Jem...Chapter 192

Jem...Chapter 192


It’s been a great night and there’s going to be a lot of work to do after all of this for Fall Fair and other things we’ve got going on now.

We unload and we take our time hugging Dad and Uncle Mitch and the guys after we’re unloaded and have stuff set back up in the living room.

I look at Rayne who’s holding the keys to the van and smiling.

I take her hand with the keys in it and look at everyone.

“Great night everyone and a new band van...who wants to put the other stuff on hold for a little bit and go for a drive all together.”

There’s a bunch of hoots and hollering and we all stuff ourselves into the van and take off driving into the night like the kids we’re supposed to be.

*And Now…

There’s no feeling like it really hopping into a car with your friends with just the intention of taking off and going cruising.

And we’re packed in pretty tight too with all of us in the van except for Mike who’s actually staying.

Heck not only was he staying at the house he handed Brooklyn a respectable hundred plus bucks in twenties and kissed her. “Go have fun babe.”

So yeah we’re cruising and not just cruising but off on some of the roads and side streets where there’s little to no traffic this late and Rayne’s gunning it and we’re definitely going way too fast and we’re breaking the law and we’re squealing tires at corners and we’re trying to lay a strip at stop signs and lights.

And it’s a Thursday night which in town is one of the paynights so there are a few people around.

We’re all buzzed off of the van and having it back and that it’s got some power to it as well and a really, really good sound system.

So we’re cruising and we’re singing along to songs.

Actually it’s a Molly mix we’re listening to.

*Ironic* By Alannis Morisette of course because that just fits and it’s such a great cruising song and lots of places where a bunch of girls can just belt it all out.

But there’s other great stuff like *Waiting for you* By Valora and that’s dark and heavy and just plain good and Rayne’s really familiar with it enough that she’s belting out the song and so’s Molly and the rest of us are hair banging to it while Kimmie’s air drumming.

*Fight* By Dirty Youth and I like that it’s kinda not something we’d play but it’s great to listen to and I’m definitely playing air guitar and caught up in the song.

Again Rayne knows this band too and can just keep up with it all, it’s got to be this street and goth girl kinda music.

Then I hear what really could be a song we could cover that’s really our speed and that’s *What we came here for.* By Damone.

The music is upbeat and it’s right on that rocking hard edge and fun too even kinda anthemy, which is all of the good.

It’s really just what the doctors ordered for us blowing off some steam, hitting some speed and getting out from our routine.

And y’know what’s cool?

That feeling of us, all of us and doing stuff together besides the band but as the band.

Kimmie drumming with the songs and literally pulling a “Bugs Potter” another thing from the author of those MacDonald hall books. Brooklyn singing along or air guitar, Molly just being Molly but smiling and with friends likely doing stuff like this for the first time and with her arms around Carmen’s waist, Carmen with her life unwound from all the posturing bullshit she’s lived through.

And me too, I never did this before either really. I never had friends to hang with before this so it’s a really great thing for like half of us.

We cruise down streets that I’ve never been down.

And yeah that happens a lot in life, even in sort of small towns and things there’s places that get left reason to go there and see the things that are there because they’re never in our path.

I like it a lot too doing this. We see some old houses that look pretty cool and old too and not like the high society kinda stuff we have now but really nice ones but with some cool stuff.

I really dug this one house with the wrap around driveway and the pond island thing in the middle. It’s be likely full of bugs in the summer or something but it looked old time fancy.

We go through those places and we end up stopping at this store called Greens and it looks local, like really local and kinda old but there’s a bunch of neon in the windows and we pulled in and tumbled out of the van heading in because it’s open 24/7.

We’re greeted by the smell of sort of cooking things. Hot dogs on the heat rollers and a cooking station of sorts as a mini-take-out.

It reeks in a sort of heartburn good way.

Lots of old stuff here too like for the stock and it looks like a whole bunch of stuff way over priced for the locals that have to come here instead of going to a grocery store.

Y’know the places with all the stuff held at hostage prices because it’s the closest place in the neighborhood.

And Rayne buys some fireworks using her ID and being old enough to buy them and Kimmie gets a chilli dog that the chilli looks really like it came from cans.

We grab some pops and some energy drinks and some junk food and we take off and drive out to Hunter’s Rock.

Now that’s outside town on the cottage country roads but not all the way out there. It’s this rocky little hundred or so feet of beach that no one goes to really. I tell Rayne where to go and we pull into the little dirt driveway here and we have the place to ourselves.

It’s this old dump zone from a long time back when people didn’t care about the environment so much and dumped stone here from the road they were building to go out this way as well as this really old concrete pier that they used to drive the trucks out to dump the stuff.

