Hello it's me again!

Hello it’s me again!
By Princess Pantyboy

Kelly me teenage boy 14 years’ old
Tina my big sister 16 years’ old
Miley my little sister 11 years-old
Beth our next-door neighbor/cheerleader

I was transferring files from my old laptop to my knew laptop and found some stories I wrote back in 2011 and never put on line. Here is another one of them. I hope you enjoy it, like always please forgive any of the spelling or grammar mistakes I didn’t catch I hope there aren’t many.
Hugs, Princess.

Hello it is me again, I know like everyone says no sense in whining because no one is going to listen. I do not care so I am going to whine here and now. I guess I am like many guys who whine about life. Yes, I am small for my age; okay I am really small for being a boy, and petite according to my mom, whatever that means.

Yea I guess it is my right to whine since I am a teenager. I just started high school and I thought junior high was bad. Everyone in high school is from my area and it is very different from junior high. All of junior high was from all over the county because they only have one. Whereas high school they have several, they have six high schools and of course my new high school does not have anyone I know from junior high.

I guess that is a good thing to a degree. Everyone for the whole time I was in junior high, and elementary school always teased me about being the smallest guy in the school. Okay I was the smallest person and that included the girl's.

My big sister is about the only person I know in high school and she is always calling me her baby brother even though I am only two years younger than she is. Yes, that sucks but what is worse is my little sister is now on this kick also calling me her baby brother and I am three years older than her, the bummer is she is a little taller than me, okay three-four inches taller than me.

Okay now ya know about my wonderful family and me. I guess I left out my mom who is great, she hardly ever reminds me about being the smallest one in the family. That is a big lie by the way, mom is always saying do not pick on your little brother too both my sisters. I keep telling her and everyone that it is not my fault that I am small for my age.

I mean I tried working out to get bigger and more muscular and pray for a growth spurt. I would run around, and I even tried out for all the sports and of course, you can probably guess what they said? Yes, that is it, I was too small for the team, but I could help being the water boy or pick the towels up and clean up the boy's locker room to help the team. Yea so, that is not going to happen thinking back to when they gave me that chance.

I hope I get my growth spurt soon, but to be honest I think my little sister got both our growth spurts since she is taller for her age and that bugs me too know end. Mom even tries to give me her hand me downs but that is just so bad. I guess looking down at the jeans I am wearing you really can't tell they are my little sisters old jeans they look like there brand new. The jeans not really girly so much unless you look closely and can see the extra sewing around the tiny front pockets and no back pockets at all of course.

Oh, yea I almost forgot my next-door neighbor is also at my new high school. Her name is Beth and she is hot and a cheerleader. Beth is the same age as my big sister, Tina is her name by the way and my little sisters name is Miley, guess I forgot to bring their names up earlier.

Beth is like your stereotypical cheerleader, she has long blond hair, killer body and a smile that will stop a speeding car and probably cause an accident trying to get a better look at her. Speaking of Beth, she is how all this started, I guess it was me who wanted to be seen with her and bring up my status to a cool guy instead of the little guy no one wanted to be near like they could catch small people disease or something.

It all started one day I was walking past Beth’s house and she yelled from her window. “Hey Kelly come over here I need a favor.” I was so surprised she remembered my name it has been so long since we have talked I figured she forgot my name and didn’t want to be seen with the small guy.

“Oh sure Beth.” I walk fast across their front lawn and look up to her hanging out of her window on the side of her house. Beth leaned out the window to make eye contact with me, I see her smiling face, she leaned farther out the window, I could see down her top seeing her beautiful breasts staring straight at me.

Beth must see me staring at her breasts but doesn’t blink. “Umm Kelly I need your help really bad I was hoping you had some papers I could barrow.” I continue to stare and I have no idea what she is talking about. I must have a blank look on my face showing I have no clue. “You know Kelly rolling papers, I have some new weed, but I can't roll a joint without any rolling papers. Do you have some we can get high together?”

“Umm sure, I have to go in my house and get them okay?” Oh, shit thinking to myself. I never smoked pot before, but I remember my big sister had a party way back and I asked what that was on her dresser and she said rolling papers. Then she put them in her jewelry box saying I was too small I should go play with some fisher price toys left over from my little sister.

I stuck my tongue at Tina and left. Oh, I am getting a little side tracked here still smiling up at Beth. “Okay cool Kelly for a minute I thought you were one of those little nerdy kids who didn’t smoke or party and have a good time.”

