Shadowsblade: Four funerals and a Movie part 3

This is the story of a man who finds a magic box, one that changes him into a Teenage Drow girl (a dark elf) and he has to deal with the very sudden change. Then handle all the memories of a Drow that was 'made' for a long lost war. This new part of him, has 40,000 years of memories of fighting that war. She has to deal with all that pent up PTSD, her enemy is here, but she loves her. Her old Queen is here and she wants to kill, that Queen ohh so bad!

So far in the story, Rohanna is being sent to a high school for mutants. While in school, she has to learn to keep that temper in check and her vast skills at killing others! She has been attacked in Boston while shopping, by her new lover by accident of fate and by an assassin that nearly kills her.

The last major hurdle in her short new life, is that a science project gone mad had made an exact clone of her and linked it mentally to her every thought, it reacts like an extension of her body now.

Now she journeys to LA for work in a film after coping with the loss of the old Queen and other things along the way, all the while dealing with that old human life of 'his' creeping up!

To my readers new and old--the new section is a try at introducing the long story in a short way, But if any of you want a shot at writing it better? Please do so and send me your best!


Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade
Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and

In this part, Rohanna lays parts of her past to rest and more will come in the chapters that follow.
This one chapter the trip to LA is on and the studio awaits!

To all my readers, thanks for your posts. I do read each one and some of the ones posted recently, they added to my ideas on where to go in long term plot ideas! So keep posting and thinking out there!




Monday April 30, 5:30 AM
'Top of the mark' Suites floor Six

Bill gazes at Jineen who is just finishing up her hair for the day, when he notices that she is dressing very slow this morning and he just has to pry into why?

"Jin honey, why aren't you ready yet? You're dressing like you are not coming with us for some reason?"

"I am not Bill." she says flatly and grabs a fresh towel off the table to wash off her face.

"Why?" he shrugs to her.

"I talked to Rohanna last night when she was pacing that balcony and trying to burn down that studio with her fierce stare." Jineen says and grabs he shoes from the closet and starts sliding them on.

"Talked about what dear?"

"She knows that something is waiting in there for her to deal with today and I am sure you know what by now."

"I do know...." he trails off thinking about it, he did read many files on just this over the months

"Well Bill, I feel that only her closest friends should be with her today and that is Gwen and you."

"But you're on that very short list too!"

"No I am not, she does not trust me yet. But I will work on that trust of her's soon enough!"

"But she came to the house and trusted you?"

"She was looking for you and a safe place. This Drow needs acts, not words to gain her trust and you plus Gwen, have done that many, many times."

"I still think you should come today?"

"No I am going to the spa today and like I said...her closest friends only be near her today. I mean look at you put yourself between her and your job on nearly day one. Then Gwen besides actually being a Sidhe, did you see what she did yesterday!"

"I saw her help Rohanna at the gate?"

"What I saw...was her leaping to aid Rohanna with a blade in her hand and big vicious spell cooking on her hand. Gwen was ready to defend her on the spot from anything, I am sure that Rohanna has been teaching her how to be that ready and able to fight."

"I see that now, Gwen was ready for a fight back there and maybe I just did not think about it?"

"So you go with her today, I am sure she will be fighting many demons of her past today and you have to be there to pull her back. Then Gwen is there for her, representing that Sidhe part that needs to be there too...being the one calling to her and to come back for her new kind."


Monday April 30, 6:20 AM
Galactic studios, main gate

It took sometime to get Gwen up at this hour, that girl can sleep like a log and she gets grumpy at times! But soon enough we all piled into a very nice, but very blacked out windowed limo bus shuttle and were dropped off just inside the gates of the studio.

This spot seemed to be just out of the prying eyes of any paparazzi hovering near the gates looking for that 'shot' and the money that goes with it! But in any case, I kept that illusion charm on me at least till I felt it was safer to do so. Then me fighting any H1in here if I was spotted as a mutant, that was not a good idea for me today...I was on edge at best and saw most of the world as a genuine threat to me today.

The three of us were processed into the studio as guests and were each given a map of the studio to use. I glanced it over and found most of the place had not changed in all these years, so I pocketed it for later. The studio's guest relations person offered a cart for us to use with a driver, but I turned it down. Because I wanted to walk around the studio, wandering around for the two hours till our scheduled meeting with Peter Martin the director.

Bill gave them phone numbers to reach us all with and we were off!

Our first stop was the sound stage for the coming meeting, so I knew where the stage was and drifted off walking in that direction and Bill plus Gwen followed close right behind me.

Along the way, Gwen yelped at me just as I turned down a dead end street, "Hey there is no way to the stage through there Ro, we need to go this way?" she pointed back down the street behind us.

"Trust me Gwen, I got this!" I laugh at her, as I keep on walking down the small sidewalk.

"The maps says you're lost!" she said and slapped a paw at it's pages.

"Never and the map, it's wrong in one simple me."

Bill laughs at her pain a little, "Gwen, lets just follow the twins and I am sure she is good."

Soon enough, after walking two more blocks into a dead end. Gwen yells at me, "See I told ya! This is a dead end." she huffs out at me and flaps her arms in anger.

"Yep it is to a cart or a car," I state simply, then walk over to a glass door and smack a large square switch on the wall next to it to open it, "follow me please." and I walk into the door.

Inside the door, Gwen sees that I did indeed know where I was going, that doorway opened to a very long hallways that cut through the sound editing department and we all walked to it's end. Once at the far end, I smacked a twin switch on the wall and this door opened to the stage we were heading to, just across street beyond the door itself.

"See Gwen, the map does not list short cuts." I grin to her as she walks past me, in a huff.

"How could you know this?" she asks me, then Bill pulls her aside for a second while I walk towards the huge open loading door of the stage.

"Shush Gwen, just let Rohanna have this time without anything riding on her. She will tell us something very soon is my guess?"

"You know something don't you Bill?"

"Soon Gwen, soon?" Bill insisted to her again.

When I walked into the large loading doors, I found a large crew very busy at laying out a full practice mat for martial arts work outs and setting up video cameras to record it all. Off in a far corner I spotted 'craft service' AKA the food table that each movie has hidden somewhere?

Bill and Gwen quickly came up behind me and looked the table over. I was already grabbing a muffin, to place in a toaster for a second and a orange brand too! One of the production assistants barked my way suddenly, "Hey girl, I am sure that is not for you. That table is for film crew persons only!"

"I am allowed, why did you think this 'crafty' stocked a very rare orange soda. If it was not for me to have?" I grinned at her and took a bite of that now warm yummy muffin.

"Hey I told you no!" and she walked over to me.

Bill stood in her way and Gwen was blocking her too, "Rohanna is fine, we were told this was the stage to be at...we maybe a bit early?" Bill questioned her.

"Well I am expecting...elves? I guess that is elves in make-up though, but I am not waiting for a set of blond cheerleader types at all." she warns us all and glares at me as I open that bottle of soda almost in her face.

