Step By Step Chapter 2

Tanisha turned out to be a pretty young light skinned black woman, 5'6", 130 pounds, perhaps 22 or 23 years old. She lived in a fairly decent sized three bedroom house about four blocks away from the Skate Park, the house had belonged to her parents. They had passed it on to her when her father retired last year, having just turned 55, and he and his wife moved down to a small house in southern Florida.

The boys quickly picked the bedroom they wanted, then set their suitcase and backpack on the floor against the wall in each room.

They sat in the living room for about half an hour, talking to Tanisha, telling her about recent events before both of them started yawning.


The next morning, Wednesday, February 1, the boys were awake just after 7 AM; the semester wasn't quite finished just yet, some tests would take place over the next few days; the new semester would start the following week and run until the third week of June.

As both of them had already done all of their tests, they could chill for a few days, there was no requirement to actually be in the school.

Tanisha knocked on their doors just after 7:30 AM, saying that she would be getting ready to go to work. When they informed her that they didn't have to be in school, she shook her head, then made them promise to stay in the house and not get into any trouble.

Tanisha left the house just before 8:30 AM, the boys had had a quick breakfast of cereal and toast before they decided to see what was on the TV, dropping on the couch with no thought of what might happen. Luckily, the couch was quite sturdy, not likely to break easily.

They flipped through the channels Tanisha's cable system provided, not seeing anything interesting, then Paul saw the game system lying partially hidden under a three day old newspaper on the coffee table. It turned out to be a Playstation 4, with four games lying beside it. Upon closer inspection, the four games were found to be Battlefield 1, Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4 and Final Fantasy XV.

They were so wrapped up in the games they were still playing when Tanisha returned just after 5:30 PM. When Tanisha saw later on how they were sitting down on the couch, she ripped them a good one, "That couch is a one of a kind, worth almost $10k. Treat it with some respect!"

Tanisha had called a friend that day who worked in the court system, the boys would be seeing a judge on Friday afternoon.


Tanisha started preparing the meal, having decided to cook mac and cheese, with sides of sausage and broccoli. She figured that it would be good for them to learn how to cook, so she called them into the kitchen and had them watch as she made the meal.

They made short work of the food; Tanisha shook her head, they obviously needed to learn how to act as girls. She told them to wash and dry the dishes; once they finished that, she would start their lessons in Girl 101, perhaps they might even learn some manners.

They blushed and nodded, then turned back to the dishes; ten minutes later, they joined her in the living room.

She drilled them for over two hours on basic female gestures, how to sit, how to stand, and discussed how to eat properly.

As the clock on the mantel struck 9 PM, she stopped and told them they could relax for half an hour before going to bed.


The next day was a repeat of the day before. Tanisha watched as they ate breakfast, they weren't eating like total slobs now at least. She was on her way out the door when she realized they had been paying attention, some of the mannerisms were being used by them.

The boys played the games as they had the day before, although they were a fair bit quieter this time, correcting each other constantly.

When she returned home, she had them help as she prepared a casserole from scratch, nodding in approval when they acted appropriately.

Once again, she drilled them on the items she had taught them the night before, correcting gently and giving praise where it was due.

Before they headed to their rooms, she told them that they would need to be on their best behaviour in the courtroom the next day. She also said that they should wear their best slacks, a clean white shirt and a tie, presenting a decent image was important.


Early on the 3rd of February, Tanisha noticed that the boys' gestures and manners were slowly shifting to female ones, she smiled. She told them that they needed to be in the courthouse by 1:15 PM, their case would be called at or around 2 PM, maybe sooner.

The boys fooled around until about 10:30 AM, then they went in and showered, Paul first, then James; once they were out, they pulled on robes and made a quick lunch of roast beef sandwiches with sliced pickles. After eating, they brushed their teeth and dressed as ordered.


Tanisha had given them some money to use to go to Henderson, the county seat; the courthouse was located on the main square. They paid the cab once they reached the courthouse, then stepped out of the car, not realizing they were doing so in a feminine manner.

After talking to a woman in a room just off the front lobby, they walked to courtroom 103, entered and sat in the seats provided.