“No I am cool I just have my rolling papers in the house, I umm forgot them when I went to school. Umm I will be right back okay?”

I smile back at her baby blue eyes smiling at me, yes she is smiling at me, not only is Beth the most popular girl in school but I am making her smile too. “Alright but hurry my mom will be back soon and I heard this weed is really strong so I want to try it before she gets home so hurry.” Beth says, while she still is smiling at me.

“Okay I’ll be right back.” I say, then I turn and run up too my house. I sure hope sis still has the rolling papers that were in her jewelry box, I rush up the stair case two steps out a time. I open Tina’s bedroom door; I hear something or someone downstairs. I freeze thinking mom or one of my sisters is home early.

Must be the stupid dog, I walk into Tina’s bedroom straight to her jewelry box, and I open it. “YES” I say aloud not realizing it until I am holding the rolling papers in my hand. Okay I start to head out of her room not even closing her jewelry box or her bedroom door. I am just thinking of Beth and her deep blue eyes and her large breasts staring at me.

I am smiling from ear to ear, I knock on Beth’s front door and she sees I am carrying the rolling papers and smiles at me. Wow look into her eyes and Beth has a killer smile, I realize I am the one making this beautiful girl smile, me Kelly is making this hot girl smile wow is all that crosses my mind.

“Oh this is great Kelly I was really hoping we could smoke some, but we have to hurry before my mom or dad get home.” Beth says while smiling at me.

I walk into the house and Beth closes and locks the front door. I smile thinking to myself as my mind goes a hundred miles an hour thinking of why Beth is locking the front door and we are alone in the house.

“Your room looks cool Beth.” I say looking around seeing how she has pictures of guys with their shirts off and I think there in some rock bands. Looking around I see the walls and carpet are like a lite pink or a baby pink to be more accurate. Beth’s bed is white and matching the rest of the room. Wow even her dresser and vanity is also white. “Yea your room is real cool Beth”

I smile trying to say the right thing watching her smiling back at me. “Oh thanks Kelly umm that’s nice of you to say but most boys don’t like my room because it is so pink and girly looking. I guess we are alike more than I thought since you like my room so much.”

“Oh yea I am glad we like the same things Beth.” Thinking to myself this isn't great now she thinks I like all girly stuff. Umm here is the rolling papers you asked for.” I try to change the subject.

I hand them to her and she sits down at her desk and starts rolling a joint. I watch Beth as she sits at her desk she drops the rolling papers onto the floor. I notice Beth looking at my feet. “Oh Kelly you really need to take your shoes and socks off. My mom would freak if one of my friends came in the house still wearing their shoes.”

“Oh okay no problem.” I try to act grown up hearing her reference me as one of her friends. “Here we go as I kick my black sneakers off, I was trying to wear all black and look tough wearing gothic colors to act cool. “You want me to put them by the front door so your parents think I took them off when I came inside so you don’t get in trouble?”

Beth smiles again as she is rolling a joint. “That is really nice of you trying to not get me in trouble Kelly, but to be honest if my parents seen a boy's shoes by the front door my life would be over. My parents are supper strict when it comes to a boy being alone with their daughter in our house.”

“So your parents would freak seeing me here, I get that I will just put them under your bed so they are out of the way okay?” I watch her light the joint thinking to myself I have never smoked pot before, what should I do? I don’t want to act like some little nerd.

“Here Kelly.” I look up and Beth is passing the joint to me. I take it and see it is smoking and looks like a cigarette. I can do this thinking to myself as Beth is looking away I put the joint up to my lips and I take a long drag out of it like Beth did. I can feel the smoke start to expand in my lungs, I start coughing my brains out. “Yea that’s good smoke, isn't it?” Kelly says almost giggling at me almost coughing to death.

I look over at Beth smiling while I was coughing what brains I had out. “Umm yea it is, definitely good stuff.” Thinking to myself that sounded cool even though I have no clue what I am doing while I watch Beth taking a smaller drag of the joint and not coughing. Beth passes the joint back at me. I take a smaller drag and while I start to hold my breath I can feel the smoke expanding again in my lungs but I did not cough this time. I feel good about that accomplishment and I hand the joint back to Beth with both of us smiling.

“Yea its cool having someone close by now I can party with.” I look up at Beth smiling at me handing the joint back to me while she is holding her breath for a long time than letting the smoke out slowly.

