Magic of the Kingdom Book 2: Chapter 2

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A month has passed, and Sarah's been enjoying life as Silvermist in the park, but can she handle life as a celebrity TV actress? She still gets nervous meeting "real" celebrities! And how will HRT affect her ability to play the role?

it was 5am and Megan was up moving around. She picked up her cell phone and texted Sarah, ‘Up for a Walk?’ She really didn’t want to wake Juliette up just to go for a walk. They had been filming the last three days, and the girls had two more days of filming left for their parts.

‘Hey! Sure thing. I’ll be right over,’ Sarah texted back. Megan couldn’t help laughing a little. Sarah was the only person she knew who used full words in text instead of shorthand acronyms.

‘I’ll be outside so I don’t wake Jules.’ Megan smiled to herself as she wrote a note on the whiteboard, ‘Out for walk with Sarah’, she wrote, and then drew a heart and wrote Megan under it before she headed outside.

It was surprisingly cool for being June in Florida - not cold by any means, but in the upper 60s, or to her mind, about 20c. She had on a pair of short track shorts, and a loose tank top over her tiny sports bra.

Megan watched as a freshly waxed soft top convertible 1968 Mustang rounded the corner. Her jaw dropped a little as the car rolled to a stop in front of her, and Sarah hopped out. She was dressed in a dark green sports bra and black shorts, herself. “Cherry huh?” she laughed. “My dad fully restored it for me.”

“Sweet ass ride.” Megan giggled and tossed Sarah a water bottle.

“I brought the pepper spray,” Sarah teased, then laughed, “Not that we’ll need it. This is a better neighborhood than mine, and I live in a penthouse,” she teased.

“Plus I think I remember you saying you do tai chi,” Megan giggled. Sarah laughed and nodded as they started their walk.

“Yeah, but only the non combat forms. I mean I know those can be used as combat forms, but I’ve never tried it myself,” she said as they made their first block.

“I was thinking about Crystal,” Megan said. “I’m wondering if I should tell her I used to get wicked stage fright too.”

Sarah glanced at Megan. “Wow, really?”

Megan nodded. “Yeah. Any time I had to appear in front of a camera, I’d get almost sick with the anticipation, but once we got rolling I was okay. I’m not sure that’d help her though,” she sighed. “Because it all really changed with Megan. From the moment Young Alessa appeared on set for Dark Days onward I never felt that stage fright again.”

“Hmm,” Sarah said, nodding. “I can see how that would be a problem. But even though the circumstances are different, it just proves what the song says.”

“What song is that?” Megan asked. She immediately regretted it. “Oh God, no.”

“Let it goooo, let it gooooo,” Sarah yowled off-key. Megan groaned, and they both started laughing as someone’s dalmatian, awakened by the singing, began barking at them from behind a chain link fence.

“Sorry puppy,” Sarah giggled. “But it’s true. It’s not about becoming a girl per se. It was for us, but it’s more about being yourself.” She stopped for a moment, pretending to stretch. “We’re being followed by the way. Is that your AMC watchdog?”

Megan turned to look briefly, “Yeah, that’s the guy. We also have a girl that follows us too.”

“Oh thank God,” Sarah laughed. “I’m used to security inside the park. I just wasn’t sure if he was one of your guys or something.”

Megan leaned closer to Sarah and whispered, giggling, “He needs the exercise too,” she teased. “I’ve seen how many donuts he eats. His wife will love us.”

“You’re terrible,” Sarah giggled out. “Gennine has me scheduled to meet with a dietician though. I’m dreading it because I’m a junk food junkie. The only thing that’s kept me in shape until now is that I love to swim. Adding walking will help so much.”

“Oh, God, I forgot you’re a real lifeguard and all. You and Jules have to compare notes sometime,” Megan laughed. “She’s a natural born surfer.”

“Awesome,” Sarah said cheerfully. “The surfing around Florida is definitely different, but one of the lifeguard instructors promised to take me sometime. I’d love to go windsurfing someday too.”

“I’m not the best surfer in the world, but Jules is teaching me,” Megan said as made another block. “Oh, that place serves the best Chai tea.” she pointed at a coffee shop.

“I know it’s completely Hollywood, but,” Sarah giggled, “I adore Chai lattes. We actually moved here from L.A.not that long ago. You grew up there didn’t you?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” Megan nodded. “I was born a dual citizen of Australia and the US, and when my acting career took off at the age of, like, two or three,” she laughed, “My parents moved back permanently. I visited Sydney a few times, but didn’t really go back for long until last year.”

