athletic frame, leaving the perky and more-than-ample mounds that resided there completely bare. He could even see her nipples, which were slightly hard in the cool air of the locker room. What was conspicuously absent from the mirror that Logan knew was in front him, though, was his own reflection.

Eyes and hands went in opposite direction only to meet in the middle as Logan clutched and stared at the pair of boobs that definitely shouldn’t – couldn’t – be on his chest. Even as his fingers sank into the soft flesh, his mind refused to believe the sensation. No matter how much he shook his head in disbelief, though, his squishy new assets didn’t flatten back out to his hard muscular pecs.

“Try not to freak out. They’re only temporary,” a familiar female voice remarked.

Logan managed to lift his gaze from his impossible boobs to find the girl from the ticket counter standing in front of him. She had a bikini top in one outstretched hand – blue and stringy just like the bottom that was currently resting on Logan’s hips. “B-But … how?” was the best the usually suave Logan managed to stammer out in that moment. It was his first opportunity to hear his new voice, notably higher than his male one, and while clearly female, there was a slight boyish quality to it.

“Magic of course,” Anya explained. “The park is only for women, a haven away from men, but rather than refuse men entrance, we just require that they be women while in attendance. Now please, take the top. My mother doesn’t allow topless sunbathing here”

“S-So I’ll turn back when I leave?” Logan asked with a mix of uncertainty and hope while absently taking the top. He didn’t bother to put it on, just clutched it to his chest to cover the unwelcome breasts from sight, or partially from sight, anyway.

Anya shook her head. “Not exactly. You’ll turn back after your pass expires which will be late tonight. In the meantime, I highly suggest you enjoy the park and the new experience. I assure you that it’s much nicer than the showers, and you might just learn something, too.”

Panic starting to subside now that he knew he would change back, Logan gave the girl a tentative nod. After that, he looked down at the little scrap of cloth and string clutched in his small girlish hand. “Uhm … how do I put this on?”

“Just give it a try, but don’t think about it too much,” Anya instructed.

Looking more than a little skeptical, Logan tried to somehow not think about the task he was currently trying to perform. At first, it felt a little awkward as he tried to get into the top, but it started to go more smoothly as he relaxed. Soon, his new breasts were nestled in the revealing and not exactly supportive bikini top.

“Wow … I actually did it,” Logan mumbled, truly surprised by that fact. “I thought it would be harder.”

“It probably would be, if not for the fact that there are some training wheels built into the magic that changed you to help make being a girl a little easier,” Anya illuminated. “They’ll help you with stuff like clothes and makeup as well as make sure you don’t mess things up. For instance, tell me your name.”

“Lana,” Logan – Lana answered, before frowning in consternation. “I mean Lana. Huh … that’s creepy.”

“We wouldn’t want you accidently telling someone a boy’s name, especially since the magic will make it so no one remembers anyone but Lana,” Anya noted. “Anyway, that’s about all the time we have for the intro course. You’re already late.”

Lana gave Anya a confused look. “Late for what?”

“You were supposed to meet someone at the River Landing Restaurant oh … ten minutes ago,” Anya informed her.

“What?” Lana questioned. “Do you mean Jayce and Evan? Wait … are they girls too now?”

“Yes, they are girls, but no, they aren’t who you’re meeting,” Anya answered.

That answer received a confused look from Lana. “I don’t understand. I’m not–”

“Logan isn’t, but Lana is,” Anya answered. “Now, you’d better get a move on before they start worrying about you – or think that you stood them up.” Lana was about to try protesting again but Anya just pointed toward the exit. “That way. Hurry up.”

Feeling the finality of that order, Lana’s shoulders slumped as she nodded shyly in agreement. Feeling awkward and nervous, Lana stepped past Anya to get to the door. Once she had, she pulled it open and walked straight out, where sunlight and the park proper waited for her. Outside of the locker room, there were a few people milling around mostly over by the exit from the women’s locker room. A few glanced over Lana’s way, causing the newly minted girl to wrap her arms around herself modestly out of fear that they could tell what had happened to her.

“So much for just having some fun with the guys,” Lana muttered as she started off in search of the restaurant that she was supposed to meet someone at. She got all of a step before she froze and winced. “I never found out who I’m supposed to meet …”

Letting out a weary sigh, Lana just started forward again. There was no way she was going back to the locker room to ask Anya after the curt way that she’d been dismissed. Being a girl wasn’t ideal, but if magic could turn her into that, it could turn her into other things, and she didn’t want to find out what they might turn her into if she caused trouble.

Walking through the park was an odd experience for Lana. Normally, she strutted her stuff around girls, happy to show off what they were happy to look at. Now, though, she glanced around nervously, afraid of attention rather than desiring it.

Adding to that fear was how awkward it felt to Lana just to move in her new body. Her expanded chest was both heavy and bouncy, and the top she wore helped very little with either aspect, leaving them to bob and jiggle around in a way that was hard to ignore. Lifting her crossed arms up to support them helped a little with the motion but it made her feel even more awkward.

At the same time as Lana’s top was causing problems, so too did her bottom. Having her legs completely bare in public was a new experience for her, making her feel like she was walking around in her underwear. Furthermore, her hips seemed every bit as intent on moving around as her breasts were, swaying noticeably with every step.

“God, I feel like I’m gonna get sick from all this movement,” Lana complained under her breath. “Why does it feel so damned awkward, anyway? Didn’t she say that there were supposed to be training wheels? Pfft, yeah right!” she huffed angrily. That anger lasted another couple of fuming moments before she remembered something else the girl had told her, namely that she wasn’t supposed to think about things too much.

“So I just have to not think about how awkward this is somehow?” Lana mused, unsure of exactly how she should go about that. “Maybe if I just need to try to do it as normally as possible?”

Thinking that idea was worth a try, Lana stopped, let her hands fall to her sides, and took a couple breaths to try to settle her mind and forget about how she looked. She might be a girl at the moment, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t the same person upstairs. All she had to do was act like it.

The next step Lana took was very different from the steps preceding it as well as from any step that she’d ever taken as Logan. Logan’s idea of a strut had a confident ease to it. It was a well practiced movement designed to make it look like he didn’t care if anyone was looking at him while simultaneously showing off everything he had worth looking at. Lana’s idea of a strut, and strutting was definitely what she was doing, was far more overt. Her steps were every bit as confident and practiced, but also exaggerated, meant to enhances the various sways and bounces of her form rather than than mitigate them like she’d been attempting. It practically screamed ‘I want you to look at me’, too.

People definitely listened to the walk. Even with only girls around, Lana got a lot of attention. Some of the looks were appreciative, others annoyed, and some practically seething with jealousy. Seeing the familiar looks, except swapped a bit for the gender of the crowd, caused Lana to smirk confidently. “I can work with this.”

Starting to have a little fun with things, Lana continued on her way. No longer worried about others looking at her freed her to look at people as she walked, specifically at anyone she saw around her age. Whenever she found one, she checked them out, not even bothering to try to hide it like she would have as a guy. Many were as scantily clad as she was and had bodies that were well worth a second look. The first look Lana used to see if they were cute or interesting or sexy or any other type of appealing. The second look was used to see if they could compete with her – almost no one could. Even if few could compete, she’d never been nearly as interested in girl watching as she was at that moment.

“No, surprise really. It’s not like anyone competed with me before either,” Lana noted smugly as she strode haughtily passed one girl after another.

The parade of arrogance came to an abrupt halt as Lana spotted a sign for the River Landing Restaurant. A short walk past it, she came across the actual restaurant, and more specifically the crowd of tables almost all of which were occupied for lunch time. “Ugh … I really should’ve gone back to ask,” Lana groaned at the sight, coming to a stop. “How am I supposed to figure out who I’m meeting in all these people?” As she complained, she glanced around uncertainly, trying to see if anyone looked familiar.

“There you are!” an annoyed female voice huffed from behind Lana. “What? Did you get lost in the mirror again?”

Turning toward the voice, Lana was met with a pretty brunette a few inches shorter than her. Lana was definitely shorter than before, somewhere around five-ten now instead of six-two, so this girl was a little taller than average. She wasn’t particularly curvy either, with slim hips and small perky breasts contained in a fairly conservative black bikini. The slightness of her build didn’t detract from her appeal, though, especially when combined with her beautiful, serious features, piercing gray eyes, and silky dark brown hair.

“Well it’s easy to do when you look this good,” Lana replied smoothly, letting whatever felt natural come out. As she spoke she cocked a hip to the side and rested a hand on it to emphasize her figure.

Even as she responded, Lana’s mind provided a name for the girl in front of her – Ruby. She didn’t look like anyone Logan had known, though, so she guessed that magic was involved in giving her that information. However it was learned, she was certain that this was who she was supposed to meet, and looking at the girl, Lana had no objections to that.

Ruby giggled at Lana’s claim. “You’d better be careful or they’re gonna rename Narcissism to Lanaism.”

Lana hummed thoughtfully. “Hmm … you know I kinda like the idea of having something named after me.”

That sentiment elicited an eye roll from Ruby. “Only you would be vain about being the most vain.”

“Anyone that looks good cares about it. I’m just more honest about it than most,” Lana replied.

Ruby quirked her head to the side as she considered that oddly well thought out reasoning. “Huh … I never really thought about it, but I guess you’re probably right,” she agreed. “Anyway, what should we do first? One of the slides?”

Folding her arms thoughtfully, Lana considered that suggestion. She hadn’t really thought about what she’d do after she found the person that she was supposed to meet. It seemed rather obvious to her now, though, that she’d then be expected to actually hang out with the person afterwards. That prospect didn’t bother her any, Ruby seemed cute and fun, but the idea of a water slide didn’t seem all that appealing. In fact, none of the various water attractions she’d seen on the way to the restaurant seemed all that appealing, certainly not when compared to the girls that she’d seen at them. She could hardly tell Ruby that she wanted to just lounge around and look at girls, though.

“Whatever you want is fine with me,” Lana finally said, deciding that it probably didn’t matter much to her where they went.

“Really? You’re not gonna complain about what chlorine does to your hair or about how you don’t want tan lines or something?” Ruby questioned in surprise.

The question was just as much of a surprise to Lana as her answer had been to Ruby. The blonde had been a little worried about the chlorine as a guy, but she’d just bought some special shampoo for it, and certainly she hadn’t been worried about getting a tan. That had actually been one of the big selling points of coming, that and the chance to show off. Then again, as Lana, she seemed to already have a really nice, even tan which she knew from the locker room mirror didn’t have any lines in it – at least not on top.

“I agreed to come, didn’t I?” Lana answered nonchalantly, since she didn’t see any reason to object.

“Yeah, but I half expected you to want to just find an umbrella chair and lay there all afternoon,” Ruby replied.

Lana shrugged, pretending that Ruby hadn’t guessed exactly what she wanted to do with the day. “If you’d like to do that, I wouldn’t mind.”

“Nope! If I get to pick we’re going to have some actual fun, damn it!” Ruby declared before reaching out to grab Lana’s hand. “Come on!”

Giggling, Lana just let the smaller girl tug her along not really all that upset with the turn of events. A little fun wouldn’t hurt. Besides, that Anya girl had told her to enjoy the park and the experience, and she didn’t want to risk disobeying any of that girl’s orders.

It wasn’t long before Ruby had gotten them into a line for one of the attractions. It was one of the park’s many water slides – a rather daring one named Otter’s Run Body Slide. It had a huge steep drop followed by a couple of sizable humps before finally dropping whoever rode down it into the pool below.

“Not for the faint of heart, huh?” Lana read off the little sign for the slide. As she did, she glanced over at Ruby who was visibly shaking and not out of excitement. “You sure you wanna do this one?”

“Yeah,” Ruby answered less than confidently while rapidly nodding her head.

Shrugging, Lana turned to watch the line move forward. There weren’t that many people there, so it wouldn’t be long before it was their turn. Ruby’s anxiety seemed to only grow with every step forward they took, though. Casually, she rested a hand gently on the shorter girl’s shoulder. “Mind if I go first?”

“Huh? Why?” Ruby asked.

“So I can watch as you get dunked in the water, of course,” Lana answered, grinning at the prospect. “I’m sure it’ll be hilarious.”

Ruby glared at the taller girl. “Well too bad, because I’m going down first!”

“Aw, come on!” Lana whined plaintively.

Ruby folded her arms stubbornly across her chest. “Nope! I’m going first and that’s that!”

Lana sighed in disappointment as their turn to go came. “Fine, go ahead,” she conceded waving for Ruby to go first.

“Now, I’ll get to see you get dunked,” Ruby remarked teasingly just before the attendant gave her the go ahead and she jumped down the slide.

A moment later Lana could hear the girl screaming, causing her to chuckle in amusement. Soon the screams faded away, followed by it being her turn to go down the slide. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Lana jumped onto the slide and started down.

Like Ruby, Lana screamed, but her scream was one of exhilaration as the wind rushed past her. The sound turned into a startled warble as the lurch of hitting the bumps shook her. Then, just as suddenly as the ride had begun it was over, dunking Lana abruptly into the pool below.

A moment later, Lana broke the surface again to tread water below the slide. “Whew! What a ride!”

From the edge of the pool came Ruby’s giggles. “I think you might’ve lost something along the way.”

Confused, Lana looked down to see her breasts partially shielded by the water but otherwise bare. “So I have,” she remarked casually as she glanced around for her top. Finding it floating a short distance away, she swam over to it to grab it before swimming over to the edge where Ruby sat and pulling herself out to sit next to her. “You enjoy it too?”

“Yeah,” Ruby said with a nod. Meanwhile, her eyes were glued to Lana’s still bare chest and her cheeks had turned a rather rosy hue. “Uhm … are you gonna put that on again anytime soon?”

Lana shrugged, causing her wet breasts to jiggle slightly. “Maybe. It’s not like there’s any hurry.”

“Yeah, since obviously your shame is long gone,” Ruby retorted.

“Shame?” Lana asked looking down at her chest. She wasn’t sure if it was the guy in her or what, but being topless didn’t bother her much. In fact, she felt kinda proud of it. “What do I have to be ashamed of?”

Ruby slapped a hand against her forehead. “Ugh … just put the top on already.”

“Fine, fine,” Lana conceded, slipping the top back on and adjusting it to fit. “So … what’s next?”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“This thing just doesn’t want to stay on,” Lana commented as she fished her top out of the water after yet another of the various water slides she and Ruby had tried had stripped it from her.

“I think you’re doing it on purpose,” Ruby remarked accusingly. “After all, mine manages to stay on just fine.”

Swimming over, Lana pulled herself out of the water to sit next to the brunette while she put her top back on. “Hey, just because I don’t mind it, doesn’t mean I’m trying!”

Ruby waved a hand dismissively at the other girl. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. You could just cross your arms over it when you go down like a normal girl.”

Lana blinked a couple of times in surprise at the suggestion. She hadn’t even thought of doing that. It made her wonder if the training wheels just didn’t include that skill or if maybe Lana just wasn’t the kind of girl that bothered with trying to keep her top on. “Maybe I’ll try that next time.”

“Uh huh, sure you will,” Ruby replied in a tone that made it clear that she didn’t believe a word of it. “Anyway, it’ll have to wait ‘til after we get something to eat. I’m hungry.”

“Food does sound pretty good,” Lana agreed, rubbing a hand on her tummy. “I left my … money in the locker room, though.”

“So did I,” Ruby told her. “We’ll just go grab it, unless you’d rather go out somewhere. It is getting kinda late.”

Mention of the time got Lana to look up at the sky and notice for the first time that the sun was getting pretty low. “Wow, you’re right.”

Ruby giggled. “Guess you must have been having fun, if you didn’t notice.”

“Yeah, I must have,” Lana agreed distantly as she shifted her gaze to look at Ruby. It was kind of weird to her how much fun she’d had. She couldn’t remember ever having that much fun with a girl before as Logan, and she’d dated more than a few. She hadn’t even met Ruby before that day. It made her wonder if the magic had done more than give her training wheels which was a disconcerting thought.

Shoving herself to her feet, Ruby dusted off her butt and waved for Lana to get up as well. “Come on. I’m too hungry to just sit here.”

“Oh … right,” Lana mumbled before rising as well. As soon as Lana was up, Ruby started off toward the locker rooms. Even with the head start, the taller, more athletic Lana easily caught up within a few steps before having to slow her pace down to stay even with the other girl.

“I had a lot of fun, too, y’know,” Ruby noted once the two girls were walking side by side.

“Good,” Lana replied simply, figuring that fact was a given.

“Maybe we should do this again? Say same time next saturday?” Ruby asked, looking just a bit shy as she did.

“Oh … “ Lana breathed, unsure what to do with that request. She had no idea if Ruby would even remember them hanging out after she turned back. It’s not like Ruby could have known her before today, even though they’d apparently agreed to hang out. The brunette would probably forget all about it when Lana changed back. She supposed that she could always come to the park that day and change into Lana again to meet up with Ruby. That would mean she’d be stuck as a girl for another day, though. “Yeah, that sounds fun,” she finally agreed, figuring that it was easier that way. She could always just not come back.

A big smile curled Ruby’s lips at Lana answer. “Great! It’s a date!”

“Excuse me, could I talk to Lana for a moment,” Anya’s voice cut in before Lana could think about replying to Ruby.

Turning, Lana saw Anya approaching from the left. “Oh, sure,” she agreed before turning back to Ruby. “Meet you outside?”

Ruby nodded. “Sure thing, just don’t get lost in the mirror again.”

“I make no promises,” Lana remarked teasingly, earning an exasperated look from Ruby. “Don’t worry, I won’t take too long.”

“Alright, see ya in a bit,” Ruby replied. With a quick wave, she turned and started off toward the locker rooms.

“It seems you two had a lot of fun,” Anya commented once Ruby was out of earshot.

Lana nodded slightly while she watched Ruby’s hips sway as she walked away. “Yeah … who is she anyway?”

“Someone you had fun with,” Anya answered mysteriously. “By the way, here,”

Turning to Anya, Lana saw the girl had a pass in her hands. With more than a little trepidation, she reached out and took the thing. “What’s this for?”

“It’s so you can come back next saturday,” Anya explained. “That is, if you want to.”

Lana’s gaze drifted between the pass, her own chest, and the direction that Ruby had gone. “Thanks, but I think I’d like to get back to being me and stay that way.”

“Go ahead and keep it just in case you change your mind,” Anya told her. “Oh, and have fun at dinner too.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Standing in front of the locker room mirror, Lana tugged at her clothes, both to try to loosen them up and to get them to sit right. She managed to get the latter to happen, but certainly not the former. All of Lana’s clothes seemed to be made of some stretchy material, at least two sizes too small, or both. For a top, she had a tiny white crop top that offered only a little more coverage than a sports bra, while on bottom she had a tiny denim micro mini skirt that she wasn’t sure would actually cover her underwear if she wasn’t standing perfectly still – not that she was sure that covering her underwear was the goal. The pink lace thong and demi bra she wore certainly seemed more for show than for comfort and support, much like the significant heels on her cork wedge sandals.

“I should’ve just stuck with the bikini,” Lana sighed at her reflection. “At least that was pretty comfortable.” Resigned that no amount of fidgeting was going to magically make her clothes be made out of more material, Lana turned from the mirror, grabbed her purse and the bag with her towel, shades, bikini, and sunblock in it, and hurried out out of the locker room.

Waiting outside was a rather bored looking Ruby. She was dressed significantly more conservatively than Lana in a nice silk blouse and skirt combo that actually covered her properly and combined with the glasses she wore now that she was out of the water to create a nice intellectual look. Even she had succumbed to wearing heels, though – a pair of black stilettos that Lana certainly approved of.

“So much for not taking too long,” Ruby huffed in annoyance.

“Hey! I hurried!” Lana retorted. “It just takes a while to get dressed.”

“Is that your excuse for looking like you forgot half your clothes?” Ruby taunted, gaze trailing over Lana’s barely clothed figure.

Lana just shrugged. “Yes? Where are we going for dinner, anyway?”

“Well in that outfit … I guess we’re stuck with fast food,” Ruby replied. “Nowhere respectable would let you in.”

“Their loss,” Lana responded vainly. “Besides, I like burger joints better anyway.”

Ruby sighed as she started off toward the car. “It would be nice to go someplace nice sometime too, though.”

“We’ll do that next time,” Lana promised, moving to keep pace with the brunette.

While Lana’s clothes had changed, her car certainly hadn’t. The exact same unfashionable used sedan that she’d gotten for her sixteenth birthday sat in the exact same parking spot as before. The interior was somewhat different, though, as the various cup holders, visors, and compartments were all full of beauty products and mirrors, replacing the hand mirror, comb, and gel that Logan had kept neatly tucked in the glove compartment. Driving was a little different too, complicated as it was by the skirt and heels. Once, she got into it, though, it quickly became natural just like everything else she’d attempted that day.

Hungry and not exactly picky, the pair found a little burger place not far from the park to eat at. Deciding to eat in, Lana pulled the car into one of the parking spots and got out. Ruby followed shortly after, trotting a little to catch up with the faster blonde.

“So, you excited to start school next week?” Ruby asked. “We’re gonna be seniors this year.”

Lana shrugged, wondering how she was supposed to feel about it. As Logan, she’d been excited for school to start back up so that she could get back to her sports teams and daily workouts with friends. Thinking about it caused some memories to spring up of her doing softball and track now instead of football and baseball while still working out nearly every day with teammates and friends. That explained where all the muscle tone came from. “Should be alright, I guess.”

“Well I’m excited. I wish we had some classes together, though,” Ruby replied.

