Thundering Force: Chapter 05: “Electric Symmetry.”

“Thundering Force”

Chapter Five: “Electric Symmetry.”

By Paul Cousins.

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It has been a few months since Thor, Anakin, and Ahsoka had rescued Jabba's young son, Rotta, from the renegades on the planet Teth.

The first thing Jango Fett was aware of was that he was running, while in his full mandolarian armor and equipment. His helmet over his head, his jetpack on his back, and his weapons holstered on and inside his armor.

Jango immediately stopped. He looked around himself. He was alone, in a brown grassy field, with buildings around him in the distance.

The wind was blowing around him.

Jango noticed the sky walk dark with storm clouds, but he could see in the horizon as it showed gaps of light that it was still daytime.

The only light being from the gaps in the sky, the lightning in the dark clouds, and the buildings in the distance.

Though, the lightning did not hit the ground, and there was no rainfall.

Then, Jango noticed someone in the air, about fifteen meters in front of him and ten meters in the air. He turned to face the person.

The person was Thor. Thor was wearing her full armor, helmet, with her large hammer in her right hand.

Thor looked down at him.

Jango knew that none of his weapons would work against Thor. And even should he try to use his jetpack to escape, Thor would either use her lightning, or swiftly fly up to knock Jango back to the ground.

Jango watched Thor raise her hammer's head towards him.

Suddenly, Jango saw a flash of lighting from the hammer, as lightning erupted from the head of the weapon towards him.

Then, all Jango saw was darkness.

Jango immediately opened his eyes. He wearing some casual clothing as he laid on his back on his bunk, in his spaceship, the Slave I. His black hair was cut short. The room's lights were dim, with the ship on autopilot in hyperspace, as it headed for its intended destination.

Jango turned his head to his right to see his eleven year old son, Boba Fett, comfortably sleep in his bunk across the room. Jango could see Boba's slightly longer, black hair, which went to Boba's neckline. Boba's hair was long enough to have a slightly wild nature to his hair style.

Jango turned his head to look above him, as he realized what was going on. He breathed a sign of relief, as he thought, 'I was asleep. It was just a dream... I am getting tired of having to deal with these reoccurring nightmares. Fortunately, I got in touch with someone I know whom I am sure I get some straight answers about these dreams. I will be meeting with her at our agreed upon destination in a few days.'

'Though, in the meantime, there are a few other things I plan to do. But, for right now I need my rest. So, when Boba and I wake up, we can enjoy the day together without any problems.'

Jango rested his head back on his bunk, closed his eyes, and went back to sleep, as his spaceship continued traveling through hyperspace.


Around day later, it was mid-afternoon on the ship schedule rotation on the Republic Star Destroyer, Resolute.

The Resolute was in hyperspace, while being flanked by the Republic Star Destroyer, Negotiator.

Inside a large, well lit, training room, which was reserved for Jedi, Padme and Ahsoka were sparring as Obiwan and Anakin stood in the distance.

Most of the floor of the room was matted. While most of the matted floor was empty, there was as section in a far right corner, when entering the room, that had excise equipment.

The exercise equipment was there so the Jedi on board did not have to train with the clones, staff, and officers in the main gym of the ship.

The training room was connected to auxiliary rooms to far right wall of the room. These rooms were two changing areas, with each changing area was connected to a shower area. So, the men and women could separately shower and change clothing.

Obiwan and Anakin stood about seven meters from the sparring opponents. They were next to each other, with Anakin standing to Obiwan's right side.

Anakin and Obiwan had their lightsabers strapped to holsters on their belts.

On the matted floor by Obiwan left side was the hammer, Mjolnir, which was set on its side. Set on top of the hammer's head was datapad.

While Padme and Ahsoka sparred, Padme was in her stronger Thor form. Padme was in her armor, helmet, with the scabbard of the Black Solace strapped to her back.

The three Jedi wore brown training clothing. This training clothing was among other items a short sleeve shirt, pants, shoes, and a belt with a lightsaber holster on the side of the belt.

Padme used her Black Solace to spare with Ahsoka's green lightsaber blade. The Black Solace's vibration mechanisms were turned off. Given how tough the material of the black blade of the Black Solace was, Padme was able to practice with the weapon, with the vibration mechanisms off, against a real lightsaber, without worry of damaging the black blade of her weapon.

The sparring exercise was to accomplish two goals. For Padme the sparring allowed her to training with force user that used a different style than she had experience with. Also, Padme was careful to focus more on control and skill in using her enhanced physical abilities, than brute force and speed. In addition, Padme did not use her elemental abilities.

