Help Part 7 of 7- Finale


Anne immediately called Valerie to tell her what was going to happen. Valerie sighed deeply then told her “we will get an injunction filed on the girls’ behalf.” Anne told her that it would harm things to which she countered with “I said we, I didn’t mean just me. I hate to get them involved but Alexandra and Paul James are going to need to represent the girls in Ricardo and my place as they have no vested interest in this case. They may know us but they don’t know the girls and are fully backed by the courts if need be. Mom and dad can’t even represent them due to us.”

Anne was at a loss for words but Valerie told her firmly “get the paperwork and everything that he is going to use against Katie and Dorothy. Don’t let him destroy it or hide it. He needs a valid reason and he has to have one. We both know that he has no excuse for going after Dorothy except personal bias against me and his reasons for going after Katie and Alison will result in his getting his ass tossed out of court and facing a federal lawsuit. She doesn’t fool around, Katie will take your department down hard and leave Christian to pick up the pieces politically.”

Those were not idle threats. Anne had known the man far too long to not know that they were about to get their asses handed to them from multiple fronts and nobody standing in the way would survive. She may even be taken out in the aftermath, it was likely someone would go after her in retaliation or to save their own skin. It wouldn’t work, she had an ironclad record and had her staff fully supporting her.

Over in Boston Randolph Masters was working on his case against Katelyn “Katie” Benson, Alison Eliza, and Dorothy Vega. He smelled a promotion and brownie points with the legislature, ones that would lead him to be the next head of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. He had stayed under the radar for far too long doing menial work while others were promoted over him, he deserved the top job more than anyone and this case would be his ticket to the top.

His moles had assured him that his information was gold and that laws were being broken as well as the two so-called women living together forcing a boy to dress as a girl. He hit pay dirt in being asked to evaluate the children and saw his chance to get them away from people who didn’t belong anywhere near children. He didn’t meet with them, instead ordered their removal for their own protection.

The order went out Wednesday afternoon. There was nothing Alison or Katie could do to stop it, state troopers arrived at their house with Masters and removed Trinity then placed Katie and Alison under arrest for child abuse. Trinity was screaming at the top of her lungs for them to let her go and for someone to help her causing everyone to look over at the commotion.

Mick Jones came rushing over to demand an explanation and flashed his badge to stop the removal. The troopers showed him the order while the social services official was happy to blatantly call Katie a “patheic piece of tranny trash.’ Mick held his tongue while the troopers gave him an eyeful, he produced a recorder leading them to nod and get the man talking further.

The sergeant asked if he knew that Katie was transgender, the man happily said “I know everything about that piece of human trash. That thing is a man in a dress no matter how much surgery he has. That dyke that got duped into marry him is going to get what is coming to her for letting this boy dress up in girls clothes. They are going to prison and so help me god they won’t see the light of day again!”

Mick didn’t say a word, informing him “everything you have just said has been recorded and will be used against you in a court of law. I am asking my colleague with the FBI who also heard your statements to open an investigation into you for civil rights violations and will see to it that you are both fired and prosecuted for using your office to violate the rights of innocent people.”

Masters claimed that he would have his badge to which Mick told him firmly “try it. Seriously, try it. Better men than you have tried and failed. I have two federal law enforcement witnesses to your abusive statements and I know for a fact that your department is conducting an internal review into your activities as we speak. When you enter work in the morning you will be greeted by state troopers who will place you under arrest. As they now know that I have to report your activities these state troopers will have to testify about what they saw and I doubt they will dare to back you up.”

Off in the corner Sarah was on the phone with Anne while Amanda was on the phone with Mark. Both of them heard the statements and had already called the director to report their colleague as eye witnesses to the behavior. Mick’s claim was true, he would be meeting troopers in the morning and the two arresting troopers would have to report what they witnessed to save themselves from investigation.

The troopers had to take Katie and Alison with them until the warrant for their arrest was vacated but Mick told them “expect your lawyers to already be there when you arrive.” Neither said anything, just letting the troopers take them away. Mick had to control himself as the social worker was smugly gloating to him.

Mick’s phone rang and he grinned widely as he listened to the person on the phone. He got a chuckle then announced “a formal federal investigation is being conducted into your activities. As two additional federal agents witnessed your offensive behavior and words and sent the recording to the FBI for review this is being taken extremely seriously. You will be visited by agents tomorrow, don’t leave the state or a federal arrest warrant will be issued.”

Masters ignored his threat. He just drove over to Dorothy’s house and did the same thing to Polly, this time not getting a fight from her. He made a big mistake in saying the wrong thing in front of Paul James who was just arriving, telling Dorothy “you are going to pay for what you did. Your little trollop got my niece arrested again because she couldn’t keep her trap shut. Kiss her goodbye because when I am done with her she won’t be seeing the light of day for eight years.”

Paul shot back a loud “is that so? You are going to ensure that my client is sent to a juvenile detention center without reason, without having committed a crime, for having her name cleared while the actual perpetrators of the crime were actually punished for their crimes. Please continue, you are already going to be in jail for your civil rights violations of my other client, this is going to ensure that your ass is sued to the stone age and every penny you make in prison is paid toward restitution for my clients!”

