Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman

Written by Nuuan

Patrick shook his head as looked at the cards in his hand, he felt like the cards were against him and he couldn’t get a break tonight. To his left his friend Stan tossed his cards into the middle of the table.

“It’s getting late, Gonna try to get home before the wife decides to make me sleep on the couch,” Stan chuckled.

Across the table from Patrick the very large African-American looked over from his cards as he saw Stan pick up the cash he had left and stash it in his wallet, “Aww man, I’m on a roll here. Can’t you stick around long enough for me to win the rest of what you brought?”

“Eric I think Glen had the right when he went home an hour ago,” Stan grinned at the very large man.

“That’s right Stan,” Anna said from where she stood watching the men play poker, “Keeping Marci happy is more important than this stupid card came you guys think you have to have each month.”

“The boss of this house has spoken,” Stan chuckled turning to leave.

“Well at least you and Glen won’t be around to see me lose my pants,” Patrick grinned up form the table to the door his friend was now exiting.

Eric chuckled after the door clicked shut, “Look Pat, I know we’re close and all but I’d rather not see your skinny ass in your underwear. Now Anne on the other hand…” Leaving the rest unsaid.

Patrick’s wife Anne was quite the looker. She had a petite figure but definitely very nice for her small stature. Being only 5’3” Anna was shorter than everyone including her husband Patrick who was only four inches taller. But with her 32B-21-24 inch measurements her figure was perfect for her size. Although standing near Eric always caused her heart to skip a beat, the man was so tall that she barely reached up to his chest, and his arms were so large ripped with bulging muscles she knew were larger around than her own legs. Standing beside him felt like she was standing beside a mountain.

Anne thought about the comment Eric made, he seemed to always be flirting with her and in front of Patrick. Patrick had told her that only she knew of his secret fantasy, a fantasy that she sometimes fantasized about herself especially on the nights after their poker game was held at their home. That fantasy scared Anna as much as it excited her, to be at the complete mercy of the strong black giant, unable to stop him from ravaging her completely in any way he wished.

Realizing she was staring at Eric, Anne quickly looked away. Feeling how wet she was becoming Anne squeezed her thighs together, hoping the wetness didn’t show through the blue jeans she was wearing. Why am I getting so worked up over ‘his’ fantasy? I never even though of sleeping with a black man until he told me about that dark fantasy of his. I angry that he even thought of something like that, but now I find myself wanting it more than I think he does. Patrick told me it was a fantasy, something he would never dream of asking me to do. So why do I find myself wanting to do it? It’s like Patrick planted the seed and I’ve let it grow into full bloom.

Anne was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard Patrick, “Dammit, best hand I’ve had all night and you’re going to out raise me.”

“Alright, How bout you throw that sweet little thing watching us in the pot?” Eric turned to grin at Anne.

Before Patrick could say anything Anne smiled at Eric, “It’s going to take more than a twenty dollar bet to cover a night in my bed.”

Eric didn’t hesitate to toss the stack of cash that had been growing in front of him and toss it all in the center of the table. “Gota to be five grand there.”

“Make the bet honey,” Anne winked at Patrick.

“But what if I lose?” Patrick came close to yelling.

“Then I guess you’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight,” Eric laughed.

Anne glared at Patrick, “Win or lose that is exactly where he is going to be sleeping tonight. So I guess the question is whether I am sleeping alone or not.”

Anne didn’t go to bed alone nor did she get much sleep, Eric having won the hand kept her up until the birds could be heard outside. Patrick didn’t get much more sleep than his wife as the banging around, moans and screams of pleasure that were coming from the bedroom kept him up also.

Patrick woke around noon, gathering the blanket he slept under he headed for their bedroom. Arriving to find Anne laying spread eagle on their bed awake.

Looking up at her husband as he entered the room, “I think I drank too much wine last night. I can’t believe I did that.”

“Yeah, from the way you acted when I first told you about my nasty little fantasy I thought you hated the idea.”

“I did hate it, I thought it was disgusting.” Anne confessed, “I don’t know what changed. I, I stared thinking about Eric that way months ago but kept it to myself. I don’t know maybe I was disgusted with myself for having fantasies about him. I still don’t think I could do it with anyone else.”

Sitting down on the edge of the bed beside where Anne laid. Patrick could see the dried and drying juices of their night long of lovemaking all coating his wife’s crotch and thighs. “I’m sorry I ever told you.”

“I’m not,” Anna confessed. “I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but that was greater than the best sex I have ever imagined.” Reaching over to hold Patrick’s hand, “I’d be happy to do it again so you could watch, if you still want to watch that is. But not for a few days, I’m pretty sore. You would not believe how big he is down there.”

“Yeah I kind of heard you yelling about how big it was last night.” Patrick’s own manhood felt like it was going to explode even after the multitude of times he relieved himself last night while straining listening to his friend fuck his wife so hard her screams could be heard easily through the closed door and all the way across the house.

