The Weather Girl

This is a story I wrote some time ago. It's shorter than most. I hope you enjoy this short story.

The Weather Girl

Have you ever flipped through the local news stations just to find the one with the best looking anchors or weather person? For me, it is not so much about the content of the news, it is who I got to stare at for those forty-two minutes every morning while I get ready for work. I'm not strange or some weird stalker. It is the same reason why I choose female gaming characters. Personally, I would rather look at something pretty than a clunky, chunky, male.

A few weeks ago I was watching News Channel 7's morning broadcast because every seven minutes they put, in my opinion, the star of the entire cast on. The weather girl, Mandy Stone, was not only young and beautiful, but also articulate, smart, and witty. Her long, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, luscious full lips, and a trim, pert body with a perfect hourglass figure and large, but not huge, breasts, gave her that all-American look. She looked sweet and charming in her dresses that she chose to wear everyday, showing just enough leg to be enticing without giving the impression she was simply eye-candy. She did not wear a wedding ring, revealing a hint of availability, so that was always a good sign. Ever since I found her on the news I was unable to tell anyone what the weather was going to be like, as every day Mandy rattled off temperatures and pressures, yet I could never focus on what she said.

Anyways, I was watching the news a few weeks ago and the station announced a new contest. Write a letter explaining why you want to be a weather person and the best entry would win a job-shadow day with Mandy. At, twenty-seven years old I was fairly well situated with a job as a personal trainer to the wealthy elite of the city. In reality, it was a no-brain job that anyone could do. You just had to look fit and make people sweat and give bulging, usually overweight people some encouragement to make them think they were looking better. It was a job, not a career. Since I had flexibility on my schedule, I thought, 'why not?' I've taken an interest in what weather people did since Mandy showed up and I was a decent creative writer. I could do this.

Over the next few days I wrote and edited my letter to the news station. I explained I was very interested in understanding the behind the screen work weather people did on a daily basis. I did a lot of weather forecasting research on the Internet and expressed that I was hoping to get some inside information on how the various computer models could be correlated into a cohesive weather forecast. I chose my words carefully and crafted them with care to make me sound knowledgeable, yet deeply interested. I also attached my photo, just in case Mandy or other people were also choosing based upon looks. Since I have done some fitness modeling I felt it couldn't hurt.

Several weeks later I was surprised one late morning to get a call from Mandy herself. "Hello. I'd like to talk to Jeff Daniels. This is Mandy Stone from the News Channel 7."

"This is Jeff speaking."

"I must say Jeff, that I was very impressed by your submission for our win a job shadow day with me contest. If you're still interested, then I'd love to have you shadow me next Friday."

I was stunned and excited that I had a chance to meet face-to-face with such a beautiful woman. "Definitely. I am looking forward to spending the day with you."

"Okay, but be warned, my day starts at 4:00 am. I'll need you here at the station by 3:45 am so we can get you checked in. Periodically they will also have cameras following us to document our time together and you'll be able to present the weather live with me. You just can't wear anything green. Still interested?"


"Great. I'm looking forward to spending the day with you."

After receiving the details and directions from the administrative assistant, I was anxious. Waiting until next week would be a painful experience. I spent a fair amount of time reading up on weather forecasting and how the stations used green screen to present. If nothing else, I wanted to look intelligent and good enough that maybe I could drum up some extra clients from the opportunity. I even practiced presenting the weather while I watched Mandy in the mornings.

The week came and went and I set my alarm for 2:00 am so I could shower, trim my stylish two-day stubble beard, have breakfast, get dressed, and head to the station in time. I arrived just as Mandy pulled into the parking lot and she spotted me right away.

"Good timing, Jeff. You look even more handsome than your photo."

I couldn't believe she actually seemed to be flirting with me. "Good morning, Mandy. You're taller than I expected and the TV simply doesn't do your looks justice."

She blushed. "Honestly, sometimes I think they hired me to help get ratings. They're always asking me to wear more provocative clothing. Sometimes the news companies could care less about credentials."

"I think how you choose to dress is perfect. Stylish, yet conservative. I've watched your weather forecasts because of all the stations you're the only one that actually seems to really know what's going on."

She smiled at the compliment and grabbed my arm in hers. "Come on, Jeff. We have a very busy day ahead of us and the weather is shaping up to be one of the most interesting days on record."