Paul was fuming. Alexandra took over and handed him an injunction from the court barring him from taking Polly away as he had no just cause to do so. Alexandra then handing him a lawsuit on her behalf listing him and his department as violating her civil rights as well the rights of Dorothy. Masters tossed them in the trash, telling her “I can do as I damn well please, now get out of here or I’ll haul your ass off to jail as well.”

Masters grabbed onto Polly to drag her away. The trooper with him grinned and slapped his handcuffs on Masters saying authoritatively “you are hereby placed under arrest for violating a court order and assaulting a minor under the age of 14.” He tried to pull away but ended up hitting the trooper in the face, leaving a bloody lip. The trooper just grinned and told him “you are now under arrest for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.”

He was grabbed tightly and was lead to the nearby cruiser and placed in the back while the trooper called for a tow truck. He sighed and told Paul “the old man will be pissed at what happened. The little girl who was just taken away is going to be in deep trouble and may end up hurt. Do whatever you must do to get her out of there fast, but she won’t be able to return to the couple she is housed with until the mess is cleaned up.”

Polly’s marks were noted for the record with the trooper’s lip having the same treatment. Dorothy was trying her hardest to keep herself from breaking down but it was impossible. Polly was the one to comfort her, telling her warmly “you didn’t do anything wrong, you were the best mom and that guy just wants to get at you because he wants to hurt me. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Paul and Alexandra finally left Polly once Dorothy was alright. They went right for the home where Trinity was staying and were met by Anne. Inside that saw that Trinity was stark naked, being beaten by boys who were twice her size and shouting obscenities and threats to rape her.

Anne immediately called the police while Paul rounded the boys up and Alexandra sought out the home’s overseer. She didn’t have to go far as he was actually filming the assault which led Paul to nearly beat the man. Alexandra seized the camera from him while Anne led the officers inside. Trinity was huddling in the corner shivering from the cold and horror of the abuse, sobbing to herself while Alexandra draped a blanket over her.

Ian Bailey had to be held back from harming the overseer, the man cowered in fear as the 6’8” 300 lbs. Ian towered over him ready to rip the man to shreds. The next two officers entered and asked what happened, getting loud “we were showing this fagot sissy what real men are like. He got what he deserved!”

The other boys parroted the self appointed leader causing the officers to ask what that was. The boys were falling for a trap and didn’t know it, they were proud to admit “the fagot deserved a beating. He is lucky they stopped us or we would have shown him what real men are like with girls!”

The others realized they were in deep trouble as the officers announced “you are hereby placed under arrest for assault, sexual assault, conspiracy to commit sexual assault, and are going to ensure yourselves receive a hate crime addition thanks to your bold statements. What you tried to do will follow you around for the rest of your life!”

The overseer claimed they couldn’t do that, they were kids. Ian’s booming voice loudly told him “they assaulted a child presenting herself as a girl who is undergoing treatment for gender identity disorder, who was illegally taken from the care of legitimate foster parents who were following all state and federal guidelines for proper care for a child suffering from that disorder. They willingly use language to show that they were assaulting this child because she is is suffering this disorder and willingly admitted to trying to rape this child. There is no argument, those are serious charges and won’t get brushed under the rug because of age.”

Turning to him Ian added “you are under arrest for assault, sexual assault on a minor, conspiracy to commit assault and conspiracy to commit sexual assault. You are also under arrest for possession of child pornography for filming the assault.”

Ian led the man away while the children were placed in multiple transports. Anne was at a loss for words, she didn’t know what to do now. Paul and Alexandra had been given custody of Trinity pending the outcome of Katie and Alison’s case, they would have to take her home with them to their house in Endicott.

Trinity went with Alexandra and Paul without a fight. Anne would get what she needed from the Eliza home while they calmed Trinity down. She was in no condition to go to school and have to endure the questions of parents and other teachers which was not what she needed at that point.

The trio left but made a stop first to get Trinity some dinner then to check in on Polly. Polly was more concerned about Trinity while Trinity was upset that Polly was almost taken. The two cried in one another’s shoulders, trying hard not to think about what almost happened to both of them.

Zoe asked her parents if they were going to be the ones caring for Trinity until Katie and Alison were freed and Trinity returned getting solemn nods from them. Zoe hugged Trinity, telling her affectionately “you will like it. Sela is a bit of a slob and Isobel snores but it’s a nice place.”

Trinity tried to fight a laugh and lost, causing Zoe to feel relieved that she was feeling better. Paul told them they had to get going prompting Zoe to kiss Juanita goodbye while Trinity hugged Polly. Trinity loved seeing Juanita blush at the kiss while Zoe tried not to do the same, it made her feel like they were treating her normal which they didn’t think they were doing.