At 1:26 PM, they noticed Tanisha as she entered the courtroom; she saw them and soon was sitting next to them.

They sat there quietly as the case currently underway was remanded for three weeks, then they were called up. Tanisha led them to the table where a dapper looking older man was just opening a briefcase. At that point, their father ran into the court, looking rather disheveled.

It quickly became obvious that their father had no lawyer, it seemed he would be arguing his own case. This could be interesting.

The lawyer Tanisha had convinced to help them made his initial statement, giving a brief rundown of recent events in the boys' lives. When he finished, their father muttered a rather foul curse word, then blathered on for five minutes about a father's rights with his children. It didn't help him at all that he was dropping curse words fairly regularly, eventually the Judge became tired of it all.

"Mr. Brently, that 's enough. If I hear one more curse word from you, I'll hold you in contempt. This is a courtroom, not a brothel. Now, this appearance has nothing to do with what you feel your parental rights may be. I have an affidavit in front of me, signed by Miss Tanisha Blaine, that states you intended to beat your two boys here when they both implied a desire to transition to become female.

"I don't care where you come from, sir, such things are NOT just cause to beat or terrify children in your care. As you have a history of minor assaults stretching back over the last ten years, I feel that leaving these boys in your custody would result in substantial harm to them.

"Because of that, and you and your wife's frequent drunkenness, I'm awarding temporary custody to Miss Tanisha Blaine. Furthermore, you and your wife will not come within 1000 feet of anywhere the boys might normally go and the same distance around Miss Blaine's house."

"Miss Blaine, this temporary custody order will last for three months. If the boys want it extended, they'll need to inform the court."

"That is all. This court is now adjourned."

The boys' father said several swear words, at which point the Judge snapped, "You are in contempt, Mr. Brently. At the moment, based on your income history, I'm fining you $1000. One more comment like that, and you'll be doing 30 days and have a $5000 fine to pay."

Their father shook his head, exiting the courtroom as fast as possible.


Tanisha and the boys had a fun weekend for the most part; they spent most of Saturday down at the Skate Park. Several more hours of instruction regarding feminine gestures, manners, sitting, standing, eating, etc., began to have an obvious and positive effect.


Monday morning, February 6th, the boys were back in school, they had to consciously dampen their desire to act in a feminine manner. They managed to get through the day without too much hassle, although Paul did end up being shoved into a locker by a football player. Truth to tell, though, that had happened to both boys several times in the past, so things seemed to be pretty much normal for them.

Girl lessons were held for about two hours each evening, the forced repetition was bringing the appropriate responses more often now.

The rest of the week was pretty much the same, although they did manage to avoid any further physical embarrassments.

The weekend was like the one before, they were at the Skate Park most of Saturday, and learning female things the rest of the weekend.

Monday and Tuesday, February 13th and 14th, were okay. Things took a whole different turn on the 15th, however.


It was just hitting 4 PM that day when Paul noticed their father entering the Skate Park; he looked around, saw his boys and started moving around the skate area. It didn't take long before he reached them; he grabbed Paul, hauled him to his feet, then pulled his hand back.

It was all too obvious what their father intended to do to him, Paul saw the big woman moving in, but couldn't do anything about the first punch. Paul sagged in his father's arms, then his father turned partway around as someone tapped on his shoulder from behind him.

'Sweet Mother of Mary', he breathed as he saw the woman, who promptly said, "Perhaps you might prefer to pick on someone your own size?"

Paul heard people talking on phones nearby, at least two clearly said "Police, please," as he waited for the next blow to fall, only it didn't.

His father let him go, Paul backed away, one hand up to his face which was already beginning to show signs of a bruise. His father laughed, "You're a woman! Even as big as you are, you're just a nuisance I need to shove out of my way," as he threw a right cross at her face.

The woman grinned as she grabbed the big man's hand, then squeezed it hard. "I'm no weakling, buster. I won state in California for wrestling in my 2nd, 5th and 6th years of university, I also took judo and karate in my 4th, 5th and 6th years. I have a blue belt in judo, and a green belt in karate. I may not be an expert in either one, but I can handle an arsewipe like you easily enough," as she tightened her grip again.