During the sparring match, Padme mainly used a two-handed style approach for her swordsmanship.

For Ahsoka, this was an opportunity to practice against someone vastly stronger and faster than her. While Ahsoka sparred with Padme, used Ahsoka held her lightsaber hilt in her right hand, as she used an underhand lightsaber fighting style.

After each round of the sparring match, Obiwan had Ahsoka alternate between using her lightsaber in her right hand and her left hand.

As part of the exercise, Ahsoka was not allow to directly using the force against Padme. Though, Ahsoka was allowed to used the force to enhance her physical abilities and use the force to guide her movements and lightsaber abilities as she sparred with Padme.

Both opponents were careful not to accidentally harm the other.

Given Ahsoka inexperience with such sparring, as a safety measure, Padme was in her armor. While her armor could not handled a direct blow from a lightsaber blade. Padme's armor could handle a glancing blow from a lightsaber blade without going throw the armor and harming her body.

The object of the exercise was to break through their opponent's defenses, without actually harming the opponent. So far there has been no injuries.

They has been sparring for an hour ago.

Presently, Padme and Ahsoka were sparring in their fifth match.

Padme had won one match. Ahsoka had won two matches. One match has been a draw.

Both of them were gracious winners and losers.

Suddenly, the fifth match ended with Padme holding the blade of her weapon right at Ahsoka's face, with Ahsoka knowing the lost.

Ahsoka said, “I yield.”

Ahsoka deactivated her lightsaber.

In response, Padme removed her vibro-katana away from Ahsoka.

While Padme was not tired, she saw that Ahsoka was breathing heavily.

Padme commented, “When it comes to marital combat between us, thy believes this is it for today.”

Between breaths Ahsoka replied, “I agree.” She holstered the deactivated lightsaber hilt onto the left side of her belt.

Padme sheathed her Black Solace on the scabbard strapped to her back.

Once the Black Solace was sheathed, Padme used her abilities to turn back to her normal form, with her clothes changing to brown training clothing like the Jedi wore. This included a short sleeve shirt, pants, and shoes. Padme was not wearing a belt because her pants did not require one, and she did not have a lightsaber that would require a belt holster.

Padme stated, “Now that we are done with physical training, I would like to teach you a few lessons on leadership, diplomacy, and manners.” She turned to Obiwan and Anakin. She asked, “If that is alright with you?”

Obiwan looked at both Padme and Ahsoka. He said, “Of course. Part of becoming a Jedi is learning and gaining wisdom from many sources.”

Anakin turned to Padme. He commented, “I would like to sit in on this lesson.” He smiled towards Padme. Padme saw his smile and returned his grin. Anakin continued, “I think I could learn a few things from such lessons.”

Obiwan turned Anakin. He stated, “Go ahead. We all could learn more in such areas.” He turned to Padme and Ahsoka. He continued, “But, I have other business to attend.”

Obiwan turned and headed for the doors to the training room.

Meanwhile, Padme and Ahsoka walked up to stand near Anakin. Padme sat on the matted floor, by her hammer and the data pad, to her right side. She picked up the datapad and scrolled through the information she loaded on it.

As Padme worked on her datapad, Ahsoka and Anakin sat a meter in front of her, with them being a meter apart from each other.

Ahsoka and Anakin sat facing Padme, with Ahsoka to Padme's left and Anakin to Padme's right.

While Anakin and Ahsoka got comfortable, Padme had found what she was looking on the datapad.

By then, Obiwan had reached the doors to the room. He used a panel by the doors to have the doors slide open.

As the doors slid open, behind him, Obiwan heard Padme said, “I believe we will start off with conversation and dinner etiquette of some the more eccentric cultures in the galaxy.”

As Obiwan walked through the doorway, he smiled. He thought, 'Such lessons can only be helpful. And Anakin could learn some lessons on such topics.'

Obiwan walked into the hallway. The doors soon slid closed behind him. Obiwan headed for his quarters to change into his usual clothing. After which, he would carryout his duties for the day.


A day later, Jango Fett had flown his spaceship, the Slave I, with his son Boba, to farming planet, which orbited a single star.

It was day time, on a warm, partly cloudy day, as Jango flew his spaceship to an open, empty field he knew about.

Jango landed the ship, turned off the engines, and then got up from main the cockpit chair.

Half a minute later, ramp on the back of the ship extended to the ground, as the door to the back of this ship landed.

Jango walked down the ramp.