I look over at Beth’s mirror on her vanity and I am smiling from ear to ear and my eyes are almost shut for some reason but I feel good. “Are you feeling buzzed yet little Kelly?” I am totally smiling as I look into Beth's eyes.

“Yea I guess you could say that but it’s not my fault I am so small, or little as you put it.” I giggle softly watching Beth's smile grow hearing me giggle. We hear something outside and Beth runs across the room and looks out the window. I look and can see up her dress seeing her pink panties, while she bends over to look out the window. I slowly look out the window seeing a cop car in her driveway.

Beth and I look at each other. “Shit Kelly my dad is home you have to hide hurry up, while I light some incense to cover up the smell of the pot.” I start to get scared not knowing what to do.

“What do you mean hide? It is not like we are playing hide and seek at school or the mall or something it’s your bedroom.” I say not knowing what to do but I do know I don’t want her dad to find me alone in their house with his smoking hot daughter. Plus, we are smoking pot so he will kill me for being alone with his only daughter or he will kill me for smoking pot in their house with their daughter.

Beth looks down at me. “Umm just go in my bathroom and get undressed and get in the shower. That way I can tell my dad one of my girlfriends came over and is taking a shower after we had cheerleader practice.” I look at her like she is out of her mind, but I guess it makes sense that if her dad thinks it’s a girl in the shower he won't open the bathroom door to see who is in there.

“Okay I guess but we can't let your dad catch me in your house he will probably shoot me especially if I am naked in your shower.” I start to feel paranoid and scared out of my mind or I am just stoned and don’t realize.

I get in Beth's bathroom, and I lock the door behind me and I start taking my clothes off. Oh, god please don’t let Beth’s father find me in the shower and shoot me. Please god I will never complain about being so little and I will never smoke pot again. Well maybe just smoke every once in a while, I feel so much like laughing even though Beth’s dad has a gun and is a cop and will probably shoot me if he sees a naked guy in her bathroom.

Maybe I better put my clothes in Beth’s dirty hamper so if he does come in here while I am in the shower he won't see boy's clothes. Oh, wow I didn’t turn the shower on yet. I lean into the shower turning the water on. I lift the top of Beth's laundry hamper and it is packed so I take an arm full of clothes out and drop them on the floor and put my clothes in the hamper.

Oh, man the shower door was open, and water is all over the floor. I use her dirty clothes that I took out of the hamper and dry the floor up and toss them back into the hamper over my clothes hiding my stuff. Okay, I am good, oh wait I put the lid back on the hamper and get in the shower closing the curtain.

Please god don’t let her dad find me naked in here, I am so stoned too I can barely think I just keep smiling. Maybe I should really take a shower that might wake me up and straighten me up so I am not so stoned. I let the water soak me more as I use her soap that smells like flowers but that is better than smelling like sweat I guess. I soap all up and see something that looks like body wash.

I lift the top off and it smells weird but at least it doesn’t smell like flowers. I pour the pink lotion in my hands, and I start putting the weird lotion all over my legs and arms and covering my whole body. I am careful not to get any in my eyes I know how much soap or lotion burns your eyes. I don’t want my eyes to get even more red from the lotion since I noticed my eyes getting red from smoking that joint.

Speaking of burning I start to feel tingly sensation all over my legs first than my arms and then all over my body. It starts getting hot all over me and then I hear Beth talking in her room and I try to listen and ignore the burning sensation all over my body and try to focus on whatever Beth and her dad are saying. Oh, god I am so stoned that my whole body is tingling.

Oh, god he is a cop I hope he cannot smell the pot. I hope and pray he only smells the incense Beth is burning in her room. I hear the voices talking louder and I hear her dad saying. “Beth I told you I don’t want anyone in the house when your home alone. Ever since your mom passed away, I am trying to do the best I can as a single parent. When your friend gets out of the shower she has to go home sweetie okay?”

“Yes daddy I am sorry I will be a good girl I am sorry okay?” I hear Beth saying and she is acting like a little girl. Probably to make her dad do as she wants, at least that is what both my sisters do. I can just picture her giving her dad the puppy look showing off her baby blue eyes. All girls are the same they have their parents wrapped around their fingers.

I give up trying to figure out what their conversation is about, I know it is about me or about bringing a friend in the house while her parents aren’t home. Wow I guess I am now considered a friend of Beth's. How cool that is. I mean now I have a hot girl as my friend. Wow maybe, just maybe Oh, god what if you add those two phrases together, hot girl and friend? Oh, life is to short that would be she is my girlfriend. Yes, I could only get that lucky.