“That’s so cool, I’ve never been to Sydney, but I kinda want to go sometime. We definitely have a lot in common it seems.”

“Your Dad’s Blackjack, right?” Megan asked. “I don’t listen to a whole lot of punk, but what I do listen to is pure UK old school.” She paused to giggle. “Well okay, I’m mostly guilty of listening to Radio Disney, but don’t tell anyone,” she teased.

“Oh I adore Radio Disney,” Sarah laughed. “Sometimes I feel like I turned 16 and just stopped growing up after that. I’d sooner hang out with my sister than go bar hopping or whatever 21 year olds are supposed to do.”

Megan laughed at that. “We have the opposite problem. Someone once told me and Jules that we were 12 going on 21. Sometimes because of our jobs we just act like adults.”

“That’s rough,” Sarah said as she shook her head. “I worry about Annie for the same reason though. Thank God she has friends who she can be herself around. You do too, for what it’s worth.” She grinned. “We’re all a bunch of total goofballs.”

They walked another block, neither of them breaking a sweat. Megan glanced at Sarah. “Want to try jogging?”

Sarah laughed. “Sure.”


“Home sweet home,” Jade laughed as she walked out into the main dressing room in her Iridessa costume. She hadn’t put her hair up yet, so it hung around her shoulders in loose curls. As she sat down at the makeup table. “Is it weird that I’m excited to be walking the park today? Filming is harder than teaching Tink to be a light fairy,” she teased.

Carol shook her head, “I don’t know; both jobs can be really rewarding. I used to work for a TV production.”

“I heard that!” Olivia giggled. “I agree with both of you. It’s hard, but kinda fun too. But I didn’t know you were on TV before?” she asked as she looked up from doing her hair, as Sarah came through the door.

“Sorry, Fairy Mary ambushed me,” Sarah said. “What about TV?”

Rosetta laughed. “Seems Miss Fawn’s been keeping secrets,” she teased. “She has actual TV production experience.”

“No big,” Fawn laughed. “I was on a cable TV show for kids, and when I got older I worked behind the scenes. What did Fairy Mary want though?” she asked, changing the subject.

“Just to let me know to let you guys know that we’ll be holding ‘Replacement’ auditions soon.”

“Aww, that’s great!” Olivia laughed. “You know you’ve made it into Princessdom when there are a small army of you ready to take your place.” She giggled at that. “Poor Silvermist’s though. They have mandatory lifeguard training too. I’ll be amazed if anyone applies for her role.”

Jade giggled at that. “Oh gosh that reminds me... Tomorrow evening after filming, I’m getting my first aid certification.”

“Sweet.” Sarah giggled. “If you want to get lifeguard certification I can train you.”

Jade shook her head. “No thanks. I’m terrified of water. Every time I get on the Black Pearl I’m afraid something will happen again and I’ll be the one in the drink.”

Kelly, already dressed as Periwinkle, breezed through the room looking around frantically. “Anyone seen my cover makeup? I swear I left it next to my costume.”

Olivia laughed as she tossed a makeup container to Kelly. “It got knocked off so I picked it up for you,” she said. Kelly breathed a relieved sigh.

“You’re a lifesaver, Tink,” she gushed as she began covering her tattoos.

“Showtime,” Silvermist giggled as she stood. “I thought I might go pick on Jack this morning.”

“I think I’ll be with Peter and Wendy today.” Tink giggled.

“I plan to just go with the flow and see where the wind takes me,” Morgan said as she drifted through the door. “Sorry I’m late. I slept with Prince Ambien last night and my roommate had to literally drag me out of bed,” she yawned.

Silvermist giggled. “Careful, Vidya. Fairy Mary’s on the prowl,” she teased. “She stopped me on my way in to let us know casting calls are going out for more girls to play us.”

“Sweet,” Morgan answered. “Not that I don’t adore playing Vidya, but doing the film plus working here is exhausting. I’ll just have to remember who’s playing who on what day. I’d hate to end up accidentally discussing juicy gossip with your body double,” she teased, sounding just like Vidya.

Olivia laughed out loud. “Been there, done that, got the red-faced pictures when I found out later,” she laughed as Sarah stepped out and walked right into her sister Annie’s friend Crystal.

“Oh!” Crystal squeaked out. “I’m so sorry. I’m so turned around,” she sighed.

“Well that’s okay, Dew Drop,” Silvermist giggled. “I always get turned around back here. Were you looking for something in particular?” she asked, noting that Crystal was wearing a backstage security badge on a lanyard, so she had permission to be back there.