Rural Ontario by the lakes is full of these messed up places.

They’re harder on dumpers now but yeah this stuff’s all over.

Rayne asks as we head down the old overgrown road. “So how’d you know about this place?”

“Dad, he took us out here when we were little to fire off fireworks sometimes. It’s kinda been where we usually go to fire them off.”

Carmen asks. “Us?”

“Me, Jase, his mom.”

She nods and for a few seconds I’m caught up in old memories.


Rayne looks at me and she gives Molly the fireworks and she slips her arms around me pressing into me from behind.

“You okay?”

“Yeah just memories, it’s actually good stuff.”

“You can miss the good stuff chere.”

I lean back tilting my head and we kiss some. “I do, i’m just glad that we can share this now.”

Her and I stay like that as the girls play around with the fireworks and while we’re goofing around and laughing we are careful.

Molly comments. “I’d never done this before, stuff like this wasn’t a girl allowed thing.”

Brooklyn nods as she steps away from a roman candle and it fires off. “Me too it’s so called guy stuff.”

Kimmie nods too. “We always went to the fancy shows when we did bother to. I like this it’s like those groups of girls all friends scenes from anime and stuff.”
Carmen. “Yeah me too, it was always other folks doing this kind of thing.”

I even add. “I’ve done it but it was still mostly Dad.”

We set more stuff up and break out the junk food and molly takes out her laptop and she puts on some more tunes and we eat and play with the fireworks and we dance and we even take pictures and some videos of us goofing around and dancing or setting off fireworks.

There’s some cool shots we get and it’s just really, really fun.

I’ve never danced with sparklers in each hand before.

Then more dancing with just the music and Brooklyn gets some dry sticks and stuff and there’s a dip in the end of the dock where time’s taken it’s toll and we make a bonfire there on the concrete and dance and yell and scream and be loud.

So, so often we’re not allowed as girls to be loud.

I wasn’t for fear of attracting too much attention to myself back then and getting bullied for it.

I never knew how much I was tired of being tired and not having a voice, not one that I was allowed to use.

And we get a little crazy between the energy drinks and sugar and the freedom and tops come off at one point too. We do some bra shots and a few topless but backshots, some tasteful stuff and I’m scared at first but once my top and my bra is off.

Holy...I’m not that much smaller than Kimmie and they’re there, they’re small but I have real rises and curve coming up off of my chest and my nipples crinkle and harden in the chill night air.

We don’t go past that but it’s still amazing.

Girls are so never allowed to do this compared to the guys and it’s really freeing.

Kinda soulful too and there’s this really powerful sisterhood thing that’s going on.

Breasts bared, hearts bared.

We’re out here until dawn.

Yeah it’s really likely not a good idea with us being up all night with everything going on with Fall Fair but it’s been more than worth it too.

We make sure the fire’s out and we get our shirts on but we all leave our bras off and we head out and drive back into town Stopping at Tim Hortons near the turnoff that leads towards the Mill.

We head inside because we all have to use the bathroom and I hear Kimmie squeal. “Max!”

I look and he looks tired too like he just got off of work and yet there’s this really big smile on his face as he sees Kimmie and she runs over and wraps her arms around his neck and they start deeply kissing.

“Whatcha doing?” She beams at him.

“Just got done my shift and heading home. You?”

“We went out and hung out and dance and had a fire and stuff, blowing off steam in an all girl way.”

“Sounds cool, will you be okay for classes?”

Brooklyn says. “We’re doing Fall Fair for our classes, we got special permission for like civics and econ and other classes we’re getting asked to do papers on.”

That’s news to me but pretty cool too.

Kimmie says. “We’re getting good points for it all too plus community participation and things too. We’re kinda getting the sports team treatment with doing things outside of the box.”

Brooklyn laughs. “The Fish said we’re setting a good example for other students and generations to follow.”

“Cool.” He says smiling. “When are you going out there?”

I say. “It opens at ten.”

Kimmie asks him. “Going home after this?”

“That’s the plan.”

“Wanna come over for a little bit if that’s cool with things.”

He looks at her and she’s looking at him and the interplay is definitely intimate and really charged.

“As long as you come home with me, Janey will be ecstatic over seeing you.”

She smiles and blushes and plants her face into his chest mumbling and he has this look on his face that’s really cute and shocked.

We just grab some coffees and I pay for Max and Kimmie’s and we head out with Max joining us.

It’s barely seven when we get home and Max and Kimmie head off to her room and well we all kinda do too.

Rayne shouts as we’re dispersing. “Set your alarms for nine!”

She and I don’t sleep.

As soon as we’re through the bedroom door she’s closing it and pulling off my shirt and her hands and mouth are on my breasts.