The warm water is messaging my head and back while I daydreaming. I am not paying attention to the lotion that was burning all over my body which now the warm water is getting rid of the burning sensation. The bad thing is while I am daydreaming about Beth being my girlfriend I don’t notice all my body hair including the hair on my legs and arms are all being washed down the drain. The lotion was Nair a depository that removes body hair permanently.

“Hey Kelly are you in the shower or you just have the water running?” I hear Beth saying while she knocks on the door softly.

I open the shower curtain a little bit. “Beth come in.” I say then stick my head through the opening in the shower. While Beth opens the bathroom door, and walks in the bathroom. “Well is your dad loading his guns or what is doing?”

“Oh it is okay I told him one of my girlfriends from cheerleading came over and needed a shower badly after practice before she goes to her part time job.” I have my arm outside the shower curtain holding onto the curtain that I notice Beth staring at my arm.

I look at Beth smiling at me like she is checking me out or something. I am not sure because I’ve never had a girlfriend so I don’t know what's it’s like to have a hot girl or any girl of that matter checking me out. I don’t know how to respond if she is checking me out so I just say. “What? Are you staring at me Beth?”

“Well I never noticed how slim or skinny your arms are. I mean they look hairless.” I look down at my arm that she is staring at outside the shower curtain and she is right. My arm does look super thin or skinny. I look down inside the shower and the whole floor of the shower is covered in hair and the drain is even clogged full of hair.

I start to look up and my whole body below the neck is now hairless. “Shit what the FUCK!” I say almost yelling. “What is in that soap container? All my body hair is gone, oh shit what am I going to say in gym class? The guys are always calling me a sissy and a few of their girlfriends called me a tomboy because my hair is so long. Now look my whole body is hairless, oh man.”

“Don’t be a drama queen even though your legs could pass as a queen now hehehe.” Beth says and then giggles. I look at her staring through the shower at my naked body. “Don’t worry it will grow back in like six months.”

I look in shock at her saying my body hair will not grow back for six months. “Come to think of it, did you use the pink bottle or the white bottle? The pink bottle is called Nair and it is guaranteed to not grow hair for six months but the white bottle just came in the mail yesterday and I was going to try it because it guarantees no hair will ever grow back?”

“Oh shit,” I say holding up the white bottle that I used. “I even used it on my face because I wanted to wash my face hairs ya know my mustache and my side burns too.”

Beth looks up into my eyes, she looks back and force across my face. I feel her soft hand go across my cheeks. “Umm well Kelly I don’t know how to tell you this but your mustache and side burns are gone. Your face feels so smooth like a baby's bottom. I bet your face is even softer than mine, feel it.” Beth takes my hand and pulls it up to her face and I feel how baby smooth her skin is.

“Wow your skin is so soft Beth.” I didn’t pay attention that when she pulled my hand up to her face the curtain was wide open now to the shower showing my naked body. I follow her beautiful eyes and see her staring up and down my body then staring between my legs.

It doesn’t hit me that she is staring at my little boy parts. “Yes your little penis is so tiny like a little boy's or baby's penis. Does it get any bigger when it gets hard or does it get hard yet?” Oh, my god she is making fun of my little penis calling it so small and comparing it to the size of a baby's.

“Umm what Beth? Leave me alone I was just trying to help you now I am hiding in your bathroom.” I immediately covered up when she was teasing me about my tiny penis. The truly sad thing about her asking me if my penis gets hard, is it was hard when she was staring at it. Oh, god if she seen how small it was when it wasn’t hard she would be really teasing me and then the whole school would know how tiny it was.

I look away from staring at my totally naked body with no body hair, and then I look at Beth smiling. “What's so funny Beth I cannot believe I put the wrong liquid soap on me now I have no body hair.”

“Well at least you have pretty legs and you look cute with no body hair Kelly.” I look at her big blue eyes smiling at me and I want to be pissed but all I can do is laugh. Hehehe I giggle laughing like a little girl.

I shake my head. “How do I get myself into these predicaments?” I say softly to myself but I say it aloud not knowing Beth heard me.

“Well we are both stoned and my dad is in the family room watching TV and I am trying to think of how to get you out of the house without him seeing you so why not laugh?”

Listening to Beth brings me back to reality. “Okay I guess first things first you need to get out of the shower and get dressed and maybe if my dad goes in the bathroom maybe you can sneak out the backdoor, and run over to your house.” Thinking to myself, I guess that makes sense and there is nothing I can do about all my body hair being gone. “I am going to check on my dad while you dry off and get dressed okay?”

