The Beginning - part 6. New friends.

I rang the doorbell and Sammy opened it rather quickly. She smiled at me, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Randy, thanks for coming.” Sammy said excitedly.

“Thanks for inviting me.” I replied happily.

The excitement was rising but so was the nervousness. Sammy waved me in. I followed her into the living room of her house. The house looked very nice, neat and stylishly decorated. The ceilings were high and the living room had large windows which let a lot of light in. It all seemed very friendly. The living room had a big cozy looking sectional, a big wooden coffee table and a flat screen TV that was mounted on the wall. Sammy asked me to sit in the sectional with her. We settled down and started talking.

“So, Randy, my friends Kaylee, Michelle and Hannah will arrive in a bit. They are nice girls. I think you will like them. I told them a little bit about you. They are excited about meeting you. You will fit right in” Sammy reassured me.

“That is great. I am also looking forward to meeting them. What will we do today?” I asked her.

“Nothing special. We will hang out in my room, chit chat, and do other girlie things.” Sammy said smiling at me.

Other girlie things I repeated to myself. Does that mean I will be a part of that? While I was considering some fun girlie time ahead I grew more excited. I really hoped they will accept me. But on the other hand, another thought crossed my mind. Would it be tragic if they don’t? I suddenly felt a little bit more self-confident. This surprised me. If they don’t accept me for who I am then they don’t deserve to be my friends. I just had to smile.

“Well, doing girlie things with you guys sounds like fun. I can’t wait.” I told Sammy. At that moment, her mom walked in.

“Hi Randy, I am so glad you could come to spend time with Sammy and the other girls. I will order pizza for you gals, if that is okay?” Sammy’s mom asked both of us.

We both nodded. Did she just call Sammy, her friends and me “you gals”? That tickled me on the inside.

“Thank you for your hospitality.” I said towards Sammy’s mom.

“Oh, not a problem. You are so polite, Randy. I love having you over.” Sammy’s mom said happily.

“Thank you.” I responded. At that moment, the doorbell rang.

“Those are probably my friends. Just stay here for now. I will let them in and introduce you.” Sammy said eagerly.

She left the living room and a minute later I heard a lot of excited giggling and greeting one another. My heart was beating faster. Another minute later they all walked into the living room.

“Ladies, this is my friend Randy. Randy, these are Kaylee, Michelle and Hannah.

They all smiled at me and said: “Hi Randy!” at the same time.

I smiled back and quietly said: “Hi”.

Kaylee had blonde, short hair, blue eyes and a beautiful smile. She was wearing a red sweater and cute looking jeans. Michelle had long, dark hair, brown eyes and wore a turquoise top and girlie jeans. Hannah had long blonde hair, blue eyes and luscious lips. She had kind eyes and I thought she was the prettiest of the three. Hannah wore a green sweater, some brown skirt and brownish looking tights.
“Let’s go upstairs, ladies!” Sammy suggested. She took my right hand and Hannah grabbed my left hand while smiling at me. That surprised me and it also made me feel good. Once we arrived in Sammy’s room we settled on her bed and on the floor. Sammy’s room looked great. It had a skylight, a big comfortable looking bed, a huge book shelf with lots of different books, a desk with a computer on it, a reading corner with a lot of pillows right next to the window. I loved it.

“So, how did you two become friends?” Hannah asked me and Sammy, smiling.

“Randy and I ran into each other at Macy’s. We are in the same math class but never really talked. I saw how Randy was…oh wait! I forgot something. I need to talk to Randy alone. Why don’t you ladies talk among yourselves and we will return in a few minutes.” Sammy told them.

The girls looked a bit confused but quickly started chatting. When Sammy was talking about how we met my heart stated racing. She gave me a look that said: follow me. I followed her out of the room and into another room. Sammy took my hand and sat down with me on a couch which was in a room that seemed to be her mom’s office. She still held my hand and seemed concerned.

“Listen, Randy. I want to apologize to you. I totally forgot to talk to you about our encounter in the pantyhose section. We need to discuss how we want to go about this. Do you want to tell them the truth?” Sammy asked me with a curious and concerned look on her face.