That sentiment got Lana to peer curiously at Ruby. Whatever magic let her know things like what sports she played refused to give any information on Ruby other than her name. Lana hadn’t even been sure they went to the same school until that moment. Ruby certainly looked like the brainy type, so it was no surprise that they weren’t sharing any classes. That was about all she could figure out, though.

“At least we’ll get to talk between classes and at lunch and stuff,” Ruby continued on, seeming to not mind Lana’s silence.

“You could always come join one of my teams,” Lana suggested, as she held the door open for Ruby to go inside. She’d always loved the camaraderie of athletics, and she’d felt that same sort of thing from Ruby while they were at the park. Even if the girl probably wasn’t much of an athlete it would be nice to have her around.

Ruby snorted out a laugh at that. “Me? Do sports? I’d be lucky if I didn’t trip over myself every couple of steps.”

“Good evening, ladies. What can I get ya?” a friendly male voice cut into the conversation.

Looking away from Ruby for the first time since the car, Lana turned to the counter to see a pimply boy around her age behind the counter. He was shorter than her even without the boost from her shoes, which made it very obvious that his eyes were not meeting hers. Instead, they were focused on her chest and the deep valley of tan cleavage presented there.

“Hey there,” Lana purred out as she stepped up to rest her hands on the counter. The position caused her to lean forward while her arms pushed her breasts up and together. Her male audience went from merely staring to slack jawed at the sight. There was even a little drop of drool at the corner of his mouth. “What would you suggest for a couple of girls trying to recharge after a long day of sun, bikinis, and wet and wild fun?”

“I … uhm … “ the boy tried, and failed, to speak.

Glaring at Lana, Ruby coughed from the side to snap the boy out of his stupor. “Ahem. We’ll have two number ones please. Thanks.”

“Oh … s-sure thing,” the boy stammered out as he started to ring it up, using his free hand to wipe at the drool that had started to slide down his face.

“Thanks,” Lana told the cashier, giving him a flirty smile as she leaned in just a little more.

The poor boy seemed to be having some trouble working the register, or even keeping his eyes on it as he typed things in, but he managed it eventually. “Th-That’ll be nine seventy-nine,” he finally said, a price several dollars below what it should have been.

Reaching into her purse, Lana made an exaggerated effort to find the money before presented a ten to the cashier with a flourish. “Here you go.”

Once the cashier had managed to sort out how change worked, Ruby grabbed Lana’s arm and forcibly dragged her away from the counter. “Ugh, why do you do that?”

The question caught Lana off guard for a moment as she only just now realized that she’d just been flirting with that cashier and enjoying it too. “What? It got us a discount didn’t it? Besides, I probably made that guy’s night.”

Folding her arms over her chest, Ruby let out an exasperated sigh. “Yeah, well this is supposed to be our night, not his.”

“Yeesh, fine, sorry,” Lana grumbled, not really sorry about it. The only thing she saw that was wrong about it was that it was a boy behind the counter, and even that was fine since she was a girl at the moment.

Not mollified by the false apology, Ruby just rolled her eyes and turned away to go find a seat, leaving Lana there to wait for their food. That reaction elicited a confused look from Lana as she watched the girl go. It was just a little harmless flirting. She’d done that when she was Logan too, though, obviously, he flirted with girls. None of Logan’s friends had ever been upset with it. Even without understanding, she had a nagging feeling in her chest that was most unpleasant.

“Here’s your order, miss,” the cashier called out.

Turning around, Lana stepped forward to take the tray from the boy, giving him another flirty smile. “Thanks, sugar.”

Tray in hand, Lana walked over to the table that Ruby had picked. The brunette didn’t even look at her, just grabbed one of the cups off the tray and got up to go get her drink. Lana followed suit, neither talking for the entire walk to the fountain and back.

“Look I’m sorry about before. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Lana finally blurted to end the painful silence. “Can we just go back to having fun? Please?”

Ruby finally looked up at Lana. Her gaze was hard and clearly upset but it softened quickly followed by a little nod. “Yeah.”

“Great,” Lana sighed in relief before grabbing a burger to get started.

After that, the two girls returned to small talk about their day and the coming school year while they ate. No more issues arose, allowing them to finish the meal in peace. After that, they returned to the car and Lana drove them back to Bikini Beach to get Ruby to her own car.

“Well here we are,” Lana announced as she pulled her car to a stop next to Ruby’s.

“Yeah …” Ruby replied softly. “Thanks by the way. I had a really good time.”

“Me too,” Lana agreed, surprising herself a little at the same time. In spite of all the weirdness, it had been a fun day. She was going to be glad to go back to being herself, though.

Ruby smiled. “Hopefully, saturday will be even better.”

“Hopefully,” Lana agreed without really meaning it, turning her gaze toward the night sky. After all, she’d be Logan again by then and their agreement would be gone. This would all just be a weird memory about that time she got turned into a girl for a day.

While Lana was looking the other way, Ruby shifted in her seat. Hearing the sound, Lana turned back to say goodbye only to find the brunette’s face inches from hers. Those inches disappeared in an instant, and then suddenly, they were kissing. Caught by surprise, Lana just stiffened slightly while Ruby pressed her lips against the blonde’s. It wasn’t just lips either, as after a moment, Ruby’s tongue slid forward. Lana’s lips parted for it, as the taller girl’s tension faded away. After that, the kissing became far more mutual as the two girls went at each other for several minutes before finally breaking apart with flush cheeks and a need for more air.

“I’ll see you saturday,” Ruby purred as she finally opened the door to get out. “Good night.”

“G’night …” Lana responded dazedly as the other girl got out. Once she had, Ruby closed the door to the car, offered one final wave through the glass, and then she was off to her own car. After waiting for the other girl to get into her own vehicle, Lana started up her own car and took off once.

As she started on her way home, Lana ran the fingers of one hand over her lips as she thought about the kiss. It had been amazing, better than any she could remember having as Logan. “Maybe coming back on saturday wouldn’t be so bad after all …”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Hey dumplin’!” a familiar, yet unfamiliar, male voice called out over the rumble of the closing garage door the moment Lana stepped into the house. She would’ve sworn the voice belonged to her dad, but the bright, cutesy tone was one that she knew Logan had never heard his father use.

Confused, Lana slipped through the kitchen to peek into the living room where the voice had come from. Sure enough, her father was sitting in there, watching TV. He wasn’t devastatingly handsome like Logan, but still good-looking, sporting the same blonde hair and blue eyes as his son. He was well-built as well, powerful and muscular as befitted a former college football player that still worked out every day.

Drawn by the sound of Lana’s heels clicking on tile, her father looked up just as she peeked around the corner, twisting around to smile her way. “How’d it go at the park. Did you and Ruby have fun?”

“Uhm … yeah …” Lana answered uneasily as she tried to wrap her head around the strange juxtaposition of her father with his tone of voice. She was used to the man doing little more than a grunted ‘hey yeah’ unless there was something sports-related to talk about.

Instantly, Lana’s father’s smile twisted in a look of concern. “Did something happen?”

The sudden concern was every bit as confusing as the interest and care that had preceded it. “No, it was fine, Dad.”

“Dad?” Lana’s father questioned. “Now, I know something’s wrong.”

“Huh? No, I …” Lana started only to trail off as a sudden wave of memories hit, finally providing some illumination as to what was going on. Apparently, unlike Logan, Lana was rather close with her ‘Daddy’ as she called him, affecting a bright, loving, and most importantly innocent perona around him just like a proper Daddy’s girl. “Uhm … I’m just tired … Daddy.” Even as she used that word, Lana had to resist the urge to cringe. Young men did not call their father’s Daddy. “It’s been a long day, but it really was a lot of fun.”

“Oh … okay,” Lana’s father accepted, releasing the concerned parent look. “As long as you had fun.”

“Yeah … anyway, I should get up to my room before I pass out on my feet,” Lana replied.

Lana’s father nodded. “Alright, sleep well, Dumplin’.”

“Good night, Daddy,” Lana replied reflexively, using both the the right name and an appropriately affectionate tone. It was only after the words were out of her mouth that she realized what she’d done, but that point, there was nothing to do about it besides be relieved that she hadn’t screwed up and made the conversation continue.

As her father turned back to the TV, Lana scurried off, eager to get away from the bizarre situation. Of all the oddities of girlhood, that was definitely the strangest one that she’d encountered. It was so strange in fact, that when she finally got up to her bed, she ended up just laying there unable to stop thinking about for quite some time.

End Part 1

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Logan woke to the feeling of morning wood, a clear sign that he was back to being himself. Just to be sure, his hands did a thorough inspection of his body, before he even opened his eyes. His fingers found only hard muscles with no trace of wide hips or squishy breasts.

“Thank God,” Logan muttered as he sat up to rub the sleep from his eyes. Stretching, he finally opened his eyes and looked down, smiling at the sight of his broad flat chest and rock hard abs, both revealed thanks to his habit to sleep shirtless. “Mmm good to be me again.”

Once he was done stretching, Logan rolled out of bed and strode over to his dresser and the mirror above it. Not satisfied with just the inspection he’d given himself in bed, he proceeded to spend another couple minutes checking out his reflection in the mirror. Everything seemed to be just as he remembered it from before the water park.

Satisfied that he was completely restored, Logan spent another couple minutes critiquing other aspects of his appearance. As handsome and ripped as he was, there were always areas that he needed to work harder on. Once that normal morning ritual was complete, he turned his attention to the dresser below the mirro, grabbing a pair of athletic shorts and pulling them on to cover his boxers. After that, it was just socks and some sneakers before he declared himself ready for his morning run.

Swiping his phone and earbuds from the nightstand, Logan clipped them to his shorts and left his room behind. A quick jog down the stairs brought him past the kitchen, out the front door, and into the world behind. Stepping out of the air conditioned house was like moving into a sauna courtesy of the blistering summer heat.

“That’s what I get for sleeping in,” Logan muttered. Normally he was up before dawn for these runs, but he’d been up late the night before. His memories supplied a different reason, though, than the one that he knew had actually happened – a memory of him and his buddies out late goofing around instead of him lying in bed thinking about the events of the day. He supposed why it had happened didn’t really matter. Either way, he was stuck with the heat.

After a few quick swipes on his phone, Logan popped his earbuds in and started stretching out for his run. He was thorough with it too, a fact that was quite obvious to the neighbors. By the time he was finished with his stretches, there were a couple of women out of their front porches to watch the show. He tossed them a confident smile before he took off on the run.

Logan didn’t make it very far before his music cut out briefly to play a text alert. Frowning in annoyance, he stopped to grab his phone from his waist to read. The text, which was from Jayce, read, “Gf said don’t forget about tonight.”

“Tonight?” Logan muttered, not remembering anything going on later. A few quick taps later and he’d sent a reply saying as such.

It wasn’t long before Logan’s phone rang with another text. “Guess you were pretty buzzed. We’re doubling with April and Cindy.”

Logan just peered down at the phone for a moment, before shrugging. He didn’t remember agreeing to any such thing, but his memories of what Logan had done while in reality he’d been Lana were pretty hazy. Besides, April, Jayce’s girlfriend was always trying to set him up with her friends, if he went without a girlfriend for too long.

“Huh, I guess it has been a while,” Logan mumbled, realizing that he’d broken up with his last girlfriend at the end of the school year and now summer break was almost over. Shrugging again, he clipped the phone back onto his waist to get back to running. “I guess it won’t hurt to give this new girl a shot.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“One more button?” Logan postulated as he reached up to undo one more button on his shirt. Once he had, he let his arms fall back to his side to adopt a relaxed pose. “Perfect.”

Reflected in the mirror was one of Logan’s usual date looks. It consisted of an untucked, slightly wrinkled, short sleeved, dress shirt with several buttons undone to provide a deep V that showed off his chest. Below that, he had on a some loose fit jeans followed by a pair of sloppily laced sneakers. The whole look combined with his slightly tousled hair to give the appearance of someone that had just thrown his clothes on. Naturally, he’d spent nearly an hour perfecting it.

Finally content with his appearance, Logan turned from the mirror and grabbed his phone. “Hmm … is ten minutes late, late enough?” he pondered. After all, it was important to make the date not look very important to him. The fact that it actually wasn’t made it all the easier to act that way. “Better make it fifteen.”

With the timing decided, Logan tucked the cell in his pocket and left his room behind. He strode quickly through the house toward the garage. The only distraction was a slight head turn to tell his mom, who was sitting in the living room, that he was going out. She tried to call after him for more information, but he didn’t even slow down, ignoring her to walk out of the house to his car.

Out in the car, Logan made sure to take it slow. While many of his peers raced around in their cars as fast as they could, he actually stayed down near the speed limit. It wasn’t out of safety concerns, of course. He just wanted to make sure people were always waiting on him even random drivers on the road.

The starting point for that evening’s date was a nice upscale place by the name of Giordano’s. It was pretty popular, enough so to be quite crowded at dinner time even on a weeknight. That wasn’t really a concern to Logan, though. Undoubtedly his friend would have done the whole waiting for a table thing for him. Yet another perk of showing up to things late.

After parking his car, Logan strolled casually into the restaurant. Inside, he was greeted with a press of people all waiting for a table. He just ignored them, even going so far as to bump a few out of the way when they were too slow in moving on their own. On the other side of the crowd was a hostess stand where two teenaged girls stood talking to each other. That discussion came to an abrupt halt when they saw Logan, turning to wide-eyed silence.

“Hey there, ladies,” Logan greeted pleasantly. Adopting an easy smile, he leaned casually against the stand and focused his attention on the girls. “How are you two this fine evening?”

The question was enough to get at least the one on the left to answer. “G-Good … you?”

“Great,” Logan replied. “I would be even better if you could point out where a friend of mine is sitting. Tall guy, looks like he’s up to no good, and probably has a couple of girls with him.”

The hostesses frowned slightly at the mention of the girls. “Oh, yeah ... he’s right back there,” the one on the left answered pointing toward the corner.

“Thanks, babe,” Logan told her. “Now wish me luck, because I’m gonna need it to get through this horrible setup without gouging my eyes out with a fork.”

Instantly, the girls’ frowns vanished replaced by a mix of sympathy and optimism. “Good luck,” both girls breathed in unison.

Tossing a quick wink at the girls, Logan walked past the hostess stand toward the indicated area. Sure enough, Jayce and their dates were easily found, nestled in a corner booth that was undoubtedly one of the better seats in the place. He was seated on one side nestled into the corner with his arm around his redhaired girlfriend, April, while the other girl was in the seat opposite them alone, her back to the door so that she wouldn’t be able to see Logan coming before he was ready for her to. Logan had to hand it to his friend, he knew how to handle those little extra touches.

Striding up to the table, Logan stopped to stand at the end. “Hey, sorry I’m late.”

“No worries, I was just telling Cindy all about you,” Jayce responded smoothly. “She seemed very impressed.”

“It was hard not to be,” Cindy added as she looked up at Logan. They’d seen each other before at school, so she wasn’t quite so taken aback by Logan’s handsomeness as the hostesses had been, but her approval and eagerness was evident. Logan didn’t really have much of an opinion of her, though. She was a cute enough, blonde, and dressed in a little black dress that showed she was trying hard. That last part was probably the most important of the the three to him. He like it when they tried hard. “Did you really hit a homerun with your eyes closed to win a game last year?”

“I did,” Logan lied, playing along with the tall tales that Jayce had obviously been telling while they waited. “It’s really not as hard as it sounds. You just wait to hear the slight grunt of the pitcher then swing.”

Jayce laughed. “It might be that easy if it was a pitching machine that just served ‘em up in the same spot every time.”

Lateness either forgiven or forgotten, Logan slid into his spot next to Cindy, ‘accidentally’ bumping her in the process. “Oops.”

“Sorry,” Cindy apologized self-consciously as she scooted a little further into the booth.

“No it was my fault, really. I’m sorry,” Logan told her with a disarming smile. “By the way, I like your dress.”

Immediately, self-consciousness was replaced by a smile on Cindy’s face. “Thanks. You look great.”

Logan shrugged. “I just threw a comb through my hair.”

With the ice broken, the group settled into for small talk while they waited to order. Logan quickly zoned out of it, though, letting the others talk about school and gossip while he just nodded absently to pretend he was listening. After a bit, he even pulled out his phone to start browsing while the hum continued in the background.

“What’re you reading?” Cindy asked as she nudged Logan with her shoulder.

Directly engaged, Logan was forced to look up and respond. “Just some stuff that I’m hoping will help me optimize my lifting schedule.”

“Really? Don’t you just go to the weight room and lift stuff?” Cindy asked.

“No. It’s actually quite complicated to get a workout that gives the results I want,” Logan explained. He doubted Cindy was really interested in it, but he always enjoyed talking about his workout. It was a good chance to brag, plus it always drew attention to the results.

As Logan expected, Cindy took the excuse to appraise his frame, which naturally got him to flex a little to show off. “You can get even better results?” she questioned, clearly finding that idea hard to believe.

“Maybe,” Logan answered with a shrug. “I haven’t had much luck finding anything so far, but it never hurts to keep up with it.”

The lifting topic continued for a quite a while as Logan went through his routine. At every new exercise, he showed off which muscles it worked which proved more than enough to keep at least Cindy’s interest. Even April seemed to be giving more attention to Logan than to her own boyfriend. It was his favorite part of any date, sadly after it came the worst part.

“Well I think April and I are gonna take off,” Jayce announced once the meal had been paid for. “Have fun you two.”

As Jayce said that, April leaned in to whisper something to Cindy that prompted some giggles. After that, she and Jayce got up, waved, and left, leaving Cindy and Logan alone in the booth. Leaning back, Logan glanced Cindy’s way, seeing her looking a little nervous in her seat.

“You ... uhm, wanna go some place and like talk?” Cindy asked finally when it was clear that Logan wasn’t going to say anything.

Logan shrugged disinterestedly. “Sure. I know just the spot. We’ll take my car,” he said before rising from his seat. Without bothering to help Cindy up, he just started off, forcing the girl to hurry to catch up to him.

Out in the car, Logan said little, letting Cindy chatter away in what was obviously an attempt to hide her nervousness. Logan didn’t even really listen to it. Instead, he just stared out the window as he guided the car off to a nice secluded spot on a hillock near the edge of town. There, he put the car into park and finally looked at Cindy again. “How’s this?”

“It’s great,” Cindy breathed, looking out at the expansive sky and brightness of the moon. Her attention didn’t stay out there for long, though, before she turned to Logan, biting her lip in the process. “So … “

“So,” Logan repeated, not giving the girl anything to go on. He liked it when they worked for it.

Once it was clear to her that Logan wasn’t going to make the first move, Cindy obliged him, shifting in her seat so that she could lean across the console. Their lips met in the darkness there, as Cindy’s hands ran along Logan’s powerful shoulders. She didn’t stop there, either, but quickly shifted herself forward so that she was practically sitting in his lap while her hands rubbed all over him and her kisses grew more passionate.

For his part, Logan moved little. He just rested his hands on Cindy’s hips, enough to qualify as holding her, while his lips and tongue returned any kisses she gave him. Other than that, he just let her do what she wanted while mostly just enjoying the way she seemed to worship his body.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“So how’d it go with Cindy last night?” Jayce asked as he zipped a ball high and right of Logan’s shoulder. “April said she was really into you.”

Reacting instantly, Logan twisted and reached out to snatch the intentionally bad throw out of the air with ease. “They all are, man,” he responded as he shifted the ball to lob it back to the starting quarterback. “I guess it went fine, though. She was certainly eager. We went up to my spot to ‘talk’.”

“Damn, you work fast,” Jayce commented before winding up for another throw. This one was a high floater beyond Logan’s reach. “It took me a three dates to get April to want to ‘talk’.”

A wide receiver for several years now, Logan handled that throw just as smoothly, hopping up to snag it from the sky. He quickly settled it in his hand to throw it back. “You should try putting a little more effort in in the gym, or a little less effort trying to get into girls’ pants. The less you try to get ‘em out of ‘em, the faster they take ‘em off.”

Jayce chuckled at the comment. “Trying is half the fun. Besides, gym time sucks balls.”

Logan just shrugged, not caring to argue. Few people had as much fun hanging out at the gym as he did. He was used to that kind of response. “Hey, speaking of girls, do you know any named Ruby at our school? She’ll be a senior this year, I think.”

Pausing from the game of catch,Jayce looked down thoughtfully. After a couple moments, he shook his head. “Nah, no Ruby’s. Why you ask?”

“Just some girl I met at the park the other day,” Logan answered.

“You’re not gonna go out with Cindy again?” Jayce inquired.

Logan shrugged. “I don’t know. I probably will. Just keeping my options open.”

“Good, because April would be pissed with me if you ditched one of her friends after the first date,” Jayce breathed in relief.

“Who cares if she’s mad?” Logan replied.

“I care, man. I’m not giving up amazing sex just so you can be picky about who you’re dating this week,” Jayce retorted.

Logan rolled his eyes. “Whatever, dude. I don’t get why you’re so addicted to her. She’s not that great, and I should know.”

Jayce’s eyes narrowed. “Watch it. We had a deal that you weren’t gonna talk about that.”

“Yeah, but it hardly seems fair. I mean, you never get ‘em first,” Logan taunted.

Immediately, Jayce spiked the football into the dirt with enough force to send it bounding away. “Fuck you, asshole!” he spat before spinning to storm off into his house, leaving Logan out in the yard.

