Star Wars The Force Awakens

Star Wars
The Force Awakens

A massive Star Destroyer approached the desert planet of Jakku, a ship graveyard from the time when the Empire and the Rebel Alliance fought. Transport ships and Tie Fighters emerged from the Star Destroyer and descended upon the night-side of the planet.

General Hux was the youngest general to rise within the ranks of the First Order. He was known for his brutal efficiency and eccentric loyalty to Supreme Commander Snoke’s vision. “Target any and all ships on the ground. I don’t want anything leaving the planet,” he ordered.

Tie fighters swarmed the targeted village and found a lone X-wing fighter. They immediately blasted it to pieces and continued to fly overhead to give the transport ships air support. Four transport ships landed near the village and emptied dozens of Storm Troopers. A fire fight ensued between the Storm Troopers and the villagers. The last one to exit the transport ship was a dark masked figure that calmly watched the battle unfold.

The Storm troopers gathered up the villagers and brought an old man to the masked figure. “Look how old you have become,” Kylo Ren said insultingly.

“Something far worse has happened to you,” he shot back.

“Wait, you’re not referring to…Oh, I see, you mean my fall to the Dark Side,” Kylo Ren said relieved.

“I know where you come from before you called yourself Kylo Ren,” he went on.

“Careful old man,” Kylo Ren warned. “The map to Skywalker. You have it, and you’re going to give it over to the First Order.”

“The First Order rose from the Dark Side. You did not,” he continued.

“I’ll show you the Dark Side,” Kylo Ren said annoyed.

“Show me what’s under that mask,” the old man demanded.

“No,” Kylo Ren said flatly.

“You afraid what your men will see if you do? You ashamed of your new-found appearance?” he asked.

“I am not ashamed of anything. I use this mask for protection,” Kylo said lamely.

The old man scoffed. “You cannot deny the truth that you have turned…,” the old man began.

Kylo Ren suddenly ignited the lightsaber and swung it down on him before he could finish his sentence. The old man fell in a heap.

There was a sudden shout in the distance and a laser bolt went straight for Kylo Ren. The bolt stopped, suspended in the air, before it could hit. The Resistance pilot, Poe, was stopped in his tracks as the Force paralyzed him. Two Storm troopers took custody of him and brought him before Kylo Ren.

“So, who talks first? Do you talk first or do I?” Poe asked nervously.

“I always talk first,” Kylo Ren said authoritatively and then paused. “Well, technically you spoke first. This whole conversation has been derailed.”

Kylo turned to the Storm troopers. “Search him.”

“Nothing, Sir,” the Storm troopers said after searching him.

“Bring him on-board,” Kylo ordered.

“Sir, the villagers?” Captain Phasma asked.

Kylo hesitated to give the order. There was a chance the old man told the villagers a terrible secret. “Kill them all,” Kylo ordered nonchalantly.

Kylo witnessed the slaughtering of the villagers and then went back to the transport ship. Still, there was something about one of the Storm troopers that caught Kylo’s attention. Using the Force, Kylo could see his emotion and his mind. Kylo felt a shiver but then turned away back to the transport ship.


Soon thereafter, Kylo Ren decided to interrogate the Resistance pilot personally. Poe had already received a number of beatings but nothing worked on him. “I had no idea we had the best Resistance pilot on-board,” Kylo began.

Kylo walked up to Poe who was strapped down in an interrogation chair. “I’m impressed. No one has been able to get out of you what you did with that map.”

“You might want to rethink your technique,” Poe said defiantly.

Kylo raised his right hand to Poe’s face. Poe suddenly experienced images from his past but there was something wrong and different about them. He saw himself in a flower field skipping and laughing. To his horror, he saw himself as a little girl picking daisies. Poe gave out a scream as the images became too much for him.

Kylo left the interrogation room and met General Hux who was waiting outside. “It’s in a droid, a BB unit.”

“Well, if its on Jakku, we will soon have it,” Hux replied confidently.

“Jakku is an entire planet. You think it will be that easy to find one droid on an entire planet?” Kylo asked skeptically.