"Well there are three elves right here LADY!" Gwen barks at her in my defense.

"That is Sidhe Gwen, the lady is misinformed and needs to learn the right terms for us...if she wants to keep that job longer!" I grin, as warn her and toss the now empty bottle into the bin.

"You're no elf?" she glares at me.

"You're right I am not!" I state to her and pull my illusion charm quickly. As my face changes, I take that last step closer to her, "I am a Drow and a very mean one!" I snap a bite at her face with the 'fangs' as a warning.

She backed down instantly at seeing the real me, those slow measured steps she took back from me, each step reeked with fear...'good!'...I thought just then...'fear me'...

Bill takes my shoulder by the hand and gives me a gentle tug back, "Calm down Rohanna, she is just trying to do her job and might need to learn manners herself?"

"You got that right!" I bark at her.

"Wow, now I know why Peter Martin chose you for the part, no one else could do that look and that meanness you're playing is great!"

"That meanness was not me playing...this is me mad at you!" I warn her once again.

"Sorry,....." she whimper to me, as looks at her call sheet for my name, "Miss Leigh, but I was not expecting you till eight or so?" she tries to apologize to me.

"Well we are here early," Bill adds in to her.

"Okay, I do have a Green room being set-up for you. But it's not done yet and the trailer for you has yet to arrive?"

"Well, lets just grab something to eat and then I don't have to hear Gwen's stomach growl anymore?" I grin to her and the sounds coming from her.

"Great idea," she grins and digs into the table of food with gusto.

That charm of mine gets turned back on, I grab a few cookies for the Pixies and step outside to let them have a few before we keep walking. Gwen stands next to us twins and watches the Pixies nibble away on my shoulders as I stand there watching the studio come to life.

"Well it looks like the director wants to see your skills fighting in use, then by the practice swords and other junk I saw coming off the 'stunts' truck. I can bet he wants some blade time from you too?"

"Yep, I think he wants me to do my own stunts and who knows beyond that?"

Just then, the production assistant steps up behind me and tells us, "Miss Leigh?"


"I am not sure if you knew this, but Peter has you practicing with Westly Seagal today, both in martial arts and with blades."

"What, that turd!" Gwen yelps to me, "that guy sucks as a actor, yes he has box office numbers? But in every movie he does, all he ever suffers is one little cut in fights and never shows getting his butt being beat like I am sure he would in real life!" Gwen shows us all her just loathing the guy in question.

"Really Gwen? I have only seen one of his films so far." I shrug back at her.

"Yep, he thinks he is better than Toni and Chou I bet and could take them in a fight!"

"Well this might actually be fun today!"

"Miss Leigh, I can get you somewhere to sit?"

"No I am thinking to go walk around the lot some more, but I am going to the restroom first." and I walk off from all of them.


I slipped away from the group by faking a need to go to the bathroom. I just had to get away from all of them and find out....was everything I did as a human now gone?

My path was set and I ran off to the sound stage to wanted to see, it drew me in closer to it, I just had to see it inside and it was one of the largest in town. Once I slipped away to the stage access door, I found it open? How strange I found that detail, in my day working here. These doors were always locked! After going through the double set of sound proof doors, I entered the dark stage and found it only lit by a small bunch of emergency lamps.

Off on the far side of the stage from me, was the staircase leading up to the 'perms'....or to most, the beams that not only held up the huge roof over four stories up, but also held up any of the movie sets and tons of lamps or other equipment hung down from them by chains.

So one of me... ran up the stairs to the top and strolled across the catwalks mounted in amongst the 'perms' I was trying to get my bearings to what I was seeking! The other 'me' just stood below and kept watch over the vast empty stage.

After searching around for some time, I finally figured out where I was at and climbed onto to the huge wooden beams over the vast empty of the stage. I always loved being up here, you had the old smell of the nearly hundred year old wood beams and could see the whole movie set fifty odd feet below you. I easily hopped or ran over the beams toward my goal. Once and a awhile during the trip, I had to crawl over, under or around one of the main beams. Long ago this was a dangerous thing for me to do without a safety rope, but now? all came as second nature!

I arrived at my goal and started searching all over the huge main beam's surface for what I wanted. I looked all over the nearly foot wide by three foot tall beam just at the roofline. THEN! I found name old name written very neatly in chalk, in large block letters.....Jack Miles '73' Once my eyes read it, I started to cry...heck I was balling. This one name...written in just simple chalk, that was all that was left of... the old human me! It was the only mark that I even existed on earth...far as I knew, I did not even have a tombstone?....or did I?...I never even asked.

Across the back lot, Bill was waiting outside of the restroom for me to come out. He was almost tapping his foot and looking at this watch. When Gwen finally strolled up from looking at the spaceship set on the stage next to where we were doing the screen test and run-throughs.

"Where is she...she never takes this long?" he complained to Gwen.

"Want me to go look...maybe she fell in?" Gwen giggled back at him.

"GO!" Bill yelled at her and pointed towards the bathroom door.

Gwen bursts into the restroom and instantly knows I am not there! She can't hear me and then to make sure. She opens all the stall doors, one by one and walks back out to a very frustrated Bill "She is gone?" she gives into him.

"GOD DAMN IT!" he screams out, "Where did she go?"

"Heck if I know her as well as I do? Maybe she ran off...after getting sick of all the crap over the last month?"

Bill shakes his head, thinking about what Jineen said this morning about Rohanna facing her old demons out here today, "God I hope not...she can be anywhere, can you track her down?"

Gwen gives Bill her best 'your nuts look' at the obviously stupid question.

"That's what I thought..." Bill hisses out.

"Bill I can give it a try, as she might not be really hiding at all and She might have wondered off to see something?"

"Okay...give it a go Gwen?"

Gwen starts to feel out...stretch out with her senses and opens her mind, like Rohanna showed her how too. Once she has all the senses at peak...she feels Rohanna the only other Sidhe in range a small ways off to the north and starts walking that way "I think she is over this way Bill?"

Both of them walk off toward a large sound stage down the long row of them. After they pass a few doors, Gwen walks right into one and goes deep inside it. Bill walks in just behind Gwen, but inky darkness fills the stage and he can't follow her so fast. So he finds under one of the lit emergency lamps...that happens to be clearly marked, the stages lamp panel and snaps on the large light switches one at a time.

The array of lamps 'pops' on one section at a time with a large 'bang', to show him and Gwen. of them anyway? Standing in the middle of the stage looking up into the rafters and crying. Then when they follow her line of sight, they both spot the other twin is far up above them in amongst the rafters sobbing like mad.

Gwen sees her friend in pain and runs up the stairs to be with her. She knows the one on the floor is just watching the other and the one up top, is the one she desperately needs to get too! After Gwen gets to the top step of the tall staircase...she gulps a little at the height. Gwen gathers up her confidence then scrambles off over the cat walks and out on to the huge wooden beams.

