Nuuan Meets Rohanna This is not a Whateley Universe Tale

Nuuan Meets Rohanna

NOT a Whateley Tale

Written by Nuuan on a dare by Shadowsblade

"This is not fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It was written by request of Shadowsblade more as a dare to get me to write it. And after a couple of cold adult beverages I decided why not!”

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So I get home from a long day at work, and after grabbing a cold Amberbock from the mini fridge I notice the Skype icon is flashing on my computer. Yes I am one of those geeks that leave their computer running 24/7. Locating a coaster I sit the beer bottle down beside my keyboard. Glancing over to the green over-stuffed lazy-boy chair several feet away, that I can’t remember the last time I actually sat in, I sit down in the short backed imitation leather chair in front of the computer desk.
Grabbing the mouse I click on the flashing icon. The skype program opens up on my left hand of the three monitors on my desk. I see that Shadowsblade has sent several messages over the past hour. Scrolling back up to the first of the messages I read,
*Damn man have you see the hits and kudos you got already on your last post?*
*Hey Nuuan ya there? It’s important.*
“She’s really pissed I need your help!*
Several more messages all saying pretty much the same thing continued. First thing that came to mind is who is ‘She’? So I begin typing, *Hey just walked in, you still there?*
*Shit! Thank god, let’s go live. Got a bum hand lets go live.*
*OK* I send back.
Firing up the call feature as I grab my headset, I connect to Shadowsblade and in a moment I see his ugly mug on my screen, “What’s up?”
“Oh man she saw how good your last post on super solider is going and she went nuclear!” The look of terror confirmed whoever this she was, she terrified my friend.
“Who went crazy?”
“Rohanna!” I saw him glance around nervously.
“She a character in your story!” I laughed believing this was one of his many jokes.
Shadowsblade cringed as I heard the sound of something breaking and a female voice yelling in some language I have never heard before. “Man you got to help me, she tearing the place apart!”
“Is that your human friend!” I hear the female voice yell in the background, this time in English, before what I can only describe as the most beautiful white haired, purple skinned girl I have ever seen come in view behind Shadowsblade and leans down over his shoulder to look in the camera, turning her head to look at Shadowsblade ,“Is this the Nuuan you speak of?”
“Yeah I’m Nuuan,” I answer for him, “You, your Rohanna? That’s impossible.”
“You stupid humans dare to Dabble in Sidhe magic and refuse to believe in it even when the results stare you in the face!”
“Oh man!” I begin laughing, “Shadowsblade this has got to be the best one you’ve ever pulled yet! That is some friggn cool special effects. I mean she looks real as hell from here!”
“GOD DAMMIT NUUAN!” Shadowsblade yelled at the camera, “She is real! Don’t ask me how but I think it was that new writing software you gave me.”
“Bullshit!” I’ve been using it for a few years now and nothing like this has happened.
“Man I’m telling you she is real as shit!”
Rohanna grinned into the camera her fangs showing as she did, “How is this for real human!” I saw a flash of silver and she held a long dagger to the side of Shadowsblade’s cheek, the tip so sharp it drew blood that began to trickle slowly down his face.
“Hey, whoa, I believe you!” Throwing my hands up in a gesture for her to calm down. “I don’t understand how you’re here but I believe okay?”
“Good,” She said while moving the dagger away from his face.
“So what do you want from me miss Rohanna?” I smiled, thinking this still had to be some elaborate joke Shadowsblade had set up. He knew I really did believe that magic was real and he was trying to play me so for now I would play along. I thought to myself, ‘The guy works in Hollywood for Christ sake, of course he and some of his buddies in special effects set this up.’
“Your stories of the super soldier woman is more popular than stories about me,” Rohanna said. “Tell me why this is? I am more powerful than your ‘Kat’, I have greater fighting abilities, honed for thousands of years. Why is she more popular than I?”
“Umm, maybe because she doesn’t flaunt her abilities?” I grinned. Thinking that this would get Shadowsblade’s goat.
“I do NOT flaunt!” Rohanna yelled at me through camera. “And as for flaunting, I have read your human words, your ‘Kat’ flaunted her abilities on numerous occasions against the bullies at her school.
“Okay I guess you’re right on that,” I sighed. “But no one knows just how powerful or good she is in a fight. You on the other hand are a trained assassin that also has magic and can teleport. I mean shit, you won a fight after being shot up so badly even Whateley Universe mutants would have died.”
“That is the extent of my power and training, it has nothing to do with how the story is accepted or appreciated,” Rohanna glared into the camera.
“Then what does?” I asked.
“I believe it is the writer,” Rohanna stated. “To prove this you will write a story with me as your character.”
“I, I can’t do that!” I stammered.
“Any why not?”
“Because you’re not my character, you belong to Shadowsblade. Writing a story about you would be like stealing.” I tried to make her understand, “You see a writer’s characters are their own, the writer breathes life into his or her characters. You are part of Shadowsblade and he is part of you, you are inseperable. While I could write a story with you in it, I cannot write your story as I don’t know all the details, how you react to various stimuli, What you love, what you hate. Hell I could write you as liking human males enough to agree to date them!”
“I would never date a human male!” Rohanna spat. “You will not write me in that fashion!”
“If I write you, then you don’t have any say as to how I write.” I knew I had her hooked now, “Maybe it would be best if Shadowsblade continued to write your stories then?”
“But I will never get the higher kudos your stories get!”
“You’re looking at only one of my stories,” I pointed out, “A non-Whateley story. My stories in the Whateley Universe draw about the same amount of attention and praise that your stories draw. It has nothing to do with you, it’s the universe you were writing into! There are writers on BC that blow my super soldier story out of the water with Kudo’s count Take Snowfall and Wolfjess7 for instance. Their stories are great and deserve all the praise they receive!” ‘Shit!’ I thought to myself, ‘I hope like hell Shadowsblade doesn’t have those two writers on skype!’
“You pose an interesting argument for a human,” Rohanna looked into the camera at me, Honestly not knowing if she was smiling or not with the way her fangs hung out over her lower lip. “I will stay with Shadowsblade for now, but if I find that you have been dishonest with me…”

If you want to read the real stories about Rohanna they can be found here.

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