“Aw, come on!” Logan called after his friend as if he hadn’t done anything wrong. The only response was the door getting slammed closed. Logan just shrugged and waved a hand dismissively that way. “Whatever.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Logan let out a weary sigh as he finished reading his most recent text. It had included an invitation from Cindy to dinner, a movie, and ‘whatever after that’. It didn’t exactly sound like a bad way to spend a saturday night. It just wasn't what he was in the mood for. Unfortunately, after his fight with Jayce the day before, there was no way he could say no. It wasn’t that he cared about Jayce being upset so much as he was worried that, as captain and quarterback, he’d take it out on Logan on the field. The last thing Logan wanted to do was start the football season in a few weeks as a bench warmer or running pointless routes in games where he never got a pass thrown his way.

“I wish April would just dump his ass already, then I wouldn’t have to do these stupid setups with all her friends,” Logan muttered angrily as he quickly typed out a reply that he’d go. Once he was done, he tossed the phone on the nightstand.

Thrown with a little too much force, the phone skittered across the nightstand bumping into various other things before falling off the other side. Growling in frustration, Logan shoved himself of the bed and stomped over to the other side of the nightstand to kneel down. On the floor, there was a pile of crap that had been knocked over, including his wallet, some change, his keys, and a little card.

Not remembering the card, Logan snatched it up first and flipped it over to see what it was. On the front side, it proclaimed itself to be a voucher for one free day pass to the Bikini Beach water park. “Oh right, that thing the weird ticket girl gave me.”

Ignoring the card, Logan went about gathering the other objects. Once he’d gotten them all, he dropped the whole pile onto his nightstand and flopped back onto his bed to stare up at the ceiling. “I should’ve just told her I was sick or something,” he mused. “But no, now I’m stuck going.” Even as he expressed that sentiment, his gaze drifted toward the nightstand where he’d dumped the little card. “Or am I?”

With that little card, Logan could just go to the park and become Lana. No one would remember Logan, which would mean no one would remember the date he’d agreed to go on with Cindy. He’d be free to do whatever he wanted, and, if things worked like last time, no one would remember that when he changed back. They’d remember him doing whatever Logan would have done – like go on a boring date that he didn’t want to.

“I’d be stuck spending the day as a girl again, though,” Logan reminded himself.

Sitting up, Logan glanced between the voucher and himself thoughtfully. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. Being a girl had definitely involved some weirdness that he didn’t really want to put up with again. At the same time, he supposed it hadn’t really been all that different. It was a different body, but man or woman, he was still the hottest thing around. It wasn’t like he’d had to act all girly or anything either, at least not as long as he avoided his dad. Still, it wasn’t as good as just being him.

“Probably better than whatever boring shit Cindy is gonna drag me to, though,” Logan finally decided before grabbing his things off the nightstand, voucher included, and heading out of his room.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Standing in the ticket booth line, Logan actually felt a little nervous. It was hard for him to believe he was actually standing there waiting to be turned into a girl, and he wasn’t trying to stop it or anything. In fact, he was there specifically for that reason. It was mind boggling to him.

As he waited, Logan glanced up and down the line, wondering if anyone else knew why he was there. Several of the girls showed a lot of interest in him. Nothing seemed out of place about any of the looks they gave him, though – just the usual appreciation. He figured that meant that probably no one knew, which was something of a relief.

“I see you made it after all,” Anya remarked when Logan finally made it to the ticket counter through the weekend crowd. “Ruby will be very happy.”

“Yeah, I didn’t plan on it, but …” Logan began to explain.

“But you thought it would probably be more fun than your date with that new girlfriend of yours,” Anya finished, giving the real reason rather than the lie Logan had been about to say.

A shudder ran down Logan spine at Anya’s seeming omniscience. “Yeah … that,” he responded cautiously as he fiddled with the voucher in his hand. This was starting to seem like a bad idea – a really bad idea.

Before Logan could decide to walk away, Anya reached out and took the voucher from him and started typing. “Aw, don’t worry. I’m not gonna do anything bad to you,” she assured him while his pass printed out. Once it was done, she handed it to him promptly. “Here, enjoy the park.”

Still skeptical, Logan reluctantly grabbed the pass and started toward the gate. He couldn’t help but glance back a couple times on the way. That Anya girl was just too creepy for him.

Pushing thoughts of creepy girls aside, Logan swiped his way through the entrance and strode quickly toward the men's locker room. Everything inside was just like he remembered it, small and empty. Now, that he thought about it, though, it was kinda strange. He’d seen other guys in line and when leaving last time the ladies overflow room, which was what the men’s room looked like from park side, had had other people, but only girls, so he wondered how he always managed to be alone when he entered the locker room. The realization that it was probably more magic was a bit unsettling.

Logan quickly picked a locker and started to undress until he was in nothing but his trunks like last time. That got him wondering if he’d end up without a top after he changed just like last time too. It seemed kind of strange that magic could turn him into a girl and change all of his clothes but not put a top on him.

“This place is just too weird,” Logan muttered as he turned away from the locker to step over to the mirror to check his reflection like usual. Everything was almost perfect with just a few areas of near-perfection left that he needed to work on in the gym.

After a moment, Logan glanced over his shoulder at the showers then back at his reflection. A slight frown creased his features as he peered at himself thoughtfully. Flexing one arm, he reached up and squeeze the impressive bicep. It was hard to believe that in a few minutes that reflection would be totally different. Lana wasn’t some scrawny little thing, but she was definitely a lot smaller than Logan. It was just such a stark difference that he could hardly even picture it.

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” Logan grumbled as he turned from the mirror and walked over to one of the shower stalls. Before he could second guess himself, he reached out and flipped the water on, the warm, relaxing spray striking him immediately.

Unlike last time, Logan tried not to just bask in the soothing waters, but instead tried to see the magic at work. It wasn’t as easy as he might have thought, though. The gentle pelt of the water and the warm heady feel of the pink mist made him really want to just close his eyes and let the water wash over him. He kept catching himself with his eyes closed or his attention drifting.

In spite of the waters attempts to dissuade him, Logan managed to see at least some of his change. It looked sort of like he was melting away, like ice cream out in the sun. Everytime he looked, he seemed a little smaller, a little softer, and a little more girlish – curves sprouting up as bulk faded away. Then, after forcing his eyes to open one last time, the change was just suddenly finished. All that was left was Lana.

“So fucking weird,” Lana mumbled softly as she looked down at the large, bare mounds that had replaced her pecs. Even having just watched the change and having been through it before, it still sent her mind reeling a bit at the sight of it.

After a moment to recover, Lana flipped off the shower. Her hand lingered briefly on the shower knob as if releasing it would leave her stuck with her choice like some kind of poorly chosen chess move. Logically, she knew she was stuck for the day either way, but it still took a little effort to get herself to actually let go.

A scrap of blue caught Lana’s eye as she turned around. There was something small sitting on the bench in front of the lockers that certainly hadn’t been there before. Curious, she made her way over to find a small bit of rolled up blue cloth. Picking it up, she was unsurprised when it unrolled into the matching top for her bikini.

“Why not just put it on me?” Lana muttered as she quickly slipped the top on. It felt sort of like a practical joke, one which she didn’t find amusing.

Dressed, Lana strode over to the mirror again. Boy or girl, she wasn’t going to go outside without looking her best. Lana certainly looked that with her flawless figure wrapped in the almost indecently tiny swimsuit. It wasn’t the tiniest bikini she’d ever seen, though. After all, the little triangles of cloth did actually cover some of her. Besides, all that really mattered was that it made her look hot.

Content with what she saw in the mirror, Lana blew a kiss at her reflection and stepped out into the park. A few nearby girls coming out of the main locker room immediately turned the blonde’s way, and for a brief moment, Lana felt just a touch shy. It didn’t last, though, as she saw the jealous looks they were giving her. One even reached up to cover her rather small chest with her hands. Confidence restored, Lana thrust her chest out, shoulders back, and gave her ponytail a confident little toss before strutting off into the park.

Familiar with both the park and with being female now, Lana made notably quicker progress toward the Rivers Landing Restaurant than the last time she’d made that walk. Presumably, Ruby would be waiting there, since Lana was once again going to be late for their date. At least, Lana hoped that was how this magic stuff worked.

Knowing who to look for this time, Lana actually stopped vainly checking people’s reactions to her as she neared the restaurant, so that she could look for Ruby instead. It still took a moment for her to spot the girl seated at one of the tables. The brunette apparently noticed Lana right after the blonde noticed her, smiling brightly and giving Lana a friendly wave. A slight smile turned up the corner of Lana’s mouth as she started that way while raising a hand for a wave of her own.

“I’m gonna have to ask them to take the mirrors out of the locker rooms, if I ever want you to show up on time, aren’t I?” Ruby joked once Lana was close.

“I’d just bring one in with me then,” Lana answered.

Ruby giggled at that. “You totally would, wouldn’t you?”

“Of course,” Lana confirmed matter-of-factly. “I have to know I’m looking my best for our date, after all.”

Ruby’s eyes dipped down at the mention of Lana’s appearance. There was clear approval in her eyes even before she said, “Well … I guess it might be worth it then.”

Lana grinned at the other girl’s obvious interest. “Thanks. You look great too by the way.”

The complement got a shy little blush out of Ruby. “Psh, not as good as you.”

“Nonsense,” Lana countered. “You’re every bit as beautiful to me.”

Turning even redder, Ruby tried to change the subject to hide her embarrassment. “Anyway …enough of that. Let’s go have some fun already.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Mmm this is just what I needed” Lana hummed as she stretched out languidly on the shaded lounge chair. Out of the corner of one barely open eye, she watched Ruby stare at her while she did it, all the while pretending that her eyes were closed. “Thanks for suggesting a break.”

“No problem,” Ruby said once Lana was done stretching before sitting down in a chair of her own. Unlike Lana, she didn’t lounge back but sat on the edge facing the blonde. “It’s important to just rest and a relax sometimes.”

Letting her eyes close fully, Lana just nodded lazily. Running around and hitting all the various rides and slides with Ruby was fun, but she’d always liked to find time to just relax. This was just what she needed to recharge a little.

“Well well well, if it isn’t the dynamic duo, Slut Queen and Carpet Muncher,” a familiar female voice taunted, ruining the pleasant calm.

Opening her eyes, Lana saw Cindy and April standing in front of her chair. The former wore a racy red bikini that showed off her slim figure and perky curves while the latter wore a slightly more conservative suit on her curvier but softer frame. They both looked quite cute and now that she saw them, Lana recognized Cindy’s voice as the one that had spoken.

“What’s the matter? Wear your tongues out going at each other?” April joked crudely when Lana didn’t speak up, causing Ruby to blush bright red.

“That would explain how she’s managed to keep her clothes on for more than five seconds,” Cindy added before she and April both snickered.

The insults caught Lana off-guard, leaving her momentarily befuddled. She’d never been in a situation like this before as Logan. Girls didn’t just come up and insult Logan out of nowhere, neither did boys for that matter unless he’d slept with their girlfriend or something. Well maybe Logan hadn’t experienced it before, but Lana’s memories quickly told her that she had – quite frequently at that.

“No I was just focused on trying to figure out who you were. It’s so hard, because you plain girls all just kinda blend together,” Lana finally retorted. “I wanna say Beth?” she pretended to guess at Cindy’s name before turning to April. “And … Gretchen?”

The haughty looks vanished from the Cindy and April’s faces to be replaced by anger. There weren’t a lot of girls that could get away with calling them plain but Lana was definitely one of them. “I think you’re confusing ‘plain’ with ‘clothed’. It’s an easy mistake to make for a girl who’s so stupid she thinks someone saying hello to her means she should drop her pants.”

“Well no matter how stupid I am, there’s no way I’m gonna mistake those little bee stings of yours for actual boobs,” Lana shot back.

“They’re bigger than your little dyke friend’s, though, it’s probably hard for you to notice when her face is always buried in your crotch,” Cindy hissed, causing Ruby to look down in embarrassment and cross her arms to hide her chest.

Growling, Lana scrambled up from her seat. “Watch it, bitch!”

“Ooo someone’s protective. She must be really good at eating you out. She’d have to be, after all. It’s not like she’s got anything else to offer anyone,” Cindy insulted, causing Ruby to wince.

The next instant, Cindy hit the ground with a yelp of pain thanks to Lana shoving her hard. April started to kneel down to help her friend, but Cindy just swatted her hands away as she pressed her fingers to a bloody gash on her arm from the concrete. A keening screech was all the warning Lana got before Cindy lunged at her.

Cindy bowled Lana over before crashing down on top of her to rake her fingers at Lana face. Lana got her hands up defensively to fend off the talon like nails, snagging the other girl’s wrists in the process. Cindy flailed about it try to break free of the grip, but Lana had a considerable advantage in size and strength.

Once her grip was secure, Lana pulled a knee up between her and Cindy, using it to lever the smaller girl off her. Cindy rolled to the side, but rather than let go, Lana rolled with her, coming around on top of her. From there, Lana slammed Cindy against the ground to daze her before releasing one of her wrists. Rearing back, Lana prepared to drive a fist into the other girl’s face.

“That’s enough!” Anya’s voice rang out over the sounds of the fight.

Lana froze just before bringing her fist down. Her muscles were still tense, and her anger still burning hot, but her hand wouldn’t come crashing down. It wasn’t like she was frozen or anything, she could still move, just not to punch Cindy in her stupid bitch face.

“Get off her, Lana. Now,” Anya commanded in a tone that could not be gainsaid.

Growling in frustration, Lana dropped her fist and clambered off of Cindy. Once that was done, she got back to her feet and glared at the injured girl as she also got to her feet. At the same time, Lana clenched her fists at her side so tightly that she could feel her nails digging painfully into her palms.

“All four of you, follow me,” came Anya’s next instruction, and they all fell into unhappy step behind her.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Lana sat in the uncomfortably itchy, upholstered, waiting room chair, tapping her fingers on the armrests impatiently. She’d been sitting there for quite a while as first Cindy, then April, and finally Ruby had gone into the manager’s office. The first two girls had come out looking rather smug before heading out of the building entirely. Ruby was still inside, talking to whoever was in there with her.

“Miss Holt, come in here, please,” an older sounding female voice called out.

Rising from the seat, Lana rubbed her hands over her butt and thighs just to get the prickly sensation to go away. “The least they could have done is let me change, or sit on a towel, or something,” she grumbled as she walked over to the door, opened it, and stepped inside.

The interior of the manager’s office was surprisingly well-appointed. It wasn’t lush or extravagant, but was well decorated and equipped with furniture and computers that showed craftsmanship and professionalism. The most notable things in the room was a large wooden desk in front of which sat Ruby in one of two chairs. On the other side, sat an older woman, somewhere in her sixties or seventies. She wasn’t exactly bad looking, but like many women her age had too many pounds, wrinkles, and gray hairs to be considered pretty anymore.

“Thank you, Miss Lane. That will be all,” the older woman told Ruby.

Nodding shyly, Ruby rose from her seat to go. Lana watched her go, with a curious look on her face. There was something about the exchange that tickled at her thoughts, something vague, but …

“Sit down, Miss Holt,” the older woman instructed in a tone that demanded compliance.

Lana jerked her gaze from the departing brunette back to the older woman. “Yes ma’am,” she answered as she slid into one of the chairs, notably more comfortable than the itchy ones outside.

The older woman leaned forward to rest her elbows on her desk. Lacing her fingers together, she peered over them at the pretty blonde. To Lana it felt like those eyes were cutting right through her.

“Are you ...?” Lana started to question unsure if she was even allowed to ask.

“Reading your mind?” the woman guessed before shaking her head. “No. I’m just trying to figure out what to do with you. Cindy wanted to call the police and press charges which would be well within her rights, since you did attack her.”

“That’s not–” Lana started to protested.

The woman just raised a hand to cut the pretty blonde off. “I know what happened. You shoved her. You’re the one that escalated things. You’re the one that hurt someone.”

“Fine! Let her call the police on me. I don’t fucking care. Tomorrow none of this will have even fucking happened, anyway,” Lana spat angrily.

“Watch the language, young lady,” the woman scolded.

Lana wasn’t normally one to respond to chastisement well, but there was something in the old woman’s eyes that made it clear that ignoring her would not end well for Lana. Suddenly feeling self-conscious, the blonde folder her arms and shifted in her seat. “Sorry.”

“Anyway, you are correct. Tomorrow, you’d just go back to being Logan and escape from any punishment you might get, which is why you’re not going to go back to being Logan tomorrow,” the woman explained.

“What?!” Lana exclaimed, jerking upright. “You can’t do that!”

The woman looked amused by Lana’s denial. “Can’t? I already have. Your pass has been extended to two weeks, during which time you will come to the park for one hour every day and do clean up duty as punishment for attacking one of my guests.”

“But–” Lana started to protested.

“If you prefer, I can leave you as Lana permanently and let Cindy call the cops on you,” the old woman cut in. “Would you like that instead?”

Lana slumped in her chair in defeat. “No, ma’am.”

“That’s what I thought,” the old woman stated. “My granddaughter, Anya, will clear things up so that you don’t get in anymore trouble over this. Come by tomorrow at seven pm to start working.”

Sensing that she was dismissed, Lana nodded in consent before rising from her seat and walking out of the office. In the waiting room was Ruby, pacing back and forth. When she heard the door she stopped and looked over at Lana with worried eyes. “Well?”

“I’ve just gotta come by and help clean up for the next couple weeks,” Lana told her, leaving out the biggest part of the punishment – the fact that she was going to be stuck as a girl for it. It’s not like Ruby would understand that part anyway, presuming the magic would even let Lana tell her.

Ruby slumped in relief. “That’s not so bad, right?”

“Right … “ Lana mumbled sadly.

Ruby didn’t seem to notice the oddly moroes tone that Lana used. Instead she looked down at the ground and fidgeted slightly with her hands. “I’m sorry by the way.”

“Huh? What for?” Lana asked, wondering what Ruby could possibly have to apologize for.

“You only got in trouble because you were sticking up for me,” Ruby explained.

“What are you talking about? She was being a bitch. I got tired of it, so I decided to make her stop,” Lana argued. “That’s not your fault.”

Still looking at the ground, Ruby shook her head. “I’ve seen you swap insults with girls like that bunches of times without it getting to you. It only did this time because you were standing up for me. If I had just stood up for myself instead of acting like a scared little girl ...”

Instinctively, Lana stepped forward to wrap her arms around the other girl, pulling her into a warm embrace. “Stop. It’s not your fault that Cindy’s a gigantic bitch, and you shouldn’t have put up with it. She got what she deserved and that’s all there is to it,” she said before leaning back to look at Ruby. “Okay?”

Looking up with tear-wetted eyes, Ruby nodded. “Okay.”

Seeing Ruby on the verge of tears like that, Lana pulled her back in for another hug. This time she didn’t say anything, just cradled the other girl gently against her. According to Lana’s magic memories, it was hardly the first time that she’d had to comfort the other girl after something like this.

After several long moments, Lana finally asked, “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Ruby answered.

Releasing the brunette, Lana stepped back and smiled. “Good. Now why don’t we go get something to eat?”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“This is new,” Lana remarked as she held up what she’d found waiting for her in her locker.

The garment was a single piece of solid black cloth that was stretchy with a kind of satiny finish to it that felt nice in her hands. That was almost all the defining characteristics that it possessed. It was just a solid sheet of black cloth, not even three feet long, that was shaped into a tube. There were no straps, frills, or anything else adorning it either.

“I guess it’s a dress,” Lana surmised, holding it up to her chest. “But which end is the top and which is the bottom?”

Lana knew that if she just didn’t think about the garment, she would put it on right. That was how she’d gotten into the blace lace thong and strapless demi bra that were currently the only clothes that she was wearing. The problem was the not thinking about it. It was like having someone tell her a riddle, refuse to give her the answer, then ask her to not think about it.

“Maybe it works either way?” Lana guessed, flipping the thing over a couple of times to see if it looked different from different angles. Everything about it looked completely identical. The top and bottom openings even seemed to be about the same size.

Knowing that she’d already wasted enough time to get Ruby upset with her, Lana conceded to the mystery and just stepped into the tube, hoping she had it the right way. That brought about another issue with the dress. While the fabric was stretchy, it had to be stretched quite a bit just to fit over thinner parts of her like her thighs, making it quite the task to tug it over her hips and then over her bust as well. Once she had the thing mostly on, Lana slipped into the pair of black stilettos that apparently went with the garment and then stepped over to look at herself in the mirror.

If Lana had thought she’d looked slutty in her last outfit, then this one seemed outright pornographic. While technically it covered more skin than the crop top and skirt combo had since her belly was covered, the fabric of the dress looked like it was little more than a second skin as it strained to contain her curves. Even with the straining, it didn’t do a very good job at the whole containment thing. Her chest muffined out of the top in an indecent amount of cleavage that left the lacy tops of her bra cups visible to anyone with even a slight downward angle on her. She would have tugged it higher, but the hem couldn’t afford to lift even a millimeter as it left practically all of her legs bare down to where her feet were encased in the straps of her very high heels.

“How do I even own clothes like this?” Lana questioned her reflection, remembering how much arguing it had taken to get anything decently fashionable when she was Logan. Oddly, she got an answer as her memories told her of numerous efforts by her now doting father to buy her love with unsupervised shopping trips, and an equal number of arguments with her mom about her attire that she always won by just storming out of the house.

Unable to do anything but sigh, Lana ignored the streetwalker attire and set about making sure everything else about her appearance was right. She had to do some slight work with make up, then brush out her long hair so it lay just right on her shoulders, then finally a few adjustments to her anatomy to make sure it was properly situated in the dress in a way that maximized display value without leaving things visible that shouldn’t be. After all that, she was finally able to declare herself ready, grab her things, and leave the locker room.