Their father winced, this girl was strong. He backed up a half-step, then tried to kick her behind the knees; she sidestepped it, barely even looking down, then she turned and flipped their father over her shoulder, dropping him flat on the cold, hard ground.

He grunted as he slowly stood up, then threw a combination of a right cross and a left hook, which she avoided by ducking low. When she was low to the ground, she dropped into a sideways roll, coming up standing about five feet away from the now seriously pissed off male.

She was turned so that she wasn't quite facing him. He lunged, throwing a punch at her kidneys which glanced off her left side. Now she was starting to get annoyed, she laughed at him, "This is how you throw a rabbit punch, jerkoff," as she nailed him hard in the left kidney.

He dropped instantly, rolling back and forth on the ground, shrieking in pain.

Paul watched from about ten feet away as the first cop reached down and grabbed his father, rolled him over and snapped on the cuffs. His father was still screaming even as the cops lifted him up, Mirandized him and half-dragged him to the nearest police car. The nicest things that could be understood were screams about "filthy tranny faggots", "perverted scum", and "goddamn interfering faggot loving bitch".


Paramedics and another pair of police officers were on the scene within two or three minutes of the fight ending.

One of the paramedics gave Paul a quick examination. "Okay, Paul, right? It looks like you were lucky, you were hit pretty hard, but your jaw isn't cracked or broken, the most you'll have is a big bruise. Use ordinary painkillers if you need them; if the pain gets really bad, you should go into the hospital and get it checked out more thoroughly, okay?"

Paul nodded and turned away from the paramedic, only to find himself looking up at the woman standing a few feet away from him.

Melissa smiled, "Hi, Paul, I'm Melissa, this girl said you wanted to talk with me about something."

Paul blushed, his cheeks turning a lovely shade of pink as he quietly replied, "I wanted to say thank you for saving me. That guy was my father, he'd been threatening for several days to lay a beating on me and/or my brother. You heard his comments as they dragged him off?"

"I did hear them, yes; I can't say that there was much to be said for them, what with all the swearing he was doing."

"Well," Paul lowered his voice until he was almost whispering, "The tranny faggot comments were aimed at my brother and myself. My father recently found out that either James or myself was identifying as transsexual, and was angry enough that he intended to deal with us. Here Paul related the events that had happened in their lives recently,

"So you and your brother have been living with this Tanisha for the last two weeks or so?"

"Yeah, she had us go into court on the 3rd, we told the judge what had happened and a restraining order was placed on our father. Obviously, he didn't care about obeying the order, or he wouldn't have attacked me here. I've seen him near Tanisha's house a few times, too."

"What's done is done, you can't change it. Your father, though, will likely be looking at a prison sentence for assault, and that doesn't even take into consideration the repeated violations of the restraining order you mentioned."

"Well, thanks again for stepping in when you did. I thought I was going to get the crap beaten out of me," he replied, rubbing his cheek.

The woman smiled, he was a nice kid, then she leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "I'm a post-operative transsexual myself, girl."

He looked up at her with a stunned expression, this tall, strong, yet utterly feminine woman was like him? It threw him for a loop.

She laughed, then grinned at him. "I'm Melissa. Perhaps you could give me a phone number or email, so I can contact you. I'd give you a phone number, but the only one I had was disconnected today, I won't have a new one until after I start my new job up north."

He spoke briefly to Sherry, who had brought Melissa over, she handed him a small notepad and a pen. He quickly wrote down the phone number for Tanisha's house, then added two emails, one for himself and a second for his brother, tore the sheet out and handed it to Melissa.

Melissa smiled, slipped the piece of paper into the back pocket of her men's cut jeans and started walking toward her car.

Paul and the girl watched the tall, confident woman as she walked away. Paul whispered in the girl's ear, she looked absolutely stunned.

As Melissa was walking away, Sherry squeaked, "She's like you and Jamie, but post? Holy shit! That's some woman!"

Note: Thanks to Edeyn for her story Sk8r Grrls, I used Heather and the Skate Park from that story in this one. The major difference is that this story is in current time, and thus would be about nine or ten years after the Sk8r Grrls era.

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