Bikini Beach: Fixation

Bikini Beach: Fixation
By: Light Clark

Synopsis: Gavin was very fixated on a single attribute to the exclusion of all else, until a helpful stranger at the club suggests that he give Bikini Beach a try.

“How about her, Gavin?” Craig suggested, pointing toward a perky looking blonde. The girl was quite cute, flaunting a charming innocence in her white sun dress as she danced to the music of the club. “She’s cute.”

Rolling my eyes, I shook my head at my friend’s suggestion. “Yeah, like a little girl. I want someone with some bounce. Actually, a lot of bounce.”

“I mean she’s a little flat sure, but–” Craig started to protest.

I just shook my head again to cut my friend off. “There’s no but to that sentence, Craig. Now, find me someone worth looking at.”

Not bothering to argue further, Craig just returned to searching the crowd. I joined in the search as well, my eyes panning around at the various girls in the club. Thanks to it being a Friday night, there were plenty of them around, and almost none of them were shy about showing off what they had to work with. Of course, in my opinion, some of them should be.

As my gaze trailed over the crowd, I inspected girl after girl. Many were quite cute, but at the same time, most of them were also decidedly lacking where it truly counted – the boob department. Time after time, I passed by girls that ranged from paltry to above average in search of someone with some real assets to her name.

“Oo, what about those two at the table,” Craig spoke up, tipping his head to indicate direction.

Following my friend’s gesture, I saw a pair of brunettes seated at one of the tables off to the side of the dance floor. Both were pretty, one with darker hair and a more eastern european look to her, while the other was lighter toned. That wasn’t really important to me, though. What was was the fact that both had solid sets of tits, although, the lighter haired was the bustier of the two. Because of that, she was where my eyes landed first. Strangely, the girl actually wore one of the more conservative outfits in the club, failing to make the most of the cleavage that she had to offer. When my gaze drifted to the other girl, I noted that she was dressed a little more daring, but she didn’t have as much to dare

“I don’t know ...” I muttered critically as I looked between the two girls. The light haired one seemed like kind of a prude, which was a real shame. It was always disappointing when a busty girl pretended like her assets were some awful burden instead of the wondrous blessings that they were. I’d never understood why any girl wouldn’t want to have the biggest boobs that she could. On the other hand, the other girl seemed more outgoing but she didn’t quite have … enough. That was a shame too. If only he could swap them around.

That made it Craig’s turn to roll his eyes. “You know, you’re really not good looking enough to be this damn picky.”

“Picky? I’m only looking for one thing, well two things,” I argued, not even bothering to contest the other part of the claim. I knew that I wasn’t the most handsome guy ever, but at six-foot with a lean athletic build and piercing gray eyes, I had no problem getting dates when I wanted them. “That’s not picky.”

“It is when you want them natural and stripper sized,” Craig countered. “Trying to find you a girl is like trying to find a melon in an apple orchard. It’s just ridiculous.”

I shrugged disinterestedly. “Whatever. Melons are the best, and big ones aren’t that hard to find.”

“Hey, sorry, but I couldn’t help but overhear,” a male voice cut into the conversation from behind me.

Turning around, I saw a man seated on the stool behind me, that looked a few years younger than my twenty-four. Other than that, he wasn’t really anything all that special, average height and weight with brown hair. If anything he was a bit on the nerdy side, but that was it.

“Yeah, and?” I questioned, wondering why the guy was talking to me.

“Well, I was just thinking that if you’re looking for busty girls, you might want to try Bikini Beach,” the guy explained.

Dubious of the man’s claim, I furrowed my brow. “A water park? Isn’t that kinda kiddie?”

The random guy shook his head. “Not this place. I mean, sure, kids go there too, but there are plenty of girls in their twenties as well, especially from the sororities.”

The lure of sororities girls quickly improved my impression of the place. “Really? Thanks for the tip, man.”

“Any time,” the guy replied. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’ve got to get back to my girlfriend.”

“Yeah, sure. Thanks again,” I told the guy who promptly got up and left. Once he was gone, GI turned back to Craig, not noticing that the guy I’d just talked to had sat down with the two brunettes that I’d been checking out a short while ago.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Not bad, not bad,” I mumbled as I got out of my car and started toward the water park. Outside of the place was a steady of stream of girls going in and out, many already in their bikinis. The attire made it easy for me to scope out their goods, of which many of the girls had plenty. Some were even truly exceptional, including one blonde girl that had to have the biggest tits that I had ever seen – in real life anyway.

Content with the selection, I strode quickly up to the ticket counter, eager to get out there and start picking through the crop. Luckily, there wasn’t much of a line, just a couple of other guys in front of me. Once they were gone, I stepped up to the counter, seeing a pretty, dark-haired girl was working.

“Hi there,” the girl greeted in a bright chipper tone. “What can I do for you, today?”

“One ticket please,” I replied eagerly.

The girl nodded and typed something into a computer, before wincing. “Ooo, sorry. This is a member’s only park. We do sell a few guest passes, but unfortunately, the last two day passes were bought by the gentlemen in front of you. If you really want to go in today, you’ll have to do something longer.”

“Okay, how much?” I asked.

When the girl quoted the prices of the various available lengths, my eyes bugged out a little. The price was steep, although, I supposed not unreasonably so for a members only club. Uncertain of what to do, I glanced back toward the various babes that were strolling around thoughtfully. It was summer, and a longer pass would give me the opportunity to come back and try again if I didn’t have much luck on the first day.

“Alright, I’ll do the weekend one,” I decided, handing the girl my credit card.