Gwen easily gets to Rohanna with her weekend practice in parkour helping out with the trip. Once there, she looks over the Drow and finds nothing wrong. All she is doing is looking at a name and date on the beam and her hand is laying on the beams surface next to it...Jack Miles '73'.

It only takes Gwen a second to think 'That must be Rohanna's name before she changed?'

Gwen starts off asking softly to her friend, "Rohanna is that you?"

I turn my head to Gwen and sob out a quick, " was me."

"Well at least I now know your real name?...Jack?"

"DON'T say that!" I yell out at her...."He's DEAD!"

I move my hand to rub out the name, just as Gwen's hand shoots out and stops me, "DON'T! It has been here for over thirty years untouched...leave it!"

"Why?" I ask her as even more tears flow, then bark at her meanly, ..."He is dead...dead to me! Dead to you?"

"NO, he is not dead...damn it! He is right you!" she pokes at me in the chest, "Embrace him...remember him...heck, be him once and awhile. Don't just wipe him out."

I shake my head at her request, then my hand moves to wipe the chalk again and she stops me yet again, "NO! don't" she yells at me.

"Why...its all pain anyway?"

"You keep telling us Sidhe at school, to 'act' more like...elves or Sidhe FOR Christ's sake! But you on the other need need to act more human or your going to...lose to being an elf too much and will never fit into this world!"

I pound on the beam with my closed fist and the sudden thud echoes through the empty stage. She is right, I need him...that old human me. I need him to blend in more and come out more, or I will never fit-in here.

I sob back at her, "Your right...I will leave it and try to use what he was...more?"

She nods to me "So this is why you always got mad, when someone was watching a certain movie at Poe?"

I nod to her, as I say just a little bit calmer now, "Lets go back down and get going?"

We both start off toward the staircase, as I don't want to jump down or port...I want to walk down, while thinking a little and Gwen seems to understand my wants.

"Ohh this is too cool...wait till Loophole hears this!" Gwen sings out.

I stop her with my hand, then give her the stare of death as I stop walking down the stairs, "NO don't, she will never shut-up!"

"Owwww I get it," she rolls her eyes at coming to realize something, "no wonder you got really mad when we showed you Star worked on it!"

All I can do is growl at her.

"Ohh ya I can see how that can hurt...All those guys went on to make oodles of money and won awards. Where as you ended up here with us kids and elves at Poe. But look at it this way Ro? You are doing something more important now, something that will outlast some old sci-fi movie!"

We both get down to the ground floor in short order, then I spot Bill standing there with his arms crossed and he looks very mad at me, "Well! What was all that about?"

I start meekly back to him..."Bill Ple..."

AND Gwen interrupts me "Bill...drop it! She does not need that right now. She needed time...coming to grips with her past and...that is what that was about!" Gwen actually growls at him her growing displeasure.

"Ohhh I thought that might happen here.."

My more than shocked face just stares at him now, "What does that mean?" I finally ask him.

"I looked you up...I promised that I would never say anything to Sara. But the elf is out of the to speak. I knew who you were a week or so after you got to Whateley, I even took the file to Sara and she said to destroy it all. I did...all but one copy that is?"

I look at him and ask in a very low sad voice, "So you know who I am. Or was?"

"Yes...So Gwen? I need to know that we are on the same page. So what's was her name...first name?"

"Jack..." Gwen states.

" got it. I bet its written up there on a beam? As that was a tradition at the time ...heck I bet it still is! Well Jack after age eighteen did his apprenticeship right this studio for the most part then....went on to build lots of weird stuff for the EFX shops around here...his next to last picture he was working on...drum roll...Star Wars...At the time...just before the release, everyone thought it was going to FLOP! And badly too! But it did not, it changed how films were made for decades."

"See I was right! You are someone...just remember that!" Gwen beamed at me.

"Hey can we get out of this building, find a nice place for me to rest and gather my thoughts a little bit?" I ask both of them.

"The map has a real nice looking park area shown on it a few streets over, is that fine Rohanna?" Gwen asks me.

After I am all plopped out on a nice bench in that park area that Gwen found for us, she asks me just as I have to kick off my shoes to relax, "Well Rohanna, feeling better. I know this is not the Grove back home, but we have to make due?"

"This is better, the grass is nice and having some green around me works better than all that concrete and just so you know? I think that Griffith Park is a Grove too, I heard it calling softly to me last night."

"Really? Now that sounds so cool to me!"

"Yes it does, now I understand why no one ever built too much over there for two nearly hundred years."

"But Ro, did you want to talk some?"

"Please let me think for a few?"

As I sat there and turned inward. That human part of me started to make more sense today for the first time, it was the part of the combined new me that was truly free and not controlled by that cursed book!

That part kept me from being a robot, just waiting till someone like Aunghadhail found me and used me like a tool again. If ARC had not found me? That part of me might be all gone by now, so in reality...I owe them some thanks in a way.

What must be done now is come to grips with that human past or part and lets see what this week here does towards that new goal of mine.

As I leaned back into that nice wood bench and let my head sag back a little to look up to the nice sky. A cart shot up to us a few yards off and that girl PA (production assistant) got out, "Hey great I found ya, Peter is here and wants to do a few run throughs before Westly gets in. Are ya ready?"

"Yep might as well get this over with and see what the man wants from me?"


Monday April 30, 8:25 AM
Galactic studios

The PA drove us back to the sound stage quickly, all the while going on about all kinds of nonsense to us all and I just tuned it all out. At the stage, I noticed the workout mats had been finished being laid out by the crew and the green room was all set for my use as a place to change in.

Just inside the stage's doors, Timothy the agent who set this up, he greeted us and shook my hand while giving me that classic Hollywood plastic smile I knew so well, "Great to see you, let me get Peter over here and we can start the day off!" he grinned my way, then vanished quickly over to where Peter was talking to some others.

While they were gone, I slid into the Green room and locked the door. When it was shut, I called two sets of thin practice armor to cover the both of me in, thank Gaea I had two matching sets of them!

When I strolled back out, Peter was waiting for me by the work out mats and as I walked up to him. He grinned to me, "Love that dedication, right to work and ready to go!"

"She is a pro, Peter!" Timothy the agent shouted to him.

"Love the armor, it's a bit thin. But the look is good?" he wonders at me, then waves a man over to me, "Get a few reference stills of her in that please?"

At his orders, a girl with a camera came at me and then circled both of us snapping pictures. To make her job faster and easier, I stood still so she could work faster. When she was done, she winked at me a thanks, "That will work, want copies of them sent to you Miss?"

"I am sure some of the boys in my school would, but thanks I might think about it for later?"

Peter grinned at me next, "So I brought a few well trained stunt people with me, a great guy Chris and his workout mate at times Mary. She was on the Olympic judo team and world karate team at one time, Chris did sometime in the special forces with the marines."

"Ohh Force Recon, nice...." I beam at him, "you might be a challenge then!" I grin evilly to him.