“The droid must have been at the village. It couldn’t have gone far,” Hux replied annoyed.

“Assuming the droid was there when we attacked. The old man could have put the map in the droid weeks ago for all we know,” Kylo replied.

“If you’re so concerned about the map, maybe you should conduct the search,” Hux said.

“No, no, its your turn to actually do some work around here,” Kylo resisted.


Kylo entered an executive room filled with Sith artifacts. In the meditation room was a damaged mask of Darth Vader. The mask had been recovered from Endor although badly damaged from fire. Kylo took off the mask and stared at the artifact. Kylo was not as everyone assumed. Inside the mask, Kylo had long dark brown hair, brown eyes, pale complexion, and a distinctly woman’s face.

Taking off her black gloves, Kylo’s feminine fingers were revealed. She then took off her cloak and armor revealing an hour-glass figure. It was the best kept secret in the First Order that the Sith Apprentice of Supreme Commander Snoke was actually a young woman. Females were allowed in the First Order as enlisted and officers. There was no controversy there. With Kylo, the secret she hid from the galaxy was that she was once a boy named Ben Solo, a former apprentice of Luke Skywalker. The old man was about to reveal it to her men, so she had to kill him. The villagers may also have known the truth, so they had to die too. The only one that knew the truth was…

Gen. Hux barged into Kylo’s room and stared at Kylo as she was meditating. “Why don’t you ever knock?” she asked annoyed.

“I’m the general in charge of this ship. I can do whatever I please,” he replied arrogantly.

“This is a naval vessel. How are you in charge as a general?” she asked skeptically.

“Well, you can’t be in charge. You’re not even in the chain of command,” Hux said rudely.

“So…who is in charge?” Kylo wondered.

“Anyway, we have found no sign of the droid. I suggest we destroy the entire planet…just to be safe,” Hux recommended.

Kylo rolled her eyes. “Really, a whole planet, for just one droid. The droid could be off the planet for all we know.”

“Who would know about the droid to take it off planet?” Hux asked.

“I don’t know,” Kylo said exasperated. “If we use the weapon now, the Republic will know about it. The plan is to have the entire Senate in one system when we use it. You use it now, and they will scatter about the whole galaxy.”

“Then we destroy those planets as well,” Hux replied obviously.

Kylo shook her head in condescension. “You are truly a simple creature.”

Gen. Hux decided to change the subject. “You weren’t hurt in the battle, I hope.”

“Please, the resistance was nothing,” she said.

Hux got closer to Kylo. “Still, you may have been hit without knowing it.”

“You want to inspect me?” Kylo asked taking off her belt with the light saber attached.

“Just to be safe,” Hux replied.

He reached behind and unlatched Kylo’s dress hidden underneath the armor and cloak. With the dress now on the foor, Hux could see Kylo’s perfectly formed breasts. “Those poor things, squished and flattened by your armor,” Hux said.

“Make them feel better,” Kylo requested.

Hux touched and massaged her breasts eliciting a moan from Kylo. She loved the felling of the general’s hands on her. The two kissed passionately as Hux continued to rub her nipples. Despite their gender differences, they both stood at the same height. Hux became more enthusiastic with his kissing and then went to his belt.

“Not until you give me the map,” Kylo stopped him.

Hux gave her a horrified look. “Please?” he asked pathetically.

“Give me the map,” Kylo insisted.


Gen. Hux left the room with a great deal of sexual frustration. He knew Kylo Ren’s secret but didn’t care. There were things more important than one’s past. Kylo could use the Force in ways that he could never have imagined possible. He would never give her up. Kylo was also a great motivator of his success. His ambition and determination for excellence was due in part to Kylo’s encouragement. He was a slave to her power.

As he came on the bridge, an officer approached him. “Sir, a Tie fighter carrying the Resistance pilot and a rogue Storm trooper have escaped to the planet.”

“What the fuck?” Hux wondered.

“The Tie fighter was able to evade our ground forces, our laser cannons, and our missiles,” the officer continued.

“It’s a Tie fighter. Those things explode without even being hit!” Hux said outraged.

