Magic of the Kingdom Book 2: Chapter 6

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A month has passed, and Sarah's been enjoying life as Silvermist in the park, but can she handle life as a celebrity TV actress? She still gets nervous meeting "real" celebrities! And how will HRT affect her ability to play the role?

Sarah had a day off before having to head over to the studio to do a four day filming stint, so she decided to make the best of her day off. She wanted to get the base layers down on the reproduction of her Aladdin and Jasmine painting started. True she could have just canvas printed the scanned, digital copy she had on her PC, but there was just something relaxing and zen-like about painting it, herself.

She had never tried to duplicate a painting though, granted, so this was going to present its own unique challenges too. She didn’t plan to spend the whole day in her studio, though. After a few hours getting the base painting done she decided to go out for a jog.

“Going for a run?” Olivia asked.

“Eep!” Sarah squeaked. “When did you get in? Oh God I wasn’t painting all day was I?”

“Nope, and I haven't been in for long.” Olivia giggled.

“Oh, but yeah,” Sarah nodded, “I thought I’d get some fresh air. Want to come?”

Olivia giggled. “Ordinarily I’d say I get enough exercise chasing guests around the park, but since it’s you asking? Sure.” She went into her bedroom at that, but left the door open, as she changed into a cute and, unintentionally, Tinkerbell green jogging suit.

“Don’t laugh,” she said as she came out. The matched jacket and pants were mostly white, but with green panels the exact color of Tink’s dress. “Green just happens to be a really good color on me,” she teased.

“Well you are Tinkerbell after all.” Sarah giggled as they both took the elevator down.

“You know I seriously thought they were joking when they said my name would appear as ‘Tinkerbell’ in the Lost Girls credits,” Olivia laughed. “But I’m not complaining.”

“Yeah, none of our real names will be appearing in the credits.” Sarah nodded. “Something to do with protecting our park identities. Were Crystal or Gretchen at the park today, speaking of which?”

“Yeah Gretchen was.” Olivia nodded, “She got the news by the way, and she’s so ecstatic.”

“I’m just glad her mom finally backed the jingles off,” Sarah said, literally stopped as Olivia walked another two paces, looking back at her. “Oh my God. Did I just say what I think I said?”

“Yup,” Olivia answered, and giggled. “We all catch ourselves off park doing that,” she said as Sarah caught up to her again. “I find it really hard to swear. It’s going to be really hard for me to say that line tomorrow too, calling Hook an asshole.”

“Yeah really,” Sarah nodded. “Going from kid friendly to... Well, kind of a smartass,” she said with a giggle. “Tink can be vicious.”

“Oh guess what!” Olivia bubbled as they rounded a corner. “The girl they’ve got playing Zarina on the show is going to be at the park soon as the Pirate Fairy. Apparently she caught one of our ad libs with Hatter. She said she laughed so hard she peed.”

“Cool!” Sarah said happily, “Can we play tricks on her?” she teased.

“What kind of pixies would we be if we didn’t?” Olivia giggled again. “She played a nasty trick on our characters in the movie, switching our powers. I like to think that our characters still play the occasional prank on her - all in good fun of course.”

“Yeah, but we got her to come around.” Sarah nodded.

They stopped at a crosswalk, where a woman and her young daughter were waiting as well. The little girl, holding onto her mother’s hand with one hand, looked up at Sarah and Olivia. Her eyes went wide, and her little mouth opened. Olivia grinned and put a finger to her lips, winking. The girl giggled and nodded.

When they got across the street, the girl and her mother went into the store, but they could here the girl, “Momma I saw pixies!”

Sarah and Olivia burst out laughing the moment they were far enough away from the store. “It’s funny how only the little ones recognize us.” Sarah smiled. “Even with my hair in a ponytail and yours down.”

“And not an ounce of stage makeup between us,” Olivia laughed.

“I was at the bank the other day, and I got the same thing from a little boy.” Sarah laughed. “It’s really cute.”

“Jasmine and Cinderella sometimes get it too,” Olivia giggled. “Mileena IS Jasmine though as far as I’m concerned. That girl should be a Broadway actress.”

“Yeah, I have a hard time with it. I get that “I should know that person” vibe, but I don’t recognize most of the actors and actresses outside the park.” Sarah shrugged as they passed Vanessa and Jade’s apartment building. Jade was actually sitting on the front steps strumming a guitar and humming something. Every so often she’d stop and strum a different chord.

“Hey Jade.” Olivia smiled. “Looking forward to filming tomorrow?”

“Hey guys!” Jade said brightly and waved. “Yes and no,” she giggled. “I’m not as nervous as I was, but it’s still a little scary.”