“Yea I guess that makes sense.” Beth leaves and I take the towel
that is hanging on the shower. Oh, wow, this feels weird with my body hairless; my skin feels so smooth now. I continue to dry off and I look around, and what I thought was a towel I was standing on is unfortunately my clothes.

I hear Beth coming back in her room, I open the bathroom door a crack to whisper out to Beth. “Hey Beth all my clothes are soaked I thought I was standing on a towel but there my clothes. Do you have some sweats or something I can barrow to go home in?”

“Kelly I can't believe you did that and no I don’t have any clothes small enough to fit you. I mean you are freshmen and I am a junior, and you are more the size of an elementary student.”

I look down feeling even lower than I was feeling because I just hate when everyone reminds me how small I am. I mean it is not my fault I was born so small and I have no muscles. “Oh wait I may have something that may fit you, you probably won't like it but at least you will be able to get home and then you can get changed.”

“Oh really that doesn’t sound good, what are you talking about, why won't I like it?” Beth disappears away from the bathroom door and comes back holding something pink. “Hey wait; panties I can't wear them.”

I hold the tiny pair of light pink satin bikini panties. “Oh stop it no one will see them under your clothes and the only reason I have small ones like these are my niece was here last weekend and I found them in the laundry.”

“Okay I guess your right no one will see them under my clothes, you just have to promise you won't tell anyone I am wearing panties okay Beth?” I bend over and slide the little girly panties up my legs and they feel amazing with my legs being smooth and soft. I try not to show how good they feel; I pull them up snug around my waist under my towel that is wrapped around me since I dried off. “Okay I have them on are you happy?”

I look up at Beth smiling down at me she is much taller than I am. “Not yet.” I don’t see her hand reach down quickly she pulls the towel off me. I am standing only wearing the little girl's pink bikini panties. “Now I am happy; you look much more comfortable.”

“Hey what are you doing?” I put both my hands in-between my legs to hide my little boy parts.

Beth just smiles, she stares at me trying to hide my boy parts. “You’re not hiding anything pull your hands off and see.” I feel her pulling my hands away, she is staring between my legs, I turn and look also. “See little Kelly looks like there is nothing between your legs, not even a little bulge, or bump.” I cannot believe my panties; I mean these panties don’t have any sign of my little penis thinking to myself.

“See you look just like me.” I look up and Beth is pulling her little jean mini skirt down, and I stare at her silk leopard skin bikini panties. “See no bulge in my panties and none in your panties.” I can feel my tiny penis getting hard but it feels like it is going back inside me not sticking out like a normal boy's hard on. I look down to see if I am bulging in my new panties.

I look down and then between Beth's legs and it looks the same especially with my legs being hairless and smooth. For some reason my legs look even longer then hers. I see the two of us in the reflection of Beth's floor to ceiling mirror in front of us.

“Okay now turn and lift your arms up over your head and we will see if this will fit you since this is all I have for you to wear that is even close to your size.” I lift my arms over my head. I feel the material going over me with my head popping through the shirt and then my arms; I look down at Beth's little jean skirt still around her ankles.

I smile then looking up into her tiny bikini panties, feeling her pulling the silky shirt down me. Beth catches me staring between her legs. “Are you having fun staring at my panties little Kelly?” I look up at her smiling from ear to ear, as she finishes pulling the long shirt down me. “I bet you wouldn’t feel too great if a boy was staring at you in your panties, right?”

“Well I guess but you look so sexy in your tiny panties Beth and no one is going to see my panties, right?” I smile until I notice her arms crossed across her chest like my mom and sister do when they are pissed off at me.

I try to think of something to say but cannot. “Well as long as you don’t bend over no one will see your pretty panties little Kelly.” What is she saying? I cannot figure it out until she turns me around facing her massive mirror. I am in shock not paying attention to Beth putting socks and sneakers on my feet and cuffing the tiny lace socks so they barely cover my ankles.

“Wait, wait I can't wear this, I mean, I mean, this is a little girl's cheerleading uniform dress. No way am I wearing this. I will be teased forever if someone sees me dressed like a little girl.”

I stamp my foot like a toddler. “Well no one is going to tell it’s you and with your legs all hairless and smooth and sexy you just look like a pretty cheerleader.”

