Girls Night Out

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Girls Night Out

By Jessica C

My wife Nera and her friend Elva were going out with some other women; when I jokingly invited myself along. It was Elva who said, “Yes, if you can change quickly enough.” Elva was recently singled, so I kind of feel honored she’d let me come along.

I hurried to the bedroom, not waiting for Nera to get her say. There were a pair of jeans where I usually leave mine lying around. So I grab them and put them on. I get out another shirt to put on. Nera told me, I needed to wash my upper body first. I had showered earlier in the day but she was right. My upper body could use a good lathering to take away some stink. I did that, shaved, brushed my teeth and used the mouthwash.

Putting on my shirt, Nera said, “No, if you’re going to wear my designer jeans you need to wear this longer sweater. I don’t want to see any plumber’s butt.” She also put out a pair of shoes she recently got me. I had complained that they were women’s shoes. She insisted, "They are men’s shoes with a metro look. This will be an opportune time to wear them and not worry about others.” The sweater does cover me well and we’re soon off.

Though we go to Divas Tavern, the place to meet their other friends; we start out by sitting away from them. Elva agrees with my wife Nera that the others came for a girls’ night out. We will give them sometime without you around. Maybe you'll somehow get into girl mode. Elva and Nera went to dance with each other which I understand. They’re back when a guy, Peter, comes to our table. He introduces himself and as I reach to shake his hand saying hello. He asks me to dance with him.

He is gentle but deliberate as he helps pull me up. I am relieved as Nera quickly speaks up, “Wait a minute.” She is up and I’m saying "Thanks" to her. Instead of rescuing me, she takes my male ponytail and redoes the ponytail higher on my head. She gives me a kiss on the cheek, saying, “You have a good time dear.”

I’m aghast as Peter must be 6’2” and I’m having to look up him as we dance. He compliments my appearance as he intertwines it with information about himself. I did not realize it, but we’re on our second dance before I begin to talk.

When I mention Nera being my wife, Peter comments, “You’re fortunate to have an understanding wife.” Not knowing what to say, I put my head down and find myself leaning against him. It is near the end of the song I look up and he leans down and gives me a kiss, a passionate kiss.


Elva jokes as we get back to the table, “I guess, we can now go join the other girls.”

Nera tells Peter, “If the rest of us get up to dance, you can dance with this diva.”

When Peter says, “Thanks Heath.”

Elva giggles, “Please, it’s Heather for the rest of tonight.” She and Nera encourage me to pick up my drink and purse and to follow them. It was Nera who had left her purse; but I pick it up to follow them over to their friends.

I think Nera’s upset with me, though they have no trouble telling the others what happened with me. It is not long and most of the women get up to dance. Trish who did not go to dance is soon approached by another woman to dance and she does. It is the same time that Peter is back asking me to dance.

I say no, but Peter insists, "Hey I've waited liked I was asked. You got excited before, you can’t say you don’t like me.” I had noticed, and I'm not arguing. We were already in our second dance and Peter had already kissed me. A woman cuts in to dance with me. She says, “Heather, you’re at a lesbian pub. I’m the one you should be dancing with.”

Though in my mind she’s the woman, Kay is leading the dance and I feel like her girlfriend. When the dance is over; she takes me by her table and grabs her purse. I’m soon going into the women’s room with her. She whispers, “Make sure you sit, when you use the toilet.” I did need to pee. Once out of the stall, Kay calls me to wash my hands and then to let her help me. She uses a little blush brushed it lightly, a touch of mascara for my lashes and finally lip-gloss. She brushes out my hair so it flips in. “Now you look more as one of us.”

We’re leaving the women’s room and she asks, “So which of us do you like most Peter or me?”

I pause, not sure what to say, finally I say, “Nera.” I’m kind of happy with myself.

Kay says as she leads me on the dance floor once again. “But you haven’t danced with her, have you?” The dance is about to end as Peter, cuts in to dance with me. It is at the end of the next dance that I insist on resting. Before I can get away Peter gives me one more kiss and I find myself saying thanks.

One of the women in our group gets up to let me have her seat in the midst of the group. I am glad that Nera has come to sit next to me. Her hand on mine is caring. The conversation goes to how did I like being one of the girls. Nera asks, “How did you like being the one pulled along?”

One of Nera’s friends said, “You even went along when they kissed you. ...I didn’t see you initiate any of them, nor did you push away.” Finally she asks, “What did you notice more, the softness of his lips or kissing with lipstick on?”

First, I am quiet and then I look to Nera. She says, “It’s something guys usually comment about, please answer.”

I say, “Both, you’re right I was surprised that his lips were soft and warm. The lipstick kind of seals a kiss differently.”

The conversation goes on as women comment on the different ways men hold a woman closely. Nera who is 5’ 6” comments that I probably found it different to be looking up to my dance partner.” Which was true, I had the feeling that they, my dance partners were over me and somehow in control.

It is midnight, when Peter comes back to our table. He asks, “Would you be willing to go out with me sometime?”

I say, “No.” Nera hands him a piece of paper, “You might want to call Heather some time. She might just be shy around the rest of us women.”

Peter asks me, “Can I talk alone with you for a moment?” I get up and we walks closer to the door. “I had a good time dancing with you and you enjoyed it as well. I hope you will reconsider if I call.”

I find myself saying, “Peter, you are a good looking guy and I guess I got caught up in being a girl. I’ve never done this before and don’t intend to start now. Though I thank you for tonight and yes it was enjoyable.”

Peter steps forward and we are quiet as we lightly hug. We are both aroused by the other. He gives me a kiss and quietly leaves.


The group stays until after 1:00 a.m. and Elva returns with us to stay the night. She lives farther away.

Nera asks, “Did you like the light scent of your sweater and how it felt wearing it?”

I notice the scent again, “I thought that was you and Elva. Why is this one of your sweaters?” Their smiles answer my question.

Nera says, “That doesn’t answer why you danced so much as a woman or kissed Peter back. How did you feel after you went to the woman’s room and Kay used some makeup to pretty you up as a girl?”

Elva answers, “Each time one might have protested, we saw you go along and enjoy the moment. I think that is why Nera invited Peter to call you sometime.”

I say, “That wasn’t funny, even if I kind of got into being a girl. It’s over, I had the experience. I know how the other half lives.”

Nera giggles, “No you don’t. You didn’t dress up for the night out. You didn’t wear a nice pair of panties, do your own makeup or get into the anticipation of a night out. There’s more than you experienced. I don’t want you to make love with either of them, but you’d have my blessing and even help in getting ready if and more when you would want it.”

“Even if I wanted to which I don’t; I don’t have the clothes and stuff to do as you say. Nor do you like girlfriends getting into your stuff and using it.”

Elva says, “You fit into your wife’s jeans and sweater. You probably didn’t notice you had space to fill where your wife’s breasts usually are.” She pauses to let that sink in. “I’m sure you’d fit and enjoy a pair of her panties. She might want you to have your own bra and to keep the panties you use. You’re about the same size. The only other thing you might need to find is a nice pair of heels.”

“I’m not going out with either of them that’s that.”

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