Magic of the Kingdom Book 2: Chapter 3

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A month has passed, and Sarah's been enjoying life as Silvermist in the park, but can she handle life as a celebrity TV actress? She still gets nervous meeting "real" celebrities! And how will HRT affect her ability to play the role?

“God these things are a lot skimpier than most Disney costumes aren’t they?” Carly giggled as she and the girls were getting ready to go out into the park. It had been a couple days since Gennine had asked, so the girls were able to get together and discuss the new lost girls and how they relate to the story as well as their attitudes.

Paige’s Lost girl was supposed to be the total opposite of what Paige’s real life was, she was a prima, like a total fashionista.

“I think someone got my character and Rebecca’s mixed up,” Paige whined as she hid behind a changing curtain. “I can’t wear this.”

“It’s just an act.” Megan said, “Besides, in shows and movies, your character is usually never completely who you are, so you have to push the bounds.”

Paige stepped out, wearing a ruffled black mini skirt, a bright red silk top, and most importantly, a real velvet corset. “I’m pushing the bounds of my boobs,” she whined again.

“It looks good.” Rebecca grinned and Carly nodded.

“Just needs the hat,” Bethann giggled as she picked up a broad-brimmed hat with a large feathery plume. Someone had taken the time to hand sew a crossed red and pink sword onto the front so that it looked authentically hand-sewn. She placed it neatly on Paige’s head.

“And besides.” Juliette piped up as she came out of the bathroom, “You read Holly’s lines perfectly.”

“That was my first mistake,” Paige laughed, relaxing a little. “I’ve been doing valley girl ever since I saw the movie Clueless. It made me realize, vapid as it was, just how much I wanted to be a girl, too,” she said sheepishly.

She had already confided in her new coworkers, being that Megan had so publically transitioned before her, that she was the ‘friend’ Carly mentioned back in Australia.

“Granted Cher was a total airhead,” Bethann giggled, “But she did mean well. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be like that, having a good heart. That’s the whole reason I became a cheerleader myself actually. I wanted to set a better example than the jerks before me.” She paused to shake her head. “And then I moved a year later.”

“Juliette used to volunteer with the girl scouts when we were filming My Brother Mark.” Megan said, grinning as she put the finishing touches on her park makeup. “I gained five pounds off the thin mints,” she teased.

“It started as research,” Juliette laughed. “But I liked it so much I stayed after that episode aired. I just hate that we never got Mark into that cute uniform,” she teased.

“The Director was worried people would think we were making fun of the scouts,” Megan laughed. “But I agree, it would’ve been fun having Megan around for another episode back then,” she teased back.

“Darn it,” Amber laughed. “Now I want some thin mints.”

“Me too.” Megan giggled, “Those things like my kryptonite,” she said as Annie emerged dressed in a pair of overalls over an oil stained canvas-like shirt, and wearing a pair of steampunk like goggles on top of her head, with little attached extra lenses that could slide down for extra magnification.

The pixies’ costumes were different as well, showing off a little more skin than their usual park costumes. But they had already been seen in Pixie swimwear a few times now, including their waterproof wings, so these were modest by comparison.

“You know who I feel like right now?” Annie laughed.

“Gadget from Rescue Rangers?” Megan giggled.

“O M G YES!” Annie squealed excitedly. “I didn’t think anyone else here watched those old cartoons. Yes, exactly!”

“Cha-cha-cha Chip and Dale’s, Rescue rangers.” Juliette began to sing the theme song. “Cha-cha-cha-Chip and Dale, when there’s danger.”

Paige couldn’t resist joining in. “No no it never fails, once they’re involved, somehow whatever's wrong gets solved.”

“Sings like a guy, my Aussie ass,” Rebecca said, shaking her head. “Girl you’ve got better pipes than I do.”

“No I said I sing like one of those little kids on those talent shows.” Megan teased. She knew it wasn’t her Rebecca was talking to.

Paige laughed. “You’re all insane. I like that,” she said, still giggling as she put in her gold hoop earrings. Like the rest of her outfit, they were more gaudy than anything she’d ever actually wear. “Like, has anyone seen my sword? I have to accessorize around it or whatever,” she said in-character, and then giggled.

“You looking for this.” Megan asked in character, “You know you should never leave your sword laying around, or Captain Steele might get you.”