“Hey Beth, oh sorry I forgot to knock.” I turn seeing Beth’s dad standing there in his police uniform and GUN. My eyes go into shock and stare at this big man; I cannot remember him ever looking so big. “Umm sorry girl's but Beth your friend has to leave. Nothing against you sweetie but Beth knows she isn't allowed to bring friends over when I am not home. I was called back to work and I will drop you off at cheerleading practice Beth, I can drop your friend off also if she needs too.”

I don’t know what to do as Beth is holding her cheerleading uniform up in front of her so her dad can't see her standing in her panties. “Umm dad this is umm Kellie and she doesn’t have cheerleading practice with me she is only a freshman.”

“Well sweetie I mean Kellie I can drop you off at your mommy’s and daddy’s house if you like?” Oh, my god if my parents seen me dressed like a little girl my life would be over, they are always teasing me about my hair being to long for a boy.

I turn and look at Beth because I have no clue what to say. “Oh daddy she just lives down the street she can walk home. I will see you later Kelly.” I notice her dad hold the door for me to walk out. I start to walk like a zombie not saying or have any expressions on my face. “I will call you after practice okay?” Beth says smiling at me.

“Umm sure sounds good.” I stop and turn towards Beth who is smiling from ear to ear. “Umm thanks for letting me come over I hope you don’t get in any trouble, I am sorry it is my fault because I wanted to take a shower before work.” I say softly not realizing I sound like a girl.

I look up at Beth's dad and back towards the gun on his hip. “I will walk you out Kellie; I think that’s what Beth said your name is right?”

“Umm yes sir that is my name.” I walk past him towards the front door as he holds the door open for me. “Thank you sir good-bye.” Oh, my god I am outside dressed like a girl wearing a cheerleader’s uniform. I hear the front door close behind me, I start to walk across their walkway to their driveway and I look down the sidewalk towards my house and thank god mommy and daddy's cars aren’t in the driveway.

I start to walk a little faster, and then looking around back at Beth's house, I see her start to walk out her front door and stare at me. I catch a glimpse of her dad; I dash inside my house not paying attention why the front door is un-locked but happy it is because my keys and stuff are still in my wet clothes at Beth's house.

Oh, yes I made it home with no one seeing me. I lean my back into the front door relaxed when I lock the door. “Well, well, what do we have here?” I open my eyes and my mommy and little sister are standing at the top of the stairs staring down at me.

“Ummm mommy, I mean mom I can explain.” I look at myself then at both of them smiling at me.

I am thinking what to say, mommy starts to talk not giving me a chance to explain. “Well come up here Kelly and tell me all about it. Oh, and the way your pretty new outfit looks on you it is better you call me mommy like little girl's call their mommy okay sweetie?”

“Ummm okay, Ummm mommy.” I walk up the stairs and mommy and my little sister Miley are staring at me up and down smiling. “You see I was over at the next-door neighbor's house and well we were Ummm, listening to music and Ummm.” Damn I cannot tell her we were in her bedroom smoking pot mommy would really freak out thinking to myself.

I look up at mommy smiling. “Oh I understand sweetie you were over there with Beth and decided to wear her pretty cheerleading dress uniform. I understand but isn’t that outfit a little small for Beth or did she outgrow it and she gave it to you sweetie?” Mommy says still teasing me with little Miley smiling at me.

“I think you look pretty in your new dress Kelly.” I hear little Miley say as she walks up next to me smiling.

Mommy and Miley smile and turn at me to respond. “Umm yes mommy this is Beth’s old cheerleading uniform, I guess and umm thank you I think Miley.” I feel so confused.

“Have a seat sweetie but first you and your sister get out some milk and cookies for a snack.” I feel Miley take my hand and pull me into the kitchen. “It’s kind of funny how pretty you look sweetie in your new dress and with you standing next to Miley looks like I have twin girls hehehe.” I hear mommy say then giggle.

I think my mom is out of her mind, but I don’t say anything because I am the one that came home wearing a girl's cheerleading uniform. “You do look very pretty little Kelly and I love how smooth your legs are did you shave them or did Beth?”

“Ummm no Beth didn’t shave my legs mommy.” Oh, man how do I say I was so stoned from smoking pot that I used the wrong lotion to wash my body and I mistakenly used permanent hair removal cream all over me.

I look up and mommy and Miley are still both smiling at me. “Oh okay so you shaved your own legs then. I have to say they are much prettier now like this all smooth and soft looking sweetie.” I hear mommy saying and calling me sweetie like she calls my little sister. I don’t know how to respond to mommy, I roll my eyes and look away trying to pull the short cheerleading skirt lower so it doesn’t feel so tiny, but it is not working.

