Little Monster Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

It was late at night already, and I couldn’t fall asleep even if I wanted to. I don’t want to see this body naked, nor I want to know anything about it. I practically disconnected myself from the world again. I am still wearing the clothes given to me by Erma. For some reason using these types of clothes make my body feel refreshed and cool. Loose fitting clothes are a must now, they show few of this new body and keeps everything hidden. I rested on my arm as I clicked away in the main menu’s of a game that came not so long ago. Darkest Dungeon, something away from my main genre, but it has monsters in it… So yeah, monsters you kill. It’s not hard selling something to me.

It was normal at first, as I lied on my arm I clicked away in the game, making the right decisions in order to get the highest most profitable outcome. I just moved the whole thing with my mouse, and occasionally use the keyboard for some functions. I played half assly, barely paying attention to the actual game as my thoughts would drift towards my body, or to what I’m going to do at school. My body jolted, as if by instinct. I have to say, the game has a very gore like, so pretty much every action ended up with a screen covered with blood. I looked away, my hands shaking slightly as I focused on something else. And without even knowing it, when looking back at a screen with a large amount of blood at the characters, floor, and ceiling. I actually licked my lips.

“What! The fuck!” I say jumping off the chair, landing on my back and rolling on the floor slightly. I can feel my chest rising up and down, as I cover my mouth. “What the fuck!” I scream standing up and shutting the computer. I can feel that presence again, the sensation over my head telling me something. I stand up, almost like some kind of zombie. My vision starts to redden, a red trail appearing in the center of my vision. I try shaking it off, walking the opposite way. But a smell, a scent, my nose was making me doubt it. It was tempting me, it was calling to me. “No, no, no, I’m okay, I’m okay…” I repeat to myself as I sit in the floor covering my head. “I’m okay… I’m okay… I’m-I…”

”I need it.”

I growl with an uncommon human voice, leaping off the ground and jumping at the door. My right hand twitching as I pull the door open and gun it towards the trail. My heart was beating faster, I could feel it close, I am so close of getting it, I want it! I bumped with the walls, as I approach the kitchen and the red trail ending. Here it was, a red silhouette in front of me. I lick my lips once more before I smell one of the worst things in my life. “Fucking Christ!” I say covering my nose and falling into my knees. My eyes water as the smell felt as if I was kicked in the groin, or if I got stabbed in my nose. “What the fuck is that!” I yell covering my nose and mouth as I crawl towards the nearest wall.

“Watch your god damn language son.” My father said joking, turning his head slightly towards me. He was wearing his apron while chopping up vegetables in the kitchen. He turns around, and on his left hand is a…. a… “I’m making the garlic chowder your mother loves.” The garlic, the fucking garlic, it was killing my nose. I crawl as further away as I can, covering my nose and mouth while closing my eyes slightly. “Wait… But the doctor said these types of symptoms will show up until tomorrow.” I shake my head, as tears began to roll down my cheeks. It hurt, the fucking smell hurt. “I thought vampires were allergic to Garlic, but why do you have such a strong reaction against some onions?”

My eyes water up, the smell infesting my nostrils as I could only smell onion inside my head. “Wait… You’re not allergic to onion! You just can’t stand strong scents!” He says happily before looking at the onion in his hands. “SHIT!” He yells before throwing the onion out of the window, and tossing out the cutted parts as well. You could hear them fall to the ground as they are most likely over Monika’s back yard. “Here I’ll cover it up with some house aromas…” I grab a phone book and toss it with pinpoint accuracy at the metallic bottle of house aromas in his hand. “Oh yeah… That could have worsen the situation…”

“Sorry son… I thought you’ll get your changes later, like until tomorrow. I bet that’s why you got here so angrily.” He said walking towards the cupboard and pulling out a napkin. “I accidentally cut myself and left blood all over the clean dishes… Mom’s going to be pissed.” He said as he rubbed his left finger leaving the napkin covered with a large wet bloodstain. I start growling, my stomach telling me to jump while I crawl back to my feet. I open my mouth and feel my canine teeth growing bigger. “Eric… Eric are you okay…” I could now smell the victory, the price, what I truly need. I took one step forward, my feet slamming against the wooden floor as my whole body jerks with it. “Eriiiic…. Can you hear meeeee” He was cleaning the dishes, his white, shiny neck facing at me.