“Wonderful,” the girl chirped as she took the card and quickly ran it. A moment later, she handed it back along with a newly printed pass. “Just swipe the pass at the gate to get in. Locker rooms are just past the gate. Also, please make sure to shower before entering the park proper. It’s a health regulation.”

“Got it,” I assured the girl with a nod as I took the offered cards. Once I had them in hand, I turned and walked off toward the gate, easily swiping my way inside.

Sure enough, right inside the park sat two buildings labeled as the locker rooms. The girls one was much bigger than the boys, a fact that I took as a good sign. That meant more girls, and more girls meant a greater chance of finding ones with more up top. Less competition for those girls wouldn’t hurt my chances either.

Making my way into the locker room, I was mildly surprised to find it empty. I remember there being a few other guys outside that had entered in front of me, but they weren’t around. I supposed that they must have just already changed.

Shrugging off the oddity, I quickly exchanged my clothes for swim trunks, tossing the former into one of the lockers. After that was done, I started toward the exit, checking myself out in the mirror on the back of the door as I went. I didn’t get far, though, before a sign caught my eye, reminding me, just as the girl at the counter had, that I needed to shower.

“Strange rule,” I muttered as I veered off toward the nearest shower stall. Weird or not, it wasn’t enough of a hassle to ignore, so I just flipped on one of the showers and stepped into the spray.

Surprisingly, the water was quite warm, and the spray itself neither too hard nor too soft. It made for a rather relaxing shower, making me want to linger in the spray. There were busty babes waiting, though, so I didn’t linger long before flipping the shower back off and starting back toward the exit all the while rubbing at eyes to try to clear a blurriness from my vision.

When I turned the corner from the shower area to the door, I lurched to a stop in surprise at the sight that awaited me. Standing there was a girl with a short brown ponytail wearing nothing but an orange and white striped bikini bottom. She was quite skinny, childishly so, with narrow hips and thin limbs. Combined with her rather cherubic features, that skinniness made her look like she was no more than ten or eleven. At the same time, her chest was quite developed, oversized for her slight frame and big enough to be considered large even on a grown woman.

The incongruity of the girl’s assets proved momentarily confusing for me as my mind tried to decided whether it was more appropriate to stare, look away, or find the girl’s mother. In the end, morality won out, and I managed to avert my eyes before it got too creepy. Looking down, though, showed me a new set of problems.

Thrusting out from my chest, which seemed far too narrow, were two large perky cones that looked distinctly like the overdeveloped mammaries of the girl from around the corner. I wasn’t looking around the corner anymore, though. I was looking down at my own chest.

My eyes bugged out as I stared at the tits on my chest, unsure if I should grab them or scream. The two options caught in deadlock, leaving me to do. Neither. Instead, my hands quivered a few inches from the mounds while my jaw dropped slightly. In that state I remained for several moments before the sound of a door opening finally snapped me free, getting me to look up.

Coming through the exit was the dark haired girl from ticket booth, who now seemed incredibly tall to me. In her hand, she had a piece of orange and white cloth. As I looked up, she gave me a warm reassuring smile that failed to do anything to quell the panic that gripped me.

“Hello, Gavin,” the woman greeted before extending her hand with the piece of cloth in it. “Here, put this on.”

Still in shock, I somehow reached out, absently taking the piece of cloth as my mind tried to get itself back on track after its derailment. I was so distracted, thought, that I didn’t even notice as I slipped the bikini top on. It was with stunning ease, too.

Even as my hands got the to situated over my chest, my high, childish, new voice sputtered, “W-Who … H-How … “

“My name is Anya, and my grandmother owns this park which happens to be magical, a place for women to seek refuge from the salacious stares and lascivious leers of men,” Anya explained daunting alliteration. “Rather than prevent men from coming entirely, the park simply makes them into women for a bit, so that they can enjoy the facilities as well.”

Being told that magic was real did not make this situation any easier for me to believe and accept. What else could I do, though? I had boobs. I could feel their weight and fullness on my chest. How could they have gotten there if not magic?

“H-How long?” I questioned with an odd mix of dread and hope.

“Until your pass expires,” Anya answered. “But don’t worry, the magic will help you so that you can do normal girl things like put on a bikini and know your name.”

“My name?” I asked, getting a nod from Anya. “You just said it, though. It’s Gretchen. I mean Gretchen. I mean …”

Anya’s smile twisted into a grin. “You had it right the first time, dear. You’re Gretchen now, not Gavin. Everyone will only know you as Gretchen, from your parents, to your friends – the whole world.”

“But …” I wanted to protest, but my mind couldn’t form one. Instead, my gaze just dropped back down to my chest, now overflowing a bikini top that was clearly not designed for what it was being asked to hold. The top matched the same cutesy style as the bottoms, though, so it was clearly mine in spite of the poor fit.

“You were … smaller when you bought it,” Anya remarked, seeming to read my thoughts. “Girls your age can grow so fast.”

Mention of my age caught in my mind which promptly supplied a number to go with the word – eleven. “W-Why am I so …”

“Sizable? Young? Well, you’ve always liked them big haven’t you, and a girl has to start growing sometime,” Anya supplied, filling some words into the gap in my unfinished question. “Now, you should probably run along. Your friend is waiting for you.”

“Friend?” I repeated the word, still lost in confusion.

Nodding, Anya pointed toward the door. “Yep, she’s right outside.”

Looking past the dark-haired girl, I just stared at the indicated door. “You want me to go outside? Like this?”

“Well unless you want to just live in here for the whole weekend,” Anya remarked. “There’s no food, though, so that probably wouldn’t work out so well. It would be pretty boring too.”