“Oy,” Rebecca said, “You call that a sword?” She snickered. “That’s not a sword.” She pulled out her large cutlass. “Now this is a sword.”

“But you see girls.” Juliette grinned, “It’s not about the size of the sword.” she drew her daggers, a pair of golden blades like Megan’s “Pan” sword, only shorter, “It’s about how well you can use it.”

“Sword, shmord,” Annie as Ratchet snorted as geekily as possible. “Give me a slingshot and a couple of firebombs and I’ll send the whole ship fleeing for their lives.”

Pinkie giggled, “Avast, I smell a pirate.” she had spotted Captain Hook walking by their dressing area. He didn’t seem to have noticed them at all. Unlike Peter, who portrayed their story’s narrator, Hook played a prominent role in their origin story, as he was the father of Captain Steele, their archrival.

“Ah, Captain Codfish himself, and Peter’s not here to fight him!” Rebecca said in a low whisper.

“He’s dangerous.” Red nodded, “So we best avoid him for now, till we can find Peter or that Darling girl.” She said Wendy’s last name like they were enemies, though it was quite the opposite. Wendy was actually a lost girl ally with a brief cameo in the pilot.

Silvermist crept into the room using the back entrance into the maintenance tunnels, slipped up behind Annie, and said loudly, “What are we whispering about?” in her best slightly-airheaded Silvermist voice.

Rachet jumped a mile, “Oh my God, Sil you scared the helium out of me.”

“And everyone says I’m the airhead,” Paige, as Holly, laughed.

Pinkie rubbed Holly’s head, “That’s because your head is just full of Holly leaves instead of air.” She winked.

Silvermist giggled. “I just wanted to stop by and see if you needed anything before your big day begins. You know where all the break rooms are, so I won’t bother you about that,” she teased.

“Yeah, we got that tour last night after the park closed.” Carly giggled.

“You know I think I love my character,” Bethann said. “It’s going to be hard to pull off in the show though. Paige and I are ex-pirates, and while she’s all happy about it, I’m supposed to be brooding and serious.”

“Remember, we’re turning it down a few notches for the park, but in the show, we can get away with a lot of things.” Megan giggled.

“I know just the person to talk to if you need any advice,” Silvermist giggled. “Maria, the lady who plays Angelica over on the Black Pearl. She has serious, without being too serious, down to a fine art.”

Pinkie grinned and crowed like Peter does, “Time for the lost girls to take over Disney World and make it neverland!” she held her sword up. “For the Lost girls and for Neverland!”

“For bubbles!” Carly cheered. Everyone looked at her. “What?” she asked innocently. They all giggled.

“Who is Bubbles?” Red asked seriously.

“Not who, what!” Carly answered as Silvermist whipped out her bubble wand, shooting a couple of ‘permanent’ bubbles into the air. “See!” she laughed.

“Oh Bubbles!” Red giggled as the girls all left the changing room into the park, near the Pixie Hollow sections that were still open. “You pixies sure need more room,” she said as she looked around the small area.

Suddenly, a big, icy cold snowball pelted Red, some of the crystals trickling down her neck. Periwinkle giggled, looking innocent.

“Tell me about it,” Tink laughed as Red wiped the snow off her. “It’s why we spend most of our time wandering. But the tinkers’ union is on the job!”

“Good.” Red grinned and scooped up some fake snow and white washed Tinkerbell with it.

“Hey!” Tink laughed. “I’m innocent!”

“All Pixies say that.” Pinkie giggled now. “We know better. You're just as mischievous as we are.”

“Well, in that case,” Tink said as she sprinted over, grabbed Pinkie’s stocking cap hat, and ran off into the park with it.

“Hey! That’s my hat!” Pinkie sprinted off after her stopping for a moment to catch her breath as the Hatter approached.

“Graduated from Tea pots to hats I see!”

“Blasted little blighter,” Pinkie swore between breaths. She wasn’t actually winded. After all she had been jogging with Sarah regularly for awhile now, but her character was less diligent on the exercise since she and Red were the only two lost girls who could fly.

“Kiss your mirror with that mouth?” Hatter teased.

“All the barnacle blasting time.” Pinkie grinned. “There’s no boys on our island, so I have to practice with a mirror.” She winked.