My whole vision reddens, I could see the blood flowing inside of him, how his heart was filled with the substance, while the rest circles around in his veins. My jaw starts to shiver, as saliva drools out of it. I jump at him, standing right behind him, my teeth ready to pierce his soft skin and suck the delicious body nectar. “Eric what is…” He turns around just as I was centimeters away from his neck. My fangs drolled with my saliva, as my tongue was to the side. My right hand now resembled a claw, but for some reason I stopped, my fangs tasting his sweat and feeling the flow of his blood. “Eric?”

“Yesh…” I say with my mouth opened. And before I know it I have a tomato buried in my canines. I fall to the floor tasting the raw strong flavor of the vegetable I hate the most. “Argh!!!!” I yell pulling the stupid thing out of my mouth and throwing it at the opened window. “It tastes horrible!” I jump next to my dad, the annoying dreadful taste of tomato in my teeth and mouth. I put my mouth and hit the faucet open, almost drowning me with water as I try to remove the taste off my mouth. “Blegh! Blagh!” I spat out, water coming out of my mouth as I finish cleaning my mouth. “I fucking hate tomato…” I had most of my clothes wet by now, but thankfully I didn’t have much chest area for something to stick on.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” A voice somewhat familiar says behind me. I grab a towel and dry my mouth, turning around before spitting out a piece of tomato. Have you ever thought about how life would be better, or worse, if it had a soundtrack? Like, when you finally get a perfect round score at the end year? Or you managed to get the math problem right? Now I feel a certain tune playing in my head, now I feel like a boss song would play. “Sussanne, Sussanne… Haven’t you got fed already?” The Stocker woman said, her hand a bit red with remains of tomato. “You need to learn how to control yourself.” She was wearing a more, normal outfit. Rather than the fancy corset she came in here with a black leather jacket, and a red blouse. Her ample bosom was still poking out, as her blonde hair was tied differently. “And why don’t you get your hand patched up before Vladimir gets here and jumps at you.”

My father nods, running towards his room and closing the door behind him. I still had my mouth open, giving ample time for the woman to inspect my mouth. “You’ve got one of the largest sets of fangs I’ve seen in my life…” I close my mouth and take a step back embarrassed. I didn’t realise it until now, but I ended up ripping one side of the hoodie, my left arm and part of my shoulder was now free for everyone to see. I stood up around the same height of the woman. I hope I don’t get any bigger, as I’m already tired of bumping my head and body with things I thought I could fit before. I look away, hating to be in the same room with this woman. She walks towards me, and brushes my hair with her hand.

I jerk away, making me hit my head with the fridge. It was more of instinct than anything else. I learn that if it isn’t a family member, I shouldn’t get touched by anyone.

Come on Eric! Fight back you sissy! Why don’t you just defend yourself?!

I shake the thoughts away, clenching my fists as I can remember the many fights I got into as a kid. “He, he doesn’t really like physical contact…” My mother said as she struggled to carry a large box towards us. I leap at her, with speed I didn’t know I had before. Picking up the box from my mother’s hands and carrying it towards the table. “Thanks Eric…” She says with a sigh, as she must had struggle carrying those things here. “Sorry for that Camille, and thanks from stopping this goofy head from killing his own father.” My mother giggled, and gave me a playful punch in the back. I growl at her, ignoring Camille as I place the box next to one that looks exactly the same. With my right hand, which still resembled a claw, I rip the scotch tape assuming I have to put all the groceries in the respective spots.

“What do you think sweetie? Your mother and I bought you an entire closet.” Camille said putting an arm over my shoulder and her face ridiculously close to mine. I am however surprised by the amount of pink, light tones, and feminine attire in this box. Blouses, skirts, and some dresses all inside. I saw as my claw looking hand revert back into a normal looking one, making me gulp as I jolt feeling my mother giving me a kiss in the cheek. She pulls out a white puffy sweater from the box, and feels the fabric with her hands.

“Did you know that the Stoker family owns the Dracy’s? The large department store line that also sells stuff for demi-humans!” She pulls out a scarf, and wraps it around my neck, the fluffy and soft texture feeling very comfortable against my skin. “As an act of apology, she gave us an entire closet for you. And I thought we were going to struggle with all your clothes.” My mom said, ruffling my long hair and giving me a pat in the back. “Thanks again Camille, you really helped us out here.”