"Rohanna, go gentle on them. They don't heal like you do or your classmates and then Doc Tenent is a bit far to do stage calls!" Bill warns me.

"Yep, slow and easy." I add next, "but Gwen can you help me to braid my hair real quick for this coming workout?"

"Sure!, she yelps at me and jumps to the task. She does one twins hair while that one does the other, three elves in a row doing hair... very funny! We get done in short order, I go over to the mat and ready myself with a few stretches.

The other twin me, she sits on the mats edge at the ready and closes her eyes to give me a bit less input. But this time, the twin overload is nearly gone and I can easily deal with the leftovers. In a few weeks at this rate, I will be back to nearly normal and just have to work on the new twins body with exercise...thanks to Sara!

As I flex out a few kinks from the day so far, Chris whistles at me, "Woof you elves are certainly more flexible than us?"

"Yep and much, much more too!" I warn him.

He walks to the mats center and I join him, "Rules if any?" he asks.

"There are none in war, just try not to get killed today please?" I grin back.

"Fine!" he barks suddenly and makes a leap kick at me. My body instantly slides out of the kicks way and spins an arm block to his next move of chopping a arm at my head.

"You're good, I like that!" I tell him as I back off a few feet slowly.

He makes a move to spin kick to my leg above the knee, that leg moves far to fast for him to connect with and my other leg spins me over by his side fast enough to toss him off balance to the mat. Chris leaps back up to his feet, as he roundhouse kicks at me, my right arm blocks it and grabs the ankle fast...I toss him across the mat with a thud.

"Well that is not going to work Peter, this kid is a exemplar and will beat me each time! Maybe two at the same time...Mary?" Chris yells out.

I hear it coming a mile off, Marry is leaping at my back and intends on kicking my knee. I spin to her and take a handful of that stupid karate Gi these morons wear. 'Who wears a shirt with built in handles to a fight...dumb!' is my only thought as I toss her about.

Chris thinks he sees an opening, he rushes me as I have Mary in both hands and he is wrong. I still have two legs that are not fighting right now, so one blocks him and once Mary is sent flying. I give him a few hits with my now free hands and send him back on the defensive again.

Mary is back on her feet very quickly from her toss and is coming at me again from behind. A fast spin kick stops that from happening and she falls back to defense again. But Chris tries his luck again and messes up badly.

I spot a huge opening and go for it. My outstretched leg from kicking at Mary comes around, the crook of my knee grabs Chris like a hook and I spin him hard to the mat.

My body just stops from twisting out of habit and breaking his neck clean...I sigh as I do remember 'Ito would get very mad at me, if I goofed that after all this time and then Toni would kill me!'

"Ya give or do we keep going?" I ask him and stare Mary down at the same time.

Chris taps my leg out and gets back up to his feet quickly, "Well Peter, this girl can do all her own moves for sure, We just have to keep up with her and I am so very sure she was playing with both of us for fun!" Chris laughs at us all standing there.

"Good to hear, is your twin just as good Rohanna ?" Peter asks me.

"Rehanna is recovering from an injury. But I don't think her practicing some will do any harm?" I state to Peter as my twin stands up and walks to the mats center to join me.

After the Rohanna me leaves the mat, Chris and Mary both flow into attacking the other me. For nearly twenty minutes the two of them try hard to keep up with me and even get a few blows of those landed on my face with a thud and my head snapped back from the fierce blow Chris landed.

"Got me good with that one Chris, I am a little slow and now see what I need more work on this month." I say to him and myself, as my strange blood drips off my split lip from his kick.

"Let's stop and fix that?" he asks me.

"I am good." I state back to him.

"Ahh no you're not Rohanna, besides that blood of yours being a regen type might be a bad thing to keep going?" Bill warns me, "So come over here and let me clean that up for you."

I give into Bill and his being the medic. So I stop the fight, to go over to him and get that wound looked at or at least the blood cleaned up. While Bill is busy working on me, we all hear a shout from across the stage.

"Hey what the heck are two Barbie dolls with wings doing to the craft services table!" a very frightened girl shouts at the whole stage and backs up from the table with a jump that would have made a Olympic athlete proud!

The other me ran to the table and look down at the growing mess. There were half eaten cookies all laying all about the table, candy wrappers strewn all over and honey smeared all over the place. Two very messy, but trying to look innocent Pixies looked up at me with growing sad eyes.

"Jabbress it was so good, to hard to resist all of this great food!" Violet cried to me.

"Al tu'd'dos ph'aluin ulu k'olah nindol jal phor, ji inbau jatha'la xuil dosst wlalths pholor nindel ky'ostal lu'inbau folbol dal l'iwaotc vel'uss snur nindol ulu k'olah ol jal phor qee. T'yin p'luin dosst tu'xunor, tesso mina dos ph'taudl!...xun ol nin" I barked at both in Drow, while stomping my foot and pointing at the person in charge of the craft service area.

(Well both of you are going to clean this all up, so get big with your spells on that armor and get something from the person who runs this table to clean it all up fast. Then after your both done, tell them you are sorry! it now!

"Yes Jabbress!" both shout at me, then start getting to their new shared chore and punishment. They both knew I was really mad at them right now, I just yelled at them in Drow!

"Sorry about that, sometimes they act like little kids when too much sugar or chocolate is around them. They will clean it all up right now."

Peter just has to laugh at what he sees and Bill is chuckling too. Most of the crew on the stage sees the pure funniness of it all and are not really mad at my two Pixies. But seemed a little surprised when both grow to nearly my size and start working on cleaning up the mess they made.

"So I have to guess, they are with you. Because I am sure my FX department did not make them!" Peter adds with a grin.

"Sadly right now," I glare at both starting to clean up the mess and they wither under my eyes, "They are with me. Both are my Pixies and friends for life." I explain to him.

Just as I get back to the mat from Bill cleaning me up, a large man walks into the stage screaming at Peter, "Well here I am Pete, now show me this villain that is playing next to me!"

"Over there on the workout mats Westly, that is Rohanna and her sister Rehanna. And they are playing the part of the villain in the film with you." he explains to the shouting actor.

Gwen leans over to me and whispers, "Well the asshole truck just dropped of it's load for the day!"

I just had to laugh at that one joke very hard.

"What is this Peter? A FAKE elf girl and a teenager to boot. She will suck at this part!"

That insult had me boiling within seconds!

"I chose her and she is great for it. Then the added plus is, she can do her own fighting stunts!" Peter grins back.

"Well there is no way I am pulling my punches or my style of fighting, to keep some kid from getting hurt. Just hire a good stunt double for the kid's parts, there is no way she could keep up with me!"

"She can, we were about to do a run through of some sword action with her?" Peter glance at me.

"Don't bother Peter, she will surely suck at it. That girl is far to young to have any skills, besides that make-up is so fake...the eyes...the ears...the skin color is so off! She should be more gray or black in color like others I saw this month on the net?"