Mandy got me checked in and we both went into her office. "We have about an hour before the camera crew will come in and start filming us. Let's check the computer models first, then we have to go to makeup and styling to make sure we look good enough to go on the air."

I watched Mandy as she leaned over the computer. She was truly stunning and looked to be about my age. I was having a hard time focusing on the screen as my perspective gave me a glimpse down the top of her dress, exposing a hint of her bra and her gorgeous cleavage. I was startled when she spoke. "So, Jeff, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a personal trainer and part-time fitness model."

"You really look fit. Maybe I should use you for my trainer?" She placed her hand on my bicep. "You certainly feel fit." She looked into my eyes and I could tell there was more there than a light flirt. Just then the computer bleeped at us and she looked back at the screen. "Would you look at that! This is truly amazing."

I glanced down at the screen and was grateful all my research over the past week was helping me understand what I was seeing. I pointed out several things on the forecast model. "It looks like there is a high amount of solar flare activity today and with our already charged atmosphere and huge temperature differentials here, here, and here, I would guess that we might have dry lightning and the potential for severe weather later on?"

She turned and looked at me like I just read poetry to her. "And I thought you might be all brawn and no brain. I'm very sorry I ever thought that about you. You're correct, but not only the opportunity for dry lightning, but also some chance at ultra-high frequencies being generated at various elevations. Today would be an excellent field reporting chance." Mandy then made a few quick calls to the producer who seemed to think heading out to the local highest location in the city would be a perfect venue. "Let's get over to makeup and styling."

I admit that I was very taken by this beautiful woman. I watched how she was careful to make sure the makeup people only used light makeup, as she did not want to appear anything other than the sweet person that she really was. The stylists touched up her hair but there was not much they could do to make her more presentable. "Okay, Jeff, let's review the slides for the 4:30 am weather forecast. Looks like we'll need to be on location by 9:00 am, as that's when the peak of the weather should be happening."

Mandy and I sat together as we reviewed the slides for the forecast. The anchors were updated as to the unique weather situation and some ad-libbing would happen with Mandy. The first live forecast would be handled by Mandy alone, then I would join her on the second one. If all went well they would have me do a solo forecast for the following one. Between screen prompts and repeating information over and over again, I felt it would be pretty straight forward.

I stood off to the side in the studio and watched Mandy do her final preparations. She looked over at me and winked, then, on cue, she began speaking into her microphone and walked to the green screen. I could overhear the anchors talking to her. "Well, Mandy, what do you have in store for us today? We hear there is something special happening weather-wise?"

"Yes, Bob. There is a lot happening today. Take a look at the following..."

"Mandy, you're amazing. I don't know how you can do that so well. No matter what, I'm very pleased I could be here with you today. I know this might be a little forward of me, but if you're not seeing anyone, perhaps you would like to get lunch together sometime?" I winced feeling like I was pining, but the reality was that I was.

"You know, Jeff, I think I would like that. Perhaps we can go get lunch today after my shift is completed?" She touched my arm again and looked up into my eyes. I wanted to kiss her but I knew I would mess up her perfectly applied lipstick. There was definitely something there. If soul mates existed, she was the one for me. Hopefully she felt the same about me.

"Two minutes, Mandy and Jeff. You're both on next." Mandy grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the green screen. "You'll do great, Jeff."

"Three, two, one..." "Hey, Mandy, looks like you have someone with you today?"

"Yes, Bob. This is Jeff Daniels, the winner of the job shadow for a day with me contest. Hello, Jeff."

"Hello, Mandy. It's great to be here and I'm impressed with all the work you do behind the scenes to prepare the forecasts."

"Thank you, Jeff. I understand you're a personal trainer and part time model. How does that play into your interest in weather?"

"I admit that personal training and weather seem pretty disconnected, but you'd be surprised to learn just how the weather plays into the physiology of the human body. Certain weather conditions make people more active and energetic, while other weather patterns, such as lightning storms and ions in the atmosphere can actually interfere with brain function."

Mandy smiled brightly like I just said the most romantic thing to her. "Very interesting, Jeff. I wonder how the weather affects relationships? In any event, Jeff and I will be on location on top of Mt. Herman later this morning to discuss the special weather circumstances we're having today. Jeff, why don’t you tell everyone what we should be expecting today." I read off the cues and pointed to the right spots and everything went very well.