The comments did not make the door any less scary, but when I looked back at Anya, the girl’s reassuring smile did help a little. Uncertainly, I stepped forward, moving past the older girl to get to the door. There, I paused for a moment before finally opening the door and stepping out into the world.

“There you are!” A young girl’s voice, high and squeaky, exclaimed as I stepped out into the blinding summer sun. “What took you so long?”

Shielding my eyes, I squinted to look at the girl that was coming toward me – someone that my newly minted girl’s mind said was named Mildred. Mildred was pudgy and looked even younger than myself, in large part due to a distinct lack of any development in the chest area of her plain teal one piece suit. She was shorter than me too with puffy facial features made puffier by her unflattering and short hair style.

“I … uhm … “ I mumbled, looking for an answer. That search had me glancing down toward the ground, and consequently also my chest. “... had some trouble with my top.”

The shorter girl nodded in understanding as she looked at the ill-fitting garment. “I can’t believe you didn’t get a new suit.”

“I wanted to, it’s just … ” I started to reply before drifting into a self-conscious silence.

After waiting a moment for a completion to that excuse, Mildred spoke up. “Well, whatever. What should we do first? One of the slides?”

The thought of doing one of the slides filled me with sudden trepidation for some reason, getting me to quickly speak up to suggest something else. “Uhm … how about a raft ride instead or maybe the wave pool.”

“Sure,” Mildred agreed with a shrug, before starting off. “Raft ride it is.”

Sighing in relief, I fell into step beside my new friend. As I did, I noticed that walking felt kind of weird to me now, my chest bouncing around in the small top. Self-consciously, I wrapped my arms around myself and hunched my shoulders, allowing me to cradle my chest a little to keep the movement down.

“So, did you manage to beat that side boss, yet?” Mildred asked as they walked.

That question left me momentarily dumbfounded until my mind supplied information about a videogame that I’d apparently been playing. “Uhm … yeah … it took hours, though. He was soooo cheap.”

“I told ya!” Mildred exclaimed smugly. “He makes the end boss seem like a total joke.”

For some reason, that comment elicited a giggle from me. “No kidding. That fight spent more time on making me click through cheesy lines than it did on the actual fighting part.”

“Yeah, total pushover,” Mildred agreed.

“Oh, did Mildred get into a fight?” a high female voice cut into the conversation from behind the Mildred and I.

Something in the sound of that voice caused me to wince involuntarily before turning around. Standing there was a trio of girls with a smug looking blonde in the lead. They were about my age, skinny and cute, with the hints of womanhood just starting to fill their bikinis. According to my new memories, the blonde was Violet, the black haired girl was Zoe, and the redhead was Fiona. Together, they made up the popular clique at my school.

“No, Vi. We were talking about a game,” Mildred stated as if that should’ve been obvious.

“Oh … you were talking about a total pushover with cheesy lines, so I just assumed that meant you,” Violet retorted mockingly.

“I’m not a pushover!” Mildred shot back defensively.

Those words got a smirk from Violet as she looked down at the other girl. Unlike Mildred, who was short, Violet was tall for her age, giving her nearly half a foot on the brunette. Without saying another word, the blonde just reached out and shoved the smaller girl, easily knocking her from her feet.

“Ow!” Mildred gasped in pain as she hit the pavement.

“See? Total pushover,” Violet taunted from above the girl.

Seeing my friend fall, I started to take an involuntary step forward, but Fiona blocked my way. “Stay out of it, Gretch. Wouldn’t want you to accidentally tip over from all that weight you're carrying.”

The comment about weight had me pausing to look self-consciously down at my chest. It was exactly the distraction the girls had been hoping for, allowing Zoe to sneak around behind me without me noticing until it was too late. A moment later, I felt hands on my back which simultaneously untied my top and shoved me forward. Caught unawares, I stumbled forward, reaching out for Fiona to try to catch myself on the other girl, but she just side-stepped out of the way. That left me to flop painfully onto the ground, my boobs bouncing free of my untied top in the process.

The trio of popular girls burst into giggles at the sight. “You really should be more careful with those things,” Fiona remarked. “You could knock yourself out.”

“Come on, girls. Let’s leave the klutzes to pick themselves up,” Violet announced before tossing her hair back over her shoulder and starting off. The other two girls fell in behind her, giggling all the way.

By the time the girls were gone, Mildred was already up on her feet, inspecting a bloody scrape on her elbow. Tapping it caused her to hiss slightly, but she didn’t bother with anything else. Instead, she turned to look at me in concern. “You okay?”

Wincing in pain, I pushed myself up to a sitting position before modestly covering my chest with my hands. All the while blushing deeply with embarrassment from getting knocked around by a couple of little girls. “Uhm … I guess …”

Seeing my plight, Mildred walked around behind me and bent down. “Here let me help,” Mildred offered. As she sat there, I felt her get her top back into place and tied before she patted me reassuringly on the back. “There ya go.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled, finally dropping my hands from my chest. After that, I scrambled quickly to my feet before wrapping my arms around myself again. “What about your arm?”

“What? This?” Mildred questioned holding up her bloody elbow. “It’s just a scratch. I’m like a secret boss. Those jerks would have to do a lot more than this to hurt me.”

As humiliated as I felt, I still managed a slight smirk at that remark. “You’re bleeding.”

“No, I’m not,” Mildred lied blatantly

“Well then what that’s red stuff on your arm?” I argued.

Mildred shrugged it off dismissively. “I’ve had worse.”

Rolling my eyes, I reached out and grabbed the other girl’s wrist. “Come on. We’re finding you a bandaid.”