The drive took longer than expected but Trinity slept through most of it once she was strapped into her seat. Anne had her bags ready to go with Zoe and Polly giving her enough time to get everything together for the week. She hoped that was more than enough but the courts could drag their situation out for days or months, it all depended on who the judge was presiding over their case.

Sela and Isobel had to be held back from disturbing Trinity. Zoe led them aside and explained everything, having to hold back Isobel while Sela went right for Trinity’s room to set her clothes out for her. Sela didn’t mince words, Trinity needed normalcy and they would give her that.

In the morning Trinity took several minutes to gather her thoughts before the realization that she wasn’t at her new home, wasn’t with Katie and Alison, and was not even in her hometown hit. Alexandra entered and helped Trinity get dressed, first having her shower. Trinity didn’t fight it, she had given up trying to fight anymore. She had lost everything that mattered to her the night before.

Alexandra led her downstairs to where she could enjoy breakfast. The girls didn’t say anything to her, not wanting to upset her. Trinity herself didn’t want to talk, only go back to her room to be alone.

Paul was in contact with his father the night before and had to yell at him to stay back as much as possible. They needed to do this the right way and not use their full force unless it was required. Christian did have his observers ready to intervene if need be, they had already been in contact with both the DA and the US Attorney regarding this mess and were getting action taken immediately.

This was beside the investigation that Mick had started with his friends Johanna Loup and Autumn Nieves. Both had spent the afternoon interviewing the state troopers who took Katie and Alison into custody and had their statements matching up with what the court clerk at West Roxbury Municipal Court had witnessed. There was little doubt that Masters was unjustifiably targeting them.

Masters made a huge mistake, he had neglected to mention why he was involved with both Polly and Trinity and that Polly had been cleared of all criminal charges. He knew that Polly was innocent and Anne and Mark’s reports stated that all procedures were being followed for Trinity’s care. He was intentionally vague on his claims which should have been gone over but never was.

The FBI had a clear case of civil rights violations and abusing his position to violate their rights. The fact that he was under arrest for assault and violating a court order while stating he knew that Polly was cleared legally sealed his fate, there was no denying that he was going after them. His own words being witnessed by multiple law enforcement officers ensured that there was no way they could sweep the actions under the rug, Masters was going to go down hard.

After Trinity finished breakfast Alexandra called the Early Learning Center on behalf of Katie and explained the situation then explained that she had her rights violated by a man who was now in jail and facing both state and federal charges for his actions. The principal wasn’t happy but when Alexandra explained that Valerie Finn was going to act as Katie’s lawyer he backed off. Alexandra didn’t state who her father-in-law was but the name rang a huge alarm in the principal as well.

He was in a bind. People would want to know why she was not in class to which Alexandra explained “tell the truth. Tell them that she was targeted by a man who has taken issue with the fact that her wife is a lesbian and she is transgender and that they are married. Any lie or misdirection will backfire against you and any attempt to permanently remove Katie from the classroom will result in what happened in Endicott happening you. It is better to just tell the truth and let the people see for themselves just how bigoted people can be even in our liberal state.”

A substitute was called in and the principal explained just what happened to Katie to the parents. There were gasps and requests for information about Trinity to which he explained “she was brutally assaulted after being forced into a boy’s group home. The overseer is in jail for taping the assault and as it resulted in her being stripped naked and sexually assaulted he is facing child porn charges as well.”

This led to more gasps. There were questions about where Trinity was. He admitted “she is staying wit her advocates out of the city and will remain there until she is able to be returned to her foster parents. They are people who are known to the Elizas and trusted by them and who are well connected.”

Paul had a rough go that morning as he was given the runaround by the court clerks as he tried to meet with his clients. He finally stopped fooling around and demanded to be shown to his clients or they would answer to the chief judge as to why they were violating the rights of prisoners. That prompted swift action as Paul heard them mumbling about Katie and Alison.

That was a bad move. This was heard by Valerie who recorded their comments and called the court clerk who then fired both for their actions. Valerie then informed Judge Matthews about the actions of the clerks getting him to tell them “30 days in jail for contempt of court. You just caused two cases to be dismissed because you felt you had the right to violate their rights.”

The clerk called Alison’s and Katie’s case immediately after Paul finished talking with them. The ADA read the list of charges to which Paul countered with a request for a probable cause hearing to dispute the charges. Judge Matthews grinned as he told the ADA “all charges are hereby dismissed to to a lack of evidence, blatant abuse of position by a member of social services, violating the rights of two minors, violating the civil rights of two minors and the defendants.”

The ADA tried to protest but Judge Matthews countered with “I am not even going to entertain any attempt to reinstate charges, I know exactly who these two are and what they know as professionals. I know that one is a leading psychiatrist in the field of gender issues in minors and the other is a practicing attorney with more than a decade in front of the bench and who has fought and won more money from people who have had their rights violated than you will see in a lifetime. That isn’t even considering the fact that she is an accredited teacher who has the full backing of her city over this situatioin.”

