Allie 1


Allie 1
This is an interactive story, where you decide the fate of a boy


From Dauphin:
This is an interactive story. At the end of the chapter, there will be choices that you can vote on. The choice with the most votes is the direction that the story goes.

My name is Alexander, and this all started when I was 9 years old. Who would ever think that my life would end to where it was now. Mine was just a bit stranger than other boys, or how many are there like me?

I never did know my dad. He got my mother pregnant and then left her in the trailer park. I remember when I was a small boy that my mother would bring home a new dad every week. She was very beautiful and they helped buy her food and some clothes. Looking back at it, I do not think she was respected, as no one really liked anyone from the trailer park. They used to call us trash.

Mom was happy and so was I. We had a good life with what little we had and we were always smiling. Mom made sure to play with me and tell me stories that I wanted to listen to over and over again. She would also take me on long walks through nature, and tell me what the different flowers were called. She never got mad when I could not remember the stories. I remember mom and I could spend hours looking at butterflies or lady bugs and think of stories about their lives.

Mom was a hippie. This meant that my hair was long and I was happy in an old t-shirt and jeans.

For being a trailer park kid, I was well fed and dressed well. I was clean. Mom took care of me. I was also popular in the park as the others loved to hear me sing or acing some scene out that mom and I made. Sometimes the others took pictures of me, and this made mom happy, as she said I was the world’s best model.

All this stopped when one of mom’s boyfriends was mad at her and choked her to death. I was standing beside an old lawyer at the funeral. He didn’t cry when mom’s coffin was lowered in the ground.

Later he met with me in this old smelly office. He told me that 3 relations were there to take care of me, but my mom decided whom it will be.

It was one of the following. Click the voting link and you can decide how this story continues

The choices
- Alexander will live with his dad that works in Hollywood. (18%)
- Alexander will live with his eccentric aunt (70%)
- Alexander will live in an orphanage (12%)
Voting over

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