“I’m actually looking for Leslie.” Crystal said. “She’s supposed to be an acting coach?”

“Oh! I saw her earlier,” Silvermist nodded. “I’ll help you find her,” she added cheerfully as she turned to start down the hall with Crystal metaphorically in tow. “Annie’s going to be thrilled you know,” she added with a grin. It wasn’t really breaking character since Silvermist knew Annie and the others from the after party and the official fan club.

Crystal actually had her hair down today, rather than wearing it in braided pigtails. She also wasn’t wearing her glasses, and despite wearing a cute Pixie Hollow souvenir tee shirt, she looked much more grown up. Sarah thought she was wearing some makeup, too.

“I had just about talked myself out of it,” Crystal sighed. “Then Megan came over this morning.” She blushed a little at that. “I mean... How do you say no when the stars personally show up to talk you into it?” She laughed a little.

“Picturing the audience in their underwear doesn’t work too well, does it?” Silvermist teased. Crystal laughed.

“Nope. I end up picturing myself in my underwear too, and that just makes it worse. Um, Sarah?” she asked quietly. “I want to ask you a question, but um, I don’t want you to think I’m being vain or anything...”

Silvermist glanced briefly around, and then pulled Crystal into a side-room so they could talk more privately. “Ask me anything sweetie,” she answered. Crystal blushed, looking down at her feet.

“Do... Do you think I’m pretty?” she asked nervously. “I know, it’s a weird question, totally out of left field, but you’re my friend’s older sister. I know you’ll be honest. It’s in the older sister handbook,” she giggled just a little.

Sarah laughed, “Crystal if I was a few years younger, and you liked girls, I’d say I’d date you, but yes, you're very pretty, and well you’re my sister’s best friend, so you’d be off limits anyway,” she teased. Crystal giggled at that and hugged Sarah.

“Plus Olivia might yell,” Leslie spoke up. She had been standing in the room the entire time unbeknownst to either of them as they rushed in a moment earlier. She grinned. “But I’ll second Sarah. You have a gorgeous smile and a figure to die for.”

“Do not,” Crystal blushed. “I look like a funhouse mirror.”

“It’s probably the clothes you wear,” Leslie suggested as she approached. “You’d honestly be amazed how getting your bra fitted at someplace like Victoria’s Secret, and wearing clothes that compliment your figure can help. That tee shirt looks great on you though.”

“Oh,” Crystal giggled, “Thank you. Annie gave it to me. I usually wear baggy clothes to hide my massive um...” she whispered, “Breasts.” They weren’t that big, really, only a B cup, but Crystal hadn’t really hit her growth spurt yet. At only 5’ tall they did stand out a bit.

“You’ll grow into them,” Leslie giggled. “When I was your age I blossomed early too. Other girls hated me because I had bigger breasts than them, and boys couldn’t stop staring. Once I got my growth spurt though, my body caught up to itself. It’s just an awkward time,. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Wow,” Crystal said, smiling a little. “That makes me feel a lot better actually... I mean Annie and Gretchen have been saying the same thing, but Gretchen is like super hotness, and Annie’s boob to height ratio is perfect,” she laughed a bit now. “Thank you so much. I’d better find this Leslie person though, before she thinks I’m not coming.”

Leslie grinned at that. “You found her. You’re still early too. I’m waiting for Gretchen and Annie, and a couple of others. Oh, but don’t worry - you’ll each be receiving a personal acting coach. We’re just going to go over the preliminaries together to see where each of you stands. We’ll also be doing group exercises together in between personal training,” she explained, as Sarah grinned, waved, and slipped out again.


Megan smiled as she walked into the dressing room after hours, holding a bunch of envelopes, “How’s the training going?” she smiled at Sarah and Olivia, “I haven’t seen them yet.” she handed Sarah and Olivia an envelope.

“Sounded like it was going pretty good the last time I checked on them,” Sarah said, adding, “Whatever you and Juliette said to Crystal this morning made an impact though.”

“Just the truth.” Megan giggled. “She just needed a confidence boost.”

“She asked me if I thought she was pretty this morning,” Sarah said as she began removing Silvermist’s makeup. “I told her honestly, that if I was younger and not seeing someone-”

“Nice save,” Olivia laughed.

“That I would totally ask her out myself - well, and if she liked girls, and wasn’t my sister’s friend too. She’s just going through that awkward phase where her body hasn’t caught up to itself yet. Mine lasted my entire teen years thanks to my anti-depressants,” she said with a lilt of a giggle before removing her eye makeup, and beginning work on her street makeup.