“The fighter has been disabled, Sir. We’re tracking it now,” the officer reported.

“Get me Captain Phasma,” Hux ordered.


The female Storm trooper captain came to the bridge to report on the rogue Storm trooper. “FN-2187 reported to my division, was evaluated, and sent to reconditioning,” Phasma reported.

“No prior signs of non-conformity?” Hux asked annoyed.

“This was his first offense,” Phasma confirmed.

“So, he was okay with all the other massacres we've done across the galaxy except this one?” Hux asked

“According to our files, this was his first massacre as well,” Phasma replied.

“So, he was completely untested for this,” Hux asked.

“So, it would seem,” Phasma agreed.

“But how is that possible? FN-2187 is in his late twenties?” Hux asked outraged.

“Sir, we have thousands of Storm troopers. We don’t use them all in every engagement,” Phasma replied.

“Sir, we have their location. It’s on Jakku,” an officer reported to Hux.

“They were going back for the droid,” Hux assumed.

“Either that or they just crashed, Sir. Tie fighters do not have light-speed capability and lack the fuel to go beyond a system,” the same officer said.

“Whatever, send a squad to the wreckage,” Hux ordered.


Kylo Ren was in deep meditation on the suffering of Darth Vader at the hands of Jedi Master Obiwan Kenobi. She could feel it has his limbs were sliced off by the light saber blade and then intense pain of being literally on fire.

“Yes,” she muttered as she experienced the pain of fire all over her body.

She then felt clothing melting to her flesh, the fire burning away all her hair off, and her exposed limbs being burned from the inside. “Yes!” she cried out getting progressively louder.

She then felt the fire completely char her body into an unrecognizable form. “Oh my Force! Yes!” she screamed as she enjoyed the pain of the meditation.

“Kylo Ren is requested on the bridge,” the intercom rang out.

Kylo immediately dropped her meditation. Breathing heavily from the orgasmic high, she turned to the intercom hatefully. Igniting her light saber she stabbed it through destroying it.


Kylo Ren, dressed in her Sith uniform and mask, came onto the bridge and confronted Hux. “General Hux, is it the Resistance pilot?” she asked annoyed.

“Yes, and he had help from one of our own. It was FN-2187,” Hux told her.

“The one from the village,” Kylo recalled. It was the seductively sexy mind she sensed through the Storm trooper’s helmet. What did he look like, what did he sound like? Kylo desperately wanted to know all of a sudden.

Kylo then noticed Hux’s hair. They had just been frisky with each other just moments ago and now his hair was perfectly smooth. “I’ve been meaning to ask you. What do you use for your hair, is it a conditioner or a gel?” she asked.

“I won’t let you question my methods,” Hux said defensively.

“No, you misunderstand. Your hair…its like a shiny, smooth, red shell. I’m impressed,” Kylo said. Without her mask, her hair was wild and out-of-control.

The other officers stared at them on the bridge wondering what to make of their conversation. “Anyway, maybe we should just use clones,” Kylo said helpfully.

“My soldiers are exceptionally trained and programmed from birth,” Hux said angrily.

“So are clones,” Kylo pointed out.

Hux had no answer to that. “I want that Storm trooper, and I want him alive…for interrogation,” Kylo said to Hux.

“Careful Ren, that your personal interest don’t contradict orders from Supreme Commander Snoke,” Hux pointed out.

“Find me that map. For your sake, I hope you get it,” Kylo said and stormed off the bridge.

As Kylo left the bridge, Hux snickered. “For my sake,” he scoffed.


A hapless officer nervously approached Kylo Ren as she was working on a computer console. “Sir, we were unable to locate the droid on Jakku. It escaped capture on a stolen Correlian freighter,” he reported.

“A droid stole a freighter?” Kylo asked doubtfully.

“Not exactly, Sir. It had help. We have no confirmation, but we think FN 2187 assisted in the escape of the droid,” the officer said.

“Tell me more about FN 2187,” Kylo asked. This rogue Storm trooper was turning her on more-and-more with his heroic antics.

“The two were accompanied by a girl,” the officer added.