“I’m the same way, “ Sarah nodded, “Oh did you get a chance to see the costumes we’ll be wearing for the new shoot?”

“Worse than the ones they already had us in for the pilot?” Jade giggled.

“Not really.” Olivia laughed. “They’re made them a bit more maneuverable in though, so they show off a tiny bit more. Like poor Silvermist is practically in a bikini,” she giggled again

“The top is damn near Bikini.” Sarah sighed, “The skirt.. I would almost not call it a skirt.”

Olivia nodded, “But we’re a lot more combatish in the show, so they needed to give us outfits that fit that.”

“I just want to see Fawn riding in on the back of a badger with an army of skunks behind her,” Jade laughed.

“I love how the green screen stuff, they project for us so we can see it too.” Sarah said as she and Olivia sat down with Jade. “Makes it more realistic while filming.”

“OhmyGOsh yes,” Jade nodded. “Carol was telling me how they had to use stand-ins on that kids show she was on because it was just too weird talking to thin air, where the animated characters were supposed to be.” She strummed a few chords, and began fingerpicking ‘It’s a Small World’

“Hey I know it’s our day off, but do any of you guys fancy going to the park today?” Olivia laughed.

“You had me at ‘park’,” Jade giggled. “Just let me put this away. Vanessa gave it to me for my unbirthday,” she teased.

“I love it.” Sarah laughed. “Oh and Marry Unbirthday to you.”

“To me?” Jade said, almost sounding like Alice, with that little squeak Alice did in the song.

“I think Kevin is playing the Hatter today.” Olivia laughed. “Should be a riot.”

“That was so weird yesterday,” Sarah said as Jade came back out. “Did you hear about that?”

“Yeah I saw those stormtroopers chasing that lost girl, Ratchet?” Jade laughed.

“Apparently Annie’s been having way too much fun with the prop guys,” Olivia giggled. “She had them build her a paint balloon launcher, and she tested it out on the unsuspecting Star Wars cast.”

“It’s going to be weird getting to know all the Lost girls’ names at the park.” Jade nodded. “I know Ratchet, Red and Pinkie, and then there’s Captain Steele, but she’s not really a Lost Girl, and um... Jingles.”

“She’s an unofficial Lost girl.” Sarah nodded. “Oh! I hear, the lost boys are going to actually make an appearance in this season. We get to paint them pink.”

“Nope,” Olivia giggled. “Jingles isn’t one of them. But that’s what I’ve been hearing too, that the lost boys invade the Lost Girls’ island, and get repelled by Ratchet’s paint launchers or something.”

Sarah nodded. “I was reading through some of the future scripts, I mean they’re all subject to change, but it was kinda fun to read some of the antics they have us girls up to too.”

Vanessa appeared in the doorway wearing a short, casual black skirt and a red spaghetti strap tank top, and a pair of shoes that screamed ‘I can walk all day in these’. “Did somebody say park?” she said, grinning.

“Yup.” Olivia giggled. “I think a relaxing day at the park would be nice.”

“I always feel a little guilty using my employee pass,” Jade laughed, “But I could live in the park.”

“I don't anymore.” Sarah laughed as they started walking to the bus stop together, rather than taking a car. “But even on my time off I can’t get away from the park, it’s just so.. What’s the word? Magical. Even if I know what goes on behind the scenes. Did you guys get caught by Karen the park blogger when working yet? She got me the other day and asked me how to be a good friend.”

Olivia giggled sheepishly. “I couldn’t resist siccing her on you.”

After a bit of a bus ride, they had only just entered the park, when they found themselves witnessing quite the spectacle. Zarina the Dust Keeper fairy, alchemist extraordinaire, crossed blades with Captain Steele as they exchanged witty banter.

“Haha, you call that swordplay?” Zarina laughed. “I’ve seen lost boys with better footwork!”

“I think I found Captain Steele’s marbles over here.” Sarah called out.

“What? Where?” Captain Steele looked up, momentarily distracted, and Zarina used the tip of her rapier to knock her big captain hat off her head. Red swooped in from a nearby bush and grabbed it, gave a loud crow, and dashed off.

Look, “I’m Captain Dork!” Red yelled as she ran off wearing the hat.

“Gah, I’ll deal with you later, peasant fairy!” she said as she sheathed her sword and glowered at Zarina, running off after Red. “Get back here with that! It cost me fifty pounds!”

“Fifty? But you still look so fat!” Red called back.

“STERLING you bilge rat!” Steele yelled, chasing her. Sarah giggled loudly as Zarina turned and saluted the girls with her rapier before sheathing it, and then giving a low, sweeping bow. Sarah winked at her as the girls headed into Fairy territory heading straight for the malt shop.