“No boys?” Hatter echoed.

“None.” Pinkie grinned. “Well save for Peter.”

“Not even one?”

“Just Peter.”

Hatter turned to a couple of guests that had seen Tink run past and grinned. “Lucky boy.” The girls both giggled.

“Yeah, but Peter doesn’t like kisses.” Pinkie laughed. “Ask Wendy.”

“Ask Wendy what?” Wendy asked as she came strolling up with Pinkie’s hat tucked neatly onto her head.

“Wendy! Just the girl I wanted to see.” Pinkie grinned, “And you have my hat!”

“I do?” Wendy said, looking around, and then rolled her eyes upward. She looked shocked. “Now, how did that get there?” she said as she took it off, and then carefully placed it on Pinkie’s head.

“It’s the very hat you gave me when you told us that Peter made us the tree house.” Pinkie grinned. “It’s my lucky hat.” She straightened it slightly and then took it off to bow to Wendy.

“Doesn’t seem very lucky to me,” Hatter laughed. “If a pixie can just snatch it off your head like that.”

“Pixies are tricky.” Pinkie grinned, “But that’s why I love them.”

“See!” Hatter announced. “I told you Alice- Alice?” he looked around, spinning in a circle. “Now where did that silly girl go.”

“Oh I accidently knocked her over back there.” Pinkie pointed, “Chasing Tinkerbell. When you see her tell her I’m very sorry.”

“You are?” Hatter asked. The two teen girls giggled again, one of them recording everything on her cell phone.

“Yup, a Lost girl always apologizes when she’s wrong. That’s one of Wendy’s rules.” Pinkie smiled.

“For what?” Hatter asked.

“For knocking Alice on her tushy.” Pinkie giggled.

Hatter looked at Alice, who had crept up on them by now. “Say Alice, I didn’t know you had a tushy.”

Alice blushed, “Nevermind Mr. Hatter, and thank you for the apology. You seemed like you were in a hurry.” She giggled. “Something to do with a blur of green, carrying a hat I believe,” she teased while Hatter talked with the two girls.

“Yes, it’s my lucky hat that Wendy gave me.” Pinkie showed it to Alice. “She helped me and Red set up the rules and the home for the other Lost girls. Peter said that Wendy made it with her own hands.” she turned to the teens, “Did you know that Red wants big coconuts like Captain Steele?”

Hatter, unable to resist himself, began to sing, “Say, I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts! Oh there they are a standing in a row,” he said, pointing to the oncoming rush of lost girls heading their way. “Oh my!”

Pinkie grinned. “Lost girls!” she called out to her sisters waving her hat in the air.

“Well it’s been lovely meeting you but I really must see a pixie about a hat, err, tea pot!” Hatter said quickly as he shook the two girls’ hands and then started off at an animated walk, taking big steps as he waved one arm at his side, holding his hat down firmly with his other hand.

“I saw the mouse.” Red grinned showing off her new mouse ears that Mickey had given her. “He and Minnie are dressed like Neverland residents!”

“Red, there you are,” Pinkie giggled. “We scared off the Hatter, but this is Alice, Rachel and Tiffany,” she said, having overheard the girls give the Hatter their names.

“And Wendy took off a moment ago talking to a boy in green.” Alice nodded.

“Aww we missed Peter?” Ratchet said, and snapped her fingers. Holly cringed, and Ratchet laughed. “Oh relax. I don’t have any boom juice on my hands ... this time.”

“He’s afraid that we’ll try to kiss him.” Red grinned.

“Can we get a picture with you all?” Tiffany asked warmly. “There’s this really cool Australian blogger named Amber that we want to send it to.”

“She inspired us to start our own blog,” Rachel added, giggling, neither of them realizing Amber was standing right there amongst the lost girls, dressed as a lost girl herself.

“What kind of bug?” Pinkie asked. “I hope it’s one of those big ones. Don’t you Ginni?” she asked, turning to Amber.

Holly piped up, “Eeewww bugs, keep them away from me.” she pulled out her sword and began to swat at fake bugs.

“Noo,” Tiffany giggled. “Blog, it’s like a journal everyone can read.”

Pinkie grinned, “Oh! Like a diary!“ She paused then giggled, “Dear Diary, Red here! Today, I almost kissed Peter.” she pretended to read from Red’s diary and did a fake swoon.