A girl? A girl with my Storm trooper? Jealousy immediately surged within her at the thought that her sexy rogue Storm trooper could somehow already be taken. Impossible in such a short amount of time, but still. Kylo became enraged at the thought and unleashed her light saber on the computer console causing sparks to fly as she utterly destroyed it. She then grabbed the officer by the throat.

“What girl!?” she demanded.


Kylo Ren was pissed off for most of the day until there was a message from Supreme Commander Snoke that he wanted to speak with her. Both Hux and Kylo Ren entered a large room with a hologram emitter. “This room is exceptionally large for just a hologram. It has to be at least five decks high,” Kylo noted.

“There’s a lot of empty space on the ship,” Hux said annoyed.

“Why not create more smaller ships instead of one big ship,” Kylo suggested.

“You don’t create fear and intimidation with many small vessels,” Hux argued.

“Yeah, but its a huge propaganda victory if that big ship is destroyed,” Kylo shot back.

“This ship cannot be destroyed, ever,” Hux replied confidently.

The hologram of a giant Snoke appeared to them. “The droid will soon be in the Resistance’s hands which will lead them to the last Jedi. If Skywalker returns, then the new Jedi will rise,” Snoke began.

“Supreme Leader, I take full responsibility…,” Hux interrupted.

“General!” Snoke shouted pissed off.

“Tool,” Kylo muttered to Hux.

“Our strategy must now change,” Snoke said vaguely.

“The weapon is now ready. I believe the time is now to use it. We shall destroy the government that continues to support the Resistance. Without the Republic, they will be vulnerable, and we will be able to destroy them before they reach Skywalker,” Hux continued to interrupt.

“Go, make preparations,” Snoke allowed almost bored by the idea of mass planetary genocide.

Hux then took his leave and exited the room. “There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it?” Snoke asked.

“Uh…sure,” Kylo agreed not wanting to look incompetent.

“The droid we seek is on board the Millennium Falcon, in the hands of your father…Han Solo,” Snoke revealed.

“I think you’re making a lot of assumptions there. Just because its a Correlian freighter doesn’t necessarily mean it is the Millennium Falcon. Even if it were, it doesn’t mean Solo is in command of it,” Kylo said boldly.

“Silence! It is him. I have foreseen it,” Snoke said.

“Did you also foresee the map getting lost and one of my Storm troopers going rogue?” Kylo questioned.

“I see all,” Snoke replied.

Kylo rolled her eyes inside her mask. “In any case, the man means nothing to me.”

“Even you, have never faced such a test,” Snoke said.

Kylo didn’t find that to be fair. She had slaughtered the entire Jedi Academy, killed her aunt, got a sex change, and waged war across the galaxy. She just killed a friend of the family like it was nothing. Killing an absentee father would be easy as cake.

“By the grace of your training, I will not be seduced,” Kylo said politely.

“We shall see,” Snoke replied.


Gen. Hux was on the bridge when a new intelligence report came in. “We’ve found the droid through our spy network,” an officer reported.

Hux clutched his fist in success. He was going to get lucky today. He gleefully came over to Kylo Ren’s quarters. Hux entered the chambers with the door closing behind him. Kylo was in meditation without her mask on.

“What is it?” she asked annoyed.

“I have found the droid. One of our spies has confirmed the location of the BB unit,” Hux said.

“Lots of planets have BB units. Why do you assume this is the right one?” Kylo asked with her eyes still closed.

“We also see the Millennium Falcon there as well,” Hux replied.

“That model was mass produced all over the galaxy,” Kylo pointed out.

“Well, we have confirmation that the BB unit belongs to a girl and a man with the same physical description as FN-2187,” Hux reported.

“You knew FN-2187’s description this whole time?” Kylo asked outraged.

“All you had to do was ask Captain Phasma,” Hux said condescendingly.

“So, what does he look like?” Kylo demanded.

“What?” Hux asked confused.

“What planet you from, Hux?” Kylo asked annoyed now standing up to him.

“What?” Hux asked still confused.

“They speak English in what?” Kylo asked derisively.