"Rohanna, dear? Run through some sword...ahh forms I think you call them for Westly...please?"

"Yes Peter," I nod back to him and go to a rack of metal practice blades and a few wooden ones to grab one by the hilt, as I find one that fits my needs.

"Ahh drop it Peter, this FAKE elf deal sucks. I can tell by the way she walks that she has no skills!" he barks and points at me again.

"DAMN IT HUMAN I AM NO FAKE!" I bark at him, "I am DROW! Come over here to me and prove your words to me!"

"Good try at acting the part little girl, but I don't want to hurt you?"

A blade of my very own collection comes to hand with a twirl and I toss it at his feet with a loud clatter. Then my other hand snatches a wooden blade off the stand in a smooth motion, "You had better pick that blade up and defend those insults! Because I intend on hurting you right now for each insult you just made to me!"

"Rohanna STOP THIS!" Bill warns me.

"Bill remember, no one orders me anymore! Besides this piece of shit, he just insulted my blade skills...I am a Jabbress...a Mistress of the blade from the Sidhe Academy and no human insults that without blood shed!" I bark back at him.

"Nice trick?" Westly says back to me, as he picks up the tossed blade and studies it, "Hey this is a real nice blade...where did you get it?"

"I made it, long before humans could even write words on paper stolen from us Sidhe!" then I take a very serious swipe at his head, with the wooden practice blade.

Westly barely ducks the practice blade coming for his head and leaps back a few feet away from me, "Hey stop that, don't make me hurt you!"

"You had better start attacking me or defending yourself! Because the next attack I do, it will hurt you very bad!" I growl a warning and take a measured step towards him.

I make that threat...reality with another swing at his head, this time he blocked it barely with his blade and now he quickly understands...I mean business!

"I told you to stop!" he barks at me again.

My answer is a quick leap forward with a strike to his ribs, that makes him wince in pain, "I will not stop, not until you apologize to me or are hurt so bad you can't insult me again!"

"Ohh girl, you and that fake make-up are going to regret this!" he hiss at me.

"Not a fake... A Drow! Human stain." and I add a new swipe at his head again to prove I am not backing down. Westly gets the blade up just in time to stop it!

"Peter, get this girl off me before she gets hurt!" he asks while backing up from me.

"Westly, she is a real Drow! You might want to give in and do as she asks?" he laughs at him.

"What a real Elf?" he asks and that insult gains him a vicious crack to his leg from my blade!

"That hurt you bitch!" he shouts at me.

"I meant it too! If this blade was not wood, that leg would be gone and I would take it home as a prize!"

Now Westly makes a try at me, a less than full speed one. He is trying to get me off him without hurting me at the same time. A mistake!

He takes a fast step forward and makes a swing at my blade trying to disarm me or cut the blade in two. The wooden blade in my hand, comes up fast to meet him and I slide a bit sideways to deflect the blow, thus saving the blade from any damage.

When he sees that there is not even a 'nick' in the wood of the blade, "Hey this blade you gave me must be dull!" and he checks it's sharpness with is thumb. All he gets back is a bad cut from testing the blade's edge.

"Don't blame my blade for your lack of skill, that blade is worth far more than you!" I chuckle at his pain.

"What? How can a blade be worth that much!"

"It's Mithril and Sidhe made...human!"

"Bullshit, no one makes blades out of that stuff!"

"CALL ME A LAIR!" I shout at him and lunge at him.

"Ohh he is so fucked!" Gwen chirps to Bill, "That was going over the line, his insulting Ro's blades and her craftsmanship!"

Next comes several quick slashes from me at him, I am trying to hurt him now! My blade goes for his side and ribs. Then moves to hitting a leg to make him fall, next comes several swings at his head.

Westly barely keeps up and only one blow of mine snuck into land on his ribs. This is when I noticed it, those ribs should have broke! NO shattered?...this guy is a wonder he does his own stunts!

"Not bad, human. But I can're a mutant. A exemplar two is my guess?" I whisper to him and we trade blows in close. I doubt anyone but him hears me.

"No I am not!"

"Ohh yes you are, I practice fighting with dozens each week and you have to be one to even keep up with me!" I say back to him in a low angry voice, now growing colder with my rage.

"Shut up and quit lying about me!" and he starts really cutting loose on his attacks at me!

Now we really start at it and this fight ratchets up a few notches!

We trade blows for several minutes all over the workout mats, I flow into trying to hurt him but not kill. Because Ito or Carson would get very mad at me, besides the MCO wanting to talk to me about a slowly cooling corpus at my feet!

Westly is trying hard to land even one hit or cut my wooden blade in two to disarm me and he is having no luck. He keeps 'ramping' up his speed and strength to get at me and it's not working.

I keep drawing him into making mistakes and make him pay in pain for each one. Then I see a good spot, step into his blade and fling it from his fingers. While it spins into the air, I quickly slide behind him and wrap a arm around his neck. My other arm drops my practice blade and grabs his free arm to keep him still.

Westly can't believe it happened to him...a kid disarmed him with a wooden stick and he had a very sharp metal sword!

The other me leaps off from her kneeling at the mat's edge, over to us both and swipes the blade falling from the air. Then places the point over his heart to make a 'point' that he just lost!

"Give up now, then apologize to me in front of everyone!" I whisper into his ear.

"No!" he tries to shout, but only gasps under my arms harder pull to his neck.

"Give up now, or I hurt you bad!"

"You won't do it!"

"Ohh heck with this. I am going to either break you neck...or rip out your neck with my teeth and watch you bleed out! And I am leaning towards...bleed out right now!" I pull harder against his spine to prove I mean it!

"Fine I give!" he gasps and I drop him.

Westly tries to get up too fast for me liking it, so I swing a kick at his side to put him down again, he spins around to try and stand back up. My twin whips the blade to his neck and barks at him, "Stay on your knees and give that apology you just agreed to right now!"

"I am sorry to insult what you are and what your skills are."

"Thanks, from here on out no grudges?" I ask him.

"I want a rematch someday!"

"You will lose again." is all I say to him, as I walk away.

Westly gets more than a little mad at me, just before Peter grabs his arm and leads him to a waiting trailer, "Come here West! We have to talk a little before you get into more trouble with her?"

Peter shoves him into the trailer with ease, after guiding him outside to it. Once inside it, that rather 'rolly polly' older man shoved him into a seat with ease, "Westly, I always knew you were a asshole. But yelling at that kid before I had a chance to tell you about her...that was stupid!"

"SO Pete, she is just a kid?"

"That kid is exactly what she said she is, that is why I wanted to hire her for this part. Then you moron! That teen black girl you talked about all last month...the martial arts one?"

"Chaka...the mutant, that is teaching or founding the best martial art for humans in the world right now I hear?"

"Yep, that one. This Drow practices with her nearly everyday and Chaka beats her most of the time. The rest of the times, it is a draw!"


"Then add this, that other mutant that showed up with the jade blade you want to see someday?"

"No...don't tell me?"