"You just continue to surprise me, Jeff. You did a phenomenal job back there. You're a natural in front of the camera. I better be careful or you might take my job away from me."

"If I do then you can always take up personal training."

"Jeff, we're not going to be able to do your solo forecast as we need to get on location. I hope you don’t mind. We'll put the backup presenter on until we go live on Mt. Herman." This was fine with me. Sitting next to Mandy for an hour to get to the top of the mountain sounded exhilarating.

The drive with the crew was routine with the exception that I kept staring between Mandy's breasts and her exposed knees. We chatted casually all the way there as if we were long time friends and found out we had much in common. While a fitness buff herself, she even had been a personal trainer for a short time at a small gym. She enjoyed several computer games that I liked and was surprised to hear her confide that she usually created male characters. She laughed when I told her I preferred making female characters.

In what seemed like no time at all we were unloading on top of Mount Herman. The sky looked threatening one moment and clear the next. The morning sun, reflected off the clouds in an array of startling colors. The camera team started to set up and the field producer positioned us on the very summit about twenty feet away from the camera. The air felt charged with electricity and sky changed from brilliant orange to dark gray every few seconds. I watched Mandy's hair suddenly float up as if charged with static electricity, then, just as quickly, it lay back down again. We stood side-by-side and we had a minute before we went live. I looked back over my shoulder to see chain lightning bouncing through the clouds. I touched Mandy's arm to get her attention when it all happened.

As I touched Mandy's exposed skin on her arm, a bright flash blinded everyone. I could feel electrical pulses running between Mandy and me. It was as if we were glued together. Flashes of color mixed with high-pitched sound filled my ears. Then it was all over. As my eyes adjusted I looked over to see myself standing next to me. I looked down to see large cleavage then I looked back at myself. "Mandy?" I said, my voice completely sounding strange in my ears.

I watched as my old self's eyes widened. "Jeff?"

The field producer started shouting, "Pack up and get out of here. Everyone in the van! It's too dangerous!" We both stood for a moment staring at each other before the producer grabbed the microphone from my hand and pushed us towards the van.

I sat in the van looking at my exposed legs as the dress I was wearing rode up when I went to sit. Mandy still looked at me in total shock. Her hand went to my old face and felt the stubble there. I was doing the same with my hand to my face.

"Is everyone all right?" Shouted the producer. Mandy and I nodded quietly. "Then, let's get out of here."

Mandy took my old hand and grabbed mine. The feel of that hand in mine was so strange as it felt so large and strong. I suddenly felt very vulnerable and weak. Mandy leaned over and whispered in my ear, "It's really you, Jeff?" I nodded. "How did this happen?" I was still so shaken I did not say anything. I shook my head.

I looked back down between my cleavage and to my shapely, silky smooth legs and slowly began getting aroused. While I hated to admit it, and I certainly would never have confided this, I always wanted to know what it would be like to be a woman. It was the truth as to why I chose female characters. I snuck a glimpse over at my old body. It was clear Mandy was struggling with her own problem as the front of her pants was getting rather large. I leaned over to her and whispered, "I'm not sure this is the appropriate time to say this, but I'm getting a little more than excited about what just happened to us. I hope, perhaps, we can still have our lunch date?"

Mandy turned her head towards mine. "How do you control this thing? All I can think about is seeing what it would be like to..." I looked around to make sure no one was watching, and I lifted my face to meet my old lips. It was enough to tell me Mandy was feeling the same things I was. It was just a light kiss and yet my lips felt so sensitive, setting my entire body on fire.

I could see Mandy struggling and I grabbed a sweater for her to cover up her bulging problem. She seemed very grateful. The ride back was uneventful with the exception of our hands not letting go of each other. We didn't talk much as we were both unsure of what to really say, especially with the rest of the crew in the van. It was 10:30 am when we got back and we were ushered straight to makeup and styling. The girls touched up my makeup and added a few changes to my hair. I was then thrust in front of the camera for a special briefing. I glanced over at Mandy who seemed visibly anxious.

"Welcome back, Mandy. We have some footage of you on top of Mt. Herman. Can you tell us what happened?"

"Yes, thanks, Bob. It was a pretty harrowing experience and we're all a little shook up. While we were preparing for our live broadcast, dry chain lightning hit the mountain top. Combined with high-intensity frequencies caused by solar storms, the effect was profound and powerful. I believe we all experienced disorientation and temporary blindness, but no one was hurt."