Jango on his his full armor, helmet, jetpack, with his weapons holstered. The brown leather holsters for Jango's two blaster pistols were located on the outer sides of his thigh armor. The holsters were attached to his belt by brown leather straps and tied around the lower thighs by small brown cords with small buckles.

The blaster pistols Jango used were custom made, silver colored WESTAR-34 blaster pistols.

When Jango reached the ground, he came to a stop. He stood on the ground a she turned to the entrance to his ship. He stated into his helmet's microphone, which used the encrypted communication channel, “Come down, son.”

Jango watched as Boba slowly walked down the ramp. Boba had on mandolarian armor that Jango had made and fitted to Boba. Boba also had on a helmet that that was similar to Jango's helmet. In addition, Boba had a blaster pistol holstered on his right hip armor. Though, Boba did not have a jetpack on.

The holsters on Boba's outer thigh armor were the same type as the ones used by Jango. And the holsters were held in place the same way Jango's holsters were held on his armor.

The two blaster pistols which Boba had were also silver colored WESTAR-34 blaster pistols similar to the pistols Jango used. Though, Jango paid to have the blaster pistols Boba used to have the grips further customized to fit Boba's smaller hands.

As Boba walked, he showed that he was not use to wearing the armor. He took his time as he made his way down the ramp.

While Jango watched Boba walk down the ramp, Jango thought, 'It cost a quite a bit for the armor. And it was fitted for you. But, like all clothing, adjustments are going to be needed on occasion. Especially, since you have started your growth spurt. The armor and helmet are going to take a little getting use to. But, in time you will eventually feel at ease in wearing such protection.'

'Today, we are going to brush up on your firearm skills and hand to hand while in the armor. It will be a while before I even begin to teach you how to use a jetpack. Still there is much I can teach you, right now.'

'While I am doing so, on our breaks, I will work on the final details of a quick bounty. Which I will handle a few days after I talk to my friend about my dreams. It will be a good training mission for you, my son.'

As Boba reached the ground stand by his father, Jango, he was still much shorter than his father.

Jango looked down at Boba, as Boba looked up at Jango.

Jango asked, through the microphone, “So, how does the armor and helmet feel? Any problems?”

Through the speakers of his helmet, Jango heard Boba state, by using the encrypted communication channel, “I am just getting use to the heads up display in the monitor visor of the helmet, and the armor make me feel stiff.”

Jango stated, “Do not worry. You will get use to it.”

Boba flexes his hands in his gloves, as he said, “Also, these power-gauntlets do not feel as responsive as I expected. They feel loose.”

Jango commented, “They are designed to. Though, do not let that fool you. You can easily crush a rock in the palms of your power-gauntlets. If you are not careful you could accidentally destroy your weapons.”

Boba replied, “I will kept that in mind.”

Jango responded, “I know you will. Now, I was thinking we would start with some firearm practice. Which will give you time to use to the feel of your armor. Then, we will move on to some hand to hand. Also, I want you to get the feel for the trigger of your weapons, with your gloves on. Firing a blaster with gloves is a little different than with a bare finger. The finger placement is a little different. And you have to learn what the proper placement is.”

Then, Jango spent the day teaching his son some more lessons on firearms and hand to hand combat. Jango had been teaching his son such lessons for years. This day was no different than most of them in the sense the father and son both had fun in doing so. By the end of the day, after they had supper, they entered their spaceship, and left the planet.

Once they were in orbit, Jango setting his ship for their next destination and his ship jumped to hyperspace.


A few hours later, in another part of the galaxy, the Resolute and Negotiator were travailing through hyperspace. It was morning on the schedule rotation inside the Resolute.

In the Jedi training room with the matted floor, it was Anakin's turn to sparring with Padme in her stronger form.

Though, in this sparring session, Padme was using the hammer, while Anakin used his green bladed lightsaber.

Given Anakin was experienced in using a lightsaber, Padme wear brown training clothing which fit her body.

Anakin also wore brown training clothing.

As they sparred, Anakin using the force to enhanced his physical abilities and combat skills Also, Anakin used the force try to push Padme around. Though, in response, Padme used gusts of wind to try to push Anakin around.

Both of them were careful not to serious harm the other with their abilities and weapons.

Presently, they were in the middle of sparring in their first match in trying to break through the others defenses. Currently, they were at a stalemate in the use of their abilities and skills during their match.

Seven meters away from the two combatants, Ahsoka and Obiwan watched the sparring match. Both wore brown training clothing.

As Ahsoka watched Padme and Anakin, she was in awe at the skills and abilities which were being displayed in the sparring match.