The vampire woman laughed, in such an eccentric and egotistical tone of laughter. “Please Sandra, is the last thing we could do after my son accidentally turn him into a girl and a vampire. Besides, it would be a crime letting such pretty woman walk around wearing only rags.” Pardon me? “I’ll go and check where that idiot is.” She says playfully, giving me a playful spank making me jump and squeal. “You’ll be such a hit with the boys.” She tells me before leaving through the main door. I sigh, admiring and looking at the pretty clothes we would never be able to buy before. Even after two jobs, my household can’t have enough money to pay bills, pay for school, buy food, vacations, etc. It was a luxury going to those stores, and hence the reason I torrent my games.

I snicker, covering my mouth as I let my computer illegally torrent old and new games. My mom stands up in front of me, with her hands in her waist as she has to look up at me. “Eric!” She yells, making me squeal and jump back. “You should be thankful with Camille! She practically spend a lot of money on the clothes, and she even paid to set you up with the blood delivery foundation.” She sits down on the counter, pulling another sweater and putting it over my body. “You have no idea how much money we just saved… So please go and say thank you to her.” I blush and bit my lip.

I nod, but before leaving I hear from outside. “Is everything alright in there?” Monika said, with a tomato splattered all over her face, onion resting between her breasts, a garlic stuck in her hair, and carrying the yellow phone book in her hands. “I just thought that…” My mother reacts by jumping out of the window and repeating the word sorry over and over. “It’s fine really… Nothing hit any important thing of my garden, as I caught them most with my body.” She laughed, making me chuckle before walking towards the main door.

The sun had already settled, and the nightsky was beautiful during this time of the year. A gust of wind blows my hair, making me smile from how fresh it feels. I close my eyes, enjoying how my hair is lifted and the wind gently brushes my hair. I’ve cried enough times, for some reason or another I was just done. I haven’t seen my body naked, nor I want to feel it, touch it, or see it. I know I’ll have to given by the fact that my bloody nose is telling me, it’s time for a bath. I look at my hands, I can’t help but to stare at them all the time. They look so dainty, so feminine, much more different than how they use to be. I clench my fist, taking a deep breath and brushing some hair off my face.

I turn to my right, spotting a bright red audi r8 parked in front of our house. “Why do vampires always have to be rich…” I mutter, rubbing my forehead as I walked towards the car. The sound of my shoes click against the asphalt, as my legs are learning to be used once more. I spot the tall blonde woman, standing behind my father’s car. I sigh, stepping forwards and approaching the lady. “C-Camille…” I barely spat out, not only I’m not accustomed to my new dainty fragile voice, but to speak so freely with a vampire. “I just wanted to… What the fuck.”

Grandpa was standing over Vladimir, his silver cane over Vladimir’s throat. He had him pinned down, while he looked over at Camille. Vladimir was too shocked to even do anything, as he tried to push away the cane but either it was too heavy, or pops is too strong. “Camille…” He said looking towards, well her, his hands clenched in a fist as he removes his cap and throws it on Vladimir’s face. “You haven’t aged a bit.” He tells her, looking directly at her eyes, while she stands about, staring back at him. “Half a century it has been... more than half a century…” His face was cold, his white hair combed over as his whole sharp thin face stares back at her.

“Indeed Abraham… It has been a long time…” She says softly, her hand cover her mouth as I see the other twitch nervously. “You have gotten old, old dog…” She mutters making a chuckle, as my grandfather removes his cane from Vladimir’s throat. “About your… Grandson…” I look at my old man’s eyes staring at me. I could see his chest rise and lower, and hear a loud breath coming from him. “It was my son’s fault, he isn’t accustomed to…”

“Yeah yeah, the Helsing blood, I know the whole ordeal. He jumps down from Vladimir, and struggles to walk next to Camille. My grandfather used to be something else. He had a long brown beard, and from his time in the army, the pictures we have from him made him look like some kind of old Schwarzenegger looking fellow. Seeing him now stand next to such a young woman, or perhaps not as old as she assumes to be, is somewhat sad. “I’m not a life sucking creature such as you Camille.” He spats out, clearly mad and filled with resentment. He slams his cane as he walks, grumbling between his teeth as he heads towards the house. “You are meant to die one day… You’re doing something inhuman Camille…” He spats out, slowly continuing his way.