“Aw, come on!” Mildred whined as I pulled her along. “I wanna go on the rides!”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Yelping in fear, I latched tightly onto to the overhead safety net as I felt my foot slip out from under me. No sooner had I done so than the slick tortoise shaped stepping stone vanished from beneath my feet, leaving them to dunk in the water as I dangled from the net above. It was better than all of me getting dunked in the water, though, which would’ve happened if I hadn’t tightened my grip. I even managed to hold on long enough to get my feet back under me on the stone.

Once I was steady again, I looked ahead to where Mildred was already mostly across the pool. The pudgier girl was surprisingly athletic, certainly more so than I was. She took the slick stones quickly, her fingers barely even brushing along the overhead net that she didn’t even need.

“Hurry up, slowpoke!” Mildred taunted, glancing over her shoulder as she darted along. “I’m gonna lap ya!”

Feeling a strange surge of jealously, I tried to pick up the pace, wobbling unsteadily as I went. I managed to stumble forward several stepping stones before once again my foot slipped out from under me. This time, my grip on the net wasn’t good enough and the ropes tugged free of my fingers to let me drop into the pool below.

Getting dunked was momentarily disorienting, but I soon managed to get myself turned around. A moment later, I broke the surface, sputtering and gasping. Wiping water from my face, I looked down the way to where Mildred had just finished the course.

“Need a hand?!” Mildred called out, still sounding like she was mocking me.

“No!” I blurted self-consciously before just swimming the rest of the way to the end rather than further humiliate myself. Once I was there, I pulled herself out of the pool, all the while grumbling, “Stupid Pond of Peril.”

Mildred giggled in amusement. “Some adventurer you are if you can’t handle a silly pond.”

“I could handle it just fine if a certain best friend of mine would’ve just let me concentrate!” I retorted defensively.

Mildred rolled her eyes. “Yeah, sure like the evil death toads would just wait around for you to crawl your way across.”

“Well then maybe you should have fought off the evil death toads for me,” I countered.

“I couldn’t. I was too busy dealing with the salamander king on the other side of the pond,” Mildred argued.

“I could’ve taken on the salamander king,” I boasted confidently.

Mildred snorted out a laugh. “You? Take on the salamander king? Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I can take on anyone you can!” I insisted, sounding a little petulant.

“Sure you can,” Mildred assured me with smug condescension. Before I could argue further, the shorter girl switched topics. “Speaking of things we should both take on … I’m starving. Let’s get something to eat.”

“Oh … okay,” I agreed, letting the argument slide. “Tiki Hut?”

Mildred nodded. “As long as the natives don’t try to kill us on the way.”

I giggled at the idea. “We’ll have to be very stealthy then.”

With that, the Mildred and I took off in search of food. As we went, we pretended to sneak along, darting between bushes and hiding around corners of buildings. My adult male mind wanted to laugh at how childish it all was, but in the that moment, I was having too much fun.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

The locker room around me bustled as I looked down shyly. Unlike when I’d changed earlier, the place was no longer empty. Instead, there were several other girls milling about. If I’d looked up, I might have noticed that many of them seemed to feel as uncomfortable and awkward with the situation as I did, but I never looked up. Instead, I just looked down at myself while wishing that I didn’t have to change clothes at all.

Unfortunately, changing was definitely going to be a requirement. I had normal clothes in her locker, and I couldn’t just tug them on over a wet bikini. Plus, Mildred was waiting for me, so I couldn’t just wait around for the other girls to leave. I had to just deal with it.

With shaking hands, I reached behind her to untie my top. Once it was loose, I clutched it to my chest with one hand, while the other fished a bra out of the locker. I quickly swapped the two, trying to leave myself uncovered for as little time as possible. Then, my hands went behind my back once more, tugging on the hooks of the bra to try to get them to close.

It took a bit of fighting, but finally, the garment snapped into place, leaving my chest painfully confined in a bra that was just as ill-fitting as the bikini it had replaced. The cups, clearly designed for the slight bumps of a girl like Violet, didn’t even come close to properly holding my mounds, leaving flesh to squish out all around them. It did serve to make me look a little smaller at least, especially once I tugged on the baggy t-shirt. In fact, between the two, I managed to get close to looking normal sized for my age.

With my top taken care of, I switched to swapping out the bottoms, moving just as rapidly as before. I closed my eyes for this part, my formerly male mind not wanting to see or think about what was between my legs now. Unlike my bra, ,my panties fit quite comfortably, feeling a lot like wearing briefs, and other than their length, my shorts felt like shorts.

With my bikini off, I relaxed a bit, grabbing my last few things out of the locker. There were some ankle socks, a cute pair of turquoise-laced tennis shoes, a pair of small framed glasses. I tugged it all on quickly, so that I could get out of the locker room and away from the other girls.

It wasn’t until I dropped my glasses into place that I realized how blurry my world had been before. Suddenly, everything was in sharp focus, like I was used to things being without glasses. Of course, in focus or not, I didn’t want to look at my surroundings at that moment, so I quickly grabbed my things, ducked my head, and hurried out of the locker room.

Outside, Mildred was already standing there waiting for me. She was dressed pretty similarly to myself in her own t-shirt and shorts, although, she had sandals on. Also like me, she too wore glasses which emphasized an owl-like quality to her face.

“Finally!” Mildred exclaimed. “My mom’s being texting me, wondering where we are.”

“Sorry,” I apologized shyly.

“It’s fine,” Mildred replied, immediately dismissing the problem that she’d made sound crucial a moment ago. “We should probably hurry, though. Race ya out there!” Without waiting for a reply, Mildred took off, leaving me standing there shocked.

