That Valentine's Night Kiss

That Valentine’s Night Kiss

This is short - and this first kiss never was.

It was a cold night. We watched the movie and bit by bit snuggled together. Arm across the shoulder, fingers brushing long hair, curling and releasing.

Our heads moved closer together. Our hearts too. A quick tongue circled, dampening both lips. One slow, tentative moment and our lips touched, jerked apart then nestled together like close intimate friends. Perhaps we were about to be.

Tongues circled again, touching another person’s lips – softly, cautiously, then away.

There had never been anything like this kiss. Not never in a world of billions spread across the years. Because this was our first kiss. Not to share with someone else.

There would never be a kiss like this – not anywhere in the world. Because it was us. I would never have another first kiss. And no one ever had had my first kiss. It was mine – and I had glowed in the sharing of it. And we had felt the wonder and the glory - together.

At last the kiss came to an end – I was there and I can’t say which one of us it was that began the ending – but gradually the rolling boil of electric pleasure slowed – then suddenly our lips were apart and that first kiss was …… gone….. over ……. forever ended ……forever memorable.

And one of us was a boy and perhaps one of us was a girl.

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