Allie 2

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Allie 2
This is an interactive story, where you decide the fate of a boy


Allie 2

I was sitting in the lawyer’s desk, and was a bit worried. It was hard to forget that Mom was now in heaven. How could she abandon me to an unknown future? I was used to being a trailer park kid. I never came out of the trailer park. Now I was all alone in the world. Tears were rolling from my eyes as I remembered my mother. Would I ever be happy again?

The lawyer sighed and seen that I wet himself. He found some old denim overalls and briefs and told me to change. I was crying saying that I was not a baby. I never wet the bed or wet during the day time. I was 9! The lawyer was never good with children and was happy that his children were now adults. He tried to console me by saying that I have been under a lot of stress, as my mom died and the life I knew was gone. The lawyer mumbled to himself and said this must be normal reaction for a child. However children have to learn to accept life’s many changes and surprises, as I can’t just wet myself every time I got a divorce! There were 4 wedding pictures on his wall!

A woman walked in and looked at me and after a quick sigh, she smiled. I looked at her and wanted to hide in the chair. I pushed myself back as far as possible in the chair and hid my face between my bent knees. I peeked at the woman. She had the nicest hair that I ever seen. Her face was pretty and she did not have too much make-up. She wore a beautiful red dress with white gloves. She had some fur around her neck. She looked like a film star. She looked like a princess.

She was my aunt and I would be living with her.

My aunt wiped the seat before she sat on it. She looked at me once again and sighed. “He looks very feminine. I suppose that is good. I always hated macho men. This is a big responsibility for me, as I am not used to children. I am a career woman and as you know, I own my own model agency. I hope that he is a behaved boy!”

I looked at her and wondered did she read good night stories.

She was looking at me like she would do to any model aspirant. She was looking at my features and measurements and smiling thinking I was not at all macho or masculine looking.

She signed the papers and before I knew it, I was sitting at the back of her limo. She must be rich as she had this limo and she had a driver. I was not going to any trailer park. We were driving past a huge building that looked like a glass cube. She told me that is where she works. She ran a model agency and was quite successful. She promised me that I would visit the building one day.

I looked at her again and smiled. I could see that she was my mom’s sister, as she had the same eyes and the same smile. I was pretending that she was my mom back from heaven. This was until she asked if I always wet myself. This was the last question that I wanted to be asked. I wanted to forget all about it. However, she was afraid that I would destroy her furniture as well as a bed. She told me she would put a rubber sheet on my bed.

I nearly choked when she asked do children my age still sleep in a crib?

Who was taking care of me!

The house was a small house. I expected a castle considering the limo and her glass building. I looked around inside the house. It was old furniture and some of it was worn out. My aunt said this was her parents’ house. She admitted that it was nothing special, but she loved the house. At any rate, she spent much of her time at work.

She showed me my new bedroom. At first I wanted to faint. It had a princess canopy bed, dolls, a dollhouse and lots of colouring books. It was very pink. I was thinking about asking if she could redecorate and make it to a boy’s room. This was until she said that it was mom’s room. Suddenly the room looked different. It was where my mom was as a child. Her spirit was here. I would not ask for it to be redecorated.

After we ate some pizza she ordered, she worked a bit on the computer. I was exploring and quickly got bored. She had Madonna music on I started dancing. This made her look up from her computer, and smile. She was thinking that I danced better than any other girl she seen, and she seen many girls my age that wanted to be a model. She told me that I had lots of potential. I was confused.

She called me over and I sat down before her. She started brushing my hair. I loved this. I loved as the brush went through my long hair

“Allie… there is something we have to talk about.”
Now you as the reader can decide how this story will continue…

Choice 1... His aunt is nice 33%
She can see Alexander is feminine. She will let him find out who he is at his own pace, and support him as best as possible.

Choice 2 … His aunt is manipulative 37%
His aunt can see he is feminine, but he needs someone to show him the path. She will persuade him to take the feminine path. He just needs a carrot to follow.

Choice 3… His aunt is very dominant 25%
His aunt does not like boys, and will do everything so Alexander is a girl, even if it takes force!

Choice 4… His aunt is very strict 5%
She sees he is feminine and wonders if he is one of those transgender children she heard about. This is a sin. He is a boy and she will make sure he stays a boy!

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