Alice and the Hatter were outside chatting with a mini Alice, a mini Hatter, and two mini pixies, one Rosetta and the other Fawn.

“You pixies, my goodness,” Hatter giggled. “You keep shrinking and growing. You’ve been into the Mushrooms haven’t you!”

“Pixies can change sizes at will. Don’t you know that, Hatter?” Olivia asked.

Hatter jumped with an animated arm wave. “Well of course I know that Hatter! I know all the Hatters!” he answered with a lopsided grin.

“Mad as a Hatter.” Jade giggled, “That one is.” she said to the kids. “Best watch him closely.”

“It’s the pixies you have to watch,” Hatter nodded to the girls - even the mini Hatter was actually a little girl, which Kevin would later mention absolutely made his day. “Trixy pixies. That’s what they say.”

“Oh not that again,” Alice groaned, but then politely giggled..

The mini Rosetta spoke up, “Pixies aren't trixy’s. We’re sweet and kind.”

“Are you sure?” Hatter giggled again. “They look pretty suspicious to me.” He looked around over animatedly just to be sure there weren’t any more around.

The Tinkerbell extra came around the corner at that moment, stopped, and grinned, “Hey Hatter, I just saw Peter making off with a fancy teapot. It had a big ‘H’ on the side...”

“What?! How dare he! That’s Tinkerbell’s teapot!”

“Yep. He and Wendy were having tea together.” Tinkerbell huffed.

“WHAT?!” he gasped and put his hand on his chest. “This is an outrage! Have a tea party without me! Why I never!”

“You never what?” Alice asked.

“I never eat jam on ham,” Hatter grinned and nodded. “But I have a tea pot thief to catch! The case,” he said dramatically as he held up one finger, “is afoot!” and he began his dramatic sleuth walk.

“Oh dear,” Alice giggled. “I’d better keep an eye on him. The last time he got off by himself, the Evil Queen almost turned him into a hat rack.” She winked at the kids and then raced off after the Hatter.

“Wow,” Sarah whispered as they walked inside. “I’ll have to be careful not to kiss the wrong Tink.”

Olivia giggled, “She’s pretty good huh? I love messing with them like that too. They do it to us all the time!”

‘Tinkerbell’, with her arms folded neatly behind her back, snuck up behind the girls, and in her loudest stage whisper she could manage, said, “What are we whispering about?” Sarah jumped about three inches, causing the others to giggle.

“We were saying you have a lovely dress Tink.” Jade said, trying really hard not to slip into her Iridessa persona.

“Awww why thank you. I made it myself!” Tinkerbell giggled. She really did have the Tink mannerisms down, and the smile too.

“Did you see Red yet?” Sarah asked, “Last time we saw her Captain Steele was chasing her.”

As if on cue, the very large, white plume of Captain Steele’s hat poked up behind the malt shop’s soda bar, and then the brim, followed by Red’s eyes peeking out, shifting this way and that, and then a giggle escaped.

“If you see Captain Dorkfish, don’t tell her I’m hiding here.” Red grinned. “Jack says you’re just not a captain without a proper hat.” She nodded.

Holly, the former pirate turn lost girl, strolled into the malt shop a moment later. “Like, Ahoooy! Can I like get one of those pink fizzy things please?” she said in her best pirate-meets-valley girl voice.

“Oh sure.” The girl working the counter smiled, “Anything for a lost girl.”

“You’re like, totes the best!” she said brightly as she fished around in her “coin” purse. She had a bunch of chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil that she gave out to kids, so she put one on the counter as payment.

“Ooh, pirate Booty.” Red grinned and reached over the counter, snagging it.

“Eek! A pirate!” Holly squealed, putting her hand to her chest. “Oh, jingles. Red, it’s only you. Don’t scare me like that!”

“Captain Dorkfish is looking for me.” Red stated. “Careful she might take you hostage.”

“What an excellent idea,” Captain Steele said from the doorway, drawing her fake sword. “En garde!” The kids in the malt shop were so fascinated with the story going on they weren't paying much attention to their food.

“En garde yourself,”Holly said as she drew her sword. “Like, if we have to do this let’s take it outside. I wouldn’t want you to get soda all over that gorgeous new top.”

Red joined them outside, and they could hear Pinkie out there as well, “Nobody touches my sister!” Pinkie shouted.

Vanessa giggled as they watched the whole thing from their vantage point near the bar. “I swear this place gets better and better every day.”

“This is totally why I love coming here even when I’m not working.” Olivia giggled. “It’s like a mini cartoon or TV show in it’s own. The crossover stuff is soo funny.”