“Wait! Millie!” I yelled as I shook off my surprise, taking off after the other girl. For the first couple of steps, I went full speed, actually making up a little of ground on the shorter girl, but that didn’t last. The feel of my boobs jostling about painfully in the confining bra, had me blushing and slowing down almost immediately. I abandoned proper running form in the process, clutching one arm to my chest as I ran to corral the bounce a bit. As such, Mildred beat me to the exit by a landslide.

“You’re such a slowpoke,” Mildred teased as I n finally caught up to her after she’d slowed to a walk.

“That wasn’t even fair. You just took off!” Gretchen complained between panting for breath, slowing down as well to match Mildred’s stride.

Mildred grinned smugly. “Gotta always be on your toes, tortoise, if you want to beat the hare in a race.”

I rolled my eyes at that retort. “You know the hare loses, right?”

“Not in my version!” Mildred countered. “Rabbits are the best, and turtles are dumb.”

“I don’t know. I mean … they’re just big, long-eared rats, right?” I remarked, having always liked turtles and how they could just tuck themselves in away from the world. “At least turtles have cool shells.”

The look of shocked horror that crossed Mildred’s face would have made an onlooker think that I had just said something truly heinous. “I can’t … how could you …”

“What?! They are!” I reiterated defensively.

Wide-eyed and shaking her head, Mildred threw hands in the air. “That’s it! Friendship over!”

“Oh! Come on!” I protested, but Mildred just pointedly turned her head away and harrumphed in response. “Alright! I’m sorry! Rabbits aren’t just big, long-eared rats. Happy?”

Turning back to me, Mildred had a big grin on her face. “Yep!”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Millie?” I questioned softly as I looked down the couch to where Mildred sat with her head lolled to the side. The shorter girl didn’t respond or move or give any other indication that she’d heard her name. That confirmed my suspicions that my friend had fallen asleep.

Sighing, I leaned back, kinda proud for some reason that I’d managed to stay up later than my energetic friend. At the same time, that pride felt a little silly to me, too. After all, I was really a grown man who had stayed up much later than one in the morning. In spite of that, though, I felt tired, listless, and … content.

“I guess today was kinda fun,” I mumbled before letting out a yawn. It hadn’t been the day that I’d wanted to have for sure, but running around as a kid again had hardly been the nightmare that it had first seemed.

Thoughts still on the day, I got up and walked over to the bathroom to get ready for bed. There, I unhooked my bra, sighing in relief before wriggling my way out of it. Without the too small garment holding them down, my breasts bobbed around with my movements quite noticeably. They also actually pushed out the front of my shirt quite a bit, causing me to sigh in annoyance. The day might have been fun, but those things certainly hadn’t been.

Trying to ignore my chest, I shifted over in front of the mirror to brush my teeth. Pausing at the sight of my reflection, I took a moment to really look at myself for the first time since the shower had changed me into a girl. Strands of dark brown hair that were too short for my pony tail framed my face just as my glasses framed my soft gray eyes. I supposed I was kinda cute, though, not as cute as Violet and her friends. My features were more childish than theirs too.

“If I had to get turned into a girl, why couldn’t it have been one like them?” I muttered jealously, imagining how much better it would’ve been to be one of the taller, prettier, and smaller-chested girls. They probably wouldn’t have picked on me then, that was for sure.

“God, that was so embarrassing,” I grumbled, blushing at the memory of the girls’ trickery. Even the Gavin part of me found it humiliating, getting outwitted and knocked down by a couple of snobby tweens.

Shaking my head, I tried to forget about it. To distract myself, I got started on brushing my teeth, using my free hand to pull my ponytail free at the same time. That left my mid-length hair loose to tickle my neck and shoulders in a way that felt faintly annoying. I knew that it would be more comfortable for sleeping, though.

Once my teeth and hair and everything else was done, I left the bathroom behind. Back in the living room, I snagged a blanket to snuggle under and glanced toward Mildred one last time, thinking about the fun we’d had. After that, I set my glasses on the coffee table, scrunched down under my blanket, and whispered, “Night, Millie.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

The pop and sizzle of something frying greeted me when my eyes finally opened again. Blinking, I squinted against the light of day that was streaming into the living room as my mind shook off the grip of sleep. Slowly, thoughts filtered in like that I was at Mildred’s house, and that I had been, and still was, turned into a girl by that weird park. The thought made me want to groan, but the groan I actually let out was just from my body wanting to sleep longer.

“Morning!” Mildred greet chipperly at the groan, spoiling my plans to just roll over and sleep some more. “How’d you sleep?”

“Not enough …” I grumbled as I forced herself upright and rubbed at my eyes. Once I had the junk out of them, I reached for my glasses and slipped them on. “You?”

“Like a baby,” Mildred replied happily, rubbing her morning energy in my face. “My mom’s making us bacon and eggs for breakfast.”

Mention of food elicited a plaintive rumble from my tummy, causing me to press a hand to it in hunger. “Sounds good to me. When’ll it be ready?”

“Right now,” an older female voice announced. A moment later, its owner stepped into view and set a pair of plates on the kitchen table. She was a woman in her thirties that looked a lot like Mildred. Like her daughter, she was on the short side, a little plump, and had a round, bespectacled face with a beak-like nose. While not ugly, the part of me that was still Gavin rated her at barely average. She was even pretty small up top for a heavier girl.

“Thanks, mom,” Mildred chirped as she hopped up and hurried over to a plate before she started scarfing her food down

“Yeah, thanks, Mrs. Connor,” I added before I too got up and walked over to sit in front of one of the plates, eating only marginally slower than my friend.

Mrs. Connor chuckled at us. “Slow down, girls. It’s not gonna run off.”