"Yep, her too. They come to a draw almost always. Rohanna and her sister learn from her and she teaches the other girl how the Sidhe or elves sword fight back as a trade!"

"Ohh man I insulted the wrong kid?"

"I will not go into what magic she knows...the rumors are even worse!"

"I will make-up with her then." Westly gives in to reason.

"You better do that, if you want that big fat check I write for you to get written...EVER AGAIN! This set of twins is far too perfect for the part, for me pass up and if you just messed that up for me. You are done acting for me!" he warns.


"What now!" he barks back.

"She knows?" Westly says meekly.

"Knows what?"

"Enough to get the MCO on me and me gone to jail I am sure?"

"Shit, you just had to go show off. Didn't you! Well let me go get them in here and fix this mess...if she agrees to it? So you better pray while I am gone, that she is as nice as I think she is!"

Back in the stage, I am sucking down a few nice bottles of that fine soda and grabbing a quick PB&J sandwich. Bill is watching over me and sees how mad I am still. Gwen is talking a mile a minute about the fight and how I gave him 'what for' in the name of us elves!

When I spot Peter coming our way, I whisper to Bill, "I think this is not going to work out for me. I don't like that guy Westly and this was a mistake to even come out here?"

"Well lets hear him out and you think it over tonight maybe?" Bill asks me.

"Okay Bill, I always listen to ya."

"No you don't. When you get mad...nothing gets through to you!"

"You got me there! But I try Bill?" he just nods back to me.

"Rohanna, Rehanna. Can we talk in my trailer away from prying ears?" Peter asks me.

"Only if Bill and Gwen can come too. Or no."

"Fine, I should have guessed that and please?" he waves a arm guiding us all to this large two story trailer. This thing was huge, like nothing I had ever seen!

Once inside, he offers all of us a seat in the full floor living area, "Well lets talk, Westly is very sorry now. Especially after I told him who you train with back at Whateley and I am sure he wants to meet them someday. But his making you mad, might make that go away forever?"

Gwen barks at him for me, "You bet, we all live in the same cottage dorm and stick together!"

"Rohanna, Rehanna. I am so sorry to doubt your word or skills and that was very stupid of me to even think that?" Westly says meekly to me.

"You bet you messed up, Rohanna can't lie...she just can't do it and those who call my friend a liar regret it!" Gwen warns him.

"Gwen shush!" I jab her in the ribs to shut her up.

Bill laughs a bit, then starts speaking and he does not look happy now, "Just so you both know this, the Leigh twins can not lie ever. They are bound to tell the truth always by magic we can only dream about. Then add Westly?"

He looks up from being a bit submissive to us all, "Yes...sir?"

"Both of them have more knowledge of fighting, than any of us will ever see. These twins have the memories of a Drow from ancient times with nearly fifty thousand years of combat under her belt and her not killing you...that was her holding all that back!" Bill growls at both of them.

"I see Bill," Peter begins, "That is why I am sure now, that she should be in this movie and that roll will be as the villain. But it will be a great one and one that will get her name out there!"

"I would only do this, so that Sidhe are respected better by you humans and that is the only reason for doing it. I don't need personal gain of any sort."

"Well it pays well?"

"I have no real need for money, it just gives me toys that I really don't need?"

"So you are rich then?" Westly asks me.

"Yes, in a way. But I don't need anything the world offers to get by, I can live off the land for decades with ease."

"Okay I can see where this is going to! Here is a deal for you, I pay you well and give the Sidhe great press. Then that gains your kind acceptance and you don't have to wear the illusion charm I saw today?"

"You saw that?" I question him.

"Yes I did and I know you wear that when you go out in public all the time. Let me and this picture fix that. After we are done, you might have to wear it to keep people from bugging ya to much!"

"I am not sure?" I say softly, as I start mulling over it.

"Well what else do you want?"

"I know!" Gwen beams at me.

"Go girl!" I give her the lead.

"Westly does some PSA commercials and gets seen at some events for us mutants, as well as us elves?"

"I will have to think about that?" Westly tells us.

"Okay then, all is good for now and we are all thinking towards a good goal. So lets all get cleaned up. I have a trailer for both of you standing by to shower in and when you are done...we all go eat!"

"I can deal with that," I state and get a nod from Bill and Gwen.

As I get up to leave, Peter stops me with a sigh, "Miss Leigh, I have to ask you this?"

"Yes, what?"

"You know that Westly is a mutant, he does have a MCO card under another name. But almost no one knows about that other name...not even the press! We need that to be kept quiet?"

"I would never 'out' another mutant when they don't want it. That would be cruel at best and could get someone killed in the worst case?"

"So we have your word?" Westly just had to ask me.

"I just gave it, but if you need to hear the words...I promise to never tell anyone you are a mutant Westly...unless you ask or everyone already knows it. Is that good enough for you, or do you want a binding blood oath too?" I grin at him.

"Blood oath, you actually do those things?" Westly jumps in with a gulp.

"Yes in us users of magic, it's quite common to do them?"

"What if you broke it?"

"Me, that would never happen." I shake my head to him, "But it could kill me or strip my soul from me?" I just had to grin at him and make this seem more than unusual to him.

"Ahh I don't need something that drastic!" Westly waves off to me quickly.

"Good to hear, now if I can go? I want that shower because I feel all dirty right now?"


Monday April 30, 4:45 PM
Galactic studios

When I was all finished up with that shower, then dressed back in my nice jeans and shirt. I started to pull on a light jacket on each of me, one was that pink kitty one and the other was my black denim one.

All of us stepped out of the trailer that Peter had set-up for my use and just outside was two waiting SUV's. With Peter grinning at me when he noticed I was coming out, "Well off to early dinner, my treat of course!"

As I started to pull out my illusion charms as I always did going out to where regular humans can see me, Peter stops me with a wave of his hand, "Miss Leigh, you can leave that off in LA for the most part. You will find that we here in California are a lot more accepting of mutants and you can regularly see one walking on the streets unmolested."

"Even one as strange looking as me?" I questioned him, so very unsure of his statement.

"Ohh yes, there are many people here that have...what do you call it? GSD and look far stranger than you do. To me you are very cute and someday I would bet, become a real beauty! Far too young for me, but who knows what you might catch out there!"

"Bill have you heard of this?" I ask the best one here that would know and I trust.

"Well Rohanna, LA here does accept mutants in the city far better than anyone right now in the US does, only Japan seems to do better for the most part?"

"Fine I will leave them off, but if anything goes wrong...I am gone so fast you will not believe it happened."

"I am so sure that we will have fun, but jump in the SUV please."

Peter, plus his few lackeys took over the first SUV and Westly jumped into that one alone with him. We elves and Bill took the other following close behind.

The SUVs wound it's way down the streets of Los Angles, I was glued to the window searching for a bit of familiar road or a building that I knew from the past and found most had changed, all save the roads.