“I am not sure. If I tell them the truth, how will they react?” I asked while I felt a knot in my stomach.

“I know my friends well. I think they will get over it. However, I can’t promise that they will keep it a secret. They can be very chatty.” my friend warned me.

“To be honest, I am kind of tired of secrets. I will tell them.” I said trying to sound determined.

“Good choice, Randy. I am proud of you.” Sammie assured me, squeezing my hand.

She leaned over and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. I nodded. We both went back into the room. The girls were chatting with one another. I was not sure how to feel but I needed to do this. Hannah stopped talking to Kaylee and looked at me. A few seconds later, everyone was looking at me in a curious fashion.

“The reason why Sammy and I left the room was because we needed to talk about how to tell you the exact circumstances of Sammy and I becoming friends. We were both at Macy’s and I was looking at some pantyhose when she recognized me.” I said bravely.

“Why were you looking at pantyhose?” Hannah asked me with a nonjudgmental voice which I was thankful for.

“I looked at them because I like to wear them.” I stated boldly. I was surprised and a little shocked that I was not afraid.

All three of Sammie’s friends looked aghast. There was silence in the room. I just had to smile. I don’t remember ever having that effect on a room of people.

“What do you like about them?” Kaylee asked me.

“I love the soft silky feeling on my legs. It gives me a rush and makes me feel feminine.” I proclaimed.

“So, you want to be a girl?” Michelle asked me. She was mostly silent until now.

“Yes. That is correct.” I replied.

“Wow, that is weird!” Michelle stated.

All the other girls, including Sammy gave Michelle a surprised and intense look.

“I don’t think it is weird at all. If this is how you feel, then I think you deserve respect for that. Maybe we can help you become a girl. I sensed your sensitive and sweet nature right away.” Hannah said warmly.

“But Hannah, he is a boy! He was born a boy! He can never be one of us!” Michelle said a little forcefully.

“Shut up, Michelle. If he feels like he really is a girl, then he is a girl. End of story. I support you!” Kaylee said looking at me.

“Me too!” Sammy and Hannah said at the same time.

I felt relieved to get all this support. What Michelle thought I did not care much about.

“You guys are crazy! This is gross.” Michelle yelled.

“I think it would be better if you leave now. I cannot tolerate this intolerance. You should think about your beliefs a little bit.” Sammy stated.

“Fine. I am so out of here. Maybe you should think about what reality is. Disgusting!” Michelle said with an angry voice and stomped out the door.

The atmosphere was rather weird now. After a moment of silence, Sammy came up to me and gave me a hug. Right after that Hannah and Kaylee followed and we all hugged. I felt so loved. Now a few more people knew my secret and it felt like I could breathe more.

“What should we do now?” Hannah asked.

“How about some girlie things?” I replied.

Everyone looked at one another and we all smiled.

“OMG! I almost forgot. Randy needs to try on his first outfit. This is going to be so much fun. Let’s look at my closet and decide what he…I mean she should wear. What do you think girls?” Sammy asked excitedly.

All the ladies, including me, started giggling.

“That sounds good to me. Maybe I should try on a dress?” I asked them.

“Great idea! How about something black with black sheer pantyhose?” Hannah suggested.

“Wait, what about your mom? What if she comes in?” Kaylee asked Sammy.

“Well, maybe one of us can stand guard?” Hannah suggested.

Sammy and Kaylee looked at her with a smile.

“Alright, I will do it. But I want to join the fun too!” Hannah demanded.

“Don’t worry. We let you have a piece of this.” Sammy assured her.

In this moment, we heard Sammy’s mom yell, asking Sammy to come downstairs immediately. It did not sound very friendly. Sammy rolled her eyes and excused herself.

“So, why don’t you try on this black dress with some pantyhose?” Hannah asked me while taking a short black dress out of Sammie’s closet

“That looks nice. Good idea. Can I change in front of you?” I asked cautiously.