"We're glad you're back safe and sound. How did your job shadow, Jeff Daniels, fair?"

"I think I can speak for Jeff in that he was as exhilarated by the events of the day as I was."

"Thanks, Mandy!"

I walked over to Mandy and she whispered in my ear, "You did amazing. I couldn't have done a better job myself. Let's get out of here!" We left the station and got into each other's car. Mandy led the way to her apartment and she helped me find the right keys to open the door. Once inside we finally felt like we had a chance to talk.

"Can you believe what happened to us? How do you think it happened? What do we do now?"

Mandy paced back and forth in my old body. "I don't know, Jeff. It had to be the lightning, combined with the additional energy in the air and the fact you were touching me at the time. It must have been a one in a billion chance occurrence. Unless we spontaneously change back, I think we are each other for good."

Perhaps it was the female hormones, or the fact that I felt small, weak, and vulnerable, but I sat myself down on the couch and cried. Mandy came over and put her arm around me protectively. "We can do this, Jeff. You're a natural. You could easily be me. I've had personal training experience before and should be able to live my life as you as long as it takes."

"What if we never change back?"

"Jeff, I have a bit of an admission to tell you. When I saw your photo, I felt an instant connection to you. I'm not a lesbian or gay or anything, but I really wanted to be you. I always wanted to be male but knew that was never possible. You turned out to be my fantasy. I know this is probably harder for you."

I looked up into Mandy's eyes. "Maybe not as hard as you would think. Like you, I always wondered what life would be like as a woman and seeing you on TV everyday made me fantasize about you and being you. It's a secret I've always had."

"Then I suggest we make the most of it, for as long as it lasts."

Mandy helped me to my feet and we stood facing each other. She reached over and gently stroked my face and lifted my chin with her fingertips. She kissed me, long and passionately. I melted into her embrace. My breasts pressed against her hard body. I could feel her arousal building and could see the bulge at the front of her pants straining against the fabric. On one hand, it would be strange touching a male penis, but on the other, it had been mine up until a few hours ago and I had touched it all the time. I admit I was a little tentative and scared at first, but Mandy knew every place to touch me to build an insatiable fire within me. "Turn around." Mandy suggested. I turned my back to her and I could feel her warm breath against the back of my neck. She kissed me below my ear on my neck and I finally understood what the term hot and bothered meant. She pulled me close and I could feel her erection pressed against my soft butt. We rocked back and forth and I purposefully pressed myself back into Mandy. Her hands roamed my body from behind, encircling my waist, cupping my breasts, and pressing my dress between my legs.

I felt Mandy pull back slightly as she began to unzip my dress. I felt the cool air on my exposed skin. She slipped the right shoulder of the dress off exposing my shoulder and my right breast encased in a lacey, black, bra. Mandy started kissing me along my shoulder. I let out a moan of pure excitement and I reached back with my hand to feel her erection. I felt the dress falling free of my body and caught a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror. I watched as a stunning blonde woman in a black bra and panties was being seduced from a handsome man behind her. I watched as the man slowly removed her bra, freeing her glorious breasts. They were perfect breasts as they did not sag but were large and perky. I looked down, feeling the weight of my breasts unsupported now. My nipples became erect in the cool air and with the light brushes Mandy did with her fingers. I'd never experienced anything like that feeling before. I never realized just how sensitive a woman's breasts were. They felt so amazing and I could almost have an orgasm from their stimulation alone.

I turned around and kissed Mandy on the lips. My arms wrapping around her neck. I started unbuttoning her shirt exposing my old body's chiseled chest and abs. I ran my fingertips over her chest and felt the strength and leanness of her body. "Is it strange that I am so turned on right now? I mean, I should be scared and I'm not into men, but that's my old body and all I want to do is have you make love to me."

"I feel the same way about you. If I don’t get these pants off they are going to rip."

"Mmmm. I can help you with that." I knelt down in front of Mandy, feeling my breasts move freely as I did so. I looked up into her eyes as I undid the belt, then slowly unbuttoned the pants. I pressed my hand against her erection and rubbed back and forth through the pants. I could tell she was straining to keep her composure. I unzipped the pants and pulled them down along with her underwear. Her erect penis practically hit me in the face. It was so much larger than I ever thought it was.