“Well… Your grandson is now something inhuman then.” That made the old man stop. I could see how his hand tightly grab the cane, but holding back with a reply. He goes his way, heading towards the house and closing the door behind him. I look back at Camille, who was surprisingly blushing with embarrassment. She looks at me, making her shake her head and sigh. “I met your grandfather after the war, we were close friends.” She spits out, looking down at her son and picking him up. “Did you tell him who you are.” He nods, still a bit red fluster with embarrassment just like her mother. “Come here.” She says picking him up and removing the dust off him. “He doesn’t really mean it okay? He is just bad to what you did to Eric.” She said softly hugging and pulling Vladimir for a hug.

I saw him blush even more, as he stare at me with worry eyes, probably still feeling sad from what he did to me. I just look back at him, my limbs shaking as I slowly lift my hand and flip him the bird. “Come on, let’s brings those things back there and we call it a day.” She tells him, stepping away. As soon as she turns, I lower my hand and produce an awkward smile. “Hi there Sussanne, is there something you need?” She says with such a different tone. I could see her fangs whenever she spoke, it was a somewhat terrifying point of view. I gulp, as I stretch and play with my hoodie nervously.



“So… Human blood…” I say looking down at the little half a liter package resting in my hands. “Type of blood, o negative. Donor, Carly Shwim. Reason for donation, I love vampires and I like to help them. Age, twelve.” I sigh, reading out loud and playing with the package in my hand. The package had a little lid at the top, to which I remove in order to drink it. The smell hit my nose, and my body immediately reacted by jumping. “Oh god.” I say looking away from the package. I take a deep breath, since I’m about to drink a human bodily fluid. “Here goes nothing.” I close my eyes and place the lid inside my mouth, and almost instantly the blood flows inside my mouth.

The taste is weird, it’s cold but at the same time warm. And it feels so heavy, perhaps to the amounts of metals found in normal human blood, but it isn’t as easy to swallow as water. But god damn it tastes good. It warms up my body, and I could feel each part of it activating, as the supplement of blood enters every corner, vein, artery, and organ of my body. I feel alive, I open my eyes and realize I’ve already drank more than half the package. My eyes slowly drift away, hiding as they look inside my skull. My tongue flavours the taste, warm, gentle, like if I was eating a hot chocolate made by my grandmother. I suck the package clean, practically leaving it with no trail of blood whatsoever. I felt full, like if I ate the biggest meal made for a king. I fall down my bed, my eyes opening up as I take in all the sensations around me. I could feel my body waking up and feeling everything, I was one with the world, and I was a part of it. I could hear the music of Hendrix in the background, the main riff from ‘All Along the Watchtower’ play as I look at the ceiling.

“Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.”

I sputter out loud, as the world around me envelopes me. I can feel everything. All my senses are at a top notch capacity. The ceiling above me moves around, creating colors I didn’t even know existed in the first place. “Woah…” I mutter looking at my hands. I start moving my fingers, feeling the air between them, enjoying the sensation of being connected with everything. I wonder if this is actually happening, I stand up from my bed, feeling the world around me I step out of my room. The cold door knob making me smile as I cool down from all my worries. I smile, why should I be worried? I mean… I just got so many cool powers…

I stumble towards the main hallway. A sensation of hunger burning inside of me as I walk towards the kitchen. I can see colors, sounds, and everything as I walk. The cold wooden floor creaking as I take steps on it. I move my toes around, playing with my feet as I walk towards the kitchen. I smile, my hair covering my face but I’m too happy to care. I giggle and giggle, before gulping down a large glass of water. After that I walk back to my room, my head spinning as I continue to giggle and everything around me stops making sense.


I wake up sitting in my chair, my laptop opened and shining brightly at my face. “What the fuck…” I say my throat dry but still with the high pitched tone I’m used to as before. I move my hands and quickly lower the brightness of the computer, allowing me to see better than before. “What the fuck happened?” I remember a lot of laughs, my body feeling way too sensitive to anything, and then pure darkness. Opening the laptop in order to see what I was doing last night, I come up with a lot of games I downloaded without any memory of getting them before. “Games, anime… movies? What did I do…” I opened a tab filled with the lists of the games I downloaded, and not recalling any of them. “Wait… I need to check on this…”

I open a new tab and immediately typed. “What happens when vampires drink human blood?” A bunch of forums appeared, all of them with something vampiric at the name of the webpage. I sigh, going for the first result hoping to get something useful out of it. My eyes followed the post, a normal guy asking about the effects and differences of a vampire drinking specific types of bloods. “Just picture any stoner film, or a scene in a movie when the characters get high. Just like that but with more laughs.” I rest my head on my laptop, sighing as I scratch my head. I feel a weird sensation, like if a part of me was folding against the screen. “What?” I mutter sitting straight the same exact sensation of some sort, like when you fold your ears with your hand.