Outside the locker room, Ruby leaned against the nearby wall, bouncing her purse against her legs in obvious boredom. She wore a dress as well, though, it was a far nicer and more conservative red one with a modest hem and ruffled bust. The look really suited her, making her look like a beautiful, sophisticated, young woman – a look that was totally incongruous with Lana’s trampy attire. Ruby didn’t seem to mind that, though, as she snapped upright the moment she saw the blonde, her jaw dropping slightly as her eyes widened in an incredulous but appreciative stare.

“What? Don’t like it?” Lana teased, patting her hands over her figure as if she was actually worried there was something out of place.

Ruby shook her head slowly. “N-No … it’s just … I thought we were going somewhere nice.”

“We are. I got us a reservation at that fancy french place, L’Allouette,” Lana told her, silently thanking the reminder in her phone about that little detail so that she knew about it.

“Really? Are they gonna let you in dressed like that?” Ruby questioned.

Lana didn’t really know the answer to that, but she shrugged it off dismissively regardless. “Of course.”

Ruby gave Lana a skeptical look at that, but nodded. “Alright. Let’s get moving then.”

Unconcerned, Lana led the way to her car and the two were off. Unlike the burger joint, L’Allouette was a bit of a drive, letting the girls chit chat along the way about the park and about how stupid and pitiful Cindy had looked cowering beneath Lana. Thanks to that, the time passed quickly, and soon the car was parked and the pair were on their way into the restaurant.

L’Allouette was one of the town’s only truly high class restaurants. As such, it was expensive, had a dress code, and was a very popular date spot. The wait staff all dressed in high quality, butler or maid style outfits and all the furnishings were expensive wood draped with exquisite linens and decorated with real silver and gold. The food was pretty good, too.

As Lana stepped through the door and into the restaurant, she saw the maitre d’s eyes bug out with a mix of surprise, disdain, and lust at the sight of her. She tossed him a flirty little smile while she held the door for Ruby behind her. Once the other girl was through, she turned to her and whispered, “Let me just check on our table real quick.”

“Okay,” Ruby replied with a nod.

With Ruby waiting by the door, Lana sashayed over to the maitre d’, exaggerating her movements even more than usual. Normally, such an act would just be to draw extra attention to herself, but this time it was actually to make sure Ruby’s eyes were on her ass and not her hands. That made it easy for her to slip a hand into her purse and pull out a few folded up bills.

“Hi,” Lana greeted pleasantly as she rested her hands on the maitre d’s little podium, leaning forward at the same time to draw his eyes down toward her cleavage. “I have a reservation for two under Holt.”

It took the maitre d’ a moment to catch up to the words. When he did, he covered his mouth and coughed as if that might somehow cover up the fact that he’d just been obviously staring at Lana’s assets. “Ahem, my apologies miss. You may not have realized that we have a dress code and your … attire is not quite within its guidelines.”

“Are you sure about that?” Lana asked, leaning forward a little more. As she did, she discreetly slipped the folded up bills onto the reservation book. “Because I seem to remember it just mentioning girls needed to wear dresses, and as you can see,” she thrust her chest out just a bit more so that her bra peeked out over the top of her dress, “I’m clearly wearing a dress.”

There was a moment of doubt on the maitre d’s face, but it didn’t last long. The combined power of cleavage and currency prevailed, and he adopted a welcoming smile. “You know, I do believe you are correct. Holt you said?”

“Yes,” Lana confirmed.

“And here it is,” the maitre d’ announced, pointing at the name in his book. “If you and your friend would follow me, I’ll show you to your table.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“That was really nice,” Ruby murmured, leaning her head against Lana’s shoulder.

“Yeah ...” Lana agreed contentedly as she looked at the table in front of them. Only about half of the food was eaten, but it wasn’t because it hadn’t been delicious. There had just been more than the two of them could possibly have handled.

Resting against Lana, Ruby closed her eyes and hummed softly. “Thanks for bringing me here.”

“No problem. It’s not like we can do fast food every night,” Lana replied. Smiling at the sleepy brunette, she shifted her shoulder to shake her a little. “Hey, wake up.”

“Mmm, I on’t wanna,” Ruby mumbled as she nestled up closer to Lana. “You’re nice an’ soft.”

“Well if you insist,” Lana remarked, smirking mischievously. Without disturbing Ruby, she reached out for her glass of water and fished an ice chip out of it. Once she had it, she brought it slowly over to Ruby’s chest and dropped it in her cleavage.

Yelping in surprise, Ruby lurched upright, pressing her hands to her chest. “God that’s cold!” she exclaimed, causing Lana to burst out into giggles. The laughter drew a glare from Ruby.

“What? I told you to wake up,” Lana told her teasingly while still chuckling.

Huffing in annoyance, Ruby swatted Lana lightly on the arm. “Meanie.”

“The meanest,” Lana stated as if that was something to be proud of.

That claim got Ruby giggling. “Of course you’d think that was a good thing,” she muttered before sighing. “Well, if I’m not going to sleep, we should probably get going. The bus boy has been eyeing our table for like twenty minutes now.”

“Really? Well now, I want to stay and make him wait,” Lana commented.

Rolling her eyes, Ruby got up and grabbed Lana’s arm to tug her up as well. “No more troublemaking for you tonight, missy. Let’s go.”

“Fine fine,” Lana conceded letting the other girl pulled her up out of her seat. Once she was up, she fell into step beside Ruby to leave. “So what’s next? Taking you back to your car?”

Ruby shook her head. “I was thinking we’d find somewhere a little … quieter.”

“Sure, I know just the spot,” Lana replied readily.

Out in the car, Lana and Ruby chatted about the meal, discussing which of the many dishes was their favorite and how silly their waiter’s fake french accent was. There were lots of smiles and laughs as Lana guided the car off to a nice secluded spot on a hillock near the edge of town. There, she put the car into park. “How’s this?”

“Perfect,” Ruby answered softly as her eyes trailed along Lana’s form. “Why don’t we swap to the back seat?”

“Alright,” Lana agreed.

The two girls each exited the car before reentering from the back. Lana just sat down normally on her side of the car, leaving an obvious gap between her and Ruby’s seat. There was only a slight turn to her head so that she could look at the other girl and see what she did.

Ruby didn’t even hesitate before she crossed that empty space, crawling across the seat eagerly so that she could kiss the blonde. As she pressed in, she forced Lana to turn to face her, pushing her up against the car door in the process. There were several fast passionate kisses before Ruby finally pulled back to look down at Lana.

“I can’t believe they actually let us in with you wearing that,” Ruby remarked, eyes focused on the indecent top of Lana’s dress. Even just what they’d done so far was enough to muss up the outfit, causing the top to sit low enough that half of Lana’s bra was visible.

Lana grinned. “Why not? You clearly like it.”

“I like what’s in it a lot more,” Ruby commented lewdly, reaching out with her hands to cup Lana’s breasts. “It’s not fair parading these giant things around all day to tease me.”

“I never claimed to play fair,” Lana purred, arching her back to press herself more fully into the other girl’s hands.

Unable to tolerate separation any longer, Ruby leaned in to once more to press her lips against Lana’s while her hands played with the blonde’s breasts. Underneath the brunette, Lana relished the feel of the girls hands on her and the passion that came with them. At the same time, she joined in the play. While their tongues tangled, Lana’s hands found Ruby’s curves, determined to learn as much about her partner’s body as Ruby did about hers.

End Part 2

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Lana woke to the feeling of her squashing a boob painfully with her arm, an unwelcome reminder of the fact that she was not getting to go back to being Logan this morning like she’d originally planned. Groaning in a mix of sleepiness and pain, she flopped onto her back and sighed. Even just laying there, the different feel of her body was obvious. The size of her butt pushed her hips up causing her back to arch up a little. Her breasts, even as perky as they were, pooled to the sides a little to rest against her arms. Even the way her hair tickled her neck and shoulders was bothersome.

“Can’t believe that old bat did this to me,” Lana whined as she reached up to rub sleep from her eyes. “All I did was make that bitch stop spouting her shit.” Complaining didn’t stop her from being stuck as a girl, though.

Grumbling wordlessly, Lana forced herself to sit up and stretch. Even her foul mood couldn’t stop her from sighing in pleasure at the feel of the stiffness in her muscles working loose. “Mmm, that’s better.”

Once she was done stretching, Lana finally opened her eyes and looked around at her room. It was the first time that she was seeing it in daylight, or even in a situation where she cared about anything besides the fact that there was a bed in it. Oddly, the room really didn’t look much different from when she’d been Logan. It was kept fairly neat with few decorations. The furniture was all the same, though, now there was makeup and other things on top of the dresser. Even the dumbbells she kept in her room were still there, albeit much smaller and lighter than they had been before.

“Well at least something isn’t all fucked up,” Lana commented as she scooted out of bed and strolled over to the dresser. As she walked, she tugged off the oversized t-shirt that she was wearing and tossed it in the hamper. Unlike Logan, Lana apparently didn’t sleep shirtless. With that out of the way, she started digging through dresser drawers for what she needed for her morning run. While the same habit as when she’d been Logan, it took a little more preparation than it had before. Spandex biker shorts were a lot harder to squeeze into than the loose athletic shorts that Logan usually wore, plus there was the vice-like sports bra as well as having to brush out her hair then pull it back in a ponytail that Logan obviously hadn’t needed to do.

After she was dressed, Lana took a couple of experimental hops. The only physical exertion she’d ever really done as Lana was at the park in a bikini top that was about as supportive as air. Even just walking in that top had created a significant amount of jiggle and attempting to run or jump was a recipe for popping right out of it, something she’d done more than a couple of times. The sports bra was much better, restraining the bouncing to within a small range, but it was still far from perfect.

“Yet another pain in the ass,” Lana sighed already sick of her punishment. Sick or not, she wasn’t going to just blow it off or anything. There was no way she was going to give the old woman an excuse to keep her like this any longer than she already was. Turning from the mirror, she grabbed her phone and earbuds from the nightstand, clipped them to her shorts, and hurried out.

The sun was high, bright, and hot when Lana got outside. Squinting up at it, she noted that she shouldn’t stay out in it too long or it would mess with her tan, since she wasn’t wearing sunblock like she had been at the water park. She didn’t go to all the trouble to sunbathe nude to end up with tan lines now.

Needing to hurry, Lana quickly set about limbering up for her run. This proved to be more different than she would’ve thought. For one, Lana was far more flexible than Logan to the point where she did noticeably different stretches. Some of these, like doing the splits, didn’t seem to serve a lot of value for the actual stretching part, but male onlookers certainly seemed to enjoy them, such as the young teen just down the street who was supposed to be mowing the lawn. Instead, he was just standing there gaping in slack-jawed fascination as Lana bent herself in all sorts of interesting ways. He was hardly the only one affected by the show too.

The squeal of tires got Lana to look up from her stretching just in time to see one poor distracted motorist swerving desperately to get off the curb and avoid a mailbox. Lana giggled softly to herself at the sight of it, quite proud of the chaos that she could cause just by getting ready for a jog. “Well at least some things work right.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Lana, dressed in a tiny, pink, crop top and an equally tiny pair of cutoffs, glared at the entrance to bikini beach as she walked toward it from her car. Getting stuck as a girl for two weeks was bad enough, but being forced to help out at the place that had done it to her was even worse. She hadn’t even done anything wrong. It was Cindy that deserved to be punished, not her. Cindy was the one that had just come over and started throwing insults, after all.

“It’s not like it’s my fault she’s so plain and bitchy,” Lana muttered grumpily

Even in a bad mood, Lana maintained her usual strut as she made her way up to the ticket booth. There wasn’t a line this late in the day, but there were several guests trickling out of the park to show off in front of. The jealous looks did help mollify her anger some.

“Good evening, Lana. I’m glad you could make it,” Anya greeted as Lana stepped up to the counter.

“I’m not,” Lana grumbled.

Anya smirked. “Well it wouldn’t be much of a punishment if you were.”

“Whatever, let’s just get this over with. I’ve got better things to do with my day,” Lana muttered.

“Alright,” Anya answered simply before reaching down to grab something from behind the counter and set it down in front of Lana. The bundle included a staff t-shirt in pink and a lanyard with an employee pass on it. “Here’s your uniform and a staff pass to get you into maintenance rooms you might need. Get changed and then report to the Tiki Hut. They’ll tell you what they need you to do.”

“Great,” Lana responded sarcastically as she swiped the items off the counter and started toward the gates.

Once she was through the gates, Lana faced an immediate dilemma. She had to change, but hadn’t been told about any staff locker rooms. That meant she was probably supposed to use the public ones, but she’d only ever used the ‘boys’ one before. Clearly that didn’t apply to her at the moment, though.

“Well this is an unexpected upside to this punishment,” Lana mused as she turned toward the girls’ one.

Inside, the girls locker room was abustle with people in various states of undress as they got ready to leave the park. At the same time, it was hardly some fantasy of sexuality like Lana might have hoped. There were little kids scurrying about and older women as well. Even those around her age were hardly being particularly sexual, moving around and chatting in a manner that reminded her a lot of what men’s rooms were like. Still, they were naked, so Lana enjoyed a few looks while she found an open spot to change.

Swapping out her crop top for the t-shirt actually made Lana feel kind of weird. It wasn’t that the t-shirt didn’t fit or anything. It technically fit better than her other top, which had been straining to hold her boobs in properly. That was actually the problem. The plain t-shirt with its lack of cleavage and loose material was far more conservative than anything she’d ever worn as Lana. She didn’t like how it felt to not have her assets prominently on display.

Tugging uncomfortably at the t-shirt, Lana frowned down at it in displeasure. It tented out around her bust, causing the rest of it billow around her slim waist which made her look fatter and less well endowed than she actually was. She certainly couldn’t have that.

Grabbing the loose material with her hands, Lana tugged it tight, pulling the extra around to her back. There, she collected it into a clump and used a spare hair tie to get it to stay. The end result was perfect, leaving a few inches of trim tummy bare as the shirt highlighted her slim frame and impressive bust.

“Much better,” Lana declared after a few minutes in front of the mirror to make sure much better was going to be good enough. Once that was done Lana finally left the locker room and started toward her destination.

The Tiki Hut area was much like the area around the River’s Landing Restaurant that Lana usually met Ruby at except that it was themed differently. Only a couple of straggler customers were at the place, though, giving it a sort of deserted look. A pair of employees stood behind the counter, chatting to kill time as their shifts neared their end.

“Hey,” Lana greeted disinterestedly. “Anya said you guys would tell me what I’m stuck doing today.”

The blonde’s arrival brought an end to the two’s chatter and they split, one going back to work, and the other turning to Lana. The one that stayed was around Lana’s age and fairly pretty with light brown hair and sad green eyes. A slight frown creased her face as she looked at Lana that made the blonde feel like the girl didn’t approve. Lana was pretty used to that from girls.

“Hello, Lana,” the girl greeted neutrally. “You just need to clear the area of anything guests might have left behind. Trash goes in the bins and any lost items you can bring to me.”

“Great. My hands will smell like garbage,” Lana grumbled, looking down at her hands as she turned to get started on the task.

For the most part, the tables around the Tiki Hut were clear, but not all of them. Gingerly, Lana moved around, picking up random containers of half eaten food and taking them to one of the bins nearby. She took each item individually, no matter how small it was, making sure to touch as little of it as she possibly could in the process. The punishment was to help clean, not to get her hands filthy.

As Lana worked, the girl who had given her the job watched her. Occasionally, Lana would glance at the girl, and every time that she did, she found the girl looking her way. Normally, Lana would have been pleased by the attention, but it didn’t seem like the girl’s looks were appreciative, jealous, or even loathing.

“You know, the job would go faster if you carried more than one thing at a time,” the girl remarked.

“It doesn’t matter how fast it goes. Once the hour’s over I’m outta here,” Lana retorted as she carefully picked up a container half-filled with congealed goop.

“Not a fan of working harder than you have to, are you?” the girl continued.

Tossing the box away with a disgusted shudder, Lana turned to answer the girl. “You should be glad I’m working at all. This whole punishment thing is bullshit.”

The brunette’s only reaction to the complaint was a slight tilt of her head. Lana waited a couple beats, expecting more commentary or something, but nothing came. Annoyed, she gave the girl a dismissive wave and got back to work.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Thank God, that’s over,” Lana sighed in relief as she carefully adjusted her normal clothes in the locker room mirror. It only took a couple more moments before she finally decided everything was perfect and turned to leave. “All that garbage made me want to puke.”

It had been a rather disgusting hour of work for Lana. Once she’d finished clearing the area around the Tiki Hut, she’d been required to change out the trash bags in all the bins, then lug the full bags to the dumpster. The lugging of bags was especially problematic because, while she was strong enough to carry them pretty easily, there wasn’t any way to carry them that didn’t have them constantly bumping into her. She’d taken a rather long shower after the work was done just to make sure there was no garbage juice stuck to her.

“I see you survived your first day,” Anya commented as spotted Lana leaving the park. “How was it?”

Lana leveled a glare at the other girl to express her vehemence for the task she’d been saddled with. “It made me wish I’d let Cindy call the cops on me, if that gives you any idea. ”

Anya chuckled. “Well I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that bad.”

“I just spent the last hour handling people’s half eaten food,” Lana countered.

Anya just gave a little shrug. “Well that mess isn’t going to clean itself up. Someone has to do it.”

“Yeah, someone else,” Lana retorted. “And speaking of someone else, who was that creepy girl you had me work with. She just stared at me the whole time.”

“That’s Selena. She doesn’t approve, so I told her to see for herself,” Anya explained.

“Doesn’t approve of what? My punishment?” Lana asked.

Anya shook her head. “No, of you.”

“O-kay …” Lana replied, elongating the word uncertainly.

Before she could say more, Lana felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around, she had just enough time to recognize Jayce before the boy’s lips were pressed against hers. Stiffening in surprise, Lana just stood there for the moment, unable to collect herself before the quick kiss was over.

“Hey, babe. You look great,” Jayce greeted, his voice low and suggestive as he stared down at Lana’s cleavage. “You ready to go?”

“What?” Lana managed to get out through her surprise.

“On our date. Remember?” Jayce asked.

Suddenly, Lana did remember that she had a date with Jayce that night after she finished her punishment detail. That didn’t make any sense to her, though. She was dating Ruby, not Jayce, and Jayce was dating April or at least so she’d thought. According to Lana’s memories, though, she’d been dating Jayce for almost a month now.

“You alright, babe?” Jayce inquired when Lana didn’t answer.

“Yeah. Sorry,” Lana finally said as she caught up with the situation. “Just a little out of it at the moment.”

“Well then let me help you get back into it,” Jayce replied, leaning in to kiss Lana again. This time, the kiss was not brief and was not limited to a kiss. It was deep and passionate and joined by Jayce’s hands squeezing Lana’s butt.

Much to her surprise, Lana didn’t resist the kiss. She didn’t feel the urge to, either. It wasn’t even repulsive like she would have thought. It actually made her feel good to know that she was so alluring that the handsome man just couldn’t keep his hands off her.

“Better?” Jayce asked when he finally broke the kiss.

Smiling, Lana nodded. “Much.”

“Well then, why don’t we continue it at my place?” Jayce asked suggestively. “My parents won’t be back from their cruise until next weekend.”

“Then, lead the way, handsome,” Lana purred.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Laying there in the dimly lit room, Lana stared up at the ceiling, unable to believe what she’d just done. Beside her on the bed, she could feel the warm, muscular bulk of Jayce. He was fast asleep, having conked out almost instantly once they’d finished – well once he’d finished anyway.

Having sex with Jayce had proven far different to Lana than the night that she’d spent with Ruby. Her and Ruby had been partners in a dance of ecstasy that had been the best sex she’d ever had as a man or woman. With Jayce, there just hadn’t been the same intensity. He had certainly been every bit as eager as Ruby had been, possibly even more so. He’s also been quite talented, pounding into her with power, stamina, and technique. Lana’s memories told her that he was much better than most men. She hadn’t had an orgasm, though, just faked one for his benefit. It wasn’t that the sex had been unenjoyable, either, because she’d definitely drawn pleasure from it. It had just been … lacking.

“How did this even happen?” Lana asked the ceiling. She’d been certain that Lana was a lesbian, so she had no idea how she was suddenly dating and sleeping with a guy. Her memories were very clear that those things were true, though, and had been for a while. At the same time, she clearly remembered her date and the subsequent lovemaking with Ruby. It raised all sorts of questions about if she was cheating on one with the other or both and what exactly was going on. It was frightening, too, that the magic that had changed her could not only get her to sleep with a guy, but that it could make her do it without it freaking her out or anything.

The ceiling didn’t have any answers to Lana’s questions or uncertainties. She’d need to ask someone with an actual voice if she wanted a response. “Well that leaves you out,” she whispered as she glanced over at Jayce’s sleeping body. Even if she woke him up so he could talk, he’d probably still be useless.

Sliding out of bed, Lana crept through the room toward the door. She’d remembered discarding her purse over there while she and Jayce had been undressing each other, which was where she’d find her phone. With that, she could get in touch with Ruby and start getting some answers.

It took a few moments of searching before Lana finally found her purse where it had been tossed haphazardly. Snatching out her phone, she started flipping through her contacts looking for Ruby’s number. There were a lot of numbers in the list, almost all of which were linked to boy’s names. There was no sign of a Ruby Lane anywhere in the list, though.

“How do I not have my own girlfriend’s phone number?” Lana questioned. A quick check showed that Jayce’s number was in there, so it wasn’t like she didn’t keep the numbers of her significant others.