“Avast!” Zarina could be heard, “Cavalry’s here! Ratchet, lock and load!”

“Noooo!” Holly squealed. “Not the paint launcher! It’ll ruin her top!”

“Then she’d better start running!” Ratchet laughed.

“This isn’t over!” Captain Steele shouted as she grabbed her hat and ran. The lost girls and fairies, and kids cheered, and even a few adults got into the spirit, as Rebecca, not in her Lost Girls role, but as herself, strolled into the malt shop. Granted she was wearing a bright pink baseball cap and sunglasses.

“Rebecca, hey,” Sarah called and waved.

Rebecca picked up her soda, grinning as she came to join them. “‘Ey girls,” she said. “Nice day for a swordfight eh?” she laughed.

“Going incognito today huh?” Olivia teased her.

“Yup, actually. Today is my Radio Disney premiere. I want to see how long it takes for someone to recognize me,” she giggled impishly.

The girl behind the bar, overhearing the conversation, grinned impishly herself, and queued up Rebecca’s punk remix of ‘Let it Go’ on the shop’s PA/music system.

“Oh lord,” Rebecca groaned.

Olivia giggled and hugged her, “We got spotted outside the park half way to Jade’s place. So don’t feel bad.”

“I don't think she thought of us from here. I think she saw us on TV.” Sarah nodded.

“See, that’s my problem,” Rebecca laughed. “I’m only technically with AMC. When I’m here as a lost girl I’m just an extra.”

“Nope,” Olivia grinned. “You’ve got a park contract.”

“Well you know what I mean,” Rebecca said. “I haven’t been doing this as long as you guys.”

“I’m afraid I’m fairly new at this too.” Sarah winked. “Including the acting thing.”

“It’s true,” Jade nodded. “We’ve all been here like... a month? Olivia’s the only seasoned one.”

“We came in shortly after Sarah,” Vanessa added.

It was about this time that Sarah noticed a young tween/teen girl was staring with her mouth open. She coughed and nudged Rebecca. “Your public awaits.”

Rebecca turned around in her chair and grinned at the girl. “Well? Don’t just stand there, come sit, hang out! These guys are AMC film crew, but they’re cool.” She winked.


“Action.” The director called out. Silvermist came out from behind a large wooden door, only to be pelted by a water balloon by a lost girl.

They were in a big, open plot of land with a real pirate ship - or a real fake pirate ship - and off in the distance stood the pixie dust tree that would be both the pixies’ and Lost Girls’ home, a truly massive feat of engineering.

“Hey!” Silvermist shouted pretending to be angry for a moment, and then lifted her hand over her head. “That’s my job!” she giggled as she pretended to hurl a giant dewdrop at them.

“Got you first!” a lost girl named Soda giggled, she had soda bubbles decorated on her outfit.

Another lost girl came running up to her. “Red’s back! Red’s back!”

Silvermist ran down a gangplank to where the other pixies where, “Red’s back!” she called out to them. “Come on you lazy dew drops!” she giggled and brought a CGI wave crashing over the ship - or at least that’s how it would look in post production. A bunch of dripping wet lost girls came barreling down, chasing her. She giggled as the director yelled.

“Cut! Beautiful! Okay girls, we’re about to film the landing sequence and your first glimpse of Lost girl island. Remember you were in Peter’s land up till now. But first lets take 10.”

“I just figured out why all this filming stuff is done in warm places,” Crystal giggled as she wrung out her soaking wet hair. Sarah nodded as one of the makeup and hair people came over to dry her hair, and several others came out to do the same with the other girls.

“Although I bet location filming is exciting too,” she said as she sat down in the canvas chair with her name, or rather ‘Silvermist’ written in silver glitter on the back, said.

“It has its moments,” Megan laughed. “I’ll let you in on a secret. If you saw the Sam Snow movie, that grub scene...” She waited until every eye was on her. Even one of the makeup artists paused to listen.

“Marshmallows,” Juliette spoiled it for them with a giggle. “We literally sat about, chatting up a bushman while eating roasted marshmallows. Megan ate a real grub, though, just to see what it was like.”

“Kind of nutty,” Megan grinned, as Gretchen and Crystal, and several others, let out an ‘Ewwww!’ in unison.

“I’ve been wondering something,” Jade said as she approached. “Maybe you guys know, being in the business for so long, but is it normal to air an episode before the second half of it is even finished?”

“You mean the pilot episode?” Megan asked.

Jade nodded. “Yeah. I mean this is supposed to be part two where we establish Lost Girl island and rescue Zarina.”