The ADA tried to play it off as no big deal but Judge Matthew announced “the man who initiated the process is sitting downstairs in a cell for assaulting a minor and a police officer while willingly violating a court order, one obtained via another court and using false, outdated, and misleading statements. He is on record as being heard by five officers of the law three of which are federal agents, openly mocking and spewing slurs against the defendants. I am aware of legal situation of one of the children he tried to have removed as I had her case brought up for review and subsequently cleared her of all criminal charges. He failed to disclose that he has a personal relationship with a former probation officer in the case in which she was cleared therefor had no business being there so save me the lecture.”

He waited to drop the big bomb. He grinned and added “the district attorney called me this morning to tell me that all charges against Dr. Alison and Mrs. Kathleen Eliza were to be dropped and a formal apology issued by the state. You either ignored or never read that memo but I have a copy that was delivered in person by his personal secretary.”

The clerk handed it to the ADA who swore. Judge Matthews grinned as another ADA moved forward and handed Judge Matthews something of interest. He stated loudly “the review of the original case files has uncovered the person who initially claimed abuse. This person has been named as Mr. Josiah Shay, husband of Mrs. Brandy Shay. DCF ignored the connection between the Shays and the alleged victim. There is an active criminal complaint against Mrs. Shay but also there was an attempt by Mr. Shay to falsify a media investigation into Mrs. Eliza. Therefore I am ordering charges of perjury against Josiah Shay be brought along with falsifying documents against Mr. Masters.”

Banging his gavel Judge Matthews exonerated Katie and Alison. He strongly told the ADA “get your resume in order, I don’t believe for a second that you didn’t see the memo. The DA is going to go after you for your role in this. You don’t pervert the course of justice or use my court to get revenge!”

Katie and Alison were led out and Masters led in. He was smug and had a big grin on his face as if he was going to be released. Judge Matthews was firm, telling the man “wipe that smile off your face! You have abused your office and done something unspeakable against three people who have done nothing wrong.”

Masters boldly told him “I did nothing wrong. I removed a kid being hurt by two people who have no business being around children. I made sure that boy is taught what people think about what he is doing and I made sure those two got the beating they deserved.” Judge Matthews realized that he man had just confessed to a crime that wasn’t known and told the ADA “place him under arrest for criminal conspiracy and investigate thoroughly. I believe he has just forfeited his 5th Amendment rights by admitting to two crimes one of which has not occurred yet.”

The ADA replayed what the man had said and announced “your honor he caused bodily harm to fall on a child who was sexually and physically assaulted and whose assault was recorded. We have the perpetrators in custody and will arraign them later today.” Judge Matthews just grinned, ordering the new charges to be filed and denying bail for Masters.

Masters’s face went white as he realized that he had screwed himself over. He wasn’t getting out. He swore at the judge and ADA then proclaimed “I’ll get you for this! I have allies! Your career is over!” Judge Matthews shook his head then added additional charges of criminal threats to the list.

Katie and Alison were released and their mug shots and arrest information destroyed under close scrutiny by Paul and the DA. They were in limbo though as they couldn’t go to work nor could they take Trinity home. They were stuck.

The two were emotionally spent. They were physically exhausted from their stay in jail in isolation for their own protection. If what they were arrested for got out they wouldn’t leave the cell block alive.

Now free to go they went directly home while Alexandra and Paul worked on getting their reputations untarnished by what Masters had done. Anne had already met with her director and gotten a blanket statement from the DCF stating that this was a personal grudge by someone who abused his position to exact revenge and enforce his personal views on others and all allegations against the couple were false and brought about by people in jail awaiting trial for crimes against the alleged victim.

That quelled any media inquiries as they used their contacts to get the truth known before any reporters tried to sniff around. The GM at the station Josiah Shay formerly worked at went so far as to declare the story fiction and gave the real story, one that was picked up by reporters prompting the Shays to try to hide. The story of a lesbian couple who are trying to adopt a transgender orphan was nothing compared with the story of a couple trying to frame that same innocent couple for sexual abuse.

Christian James had the toughest job to do. He had to tell the media that one of his DCF social workers had done something unthinkable and tried to railroad the rights and civil rights of four people. When asked why he was honest, explaining “the man held a grudge against one child and was both extremely homophobic and transphobic. He had no reason to launch an investigation and used the claims of two people who are facing legal action for their roles in trying to besmirch the good name of two of the victims as well as assaulting another. He is in jail on related assault charges and is facing state and federal investigation as well a complete review of his cases.”

The media knew of Christian’s soft spot for DCF children and asked about them. Christian explained firmly “both are in the care of people who seeing that this horrible event doesn’t happen again. One is with her foster mother and the other is with caring parties who are awaiting the all clear from the courts to allow their ward to return to her loving foster parents. Both children are on track to be adopted and I firmly believe that they will be as I know all of them and they are some of the best people you will ever encounter in their lines of work.”

Christian made his point, this was a private matter now and the courts were involved so they had to back away. His personal involvement wasn’t questioned, some knew why and others knew not to dig deeper. Christian simply went home and hoped things settled the next day.