“Well I am going to get changed mommy so I can get out of this uniform.” I say, I see mommy drop something. I bend over to pick it up.

I turn and hear Miley giggling as I stand up and notice mommy is giggling also. “What is so funny Miley?” I say staring at her with her hand over her mouth giggling.

“Don’t yell at your sister, I am sure she is just thinking like I am how pretty your pink panties are that you’re wearing under your new cheerleading uniform.” I am in shock thinking how did she know my panties; I mean these panties I am wearing are pink.

I stand there and try to figure what to say. I pull the tiny uniform skirt down trying to make it look longer so they cannot seem my panties. I turn and start walking away hearing mommy and Miley giggling softly. “Sweetie it’s getting late so don’t go back to your room just turn around young lady and go take a shower and hand your new cheerleading uniform out to Miley when you are undressed sweetie so I can put it in the laundry.”

“Mommy don’t call me a young lady; I am your son. I may not be as tall as my Jimmy my twin brother, but I am still a big boy. But and this isn't my new cheerleading uniform, this is all Beth had that would umm fit me okay?”

I turn and walk into the upstairs bathroom. “Yea you sure look more like Miley's twin sister more than Jimmy’s twin brother wearing that pretty uniform sweetie.” I hear mommy saying, I slam the bathroom door hearing mommy and Miley still giggling.

“That’s not funny mommy.” I say from the inside of the bathroom so mommy can hear me but all I hear in response is the two of them still giggling. I am shaking my head and putting my hands on my hips when I notice my reflection in the floor to ceiling mirror in the bathroom. Wow, I really do look like a girl especially my legs now that they are hairless.

I turn the shower on and start taking my new cheerleading uniform, and my panties off, I mean Beth’s old uniform and my panties. I step in the shower and hear someone knocking on the bathroom door.

“Kelly it’s me your twin sister hehehe.” I hear Miley saying and of course her giggling while she teases me. I wish mommy would tell her to stop teasing me so much every day.

I ignore her comments about calling me her twin sister. “What do you want Miley?” I start putting shampoo all over my head scrubbing it in.

“Mommy told me to pick up your dirty cheerleading uniform and panties so she can wash them. Mommy also gave me your pajamas to wear when you get out of the shower. Can I come in and get your pretty uniform and panties Kelly?”

Oh, she doesn’t let up teasing me. Maybe if I ignore her she will stop teasing me. “Yea come in Miley, I am in the shower and my dirty uniform, I mean my dirty clothes and my panties are on the floor.” I say from the shower. I hear the door open and see her reflection or outline through the glass of the shower.

“Okay thanks, I left your pajamas mommy gave me for you on the sink counter. Mommy said to hurry so you can get changed and have time for a snack okay sis?”

Miley just called me her sis; I sure wish she would stop teasing me. “Okay whatever I will hurry.” I say finishing up in the shower. Two showers in one day that is a record, I think I know how all the jocks feel now them being involved in sports so much taking multiple showers. Not like any of those popular kids would talk to me there always teasing me on how small I am and how girly my long hair is now.

Oh, man if the jocks seen me now with my legs and my whole body hairless, and I was wearing a cheerleader uniform oh my god I would never live that down. Okay I am done shutting off the shower and taking the towel off the shower curtain. I start drying myself off and I still cannot believe how smooth and how soft my skin feels with no hair on them.

“Wow” I say aloud seeing my reflection in the mirror. I am so close to the mirror you can only see me from just above the waist with a side view not seeing my little boy parts. I have the body of a little girl now with my whole body so hairless how messed up does that get.

Shaking my head, I see the clothes sis put on the sink. She has to be kidding, I hold up the pink princess short nightgown. In the mirror, it looks so short like middle thigh not going anywhere near my knees. A good ten inches above my knees the bottom of the nightgown goes. Of course, they are matching pink panties under them. Man, mommy is even teasing me now. This is so messed up her giving these girl's pajamas, I should call them what they really are a nightgown to me to wear.

Oh, well I’ll show mommy and sis I can take their teasing them seeing me dressed in the girl's cheerleading uniform and panties and now mommy giving me a girl’s nightgown to wear and of course more panties. I slide the little princess panties up and I cannot believe how perfect they fit me. There is no way they could be my big sister Tina’s panties and the nightie because she is so much bigger than I am.