“Hopefully having our friends from down under around will help a little too,” Juliette spoke up. “We’ve been waiting weeks for Amber’s passport to clear. They’re all three way down to earth and supportive.”

“Not to mention the biggest Disney freaks on the planet,” Megan laughed. “Expect to be tackled,” she added jokingly as Sarah finally opened her envelope, only to find a check inside.

“Ummm...” Sarah said hesitantly. “The producers made a mistake on mine.”

“It’s not enough?” Megan asked.

“No,” Sarah laughed. “There’s an extra zero on the end that shouldn’t be there.”

“Oh, you’ve never seen a movie or tv show paycheck yet have you?” Megan giggled again. Curious, Jade opened hers and peeked at it. Vanessa had to dive off her chair to catch Jade as she quite literally passed out on the spot.

“Seems the show ended up with a massive budget, and it seems that we are way under budget on the pilot.” Megan shrugged as Vanessa fanned Jade’s face.

Vanessa giggled softly. “Jade’s been having a rough time financially. She’s been staying with me since we started working here at WDW. But that doesn’t leave this room,” she added, winking at the pair.

“Why not just put the extra budget back into improving the show?” Sarah asked, adding, “I mean not that I’m complaining. The less I have to ask my parents for help with college the better, and like Nessa said, Jade needs this more than any of us.”

“They did,” Juliette laughed. “This is what’s left over after paying the CGI department for extra assets, scouting locations and all that fun stuff. AMC basically handed us a plot of land and went ‘Here you go, make Neverland happen’, without deducting it from the film budget.”

“It seems someone,” Megan spoke up as Jade slowly came to, “Donated a hundred acres of land to the project, anonymously.” She looked between Sarah and Olivia. “You two wouldn’t know anything about that would you?”

“Uhhh... Sorry,” Jade moaned, blushing deeply as she slowly got to her feet. “I’ve never seen that many zeroes outside of a calculus class... At least tell me that’s the only one.”

“Keep this up, Buttercup,” Vanessa giggled, “And you’ll be able to pay your way through college without any student loans.”

“Yeah, no kidding,” Jade answered excitedly and hugged Megan, and then Juliette. “Thank you... I... I don’t know what else to say but thank you.”

“You are Iridessa,” Juliette and Megan said in unison. Juliette giggled. “You pixies are a package deal. We wouldn’t do the show without all of you, even if you don’t all reprise your roles every single episode.”

“I just can’t believe you found a way to work Peri in,” Kelly laughed. “That scene where she’s supposed to find a lost girl in the snow and brings her to Neverland to recover, I swear I almost cried reading the script,” she said as Megan’s phone rang, a very specific ringtone. It was taken from Debby Ryan’s performance of ‘A Dream’.

“Oh, that’s our publicity girl. This won’t take a second,” she said as she answered, putting the phone on speaker. “Hey girl. What’s up?”

“Just touching base,” Amber said with a bubbly giggle. “I still can’t believe you got us reservations for Cinderella’s castle suite for our first night. I don’t even want to know what kind of string pulling that took,” she bubbled excitedly.

“Let’s just say it took some faith,” Megan giggled, waiting for the girls to pick up their lines.

“Trust,” Tinkerbell spoke up.

“And pixie dust!” Silvermist chimed in.

“Oh my God,” Amber squealed excitedly. “Oh, hang on, someone’s at the door. I’ll talk to you soon!” she bubbled.

Megan giggled, “Well, they’re having fun.”

Morgan - Vidya, grinned innocently, at that. Carol glanced over at her. “What did you do?”

“If you’re implying that I bribed Christina with homemade brownies to get Alice to go and personally welcome my favorite blogger to the Magic Kingdom, you’re completely mistaken.” She paused, then giggled. “It was peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.”

“So, we wait now till we get the stats on the pilot episode before we start filming the rest.” Juliette picked up their conversation where they had left off a moment ago. “So loads of time off.”

“For you anyway,” Sarah teased. “But I am taking tonight off to hang out in the park with Annie and her friends, if anyone wants to join,” she said as she carefully hung her Silvermist costume on the rack.

“Sounds like fun,” Olivia said brightly, then paused, and added, “If you’re sure you don’t mind the extra company.”

“No way. Annie asked me to ask you all,” Sarah answered.

“Sorry,” Morgan said and shook her head, “I have a date tonight, or I would absolutely say yes. I feel bad enough missing girls’ night, but my brother was desperate for a babysitter that night.”