Hannah and Kaylee both nodded. I took my boy clothes off while Hannah and Kaylee both grinned. Once I was down to my underwear Hannah handed me a pair of black sheer to waist pantyhose out of Sammy’s underwear drawer. I put the pantyhose on while the girls watched me intently. After that was done, they assisted me with the dress. They both took my hands and led me to the mirror. I was shocked how feminine I looked. Hannah and Kaylee both seemed astonished.

“You look like a real girl. Amazing.” Hannah said.

“Yes. Very pretty!” Kaylee added.

“Thank you, ladies.” I replied blushing a bit.

They both hugged me and Hannah took my hand again and gave me a big smile. She then leaned over and whispered in my ear: “You are very cute!”

I was shocked because I did not expect that. I just nodded and smiled. A moment later, Sammy came back into the room. She looked at me and seemed stunned.

“I am speechless. You are so beautiful. What a pretty girl” Sammy said proudly.

“Isn’t she!” Kaylee added quickly.

“What should we do now?” I asked them. They all smiled.

“Why don’t we look at some fashion magazines and talk.” Kaylee suggested. All of us nodded in agreement.

“Randy, you should probably take the dress and hose off. My mom might come up here soon and bring us snacks.” Sammy warned me.

I felt disappointed and nodded. I took the dress and pantyhose off and put my boy clothes back on. I joined the girls in Sammie’s reading corner and we started talking.

“Why did your mom call you down? Michelle?” Hannah asked.

“Yes. She inquired why Michelle wanted to be picked up early and I said that we had a difference of opinion. My mom suggested that we should all play nice and be good friends. I didn’t explain it any further. However, I think I should tell her the truth eventually. Is that okay,

Randy?” Sammy asked seeming a bit concerned.

I sighed and slowly nodded.

“I am planning on telling my sister Mary when she comes home from College. Then I am going to have to tell my parents which will be tricky.”

“You have been very brave telling us. I think you will be okay. We will give you help and support. Don’t worry about Michelle. She will calm down eventually.” Hannah assured me and squeezed my hand. I felt overwhelmed again by all this love and support.

“We need a girl name for you! What do you think would be a good name?” Sammy asked.

I thought about it for some time.

“How about Riley?” I suggested.

All the girls nodded in agreement and smiled.

“Welcome to our group, Riley” Hannah said in a festive manner.

We all hugged and giggled. We watched some silly TV and blabbed for a while. Sammie’s mom came in to bring us snacks and wanted to know what kind of pizza wanted for dinner. We all agreed on cheese and pepperoni and soon we were sitting in the kitchen having supper. It was so much fun to sit with these girls and just have a good time. I also really liked Hannah. She was a very warm and wonderful person and very cute. Dinner went by quickly and soon my mom would come to pick me up. I was sad that this great day was about to end but happy to feel so accepted and part of the group. Michelle’s comments hurt but I admired how the other girls stood up to her. Once in the car, my mom asked me about the day.

“Did you have a nice day, honey?” my mom asked me.

“I did! We had a lot of fun.” I told her.

“That is great. Are those other girls as cute as Sammy?” my mom teased me a bit.

I blushed.

“Kind of. They are all very nice!” I said forgetting about Michelle.

“That is good. Now I think it is great you are making a bunch of new friends. However, your dad and I are a little concerned you don’t seem to be making any male friends. Do you know why that is?” my mom inquired.

This started to feel a little like an interrogation.

“I am not sure.” I said quietly.

“Don’t you want any male friends?”

“I don’t know mom! I am friends with these girls and that should be good enough.” I replied feeling a little angry.

“Why are you getting testy? I just asked you a question.” my mom said sounding angry as well.

“Mom, you and dad have been pestering me about making new friends for a while. Now that I have new friends it still isn’t good enough. How can I please you?” I wanted to know.

“Calm down. I was just curious.” my mom stated sounding a little calmer.

“Okay.” I responded quietly.

We didn’t talk the rest of the drive. I went right into my room and threw myself on the bed. When I remembered this great day, my anger disappeared. I had to call my big sister.

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