“What?” Hux continued.

Kylo pointed her hand at him. “What does FN-2187 look like?” she demanded.

“He’s black,” Hux said nervously.

“Go on,” Kylo demanded. “Does he look like a bitch?”

“What?” Hux asked surprised by the question.

Hux suddenly found himself being choked and suspended in the air. “I ask you simple questions and all I get is sass out of you,” Kylo said annoyed.

“Harder,” Hux gasped.

“What?” Kylo asked confused.

“Harder!” Hux requested.

It took a few seconds for Kylo to register. She tightened her grip on Hux’s throat. “Harder!” he chocked.

“This is getting ridiculous,” she said releasing him.

Hux fell to the floor gasping but otherwise smiling at the pleasure of being chocked by his mistress. Hux got back to his feet and touched his sore neck. “Now, I want what you promised me. I found your droid,” he said.

“You haven’t given it to me yet,” Kylo pointed out.

“Don’t do this to me. I have a very important speech to give, and I need your help,” Hux said.

“You want me to help in your recitation?” Kylo asked getting close to him.

“If you could be so generous as to…,” Hux asked.

“Get out of that uniform…general,” Kylo said and then turned her back to him. She unclasped her dress letting it fall to her feet. Hux quickly got undressed as he saw her naked backside. He had a little difficulty with his boots but soon he was as a naked as she.

Hux came closer to her and kissed her on the neck. “Begin,” she said.

“Today marks the end of the Republic,” Hux began and started caressing her shoulders and back. Kylo closed her eyes at his touch imagining it was coming from her sexy black Storm trooper.

“Continue,” she said.

“Today marks the end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder,” Hux said.

“Give me some of that disorder,” Kylo requested.

Hux threw Kylo on the bed while laying on her stomach and got on top of her. Kylo tensed up as she felt him slide into her. “At this very moment…,” Hux said as he thrust into her.

“Yeah?” Kylo asked.

“In a system far from here,” Hux continued.

“Alright,” Kylo agreed wondering where he was going with this.

“The New Republic lies to the Galaxy!” he said excitedly. Kylo felt a little guilty as Hux pounded into her. She wasn’t thinking about him at all but her sexy Storm trooper.

“Give me some of that truth,” she said in between moans.

“While secretly supporting the Resistance’s treachery,” Hux said.

Kylo frowned at that. “Who is the Resistance being treacherous to?” she asked.

“The First Order,” Hux said obviously.

“But the Resistance is supported by the New Republic, our enemy,” Kylo said.

“Well, the Resistance is being treacherous to the galaxy as a whole,” Hux argued.

“From their point of view, are we not treacherous to the galaxy?” Kylo asked.

“Do you want me to stop?” Hux asked.

“No, of course, continue,” Kylo said rolling her eyes.

“This fierce machine which you have built upon which we stand…,” Hux said.

“Oh yeah, be fierce,” Kylo said as she was started to feel something build up.

“Will bring an end…,” Hux said becoming more excited.

“End me, Hux, End me!” she said as he quickened his pace.

“To their cherished fleet. All remaining systems will bow to the First Order!” Hux shouted.

“Yes!” Kylo interrupted not even paying attention to the speech.

“We will remember this day as the last day of the REPUBLIC!” Hux said excitedly.

“Oh Force!” Kylo said as she arched her back.

“Fire!” Hux screamed as he came inside her. Kylo also cried out as she felt her own orgasm. She suddenly felt an odd sense of affection for Hux. She wanted to be close to him and cuddle with him in her bed. All that came to an end when Hux got off her and quickly put his clothes back on.

“Can’t you stay awhile?” she asked.

“I have planets to destroy. I can’t be late,” he said and then promptly left the room.


Kylo Ren in full uniform transported herself to Takodana with a division of Storm troopers and Tie fighters giving her air support. Using the Force, she easily caught up with her target: the girl. This girl would dare to take away her Storm trooper. She had to be punished.

The girl fired her blaster at Kylo Ren either missing or being deflected by her light saber. Kylo eventually used the Force keeping the girl’s arm back behind her. “The girl I have heard so much about,” Kylo remarked.