I rub my cheeks, feeling the cold skin against my soft hands. But something was missing, something was odd about it. I stand up from my chair, feeling an odd feeling as if I was hitting the chair with an invisible part of me. I ignore it as I walk towards my bathroom. Turning the lights on I immediately know something was off. I look at my reflection in the mirror, and there, with all its splendor a pair of wolf ears resting at the top of my head. “The fuck?” I yell stepping back from the mirror. Moving my hands towards the ears, I squeeze them slightly, getting the sensation of hard skin from them. “What is this…” I left them be, before staring at my eyes. “Woah…” They are still pink, but now the areola is much more bigger. It is practically a set of dog or wolf eyes rather than human. “This is weird…”

I take a step back, feeling my hair and ears move as I shake my hair. Feeling nervous I look at the reflection in the mirror, the dog or wolf ears folded. I turn my head, the ears perk up and follow the same direction of my movements. I concentrate on moving them, left and right, and after some seconds they follow whatever I command them to do. Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, fold, perk, fold, perk, one up one down, and perked up. A rush of happiness makes my chest feel warm, the girl looks at me with a smile on her face. I do have to admit I don’t look anything than before, big eyes and a cute face complexion. I close the door behind me, making sure no one peeks at what I’m about to do.

I raise my upper lips revealing my front teeth. The girl does the exact same thing but rather than looking stupid, she looks very cute. I giggle before stopping completely as a weird sensation coming from my bottom half makes me turn around. “What the…” A tail. A fucking wolf tail is attached to my lower part back, as if it was continuing my spine. It’s not fluffy or overly big such as a fox tail, but it is lean and long, and it is the same tone of my hair, with some grey at the bottom and tips. “This is so surreal…” I sigh resting on the sink. A jiggling sensation from my chest makes me take a step back and open my eyes widely.

The mirror above the sink only allows me to see the upper part of my body. I changed a lot from yesterday, I gained some height and surprisingly some muscle. The petite girl was still there, but it know looked as if she had gone to the gym her entire life. My arms look like normal but when squishing them I feel a thick cover of muscle. I lift up the hoodie, underneath the simple shirt shows a set of bigger breasts than before, thankfully not too big to look ridiculous, and a strong and tight abdomen. “The amazonian wolf DNA?” I say out loud, passing a hand over my waist, feeling the curves and the muscles.

This is so, so weird. I still had a cutesy body, and my face resembled that of a cute girl. But underneath all of that I have curves, and muscle. Well, not cutesy but more on the very feminine side of things. I take a deep breath, however my nose tingles picking up a lot of sweat coming from my body. “I need a shower…” I say casually turning on the shower and preparing for it to warm up. I blushed, remembering I would have to take a shower and look at my naked body. “Nope, fuck that.” I pull out a towel, and quickly tie it around my eyes, blocking completely my vision. “Good! Now I have to get naked.” I lift my shirt up, feeling how the fabric brushes against my breasts. I bit my lower lip, struggling to get out of these pants.

Standing completely naked made my whole body shiver, as the wind coming from my opened window. My feet shiver feeling the cold ground against it, as I follow the sound of the water hitting the glass and the ground. Grumbling I step into the shower, jumping slightly at how close my head is now to the shower itself and how the warm water tickles my body. I do the whole ordeal as quickly as I can, stumbling to touch my private parts, as I am not ready to deal with anything down there. The most tedious thing was washing all these long ass hair, the amount of shampoo I had to use was tremendous, and trying to not get my ears wet was annoying as hell. Each time some water enter the thing, I automatically would shake my whole body feeling my breasts jiggle while doing so.

I step out of the shower angrily, hating all of the sensation of this new body and all the stuff I do without even controlling. I was about to pick up the towel when my whole body decided to go crazy and shake all over. It effectively removed most of the water out of my body, and I could feel every part of me jiggle while doing so. I could feel my hands shaking and angrily expand, creating some level of claws. “Eric honey, how are you?” My mother said entering my room. Because my eyes were still covered, I stumble around the floor and fell down, angrily growling as my breasts squish with my room’s carpet. “Woah… Tail and ears…” I nod, my body still on the ground. “And it seems you gained some height… and look at your bum!” My mother playfully said before giving me a slight spank.


