"Yes Daddy..."

Vincent was walking through woods near his apartment when he found a ring, "Woah, this looks pretty coo..." he slipped it on his finger and in seconds, a bright blinding light flashed in his eyes. When the light dimmed, he looked around and something seemed different but he didn't see it at first. He looked around and put his hands up, his fingers were thinner and his nails were painted pink and red.

"What the...WOAH!" He spoke and heard a feminine voice. He then felt long hair touching his shoulders and reached up to find long blonde hair. Vincent looked down and saw two giant breasts on his chest and a tiny waist barely covered by a pink dress.

"How the...I'm a girl?" his voice was so different, sexy and sultry. He squeezed his new boobs and felt a jolt of pleasure from his sensative nipples. "Holy...these are...wow..."

Vincent looked at that ring and slipped it off his finger, suddenly he saw that bright light again and in a moment he stood in the same spot with his old body. "Wow! How on earth did this thing do that?!" He looked around and got a wicked idea.

Running to his apartment, he locked his door and held the ring in his hand. With excitement, he slipped the ring on again.
A bright light then he looked down and saw that sexy body again, "Ohmygosh! This.Is. Amazing." he giggled a little and ran to his bathroom mirror and stared in awe. He looked at a blue eyed big breasted perfect looking woman in his own reflection, "I'm so hot!"

Sliding his hands down his body, he brushed over his crotch and yelped, "My...I have a...a..."
He felt nothing hard down there and instead he had a vagina, he was a complete woman.
He snuck a hand under and touched his pussy lips, a sly erotically electric look came across his face as his feminine fingers slid inside a little. With the other hand, he squeezed his breast and a soft moan escaped his pouty lips. "Ohmygawd..."

Vincent looked in the mirror and sighed, his reflection turned him on like nothing else and he slid his fingers deep inside his now wet pussy, "...fuck...me..." those words seemed so right as he watched his lips form words and he felt so sexual.

He pulled his dress up and over his head, it hit the floor and he marveled at the size of his naked tits. They were so big and perfectly round, he pulled one up to his lips and kissed it, leaving a red stain from his lipstick, " Holy fucking shit." he whispered and grabbed the dress.
He pulled it back on and calmed down, "This is too much. I gotta..." just as he was talking to himself, he heard something in the living room. Without thinking, he walked to the other room and a man was standing there with a gun in his hand, "Get on the ground, fucking bitch! I will shoot the fuck outta you if you don't listen to every goddamn word I say!"

Vincent dropped to the ground and didn't know what to say. The man looked over the female body laying on the ground, "Holy fuck, I knew this was a good idea. Damn, baby, you a model or something?" Vincent was panicking and tried to calm down, "I'm no a mdel, I'm actually..."
The man cut him off, "Goddamn cunt, say one more motherfuckin word and I'll kill you. Get those damn tits out and let me see'em." He said and Vincent stood up in the most clumsy way he'd ever been. He stood up and slid his dress up, "P p please don't kill me..." the man smiled and grabbed Vincent's hair.

"Shut that fuckin mouth, dumb Bimbo." He pulled Vincent close to him and squeezed his giant breasts and wrapped his arms around Vincent. "Are you some kinda Barbie Doll? Goddamn, you are. C'mon, Barbie, lick those fuck lips for daddy." Vincent was in tears and awkwardly licked his lips, "You don't understand, man...I'm..."

The man smacked him right across the face, a scream came out of Vincent's lungs and tears flowed as fear and pain seemed to make him feel the way he looked. Normally, Vincent was in control a lot more than at that moment. He held his face and trembled. The man grabbed him by his hair again and pulled Vincent harshly close to him.

The man quietly laughed an evil laugh and kissed Vincent slowly. Then he pulled something from his pocket, "You scared, weak little bimbo? Don't worry, in a few seconds you'll be begging to fuck your new daddy." He held a necklace up and let the light make it seemingly glow. Vincent didn't think and looked at it, stopping him in his tracks. He stared at it and within seconds, he couldn't think of anything at all.
"Rub your cunt, slut." the man said and watched as Vincent's hand uncontrollably slid down his thighs and began massaging his pussy. Heavy breaths came out of him and before long, Vincent was fighting back moans as he brought himself to an orgasm.

"You...can't...do...this...I'm...a..." Vincent tried so hard to say something but the man cut him off.
"Shut that slutty fuckin mouth. The only thing you can say is 'Yes Daddy', you got that bitch?"

Vincent took a deep breath, ready to yell or say something mean but all that came out of his pouty soft lips was, "...yu-yes daddy." His hands covered his mouth in shock and the man laughed again.