Kylo circled around the paralyzed girl unimpressed. This was the girl that stole her Storm trooper away? She was simply a desert scavenger. “Where is the map?” Kylo ordered putting his light saber blade to her face.

The girl refused to answer, so Kylo probed her mind. She could sense that the girl had seen the map. “Sir, Resistance fighters have arrived. We need more troops,” a pair of Storm troopers said.

“Pull the division out. We have what we came for,” Kylo ordered and then used the Force to send the girl to sleep mode.


Kylo waited for the girl to wake up in her interrogation chair on board Starkiller Base. “Where am I?” she asked frightened.

“You’re my guest,” Kylo said vaguely.

“Where are the others?” she asked concerned.

“You mean the murderers, traitors, and thieves you call friends?” Kylo asked insultingly. “You’ll…,” Kylo continued.

“Yes,” Rey blurted out.

There was an awkward pause between them. “Right…you’ll be relieved I have no idea,” Kylo finished. “You still want to kill me.”

“That’s what happens when you’re being hunted by someone wearing a mask,” Rey shot back.

“Want to know who is behind the mask?” Kylo asked.

“Not…really,” Rey said disinterested.

Kylo dramatically took off her mask revealing her perfect feminine face. Rey gave a look of surprise. “Not what you were expecting?”

“This is really cool. Good for you,” Rey said smiling.

“What?” Kylo questioned.

“A woman is in a top position in the First Order. That’s great news. Here I thought it was completely a patriarchal society,” Rey gushed.

“Wait, you have this all wrong. I was once a boy,” Kylo corrected.

“Oh, that’s different,” Rey said confused and disappointed.

“And you are a Mary-Sue,” Kylo accused.

“What is that?” Rey asked impatiently.

“You are a female heroine that despite living on a desert world with no family, education, or economic resources is still capable of being an expert scavenger, pilot, mechanic, gun-slinger, and Force user. No one is going to come to your rescue, because you don’t need anyone to rescue you,” Kylo said.

“I am not a MARY-SUE,” Rey denied.

“We’ll see,” Kylo said and then used her Force technique to extract the information she needed from her. Rey appeared to resist at first but soon she revealed everything Kylo wanted to know.


Kylo and Hux had a private meeting on the base. Once the doors were locked behind them, Kylo took off her mask. “Wretched mask. I hate having to wear it,” she said disdainfully.

“The First Order will never allow a woman to be in such a high position. You know this,” Hux said.

“We are the First Order, Hux. Who is above us?” Kylo asked.

“Supreme Commander Snoke?” Hux guessed.

“I say we take charge. We have a planet that can eat stars and destroy multiple planets,” Kylo said.

“What are you suggesting?” Hux asked concerned where this conversation was headed.

“We use the weapon to destroy Supreme Commander Snoke’s base. We kill him and then we take over the First Order. The galaxy will be ours,” Kylo said.

“What about your Sith training?” Hux asked.

“Fuck it,” Kylo replied.

“Assuming we pull this off, what about Skywalker?” Hux asked.

“I know his location. I took it from the girl,” Kylo said.

“Why don’t we destroy the planet where Skywalker resides?” Hux asked.

“Because I want to kick his ass in person, that’s why,” Kylo replied.

Hux shook his head in disagreement. “Give me his location.”

“No,” Kylo rejected.

“Do it!” Hux said more forcibly.

“Fuck yourself,” Kylo replied.

“What about the Resistance?” Hux asked changing the subject.

“What about them? They have a few X-wing fighters,” Kylo scoffed.

“I shall make preparations to fire the weapon. I suggest you guard the most vulnerable part of the base from any potential attacks by the Resistance,” Hux said.

“Sure, whatever,” Kylo scoffed.


Kylo came back to his interrogation room only to find Rey missing. She searched the room confused and angry. Igniting her light saber, she slashed to pieces the interrogation chair and screamed in rage. Royally pissed off, she found herself a squad of Storm troopers.

