But mommy, i mean mom

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But Mommy, I mean Mom!!!
By Princess Pantyboy

Me, Chris, Chrissie 18-years-old
Amy & Jill 5-year-old twin sisters
Miley 12-year-old sister
Mom/Mommy single mom 42-years-old but looks 25
Jenny my 18-year-old girl friend

I was transferring files from my old laptop to my knew MacBook Pro and found some stories I wrote back in 2011 and never put on line. Here is one of them. I hope you enjoy it, like always please forgive any of the spelling or grammar mistakes I didn’t catch I hope there aren’t many.
Hugs, Princess.

“But mom do I really have to take the twins to dance class again? All I do is drive them around. Ever since when I was a freshman in high school until now; I am a senior now, I had to save all my baby-sitting money to buy this car.”

I look at mom, she puts her hands on her hips and gives me that look which means if I say another word I am dead. “Now enough of that young man, I know you are 18-years-old now. I also know you think you are so grown up!” I watch as mom is staring eye to eye with me, which is never a good thing.

“Now since your father ran away with his secretary and no one can find him to serve the child support papers on him, I need all the help I can get from you son. Like it or not you are the man of the house, and I can't do everything son.”

I start to look down knowing that my mom is making sense and I am being just a selfish teenager, but I have a life too. “Now son you know I work two full time jobs and I clean those rich people’s houses on the beach on the weekends, so be patient son I am doing all I can do to give you and your three sisters a good life.”

“Okay, okay, I know you are doing all you can do mommy, I mean mom umm I will take the twins to dance class for you.” Like I need to hear it a hundred times about my dad abandoning us to go off with his hot secretary. I am surrounded with my annoying three little sisters and my mom all day and night I would not mind running away too. It has to be better then be surrounded by four female’s day and night.

I turn away and then hear mom again. “Oh and by the way you need to drop off and pick up the twins remember they are only 5-years-old.” I roll my eyes thinking how bad my life sucks. “Before I forget you also need to drop off Miley at cheerleading practice.” Mommy says

“Great this just sucks mom, when am I supposed to spend time with Jenny, remember I have a girlfriend for the past three years?”

I am thinking to myself I should shut up and listen to my mom instead of mouthing off seeing the look on her face. “Don’t you think for a second young man that I won't put you over my knees and give you a spanking? You will do as you are told, do you understand me?”

“Yes mommy, I mean mom, I am sorry.” I say but not really meaning it, I hate when she talks to me like I am a two-year-old. I have to work on calling her mom instead of mommy all the time, my sisters really tease me about it every time I say it. I am glad they’re not here this time hearing me saying mommy again. Yea the two things my sisters tease me about the most is me always saying mommy and they tease me about being so small and petite, I guess they also always tease me about my hair being so long. I turn around to walk away before mommy changes her mind and gives me a spanking.

The twins run down the stairs in their pink leotards and matching tights. Amy and Jill are my sisters that are twins and they drive me crazy, they are always so happy and bouncy wanting me to play with them. All my sisters are the picture-perfect description of what girly girls look like by the way. I don’t think I have ever seen either of them wear pants or jeans ever.

“Before I forget I wanted to talk to you about your girlfriend Jenny.” I turn and look back at mommy. “You know she sure seems awfully bossy, I mean she tells you what to wear and how to brush your hair. You need to stand up for yourself son. I mean look at your hair it is half way down your back, if your hair gets any longer people will think you are a girl instead of my handsome son.”

I roll my eyes again. “I told you mommy Jenny likes my hair long, she said I look like a rock star and that’s why she wanted me to grow my hair long instead of the crew cuts I used to have. Plus, it saves you money since I don’t get my haircut anymore.” I have to throw that in there because mommy, I mean mom is always telling me not to waste money. Damn I even say mommy in my head not just when I am talking to her.