“Maybe I’ll have to wake Jayce up after … all …” Lana trailed off as something crossed her mind. She’d asked Jayce about Ruby once before, as Logan, and he’d said there were no Ruby’s at their school. Now, there was no number in her phone for a Ruby, and even though, she’d just had sex with the girl the night before, she was apparently dating Jayce now. It was like the girl existed one day but not the next, and Lana knew of only one thing that could do that. “The park.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“I’m just saying, if you guys manage to have less holes in you than swiss cheese this year, we’ll make it to state,” Jayce argued.

“We don’t have any holes! The problem is you take a year to actually throw the ball. You need to hurry up!” Adam, a heavyset boy and the team’s left tackle, countered.

Lana covered her mouth to hide her yawn as the two argued. As Logan, she might have gotten into with other boys, but Lana just didn’t seem to have any interest in football outside of the stamina playing it gave Jayce between the sheets. Everything else about it was just so utterly boring, which made the fact that she was sitting at the football team’s lunch table more than a little tedious. The guys all talked about sports, while the girlfriends of those that had them, clung to their men protectively while glaring at Lana. Apparently, she had a reputation both for dating members of the team and for stealing other girls’ boyfriends.

Glancing around at the other options at the table, Lana found she had memories of sleeping with several of them. She didn’t have any interest in them, now though. Jayce was clearly the best of the bunch in both looks and popularity, so she’d just hang onto him until she got bored or someone more worthy of her came along.

While Lana may not have had much interest in the boys, they clearly had a lot of interest in her. Even the ones with girlfriends spent more time looking at her than their own women, a fact that Lana enjoyed immensely. She was pretty sure that, without the school dress code forcing her to wear an outfit that covered her from mid thigh to chest, none of them would ever have looked at anyone else.

It wasn’t just the boys at the table looking at Lana either. Boys at the tables around her or walking by would also take surreptitious glances at her. The sheer amount of attention was the only thing that kept her from using the rest of the lunch period for a nap. It felt great to her to be able to glance around and know so many people were infatuated with her. She was used to getting attention as Logan, but there was either more now, or guys were just more obvious with it.

Of course not every guy was interested in Lana. One in particular was easy for her to spot. Ryan, who sat completely alone at his table reading a book, showed absolutely no interest in Lana’s charms. That was hardly a surprise, though, given that he was gay. Still, she felt faintly annoyed every time her eyes happened to pass over that table. Apparently, he bothered her no matter what gender she was.

“Maybe I should bother him,” Lana mused as she saw Ryan rising from his seat.

“You say something, babe?” Jayce asked.

“Just that I was going to go fix my hair,” Lana lied smoothly.

Peering at Lana’s clearly flawlessly styled hair for a moment, Jayce just shrugged and leaned over to give her a quick kiss. “See ya in a bit, then.”

“Yeah, see ya,” Lana replied absently, attention already focused on Ryan.

Gracefully, Lana slid out of her seat while she followed Ryan’s movements. He was moving pretty quickly, but Lana refused to rush, sticking with her trademark strut. There was no way she was going to look less than her best just to chase after some queer. It left her quite a bit behind Ryan by the time she got out of the lunchroom, but not behind enough to not see him enter the men’s room. A mischievous grin spread across her face as she followed him in.

Inside the bathroom, Ryan appeared to be all alone. He had picked out a urinal and was in the midst of taking care of his business when Lana slipped through the door. The sound of the door combined with Lana’s heels on the tile got Ryan to look up and glance her way.

“Lana!” Ryan blurted, starting in surprise before turning to put his back toward her. “What are you doing in here?!”

“Is there some reason I shouldn’t be in here?” Lana asked as she started toward Ryan. She kept her pace slow and sultry, even if he wasn’t looking her way, so that the sound of her approach was obvious and inevitable.

“Because it’s the men’s room, maybe?” Ryan retorted sarcastically.

Drawing closer, Lana giggled at the fact that Ryan was telling someone who was normally male to not enter the men's room. “No one’s ever minded before.”

“Well I mind!” Ryan exclaimed, scooching away from Lana as much as he could. “So would you please leave.”

“Aw, don’t be like that,” Lana purred as she came up behind Ryan and wrapped her arms around his waist. “You’ll make me think you don’t like me.”

“I don’t like you!” Ryan told her firmly.

Leaning into the embrace, Lana pressed herself up against Ryan, so that he could feel every soft curve of her body. “Sure you do. All guys do.”

“Not this one,” Ryan hissed. Twisting in Lana’s embrace, he wedged a hand between them and shoved her away while the other held his pants up and closed.

Lana gasped in pain as the hand jabbed her in the stomach, dislodging her with a disconcerting amount of ease. Curling up slightly in pain, she wrapped her arms tightly around her waist. “Ow. That hurt.”

“Good,” Ryan huffed as he forced his way past Lana to leave, zipping up his pants in the process. “Maybe now you’ll actually stop.” With that, he shoved through the door, leaving Lana alone in the bathroom.

For a few moments, Lana just stood there, staring at the door with her arms still wrapped around herself. Ryan wasn’t even a very big guy, tallish but not really built, and yet, he’d had no trouble shoving her off of him – rejecting her advances thoroughly in the process. It made her feel so horrible and weak.

A shudder ran through Lana’s body as she took a few deep breaths to try and collect herself. Once her nerves had settled some, she forced herself upright and stepped over to the mirror to check her appearance. Her reflection seemed to be as flawless as it always was, unruffled by the brief altercation, but at the same time it seemed flat, uninteresting, and empty to her. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Lana put a smile on her face and left the bathroom behind.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“I see you made it back for your second day,” Anya remarked as Lana approached the otherwise deserted ticket booth.

“Not like I have much of a choice,” Lana growled angrily, even less happy to be at the park than she was the day before. “You’d probably just leave me stuck like this until I finished the work.”

“Maybe,” Anya replied noncommittally. “You’d have to choose to do that to find out.”

Not at all amused with Anya’s antics, Lana leveled a glare at the other girl. “Just tell me what I have to do today.”

“Same job,” Anya answered. “The only difference is that now that you’ve done it, you won’t need instruction.”

“Great. More garbage,” Lana huffed sarcastically as she started toward the gate. She got all of a couple steps before she stopped and turned back. “By the way, who’s Ruby really? I asked around school and no one knows her, so she must have something to do with the park.”

Anya smirked at the question. “I can’t tell you that.”

“Figures,” Lana muttered, starting to turn away again.

“I will say this, though,” Anya spoke up before Lana could start walking away again. “You already have enough information to figure it out on your own.”

Lana furrowed her brow thoughtfully at that claim. If she already had enough information, then Ruby had to be someone she knew – specifically a boy that she knew. That didn’t seem like much to go on, though. There were lots of boys at school, and undoubtedly, many of them had come to the park chasing the rumors of all the cute girls in bikinis that were there. She tried to think of what else she knew about Ruby. If she was like Lana, then she probably looked fairly similar to her male self, but that didn’t tell Lana much. Ruby was pretty, but not outstanding, so lots of guys could manage that, and it wasn’t like brown hair was uncommon. She’d seemed to be pretty smart and not very athletic which removed a lot of Logan’s jock friends from the pool, but that seemed to be the limit of how much she could narrow things down.

“You can do better than that, Miss Holt,” Anya teased, making it very clear that she was reading Lana’s mind while the blonde tried to figure things out.

Letting out an angry growl, Lana tossed a quick glare at Anya before she refocused herself on the task. No way was she going to just let Anya mock her. There had to be other information that she had to go off of. Something about Ruby that was very telling.

Finally, something clicked in Lana’s thoughts and she looked up at Anya. The other girl had just called her Miss Holt, not Lana. Holt was Logan’s last name too. She knew Ruby’s last name, the old lady had said it in the office, but that meant …

“It can’t be … “ Lana mumbled to herself.

“Can’t it?” Anya asked rhetorically. “After all, you wouldn’t have thought you could be Lana, right?”

“But, he’s gay. Why would Ruby be with me and not some guy?” Lana pointed out.

Anya shook her head. “That’s not how it works. He’s gay, so she’s gay.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense. I … Lana … was dating her, wasn’t I?” Lana asked, double checking her facts.

Anya nodded. “You were.”

“But that means Lana is gay,” Lana noted.

Anya nodded again. “She is.”

“But I’m not … I mean Logan isn’t gay!” Lana exclaimed defensively.

Anya shook her head. “That’s not how the magic works.”

“You … You’re just trying to mess with me!” Lana declared, before spinning on her heels and storming off toward the entrance.

Back at the booth, Anya didn’t try to correct the angry blonde. Instead, she let out a weary little sigh. Of course, she knew that Lana wouldn’t just accept something like that, but it would’ve been nice if it had been that easy.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“I’m telling you, you keep playing like you did in practice yesterday, and coach is gonna bench you,” Jayce told Tony, the team’s replacement for Logan at wide receiver in this reality. The fact that he was apparently terrible brought Lana quite a bit of joy. She always liked to know that she was better and more valuable than other people. It wasn’t enough to make up for the fact that she was stuck as Lana for the moment, but it was something, at least.

“Maybe I could if I had some motivation,” Tony argued. “You’ve got Lana to show off for, but what’ve I got?”

“A strong desire to not get your ass kicked for fucking up our season?” Jayce proposed in a not exactly subtle threat.

Tony rolled his eyes. “Jeez, you know what I mean.”

“Well if you think a girl’s gonna make you play better, ask one out,” Jayce replied. “There are a bunch out there looking for someone to date. How about …”

That was the moment Lana tuned the conversation out again. Nothing was less interesting than listening to guys talk about other girls. Besides, there was no way Tony would find anyone as good as her to motivate him anyway. There wasn’t anyone even close to her.

Bored, Lana stretched her hands over her head, arching her back in the process. She moaned softly at the pleasant sensation, eyes drifting closed as she held the pose to really loosen herself up. When she finally stopped, she opened her eyes, glancing around a bit before finally lowering her hands. Unsurprisingly, pretty much every guy within several tables of her was staring her way while most of the girls glared daggers at either their boyfriends or the blonde they were staring at. Seeing that felt nearly as good to her as the stretch itself.

Of course, as always, there was one staunch hold out from the sea of desire that was directed at Lana. Ryan, seated by himself yet again, paid her no mind. He was just quietly sitting there eating his lunch as if nothing had happened.

Presuming that the boy just hadn’t seen her, Lana nestled herself against Jayce and tried to forget about Ryan. Obligingly, Jayce slid his arm around Lana’s shoulder, holding her nice and close. It was a position that had bothered Lana the first time it had happened but had quickly grown on her, leaving her feeling treasured and cared for. It was no wonder that girls liked it.

Not even Jayce’s embrace could quite remove Lana’s nagging doubts, though. Every so often, she would glance toward Ryan, expecting to see him looking her way. Much of the time, other guys were looking both in desire for her and jealously of Jayce for having her. Ryan didn’t look, though. He just kept his gaze on his food, quiet, unassuming, and regal.

Thinking about it now, Lana could actually sort of see the Ruby in Ryan. They looked quite similar, both slim and little taller than average. They had the same dark hair, fair skin, and intellectual look to them too.

The two clearly weren’t exactly the same, though. Ryan didn’t seem as happy as Ruby, more cold and serious. Ruby smiled and joked a lot, too, at least around Lana. Ryan didn’t seem to do that stuff around anyone.

“Babe?” Jayce asked, his voice tinged with concern.

Hearing someone address her snapped Lana’s focus back to her own table. She tilted her head up so that she could look at Jayce. “Yeah?”

“The queer’s not bothering you or something is he?” Jayce asked. “You’ve been staring over that way for a while.”

“It’s just …” Lana trailed off self consciously, as she tried to figure out why she’d even been looking at Ryan. He’d been nothing but a jerk to her. “... he shoved me yesterday. It hurt a lot, too, but he didn’t care. Said he was glad it hurt.”

Jayce’s eyes narrowed with anger at Lana’s words. “That fucking faggot!” Jayce hissed. “We’ll see how glad he is when it’s him that’s hurting! Wait here.”

Without waiting for a response, Jayce shoved himself out of his seat and stomped over to where Ryan was sitting. Once he was there, he slammed a hand down on the table and glared intimidatingly down at the other boy. From where Lana was sitting, she couldn’t hear their hushed but clearly hostile conversation, but she could guess what they were talking about. Ryan was not going to have a good time once school let out. She smiled smugly at the knowledge that he was going to regret shoving her away.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Blood sprayed from Ryan’s mouth as Jayce’s fist slammed into it, snapping the former’s head to the side. Ryan’s head wasn’t the only thing to twist. His whole body moved with the torque of the blow, doing a quarter turn as he toppled to the ground battered and beaten.

Stepping forward, Jayce towered over the fallen boy to glare at him. “That’s what you get, faggot!”

From the ground, Ryan’s only answer was a pained wheeze. He struggled to rise, but barely managed to get to his hands and knees, forcing him to crane his neck to look up at the fight’s victor. There was mostly pain in those eyes, but still a touch of defiance.

That proved to be the wrong move as Jayce’s face screwed up in anger. Never one to hold back, Jayce lashed out again, his foot coming forward with a rush of air. That rush was followed by another as the kick connected with Ryan’s gut, driving the breath from his lungs.

Immediately, Ryan dropped flat, curling up into a little ball. There wasn’t any semblance of defiance now. All he could manage was writhing in pain as he desperately gasped for air that his lungs wouldn’t accept.

Of to the side, Lana watched the whole affair with a couple of members of the football team beside her. The boys cheered Jayce on, throwing occasional insults at Ryan while they did so. Lana, though, remained quiet, just watching Ryan laying there on the ground, gasping for breath. Finally, she forced her gaze away from him and wrapped her arms around herself.

“Fucking queer,” Jayce muttered as he turned away from Ryan and walked back over to his friends and Lana. He got a few high fives and good fights from his friends, before he turned his attention to his girlfriend and slid his arm around her. “Come on, babe. Let’s get out of here.”

Lana managed a slight nod. “‘Kay.”

The group quickly left the back area behind the school and made their way inside the school and to the locker rooms. There, they split up, Jayce and Lana stopping outside to talk with each other. The other two knew better than to interrupt the couple and continued on into the boys locker room to get ready for practice.

“So, wanna come to my place tonight after you finish work, babe? We’ve still got a few days till my parents get back,” Jayce asked.

The idea didn’t really sound very appealing to Lana. Sex would be fine, but she wanted something else at the moment. “How about we go out first? Some place fun.”

“Alright. A movie?” Jayce suggested.

Shaking her head, Lana had to suppress a disgusted wince. The last thing she wanted was to sit in a dark room where even her boyfriend would ignore her to watch some boring picture show. “No, I wanna be up and moving. Let’s go dancing or shopping or something.”

Jayce did not return the courtesy of hiding his disgust at the suggestions. Instead, he screwed up his face quite obviously. “Uhm … I don’t know, babe. Coach has us all doing ‘conditioning’ right now to make up for us ‘slacking off all summer’ and then there was the fight … I’m gonna be tired.”

“Fine! If you’re gonna be so tired maybe you should just go home by yourself!” Lana snapped angrily.

Jayce started in surprise at the outburst. “Aw come on, babe,” he told Lana, caressing her shoulder with his hand. “I just wanna relax and unwind with my beautiful, wonderful girlfriend tonight. I’ll take you dancing this weekend, I promise.”

A slight smile turned up the corners of Lana’s mouth at the compliments. “I guess this weekend works …”

End Part 3

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Hmm, what to wear, what to wear,” Lana hummed as her gaze drifted over the veritable mountain of possible outfits that she’d pulled from her overstuffed closet and drawers. In that pile, there had to be something that would be just perfect for going out.

After Jayce and Ryan fought, the rest of Lana’s week had drifted by rather quickly and quietly. At school, she’d spent the time enjoying male attention and ignoring Ryan. After school, she cleaned up garbage at the park, resenting the punishment but tolerating it none-the-less. Once that was done, it was either off to Jayce’s for another night of carnality fueled by her beauty or, rarely, a night of her own to watch TV and do other forms of aerobic exercise. Now, Saturday had come around and Jayce was taking her dancing, so she needed something to wear.

“It can’t be too small, though, because I’ll have to move around,” Lana mused. “Then again … it’s not like it’ll make less people look at me if it is too small, and I don’t exactly mind showing off what’s underneath.”

Deciding small was the way to go, Lana culled the pile of its more conservative offerings, things most girls would consider quite daring. There were still lots of options left, though, making her wonder how to narrow it down further. Figuring less is more, Lana tossed the remaining dresses aside, preferring to go with things that would allow her to bare her midriff. That left the pile far smaller.

“Well I’m going to want something that can stretch and bend,” Lana noted, tossing out the various denim options. “And I want to take advantage of the movement,” she added, tossing out any of the tops that had straps that might hinder her bounciness. By that point her choices had narrowed to mostly just different colors, which made it a lot easier. It pretty much came down to whether she wanted her black lingerie to show through her clothes or not. “Let’s not go too trampy tonight.”

Grabbing her choices from the pile, Lana tossed them onto her dresser before digging through her underwear for the proper compliment to the outfit. Naturally, black, lacy, and designed for show were her criteria in this category, which were traits that the black thong, garter belt, and demi push up bra certainly had. She quickly worked her way into the attire, added some black stockings to the mix, stepped into a pair of matching open-toed stilettos and walked over to the mirror.

The final outfit was perhaps the most whorish outfit she could have devised. A tiny strip of stretchy blue cloth was all that covered her upper body. It was just enough to keep her bra, which was designed to maximize both cleavage and bounce, from being visible unless someone had just the right angle, while showing every possible inch of her smooth tan cleavage and tummy. A little black skirt was paired with the top, clinging tightly to her hips, and just barely high enough to hide the garter belt she wore. It wasn’t long enough to accomplish that same task, though, leaving the straps hooked to her stockings visible as well as the couple of inches of thigh before the black nylon began.

Used to the provocative style by then, Lana grinned at her reflection, knowing that this was definitely the outfit. “I wonder how many couples I’ll break up tonight,” she mused as she began the process of handling the rest of the things that she needed to take care of before she could go out, like her hair and makeup. It was a good thing that she still had plenty of time before Jayce was supposed to pick her up.

Time flew by as Lana maximized each and every little detail that she could. There was just the right makeup for the dim lights of a club. Then, she had to fix her hair perfectly with just enough hairspray to keep it from getting wild and frizzy from a night of dancing, but not enough to make it stiff and lifeless. She was just starting to near completion when her phone buzzed.

“Probably just Jayce,” Lana mused as she kept touching herself up. Her mom would let the boy in if he came to the door.

After another minute, there was the sound of the doorbell followed by the sounds of Lana’s mother moving around downstairs to answer it. The blonde’s precognitive abilities failed there, though, as the she listened in. “Hello, Ruby.”

“Hi, Mrs. Holt,” Ruby replied. “Is Lana ready?”

“I doubt it. You know how she is when you two go out looking for boys,” Mrs. Holt answered. “I like your dress, by the way. Wish I could get Lana to wear something like that.”

“Thanks,” Ruby replied. “Mind if I go up and check on her?”

“Not at all,” Mrs. Holt told her.

Meanwhile, Lana in her room had no idea what to do. Part of her felt excited and eager to spend time with Ruby as memories of their last time together danced delightfully through her thoughts. Another part of her, a much larger part, was terrified. After all, Ruby was actually Ryan, the guy she’d had Jayce beat up earlier in the week. He could be here to take some kind of revenge, but she couldn’t figure out why he’d do it as Ruby. Surely, he’d have a better chance against her as Ryan. It could be some kind of trick, though, she thought. Then, she realized it could be something very different indeed. Maybe he had actually fallen for her, but as Ryan, being gay and everything, he wouldn’t be able to really fulfill the relationship. As Ruby, though, he could. It was so obvious to her now that she’d thought of it. Of course, he’d want to be with her.

A faint knock cut into Lana’s thoughts, snapping her back into the situation at hand. “Come in!”

The door slid opened followed by Ruby stepping in and closing it behind her. The brunette’s eyes immediately locked onto Lana’s figure, widening at the sight. “Wow …”

“Well now I know I picked the right outfit,” Lana remarked, smirking in delight at the other girl’s reaction. She also took the opportunity to assess the other girl’s outfit. It was a little spaghetti strapped red dress with a black sash-style belt, and a flowing skirt that reached to about mid-thigh matched with a pair of black heels. It was very cute, not too slutty, and quite practical for dancing, everything that Lana’s outfit was not.

“You sure you want to go dancing it that, though?” Ruby asked skeptically. “You look about a hop away from popping right out of that thing.”

Giggling, Lana rose from her seat. “That’s the point, sweetie,” she replied, sashaying toward the other girl. The movement caused her hips to sway and breasts to bounce in the low support top, both enticing enough that Ruby seemed unsure of which she was supposed to stare at. “The anticipation of it, the fact that any movement, even a deep breath, might be the thing that proves too much makes it impossible to look away. You keep expecting it to happen, wanting it to happen, needing it to happen, but …” She stopped in directly in front of Ruby to take a long deep breath, arching her back in the process to really strain her top and show hints of her bra’s lacy cups. Ruby’s eyes were fixated on that spot as she followed Lana’s words and movements. Finally, Lana released the breath, returning to her usual posture without ever popping free. “... it never does.”

Ruby snapped from the trance-like stare as Lana’s performance ended and looked away, cheek flushing. “God, you’re such a tease!” she huffed, trying to sound annoyed but sounding far more flustered and aroused than anything.

“Aw. Let me make it up to you,” Lana purred as she reached out to trail her fingers along Ruby’s cheek, guiding the girl’s face back toward her. By the time the brunette was facing Lana again, the blonde’s lips were waiting.