“Dammit Angele, I’ve been wanting to do this for hours. You’re so, so damned beautiful.”

The first sound out of me in response is a gasp whine as she sucks on my nipples.

“Me...too...oh Rayne, just open your eyes on me...they hurt as much as they felt great.”

She huskily says as she suckles and kisses my sternum. “I’ve never done that, never been just topless for just being topless. I couldn’t help but feel it, feel that tonight was like our space...girls yeah but kinda safe and sexy looked so, so amazing uncovered and your breasts out and that the firelight, your hair cascading down.”

We’re undressing and fast at that and it’s passionate and Rayne’s so in control as she gets out our sex aid and for the first time i’m helping her belting it on...and it’s just so.

Another turn in my journey’s road I guess.

We make do that but we have sex...hard too, good, voice raising moaning sex.

My brain’s still dealing with how that all works with her making love to me like that and that it’s getting further and further from awkward and shy-scary things to just how much it’s being a part of me.

I know I was pretty loud this morning.

And I so give back as good as she gives.
Hands and fingers...mouth and tongue.

Face in deep, suckling her, pushing my chin in so she can ride the curve of it and eating her until she cries out over and over...gushes...go, go, go and all of that until we’re panting, pulling and pushing ourselves until we’re up and together side by side in bed.

Then there’s the rolling over on our sides looking into each other’s eyes crying and smiling a little as we connect even more and kiss with our fingers sliding together and interlacing.

We do that until we hear the alarms go off on our phones and in other parts of the house.

Oh we were so not the only one’s doing this and while others are showering first I get everyone’s sheets which so smell of sex and wash them.

Max and Kimmie take off together first him looking like he’s really happy and I’ve never seen Kim look quite like she did this morning. I know they were loud together, well I know we heard Kim.

And yeah it’s a Kim moment right now, she looks so stunning right now and happy and just everything. And her in this really cute sundress and her hair tied up a little off the nape of her neck with a ribbon just sort of makes a statement.

It’s going around here too.

None of us got sleep but the after time, the intimacy… it was all of us tonight, today being right where we want to be.

The house is simply full of this feeling as we get stuff together and done.

Full of Synergy.

Rayne is showered and we’re kissing as she heads out first with her having to stop off at Walmart first and I bake off some butterfly sugar cookies filling all the oven racks and getting my shower and then more while getting changed into my clothes for the day.

Plain sugar cookies are great because the cook fast and cool fast and I have things ready already anyways pretty much.

I get dressed with my panties and then a pair of fishnets and these really great distressed jeans with the holes in them so they show off my fishnets. I wear a nice bra with my falsies in them and a pink band tee shirt and then add in a few of my easy jewelry with fun rings and bangles plus a sexy choker.

Carmen helps me icing the cookies and put on the colored sugar or the sugar flavors I have from some pixie sticks before she does my hair and make-up.

Full on band make-up and there’s this gel based eye mask pink kinda deal that’s so made after my namesake.

Mike kisses Brooklyn goodbye heading to school for more class stuff and to get more gossip and stuff and we all get stuff ready and pack it all into Brooklyn’s car and drive to Trudeau Park.

It’s just after ten when we get there and Rayne’s there at the Walmart booth getting her staff she’s kind of in change for there ready and going. It looks like a big booth and there’s two games set up with cut outs and darts and a wheel and darts both have really cheap prizes and some bigger gift card prizes with the profits all going to charities.

I head to ours and meet Josie who has our orders for things and we hug and she grins looking at Brook and I.

“You ladies had a good night I see.”

We both blush but Brooklyn is grinning. “Well it was actually a great morning. There’s something to be said about a guy with morning wood and being in great shape.”

We kind of end up giggling and Josie looks at me and I blush. “Rayne’s getting in really good shape too...uhm...lots of aerobic exercise.”

There’s more giggling and we sit and she dishes some about Jake and how good it’s been after a long time and that the best thing about older guys is that they know how to move, not get on your hair and they can pace themselves for your pleasure and even though Rayne and I are a whole different thing than Jake or Mike we’re still dishing.

And Molly’s getting her make-up done right there and then by Carmen in our girly-punk-butterfly style and Kimmie’s brought coffee and a freshly showered and shaved and really handsome Max who has Janey with them. She proudly carrying us over two little boxes of Timbits.

She’s fascinated watching Kimmie go from the way she is now to getting her make-up on and stuff and changed and becoming…. “Oo!...Oo! ROXIEMOOGLE!”

It’s beyond sweet when Max says okay for her to get made up and lifts her up into the chair.

She’s so excited to get one of our new shirts out of the box and that is one of our shirts sized for her.

“OHMYGAWDIT’SSOSPSPARLKLY!!!” She’s literally vibrating she’s that excited.