“Yes of course it’s nice to save money but she bought you those white pants and don’t forget those little white shorts she bought you two weeks ago too. I am just saying why you don’t wear some jeans anymore, or at least some other type of masculine clothes.”

I roll my eyes trying not to get in-trouble talking back to mommy. “I like Jenny, I do not have to worry about her running away from you because she is the dominate one in the relationship, but those little shorts don’t even have pockets or a zipper. I looked at them to clean and the tags were ripped out because I thought they were girl's short shorts and I wanted to confirm my suspicions.” Mommy says.

I roll my eyes again and then I look at mommy staring at me. “I don’t know what you mean mommy I look masculine. Look see, I started to grow side burns, that is super masculine don’t ya think? Plus, look close I started shaving a while ago, and now I haven’t shaved in a week and you can see the stubble really easy.”

“Yes that is a good start but you really need to start wearing more masculine clothes is all I am saying. I know when you were born the doctors thought you were a girl because your penis was so small they could not see it right away. I know it has never grown at all since you were born 18-years-ago, but the doctors told me your little boy parts weren’t functional when you were born and they never would be functional ever.”

Oh, my god I cannot believe my mommy is saying this stuff, I hear her tone getting louder. It is not like my penis is tiny because of me, I mean I was born this way, thinking to myself. I turn and see the twins smiling at mom and me arguing.

“Mommy we are ready when you are.” I hear little Jill say; well I think its Jill, or it could be Amy because they are identical twins.

I look at her closer trying to figure which one she is. “Sorry girl's I won't be taking you and picking you up your Chris is going too.” I try to give a fake smile like I am happy to take the twins but I cannot. I look down at them.

“Um yea I am taking you both and let me get some shoes on and we can go.” I don’t see my shoes by the door so I just throw my flip-flops on that Jenny got me there just white, and very comfy. For some reason my mom is shaking her head while I put the flip-flops on.

I look at mom and wonder why she is shaking her head at me again. “Kelly your hair is all messed up; do you want me to put it in a ponytail for you like I did last time?” One of the twins says but not sure, which one as I try to respond but I don’t want to say the wrong twins name with my response.

“What mommy did I do wrong now?” I look over at my mommy still shaking her head at what I am wearing, the thin white pants that do not go all the wall to my ankles.

Jenny said there in style and they are comfortable, but who cares that there is not a zipper or pockets, just a thin white rope that you tie that goes around your waist through thin belt loops. “Yes girls one of you get Chris some of your hair ties and then the other grab your brush so we can do his hair fast.” Mommy says still shaking her head.

“Mom I really don’t want the twins to put my hair in a ponytail again, the last time my hair looked so girly after they were done.” I say the minute the twins run down the hallway to get the hair stuff. Oh, know there is that pissed off look again on mommy’s face.

“Fine whatever son, if your hair gets any longer I will be calling you my daughter. I will put your hair in a ponytail myself okay?” Mommy says while teasing me now about my long hair.

God, I hate it when she says stuff like that seems like my sisters continue their teasing when mommy teases me. “Thanks mommy that is way better if you do it, then I will take them to dance class.” I walk over to mommy and sit at the chair in the kitchen, the twins run into the room carrying brushes and hair stuff in a wicker basket.

“Okay girl's thanks for getting the hair stuff; I will be doing Chris’s hair.” The twins see me sitting at the table staring at mommy. I see the disappointed look on their faces.

Both the twins have sad looks on their faces which is never a good thing for me. “Mommy we really want to do her hair again it is so long, pretty, and soft more like a big Barbie's hair hehehe.” I hear both the twins giggling in stereo. “We promise to do a good job like last time mommy.”

“Please mommy.” Oh, know mommy has that sad face like she is going to bend and give in to the twin’s request. They do have the cutesiest puppy eyes when they beg to do something. I should try that sometime since mommy always says no to everything I want to do.

I close my eyes waiting for mommy to collapse and give in to them. “Sorry girl's Chris said you made his hair look too girly the last time you put his hair in a ponytail. Even though his hair is so long any style will look like a girl's style don’t ya think?” I look at mommy teasing me again.