“Dear diary,” Red shot back playfully, “Today I tickled Pinkie until she peed.” She goosed Pinkie’s sides gently.

“Eeep!” Pinkie hid behind Tiffany, “I got a shield!”

Red giggled. “Let me just get someone to hold your light box for the picture,” she said with an affirming nod, and literally bounced off toward their lady ninja security guard.

“Red can be really scary when she’s angry.” Pinkie sighed. “I’m glad she doesn’t get angry often.”

Rachel, who had been filming, laughed. “Does she get all red faced like Tink, too?”

Pinkie nodded, “And her head explodes like,“ she pulled her hands apart with an explosion noise, “Boom! Ask Ratchet about the time she left her tools out and Red stepped on them.”

“I heard that!” Red announced as she came storming back over to the group. “I do NOT have a temper!” she said in a mock-rage voice.

Pinkie shook her head, “Nope, no temper. Just sore feet.” she nodded.

Red giggled. “Yes, especially when I stub my toes on SOMEONE’S toolbox.” She glared at Ratchet, who gave a ‘meep!’ and tried to hide behind Holly as Rachel gave Claire her phone.

“Hey don’t look at me.” Holly shrugged, “Rosetta and I are trying to make the perfect shampoo for our hair, not tinker with machines.” She twirled her hair to show it off.

“Ratchet is totes my favorite though,” Rachel giggled as they posed with the large group. “I can’t wait to see her backstory next episode.”

Pinkie giggled as she waved for the photo. “See you’re already popular. Everyone knows who you are.” she ruffled the greasy hair a little, and then wiped it off on her skirt.

“Ugh,” Holly groaned. “You’re first when we get that shampoo ready.”

“No way.” Ratchet shook her head, “It’ll just get dirty again.”

“Thank you so much,” Tiffany giggled as Claire gave Rachel her phone again.

“I was right,” Bethann, as The Crimson Blade, now just Blade for short, finally spoke up as the two walked away. “Best job ever.”

Pinkie had wandered off at that, as the group dispersed into the park to ride rides with guests, play pranks on other actors, and the like. She had spotted Wendy and Peter, and began to follow them.

They were headed to the undersea adventures area. Rebecca as Tawny grinned mischievously at Carly, Kahra, the only pirate to go completely native Lost Girl, though she still had her pirate cutlass, and grabbed her by the arm. Taking a page from the Hatter’s playbook, they began to move in an over animated “sneaking” walk, following Pinkie.

Pinkie spun around, and the two dove behind a trash can and out of sight. She turned to continue, stopped, and looked over her shoulder again. When she turned to continue the second time the girls jumped out and continued stalking her.

Pinkie giggled as she got close to Peter and Wendy, and began to sing the Little Mermaid song “Kiss the Girl.” “Ya don’t know why, but you’re dyin’ to try, you wanna kiss the girl!”

Carly and Rebecca launched into the chorus, coming up next to Pinkie. “Shalalalalala don’t be shy, you got da mood just right, go on and kiss de girl!”

Ariel who had been out nearby giggled, “Oh come now, that ship sailed, we’ve already kissed.” she winked. Peter laughed and pulled out a thimble he just happened to have handy, and placed it in Wendy’s hand.

“There we kissed, are you girls happy now?” he said, laughing.

“Nope, not good enough!” Pinkie announced, turning to Ariel. “You’ll have to find Prince Eric and show these two how it’s done.”

“Though Red might get upset.” Rebecca as Tawny spoke up. “You know how much she wants to kiss Peter.” The three girls began making cute kissy faces like young girls practicing in a mirror, at least until Red and Holly came up behind Tawny, dumping an entire bucket of prop feathers over her head. Red took off running, and Holly squealed, having been left holding the bucket.

“RED!” Holly shrieked, turning to run after her. Meanwhile Rebecca coughed and sputtered, waving off the fake feathery fluff in stunned shock.

Pinkie giggled, “Rooster girl.” she teased Tawny.

Without missing a beat, Rebecca put her hands on her hips, threw her head back, and crowed like Peter, before turning to chase after Holly and Red.

“We learned from the best.” Pinkie giggled and waved to Peter and Wendy.

“Never turn your back on a lost girl,” Peter laughed.

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