The chastisement got me to slow down, but Mildred didn’t. She only paused to comment, “You never know! Josh might take it!”

Still laughing, Mrs. Connor turned away to call out. “Zack! Josh! Breakfast is ready!”

The call was answered by the sound of little feet scampering hastily through the house. A moment later, a cute little brown haired boy burst into the room, sliding along the floor as he turned toward the kitchen. His feet finally gripped properly, and he shot off to the table, landing in a chair just as Mrs. Connor sat down a plate for him. He quickly put the Mildred and I to shame with his voracity, devouring the meal at an incredible pace.

Behind the ball of energy, followed a much more reserved boy. While the first boy, Josh, was quite a bit younger than the I was at six, Zack was nine and tried to at least pretend to be more mature. He actually walked over before plopping into a seat to pick at his food quietly.

While the boys ate, Mrs. Connor grabbed her own plate and sat down before asking, “So, girls, you still planning to do another day at the park?”

“Uh huh,” Mildred answered, before pointing her fork at me. “And this time, we are going on one of the slides.”

“Fine,” I conceded reluctantly, not pleased with that idea.

“Alright. Remember, Gretchen’s mom is picking you two up out front at four,” Mrs. Connor reminded the pair.

Mildred nodded. “I’ll remember.”

Glancing up from my plate, I noticed that Josh had slowed his assault on his foot and was now sitting there looking at me as I ate. Feeling a little self-conscious, I hunched forward a bit. That caused the little boy’s head to sway slightly from side to side, his eyes seeming to follow something.

“You look like a cow,” the boy suddenly declared in that embarrassingly innocent way that kids say wildly inappropriate things. Instantly, my cheeks were bright red as I hunched further forward to hide my chest.

“Joshua!” Mrs. Connor gasped.

The boy just looked up in confusion. “What?! She looks just like the cow from the petting zoo! Its udder bounced around when it chewed too!”

Having my chest likened to an udder had me scrunching down even further in my chair, getting as low as I could. As I did, my face absolutely burned, hot enough that it made me feel lightheaded. All the while, I silently wished that I could just vanish.

“Joshua! You shouldn’t compare people to animals!” Mrs. Connor chastised. “And you definitely shouldn’t talk about a girl’s breasts like that they’re udders.”

“Why not? They make milk too, don’t they?” Josh questioned, making the situation even worse.

“That’s enough!” Mrs. Connor finally yelled to put an end to the topic.

All talking immediately stopped as Josh looked down contritely. In the place of words, an awkward silence sprung up that was just as bad. For the rest of the meal, I just sat in my chair, blushing self-consciously and hiding my chest.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

I fidgeted nervously as the line moved forward another person. That meant that I was one step closer to plummeting down the daring slide into the water below. I wished that I’d never agreed to this.

“You’re not gonna wuss out on me, are you?” Mildred asked, guessing at what I was thinking.

Trying to appear confident, I shook my head. “No, of course not.”

“Good,” Mildred stated happily. “Because I wouldn’t be able to bring you on my daring adventures if you were a wuss.”

“Yeah, and what daring adventures have you ever gone on?” I demanded as I glanced nervously at a sign that warned that the bikinis were not recommended for this slide.

“I braved the Cave of Eternal Shadow,” Mildred answered confidently.

That claim had me giving my friend a dubious look. “Would that be the cave we went into at girl scout camp in second grade?”

“Well … I also climbed the Sky Tree,” Mildred tried again.

“You mean the cherry tree in your backyard with a branch that’s like four feet off the ground?” I asked.

Tossing a glare at me for ruining her fun, Mildred went for a third attempt. “Yeah, well, I also crossed the Pond of Peril!”

“And fought the Salamander King,” I finally played along a little. “I remember.”

Grinning smugly, Mildred nodded. “Exactly! Plus, once I’m grown up, I’ll have lots more adventures, and I’ll need someone to share them with. You know, like a sidekick.”

I giggled at the idea of being someone’s sidekick. “Well thanks for thinking of me for such an … honorable position.”

“You’re welcome,” Mildred replied with mock seriousness. “Now, come on! You’re up!”

Sure enough, the rest of the line had vanished while the two of us had talked, making it our turn to go. Still reticent, I started to back a step away, but Mildred was ready for that. She got behind mel to block my way, pushing me forward.

“No backing out now!” Mildred commanded as she got me into position.

The attendant at the slide gave me a worried look. “Are you ready?”

Gulping, I nodded and stepped forward. “Yeah, I’m ready.”

The attendant had me wait for a moment before finally giving me the go ahead. Uneasily, I hopped into the slide and shoved off. A moment later, I was screaming as wind rushed past me on my way down. Occasionally, those screams would be interrupted by lurching bumps that turned the noise into a startled hiccup before it continued on. After several of those, the slide finally ended, dumping me into the pool of water below with a huge splash.

Gathering myself under the water, I swam up, breaking through the surface to gasp for air. As I did, I wiped the water from my face, before a giggle escaped my lips. That had actually been pretty fun.

“Forget something, Gretch?” a familiar female voice called out tauntingly.

Looking up in confusion, I spotted Violet and her friends standing over by the edge of the pool. In her hand, the blonde held a piece of orange and white cloth which she waved proudly toward me. For a moment, I just squinted at the cloth in confusion before something finally clicked in my head.

The moment I realized what the cloth was, my gaze shot down to my chest, a chest that was quite devoid of covering at the moment. A startled, yelp escaped my lips as I wrapped my arms around myself. That covered my chest, but the distraction threw off my ability to tread water, dunking my head back under the surface. Forced to release my chest so that I didn’t drown, I stayed under the water as I swam to the side, only then breaking the surface where I could use the wall of the pool to hide.