“Mommy, I mean mom stop teasing me.” I say then see mommy take a brush out of the basket and start brushing my hair out. “Always feels good when you brush my hair mommy, I mean mom.” I hate when that happens with me slipping and calling her mommy like the little twins call her. “Owe mommy that hurts, what are you doing ripping my hair out of my head?”

Mommy walks around to look me in the eyes. “OH stop being a baby or I will get your fathers old razor and buzz all your hair off.” I stop talking when I hear mommy say that. I look over at the twins start giggling as mommy finishes putting a hair tie in my hair. I didn’t know mommy put the hair tie closer to the top of my head like girl's wear their hair.

“What's so funny?” I look over at both of twins staring at my hair giggling. I look over at mommy thinking I heard ‘Shhh’ from her but must have been my imagination.

The twins smile at me together then one talks. “Oh umm nothing we were just picturing you with your long pretty hair all cut off.” Mommy still has a smile on her face too.

“Hi everyone.” Before I can figure out what is up my other sister walks in the room smiling. “Oh I like your hair like that sis, I want to be pretty just like you when I grow up hehehe.” Miley says while giggling, and staring at me.

I look at her trying to give her a mean look. “Hahaha, that’s so funny Miley I forgot to laugh.” I stare at here in her little cheerleader’s outfit. I think back, I remember when my girlfriend Jenny wore her cheerleaders outfit it really turned me on.

“Mom look at Kelly staring at me, maybe he wants to wear my cheerleader outfit it will match his hair hehehe.” I don’t realize I am staring at her not paying attention because I keep thinking of Jenny in her sexy cheerleader outfit. I hear Miley giggling again and I snap out of my little daze.

Mommy shakes her head then comes back looking into my eyes. “Is that what you want Kelly, to wear Miley's cheerleader outfit?” Mommy says while smiling at me from ear to ear.

“Hahaha funny mommy.” I look over at her like she has lost her mind. “No I don’t want to wear her cheerleader outfit or any of her clothes. Now stop teasing on me again because I am the only boy you girl's always team up on me. I have feelings ya know mommy.”

Now mommy is the one rolling her eyes. “Oh stop acting like a baby, a baby girl at that, we are just teasing you so relax I have to go to work. Remember drop Miley off for practice then drop off the twins at dance. They also have gymnastic class after that so you will have a two-hour break before you pick them up Kelly okay?” I stare at mommy talking to me like I am a little child.

“I am not a baby mommy; I mean mom I heard you the first 100 times you told me.” Mommy and all three of my sisters are staring at me.

Miley turns and smiles at me, so I know I'm in trouble. “Well you sure sound like a baby sister hehehe.” I hear Miley say giggling at me at the same time. Of course, the twins and mommy had to all start giggling too. “Well your mommy said take us to practice so give your mommy a hug and kiss so we can go big sister. I mean brother; it is hard to tell with your long pretty hair sissy hehehe.” Miley says while teasing me again.

“Your too funny Miley I forgot to laugh.” Oh, I want to smack Miley upside her head but all it will do is get me in trouble. So, I stick my tongue at her not realizing that makes me look more like a baby. All four of them bust out laughing and giggling. I walk to the front door getting my keys off the counter, after I stuck my tongue out at Miley.

Mommy walks over to my sisters. “You girl's keep an eye on your baby sister Chrissie okay?” I hear mommy say as I walk out the door hearing my little sisters responding while I shake my head.

“Hehehe.” My sisters all giggle together. The twins and Miley say at the same time. “Don’t worry mommy we will keep an eye on HER so SHE doesn’t get in any trouble.” I hear Miley saying. “Have fun at work mommy.” I also hear the twins saying.