"Good, baby. Now can we sit down, have a cigarette and relax?" the man seemed to instantly become more refined and educated sounding.
"Yes...daddy." Vincent replied, not wanting to agree. The man took a pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights out and held one out to Vincent, "Go ahead and take it, Barbie."

Vincent tried hard not to move but the words, "Yes daddy." forced it's way from his mouth and he reached out and took it. "Good girl. Here..." he held a lighter up and watched his victim put it between his lips.

"Mmm baby, you look goddamn good sucking on that. I'll bet you'd like to suck on something a little bigger too...wouldn't you?" Vincent sucked on his cigarette and calmly answered, "Yes daddy."
"You want a nice juicy cock to suck on don't you, Barbie?" the man said with a smile.
"Yes, Daddy." Vincent answered before sucking on his cigarette.

"You're a fucking hot little slut. You'll show me your tits...won't you?" he said.
Vincent's hands started moving before he could even respond, "Yes, Daddy."

He held up the dress he was wearing, exposing two giant breasts with two erect nipples.
"Fuckin damn, baby. C'mere and let me touch those tits." Vincent began moving closer to the man who broke into his house and replied, "Yes, Daddy."

He squeezed Vincent's breast very hard, making him wince in pain and squeal a little. Then the man laughed as he saw Vincent's pain and leaned forward, "Aww did that hurt you, ya dirty slut? I'll bet you liked that, ya dumb cunt. Didn't you like yer Daddy taking control and grabbin them titties?"

Vincent spoke through shudders of pain, "Yes, Daddy." He squeezed them both and pushed them together, this time shaking his breasts mimicking jerking his dick off between them.

"Mmm baby. Ok I think you're conditioned enough. You can speak and think freely again. But do not raise your voice to your daddy."
Vincent shook his head and moved his lips, "Oh my gosh, thank you for letting me out of that spell, Daddy. Please let me go." his hand covered his mouth as he realized he called the man daddy even though he wasn't forced to.

"Aw babe, we're just getting started. Why don't you kneel down in front of Daddy, can you do that for me?" he said and Vincent quickly answered, "No way, Daddy...I won't... shouldn't..." he dropped to his knees right in front of the man.
The man unzipped his pants and he leaned forward, "Give Daddy a kiss, Barbie Bitch."

Vincent gave the man an angry look and started to say, "You think I'm gonna kiss you, Daddy? I would never...I can't...I don't want...to..." he suddenly felt a desire to obey his Daddy and that desire turned into a need. Vincent sat up and felt his pouty soft lips touch the man's.
A melting feeling came over Vincent, who began to forget that he wasn't the beautiful woman he looked like. As their tongues linked together,

Vincent started massaging his breasts and moaning softly. "That's right, Barbie, get into it. Play with those titties for Daddy."
She started squeezing her breasts and pushing them out for her Daddy to watch, she sucked on her cigarette and blew smoke all around her tits.

Daddy slid the necklace around his own neck and leaned forward, "Goddamn those titties are nice, babygirl. How bout you rub my dick with them?"

Barbie guided his cock out of his pants and replied, "Yes, Daddy." She started stroking it and looked up, "Why am I obeying you, Daddy?"
"Because, sweetie, you're my new fuck toy."

Trying as hard as she could, Barbie felt the words forcing themselves from her pouty sexy lips, "Yy...y...yesss...da...ddy..." she slid his cock between her titties faster, only slowing down to suck on her cigarette and blow smoke around it.

"Damn baby, you eager to take it? Well, I can help you there. Lay the fuck on your back, bitch." Barbie wanted to refuse and hit that man, she wanted to scream and run but slowly Barbie lowered her body to the ground and ended up on her back. "Ohmygawd...yes daddy." He climbed down and leaned on her, his mouth hovered over her breasts.

Barbie was so mad, she went to yell but all that came out was a moan. She watched closely as his tongue snuck out and pushed her nipple, she reached down to stop him but her hand landed on the back of his head gently. All of a sudden he started kissing all over her breasts, Barbie tried to think but it felt so good she smiled and moaned, "Ohmygawd, daddy..."

She put her hands on his shoulders and had a thought, she loved feeling him kissing her and playing with her body. For a second she realized that was so wrong but he squeezed her breasts together and sucked hard on both nipples at once and she could barely breathe as pleasure filled her.

Then he stopped abruptly and laughed, "Mmm baby. I knew you'd fall for me if you got to know me." he kissed her lips and whispered, "You're gonna love coming home with me, Pumpkin." Barbie gave him a terrified look.

"What do you mean, coming home with you? I can't...I can't go with you..." her pleasure had turned to fear instantly as she realized the man had a strange complete control over her even though she did not want to do anything he commanded.
"I'm not sure if I want you as my maid or my masseuse...or just the piece of fuck meat I play with when ever I want. What do you think? What would you rather be?"

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