And that’s starting to draw our morning crowds of little kids and parents and even some of the seniors that have shown up here.

We start playing out music over the speakers as we’re getting started for the background here, giving out cookies and Brooklyn, Kimmie and I actually take request turns at our mini-lessons.

We have a lot more little kids as fans than we knew, apparently all of Janey’s friends and well all the kids that she knows and parents and some of them aren’t that old and there’s some fans there as well.

Sales are good and I and Molly are pushing the sales for Sawyers fun rides and with the shirts we offer a few of the tickets too. Three per shirt enough for the little merry go round or the small spinning swings.

Yeah it’s a sort of a thing where you don’t want to waste the tickets so you’re definitely going to go to the midway.

But it’s Business and Marketing right?

And after awhile we’re getting really busy as well as hearing that Danny Sawyer is dropping the tax on tickets if you’re wearing one of their shirts or one of our shirts.

Which is really cool.

And so is Kimmie giving lots of lessons and talking up that girls can write songs and can play drums too.

And Molly and Carmen...they get questions too from the kids and parents about what they do with the band. And i get right into that with how much they do for us in the band and that liking hair and make-up can be a real job or that girls can be like molly into math and computers and be really cool as well as smart and can have jobs like this too.

“Nothing can stop you if you really want it, girls are amazing and can do anything.”

I know it caught the girls off guard but they really step up too both of them.

And it’s not just the look in their eyes like with the kids but it’s the parents especially the moms that are there.

We’re going strong until lunch or just after it when Dad and Uncle mitch show up to help out and to get our orders for lunch.

We opt for Crystals again and some chips from the food truck for Sawyers.

It’s pretty cool that Rayne did the same for her Walmart people and a few others with Dad going for like twenty some odd orders.

It’s really cool helping out as well.

Lorna arrives to join us and she takes her food from Crystal’s too thanking Dad.

She pulls up a chair at my invite and we’re eating. “You’re helping them out as well?”

I finish chewing my mouthful of the zatar-fish-pita sandwich. “Definitely, getting word out will help the town.”

“You have a deal with them?” She asks.

“Nope just taking care of an old business under new care. Just being a good neighbor.”

She’s looking at me and smiling and blushing. “God Angel, you make me think this is something we can really do again.”

“What’s that?”

“Make the town feel like it’s breathing again.”

“I think we can, we just have to stop that old mindset of competing mixed with
I’ve got mine.”

Lorna nods and we eat some more. “Well seriously this cheers me up a lot especially given all the stuff we talked about last night at Lucky’s.”

I grin. “Well cheering you up is good.”

She sticks around a little until we’re getting the afternoon crowd in and that’s when Dad’s taking over and we’re getting ready for our first slots to play in the afternoon.

It’s actually pretty cool being up here with all the stuff that the Fall Fair folks have brought in with all of this and a real stage and everything with all the trimmings and we even have volunteers to help us do sound checks and all the stuff that Mike usually does.

Molly actually is sitting with Lorna and Mike who did make it here in time for this is out with our camera’s and he’s filming this.

We’re killing a bunch of birds with one stone here with getting film for Lorna’s project and we’re recording for us but we’re also live streaming this too for our fans that are out in different time zones.

There’s a modest crowd and some of them are sitting and just sort of hanging out and there’s enough space and room that they have folding chairs for folks and there’s older folks here just for the free music.

“Hi everyone I’m Jem and We’re Starlight Butterfly and we’re really happy to be here at our first Fall Fair. We’re going to play some covers and some of our own stuff this afternoon and hopefully you’ll all come around for our show later tonight.”

We start playing and I step to the microphone. “Here’s one of ours, it’s called Everything.”

*Everything* By Starlight Butterfly.

Oh it’s 5AM and there’s this haze coming from the streetlights …
Pre morning twilight..
It’s 5AM and I’m looking at you in The Great Lakes fog, you’re so amazing …
You are stunning.
I can’t believe the luck I’ve had.
When we found each other, crying out on the sands …
Of the lakeshore … Broken …
We thought we were so broken.
I thought no one would understand.
But you were there and I was there and …
We fell, inside each others eyes …
Oh Darling, oh my beautiful …
It’s when I touch you, it’s going to be alright.
Everything’s alright.
Oh Darling! You are so beautiful …
And when I kiss you, oh when you kiss me …
It’s our first time … .it’s everything …
And all we did was go out to eat.
Kiss hold hands and walked the streets.
Until morning, until sunrise.
By the lakeside.
Oh we’ve been out all night.
Just like the day we met.
And nothing’s changed and there’s no regrets.
Because it was perfect, oh god this is perfect.

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