“Give that back!” I shrieked as I wiped the water from my eyes again.

“Give what back? This?” Violet teased, walking over to wave the cloth just outside of my reach. “But why? It’s not like it could ever fit someone as … bloated as you.”

Furious, I tried to lunge for my top, but the blonde easily swiped it back out of range. “Give it!”

Crumpling the top into one hand, Violet held it out from a spot far enough away that I would have to get out of the pool to get it. “Sure, here. Take it.”

Glaring at my tormentor, I didn’t know what to do. To get up, I’d have to abandon the cover of the pool’s edge. Even the idea of that humiliation had my blush deepening with further embarrassment. There didn’t seem to be any other choice, though.

With my face bright red, I shoved myself out of the pool, my chest bobbing around as I did. Once I was up, I started forward to grab my top, while wrapping my arms tightly around my chest to hide my breasts. Just as I was about to retrieve my top, though, Violet snatched it away again, holding it up above her head.

“Ah, ah. You gotta reach for it, booby,” Violet teased, wiggling her hand around in the air.

“You said I could have it!” I protested.

Violet shrugged. “And now I say you’ve gotta reach for it. I mean, it’s not like you could really hide those ridiculous things anyway.”

Anger growing, I felt tears build in my eyes, turning my already weak vision even blurrier. Shifting my hands around, I did my best to cover myself with one arm while I reached up with the other. There was just one problem with that. I was a few inches shorter than Violet and had to reach forward too, meaning that I couldn’t quite reach the crumpled up garment in the girl’s fist.

“I can’t reach,” I mumbled as I heard a splash behind me.

“Then hop,” Violet suggested. “Assuming you even can with all that weight.”

Utterly humiliated, I did as asked, hopping up to grab the scrap of cloth. The action caused a significant jiggle in my chest that was nearly enough to make one of my boobs pop free of my restraining arm. Thankfully it didn’t, and Violet just let me pull my top free from her grip.

“See? That wasn’t so hard,” Violet mocked before tilting her head at her friends. “Come on girls. Let’s give Gretch here a little privacy so she can make herself decent … well less indecent anyway.”

With that, the girls left, leaving me alone with my shame. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I looked down at the piece of cloth that dangled from my hand. I didn’t even bother to try to put it on, I couldn’t with just one hand, so I just stood there, shuddering slightly.

Suddenly, Mildred was standing in front of me, placing her hands reassuringly on my shoulders. “Gretchen? What happened? Did they hurt you?”

I managed a slight shake of my head, before lifting the top in my hand slightly. “C-Can you h-h-help me …”

“Yeah, sure,” the shorter girl agreed instantly, taking the cloth from me. It took a little work, but between the two of us, we managed to get my top on without me having to bare my chest again.

“Thanks …” I mumbled weakly once I was covered.

“No problem,” Mildred assured me, looking at me in concern. “Hey, why don’t we go find some lounge chairs to relax on for a bit? How’s that sound?”

I managed a slight nod. “Okay.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Hey, I’m gonna go get a soda. You want one?” Mildred asked as she got up from her lounge chair.

I shrugged despondently. “I guess.”

With a final look of sympathy at me, Mildred nodded and turned away. “Be right back.”

Not responding, I just kept sitting there with my arms wrapped around me and my gaze off in space. As I stared at nothing, my mind yelled at me for going on that stupid slide in the first place. It wasn’t the first time that I’d lost a top on one. There was even a warning sign about it. How could I be so stupid? Why did these stupid things even have to grow so big anyway? None of the other girls were anywhere close to my size. I looked like some bloated cow. Even Josh had been able to tell that, and he was only six.

“Not enjoying your time as a girl I take it?” a mature female voice remarked.

Lifting my gaze slightly, I looked over at the speaker who had sat in the seat that Mildred had left. It was the pretty, dark-haired girl from the ticket counter, the one that had greeted me after I’d changed. Her name was … Anya, I seemed to recall.

With the speaker identified, I shook my head. “Not at all.”

“Not at all, huh?” Anya mused. “That’s odd, because you and Millie sure seemed to be having a lot of fun sneaking your way around The Tiki Hut yesterday.”

“I guess, but …” I began only to trail off. Gaze falling to my chest, I let out a little sigh. “Why did I have to have these?”

“Why wouldn’t you want to have the biggest breasts that you can?” Anya asked. “Big melons are a wondrous blessing.”

The older girl’s words echoed loudly in my thoughts. They sounded familiar, like words that I heard before. Actually, they seemed even more intimate than that, like I said them or thought …

My eyes widened as a realization clicked in my mind. “You were at the club!”

A grin curled Anya’s lips as she nodded. “I was, and I happened to ‘overhear’ your little critique of my friend and me.”

Fear gripped me at that revelation. “That’s why I look like this! You did it to me on purpose!”

Anya nodded in confirmation. “I did, though, I didn’t have to tweak much. Gretchen is who you might have been had you been born a girl. I just lowered the age and tweaked the genetics a bit.”

“A bit?!” I gasped, looking down at her chest – a chest that was already bigger than my mother’s modest bust.

“I mean, a girl’s breasts are all that matters, right?” Anya commented. “That’s what you’ve always thought, anyway. How does it feel to have your whole life dictated by your bust measurement?”

“Well sure, it’s bad now, but I’m just a kid,” I protested. “If I were grown up–”

Anya shook her head. “I actually did think about leaving you your real age, but funny thing about that. Gretchen’s chest is actually pretty small by the time she turns twenty-four.”