Anne could easily see the problem her husband was having but the though of Patrick’s much smaller cock near her very sore and over used pussy was disgusting to her. Deciding to try anything to help her husband, Anne reached over and began stroking him though his underwear. Soon she had his hardness out stroking it with her hand and gently pulling it toward her mouth.

Eric started coming to their house two to three times a week. Patrick wanted to complain but somehow when he would start to say something to Eric, Eric always knew what to say to make Patrick feel like everything was going to be just fine. The day Eric tried to get Patrick to suck him, Patrick fought the hardest he could but still found himself pinned down in the middle of the living room floor with Eric forcing his mouth open.

After it was over Patrick kicked himself for making such a big deal over it. Patrick knew now how enjoyable it was to do that for Eric, why he couldn’t realize it before he could not understand. Patrick couldn’t wait until the next time Eric wanted him to do it. Maybe if he got good enough at it Eric would let him join him and Anne in bed so he could help Anne make sure Eric stayed completely happy and satisfied.


It had been over a year since that first night that Eric spent the night with Anne. Nothing had really changed over the past several months other than the fact that Patrick had let his hair grown long and wore feminine clothing now because Eric once mentioned that Patrick would look better that way. Eager to please the love of his life, Patrick had almost immediately thrown out all his male clothes and begged Anne to help him learn to be a woman.

Both Anne and Pat were eagerly waiting Eric’s return as he had promised them a trip outside today. He and Anne had packed what Eric had told them to earlier and both sat on th living room sofa in their best dresses. Eric didn’t like the idea of other people seeing them so they remained in the house with all the blinds drawn shut for the past seven months. When Eric finally walked in they both jumped for joy and started begging to know where he was taking them.


Looking at the man that once one the small boy that she had helped, the old woman grimaced, had she known this is how he would use the gift she gave him to come back and pay his debt she would have never helped the young boy. “I see you’ve finally come back to pay your due,” The old woman spat.

“Yep, I brought exactly what was agreed.” Eric grinned, “One guy pretending to be a girl.”

“That wasn’t what I said, I said…” The woman sighed heavily, “Oh never mind, what’s done can’t be undone. Bring them inside.”

Eric lead Anne and Pat across the wooden planks that let them enter the small rundown cabin that sat several feet above the bayou on wooden stilts. Once inside the cabin the old woman walked up and looked Anne in the eyes.

Eric quickly said, “Wrong one you old hag, she’s my slut.”

The old woman glared at Eric then waved her hand toward him and turned her attention back to Anne. “What’s your name dearie, What are you called?”

“Eric calls me his dirty white slut.”

The old woman looked over at Eric who was struggling to talk, his eyes going wide as he realized the old witch had done some kind of voodoo to keep him from speaking. That’s right boy, be afraid, be very afraid. What you gone done to this girl was wrong.” Looking sadly back to Anne shaking her head, “But what he did to you has been for too long for even me to change back.” A grin spread across Eric face after hearing that.

Walking over to Pat, the old woman gazed into his eyes, “Yes, I see it in your soul, the soul of a girl.” Turning back to glare at Eric once again, “But it not be of free will, it were forced upon her!” Seeing Eric struggling to speak she waved her hand at the giant of a man.

“Witch you told me a boy with the soul of a woman,” Eric screamed at the old woman, “You only said he had to come to you wishing he were a girl. I fulfilled the deal, he wants to be a woman!”

“You want to play word game with ME boy!” the old woman shouted.

“Good,” The old woman pointed to the door, “Take the girl and wait on the porch for me to come for you. Your part in this is not quite over.”


“You heard me!” the woman yelled, “Do as I say or the deal is off. And don;t even think about slipping off whilst I’m busy, them big muscles of your’s would be mighty tasty to them gators.”

Eric did as he was told, Taking Anne with him out onto the rickety porch to sit and wait. Any thoughts he may have held about running off were quickly dashed when he saw the alligators that had appeared while they were inside the run down cabin. Several on each side of the porch and along the ramp and the largest one he had ever seen laying in the dirt facing up the ramp, almost as if daring him to run.

Inside the cabin the old woman led Pat into the back room of the cabin. After helping Pat to get undressed helped pat to lay down on the old straw bed in the corner. “Tain’t right what he gone and did to you, but like I said before, can’t put things back the way they were, he done screwed with your and that gals heads too much.

The old woman walked over to a cabinet on the other side of the room and pulled out a clear jar that contained some thick black liquid. Picking up what looked like a homemade artist brush she turned back toward Pat, “Don’t seem right but this here is the only way I know to get us both what we need.”