“Find them,” she ordered. She then sensed something familiar, something she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Kylo made her way across a bridge when someone shouted behind her. “Ben!” Kylo tensed up and turned around to find her old and disheveled father on the other side of the bridge.

“Han Solo,” Kylo replied to her father. There was not a hint of affection or love in her voice. “I have been waiting for this day for a long time.”

“Take off that mask. You don’t need it,” Han said authoritatively.

“What do you think you’ll see if I do?” Kylo asked rhetorically.

“The face of my son,” Han said ignorantly.

Kylo sighed and then took off her mask. Han stared at Kylo seeing some of his son in the young woman before him. “You’re not my son,” he said confused.

“Your son is gone. He was weak and foolish like his father, so I destroyed him. I have become my true self now,” Kylo said victoriously.

“That’s what Snoke wants you to believe,” Han replied.

“No, this was what I wanted. You left me at the Jedi temple when I was fourteen to be raised by my crazy uncle. He taught me to let go of one’s emotions, sexuality, and gender identity. He taught that attachment was the path of the Dark Side. I wanted to feel happiness, anger, and even sorrow. I wanted to know love and to be able to love my own body. So, I left him and became what I wanted to be,” Kylo said.

“You did more than that. You slaughtered all of the Jedi including your own aunt. You sent Luke into exile and sent the galaxy into darkness. You destroyed five planets killing billions of lives!” Han said angrily.

“I am finishing my grandfather’s work, to bring balance to the Force and unite the galaxy under a single purpose. What do you care of the galaxy? After the war, you went back to being a smuggler when you could have been a general or a senator,” Kylo argued.

“Smuggling is the only thing I was ever good at. I didn’t ask for the war. It came to me. I tried to get out of it, believe me, but I couldn’t allow your mother to be killed on the battlefield. I did it for her,” Han said.

Kylo simply stared at her father with hate filled eyes. “Come back with me. My son is alive,” Han said to her.

“You don’t get it. You never had a son. The Force spoke to me and told me my destiny to be a woman and mother for this galaxy,” Kylo said indignant.

“That’s just what Snoke wants you to believe,” Han replied.

“Fuck Snoke, I make my own decisions. It wasn’t his decision. He doesn’t even know about this,” Kylo said and then noticed a number of Storm troopers staring at her. “I am going to have to kill all of these troopers now,” she muttered.

“Come back with me. Your mother misses you,” Han said to her.

“It’s too late,” she replied.

“No, its never too late. Your grandfather…he threw the Emperor into a pit and died saving your uncle. That’s the real truth,” Han revealed.

Kylo stared at Han in disbelief yet she knew through the Force he wasn’t lying. “I’m being torn apart. Can you help me?” Kylo asked.

“Yes, anything,” Han replied.

Kylo took out her light saber and handed it to her father. Han nodded and placed his hand over the light saber. “Careful there,” Kylo warned him.

Han took the light saber from her and accidentally pushed the ignition button. The red blade sliced through his midsection and out his back. Han gave a shocked look as the light saber went through him. “Dad! What the fuck!” Kylo shouted.

Han simply stared at Kylo in shock and placed his hand on her face. “You idiot, I love you so much,” Kylo said as Han fell off the bridge to bottomless pit below.

Chewie gave a roar believing Kylo had killed her own father and blasted her with a crossbow laser bolt. Kylo was hit in the gut stunning her. Rey, Finn, and Storm troopers all started shooting at each other. Kylo moved off the bridge to get some cover for herself.


X-wing fighters fought against Tie fighters over the surface of the planet unable to get through the protecting shielding. Instead of lowering the shields, Captain Phasma did her duty by alerting the entire base to Rey and Finn’s presence. As the star began to disappear, the atmosphere on the planet became progressively colder.

Kylo walked through the snow to cut Rey and Finn off before they could reach the Millennium Falcon. The two stopped as Kylo blocked their path. “We’re not done yet,” Kylo said with her light saber already ignited.

“You’re a monster,” Rey said of her.

“There’s no one to help you now. Han Solo can’t save you,” Kylo replied. “Your Mary-Sue powers are no match for the power of the Dark Side!”