Up in Endicott Heather James was doing her best to keep Trinity occupied while her son and daughter-in-law fought to free Katie and Alison. She swam, ran around the yard, and did her schoolwork. Trinity didn’t complain nor did she entirely enjoy being there, she missed being in school and seeing her new friends.

Heather was running out of ideas when Christian came in looking exhausted and relieved. Trinity stopped short at seeing him, he was someone she never met before and grew scared at seeing. Heather had to quickly explain to her “this is my husband, Christian, you didn’t get the chance to meet him last night as he in bed early and left early this morning.”

Trinity meekly said hello and shied away, trying to do something else and not wanting to upset Christian. Heather redirected her to something else leaving Christian to think about how to help her. He hated seeing kids in trouble especially ones who were given a bad lot in life like Trinity.

Christian had a brilliant idea and called Anne to have her file paperwork for an immediate hearing in front of a judge in family court. Anne demanded an answer to which Christian casually told her “the state has a burden of proof to show that they have reason to deny applications from both Dorothy Vega and Katie and Alison Eliza.” She got the gist of it, he was killing any potential issue with judicial force.

Paul and Alexandra were on the verge of laughter as Christian told them. He had outfoxed the DCF on two fronts and there was nothing that anybody inside the agency could do to stop it from happening. His issue was with who the case would be heard but a call from Anne brought all of that to an end- they had ended up being placed in front of Judge Perez, the ruthless, no-nonsense family court judge that wouldn’t allow and shenanigans in her courtroom especially from people who were supposed to be protecting children.

Heather was thrilled to hear the news. Trinity was told that she had to go to court the next day and would be dressed up in her best dress. Heather loved helping her, she grinned as she played the proud grandparent to Trinity with Paul and Alexandra trying hard to not say anything but getting a glint of parental hope. Neither wanted to tell her that it wasn’t possible anymore but she could be a great-grandmother if Ian and his wife Sheila had been a bit careless with their loving.

Polly was upset most of the day which was easily picked up by her friends. They were aware of what happened with Amy having to see her sister trying to control Michael Finn while Al saw her parents scrambling to ensure that Alison’s reputation wasn’t ruined. Trina was the least affected but felt the worst because she had the least amount of contact with Polly and didn’t know how to help her.

Mrs. Eagleson kept them focused and got Polly to keep herself from overthinking about what happened. She hated that someone so young had experienced so much pain and suffering through no fault of her own. What was worse was whenever she made progress something would happen to cause her to fall back to being the quiet and scared little girl instead of the confident girl she truly was.

Dorothy was just as bad. She threw herself into her work but it was just a distraction. Alice had to keep her focused and her secretary had to deflect calls as much as possible. She handled the administration tasks for the day while Alice took over her disciplinary actions lest she do something too harsh or not give a harsh enough punishment.

Before the end of the day Anne called Dorothy and calmly told her “tomorrow morning a hearing is being held in Boston that you and Polly need to be at. This is the big one, this will end Polly’s problems once and for all.” Dorothy had tears in her eyes, she would either be a mother or she would be back to being the loner principal. Alice knew the outcome already but didn’t get her hopes up for Dorothy’s sake, Judge Perez was never going to deny her application especially when the only refusal was based on a lie from people who had a grudge against her.

The teens went home with Polly to keep an eye on her and keep her focused on school. They were so engrossed that they didn’t notice the time and had to be pried away from her to eat dinner. Polly was still in a daze and going through the motions so she barely noticed anyone left.

Over dinner Zoe and her sisters told Polly that she was going to have to accept the outcome of the next day. They were going, along with their grandparents, Carmen, and Juanita. They had to keep Addison and the Smiths at bay, this was too personal and they would get too emotional to control themselves. Hannah would not be able to hold her tongue while Paige would rip into her own mother for allowing this to happen in the first place.

In the morning Dorothy had to help Polly shower and get dressed. She was in such a daze she didn’t even notice that she was in a dress or that she had her hair styled differently. She finally came out of her daze over breakfast as Dorothy cooked for her, the smells lifting her mental fog.

Trinity was the same way. Zoe, Sela, and Isobel helped her get dressed and eat ensuring that she didn’t forgo anything while also helping her keep from thinking about what was going on. Trinity was surprised that they were all dressed up, not knowing that they were going with her to the courthouse. The girls happily told her “we are going for yours and Polly’s sake. We have to be there for you two.”

Christian led the way with the state trooper escorts creating a convoy south. Trinity was quiet, her only thoughts were of Katie and Alison being sad at her being taken away from them. She fought back tears but was losing badly.

Dorothy and Polly were driven in by Valerie who was there with her parents representing Dorothy. Katie and Alison went in on their own, Katie hired Ricardo to be her lawyer as she couldn’t do the job herself with so much on the line and her emotions at their breaking point. Alison was the one who was the biggest wreck, she was going to be a mother but felt like she had already lost the child she had grown to love as her own.