I walk to my car seeing everyone following me giggling. “So what are you going to do Chrissie after you drop us off?” Miley says. I ignore her while I get in and turn around making sure everyone is buckled in. “I guess you can't hear me, you’re probably going back home and try on one of my old cheerleading uniforms since there smaller and would probably fit you better Chrissie sissy.”

“Oh you are just a riot Miley.” I turn and see Miley smiling at me as she buckles her safety belt sitting next to me in the front seat. “You know none of your clothes would fit me anyway. You’re the one who is the baby.” I say feeling like the big guy without mommy being there to help them tease me.

Miley turns and smiles at me. “So you’re saying if my uniform fit you that is what you would be doing? Oh, and it’s nice to know that you already know that none of my clothes would fit you since you must have tried them on to know that hehehe.”

“No I mean.” Holy smoke batman she twisted everything around. “No I mean you are just a 12-year-old little girl, I am an adult so of course your clothes won't fit me. I am 18-years-old remember, and I am graduating high school this year.” I shake my head because I am so pissed. I wish she would stop teasing me. Maybe if I change the subject she will chill out. “I am all grown up. Oh, yea I am going to my girlfriend’s house is what I am doing after I drop you little kids off since you asked.”

Miley continues to smile looking at me up and down. “Well if you’re so grown up how come you let your girlfriend boss you around so much? You can sure tell who wears the pants in your relationship and who wears the panties. You know what Jenny is a cheerleader on varsity, I know she is a little bigger than you are, but I bet she would let you wear one of her old uniforms. Of course, you would have to ask here nice or have you tried them on already?” Miley says while smiling from ear to ear.

“You need help Miley you know that?” I pull into the school parking lot to drop Miley off. “No the one she wears is way too big for me; I mean here we are good-bye Miley. Hurry up and get out so I can take the twins to dance practice.”

Miley opens her door. “Maybe I will call her and give her some ideas, but looking at how girly the clothes you are wearing I don’t really need to give her any ideas on making you look more feminine. If you do get tired of the girly clothes she buys you, save them for me. I can have them since there probably my size since I'm the same height as you, and I'm only a 12-year-old girl and you’re an 18-year-old boy or supposed to be a boy hehehe.” Oh, I really want to smack her for teasing me so much but the twins would tell on me.

“Now make sure you are good for your mommy hehehe.” I hear Miley saying to me as she gets out of my mustang giggling.

I ignore her as the door closes. “Okay whatever Miley, one more stop and off to Jenny's house.” I look at the twins threw my rear-view mirror smiling to themselves, and a couple miles later we are here. “Okay girl's we are here, make sure you stay together, and have fun in class okay?”

“Yea we are here.” I watch as both of them un-buckle their safety belts. “Okay mommy I mean Chrissie. It is kind of funny you say the same things as mommy tells us. Mommy has the same pants as you also. Did she tell you the same things when you were a little girl?”

Before I can respond both of the twins are out of my car and are walking towards the building. Oh, they are so funny why do they pick on me so much. I drive them everywhere and they should respect me more. Come to think of it they said ‘did mommy say the same things when I was a little girl’ they both seemed so sincere not like they were teasing me. I wonder if they think I'm a girl, who knows what little girls think like anyways.

Oh, well I am forced to take them wherever they want to go, so I guess they know I don’t do it because I want too. I cannot believe the girls called me mommy, and that mommy has the same pants as me. Why did they say did mommy tell me the same thing when I was a little girl? They cannot actually think I am a girl. I have to get that out of my head. I mean I do have long hair like all of the girl's in the house.

Mommy said the clothes Jenny bought me were girl's clothes and they kind of look a little girly. Oh, I am sure they know I am a boy. I mean all the girl's in the house wear dresses, and I never have so that should tell them I am a boy. I pull up to Jenny’s house and I park on the street because she gets upset when I park in the driveway for some reason. I walk up to her house and knock on the door.