“Oooh,” Vanessa said, “Vidya’s got a boyfriend.”

“Do not!” Morgan laughed. “We’re just going out for dinner,” she said as she picked up her purse and waved, starting out.

“Well,” Megan laughed, “I’d love to go. We were planning on showing our friends around anyway, and I know Annie and Amber really wanted to meet in person.”


“So I got this email from TMZ,“ Amber laughed, “Asking me about you two dating.” she winked. “Seems they wanted to make sure you weren't pulling a fast one on them,” she added. They had just gotten off the spinning teacup ride, and Rebecca was looking a little green.

Megan laughed. “We’ve been officially unofficially an item for awhile. Remember that night Krissy proposed to Tina? We exchanged promise rings that night. We just made it officially official because Amanda is such a cool photog.”

“She’s like you Carolyn,” Juliette chimed in. “She does it for the art. FYI there’s a grand bounty on our heads for photos,” she added playfully.

“Ooh,” Annie teased, “I’ve got like a ton of pics of you two.” She grinned, laughing. “Just kidding,” she said as she bit off a piece of bright blue cotton candy. Rebecca watched a pair of blonde haired girls walk by. One of them looked really familiar.

They were both wearing off-white t-shirts with “Cheer’s the Thing!’ in big, hot pink block lettering, with a pink silhouette of a cheerleader. One of the girls stopped and turned around, her friend looking to see what the first was looking at.

“Oh my God,” the girl squealed. “It’s Rebecca and the girls!”

“Carly!” Rebecca laughed as Carly sprinted over, hugging her, and then Megan and Juliette.

“What are you doing here? The last time we Skyped you said you were still stuck in Australia. Oh!” she giggled, “Guys this is Paige.”

“Hey,” Paige said, nervously eyeing Megan and Juliette’s bodyguard who was now staring daggers at them. Annie slipped away for a moment to talk to the man.

Rebecca nodded. “There was some BS with Amber’s passport because she applied for a Class A and her dad being military. It was total stupidity. While I’m here we might shoot the music video for my take on Let it Go, too,” she said sheepishly. “But what about you? What brings you to the Magic Kingdom?”

Carly giggled a bit. “That sounds awesome. Paige and I actually live in Kissimmee. We hit the park at least once a month.”

“Usually more,” Paige added, nodding.

“It seems like Juliette and I live here,” Megan said, nodding. “We’re here it seems like nearly every day.”

“Sorry about that,” Annie said as she came back over. “I let security know you two are longtime friends. They’re like, uber cautious,” she giggled.

“Oh right,” Megan laughed. “This is Annie, one of our new Lost Girls, and her sister Sarah, Sarah’s girlfriend Olivia, and their friend Jade is over there by the fence, trying to stop her head from spinning,” she laughed.

“Wow,” Paige managed a giggle finally. “Carly told me how you guys ambushed her at Denny’s when she was visiting her aunt, but I guess I didn’t really realize how close you were till now. I’m like, a huge, huge fan. That last episode - the real one I mean, made me cry so hard. It really um, hit home.”

“My Sister Megan?” Megan giggled. “I loved filming that. I’m really glad we had a chance to do it, even if it’s totally bootleg.”

“Hey, you two want to hang out with us?” Juliette asked. “I mean you probably have your own plans, but we’re just kind of doing this huge group thing tonight anyway. We’re going to hit as many parks as we can.”

“And we’re abusing our speed passes for the first time,” Megan added. “Special occasion,” she said, winking.

Paige shook her head and grinned. “Carly would never forgive me if I said no,” she teased. “I wouldn’t want to intrude though.”

“It was an invite, so there’s no intruding.” Megan giggled.

“She gets nervous in crowds,” Carly said, grinning at her friend. “You’d never guess she’s one of our best aerial stunt girls in school history.”

“Am not!” Paige shot back, blushing, and giggled a little too. “Well, I mean not really. Um, anyway, so um,” she searched for a change of topic, but couldn’t think of anything. Sarah grinned. She knew just what to say.

“So I hear it’s Shark Week on discovery channel,” she teased. Paige looked relieved. It wasn’t really, but it had been a long running inside joke in her family, and now her new friends.

Annie and Carolyn stated in unison, “Fish are friends, not food!” and started to laugh as the now larger group continued through the park.

“So what have you been up to?” Rebecca asked Carly. “With the timezone diff and my crazy schedule ever since these two,” she said, pointing to Megan and Juliette, “Came into my life, we haven’t really talked in ages.”