Megan nodded. “Yeah, they didn’t want to release it, but Disney kind of wanted to see the ratings before we even filmed part 2.”

“Ahh okay,” Jade nodded. “That makes sense.”

“It’s been over two weeks since we even began filming part 2, so they must have been waiting for some data to come in?” Sarah looked confused.

“Yeah, Netflix has paid a good amount of money to stream it now, they’re trying to negotiate same day rights.” Juliette stated, “So we were waiting for their results as well. It’s all really weird. They want to use our show as a testbed for whether they do same-day streaming, or wait for the full season to put it up like they normally do.”

Carolyn, dressed in her Pirate lost girl outfit was busy snapping photos of the girls getting their hair and makeup fixed, while they let their clothes air dry. They had just been hit by a Silvermist wave, so they were supposed to still be a little damp, but not too much.

“I believe this is the episode Amber joins us?” Jade asked. “Big first battle with Captain Steele too, our first enemy.”

“I still can’t believe I let you lot talk me into this,” Carolyn laughed. “I prefer being behind the camera. But I have to admit...” she giggled. “Being in the show gives me a lot more creative freedom about what Amber and I can post.”

“Well, keeping it in the family helps, yeah,” Megan giggled. “Having Dad directing and all. AMC can’t really say ‘no’ as long as it’s not spoiler content.”

“I'm glad there’s no nude shots.” Sarah laughed.

“Only partial like the waterfall scene next episode where it shows the top of your butt.” Megan winked.

“Why does a water fairy even need to take a shower?” Sarah pouted cutely and then giggled.

“Because even water fairies get BO.” Olivia tossed Sarah a bottle of water.

“Okay,” Megan said, “Let’s go over the next scene really fast before we shoot. Silvermist gets everyone off the ship by drowning them, then everyone runs to follow her.”

“It was supposed to be an accident.” Silvermist giggled. “I put too much oomph in it this time I think.” she shrugged looking innocent.

Juliette laughed. “I don’t care how many times I hear it, it never ceases to amaze me how much you sound like Sil.”

“That’s because she is Silvermist.” Olivia giggled.

“Just as long as she doesn’t usurp my voice acting job,” someone with a very familiar voice spoke up behind them. Sarah froze.

“I... Is that...” she squeaked out. She very slowly turned her head. Sure enough, Lucy Liu was standing right behind them. She whipped her head around again. “Oh my God it is.”

The actress laughed. “Nice to meet you too,” she said jokingly. “I saw part one of the movie and I just had to come watch the filming for part two.”

“I literally own every Pixie movie.” Sarah giggled. “I used to pretend to be Silvermist for my little sister too.” Annie raised her hand at that and giggled nervously.

“TV series actually, but yeah, the pilot was meant to be a mini movie.” Megan corrected. “I kinda wanted to do each episode ‘Live’. But the Director kind of shot that down saying filming in parts was easier since it was hard to get all the actors together when we needed them at the same time for live shooting.”

“I have to say,” Lucy said, “I’m impressed. I do a lot of voice acting these days, but the Tinkerbell movies were some of my favorite work. Sil is so cute, and you really bring her to life. You all do.”

“Well you’re the O.G. Sil, I’m just second hand.” Sarah giggled nervously..

A young woman with tiger-striped bright pink and sky blue hair came into the circle wearing wings, “Oh my gosh!” she giggled, “Luci Lu, I loved you in Charlie's Angels.”

Lucy let out a small giggle as she shook the girl’s hand and then gave her a hug. Sarah smiled. “That’s C. Candy, Cotton Candy, one of the new Pixies,” she said.

“They’re trying to get me to debut at the park too, but my mom was like no way, filming the show is enough,” she laughed. “Maybe next year when I’m 18 though.”

“How’d you like to make a guest appearance?” Megan asked. Juliette nodded, “We could have you as one of the Lost girl Island natives that greet us on shore.”

Lucy grinned innocently, glancing at Megan’s dad, who gave a helpless shrug and laughed. “You get to tell them. That’s what the contract said.”

Lucy laughed, “I’m actually going to be playing the leader of the Island Natives permanently. I couldn’t decide whether to tell you now, and get to meet my doppleganger,” she teased Sarah, “Or wait until I was in full makeup and let you figure it out.”

“So wait you’re playing Earth Sister?” Sarah squealed.

Lucy nodded. “I think the park people are hoping having my name in the credits will throw them off too,” she teased.

“That’s soo cool,” Sarah said.

“Okay actors on set!” The Director called out.

“Showtime,” Lucy grinned, taking a chair next to the Director’s as the girls rushed back to the filming area.

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