Inside the courtroom Trinity ran towards the couple, hugging and crying into their arms and releasing the sadness she had for the past day and a half. The couple did the same before they stopped at the urging of Ricardo. Polly had to take Trinity over to the side so she could cry herself out and not disturb the proceedings but it was tough to keep herself under control at the sad sigh of losing the couple.

Judge Perez caught the hug and tears unnoticed from the doorway to her chambers. The clerk was going to do something but he stopped at her urging, it was something that needed to be seen and went a long way towards her ruling. Raw emotions unmolested by legal issues counted more in her view than the arguments she would hear, it was the unbridled true feelings and to her the couple were Trinity’s parents in all but name.

The clerk called the court to order. Judge Perez asked for the reason for the hearing, being told firmly “we are reviewing the custody of one Pauline Cook and one Terrence Palmer AKA Trinity Palmer.” Judge Perez looked at Trinity and realized the crux of the matter, her gender change was at issue.

Judge Perez asked all parties to identify themselves. She grinned at Katie, Ricardo, and Valerie being involved and told all three “I know you wouldn’t be here unless it was serious, well I am of the belief that all facts must be heard and despite your previous appearances before me you must still state your cases. I am however suspicious about the true nature of what is going on but will reserve judgment.”

DCF’s lawyer presented the evidence they had against both Polly, Trinity, Alison, Katie, and Dorothy. Judge Perez shook her head at hearing it. She waited for him to finish and asked firmly “is all of your information up to date and the statements and claims true as far as you are aware. Bare in mind that perjury will not be tolerated and attempts to use the legal system to harass, defame, or promote personal views that infringe upon the civil rights of others will not be tolerated.”

The man said as far as he knew they were. He stated that all of his information came from the case manager reviewing the two children’s cases. He was only going off the information provided provided to him.

Judge Perez grinned at hearing that then told him firmly “I received an email from my colleague Judge Matthews last evening stating that DCF was about to present two cases where they sought to terminate permanent custody based on false and outdated information. He personally presided over the arraignment of the witnesses against the Elizas and ordered a review of the case against Ms. Cook and gave the docket numbers to verify the outcome of the cases.”

Turning to Polly and Dorothy Judge Perez declared “young lady you have had justice miscarried against you twice. This second time was a travesty and will be rectified this second. I am awarding permanent custody of Ms. Pauline Cook to Ms. Dorothy Vega and approving Ms. Vega’s application for adoption. With your blessing I am including an order changing your name from Pauline Cook to Pauline Vega. Congratulations Ms. Vega and Ms. Vega.”

Dorothy hugged Polly tight, crying into her shoulder as Polly did the same. Carmen and Juanita joined her in hugs, with Zoe happily hugging Dorothy. Judge Perez was pleased at the sight and waited for the Vega family to calm down to continue.

Turning to the DCF lawyer Judge Perez continued “I have reviewed the claims and I am fighting the urge to laugh. Your department chose to go after the one person who is both fully aware of the legal issues involved in a gender change as well as the impact it has on the child. Dr. Alison Eliza is a leading expert on gender identity disorders and has followed every single rule and regulation on the books. She has not in any way forced the young lady to be what she was not already undergoing under the direct watch of a separate experience gender identity disorder specialist. Your source neglected to mention that she was seeking treatment for a year before she came into the care of the Elizas nor that she had cleared all legal hurdles to do so both in school and outside of school.”

Turning to Katie Judge Perez added “I have a statement from the school stating that Kathleen Eliza was hired by the school the second day due to a violation of Ms. Palmer’s civil rights and was assigned as her foster parent due to there being no other person willing or able to do the job. I have an internal memo stating just that, signed by members of your staff stating that Kathleen and her wife were the best choices due to Kathleen’s own gender change and Alison’s job. I have a written statement from Trinity Palmer’s psychiatrist stating that all policies and procedures were followed and Trinity was thriving under the care of the Elizas. I have a stack of police reports stating the abuse that Trinity suffered at the hands of occupants of a DCF sanctioned group foster home for boys with sickening actions taken against her. The worst of all was the report about the overseer of said group foster home.”

Turning to the Elizas Judge Perez proclaimed “there was no logical or legal reason for you two to have been removed as Trinity Palmer’s parents let alone arrested. I am ordering that arrest expunged and a full apology given by the DCF with a lawsuit to be filed by both of you seeking damages for false arrest, damage to your reputations, and emotional damages.”

Turning to address Trinity Judge Perez told her to stand and continued “Terrence Palmer is no more. I have here a petition in your name showing that your parents were in the process of legally changing your name but I understand that didn’t happen due to your mother’s sudden illness and your father being too busy trying to provide basic needs for you to continue the request. His sudden death was tragic but in it you were given two people who need you as much as you need them. It is the order of this court that all parental rights of Terrance Palmer be permanently granted to Kathleen and Alison Eliza and Terrence Palmer be renamed Trinity Eliza, the daughter of Alison and Kathleen. Congratulations to the three of you.”

Trinity rushed to hug her mothers. All three were in tears with the judge smiling at the sight. She saw Christian in the back but didn’t make mention of it, she had every reason to rule in their favor and his being there was just confirmation that this was a serious matter that she had to address fully.