“What?” I asked in confusion, gaze drifting back down to my already sizable chest.. “But I’m only eleven now. Even if they’ve already stopped growing–”

“If Gretchen’s life ran its natural course, she’d end up getting a reduction,” Anya cut in. “A rather drastic one, too, spurred on by years of getting judged and tormented, like what happened to you today, along with the embarrassing stares and comments from boys that become worse and worse as she gets older. Doing so brings a bunch of other problems with it, but she’d still think it was better than staying the way she was.”

Stunned by the news, I just slumped in her seat. “Oh …”

“Lucky for you, though, you don’t have to put up with it for years. You get to go back to being you tomorrow, putting the troubles of a large bust behind you in the process,” Anya told me, before rising from her seat. “Hopefully, you learned something from the experience.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

A sigh escaped my lips as I absently swirled my drink. All around me was the bustling crowd of a friday night at a club full of eligible girls. That was why Craig and I had come, after all. I didn’t really notice them, though. my mind was hung up on his last weekend.

My weekend as Gretchen had ended without further event. Mildred and I had just played around a little longer, then gone home. The next morning, I’d been back in my old body and life again. I hadn’t quite been able to just slip back into things, though. The days as Gretchen just kept working there way into my thoughts, leaving me as introspective as I was right then, even a week after the events were behind me.

A tap on my shoulder pulled me from my musing. Looking up, I saw my friend pointing off into the crowd. “Dude look! She’s perfect for you!”

Following my friend’s finger, I saw a blonde moving through the crowd toward the bar. It was hard for me to not to stare at her, as many of the other men at the club had already found out judging from their leers. She was quite beautiful, but that wasn’t what drew the eye. What did was the massive bouncing mammaries, obviously all natural, that strained the top of her dress in a way that almost seemed pornographic.

Catching myself staring, I forced my gaze away. I certainly wouldn’t have appreciated people leering at me like that if I were still Gretchen. Clearly, I needed to work on that particular bad habit.

“What? Are you serious? She’s not good enough either? But she’s huge!” Craig questioned, misinterpreting my reaction.

“Yeah, I know. It’s just … “ I began, struggling to find a way to express my issue without sounding like a lunatic. “... she probably get’s harassed by guys like me enough.”

Craig blinked in surprise. “Are you kidding me right now? We finally find you your perfect girl, and you’re afraid to talk to her?”

“I’m not afraid!” I spat defensively. “I just don’t want to be just another guy chasing after her tits tonight. She’s probably already turned down dozens of guys.”

“So what?” Craig questioned. “You think a girl like that comes to a club to not get hit on? If that were true, she wouldn’t have worn that slutty dress. She’s probably just looking for a guy that can give her a really good fucking.”

Hearing Craig’s assessment had me clenching my jaw in anger. It was so stupid to assume that, just because she had large breasts, the girl wanted guys pawing all over her. That dress had probably just been what she’d been able to find that fit. Still, it was just the kind of thing that I would have thought back before my trip to the park.

“Look, I am not gonna let you just sit here and chicken out while your dream girl is right there,” Craig stated firmly. “You are going over there or I am never taking you out looking for girls again.”

I was tempted to call the bluff, but then, an idea filtered into my thoughts. “Alright, I’ll go talk to her.”

“Finally!” Craig breathed in relief.

With a quick nod to my friend, I got up and started after the blonde. She’d left the crowded floor area and found a stool to sit on at the bar. From the looks of it, she was waiting on a drink.

“Uhm, ex-xcuse me,” I began as I approached the girl. I’d intended to be quite casual, but her beauty was intimidating, especially up close. At least, I managed to look her in the eye and not the chest as I spoke. “I … uh … this is probably gonna sound like I’m trying to hit on you, but … well I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions.”

The girl smiled as she looked up to address me. “I don’t see why not. I’m stuck here waiting for a bit anyway.”

“Great,” I replied, slipping onto the empty bar stool next to the blonde. “You see, I was wondering if having bo–er–breasts like yours was bothersome for you.”

The blonde giggled at the question. “They can be a hassle sometimes, yeah.”

“Did people used to make fun of you and stuff?” I inquired.

“Used to?” the blonde scoffed. “They still do! When I was younger it really got to me. I even ended up dropping out of highschool and becoming a stripper. I got outta that business, though.”

The mention of the girl being a stripper made it really hard for me to not glance down at her expansive chest, but I forced my gaze to stay up. “Have you ever thought about … uhm … getting them reduced?”

“Sure. I think most busty girls probably have. They’re heavy. Guys stare. Girls mock. A situation is bound to come up at some point where a girl thinks ‘if only I had smaller breasts’,” the blonde answered. “I’d never actually do it, though.”

The last comment got a raised eyebrow from me. “Why not?”

“All sorts of reasons: the cost, the pain, the risk of complications. Plus, while they’re a hassle sometimes, they’re a lot of fun sometimes too,” the blonde answered before getting an introspective look to her dazzling blue eyes. “Really, though, I’m just happy with myself the way I am. That hasn’t always been true, but with a little work, I started to actually like how I look and got passed the whole people treating me like just some over-inflated bimbo. The ones that are worth being around look past that stuff to the real me, anyway.”

“And who is the real you?” I asked, truly intrigued by the girl who would’ve been nothing but a pair of huge tits to him a week ago.

The blonde smiled. “I’m Alyssa. You?”

“Gavin,” I supplied readily.

“Well, Gavin, you’ve managed to not look at my boobs the whole time that we’ve talked about them, so you’re either gay or interesting,” Alyssa told me. “I’d be happy to tell you more about me, if you are willing to tell me a little more about you too.”

That made it my turn to smile. “That sounds great to me.”

The End

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