I say sarcastically without moving an inch. My mother chuckled, before grabbing me by my waist and with my own strength she pretended to lift me up. She didn’t say anything while I stood there with my eyes covered by the towel. “Okay hun, extend your arms.” I do what she says, feeling a piece of fabric rub against them. Before I know it I feel some pressure coming from my chest area, as I know she put a bra on me. “Good work hun, now lift your left feet.” I do what she says. “Now the right.” I sigh, before feeling a ticklish sensation between my thighs as she lifts up what I suppose is a set of panties. “Now… this!” She said before nudging my towel making me able to see once more.

I am tall now, like a head taller than my own mother. I blush, remembering how we used to be the same height and now I’m a titan compared to her. “I think you’re around two meters… a bit less… And you are almost touching the D mark on your chest area hun.” I blush before giving a slight peek to my chest. The now full body mirror in my room made me a little conscious about myself. I am tall now, and with a really nice female body. I throw a piece of clothing at the mirror, effectively covering most of it allowing it to only see my lower part. “I left your school uniform on your bed, you decide what to wear honey.” My mom said before leaving the room.

I stumble towards my bed, spotting the pretty high school female uniform, with a somewhat short skirt, a set of high knee socks, and a cute shirt with a bunch of frilly stuff around the neck. I sigh, flipping the bird to the clothes before getting ready to school.


Being young is both a lie and a form of evil. I sigh, waiting for the last class before the break of the day. Looking around the classroom I get a better perspective than what I saw two days ago. Was it because my enhanced vision? I don’t know, nor I think I could care anymore. Sighing rest on my desk, as the teacher ends up his class and gesture us that we are free for around an hour. A notice a trio of guys all gathered around a magazine and laugh about, they are most likely considered the perverted of the classrooms, as a school always need a pair of them. They stick together, during their worst and best times, or until one of them magically gets a girlfriend which would cause a domino reaction and break them apart. And one of the first couples of the year, as the guy would most likely break up with her for the blonde naga behind him. And the girl would most likely skip a day as she things whatever she thought she had with the guy was true love. I give em a week, tops.

I stand up from my chair and pull my backpack over my shoulder. Loving how everyone around me tends to ignore me, I struggle putting on a set of earphones as I leave the room. The trio of girlfriends sitting near the window laugh audibly loud, as they share contacts and most likely conversation between them. I bet if you start a simple gossip between the three, their friendship would quickly melt away, as it was forged in nothing but lies. Youth is mainly formed by a series of lies, and those that glorifying it are fooling themselves and everyone around them. I ignore the weird looks everyone is giving me, as I slowly but surely walk my way out of the hallway, and towards my lunch spot I found looking around the campus.

My ears perk up, spotting a girl ‘quote on quote’ accidentally dropping her books near the guy she most likely has a crush on. The reptilian answers my kneeling down and starting a conversation with her. The girl is kind of good looking, for a dragonian that is. The guy most likely spot her before, several times I assume, and is not really getting the clue that she’s digging him. That’s what it means to be young, to be covered by lies and think that their surroundings always affirm their actions. “Here you go Nika.” Said the boy handing her the last book from her outrageously stack that she would most likely not read any time soon. But, by the simple usage of the word youth they are distort and twist the common sense and anything logical.

I stop to look at the window, spotting several students already practising and working out in either basketball or the tennis field we have on the school grounds. I chuckle following my route and going down the main staircase. Spotting a set of guys hiding at the top of the staircase trying to not let anyone here about their gaming conversation. For all of these, lies, failures, secrets and sins, do nothing but to spice up their definition of youth. And if failure is the landmark of being young, such as they say. I almost get between two girls who most likely came from the same school, but are now separated due to grades and classes. They hug in front of me, making me move to the side and let them be. Each of them will find new friends to replace each other, they’ll grow apart even through their efforts of sticking together and will end up as complete strangers in a year or so from now.

Then someone who failed to make friends must be at the peak of his youth, using this logic right? However I’m sure they’ll disagree. Stepping out of the hallway and towards the patio a set of young students come accidentally charging at me. “Hurry up let’s go!” The one said before giving me a smile and a gesture of apology. But, however, I’m sure they will disagree with their own terms. All of this is just their second standarts at play and nothing else. Here’s the bottom of the line. I spot the empty sit underneath a school building, giving me enough shade so I don’t burn up in the middle of the day, and the twelve o’ clock breeze pass through my body making me feel fresh. I sit down on the chair, and pull out my lunchbox made by Mimi. You see, fools that enjoy their youth.