I wrapped my hand around it and found my fingers could not fit all the way around. "If you are going to use this, you will need some relief first." I saw Mandy shake her head and I took a bold step to slide my full luscious lips over my old penis. It was a strange feeling, but I knew how much I loved having this done to me before and secretly I was hoping Mandy would reciprocate by licking my wonderful new wet vagina. Mandy started moaning right away and I could feel her hand on the back of my head. I started out slow and began increasing my pace as I slid my mouth onto and off of her penis. It did not take long and soon I could feel Mandy's whole body tense. I tried to prepare myself but there is just no way I really could. With a final thrust on her part and as I tightened my grip on her penis she erupted into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but there was so much and it dribbled out of my lips and onto my hand. The salty taste was not altogether unpleasant and I attributed that to my new female tastebuds. Mandy's knees began to buckle as she completed her orgasm.

"Oh my god! That was the most amazing thing I have ever felt. It was short, yet so powerful and concentrated. I almost lost control of my body." Mandy lifted me up and unashamedly kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth. I'm sure she was tasting her own cum and yet she was not squeamish at all about it. All I could do is moan softly as she lifted me up and gently laid me on my back on the bed. She began kissing my entire body starting with my head and neck. She moved ever so slowly down until her tongue flitted across one of my nipples. I was so turned on and wet and when she put my nipple into her mouth and lightly squeezed I almost had an orgasm. I was moaning loudly as she continued to kiss her way down my body.

I felt her fingers in my panties and with little effort she raised me up and slipped them off my silky smooth legs. Now fully naked I squirmed on the bed needing release. Mandy kissed my flat stomach and thighs. I reached both hands to my breasts and squeezed them. She then slid her tongue over my wet vaginal lips. I gasped aloud, my back arching involuntarily. I felt her tongue slide between my lips until it found my swollen clitoris. She circled her tongue around it, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. Just as I was about to explode, I squeezed my breasts together, gripping my nipples between my fingers. Mandy gripped my clitoris with her lips and lightly pulled. It was all I needed to explode in wave after wave of ecstasy. My entire body was shaking and the orgasm continued the longer she teased my clit. I could have come for an hour and it was with mixed relief that she slowed her ministrations down and let my body begin to relax.

Mandy worked her way back to my eager lips. I grabbed her face and kissed her passionately, my tongue tasting my own sweet juices. I was so turned on I needed her inside me. I reached down and could feel her hard erection. She was ready. I looked into her eyes and pleaded. "I need you inside me."

She smiled. "I thought you'd never ask."

I spread my legs and felt the tip of her penis push against my wet vagina. It was so tantalizing to feel it enter and push me open little by little, rubbing my clit with each push. My hips automatically rocked back and forth in rhythm to each of her strokes. Finally, she pushed the full length into me. I gasped and moaned as I felt myself being filled. I grabbed the small of her back as she arched, pushing deeper and deeper. The feeling was so wonderful and amazing. It was at that moment that I never wanted to change back. There was something about giving of your body in a way that someone else was inside of you that changed the entire love making for me. It was so much more emotional.

As Mandy got her rhythm down I could feel my breasts rock back and forth. I was ready to come again and all I could do was moan with each thrust. Mandy was tensing and I could feel her muscled body getting ready to erupt. With one final deep thrust, I felt the tip of her penis press against my cervix and, her shaft rubbing against my clit. I had thought my first orgasm as a woman was the best I had ever had, but was I ever wrong. This orgasm was so powerful and long and I could feel my vaginal muscles clamping down on Mandy's penis. It felt beyond wonderful. As Mandy came I could feel her sperm squirt inside me and filling my vagina even more. It was indescribable. Mandy collapsed on top of me, breathing hard. Our lips found each others.

"That was incredible!" Mandy panted.

"I don't know about you, Mandy, but I've never experienced anything so wonderful in my entire life. Can we try it again?"

Even when I asked that I could feel her penis soften within me. Mandy laughed. "We will, Jeff. I think I need a few minutes though." We rolled over and snuggled. Mandy wrapped her arms around me and I lay contentedly on her chest. Soon we drifted off to sleep.


Six months later Mandy was now going by the name of Jeff. He turned on the TV to watch his favorite weather girl, Mandy Daniels. Mandy looked stunning in her black dress. He noted the wedding ring on her finger when she pointed out the temperatures on the weather map. Jeff smiled as he felt his erection grow. He was still getting used to that feeling.

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