I guess these are Tina’s old panties and pajama’s that makes more sense. I still cannot believe how these panties fit so good you cannot even see a bulge between my legs. The panties are not tight they are just enough pressure on my little boy parts to push them up inside me somehow.

I look around and figure oh well no one will see the panties anyway; I slide the princess nightgown over my head, my arms pop through the short puffy sleeves. I pull the nightgown all the way down trying to pull it lower so it doesn’t look so short on me exposing so much of my legs.

“KNOCK, KNOCK, can I come in sweetie or are you ready to come out? I put homemade cookies and milk in the family room so we can watch a movie before bedtime.” I hear mommy knocking on the door and asking me if I am ready for a snack.

I walk over to the bathroom door and open it not even thinking about me wearing the extremely girly girl nightgown and panties. “Yea mommy I am ready to come out.” The second I open the door I see mommy’s eyes meet my eyes than she looks me up and down seeing what I am wearing and she starts to smile.

“Well, well I guess I have another daughter you look so pretty in Miley's old nightgown. Are you wearing the matching panties too?” I am in shock first hearing mommy start to tease me, and then calling me her daughter. When I hear, mommy saying, this is Miley’s old nightgown I am speechless knowing I am wearing girly clothes that is even too small for my little sister.

Mommy is still smiling from ear to ear staring at me up and down. “Well sweetie I guess you don’t need these pajamas I brought for you.” I look at the small folded pile of clothes she has in her hands and they are my favorite superman pajamas. “I might as well toss your old superman pajamas in the goodwill box since you picked Miley's old nightgown to wear.” I look up into mommy’s eyes trying to say something.

“Well come downstairs sweetie and have some homemade cookies, with milk before the cookies get cold.” I feel mommy taking my hand and pulling me along with her to the family room where Miley is sitting on the floor in front of a big plate full of cookies.

We walk into the room and Miley must have heard us because she turns away from the TV and makes eye contact with me and she smiles. I watch while Miley looks me up and down staring at me wearing the little girl's nightgown. I wait for her to start teasing me but nothing just silence.

“Come sit with me little sister hehehe, I mean Kellie.” I want to whine or complain to mommy for her teasing me as if I am a little toddler or something, but I decide not to or I would be acting like a little baby whining to my mommy.

I look up at mommy smiling down at me as she let's go of my hand. “Go ahead sweetie go play, now go along little sweetie and play with your big sister.” I started to walk over to Miley until mommy said go play with your BIG sister. I mean she is my little baby sister after all, I just ignore her comments.

I notice Miley wearing the same kind of nightgown I am wearing but when she is laying down her nightgown is pulled up exposing her panties in plain sight for all to see. I am not going to tell Miley because I think it is funny seeing her panties while she is laying down watching TV.

I lay down next to Miley with me smiling from ear to ear because I am laughing inside at her whole panted bottom is in plain view for all to see. Of course, I didn’t think that of course, I am wearing the same type of girl's nightgown, and mine is even shorter than hers is. The moment I lay down the same way she is my nightgown slides all the way up also showing the world I am wearing pink princess panties.

Miley and I lay on our tummies facing the TV with the plate in front of us more or less between us. I thought it was nice of Miley to move the cookies in-between us so we can both get at them.

I am relaxing and giggling to myself watching the powder puff girls with my little sister and I fall asleep watching TV with her.

“Wake up sleepy head time for bed.” I hear my mommy saying, she is shaking Miley and me, we both fell asleep. I am rubbing my eyes when I look over at Miley just waking up with her nightgown all hiked up showing off her pretty panties. I laugh softly and point at her panties bottom as mommy notices me pointing and laughing or really it was more of a giggle if I had to be more correct.

“What are you giggling about princess?” Mommy says as she is staring at me with that famous look of her with her hands on her hips tapping her foot looking pissed. “Maybe I should show you a picture I took of you and your sister before I woke you both up.”

I look as mommy has her iPhone in her hand and she is going through stuff. “Oh here it is take a look at my two-princess’s sweetie and then it’s off to bed.”

I look up at the photo on mommy's iPhone and it is of two little girl's sleeping with their panties bottoms exposed for all to see.

“But mommy the one little girl in the pitcher has her hair in pigtails and I don’t.” I reach up and feel my hair and sure enough, my hair is in pigtails, and they are braided making me look even more girly.

I look towards the hallway mirror and sure enough there I am with my long hair in pigtails with that making me look even look younger, and more girly looking.

The End
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