The kiss was a brief one, just a moment of passion, before Ruby jerked away. “What are you doing?! Your mom’s right downstairs. What if she walked in?”

The question caught Lana by surprise for a moment, before her memories started to fill things in for her. While Ruby and Lana were out at school, mostly because it would have just been way too hard to keep their relationship a secret there, neither had told their parents. They just thought the two girls were good friends.

“Sorry. I’ll save it for later,” Lana replied. “Just give me a little bit to finish getting ready.”

“Sure thing,” Ruby replied, taking a seat on the bed.

Walking back to the dresser, Lana picked back up where she left off in her touch ups. In the mirror’s reflection, she could see Ruby watching her work while she waited. She look so cute sitting there in her dress, beautiful, smart, and regal, yet just a touch self conscious, like she didn’t know just how great she was.

“I’m … uhm … sorry about earlier this week, by the way,” Lana found herself apologizing.

“Huh? You mean about Liz and Cindy stuffing my purse full of gum? That’s not your fault,” Ruby replied, giving Lana a confused look.

Lana blinked in confusion as she tried to wrap her head around that. Memories appeared to support Ruby’s claims, of her finding the girl crying behind the school with her purse ruined, her things scattered about and broken, and Lana having to comfort her. She supposed that it made sense that something different would have happened with Ruby, but those memories were just a fabrication.

“Besides, it’s like you said. They’re just things that they broke. As long as we don’t let them break us, it doesn’t matter,” Ruby added, smiling brightly.

“Right …” Lana agreed uncertainly as she tried to get her mind back on her work.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Punk rock music cascaded through the Shell Game courtesy of the cover band that the place had that saturday night. Fast paced and loud, it was excellent dance music, though, it promoted dances that were quite repetitive and hop-centric. Lana didn’t really consider that a bad thing, though, given that the hop was one of her best moves – at least when it came to drawing attention her way.

Attention was certainly something that Lana got a lot of while she danced. A good part of that was just her looks and bouncing assets causing many a male onlooker to stare and drool. For those that weren’t enraptured by that, there was another allure however, the allure of exactly who Lana was dancing with. The one thing that could trump a hot girl dancing was hot lesbians dancing together.

While Lana enjoyed the attention from the nearby crowd, especially when one boy’s girlfriend slapped him and stormed off, Ruby did not. She glanced around self-consciously, nervous at all of the attention. It hindered her movements too, making her seem jerky and uncoordinated compared to the uninhibited movements of her date.

“Maybe we should find a table,” Ruby suggested over the noise of the music and people, coming to a stop. “Everyone’s staring.”

“So what? Let ‘em stare!” Lana replied dismissively, not even slowing down. She did toss a wink at one staring guy she happened to meet the eye of.

Ruby reached out to slide her arms around Lana’s waist to get her to stop moving. “Please, let’s just sit and talk for a bit.”

Stopping her own dancing, Lana sighed. “Fine. If that’s what you want, we can stop for a bit.”

“Thanks,” Ruby replied, smiling softly. Grabbing one of Lana’s hands she led the taller girl off the dance floor toward one of the booths. “I’m gonna get us some drinks and snacks.”

Nodding, Lana took a seat in the booth, scooting far enough in so that Ruby would be able to sit next to her when she got back. While she waited, Lana looked out at the crowd still hopping around to the music. It was a pretty big crowd, people enjoying their first weekend since the new school year started. When she’d been out there, bouncing around with Ruby, a huge chunk of that crowd had been looking at her. Now, only the occasional boy that past by glanced her way.

Sighing, Lana turned away from the crowd and looked down at herself. All the moving around hadn’t managed to make her outfit any more indecent, but some things were slightly askew. A few quick tugs fixed her top and smoothed out her skirt, followed by some careful teasing of her hair to get it to lay flawlessly again. Once that was done, though, she sighed again, leaned forward to rest her chin on one hand, and zoned out.

“Well isn’t this a strange sight. Lana sitting all alone?” Jayce’s voice remarked.

Snapping back into focus, Lana looked up to see Jayce standing by the booth, a friendly smile on his face. Lana returned the smile with one of her own, a far more suggestive one at that. “Ruby’s just off getting us food.”

Jayce’s smile seemed to widen slightly at the news. “Of course. I should have known your girlfriend would be here with you. I should probably leave before she gets back.”

Lana caught Jayce’s wrist before he could even fully turn away. Immediately, he turned back, his eyes, full of obvious appreciation, once more on her. “What’s the rush? Sit and talk with me.”

“Alright,” Jayce replied, letting Lana’s hand guide him onto the seat next to her.

Once Jayce was seated, Lana shifted her position, so that she was as close to him as she could get without any direct touching. Furthermore, she was twisted in the seat so that her legs were tilted toward Jayce and her torso was directly perpendicular to his, leaving her chest mere millimeters from his arm. “So what are you doing here all alone? Problems with April?”

“Yeah … you could say that. We broke up,” Jayce replied.

It was very hard for Lana to suppress her smile at the news. Somehow, she managed, though, adopting a sympathetic look as she patted Jayce on the shoulder. “Aw, you poor thing. What happened?”

“It was near the end of a godawful three hour shopping trip. She was complaining about how something fit, saying that they should know that girls with boobs as big as hers aren’t that skinny. I made the mistake of mentioning that some girls, like you for instance, manage to do it,” Jayce explained. “She didn’t take too kindly to that.”

Lana couldn’t suppress her giggles at that one. “I imagine not.”

Before Jayce could say more, a tray got set on the table, snagging his and Lana’s attention from each other. Standing there was a rather upset looking Ruby. “Sorry to interrupt, but here’s your food,” she hissed icily before spinning to storm off through the crowd.

“Ruby!” Lana called after her, but the brunette didn’t even turn around. “Damn it. Sorry, Jayce. I gotta go.”

“I understand,” Jacye replied, already scooting out of the booth. Once he was out, he helped Lana out after him. “Good luck.”

“Thanks,” Lana told him before hurrying off.

Moving through the crowd as quickly as she could, Lana tried to at least keep an eye on Ruby. The brunette’s head start made that difficult to do, but Lana at least managed to catch sight of her before she slipped out of a door. Redoubling her efforts, Lana cut through the crowd to get to that door before racing out onto the parking lot. There, she looked around desperately, barely catching a flash of a red dress over near Ruby’s car to guide her on.

“Ruby wait!” Lana called as she hurried that way, silently cursing her choice of outfit and it’s making running not an option.

Ruby did stop this time, her car door half opened in front of her. She didn’t turn around, though. “Why? You seemed to be having plenty of fun with Jayce. Go dance with him.”

“We were just talking while I waited for you to get back,” Lana explained.

That got Ruby to turn, spinning around in anger. Tears streaked her cheeks as she glared with a mix of hate and hurt at Lana. “Really?! Just talking?! Is that why you were pressed up against him, making goo goo eyes?!”

“It was just a little harmless flirting …” Lana answered meekly, regretting the words even as she said them.

“Harmless flirting?! Really?! Do you even care about me?!” Ruby shouted. “How would you feel if I ignored you all night, because I was too busy flirting and acting like a total tramp to get guys to look at me, huh?!”

Wincing, Lana’s gaze dropped to the pavement. “It’s not …”

“Not what?! Not like that?!” Ruby spat angrily “This was supposed to be a night for us, and yet, you hardly even looked at me! You were too busy bouncing around making sure everyone was looking at you, then, the moment I walk away, you start hitting on some guy, and I come back to find you practically humping him!”

“I’m sorry … I didn’t mean …” Lana mumbled.

Ruby sighed heavily. “What did you mean, Lana, because I can’t figure you out? We seem to have fun, and you seem attracted to me, but this always happens. If acting like this is so important to you, maybe we should just break up.”

“But …” Lana began before just trailing off. She had no idea what to even say. All she had was the fact that the idea of breaking up made something within her ache in a way it never had before.

“But what, Lana?” Ruby demanded. “Tell me, because I need something to make it feel like I’m not in this thing alone.”

Feeling miserable, Lana’s shoulders slumped. “I don’t want to break up, Ruby.”

“Really? Because you sure act like you do,” Ruby responded harshly.

“Really,” Lana assured her. “I’ll act better. I promise. Please don’t go.”

Immediately, Ruby stepped forward to wrap her arms around Lana, sighing in relief. “Thank God. I didn’t want to break up either.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Stop hogging all the blankets!” Ruby whined as she tugged on the blanket that she and Lana were sharing.

“I’m bigger. I need more!” Lana insisted, tugging back.

“That means you need less! You’ve already got plenty of fat to keep you warm, especially up here!” Ruby retorted, freeing a hand enough to poke Lana’s chest.

Lana shook her head. “You might not realize this, not having any of your own, but those get cold too!”

“Not having any?!” Ruby exclaimed indignantly. “I’ve got plenty! You just have too much!”

“You can’t have too much only too little!” Lana countered.

“Tell me that again in a few years when they’re sagging down to your knees!” Ruby shot back.

“They will not!” Lana argued.

“They will if you keep bouncing them around fighting me for this blanket!” Ruby rejoindered.

Defeated, Lana released the blanket, causing the smaller brunette to almost go tumbling over at the sudden lack of resistance. “Fine! Have your stupid blanket!” she huffed before folding her arms under her chest and pouting.

“Aw don’t pout. I’ll keep ‘em nice and warm,” Ruby cooed, as she snuggled up next to Lana to lay against her boobs. “See? Aren’t I better than some stupid blanket.”

“You should have offered that from the start!” Lana complained, as she wrapped her arms around the smaller girl. “We could have been halfway through the movie by now!”

“But it was more fun this way. Plus, you look so cute when you pout,” Ruby teased.

Lana gaze Ruby a playful squeeze. “ can’t believe I’m letting someone so mean use me as a pillow.”

“It’s what you get for flaunting them all the time,” Ruby replied, snuggling in closer. “Besides, they’re so comfy.”

“Well I’m glad you like them,” Lana told her, trying to sound upset but not really upset at all. “Now, let’s start this movie already before I decide I’d rather have my way with you whether your parents hear us or not.”

“Alright alright,” Ruby conceded.

Grabbing the remote, Ruby pressed play, while the two of them snuggled up together on her bed to watch the movie. Lana wasn’t all that interested in the movie, she never was, but she was interested in the girl in her arms, especially the contented sigh she let out. Still, a part of her resented having to leave the Shell Game to go watch a movie with just the two of them. It would have been a lot more fun to stay, dance, and hang out with everyone else.

A shift from Ruby got Lana to look down to see the girl smiling up at her. A hand snaked out from the blanket to slide behind Lana’s neck and pull her down into a kiss. It wasn’t a particularly passionate kiss, nor full of desperate need. Instead, it was just warm, pleasant, and full of appreciation.

“I love you,” Ruby whispered when she broke the kiss.

A spark ran through Lana at the words as her heart suddenly raced. “I … love you too …”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“She sure is cute,” Lana mused quietly as she looked down at Ruby.

The brunette was sound asleep, having drifted off somewhere in the middle of the movie. Lana couldn’t be sure when exactly, but that wasn’t because she hadn’t noticed. The problem was that Ruby was all that she’d noticed. She hadn’t been able to take her eyes off her since the movie had begun. As such, she’d been watching as the girl’s eyes drifted closed only to snap open several times before they’d finally stayed closed for good. She had no idea what had happened in the movie, though.

Now the movie was over, turned off by Lana, and Ruby was nestled against the blonde with a faint smile on her face. Lana could feel the slight movement of the other girl’s breathing, the warmth of their bodies pressed together, the softness of her skin. It felt so right in a way that it never had for her before. To Logan, girls had just been nuisances, or trophies, or occasional diversions. He would have just left Ruby at the Shell Game, glad to be rid of any girl that thought she could criticize him. Lana hadn’t done that, though. She hadn’t wanted to. Instead, she’d done what Ruby had wanted.

“I love you,“ Lana whispered to the girl. Like earlier in the night, it didn’t feel like a lie, not like all the times she’d parroted those words back to girls as Logan. For once, she actually felt like she meant it.

Growling in frustration, Lana shook her head to clear away that nonsense. She couldn’t love Ruby. Ruby wasn’t real, nor were the memories that ran through her head of their relationship. Even the feelings that she felt probably weren’t real. It was all a fabrication of magic, an illusion meant to deceive her. The girl in her arms was really a guy named Ryan, changed by the magic of that creepy park, just like she was really Logan. Once they changed back, the illusion would be gone, and everything would go back to being the way things were.

Trying not to think about that inevitability, Lana focused on the girl in her arms. “Her pass will probably expire soon,” Lana surmised. “I wonder what will happen? Will I just suddenly be in Jayce’s arms instead?” She’d never seen the magic do anything so overt, but clearly once Ruby was Ryan again, their current position would make little sense.

Unsure what might happen or when, Lana leaned forward to kiss Ruby on the top of the head. The brunette seemed to stir briefly from the kiss, but she didn’t wake. She merely nestled in more while murmuring wordless contentment. Illusion or not, she sure was cute.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Lana groaned as she threw her bag over her shoulder and weakly shoved the door of her car closed. The forward momentum of the shove carried her forward as well, forcing her to catch herself on the door with one hand. Raising a hand up to rub at her face, Lana took a couple of deep breaths to muster the will that she needed to start walking. Finally ready, she shoved off the door and started toward the park for her daily round of punishment.

Late on a sunday night, the park’s lot was mostly empty, affording Lana a short walk to the gate at least. It sure didn’t feel like a short walk, though, as she trudged along. It felt like the last leg of a long run, and she still had an hour of work to get through.

“Whoa, you don’t look so good,” Anya remarked as the blonde neared the ticket booth and gate.

Lana winced at the likely unintentional insult. She always tried to look her absolute best, but that just wasn’t possible today. Having her failure pointed out immediately was just salt on the wound. “I didn’t get much sleep last night. Alright?”

“Oh? Why not?” Anya asked as if she didn’t already know.

“You fucking know why not!” Lana snapped angrily at the mindreading girl.

“I do, but since it kept you up all night, I thought maybe you’d like to talk about it, especially since I’m about the only person you can talk about it with,” Anya replied smartly.

Sighing wearily, Lana rubbed at her face again. “Fine. I stayed up waiting to see what happened when Ruby turned back, but she didn’t. I don’t suppose you can tell me why she didn’t, can you?”

“Of course, I can. She bought a weekend pass. It expires tonight,” Anya answered matter-of-factly.

“Of course, it does,” Lana groaned. “Maybe next time you could give me some kind of clue about that sort of thing so I don’t stay up all night waiting for something that’s not going to happen.”

“Why’d you stay up anyway? For that matter, why didn’t you just sleep once you got home before you had to come here?” Anya asked.

Lana looked away evasively. “I had stuff on my mind.”

“Stuff like how you’re going to really miss her when you both change back?” Anya commented.

Evasion vanished as Lana looked back up to glare at Anya. “Why don't you stay inside your own head for a change?”

“Because I wouldn’t be able to offer suggestions, then,” Anya responded. “For instance, you could stay as Lana and convince her to stay as Ruby.”

The idea was so preposterous, Lana actually snorted derisively at it. “Me? Stay like this?” she asked rhetorically while gesturing down at her female body. “Not a chance. I like being Logan way more.”

“Is that so?” Anya questioned.

“You’re damn right it is,” Lana affirmed. “Besides, her, me, how I feel, you just magicked it all up anyway. It’s not real.”

“It’s as real as any memories are, Lana,” Anya noted. “Your relationship, how you feel, all that stuff that Logan’s never had, that’s all just how it would have been had you been born Lana. I didn’t make it up. I just tweaked one little thing in your life and that’s how things turned out.”

Lana rolled her eyes. “Well, I’ll be glad when you untweak it.”

A knowing smile spread across Anya’s face. “We’ll see.”

“Yeah, you will!” Lana huffed before storming off angrily.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Something wrong, babe?” Jayce asked while using his arm to give the enwrapped Lana a little shake.

“Huh?” Lana mumbled, taking a moment to snap out of her daze and catch up with the words. “Oh. Yeah. I’m fine. Just a little tired.”

Grinning, Jayce remarked boastfully, “No surprise after last night.”

“Right,” Lana answered, playing along for his benefit. She hadn’t even experienced the night he was talking about, having still been Ruby’s girlfriend until her pass had expired. She had memories associated with it, though, and those memories did not include anything that would leave her tired and spent, not that Jayce hadn’t tried his best to make that the case.

Nestling in closer to Jayce, Lana tried to just enjoy the feel of his arm around her. It didn’t last, though. Soon, she zoned out again, uninterested in her boyfriend, the other people at the table, or even the attention of people around her.

Across the cafeteria sat the one person that Lana did notice – Ryan. He was alone like usual, eating quietly. It was hard for Lana to believe that he could stand to do that day in and day out like he did. The only people that interacted with him were people harassing him in some way, like she’d done the week before. It was no surprise to Lana that she couldn’t remember having seen him smile so far that year.

Sighing, Lana forced herself to look away, trying to focus back on what was around her. She hadn’t done something to show off for a while. That would probably help. Nestled against Jayce like she was, it wasn’t like she could stretch or something, though. She needed something else to do.

Coming up with an idea, Lana tilted her head up and tapped a finger on Jayce chest. As soon as he looked down to see what she wanted, she pushed herself up to press her lips against his. He was so surprised it took him a moment to actually kiss her back, but when he did his mouth was quite eager. In the meantime, Lana slid her arms up around his neck, pulling him into the kiss while simultaneously pressing herself up and against him.

While the kiss held, Lana glanced out of the corners of her eyes at the people around their table. Sure enough, that had gotten people’s attention, with plenty of jealous looks on boys’ faces as they watched her treat Jayce with such affection. Jayce was clearly thrilled with it too given the eagerness with which he returned her kiss and the obvious erection she could feel from his lap.

Finally, Lana broke the kiss, pulling back with a big smile on her face. Jayce was smiling too, and she could tell from the look in his eyes that he wished he could take her right there at the table. That look was the best part of the whole thing for her.

“What’d I do to deserve that?” Jayce asked.

“I just wanted a little something to tide me over until tonight,” Lana purred in reply, as if she even cared what they did that night.

Jayce smile turned into an outright grin at that. “Why wait? We could just skip the afternoon.”

“Won’t you get in trouble with your coach?” Lana pointed out.

“It would be worth it,” Jayce assured her.

That was so satisfying to hear for Lana. “Well then, it’ll be worth waiting for,” she teased as she nestled back in against Jayce again.

Not one to risk no sex in an effort to get it a few hours earlier, Jayce just shrugged and returned to cradling Lana with his arm. For a moment, Lana was content there, pleased with how her display had gone. The feeling faded quickly, though, returning her to a listlessness that she did not like at all.

Frustrated, Lana extricated herself from Jayce’s arms with a mumbled, “I need to go talk to my softball coach,” as an excuse. Of course, she had no intention of talking to that grumpy old broad, but it was an excuse that Jayce would readily accept. Sure enough, he just slipped his arm from her and gave her a quick kiss goodbye.

Walking away from the table, Lana left the cafeteria behind and wandered out into the halls. She didn’t have any particular destination or anything. She just felt the need to move around. With the halls empty while everyone ate lunch, her only company on the walk was the echoing click of her heels on the school’s tile floor.

Zoned out in a daze, Lana made a quick circuit down one of the halls and back. She didn’t really look at anything, or think about anything, or do anything but walk. All she could figure was that she wanted to do something.

Movement caught Lana’s attention, snapping her from her daze so that she could quickly shift posture and stride to make sure she met expectations. The moment that she saw who it was that had moved, though, she realized it was pointless. Ryan was coming down the hall she had just turned into, and judging by the angry look on his face, he wasn’t happy to have run into her. He didn’t say anything, though. He just moved to the far side of the hall and picked up his pace to pass her as quickly as he could.

For her part, Lana slowed her pace, watching as Ryan did his best to pretend she didn’t exist. Part of her wanted to do something to him for trying to ignore her like that, such as move into his way, or do something like she had in the bathroom. That way he would have to acknowledge her; have to look at her. Another part, though, just wanted him gone, away from her so that she didn’t have to look him. Neither of those parts won.

“Ryan, wait,” Lana called out just after Ryan passed her.

Surprisingly, Ryan actually stopped, though, he didn’t turn around. “Why? Planning to threaten me with another boyfriend sponsored beating if I don’t fuck you or something?”

Wincing, Lana shook her head. “No. I … want to talk … that’s all.”

Turning around, Ryan gave Lana a look of suspicion. “Alright … what about?”

“About Ruby,” Lana answered.

“Who?” Ryan asked.

“You know … Ruby … the girl from the water park,” Lana explained while trying not to say too much.

Ryan looked thoroughly confused. “Water park? You mean Bikini Beach?” he asked, getting a nod in response. “I don’t know any Ruby from there, and for that matter, how do you even know I’ve been there?”

“I … uhm … saw you in line,” Lana lied badly.

“Right …” Ryan replied, obviously dubious of that claim. “So what, did you decide you can’t ruin highschool for me any more than you already have, so you want to ruin that place too?”

“What? No,” Lana told him. “I just … you really don’t know anything about a girl named Ruby?”

Ryan shook his head. “Nope.”

“Oh,” Lana mumbled, gaze drifting to the ground.

“That it?” Ryan asked after a moment of awkward silence.

Lana nodded. “Yeah. That’s it.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Hey! You!” Lana yelled as she stomped up to the ticket booth at bikini beach. “What the hell is going on?!”

Anya lifted her gaze placidly from the paperwork she’d been doing. “What? Are you accusing me of compacting with the devil now?”

“You know damn well what I mean!” Lana growled, slamming her hands on the counter. “Why doesn’t Ryan remember Ruby?!”