“Knock, knock.” That is weird no one is answering, I knock a little harder. “Knock, Knock.” This is messed up she told me to come over after I dropped my sister’s off. I guess she has said in the past to knock louder because I am not that strong and have a little boy knock she said.

I still cannot believe that day when she came to the door she thought a little girl was knocking at the door when she heard me knocking. Well this time I will knock really hard I don’t care how hard the door is. I don’t care if my knuckles bleed I am going to knock real hard. “KNOCK owe that hurt.” Wow her door is made out of steel. I had better try again. “KNOCK, KNOCK” I knock on the door with all my might and I rub my hand seeing my knuckles are all red, the door finial opens.

“Oh hi Chrissie I thought one of the neighbor's little girls were knocking on the door the sound was so faint.” I smile at her until she said that my knocking sounded like the little girls next door.

Jenny smiles then looks at me weird. “What is that on your face dirt or something?” I watch, she lifts her hand up and feels my face knowing she must be talking about my sideburns or my five o’clock shadow, but really it took a couple weeks or so to get this much fuzz on my chin. Jenny shuts the door with her free hand.

“Well let's go upstairs to my room, I will wash your face for you. Are your hands dirty too Kelly?” Before I can respond I feel her taking my hands and flipping them over to see my palms. What the heck she doesn’t notice that I am growing hair on my face like a man?

I will go along with this until she tries to rub my sideburns and hair off my chin then we will both get a laugh together. “I’ll try this new permanent face cleaner it’s the best.”

“Have a seat at my vanity sweetie, I will rub it all over your face.” I do as my girlfriend asks. “Good boy now close your eyes, and I will rub this in all over your face.”

I feel Jenny's soft, smooth hands rubbing the cream on my face and rubbing it in feels so good. “Wow it feels kind of tingly too, feels nice Jenny.” I can feel my whole face is like electrified with tingling getting warmer, she rubs the cream in more.

“Yes let's put some on your hands, and arms too while it is soaking into your face.” I start to feel the cream on my hands and then the warm tingly feeling goes up and down my arms. Wow that feels good, I open my eyes and see both my hands and arms totally covered in thick white cream.

Jenny gives me that smile she has that makes everything okay. The cream says ten minutes, might as well put it on your legs too.” I hear her and watch her as she reaches down and un-does my pants. I smile feeling my pants are pulled to my ankles. “You look cute in just your white briefs hehehe.” Jenny says while giggling.

“Um why do I need this cream stuff on my legs Jenny?” While I am talking, I feel her lifting my arms up and pulling my shirt over my head leaving me naked except for my white underwear.

I see Jenny taking more cream and putting it all over my legs. “Well sweetie I was telling you how this deep rinse vanishing cream cleans really great, I mean put your hand on my face, and see how soft my skin is.” I of course reach up and watch my white cream covered arm and my hands touch Jenny's face.

“I can tell you like that because of your little tent in your underwear growing hehehe.” I feel how soft her skin is then I hear her telling me she can see my penis getting bigger in my underwear, so I stop feeling her face because I am so embarrassed.

Before I can tell her how smooth her face is my legs are covered in the thick white cream. I am in a trance; I feel Jenny rubbing the cream all over my chest than my back. “Yes your face does feel super smooth like a baby's.” I say making Jenny smile.

“Well thank you sweetie I appreciate that nice comment. I hope you don’t mine that I figured I would put it all over your body instead of just your face sweetie.”

I smile at Jenny. “No I don’t mind anything to make you happy Jenny”. I say staring at her smooth face and her long hot legs going up to that black denim mini skirt she is wearing.

“Well I didn’t really cover your whole body yet?” I see her staring at my underwear. “Do you want me to put it everywhere?” I smile bigger watching her hand come down and pull on the elastic edge of my underwear. “I can if you ask nice Chris.”

I continue to smile; I have been waiting to get in her panties for so long it might just work out today. I mean her house is empty, her parents are gone for the weekend so no problem there. I try to say in my slyest voice. “Yes I think that’s a great idea. Jenny, can you put that vanishing cream all over my body?”