The newly minted families walked out smiling. Trinity and Polly were hand in hand, both happy to have this over with. Dorothy could barely contain herself, she was finally the mother she was always meant to be and of a young girl who needed her guidance.

Back at the house the ladies were treated to a quiet afternoon as they were told to relax. Polly was asked to babysit Brent Jones while Mick worked with his colleagues on the case against Masters. Trinity was happy to help out, with Brent enjoying all of the attention from both.

Polly was intimidated at meeting the spry and petite deputy US Marshal Johanna Loup and the command, lithe FBI agent Autumn Nieves. Trinity happily told Polly that they were nice ladies and they had lots of adventures. Polly nodded and didn’t disagree, she was just surprised as neither looked like they were federal agents let alone ones that had cool stories to tell.

The girls watched Brent for hours as he worked on crawling and grabbing things. Polly was a natural with him and enjoyed the feeling of being wanted with Brent enjoying the closeness that she gave him that the others didn’t seem to give. Autumn and Johanna snickered that Mick’s son had claimed his first babysitter which he was happy to tell them “he knows who he likes and he likes her.”

Reed Pena was sent to get Polly and Trinity for their parents. Seeing Mick working hard with Autumn and Johanna he complained that all they ever did was work in the office. That sent Johanna and Autumn off while Mick told him “I got something special for you, take a close read ad the second chapter” as he handed Reed a book.

Reed read through it and dropped the book. He looked up at the two then at the names and almost fainted. Trinity just about lost it while Polly tried hard not to laugh. Polly finally asked what the big deal was to which Reed blurted out “they are Jessie Wolf and Alecia Snowfall!”

Polly was still lost so Trinity told her “Faith said he reads their books and watches their TV shows.” Polly gasped and asked “does Al know? She has their books in her locker.” Mick snickered and added “she knows, she found out a couple of months ago and hugged both tight. Kylie also knows. Reed was the only one not to notice the name similarities. I guess you haven’t been paying enough attention in French class. I need to speak to Beth Herman about that.”

Autumn snickered and asked if he was still going to read the books. Reed nodded, telling her “you made me sound cool, and made mom and dad into heroes. It would be too tough not to read them.” Mick grinned and added “they knew you would take it that way which was why you were in there, you just never knew the outcome and you never will know the truth, understand?” He nodded, knowing that some things were not meant for his ears.

At the Pena home Kylie teased her brother while Kennedy shook her head. Polly and Trinity asked what was going on to which Katie announced “we have some things we need to do with your blessings. First we need to deal with your parents’ cars. Reed just earned his license so with your blessing Trinity we wanted to give Reed one.”

She nodded and handed Reed the keys to a six year old Honda Civic, the perfect teen car as it wasn’t too big nor too small and was fairly safe to drive. She then asked about the other car to which Katie told her “we were going to give that to Addison, she needs one to get to and from school and work.” Trinity nodded in approval at that.

Dorothy asked Polly if she was alright with her cousins getting one car which she happily said yes to. She then asked Polly if Zoe, Sela, and Isobel got the other which she smiled and agreed to. It was settled, the five ladies would have their own transportation and not need to ride the T to get to school or rely on their parents to drive them. It also meant that they would be around more often which was a fringe benefit for all five as well as Dorothy and Polly.

There was one last thing to take care of. Polly’s former home was in her hands so Dorothy asked what to do with it. Polly was quick to say “sell it” which she was happy to do. Dorothy though had other plans and asked the ladies if they wanted to live there so they had their own freedom and not have to endure being with Dorothy and Polly all the time.

The ladies had to think it over. Juanita finally told them “we talked it over, we think it best that Carmen move in with Addison and Zoe, Sela, and Isobel move in with me.” The James trio grinned widely, they were getting their freedom from their parents while Juanita took a big step in her relationship with Zoe. Polly told them “are you against your cousins visiting?” getting a quick “as if we could keep Sheila and Avery away” prompting a laugh from them.

The next day things were returned to normal. Katie happily told her principal “it’s all done and legal, I am Trinity Eliza’s mother.” She then showed the paperwork leading to a happy “congratulations, the kids have missed you deeply.”

Tyler and Virgil were all hugs for Trinity as they saw her. The girls in class asked what happened so Trinity told them the truth “I was taken away from mom and mommy but they got me back and now I am mom’s and mommy’s daughter forever!” She was happy as she said she was now and always Trinity Eliza to which she was hugged as they sat down.

Over at the middle school Dorothy simply made the changes to Polly’s records and given a quiet congratulations from Alice. The girls though were happy to hug her and Polly with Amy telling her affectionately “does that mean you are stuck with us?” Polly nodded, adding “I even caused my cousins to move out so mom and I could have our own space.”

Stephanie grinned as she told them ‘Raul is complaining that Zoe, Sela, and Isobel are going to be around all the time now. He hates being the target of their affection.” Al added “he is just mad that they caused him to have to run off by making him embarrassed at seeing him in his swim trunks. It’s his fault they were too loose!”