After walking back over to Pat, she learned over his naked effeminate body and began painting the thick viscous fluid in an intricate pattern onto his stomach. “I told that thick headed moron it needed to be some man that wanted to be a girl. There be a plenty of ones that would have given anything to become a girl, that’s a requirement ya know. Have to be a man that wants to be a girl. We’re the only ones that can use the power without it going and turning our souls black.” Seeing the fear in Pat’s eyes, the old woman gently stroked his cheek, “Don’t worry child Granny will take care of you. Granny will take care of everything.” Moving her hand up to Pat’s forehead them wiping it down across his eyes the old woman softly spoke, “Sleep now child, let our magic do it’s work.”

Eric was getting antsy, they had been sitting on the porch for close to two hours. If it wasn’t for the fact that he would have to leave Anne here with the witch he would have tried to bolt. The smaller ones he figured he could outrun, but that big one gave him the creeps. The way it looked at him, Eric knew alligators were nothing but really large stupid lizards, but could of swore that one was smart. The way it pretended to be half asleep and when it did move it acted like it was almost too hard to move more than a small bit before it gave up. Somehow Eric knew it was trying to bait him into coming closer, in trying to run past it.

“Eric,” The old woman stuck her head out from around the screen door, “Need you inside, your girl can stay where she is.”

“What about that damn big gator?”

“Who Henry?” The old woman cackled, “He knows not to come up on the porch when I have guests.”

After leading Eric to the door to the back room, “Your deal is almost done, got one thing left fer you to do.”

“What’s that?” Eric hoped to get whatever it was over with and get the hell away from the old witch.

The old woman opened the door to the back room. Eric looked in, his jaw dropped as he saw what he could honestly say was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life laying naked on the old straw bed in the far corner. “She needs to know a man.”

“She needs what?” Eric’s tiny brain took a few minutes to understand what the old witch was saying, “You mean you want me to fuck her?”

“I would never use such vulgar language to describe it but yes, I think you understand what needs to happen now.”

Eric grinned wide as he looked at the old witch, “Hell woman you don’t have to ask me twice!” Eric went into the room closing the door behind him.

Eric quickly walked over the the old bed and began removing his clothes. While finishing undressing he noticed the girl’s eyes were staring straight up. It didn’t even look like she was blinking. Waving his hand over her face he did manage to see her blink, but nothing else seemed to have any affect on her. “Well I was hoping you’d be a little more lively but what the hell,” Eric pushed her legs apart as he climbed in between them.

Try as he might Eric could not force his large penis into her. He tried everything he could to get the girl to get wet enough to slide himself in, even using his own spit. Frustrated Eric became angry and slapped the girl hard.

Outside on the porch the old woman paused from her knitting when she heard Eric’s first scream but ignored further noise and went back to knitting. Hours later after the old woman could tell there would be no more screaming, she sat down her knitting and walked inside. Opening the door to the backroom, an enormously large rat scurried out of the room. The rat ran straight at the screen door, hitting it with enough force to throw it open before it ran straight down the planked walkway. The Rat didn’t stand a chance against the large alligator, which waited patiently for the right moment to snap up the rat in a blindly fast move. The old woman chuckled, “I warned you not to try and run off.” Looking back into the room, the old woman could see the new woman her magic had made, lying on her side sleeping comfortably. Going back out to the porch the old woman motioned to Anna, “Come on dear, it’s your turn.”

The old woman helped the very docile Anna strip down naked and had her lie down beside the woman that used to be Pat. Taking another of the clear mason jars from the cabinet and a fresh brush the old woman began painting a different pattern on Anna’s stomach and a smaller one on her forehead. Looking into Anna’s eyes, If there were any other way to do this, know that I would, but this be the only way for you to get your mind to be your own. Now sleep child, and forget all the evil that man brought upon you and yours.” Anna’s eyes fluttered a few times before they closed for the rest of the night.


The new young woman that had begun like as a man named Patrick opened her eyes to a strange shrilling sound coming from right beside her. Glancing down She saw the squirming mess of small hands and feet of the baby that was crying. “Anna?” Her eyes went wide realizing this was her baby but at the same time the person who used to be her wife.

“I’m better she’s hungry dear, probably needs her diaper changed too.” The young woman looked over to find the old woman sitting in a rocking chair knitting something pink. “I’d be happy to fetch a diaper, but the feeding is all up to you.” The woman laughed, “Mine quit working years ago.”

Picking up the baby the young woman sat up. Her breasts did indeed feel tight and heavy. Cradling the baby in her arm she helped it find her nipple.

The old woman got up and walked over the the bed, grabbing a cloth diaper out of a bag sitting on the counter under the cupboard before sitting beside the young woman. “So dear, what do you think about the name Marie?”

“For the baby?”

“No dear, your name of course.” The old woman began explaining, “When we find our apprentice, our apprentice takes our name.”

“Your name’s Marie?”