“You didn’t say please my little Chrissie.” I hate when she reminds me that she is taller than me by calling me little, I of course ignore her calling me Chrissie so she knows her teasing doesn’t bother me, or she will keep calling me Chrissie which is a girl’s name.

Of course, I smile up at her with our eyes meeting. “Please will you put the vanishing cream all over my body?” I notice Jenny smiling but I am sure she knew I was going to ask anyway she wanted me to. The thought of me getting into her panties I would have said yes to anything.

“That’s a good little boy, now aren’t you?” I smile but she called me a little boy, which is kind of demeaning. I am a man and I need to be treated like a man. Of course, I don’t say that to her because she would probably yell at me. I feel Jenny start to pull my underwear down my legs until my penis and balls are in full view. “I guess you are a little boy aren’t you.”

I look into Jenny's pretty eyes. I ignore her comment even though it hit me hard because I am now naked in front of Jenny. “This weird vanishing deep cleaning cream is tingling all over my body Jenny. I understand that it’s deep cleaning but what is the vanishing part of the cream?” I feel Jenny putting the cream all over my little penis and all over my tiny scrotum making my balls burn.

“Oh well it is really just for girl's I don’t think it will be much difference you using it. What the cream does it removes all the dead skin on the area you put it on. You have layers and layers of old dried up skin, the cream gets rid of the used dead skin.” I hear her and I think of what is dead skin, I stand there totally naked and my whole body is tingling, almost on the verge of being too hot. “I better check and make sure it doesn’t say anything about allergic reactions.” Jenny says.

I start to feel a little concerned, but I am standing here as Jenny is reading the box of this special skin cream for women. “Um it does say for women only in bold print and in capital letters that’s not too good. Let me read on.” Well that sucks, my eyes bulge out of my head when I hear her reading saying this cream is for women only.

“Well what do you mean for women only? I mean this cream is all over my body especially all over my penis and scrotum.” I start to feel really nervous.

I feel Jenny walk me into her bathroom, she takes my hand, I seat on the edge of the tub in her bathroom so I don’t get this vanishing cream on everything. “There you look a little nervous. So, I figured you being near the bathroom if you have to get sick is a good thing while I keep reading okay?”

“Yea I am okay just read and see if it says anything about if men use it by accident.” Jenny goes back to reading the long directions that are in ten languages.

I try not to get nervous. “Umm I am sure it will be okay for you little Chrissie, here I will put a second coat on for you okay?” I think to myself I don’t want any of this stuff on me let alone another coat of it. You like how smooth my body is right?” I feel her take my hand and put it against her smooth skin.

“Yes I love how smooth your skin is Jenny.” I smile, sliding my fingers in small circles around her face. I pay no attention to the second thicker coat of the cream all over my balls and little penis. I get nervous seeing how thick it is on my private parts but I can't feel it burning anymore so I guess that is a good sign.

I look up seeing Jenny putting another thinner coat on my legs, my arms also start getting another coat also but I can feel the tingles starting on my arms and legs again.

“How does that feel Chrissie, smooth and soft? Here feel how smooth and soft my legs are.” Jenny moves my hand from me feeling her soft smooth face to putting it on her leg and thigh area. I think I even moan softly feeling her smooth soft thigh. I smile ignoring her continue to put the cream on me for a second coat all over my face except on my eye brows and eyes. Second coat now has completely been rubbed into my skin, I feel a thick third coat being added between my legs as I moan louder.

“I use this cream for my whole body, reading the product label it says after using this cream for a second time the cream does kill, your hair roots permanently anywhere on your body. also, says the cream will remove permanently molls or lumps in addition to removing hair permanently and stopping hair growth.” I moan again feeling her rubbing it deeper into my balls and little penis. “Doesn’t that feel good as I rub it into your body Chrissie? It feels good for me too, and you feeling my thigh. Do you know why I use this cream little Chrissie?”