Both vehicles dropped out of the Hollywood hills and into the city proper. Then made a small turn more towards the west side of LA and soon enough we stopped at a very large restaurant. One that had a very nice valet and drop off drive going around it's front.

But what grabbed me most about place, was a small crowd out front and in that small gathering of humans was photogs or to some paparazzi. That started to get me more than worried when I spotted all those camera lenses and I drifted back to that first embarrassing night when Peeper got pic's of me so very undressed...Gaea I wanted to gut him like a fish for that!

"Bill look at all of them, they will eat me alive out there!" I warned and almost cried.

"It will be fine, Gwen is with you and I am right behind you. So if it gets out of hand, please just 'port' away and leave them wondering?" he smiled to me and grasped a hand to give me some courage.

"Yep Rohanna, f-them if they cause crap. I got ya!" Gwen said and gave me a quick hug.

Peter, with his group jumped out first and the crowd took tons of photos. Then started to ask him question, next Westly came out of the SUV and joined him for a second or two of questions. When our SUV stopped in the drive, Westly ran over to our SUV and he helped get the door open for me. So I could get out first with Gwen, plus Bill close behind me.

It was a madhouse at the doors, the few ushers kept the photogs behind the small iron fence and they all tossed maddening questions at Peter about his new film. When they all spotted the twin me's walking up with Westly, the crowd went nuts and the sounds of the camera shutters was like electronic crickets on a hot summer night!

One nearest the front yelled out, "Peter, that the new make-up for your Lord of Thrones pic being filmed in New Zealand?"

"Why no, this is not make-up. I only give my audience the best! I found a real true ELF or Drow twins for one of my parts and we are in negotiations right now for the role." Peter grinned knowing he had them in his hands with all the curiosity and the free press time was worth millions!

"Westly...West! Are they your new girlfriends!" one shouted to him.

"Nope, this fine actress to be. She is far to young for even me...she is still a teen in high school! Darn you guys are too funny!" he laughed at the more than silly question.

"So you found a mutant for that role Peter?" one photog shouts out suddenly.

" this case, this is a real Drow. A real creature of the Fae and not a case of GSD folks!"

"So she is magic?" one very young girl in the crowd asks.

"Well all Fae are magical and I am told she does use it from time to time?" Westly grins at the crowd.

But me hearing that child and her cute voice makes me more than bold. ~"Violet go fly to that one and show her some fun...Please?"~

~"Got it BOSS"~ she squeals back to me mentally.

Violet fades into sight sitting on my shoulder, stretches out a yawn to act up the part and flies off to the girl. Once she gets close to her, she whispers to the small girl, "We are all magic! And so are you!" then touches her nose with a finger, "BOOP!" and gives off a little burst of spell light.

Once the girl giggles like mad at her, Violet flies off to sit again on my shoulder. Then I lean over to Gwen and whisper in her ear, "Hey give that kid a illusion pixie for the day!"

"Good idea...done!" and Gwen walks over to the kid. She asks for her hand palm up and places a illusion pixie in it. These usually hold her wacky glamour for her. But this one is made a little more independent and will follow the girl around for the day till it fades.

As Gwen does her thing, a small Pixie pops into the girls palm with a 'poof' of light and stretches out from laying down pretending to sleep. Then jumps up and flies around her head a few loops, to hover next to her.

"Here ya go small one! She will follow all day, till she fades and goes back home. Have fun with her!" Gwen grins to her.

"Wow she is mine for the day?" she laughs with a huge grin on her face.

"Yes, she just follows you and watches over you for the day. That is all this one can do, but there are others and those are always around doing good things!"

"Neat....Look mom I got a fairy!" the more than excited girl yelps to her mom standing behind her and raises a finger to the Pixie. Who touches the kids finger, then lands in her palm again when the girl presents it to her.

Gwen laughs at the girl, "This is a Pixie, a true fairy is a bit smaller and the wings are a little bit different?"

Gwen doing that small act, set the photogs on overdrive and the sound of clicking cameras nearly drowned out all speech! No the mention the all inclusive 'aww that's cute!" sigh coming from the crowd just now.

Peter sees a break in the action and jumps at it, "Hey all, we are hungry and need to get going in for dinner. So if all of you great media folks don't mind...we are off!" and he takes my arm to guide me into the restaurant.

Behind him, Westly takes my other twins arm and then Gwen's. Then smiles to the crowd for some last shots of the three of us, "Have a nice night people!" he shouts and walks into the now open doors.

Once inside, the greeter for the restaurant leads us off to a large booth and gets us all seated. Then a waiter takes over from there, "Well this is a first for us, we have never served Elves! So what would you ladies like to have?"

Gwen chirps in rather quickly as I scan over the menu a little bit, "Well us Elves, we don't eat any meat and do like potatoes a bit?"

"Well we have a vegan lasagna that is great, or there are several stone fired pizzas that we serve meatless and I can bring you a sample plate of our potato centered meals...ladies?"

"That would be fine all of that please?" I say and hand him the menu.

"So you ladies want to share all that?"

"No...please bring a large pizza..." one twin says.

"....For both of us, the lasagna and the potatoes!" the other finishes.

"And you Miss?" he looks at Gwen.

"I will have the same...please?" she grins and hands him the menu.

"That is a lot of food for one person to eat?" he questions our orders.

"Well...sir. Us elves or Sidhe as we prefer to be called, we do eat a lot! So to be safe, please keep your hands and legs away from our plates to keep them!" Gwen smiles evilly at him.

"Funny Miss, but you said you don't eat meat?" he laughs a little.

"Ohhh we don't, but BITE marks do hurt and so do chunks torn from limbs!" I add with a grin of my pointy teeth.

He laughs again, gets the orders from the rest of the table and he vanishes.

While dinner is coming, Peter has to just laugh at what we all did at the doors on the way in, "That little trick with the Pixies you two, that little stunt will gain me and this film so much free press! You can't buy that kind of goodwill coverage!"

"Yes, letting that little girl have a Pixie of yours was a great idea Gwen!" Westly adds in.

"Well Rohanna told me too and it worked out is all?" she admitted to both of them.

"How about this, I will have a pre-loaded debit card dropped off at your hotel with..." Peter ponders something for a second, "say a thousand on it, for you to spend on this trip as you want to?"

"Great I'll take it!" Gwen yelps out in joy.

After the main meal was finished up and the waiter had brought us either coffee or a really fine herbal tea, that I was thoroughly enjoying as we chatted about the film.

"So Rohanna, how do you feel about taking this acting job for my picture?"

"I am not sure if she wants to tell you yet?" Bill jumps in first.

"Bill actually I think doing this job would be a great thing for me to do? Did you see that crowd, none of them looked at me like I was a monster of some sort and they really seemed to like what I did for the little girl with Violet?"

"Yep they did and Gwen adding in that pixie magic sealed the deal for ya!" Westly adds next.

"Peter my mind is set, this acting part of yours...I want it!"