Rey pointed her blaster at Kylo but was flung across the forest slamming her into a tree. She fell to the ground dead. “All too easy,” Kylo smirked.

Finn took up the light saber. “That light saber belongs to me,” Kylo said.

“Come and get it,” FInn said angrily and then charged Kylo like an idiot.

The two clashed with their light sabers. “Yes, show me what you can do, trooper,” Kylo said excitedly.

“Oh, I’ll show you what I can do. I can do this,” Finn said swinging the light saber.

Kylo easily blocked his attack. “You have great strength. Show me more,” Kylo asked of him.

“You’ve seen nothing yet,” Finn said as he swung like the inexperienced duelist he was. Kylo merely played with Finn having nothing to worry about.

“You’re far better than an ordinary trooper. I can make you a captain in my division. You can be my personal body guard,” Kylo offered as they continued to strike at each other.

“Don’t you get it? I defected to get away from people like you,” Finn replied.

“Don’t you know why I’ve been hunting you? I want you,” Kylo revealed.

“What?” Finn asked confused.

“I want your exotic dark skinned ass. I want your genetically superior cock,” Kylo continued.

“Excuse…you?” Finn wondered.

“All of you troopers are conditioned to be physically superior specimens but only you possessed the ability to mentally resist the training. Only you had the independence and determination to free yourself. I want you all to myself,” Kylo said.

“Lady, you’re fucked up. You just killed your dad,” Finn pointed out.

“I know…you should punish me,” Kylo said.

Finn swiped at Kylo slashing at her shoulder. It was a mere flesh wound but painful none-the-less. “Yes, that’s what I am talking about,” Kylo said excitedly. “Punish me more!”

The two clashed once more with Kylo still toying with Finn. Kylo managed to disarm Finn and then swiped at his back severing his spine and killing him instantly. “Perhaps you’re not as strong as I thought,” she said bitterly.

A big brown blur suddenly threw Kylo into a tree shattering it. Kylo took up her light saber and blocked a few laser bolts. Chewie was onto her quick firing bolt after bolt. Kylo deflected the bolts with difficulty. Chewie roared angrily and fired enough times to knock the light saber out of her hand. Chewie wasn’t going to kill an unarmed opponent, so he let go of his crossbow. Chewie took hold of Kylo and slammer her against a tree and then another tree.

“Chewie, it was an accident, an accident!” she shouted at him.

Chewie wasn’t buying it slamming her against a cliff wall. Kylo punched back without any effect. Kylo backed away and used Force choke on Chewie. “Got you now, dog,” Kylo sneered.

Chewie took hold of Kylo’s neck and attempted to squeeze the life out of her. The two chocked each other until a flurry of laser fire hit Chewie killing him on the spot. Kylo touched her sore neck and looked at the squad of Storm troopers gratefully.

“Your light saber, Sir,” one of the oblivious Storm troopers said as he gave it to her.

“Thank you, trooper,” she said as she steadied herself. Once she had composed herself, she ignited her light saber and proceeded to kill the entire squad.


Gen. Hux supervised as the weapon was almost ready. “Weapon at one-hundred percent,” an officer reported.

“Fire,” Hux ordered.

The weapon fired sending a red laser beam across the galaxy. The red beam hit the Dark Side world of Korriban blasting it to pieces. Supreme Commander Snoke was dead. Realizing the weapon didn’t intend to fire on them, the X-wing fleet departed Starkiller base.


Kylo came upon the Millennium Falcon and entered the ship. With her memory of the map stolen from Rey’s mind, she piloted the ship to an ocean planet in the Outer Rim. The Falcon landed at the coast of an island. Kylo immediately felt the familiar presence of her old master. She calmly walked up the steps to the top of the island mountain where she found a figure staring downward in white robes.

He turned to see her and stared at her with sad eyes. “It’s just you and me now…and some of my friends,” Kylo smirked.

A few Star Destroyers and dozens of Tie fighters arrived over the island all focused on Skywalker. “What do you think of that, uncle?” Kylo asked.

“You should have brought more,” he replied and reached for his light saber.

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