The girls giggled and joked with one another until they reached Mrs. Eagleson’s room. Polly showed her the change of records copy with Mrs. Eagleson grinning and telling her “congratulations. I hope you enjoy your new mother and don’t think it gets you any special favors” sending the five laughing as they took their seats.

Mick, Johanna, and Autumn had created an ironclad case against Masters, the ADA who arraigned Katie and Alison, Polly’s former probation officer, and the two Shays. The physical and electronic paperwork, the testimony of the clerk at West Roxbury Municipal Court, and the fired assistant clerks in Winnisimmet District Court were damning. None of them escaped unscathed as the web of conspiracy was untangled and all were caught in it.

Masters was tried and sentenced to 25 years in prison as well as receiving a hard 15 years in federal prison. The Shays received 10 years each for their conspiracy charges then another 5 for lying in court documents. Brady Shays received a separate 20 years for her assault charges.

The overseer of the group home that allowed Trinity to be assaulted and nearly raped received a heavy 30 years in prison with an additional 20 for pornography charges. The boys who were involved in the assaults each received sentences that would keep them in juvenile detention until they turned 21 and require them to register as sex offenders. They were defiant to the end with the leader and loudest complainer getting shifted from juvenile detention to adult prison at age 16 with an additional 10 years added for the hate intent.

Ricardo’s threat was fulfilled as Katie filed suit on behalf of Polly, Dorothy, Alison, Trinity, and herself. DCF couldn’t fight the lawsuit and was forced to shell over close to $25 million for the huge violations of their rights. Neither Alison nor Katie accepted the money but were talked into accepting some of it for their unborn child. Dorothy accepted it but split it between her nieces so they had a nest egg.

Trinity and Polly put theirs into a trust. Trinity’s was combined with her previous trust fund. She knew she had a lot of money but refused to touch it. Polly was the same way, in fact she wouldn’t acknowledge it even to her friends. Amy and Al told her they had similar ones but Polly kept quiet about hers not wanting to think about why she had it anymore.

Trinity and Polly thrived after that tumultuous two weeks. They found themselves new families and friendships that although rocky at first slowly grew to be ones that each would cherish. The preconceived notions about each were slowly eroded as the inner personalities shone through.

Polly and the boy she met at therapy would talk frequently but they weren’t allowed to date yet. She liked him, and while they were good together neither had a spark of love that would have caused them to want more than friendship. They spent several weekends at one another’s houses and enjoyed talking for hours while working on schoolwork.

Eventually he found a girlfriend at school and had to slow down their meetings. Polly understood, it was still a nice friendship and she appreciated the camaraderie more than anything else. The boy’s mother was thankful to her and was sorry that they weren’t moving closer to a relationship but Polly just accepted that people moved on and was happy that he had finally gotten someone to see him as a boy that he truly was enough to want to date him.

Kyle and Oscar kept close to Polly, with both helping her fill time whenever the girls were busy doing something else. They liked being around Polly and were the first guys to treat her as an equal which she loved. She got some ribbing from the girls in her class but she ignored it, they were friends not potential boyfriends.

She didn’t find any boys to her liking so she remained single. The girls seemed to feel guilty but Polly didn’t mind. She would gladly play arbiter for them when they had their squabbles and proved to be a good ear and able to keep each of them in line.

Polly would prove to be a great dancer and mentor to the younger girls and boys, much more so than Amy had been and much to the relief of Amanda. She had a future in dance if she chose but her calling lay in trying to help others. Trinity, Willow, and Cat saw her as a role model and tried their hardest to emulate her which was causing the older girls to try to do the same whenever the were with the little girls. Their parents were pleased that they would see that as a challenge and happy to encourage them.

Trinity kept close to Tyler and Virgil and would often play with them after school. Days that she didn’t she would play with the girls in her class and dance class. She made several friends from both and in time would find two who were happy to be her friend at all times. The girls were the newest students and never knew Terrence and their parents understood what was gong on with Trinity but chose to not make an issue of it. The twin girls simply saw Trinity as their friend and only as her friend.

Katie and Alison were ecstatic to learn that they would not be having one but two children. Twins weren’t unheard of for ladies Alison’s age and undergoing fertility treatment so it was a surprise but not a shock. She was just happy to be having a child while also giving Katie her second biological child. They wouldn’t undergo the treatment again, there was no need and she was happy to be becoming a mother to the children of the woman she loves.

Trinity took the news well. She was gong to be a big sister and to two babies! Katie asked her to pick out a name that she liked and immediately pointed out the name “Hunter”. Alison nearly cried, Trinity told her “I like the name and I want the baby to have a name that could be for a boy or girl.” Alison asked if she wanted the baby to be like her getting a head shake and soft “nobody should be like me, not even mommy. We had the wrong bodies, the baby shouldn’t have to go through that.”

That finally caused Alison to cry. Trinity told her she loved them both to which they both told her “we love you to. You are a gift that we are happy to have in our lives.

The End.

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