“It was, it’s your’s now.”

“Then what will I call you?”

“Granny works for me,” The old woman chuckled.

“So why me?” Marie asked.

“Because only a special woman can do what we do.”

“But I wasn’t born a woman at all.”

The old woman laughed, “That’s what makes you special dear.”

“Were you born a man too?” Marie watched the old woman nod as she switched the baby to her other breast as if she had done this hundreds of times before.

“Only women can hold the power we have,” the old woman explained, but the power is a dark power and sooner or later corrupts the woman’s soul. We are the exception, we are women but were not born female and because of this are able to resist the darkness.”

The old woman stood up, “I’ll go get the boat ready and get our stuff on it. Come on out once you get little Anna fed and changed and we’ll head for home.”

“This isn’t your home?”

The old woman’s laughter would have been heard for miles if anyone would have been this deep in the swamp to hear it, “No dear, this place is not our home. It’s something we sometimes use when we need to meet someone, something like one of those stages they use in Hollywood for movies and TV.”

Marie had found what she thought was some kind of long off white nightgown. Putting it on she found it the material much heavier than she first thought. The closest thing she could compare the gown to was the under dress she had seen in medieval movies.

Walking out of the old shack Marie found herself stopping halfway down the planks when she spotted the very large alligator at the end. Looking around she spotted the old woman off to her right working with a small flat bottomed boat, “Granny, there’s a really big alligator here.”

“That’s Henry, he been waiting all night to meet you.” The old woman chuckled, “He always wants to be the first to meet the new Marie.” Looking over her shoulder at the alligator, “Say hello Henry.”

The alligator opened it’s maw slightly and made a noise that Marie thought sounded like a small engine running at really low rpm inside a tunnel. Having no idea what to do Marie curtsied at the alligator, “Hello Henry.”

Marie was astonished as she watched the alligator rise up on all it’s legs and bow it’s head. Looking over at the old woman, “Did he just bow?”

“Yes, yes I think he did.” The old woman chuckled as she walked over the the massive lizard, “Henry you’re just full of surprises,” The old woman patted him on the head.

Seeing the old woman acting as if the alligator was nothing more than a pet gave Marie enough confidence to slowly approach the large beast. Kneeling down in front of the alligator, Marie was amazed at how big it actually was, she guessed it to be at least twenty feet long. Nervously she put her free hand out and placed it on the beasts snout. It made a couple of long nasally sounding noises with it’s snout against her leg, then slowly lifted its head and did the same at the baby in Marie’s arm.

Seeing Marie scoot backwards quickly the old women smiled, “Don’t worry dear, he’s just getting your scent. This old boy has a nose better than a blood hound. Once he knows a scent he can always find it.”

“Why would he need to know my scent?”

“He’s just being protective,” the old woman explained. “Years ago when I was not much older than you some unsavory types tried to kidnap me and force me to work our magic for them. Henry here was the one that found me.”

“What happened?”

The old woman laughed, “Let’s just say it was really stupid of those men to try and hide in an old shack that wasn’t up on stilts in this bayou. Henry is family to us, and he gets a real mean streak up when someone messes with his family.”

It took most the morning to get through the narrow waterways with the speed the old flat bottom boat’s little motor chugged along at. The whole time Marie could see Henry swimming along side the boat not more than ten feet away at any given time.

Stepping out of the boat after the old woman tied it to the small, Marie looked around. There was a small rarely used dirt road that ran along the water’s edge. Across the old road an iron grated fence ran along beside the road curving out of sight in the distance both ways. The ironwork of the fence quite hard to see through the thick vines that had climbed their way upward through the fence.

The old woman stepped out of the boat with the large duffel bag she had placed the things they brought with them then began walking across the narrow dirt packed road to a large opening in the iron fence. Stopping at the faded mailbox, the old woman retrieved what mail was in it before closing the front lid and continuing on.

Marie gasped when she read the faded letters on the side of the mailbox. Standing there for several minutes not believing what she had read on the side of the old faded mailbox. Could the old woman really be her? Most people didn’t think the woman ever really existed and was just some story invented to scare people. Marie was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard the old woman, “Marie are you alright dear?”

“Um, yes sorry just got side tracked looking at everything.” Catching up to the old woman Marie could see through the heavy moss that hung from the trees, that the house they were walking towards looked like one of those old southern mansions. Walking up the three steps to the front porch Marie’s curiosity got the best of her, “Granny?” Marie softly asked, “Are you her, I mean really her?”

“I see you have finally figured out who we are.” The old woman chuckled, “Took me three days before I figured it out. How’d you figure it out so quickly?”

“The um mailbox, the name is still barely legible.” Marie stated, “You’re, you’re Marie Laveau!”

“Not more dearie,” The old woman stated, “I’m merely granny now, you’re now Marie Laveau.”

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