I smile looking up into her eyes. “Yes, let me guess to keep your body soft and smooth.” I say but feeling her soft smooth thigh is all I am thinking about as I moan softly feeling her skin.

“Yes you are so right I put two coats of this cream over my whole body like I have done to you except for between your legs were I have put three thicker coats which is triple how much I have put all over you.”

I smile feeling her hands. “Yes the reason I put two coats of this cream all over my whole body is so, I will be hairless from my eyes down to my toes permanently after I take a shower after using it. And of course, the benefit of my skin feeling soft and smooth permanently. Chrissie doesn’t my skin feel soft and smooth little Chrissie girl hehehe.”

“Umm oh yes your skin does feel so soft and smooth Jenny.” I ignore her calling me Chrissie girl, telling me about the cream making her whole body permanently hairless after two coats. I don’t even notice that the cream will now make me permanently hairless from the eyes down to my toes after I take a shower, and my body will be smooth like Jenny's.”

I smile, Jenny continues to rub the cream up and down my little penis. “Now why don’t we take a shower; would you like us to take a shower together? I would like to watch your hair, and stuff fall to the drain Chrissie, did you hear me, do you want to take a shower together?”

“Umm take a shower with you, yes okay yes I would love to take a shower with you Jenny.” All I heard while she was rubbing the cream on me was do I want to take a shower with her.

Jenny smiles. “Good start the water in the shower since you are already naked while I get undressed.”

“Okay I will start the shower.” Oh, my god I am going to take a shower with the hottest girl in school. I can't believe this is really happening, in the pornos on the internet when they get in the shower they always have sex.

Yes, I am going to finally have sex for the first time. “Chrissie when the water is warm get in, I will rub or scrub your body would you like that?” I turn seeing her pull her top off as she stands only in her bra and mini-skirt.

“Hell yes, I mean yes I would like that. You know Jenny when you are calling me Chrissie, umm Chrissie is a girl’s name you know that right?”

I look into Jenny’s smiling face. “Yes I know Chrissie is a girl’s name, now get that little butt of yours into the shower Chrissie while I finish getting un-dressed Chrissie girl hehehehe.” I hear Jenny giggle for some reason me ignoring her calling me Chrissie girl, I get in the shower.

“Okay I'm getting in the shower, oh it feels good Jenny.” I say and turn around, Jenny is looking at me up and down and staring at my feet then between my legs as she gets in the shower with me her smiling.

I look into Jenny’s eyes; she closes the shower door as I see her beautiful butt. I must have been staring because she turned to me and our lips meet. I turn seeing her eyes closed and I close my eyes and feel her kissing me, I never have kissed a girl or anyone I let her do whatever she wants as I wrap my tongue around hers.

“Oh that feels good Chrissie girl, here feel how smooth your body is while I rub your now smooth body. Doesn’t your body feel smooth and soft now like mine?”

I feel Jenny take my hand and put it on my legs and I feel how smooth and soft my legs are now. “Oh yes feels so smooth Jenny like you.”

“Yes you are smooth now does it feel good me rubbing you between your legs Chrissie girl? Your skin feels so soft.”

I moan softly. “Yes it feels great you rubbing me between my legs.” I look down between my legs and seeing her hand going up and down between my legs but I am not going to tell her I can't feel anything my little boy parts must be numb since my little penis has never been rubbed by anyone before.

“Good now rub me between my legs Chrissie girl.” My eyes start to bulge out of my head.

I feel Jenny taking my hand and she is moving it closer to her body. Oh, my god she is going to let me put my hand or fingers in her vagina. “Thud” then “Thud” I hear something fall in the shower. “Jenny did you drop something in the shower?”

“Oh no but you did hehehe.” I hear her giggling just as she starts kissing me madly as I feel her breasts against my naked body. “Oh yes now you are so soft, smooth between your legs too.”

The End
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