“This and that,” Carly laughed. “We just finished up a cheer camp today. That’s why we’re wearing matching t-shirts. First half of the day was the actual camp. The second half is we go off and have fun doing whatever.”

“Sounds like a total blast,” Megan said. “The only way you’ll ever see Juliette or me in a cheer uniform is if it’s a character role, though,” she teased. “We talked with our manager about public school, but she pretty much confirmed why it’d end badly.”

“Oh yeah,” Paige nodded. “Mauled by rabid fans on a daily basis would put a damper on things. Not to mention the BS power plays you’d get sucked into against your will.”

“Besides that, Demitri, our tutor, pretty much has us two grades ahead of where we would be in public school.” Juliette said.

“Only thing I miss about public school is the drama department,” Rebecca shrugged. “But now that these jokers conned me into joining them on set I don’t even miss that,” she teased.

“For that Jokers comment, the next round of soda is on you.” Megan giggled.

Rebecca laughed and started singing, “I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight toker. Okay, okay, I’ll make it sodas and a chili dog for putting up with my terrible singing,” she joked.

“Terrible singing, says the future Radio Disney pop diva,” Jade teased as she rejoined the group.

“Hey, now that we’re in the same timezone again,” Rebecca grinned, “You guys want to help with my Frozen cover? It’s Let it Go, but I’m going to punk the hell out of it.”

“Sounds fun,” Juliette nodded. “What do you need?”

“Everything. Backup singers: another guitarist would be awesome too. I wanted to get Lindsey Stirling on electric violin, but she’s busy on tour, so I don’t hold that against her,” she teased. “I’ve got this really awesome punked up Elsa dress I’m designing too.”

Megan grinned, “I can do the second guitarist thing. But you have to excuse me from singing, I’m still getting my singing voice.” She winked.

Carly nudged Paige, causing her to squeak. Paige glared at Carly and shook her head vigorously. Carly started to speak, and Paige covered her mouth. “Don’t you dare.”

Carly laughed. “Page-mmmmph!” Carly tried to mumble around Paige’s hand.

“What’s that girl?” Rebecca stopped and asked. “Paige has a great singing voice?”

Carly giggled and nodded her head. “You should.. murph,” Paige put her hand on Carly’s mouth again. Annie crept around behind the group and gently goosed Paige’s sides. She squealed and jumped, and Carly ducked away. “She’s seriously amazing.”

Paige whined. “I’m seriously not. My sister April is amazing. She’s a soprano with like six and a half octaves range.”

“April’s good,” Carly admitted, “But you don’t shatter eardrums. It’s a different kind of good.”

“I sound like a guy when I sing,” Carly whined.

“I still sound like a kid.” Megan said. “Like the Kidz Bop Choir or something,” she teased.

Juliette laughed. “They tried to get us to do Kidz Bop. We were like hashtag nope,” she said as they all piled into a familiar soda shop - familiar to Sarah and the pixie actresses anyway. The new soda shop in Pixie Hollow wasn’t ready yet, but the waitresses were all dressed in character now, complete with pixie wings and cute little hats.

“Whoa,” Rebecca said as she looked around. There were even painted portraits of pixies hanging on the walls. “Did we just walk into Neverland? This place is awesome.”

Megan grinned, “Can I get a Pixie dust soda, and a chili dog?” she turned to Rebecca, “Yeah, we’re in Neverland now.” She winked.

“I’ll take a Silvermist special and a chili cheese dog,” Juliette added, grinning as Rebecca and the other new girls consulted the menu to try and figure out what all the special drinks were.

Sarah laughed. “I’ll have what she’s having,” she said, trying her best not to slip and use her Silvermist voice.

Hatter over animatedly “snuck” into the cafe as the girls were ordering, and slipped up behind the girls. He pointed a finger at each of them as he mouthed the words to ‘Eenie meenie minie moe’.

“Oh there you are.” Alice spoke up rather loudly.

Hatter jumped, putting his hands behind his back, and looking away innocently as the girls looked up at him. He looked with wide-eyed surprise at Alice. “Who, me?”

“Yes you.” Alice put her hands on her hips. “The Rabbit has been looking everywhere for you.. something about being late.” she said eloquently, and quite innocently.

“Well of course he’s late!” Hatter said, holding up a gold watch and inspecting it carefully. “His watch is two months slow!”

“That would surely do it.” Alice nodded thoughtfully. “I hope the Queen doesn’t take his head.”

“Oh my yes,” Hatter said, stuffing the watch into his pocket again. “He’s only got one left!” he said, grinning at the girls. “Say, some of you look familiar.”