“Ooohhhh,” Anya mumbled in understanding. “That’s just how the magic works for most people. Very few men remember what the park does to them. All they remember is vague things about having a lot of fun at a water park. Otherwise, this place’s secret would be common knowledge by now, not whispered rumor.”

Lana gave Anya an incredulous look. “Seriously?”

Anya nodded. “Yep.”

“So he doesn’t know anything about the time Ruby and I spent together?” Lana asked.

Anya shook her head. “He has a vague sense of feeling accepted and cared about while he was at the park, but that’s the extent of it.”

“Does he remember Ryan when he’s Ruby?” Lana inquired.

Anya shook her head again. “Nope. I’m surprised you didn’t realize this sooner. Why else would she go out with you after the horrible things you did to Ryan last week.”

“Well I thought … “ Lana began, but stopped. “... It doesn’t matter.”

Anya smirked knowingly at Lana. “He came here because he was so hurt by what you’d done that he needed an escape, not to be with you. If fact, you’re the last person he’d want to be with.”

“What? Why?” Lana questioned. “It’s not like anyone else is any nicer to him. I see him getting picked on all the time.”

“Tell me how Lana found out Ryan was gay,” Anya prodded.

Furrowing her brow in thought, Lana tried to dig into her memories for the requested information. Not surprisingly, it sprang to mind with ease. “He and I had been friends since freshman year and I’d been sending him all sorts of signals that I wanted to be more, but he’d never asked me out. At the end of last year, I got fed up with waiting for it to get through his thick skull and asked him out. That’s when he told me why he’d never asked me out …”

“And what did you do?” Anya nudged.

“I told everyone,” Lana answered distantly.

“And?” Anya pressed.

Memories of prank after insult after coerced beating ran through Lana’s thoughts at that question. “And I ruined his life ...”

“Not too different to what happened between him and Logan. Is it?” Anya noted. “Still long time friends, still one friend asking the other out, still one friend rejecting the other, still you ruining his life.”

“He’s gay,” Lana responded in her defense.

“So are you,” Anya replied.

Lana glared at Anya. “That’s what this whole charade is about, isn’t it? You’re trying to trick me into thinking I’m gay, so I’ll feel sorry for him or something. Well I’m not!”

Anya rolled her eyes. “You ever wonder why Lana accepted Ruby, but Logan didn’t accept Ryan?”

“No, because it’s obvious. Logan isn’t gay,” Lana insisted.

That got a laugh from Anya. “No. It’s because her father never taught her that there was anything wrong with being gay like he hammered into Logan. Quite the opposite actually.”

“If that’s the case, why did she still do all that stuff to hurt Ryan?” Lana argued.

“Because she doesn’t believe him,” Anya answered.

Lana gave Anya confused look. “What? That doesn’t make any sense.”

“It’s still the reason,” Anya replied mysteriously.

Rolling her eyes, Lana waved her hand dismissively at Anya and started toward the gates. “Whatever.”

End Part 4

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Ah, last day,” Lana sighed as she stretched her hands over her head.

The rest of Lana’s week had passed in a meaningless blur. She’d gone to school, handled her stupid punishment, then returned home. The only things to break that routine were a couple of nights spent with Jayce, and a single saturday where she’d had no school, so she’d spent the day at home.

Now, it was Sunday, the final day of Lana’s punishment. She’d even double-checked with the park staff the night before. Her pass would expire a little after midnight that night, finally returning her to her real self.

“No more stupid boobs, no more clothes that barely fit, no more sitting down to take a piss,” Lana remarked as she slid from her bed. “Back to flat hard muscles, practical outfits, and something between my legs that doesn’t look like a stab wound.”

With a cheery smile on her face, Lana started toward her dresser, slipping out of her sleep shirt in the process. She was sorely tempted to skip her usual morning workout, but she didn’t know what that might mean when she went back to being Logan. One last day of obnoxious bouncing was worth everything being perfect when she got back to being a boy.

Thinking of bouncing boobs brought Lana’s gaze down to her chest where her twin orbs of flesh swayed and bobbed as she fished workout clothes from the drawers. Stopping, she reached up to cup her breasts, squishing the flesh against her chest. “Live it up, nuisances. It’s your last day.”

Releasing her chest, Lana glanced up at the mirror. The pretty blonde reflected there looked great, even fresh out of bed, perfectly sculpted to arouse and entice. She wasn’t really any better looking than Logan was, but it stood out on her more, demanding attention and defining her. The obviousness of it, the chance to show off and just be admired, had certainly been fun, intoxicating even. Guys were so obvious and liberal with their attention too, giving her as much as she wanted whenever she wanted it. Not that Logan didn’t get a lot of attention from girls, but it wasn’t as much.

“I wonder if I could get away with stuff like that as Logan?” Lana mused, trying to imagine her male self dressing and acting similarly to Lana. Certainly tight revealing clothes were out. A fashion choice like that would probably make girls think Logan was gay not hot, hardly the desired effect. “I don’t need stuff like that as Logan anyway. It’s not like I need to show skin to show how ripped I am.”

Lana smirked in amusement at the claim she’d just made. It certainly sounded silly coming from the girl reflected in the mirror. Lana was in good shape, toned and athletic, but she was far from ‘ripped’. Raising an arm, she tried flexing her bicep, managing to get a decent little mound out of the muscle. It was good for a girl, but It was nothing compared to the expansive bulge that her male body could produce. Thinking about it now, Lana actually found it hard to believe how much smaller she really was than Logan, even though, she was pretty big for a girl.

Sighing, Lana let her arm fall to her side and went back to getting ready for her run. She didn’t want to procrastinate too long, or the day would get hot, and she’d be all sweaty and gross before she made it a few blocks. Gross was the last thing she wanted to be.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Well don’t you look chipper today,” Anya remarked as Lana reported to the park for her final day of punishment with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step.

“Why, wouldn’t I be? I’m finally done with your stupid punishment,” Lana replied, before suddenly getting suspicious. “You’re not planning to trick me into something that’ll let you keep like this, are you?”

Anya laughed. “Of course not. How sinister do you think I am?”

“Very,” Lana responded immediately.

“Well, don’t worry. There aren’t any nefarious plans to trap you like this or anything. You will change back to your usual self tonight,” Anya assured the blonde with absolute certainty.

Lana breathed a sigh of relief. “Good. I can’t wait to put this nightmare behind me.”

“Aw, come on. Was it really that bad?” Anya asked. “You got a chance to really see how the other side lives, and all you had to do was spend a few hours helping clean up.”

“I think you’re confused. I got stuck as a girl for two weeks and on top of that I had to spend every day rummaging through other people’s garbage,” Lana corrected. “There’s no upside. They’re both bad things.”

Anya’s eyes narrowed slightly. “You might want to be careful about throwing around insults like that After all, I’m a girl.”

The implied threat was enough to send a bolt of fear through Lana. She wasn’t back to being Logan yet, and even if she was, Anya was the last person she wanted mad at her. There were definitely worse things that a witch could do to her than make her a girl for a couple of weeks. “I just meant … if you don’t want to be one.”

“Sure, you did,” Anya remarked dubiously. “Anyway, if you ever decide you want to give womanhood another try, you’re welcome back. I’ll even give you a discount on your pass because you’ve actually been a pretty good employee the last couple weeks, although, not particularly hard working.”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Lana answered, making sure to not be too rude about rejecting the offer. “I think I’ll stick with being me – the real me.”

“The offer is there regardless,” Anya told Lana with a shrug. “By the way, I’ll be gone by the time you finish up so I guess this is goodbye. Good luck in the future, Lana.”

Lana peered at Anya, skeptical of the well wishing. For some reason she’d just expected … more after everything that had happened. This was just too mundane of a finish to something as crazy as magically turning into a girl. “You too …”

After that, there was nothing more for the two girls to say. Anya just smiled and waved while Lana started toward the gate to the park. Halfway there, Lana glanced back, wondering if the whole thing had just been some sort of game to entertain the other girl. Whether it was or not, she supposed that she’d never know.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Logan woke to a feeling of a palpable bulkiness. The bed seemed smaller. The blankets seemed smaller. In fact, the only thing that didn’t seem smaller was himself. He rested far differently on the bed than he was used to, his shoulders thrusting his torso up as he lay on his side, and his muscles bunching thanks to his arms being curled in front of him.

Snapping fully awake in an instant, Logan jerked upright and ran his hands along his torso. They met hard broad pecs, not bulging squishy boobs, before trailing down to the defined ridges of his abs. They didn’t stop there, but dove further to make sure that even between the legs he was restored to normal.

“I’m me again,” Logan breathed in disbelief as his hand confirmed the existence of his member. There’d been no last minute extension to his punishment, no dastardly scheme to get him to commit another offense, nothing. He was actually back.

Still not one hundred percent sure, Logan tossed his blankets aside and hopped out of his bed. He raced over to his mirror to check his reflection, searching for anything that seemed even slightly out of place. Everything seemed to be pristine, though. Every muscle perfectly sculpted, his hair properly cut, his jaw just the right amount of chiseled. From every angle he looked exactly as he should.

“Good, no bullshit side effects or anything,” Logan noted as he flexed a few muscles. It felt a little weird after spending so much time as Lana, like he was bigger than he remembered being – too big even. That wasn’t really true though, except for some very slight improvements that had apparently been the result of some tweaks he’d done to his work out.

Shaking his head, Logan gave his cheeks a quick slap. “Can’t let that girl shit throw you off your game, Logan. Just gotta power through it until you’re used to actually being you again.”

With renewed focus, Logan pulled his gaze from the mirror to start digging through the dresser to get ready. There wasn’t really much digging to do, though. All he had to do was grab some shorts and socks. Once he threw those and his shoes on, that was it. He didn’t have to grab a shirt, certainly not a bra, or brush his hair out and put it up or anything else. A quick look in the mirror, and an even quicker tease of a lock of hair, confirmed that he was just ready to go.

Clapping his hands, Logan turned from the mirror and jogged over to his nightstand to grab his phone and earbuds. After clipping that to his shorts, he left his room behind, heading down the stairs and out into the dim light of early morning. There, he began his usual stretches in preparation for the run ahead.

As he stretched, Logan looked at the suburb around him. This early, people were either getting ready or already leaving for work. A female neighbor paused as she walked to her car to give Logan a look, but that was about it. Wanting to try something, Logan turned slightly and dipped down to touch his toes. Glancing past his legs, he saw the woman’s look turn from interest to a downright stare at the sight of his ass, causing him to grin smugly. There was something to learn from the whole Lana mess, at least.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“I swear if you spend another game letting me get flattened, you’d better just fucking quit the team,” Jayce growled at Adam, angry over a bad performance in the game the week before.

“It’s not his fault,” Bobby, a stout black teammate, spoke up. “We just need to run the ball more to mix up the defense.”

Jayce waved a hand dismissively at the running back. “Running more is your answer to everything. I swear you think that would make our kickoff returns better too.”

“Yeah, well you don’t know that it wouldn’t help!” Bobby retorted.

Listening to the argument, Logan just let out a slight sigh. Even now that he was on the football team again, he really didn’t care about these talks. He played to show off, stay in shape, and hang out with his buddies. As long as he got a few balls thrown his way, he didn’t care about the strategy and especially not about the other positions. That’s why he was a receiver after all, even though, he was built like a tight end or a linebacker. It was his own little island.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t really much else for Logan to pay attention to. There was Cindy, who he’d apparently been together with during his two weeks as Lana. Glancing her way, Logan couldn’t find anything interesting there. She was just leaning against him under his arm, slowly rubbing her hand over his stomach. He had to admit she looked pretty comfy nestled against him, but that was about it. She wasn’t doing anything of interest. In fact, he kind of wished she’d stop rubbing him or even just go away. She was being annoying, and his arm was getting stiff.

Aware of it now, Logan could feel his arm getting tighter, and Cindy clearly wasn’t going to move. Needing to do something, he lifted the arm off her to stretch, rolling the shoulder as much as he could. As he did, he took the opportunity to glance around to see a few girls looking adoringly his way. Sighing, he draped his arm back over Cindy and slumped back a little in his chair.

“Come on, Logan, back me up here,” Jayce said.

Hearing his name, Logan snapped back to the conversation, unsure of what had been said while he was zoned out – not that it really mattered. “Of course, you’re right,” Logan replied smoothly. He knew that Jayce wouldn’t be coming to him for back up if it was anything bad for him as a receiver, which meant that he didn’t care at all. It was just easiest to side with Jayce, since he was the guy that threw the balls.

“See, I told y–” Jayce began but Logan was already zoned out again.

Tilting his head back, Logan looked up at the ceiling and tried to imagine the overhead light above him was a spotlight. He could be at some kind of muscle contest about to win first prize. No, that wouldn’t work. Those guys were bigger than he was, the gross kind of huge where they looked like some kind of deformed hulk wannabe and not actual people. He could get big enough to win one of those things easily, if he wanted to, but he had no intention of mangling himself like that. It needed to be something else. Perhaps some kind of swimsuit contest or something else based on looks. He wasn’t sure they actually did those things with guys, though. Lana definitely could have won something like that, but he wasn’t her anymore.

The best thing Logan could think of was male stripper. He was pretty sure most of those were gay, though. He’d probably get stuck as the construction worker in some kind of weird village people’s parody dance. Still, maybe one of the other guys might actually look good enough to warrant being on stage with him. It seemed unlikely, but it could be fun to actually compete for attention for once. The crowd would certainly be going wild.

Curiosity piqued, Logan glanced around the table at the various guys there. Jayce could definitely manage being a male stripper, as Logan’s memories of seeing him naked while he was Lana could attest. He had the build for it, well muscled and tall, and he had a boyish charm to him too. Logan doubted anyone else on the football team could manage it, though. There was just too much jarhead and husk from the rest of them. His buddy Evan could maybe handle it. He was really more of a clothes on kind of good looking, though, the kind of guy that goes on stage to play not flex his muscles.

Trying to think of some other good looking guys, Logan looked around the cafeteria in search of possibilities. There were some okay guys around, but nobody really in his or Jayce’s league. Logan knew a couple of juniors from working out that were starting to get there, but they needed another year probably. Of course there was one other guy that could probably fit the bill.

Logan let his gaze fall on the one table he hadn’t looked at yet, Ryan’s table. Ryan didn’t have the same kind of muscle as Logan and Jayce did, but looking at him now, Logan could easily imagine him in the shirtless look. He was certainly good looking too, a different kind of good looking – the more suave sophisticated type, making him a good counterpoint to Logan’s more rugged handsomeness.

“He’d never do it, though,” Logan muttered in disappointment.

“Who wouldn’t do what?” Cindy asked, tilting her head up to look at Logan.

Logan just shook his head. “Nothing.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Glad to be home,” Logan breathed in relief as he flopped onto his bed. There, weariness gripped him and for several moments he did nothing but stare up at the ceiling without seeing or thinking.

Logan’s night, like his day, had been long and dull. After practice, Cindy had invited him over to take advantage of her parents being out for the night. They’d had dinner, gotten into her parents wine, and then, naturally, had sex until he had to leave lest her parents come home and catch him there. It had hardly been a fulfilling experience, at least not for him.

“I should ask Jayce if I can dump her yet,” Logan muttered to himself. He doubted he’d be so lucky, though. Jayce was still pretty ticked about him bringing up that he’d been with April first, so the quarterback wasn’t likely to do him any favors, certainly not any that would put him at odds with his girlfriend.

“Maybe I could get her to dump me?” Logan mused, before chuckling to himself. He’d actually attempted that once before with a girl, at Jayce’s suggestion, but it hadn’t worked. He’d canceled dates or shown up an hour late or made her pay for meals, all sorts of things. It hadn’t seem to matter how badly he’d treated her. She’d still wanted to go out with him. It hadn’t really been that surprising to Logan, either. He was the hottest guy in school by far, popular, and a great athlete. Dating him was a huge deal, so of course a girl would be willing to put up with just about anything for it.

Sighing, Logan reached up to rub at his face with his hands. He knew he was probably just stuck with Cindy for a while, maybe until Jayce broke up with April. It was a nuisance, but even if he dumped her, he’d probably just end up with someone else equally dull.

“Maybe I could find a decent one for once,” Logan wondered, trying to think of any girls at school that might be tolerable. An image of Ruby’s smiling face flash through his thoughts.

Jerking upright, Logan shook his head to clear that troublesome thought away. “She’s not even real,” he reminded himself. She was just some magical fabrication of that crazy water park. Besides, she liked girls, and no way was he going to be Lana again to date her.

“There’s gotta be a real girl at our school that’s interesting,” Logan told himself. He was having trouble thinking of any, though. There were some new girls on the cheerleading squad that the guys on the team had been saying were cute. He hadn’t really been paying attention himself, but he supposed he could give them a look and see if any measured up. It’s not like Cindy was anything all that special in the looks department, so there was a decent chance at least one of them would be fine.

“Fine …” Logan mumbled. He wanted something better than fine. It might not have been real, but the time he’d spent with Ruby as Lana had actually been enjoyable. It hadn’t just been something for his ego. In fact, dating Ruby had clearly been bad for Lana’s social standing and she’d still wanted to do it.

“Then I’ll just have to find better,” Logan said determinedly. It would take work to go through girl after girl, though, which he definitely didn’t want to have to deal with.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“You want to break up with Cindy?” Jayce asked, getting a nod from Logan. “Why? She’s putting out isn’t she?”

“Of course she is,” Logan answered, feeling insulted that his friend would even think that he couldn’t get a girl to put out.

“What then? Not good looking enough for you? A personal vendetta against my sex life? What is it, Logan?” Jayce demanded.

Logan shrugged. “I’m just not feeling it, man. She’s bland and boring.”

“You’re calling one of the hottest girls in our school bland and boring?” Jayce questioned. “How do you even have room for thoughts in your head with that ego of yours?”

Logan glared at Jayce. “Look, I didn’t have to talk to you about this. I could’ve just dumped her ass and let you deal with whatever punishment April hands down on you for it.”

Sighing, Jayce nodded slowly. “Alright alright, I get it, but I’m gonna need something a little less insulting to tell April than her best friend is bland and boring.”

Logan rolled his eyes. “Look we just find who I’m gonna date next and then we tell the girls that it was love at first sight or some other romantic bullshit. Until we find her, I can just keep dating Cindy.”

“Okay, that might work,” Jayce conceded. “If we’re gonna find someone, though, I’m gonna need to know what you’re looking for, because other than April, there’s not a lot of girls that rate higher than Cindy.”

Logan waved a hand dismissively. “Forget about that stuff. I’ve dated most of the top girls already, and besides, I’m looking for something different this time.”

“Alright, different how?” Jayce asked. “You’re not into fat chicks now or something, are you?”

“What?! God no! That’s disgusting!” Logan exclaimed. “No way would I ever be with someone that didn’t at least try to stay in shape.”

“So what then?” Jayce pressed. “Cindy’s cute, in great shape, good hair. Her rack’s kinda small, I guess. Is that the problem?”

Before the question even came, Logan was already shaking his head. Ruby’s breasts were smaller than Cindy’s, so he knew too small wasn’t the problem. “No … that’s not it.”

“Well then what is it?” Jayce questioned.

All Logan could do was shrug. “I don’t know, man. I just want something … different, someone unexpected. They don’t even need to be popular, in fact, it might be better if they’re not.”

Looking skeptical, Jayce hummed in thought. “Hmm … maybe a bookish type?”

“Yeah … maybe …” Logan muttered, nodding slowly. Ruby had certainly been more of the smart refined type. He could just be tired of popular sluts with empty heads. “You know of any that are cute?”

Jayce shook his head. “No, but then again none of them really try. One of them might be hiding a nice body under crappy clothes or at least a body that could be nice with a little work.”

“Alright, let’s see if we can find one,” Logan decided.

“I don’t know. That’s gonna be a lot of work, just to find you a girl,” Jayce noted.

Logan chuckled. “Well think about it as a lot of work to get April to keep fucking you.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Holding in a sigh, Logan tried wriggling his shoulder without moving too much, lest he ruin his image of stoic disinterest. It did little to alleviate the tension in the joint brought on by the nuisance of having to keep it slung around Cindy. Then again, even having to sit near the girl he wanted to dump was a bigger nuisance than Logan wanted to tolerate. If Jayce wasn’t helping him find a replacement, he probably would have just said screw it and dumped her regardless of the consequences for his friend.

Glancing over at Jayce, Logan wondered if the quarterback was as uncomfortable as he was. Jayce also had his arm around a girl, April naturally. He didn’t seem to be in any kind of discomfort, though. In fact, watching him now, Logan noticed that he’d occasional glance at the girl and smile, well at least at her chest anyway.

Logan tapped the fingers of his free hand against his thigh in thought. He wondered if it was maybe just Cindy that was the problem. As far as he could remember, April hadn’t been this much of a problem back when they’d dated. She was better looking than Cindy too. He could probably just tell her that he wanted to get back together and get her back, even though, it would mean screwing over her friend. Jayce would be pretty pissed, though, and he had already broken up with April before, so it probably wasn’t worth it.

“Hey, look at the queer,” one of the guys at the table suddenly called out.

Torn from his girl-stealing musings, Logan’s attention snapped directly to Ryan’s table. There, a couple of the school’s more infamous thugs towered over the seated Ryan. Spilled all over the table was the boy’s lunch, a soup of milk, fries, and chicken fingers that was currently soaking into the book Ryan had probably been reading. There was no sign of any teachers responding yet, but that clearly wasn’t going to last long as one of the boys grabbed Ryan by the shirt and yanked him from his chair.