"Well then, all we have to agree on is pay and I will go over that with Timothy your agent. I assure you I will be fair on it!"

"Most of what I want is residuals?"

"Ohh I bet you do and a contract extension to get paid them, I already heard that Elves have extremely long lives and I am ready for that want in our contract negotiations."

Westly squints my way with a question, "Rohanna, who long do Elves or Drow live?"

"In my last time on earth, I lived over fifty thousand and the Queen I worked under was well over two hundred thousand years old."

"Woof that could net you some serious cash over the years!"

"Yep it might, one small brick at a time builds a mansion!" I grin to him.

"Well tomorrow come to the lot at Seven in the morning and we will have a make-up person standing by to see what looks good on that skin of yours. Then later after that is done and photographed, you go back to the stage. Where we do 3D scans of your body and head for any CGI we do in the movie."

"Sounds like a full day for me?"

"That is just the start, over the next few days. We move on to some measurements for costumes, test fitting the same on you and that takes a day. Then we wait a day, come back and do test shots with the basics on your body, to see what they look like on camera."

"Ya I know the whole spiel for the most part, this will take some time this week to get done."

"Great!" Peter says to me and starts to get up to leave the table, "You will meet up with Arthur Bassett the head of my FX department and the best in the business!"

That name floored me, it did the same when I read it on the list of who was working on this picture and tomorrow I had to see him. There was hope in me coming here that I would not have to see him so soon? But here it was, my human past coming at me like a freight train!

For the trip back to the hotel, I just remained silent for all of it and by the time we got there and said our 'goodnights' to both Peter and Westly. I had talked a little with Gwen about shopping, but outside of that I had kept very silent... too silent for Bill not to worry.


Once we walked back to the room and Bill had given Jineen a hug. He did not even waste time telling her what happened all day, he just called me out right there on my silence.

"Well Rohanna, tell me what's bugging you? Because right after Peter told you to come back tomorrow for more photos and CGI scans you went very silent...too darn silent for me."

Before I even glanced his way, I stopped at the fridge in the small kitchen and grabbed two sodas, along with a few bags of chips out of the cabinet next to it. When I finally looked Bill's way, his stare at me was very harsh indeed.

"Well tell me?" Bill almost growled at me, "No delaying it anymore?"

"Bill honey, take it easy on her. This can not be easy for her?"

"Jineen, Rohanna had what I call a hard day and we now know who she was as a human. She had a great break through some might call it?" Gwen added next, as I poured out some chips onto a plate.

"Good to hear, she faced down the demons and won!"

"Yes, but she got all to quiet right after we finished dinner up and left to come back here to the room?"

Jineen smiles at me next, "Rohanna, just tell us what spooked you...take a few baby steps and this will all workout soon enough?"

One of the many snack packs of cookies gets pulled out of the basket of them on the counter I just sat at with my plate and drinks. After I open them, I spin them over to Violet and Lilac to have and wave them over with a thought ~"Come eat little ones."~

As I watch the two of them eat, that calms me a bit and I begin slowly with a sigh, "That man I am to see tomorrow at the stage, Arthur Bassett."

"Yep I heard that name and made a note about it in my little book, so what is he to you Rohanna?" Bill asks as he sits across the counter from me.

"Jack used to work with him and after a few years of that, he got promoted because he had a few years of collage and became his boss from there on out. He worked a lot with Jack over the years doing many things, almost up till that last month Jack was alive." I state and grab a few chips off the plate to eat slowly.

"But Jack is you and not dead?" Gwen states back to me and gains a stare from me for saying it.

"Gwen, let her be please. Rohanna needs to say this like she wants steps remember I asked for them?"

"Ohh I get it...I'll shut-up and listen."

"Gwen please say what ever you want to, you're a fellow Sidhe and that is your right?" I shake my head to her.

"So this Arthur guy, Jack knew him?" Jineen questions me next in her soft voice.

"Yep very well, we did a whole lot of jobs together over the years." I say and take a few slow sips of soda.

"So what are you going to do tomorrow when you see him?" she asked again and Gwen looked on with Bill, each wondering silently if I was Okay right now.

"I have no idea, they did so very much together and it would takes days to talk about it. Heck at times, they kept each other alive in some very not so nice places?" my voice said softly, then I drifted off thinking of those many times.

Bill has to snap his fingers in my face to get me back to 'the here and now'..."Rohanna, you alright there?"

"Ya Bill," I snap back to looking at him from my just drifting away, "Just fine, I was thinking just then."

"So any plans for tomorrow or ideas on what you are going to do?" he had to ask me.

"I'll face that when it gets here and not before?" I tell him and get up to ring Samuel's bell to get some food sent to my room for the night. A night that I doubt I will rest any during it's long hours...waiting for morning to come and what comes with it.




Shadowsblade here.

This story in a joint venture with a group of fan fic authors, so far this group is made up of Nuuan, then Branek and finally myself. We all got together and after a jumpy start decided to make a group of stories that all take place within the Whateley fanfic universe.

To have an idea about the main protagonist this story's will develop
around here is a short introduction.

Angels Peril a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
Tormented by the past, Angel is struggling between light and dark.

Melvin a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
They say old soldiers never die, Melvin is about to learn that the hard

The Way of the Dragon a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
Born for eternity but vulnerable like a child, dragons shouldn't leave
their nest.

Every Rose has it Thorns a Whateley Tale: Written by Nuaan
Watch what you say around rose, could give you more trouble than you ever
asked for.
This one is coming soon, bug him for it! lol

Kelly a Whateley Tale: Written by Nuaan
Struggling with fate, Kelly has to deal with love and loss.

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade
Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and

Vantier a Whateley Tale :Written by Shadowsblade
Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to
find her place in it.

You might ask yourself what is the Whateley Universe? To make it short,
here is a abstract straight out off the wiki.

Whateley is a Prep School for different teens. VERY different ones. Where else could a kid go to a school that has a resident demon living in the furnace? Or meet magic users, mutants of every imaginable kind, get trained in how to handle some rather odd abilities, and worry about
flunking Freshman English? Come visit Whateley Academy, nestled in the
lovely hills of New Hampshire. Just down the road from a town named
Dunwich... (Mythos jokes purely intentional).
This is the Whateley Academy Universe, a shared universe with over a dozen authors and more than a hundred stories (and counting). The stories range in size from vignettes to novels. It's a Mutant High scenario with both a strong transgender theme and a slightly watered down Cthulhu Mythos theme.

It's also very much a work in progress.'
If you want further information you will find them on.


But I have to thank, Both Branek and Nuuan for their vast input and the ability they both have to 'bounce' off ideas and improve them!

To all my readers who have e-mailed me and given support--THANKS!

Please feel free, to add a review to this story and others. As those kind words are 'cookies' that keeps that muse well fed on the 'sometimes' long breaks between stories!

Copyright © 2016 by Shadowsblade

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,
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photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods,
without the prior written permission of the Author, except in the case of
brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other
noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

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