“Oh?” Megan giggled. “I think you might mean me and Juliette? We seem to live here these days.”

“What do you think, Alice?” he said as he motioned her over. “Don’t these two look like a couple of hat thieves to you?” he teased.

“I only take lost things.” Megan giggled. “I’m like the Pixies in that aspect.”

“That’s where I know you from!” Hatter said, snapping his fingers. “You’re in league with the tea pot thief!” He paused and giggled. “But it WAS her unbirthday so I forgave her.” He nodded exaggeratedly. “Oh what a pretty butterfly!” he said as a teen girl, wearing a butterfly clip in her red ponytail walked past.

She was wearing the same “Cheer’s the Thing!” t-shirt as Paige and Carly. He walked along behind her as she turned to start inside. She stopped and turned around to look up at him. He jumped, animating his hands in a startled fashion before burying them in his pockets.

“Oh don’t mind me,” he said with a grin. “I was just admiring that insect in your hair.”

“What?” the girl squeaked a little, and then remembered her hair clip. She laughed. “God, don’t scare me like that. I thought you meant a real insect.”

“Oh no no, just the fake one,” Hatter giggled. “You know I saw two more girls wearing shirts just like that. They’re right over there, see?” he said, pointing at Paige and Carly.

“Oh cool!” the girl said brightly. “We went to the same cheer camp,” she said with an affirming nod.

“You have to go to a camp to cheer?” The Hatter asked.

The girl laughed and shook her head, “No, it’s where you learn to cheer. That girl there,” she said nodding toward Paige, “Was one of the volunteers helping with aerial stunts.”

“Why don’t you go say Hello then?” he said. He was up to his old tricks. “But be careful,” he said in his best loud stage whisper, “Two of them are in cohoots with a Tea pot thief.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to interrupt,” she said quietly.

Paige took that opportunity to wave, grinning as she poked Carly. “Hey that’s Bethann from camp! The girl with the amazing Catwoman backflip skills,” she giggled. “Hey, Bethann!” she called.

Hatter grinned and nudged the poor girl closer. “Hi Paige,” Bethann said nervously. “Thanks again for taking the time to help me with my balance on the Liberty.”

“Oh it was nothing.” Paige giggled. “Why don’t you have a seat and join us? Unless you are busy that is. We’re hitting the park with Carly’s friends from down under.”

“Not at all,” Bethann said as the Hatter, in typical animated fashion, pulled out a chair, dusted it off with his hand, and then made a sweeping gesture. Bethann giggled as she sat down.

“My work here is done,” he announced. Alice gave him a funny look.

“What work exactly?” she asked.

Hatter gave her a hard stare, and then blinked. “How should I know? I’ve never worked a day in my life!” he giggled as he spun on his heel and trotted out. Alice shook her head.

Bethann watched Alice run after him and giggled. “Those two have like, the perfect job.”

A few moments later, Gennine, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, approached their table with a smile on her face, “Good evening ladies.”

“Oh, hi Fai--I mean Gennine,” Megan giggled out. “What brings you out here?”

“Hello there. Actually”, she sat down at their table, “I’m here on business of sorts.” she smiled she quieted down a little.

“Uh oh,” Juliette said. “Are we in trouble?” Sarah had to bite her tongue. She, Olivia, and Jade were completely out of character, and with the girls not in on their pixie roles yet present as well, couldn’t say anything.

“Not at all, but I’d like to talk to you all in private for a moment if I can?” she asked.

“Um, sure,” Megan said. “B R B guys,” she added as they all stood - they being Megan, Juliette, the pixies, and Annie Jade picked up her soda for one more sip before running to catch up.

“Wonder what that’s about?” Rebecca said with a mischievous grin. Amber giggled.

“I’d dare you to eavesdrop, but you’d do it.”

Rebecca started to stand, and Amber and Carolyn, the latter of whom had been filming off and on with her DSLR camera, both grabbed an arm.

Gennine smiled as they got into a private area. “Sorry to interrupt you girls, but I called your manager, and she said you were here.”

Megan nodded. “Sarah invited us to hang out, and since our friends from Australia finally made it we decided to make a big group thing of it.”

“I hate to ask this of you especially when you’re trying to relax, but the higher ups have been bugging me endlessly to track you down. They were wondering if you girls could get all the lost girls together, and the pixies, and run amok of the park for a few days.”

“Oh,” Juliette giggled. “Well now that Amber and Rebecca are here too I think we can arrange that.” Megan grinned and popped her head out the security door. Rebecca jumped away, pretending she wasn’t just eavesdropping.