The chant of ‘Fight!’ filled the cafeteria as Ryan got bodily tossed into one of the nearby tables by the boy that had grabbed him. Even over the crowd, Logan could hear the boy’s cry of pain as the table’s edge jabbed him in the ribs. That wasn’t the end of it either as the aggressor jumped atop his fallen enemy to start pummeling him. He got a few good punches in before teachers shoved their way through the crowd and pulled him off Ryan. As another teacher helped the boy up, it was easy for everyone to see the bloody, smashed up mess that the pounding had made of his nose.

“Holy shit, look at his face!” April gasped at the sight.

“Gonna be a lot harder for him to attract some prancing fairy with a screwed up nose,” Jayce remarked.

“Good,” Cindy added darkly from next to Logan.

For his part, Logan just stayed quiet with his jaw clenched and watched as the teacher helped Ryan to his feet and they started out of the cafeteria. While that happened, teachers got to work trying to calm down the crowd which was, at the moment, shouting jeers at the beaten boy. The words seemed harder for Ryan to handle than the punches.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Logan lollygagged off the line as the ball was snapped, allowing the corner to actually keep pace with him. He didn’t put much more effort into running the route right than he did to running fast, sloppily slanting inward rather than performing a sharp cut. As he moved, he looked back toward the line to see what Jayce was doing. The other boy was looking the other way, clearly not even interested in throwing Logan’s direction. Seeing that, Logan just slowed even further to an easy jog and even that stopped as soon as he saw the ball go in another direction. He didn’t even look to see if the ball got caught or not.

“Alright! That’s practice! Hit the showers!” the coach yelled as the scrim play ended. “And don’t forget we’ve got a team workout tomorrow before school!”

The workout reminder got an audible groan from the team. Logan didn’t really mind, though. It would just replace his morning run. It was more fun than running by himself, too.

Most of the team broke into a jog to go grab their things and head inside, not Logan, though. He was in no hurry to get anywhere, so he just walked. Jayce followed suit, although, he did jog over to Logan’s side before he started walking.

“So, did you get a chance to check out that dorky girl I found for you yet?” Jayce asked.

Confused, Logan glanced over at his friend. “What girl?”

Jayce rolled his eyes. “You ask me to find you a girl to replace Cindy, and you don’t even listen when I tell you about her? Her name’s Ruby. She’s one of the brainy kids but skinny, nice butt, and a cute face. She’s kinda flat up top, but you did say that you didn’t care about that.”

That name caused Logan’s eyes to widen in surprise. “Did you say Ruby?”

“Yeah, Ruby Lane,” Jayce confirmed. “You know her or something.”

“Or something …” Logan muttered, his mind trying to figure out what had happened. People remembering Ruby meant that Ryan had gone to the park and changed, but Logan couldn’t figure out why. Anya had told him that Ryan didn’t know what the park could do, and there was no way he’d try to go to a waterpark with a broken nose.

A concerned look flittered across Jayce’s face. “Don’t tell me she’s not gonna work either, man. There are real slim pickings among the dorks, and she’s the best of them by far.”

“Huh?” Logan mumbled, looking up from his thoughts. “Oh … uhm … “ he stammered, unsure of what to say. If Jayce was suggesting Ruby as a possible date, that meant that he didn’t know she was into girls. “... no. She’s just not my usual type, is all.”

“I thought that was the whole point of this?” Jayce questioned.

Logan nodded. “It is. I’ll just need to feel her out for a few days first. If I dump the new girl inside a week, April will be furious.”

“You’re right. That would be bad,” Jayce replied. “Good catch.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

The usual talk of how the team was doing bustled around the table, and like usual, Logan wasn’t paying any attention to it. His mind was focused on other things, so much so that he hadn’t even paid lip service to the people at the table. The only person he noticed was the palpable nuisance of Cindy nestled against him.

The object of Logan’s focus sat a few tables away with several other girls and even a few boys, all members of the more intellectual crowd. Ruby looked just like he remembered, the same cute face and dark hair. She smiled and laughed with her friends in a way that Ryan never had, at least not since he’d been outed for being gay, a fact that apparently Ruby had never shared in this version of events.

At the same time, the Ruby that sat at that table was not at all like Logan remembered her. He remembered distinctly how the brunette had made him feel as Lana. He remembered her being beautiful and interesting and all sorts of amazing. Now though, she just seemed like any other girl. She was fairly cute, but clearly not at the same level as Cindy. Her clothes, which Logan remembered loving as Lana, seemed stiff and out of touch. Even the fact that Ruby was at school at all was wrong. Everything was the same, and yet it was all different.

For the entire lunch period, Logan had stared over at the girl trying to figure out what could possibly be the cause. He had to assume it was the park. They must have done something to change Ruby or maybe they had done something to him while he was Lana to make him think she was better than she was. He couldn’t be sure what it was, but the whole situation reeked of magic.

Sighing in frustration, Logan used his free hand to rub at his face. As soon as he was finished, though, his attention was right back on Ruby. That was perhaps the strangest part of the entire thing. There was not the same strong emotional reaction when he looked at Ruby, but there was still something there. A empty ache that he couldn’t explain whenever he saw her smile.

“Something wrong?” Cindy asked, nudging Logan with her hands to get his attention.

The blonde’s efforts barely managed to penetrate Logan’s thoughts and pull his gaze down to her. “Huh? Oh, nothing … just having an off day.”

“Well maybe I can turn it on for you,” Cindy purred, rubbing a hand along Logan’s chest. “How about you and I head off together after you finish practice and have a little fun.”

The attempted seduction elicited nothing but a disinterested shrug. “Not today, Cin.”

Put off, Cindy pulled back, disentangling herself from under Logan’s arm. “Fine. Whatever,” she muttered, folding her arms in an obvious gesture of anger.

Logan just rolled his eyes at the angry blonde and looked away. It wasn’t his fault sex just wasn’t appealing at the moment. He had other things to worry about than satisfying her, after all – more important things.

Within moments, Logan’s gaze had fallen on Ruby once again. It was obvious to him that all the weirdness with her was messing with him. He needed to find answers, which meant going back to a place he’d wanted to never return to.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Why hello,” Anya greeted cheerily as Logan approached the ticket counter. “I thought you said you weren’t going to give this place another try.”

“And I’m not,” Logan stated firmly. “I’m just here to get you to tell me what happened.”

Anya raised an eyebrow. “What happened with what?”

“With Ryan,” Logan answered. “What did you do to him?”

A sad expression spread across Anya’s face as she let out a sigh. “What he wanted.”

“What do you mean?” Logan questioned. “I thought he didn’t know about what the park could do?”

“Ryan came here after he got out of the hospital desperate for someone to talk to, and he and I had become fairly good friends over the summer,” Anya began. “He was at his limit, saying that he couldn’t take any more of this and that he wished that the pain, that everything, would just go away. I told him that I could do that for him, but that he wouldn’t be himself anymore if I did. After he had me explain what that meant, he asked me to help, so I gave him a lifetime pass.”

“A lifetime … you mean he’s stuck like that?” Logan asked.

Anya nodded. “I wouldn’t say stuck, but he is Ruby for good now.”

The news left Logan reeling for a moment. Ryan had been so miserable that he’d been willing to abandon everything that he was to escape it. If there hadn’t been a park to change him, Logan wondered what other methods he would have tried. Then, the moment passed and Logan shoved the dark thoughts aside.

“Why is Ruby so different now then?” Logan inquired, getting himself back on topic.

“She’s not different,” Anya answered.

Logan shook his head. “Yes, she is. She’s not the same as she was when I was Lana. She looks the same, but she doesn’t feel the same.”

“She’s the same person you knew as Lana. It’s you that’s different, Logan,” Anya explained.

“I knew it! How Lana felt about her was just some kind of trick, wasn’t it?!” Logan accused.

Shaking her head, Anya rolled her eyes at the boy. “It wasn’t some kind of trick. Lana fell in love, not Logan, so of course you don’t see Ruby in the same way. To Logan, she’s just some girl that was never worth noticing. To Lana, she was much more than that. That’s all it is.”

Logan frowned at the explanation. As much as he hated to admit it, Anya made sense. He’d tried to find Logan’s memories of Ruby, but there had been nothing but a vague sense that she went to school with him. If he started over with her, maybe he could get back to feeling …

“It won’t work,” Anya cut into Logan’s thoughts. “She’s still attracted to girls, even if she isn’t out about it without Lana around. If you ask her out, she’ll just say no.”

“There’s gotta be some way,” Logan argued, refusing to accept this situation. He never failed when he put his mind to something.

“She and Logan will never love each other,” Anya told him. The implication of using his name there was obvious.

Logan clenched his jaw with determination. “We’ll see about that.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Butterflies fluttered in Logan’s stomach as he walked down the hall toward Ruby’s locker. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this nervous about approaching a girl, or even nervous at all. He supposed, though, this was the first time that he’d really cared about the outcome.

The brunette was just standing there talking with a friend of hers, some nerdy looking raven-haired girl that barely registered in Logan’s mind. She looked up in confusion as Logan stopped next to her. “Uhm … hi?”

“Hi,” Logan responded just a bit too quickly. “I … uhm … I was wondering if I could talk to you … somewhere private?”

“Sure …” Ruby answered uncertainly.

“Great,” Logan answered with a nod. “Follow me.”

Waving at Ruby to follow him, Logan quickly led the way back down the hall and then right on out of the building. He stopped there to rub his hands nervously before turning around. It being in the middle of the school day, the area right outside was empty, the perfect place for a talk.

“So … what did you want to talk about?” Ruby asked.

“I wanted to ask if you were seeing anyone,” Logan informed her.

Ruby’s eyes widened slightly in surprise at the question. “Oh … uhm … no I’m not seeing anyone.”

“Good,” Logan replied. “Because I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me this Friday.”

“I’m sorry … I … uhm ... can’t,” Ruby answered uncertainly.

For a moment, Logan was taken aback by the unexpected answer. No girl had ever turned down that offer before, at least not if they weren’t in a relationship. “Oh … well maybe Saturday then?”

Ruby shook her head. “I’m sorry. I’m very flattered, but I don’t date. I’m trying to focus on school and …”

“I understand,” Logan cut in, trying to play it off as not a big deal. “No worries. See ya around then.” He added a wave to that for good measure before walking right past Ruby to get back inside.

“Yeah, see ya,” came Ruby’s reply just before the door closed behind Logan.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Logan let out a sigh as he watched the sun start to dip below the horizon. Serving as his seat was the hood of his car, parked at his favorite makeout spot. Unlike normal, his thoughts were his only other company.

“I was told she’d say no,” Logan reminded himself. It didn’t do much to make Ruby’s answer any less painful.

The sting of his first rejection wasn’t Logan’s only problem or even his biggest. His real problem was that he had no idea what he was supposed to do. Ruby had had a whole list of reason for not wanting to go out with him, and he was pretty sure that even if he’d listened to them all he wouldn’t have heard the biggest one – that she wasn’t into guys. That road seemed to be as much of a dead end as it could possibly be.

“I guess, I just stay with Cindy,” Logan supposed. The idea of actually doing it, though, sounded like some kind of personal hell. There was nothing about that relationship that was even remotely satisfying. He’d rather be single.

“I could stick with the plan to find someone else,” Logan postulated without much hope. The problem with such a plan was that he had no idea what he was searching for. Nothing about Ruby seemed to be particularly special at the moment, nothing that he could latch onto and say that was what he wanted. All he really knew was that somehow Lana had fallen for her.

Leaning forward, Logan rested his head in his hands. There was still the possibility that it had been some kind of sham, that Anya had made him feel something he didn’t actually feel – that didn’t even actually exist The problem with that was that was that, lie or not, he still wanted it. He just didn’t know how to get it.

“There’s always one way …” Logan began before shaking his head to clear the insidious thought away. The park’s magic was not an option.

Sighing in frustration, Logan let his hands fall to his lap. That damned park was just nothing but trouble. He’d been perfectly content before that place’s witchery had gotten into his head. Now, for a moment, he’d actually just considered going back there and letting them turn him into a girl again.

“Like I’d want to give this up,” Logan scoffed, flexing his muscles to watch them ripple and bulge. It was an impressive show, far more so than anything Lana could manage. Her arms were like twigs in comparison. The only thing she had to show off were her tits.

“Useless bags of fat,” Logan derided. They’d been such a gigantic nuisance, bouncing all over the place. For all their annoyance, though, they had been fun to show off, so it wasn’t like they’d been all bad. Maybe he could put up with them again if he had to. “At least I’d get to be with Ruby.”

“No, you wouldn’t,” a female voice cut in.

Starting with surprise, Logan jerked around to see who had talked. Standing just a couple of feet away was a familiar looking girl with sad green eyes staring at him. It took him a moment to recognize that stare. It was that creepy girl, what’s-her-name, from the first day of his punishment. “What do you mean I wouldn’t?”

“Selena,” the girl filled in the blank about her name, showing that she was reading his mind like Anya did. “And I mean that Lana and Ruby don’t end up together. They break up during their first semester of college.”

“What?” Logan asked.

“I just thought you should know that before you made a decision,” was all the answer Selena gave before she vanished.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Why did you tell him that?” Anya asked. “What if he decides to stay as Logan now?”

“Then that will be his choice,” Selena answered. “We did agree that he would get to choose, didn’t we? That we wouldn’t just trap him in Lana’s terrible life?”

Anya frowned. “He’ll hurt a lot of people, and we won’t be there to save them all like we were for Ryan.”

Selena let out a weary sigh. “I know … I just …”

“I know,” Anya told her.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Dark circles hung under Logan’s eyes as he made his way toward the ticket booth of the park. His shoulders were slumped and hunched, making him look shorter and smaller than usual. It was like he’d been forced to lug around some great weight in the days since Ryan had become Ruby and it had squashed him down.

“You don’t look so good,” Anya remarked as Logan came up to the counter.

The comment got no reaction from Logan. He just set his hands on the counter and leaned forward to rest his weight there. “Does Lana find love after Ruby?”

“Nothing lasting,” Anya replied.

Logan let out a little sigh at the disappointing answer. “And Logan?”

“Logan will never love anyone but himself,” Anya answered coldly.

Logan nodded as if that answer was expected. “Can I be someone else?”

Anya tilted her head from side to side in a gesture of uncertainty. “I could turn you into some other girl, but it would still be you inside. It wouldn’t change anything.”

“But … I acted differently as Lana,” Logan argued.

“Because you liked it, Logan,” Anya told him. “You liked getting to flaunt your looks, and flirt, and have people drool over you all the time. You liked being special, and treasured, and the center of the world. That made it easy for you to just fall into that role. If I’d stuck you in some other role, though, one that you didn’t like, you’d resist, you’d go back to your old ways.”

“There has to be something you can do. What if I had parents that wouldn’t let me act that way? What if I wasn’t attractive enough to pull it off? What if you made me forget who I used to be like Ryan? What if – “ Logan protested, rambling off possible scenarios.

Anya raised a hand to cut off the plea. “If you want to be someone else, Logan, you’re going to have to do that yourself.”

Anger twisted Logan’s face as he slammed a fist against the counter. “No! It’s you’re fucking nonsense that screwed everything up, now fix it!”

A slight narrowing of Anya’s eyes sent a chill running down Logan’s spine. “You’re life was already screwed up, Logan. You were already screwed up. Now, leave, before I decide to actually ruin your life.”

Nodding in defeat, Logan turned away from the counter and started away. He made it only a couple of steps before he turned back around and came back to the counter. “One lifetime pass please.”

Anya raised an eyebrow at the request. “Are you sure? You’ll be Lana forever.”

“I know,” Logan answered with sad determination.

“Well I believe I promised you a discount, but it still won’t be cheap,” Anya told him.

“Can Lana pay?” Logan asked. “Her credit card should be able to cover it.”

Anya nodded. “Yeah, she can pay.”

“Great, then let’s hurry up and do this,” Logan replied, tapping his hands anxiously on the counter.

After quickly printing out the pass, Anya handed it to Logan. “You know what to do.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Logan mumbled as he took the pass and started toward the gate.

With every step, Logan’s mind told him he was being stupid, that he should just throw the pass away and leave this place behind him. This wouldn’t fix anything. Magic only made things worse. He didn’t stop, though, just kept moving forward. He’d tried to find what he was looking for as Logan, but all it had given him was sleepless nights. Lana already had it, though. All she had to do was hold onto it. It didn’t matter if both Anya and Selena had said that it wouldn’t happen. He’d prove them wrong. He could change if he had to.

Swiping through the gate, Logan hurried to the locker room to shower. Even before the door swung closed behind him, he was stripping off his clothes, tossing them haphazardly onto the bench by the lockers and the floor on his way to the showers. He managed to get it all off just in time for him to turn the knob on one of the showers.

As the spray of warm soothing water washed over him, Logan tried not to think about what it was doing; about what he was leaving behind for good. He knew he could make life as Lana work. It was too late to turn back now, anyway.

It didn’t take long for the changes to finish, washing Logan away for good. Lana reached out to turn off the water, acutely aware of just how different her body moved and felt. Once the water was off, Lana looked at her hand, fingers still lingering on the show knob. Looking at that appendage, small and slim, was all she had to do to know that things were irrevocably different. This was her choice, and she couldn’t take it back.

Even though she didn’t need to look to know, Lana let her gaze trail down her arm away from her hand. It didn’t take long to trace down that slim toned limb to where the rest of her body waited. Everything looked like she remembered, same impressive rack, same trim shapely figure, same empty crotch. It was a body built to be admired and lusted after. That was the problem.

Taking a deep breath, Lana turned from the shower to get dressed. Instead of finding her clothes strewn around the floor, they were neatly folded on the bench with a towel resting beside them. “More magic,” she mumbled in disdain. At least this magic wasn’t trying to screw with her.

Snatching up the towel, Lana quickly dried herself off before starting on the pile of clothes that rested on the bench. It was a fairly standard outfit for Lana, a tiny, little, turquoise, crop top meant to show as much skin as she could, combined with an equally tiny little white skirt that she was sure would barely stretch over her hips. They were combined with equally trampy turquoise lingerie that was clearly designed to be seen, not hidden, as well as a pair of rather high heels.

“I’m gonna need to buy some different clothes,” Lana commented to herself as she slipped on the outfit. There were lots of things that were going to have to be different, if she wanted this to work.

Once she was dressed, Lana grabbed her things and left the locker room without so much as a glance in the mirror. She moved quickly, not bothering with her usual strut. As she walked, she tied her hair up in a slightly messy ponytail, where it bounced and swished in time with her boobs.

Outside the park, Lana started toward her car, before stopping and hurrying over to the ticket counter. Fishing her credit card, the one given to her by her father that Logan never had, out of her purse as she went, she handed it to Anya as soon when she got to the counter. “Here, for the pass.”

“I already charged it for you,” Anya told her.

“Oh … alright,” Lana muttered, nodding. “And everything’s the same as it was, right? I’m still with Ruby?”

Anya nodded. “Yes, everything’s exactly as you left it, including your relationship.”

“Good,” Lana breathed in relief as she turned to walk away.

“Good luck by the way,” Anya called after the blonde as she left. Lana didn’t even glance back.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Lana?! What are you doing here?” Ruby gasped as she opened the front door of her house to find Lana standing there.

The sight of the other girl brought a smile to Lana’s lips. It wasn’t like when she’d been Logan. Just looking at Ruby brightened the whole world for her. “Hey. I need to talk to you. Can I come in?”

“Yeah sure … “ Ruby agreed uncertainly, stepping aside to let Lana come in. “Let’s go up to my room.”

“That’ll be great,” Lana replied, falling into step behind Ruby as the brunette led the way upstairs to her room.

Once the two were inside Ruby’s room and the door was closed, Ruby turned to Lana with a look of concern. “Is everything alright? I can’t remember the last time I saw you without makeup on.”

“Yeah … sorta … not exactly,” Lana answered, losing confidence with each word. By the end of it, she’ll didn’t even have the confidence to stand, plopping onto the edge of Ruby’s bed. “Is there anything about me you’d want to change?”

“What?” Ruby gasped in surprise. “Of course not.”

Lana shook her head at that answer. “I need you to be honest with me.”

Ruby furrowed her brow in confusion. “What’s this about? Is it because of what happened at the Shell Game the other night? Just because I got a little upset doesn’t mean I want you to change who you are.”

“No ... it’s just … “ Lana struggled to find a way to express herself. She couldn’t exactly tell Ruby that two weird witch girls had told her that she was going to mess things up between them in the future somehow. “I want this to work, Ruby. If the flirting or the slutty outfits or the way I do my hair or or the size of my breasts or anything else is bothering you, tell me, please.”

Stepping forward, Ruby sat down beside Lana. “You don’t need to change for me, Lana. I love you just the way you are.”

“But the fight we had …” Lana began to protest.

“I was just feeling insecure,” Ruby cut in. “You’re so beautiful. Everyone is always looking at you and wanting to talk to you and be around you, and then with the flirting and showing off and everything, I just got worried that I didn’t matter to you. Silly, huh?”

It wasn’t some detailed list of things to change like Lana had been searching for, but it was something at least. Ruby wanted to know that she mattered, so Lana just had to show her that she did. If she did that, maybe things would work out. “No, it’s not silly at all. You’re the most important person to me. I should make you feel that way more.”

“Well I certainly feel that way, now,” Ruby told Lana. Tilting her body so that she was leaning against Lana’s, she rested her head on the blonde’s shoulder.

Leaning in as well, Lana rested her own head on Ruby’s, knowing that it would take more than just this one little thing to make them work. “Well, that’s a start.”

The End

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