Should just kill themselves.

“For some reason I knew you were here.” My aunt said, giving a pat in my back as I drink the little blood juices left behind by my mother’s meat stew. I can feel one of my ears perk up, making the earphone fall down and listen clearly to them. “And you got tail and a cute set of ears!” She giggled, her hand grabbing and rubbing the inner part of my ear. I growl even that my left leg unconsciously moves up and down. “Fine… I’ll stop.” She said chuckling and sitting next to me. “Why didn’t you put on the girl’s uniform? You’d look so much better and perhaps catch some pretty wolf eye’s.” She nudged my arm, while I finish drinking and leaving the plate back inside my lunchbox.

I read through the entire uniform section of my school dressing code. And nowhere it stated that one must only wear the designed uniform. But a student should must wear a school uniform, it never states which. So I pulled out the school’s tracking pants, put on a white plain shirt, and the school’s jacket on. Effectively using a uniform, but not the dreading female one. Mom had to make a little hole for my tail to pop out, to which it simply hides behind all my flocks of hair. “There is nothing that would change you right?” I chuckled, closing my lunchbox and putting it inside my bag. “I know what I can do.” She said standing up and before I know me, she pulls me from my ear barely giving me time to grab my stuff before being dragged by her. I shake her off me, but follow her along towards another building in the school.

Even if my aunt is taller than my mother, I still tower her, making her look like the student and me some kind of stupid sports teacher. We enter a classroom I’ve never thought I would enter in my life. “Good morning Henry! How are you today?” She said bursting inside. A student, who everyone knows about is sitting near the window, drinking from a bottle of water and reading a novel. He is the guy everyone aspires to be, matching my high grades, studying at the economy class. He’s tall, smart, and does a lot of sports, which means he has one of the strongest if not the most athletic body in the whole school. I could see his biceps popping out from his chair, as he looks back at us putting his glasses away.

“Ms. Lycaon, I remember asking you to knock before barging inside the room.” He said with a dead tone. Henry Petterson Lovecraft, the most famous kid at school says, not even standing up from his chair as he stares back at us. “Who is the weirdo?” He said pointing at me, making me growl and look away slightly.

“She wants to join your club.” She said pushing me towards him. I nervously rub the back of my head, feeling my cheeks blush and my ears fold. I look back at her, wondering what her plan is. “You will join this club, as not only you need to be registered in a school club in order to graduate, but as a penance on what you did to your fellow students two days ago.” I clench my fists, thinking that the change and transformation should be enough for what I did. “I don’t care about any questions, objections, concerns or dissenting opinions you may have.” She stops looking at me and turns her gaze towards Henry. “As you may see, her soul is just as rotten as her attitude, that’s why she stands in front of you as a pitiful loner. While in here, I want you to mend her attitude and her twisted mentality. This is a personal request for me.”

He closes his book and puts it underneath his chair, his short hair combed over as he gives a nice check to my body. “I refuse.” I bit my lip, knowing some sort of negative answer was expected from him. “But since it is a teacher’s direct request…” He sighs rubbing his forehead in annoyance. “Fine… I’ll take her in.” He says opening another bottle of water and quickly drink from it. “But if she ever does something out of the line, she’ll be out in a heartbeat.”

“Don’t worry, she is quite the energy saver kind of gal. She has quite the calculating mind, and self preserving instincts. She’s more of a minion that anything else.” I bite my lower lip and clench my fists, before she nudges me once more in the stomach making me jump back and growl softly. “Good, I’m counting on you Lovecraft.” She said waving at us and walking out of the classroom, closing the door behind her. I look back at him, as he returns to read his book and practically ignore me. I lift my eyebrow, before pulling a chair from one of the pile in the back of the classroom. This room looks more like storage than anything else. I growl loudly, pulling a chair and sitting down staring blankly at the whiteboard.

I wonder what kind of activities one can do in this little classroom, mainly with the egotistical bastard as the leader of the club. It can’t be any type of sports, as there isn’t any room in here to do anything. Also, no kind of materials as this place doesn’t look to have any type of colors or papers but chairs and broken tables. Perhaps some kind of reading club, as if that might help. We both hear a knock on the door, making us look back at it. “Come in.” He says with a serious hoarse tone. The door slowly opens, and a recognizable walks in.

“H-Hi? Is this the Helping Club?” Vladimir says as he pops his head inside.

To be continued...

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