“Get in here,” Juliette laughed and grabbed Rebecca’s arm. “You twoo Amber, Carolyn,” she called over as she dragged Rebecca inside.

Bethann looked dumbfounded at the two. “I just realized... That was Rebecca O’Hara.”

“And Megan Stuart, as well as Juliette Small.” Carly giggled.

Rebecca laughed. “I think I broke Bethann,” she said as she closed the door behind them.

“We break people all the time.” Juliette giggled. “It’s kinda fun once you get used to it.”

“So what I was telling the girls, the park higher ups want to know if we can get the Lost girls and the Lost girls Pixies to run amok of the park for a few days.” Gennine laughed.

“Sounds like fun,” Annie giggled. “Like how the pixies spend every day? Or something else?”

“A bit. They really want you to get out there and show off the new show.” Gennine nodded.

Megan and Juliette shared a glance. Megan tried not to laugh as she asked, “Who the hell are these people and what did they do with the Disney execs who, a year ago wouldn’t give me ten minutes?”

“Best not to ask,” Gennine laughed. “It seems the part 1 pilot episode that aired on AMC was a big hit, and they want to put it on Late Night XD.”

“Oh shit,” Rebecca said, letting her language slip a bit. “You guys got Disney Ninja’d. Disninja’d?”

“Disney Ninja'd?” Juliette laughed. “Sounds painful.”

“So, wait... You’re telling us Disney, our Disney, wholesome family programming Disney, is planning to air our show on Disney XD late night?” Megan asked.

“Yup.” Gennine nodded. “Around 8 or 9 for the older teens. It might get slightly censored for the XD release so you may need to come in and redo a few lines.”

“I’m actually okay with that,” Juliette said. “There’s nothing we do that’s particularly, uh, what’s the word? Vulgar? Yeah, vulgar. But I’m fine with redos, as long as I don’t have to reshoot too much for the alternate release.”

“Except the boob joke.” Megan nodded. “The one you tried to pull on me.”

“Oh God,” Juliette laughed. “Yeah, and the scene where my character complains her coconuts aren’t as big as the pirate’s.”

“Yeah, but we tried to tone that down with “Preteen” language.” Megan giggled.

“There’s a scene we’re filming in episode two where you girls tell me to put peanut butter and pixie dust on mine, and run around in the woods.” Annie snorted. “Even Mom questioned that, and she’s like, hippie chick mom.”

“So I was thinking,” Rebecca said, “Since it’s going to look suspicious as hell having all of us hiding back here for this long, and I know for a fact Carly and her friend are really limber because they’re both cheerleaders - and Paige is a cheer camp volunteer instructor apparently...”

“You want to hire them?” Megan laughed. “I’ve been thinking the same thing. With their background we could cast them as former pirates who joined us even. Real swashbuckler types.”

“Good idea! We need more Lost girls.” Juliette said, quickly firing off a text to the casting director with Paige and Carly’s info and the plan to recruit all three.

“I’ll go see if Bethann’s a local girl or if she’s here from somewhere else,” Rebecca added. She paused at the door. “I wasn’t sure if you guys still needed us since we missed the pilot filming. Glad we’re still on board,” she said, grinning brightly as she ducked outside.

“So you want us to be the mischievous tween Lost girls in the park?” Megan asked double checking. “I mean some of the pranks we pull on each other, are definitely mean spirited, but at the same time, funny.”

Gennine nodded. “The only rule is, no pranking guests without permission. We have ways of obtaining permission from friends and relatives for that. The actors will all be warned to watch out for you,” she teased.

“Oh come now. Let’s not tell them their being invaded by Neverland.” Juliette grinned.

“After all,” Amber said, “According to Rebecca, the prank’s more fun when the victim doesn’t see it coming. Not that I’d know anything about putting honey in shampoo bottles...”

“Cheer huddle, or something,” Rebecca laughed as she waved the girls over. Bethann gave Paige a hesitant glance, but Rebecca answered for her. “Yup, that means you too.” She giggled. “You from around here?” she asked.

“Napa actually, but I live in Florida now,” Bethann said. “Moved here with my gram gram this summer.”

“Perfect,” Rebecca said with an impish grin. “Ladies, to quote my favorite mischievous Missourian, I gots a proposition for ya.”

“Oh?” Carly asked.

“Mmmhmm. Remember how Bethann was just saying Hatter and Alice had the dream job?” she grinned, leading them back into the back.

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