Meanwhile, Obiwan thoughts were elsewhere on his duties, as he mentally reflected, 'I heard yesterday about some of the details of our next mission. And whom we will be meeting up with later this week. From what I have learned, while I am not sure where Anakin and Ahsoka stand, I am sure that Padme is not going to like this mission, and the rectifications of the mission.'

'Still, it is a mission from the Chancellor Palpatine, himself. And we cannot disobey. The reasons for the mission make sense. Though, I have a feeling this mission is going to cause Padme and myself some problems.'

Obiwan then continued to silently watch Anakin and Padme continued to spar for the next few minutes, until Obiwan called the match and declared it a draw so Anakin, Padme, and Ahsoka, could move on with their training lessons for the day.


Later that evening, after dinner, Padme returned to her quarters. She set down the hammer down on its head, on a small table in the room. Next, she changed her form back to her normal form. After which, cleaned up and changed into one of her dresses.

The dress she picked was a simple sleeveless, dark blue gown, with purple trimming. She allow her long brown hair to hang loose down her back.

Next, Padme dimmed the lights in her bedroom using a set of light controls on the wall near the door leading to the hallway.

Padme walked over an sat in a chair at her desk.

While Padme wore a dress, she wore comfortable, casual shoes because the holo-monitor at her desk would not show her feet.

Padme used the computer and the holo-monitor in her desk, along with her Galactic Senate account and password to gain access to the Senate datanets on Coruscant. Once Padme was logged into the Senate datanets she used her access level to connect to the holo-comm system in the Senate Rotunda.

While it was the evening ship schedule on the Resolute, it was afternoon in the Senate District on Coruscant.

Within the Senate Rotunda the repulsorpods attached to the wall were each made with their own entryway into the hallways surrounding the various levels of the Senate Rotunda. This honeycomb design allowed the Senators could come and go as they please without disturbing the other Senators.

The repulsorpods could also detract from the wall. While during a Senate Session the Chancellor's pod was almost always hovering in the center of the rotunda, it was tradition that when a Senator was allowed to speak the Senator, or one of the aids with the Senator moved their pod a few meters away from the wall to stand out from the rest of the Senate. When the Senator finished speaking, their pod was moved back to where it was located on the wall.

When the Galactic Senate, the Senate was overseen by either the Supreme Chancellor, or the Lord Speaker. The Lord Speaker, also know as the Vice Chair of the Senate was second in rank to the Chancellor.

While Palpatine was the Chancellor, the Lord Speaker was the blue skin Chagrian man, Mas Amedda.

Palpatine wore find dark clothing under his dark robe.

Mas Amedda wore a green robe with gold shoulder pads over dark gray clothing.

Presently, Palpatine stood in the center of the Chancellor's pod, which hovered in the center of the room, while Mas stood to Palpatine's right side.

Mas hold the wooden Speaker's Staff in his right hand. At the top of Speaker's Staff had a small wooden statue of person in hooded robes praying. The Speaker's Staff was a symbol of the Vice Chair's authority within the Galactic Senate.

The repulsorpods also had built in holo-monitors that would broadcast a Senator's holographic image into their chair. Any such hologram was in full color. The Galactic Senate did not spare any expense on their communication equipment.

The pod also had speakers to talk within the pod. And should the Senator be called to speak before the Senate, the Senator could use the speakers in the Rotunda to be heard by those present.

Within Senate Padme Amidala's assigned repulsorpod only the rotunda wall, the holo-monitor was quietly turned on, with Padme's holographic image appearing in her seat in her pad.

As Padme listened she found the she had appeared in the middle of the debate happening within the Senate. Though, no one within the Senate paid her arrival any mind.

Padme had already read the informing concerning what the debate was about, and the bill that was being presented before the Senate.

The holo-monitor was programmed to broadcast senate session in the manner that the current senator whom had the floor and was speaking was the person that show up on the small holo-monitor in Padme's bedroom.

Padme silently listened to the current Senator, whom supported the current bill on the floor.

While Padme listened to the current senator speaking, she mentally lamented, 'This bill is another example of Chancellor Sheev Palpatine's political genius and cunning.'

'The bill currently being debated on was put forward by an ally of Palpatine's in the Senate. And while it was officially written by a few Senators, the bill has all the signs of involvement by the Chancellor.'

'The bill in question partly funds charities for children's hospitals on Coruscant and across the Republic. But, another part of this bill funds the military war effort.'

'Palpatine set this bill up to force us, whom quietly oppose the war effort, to publicly support the war effort by voting for the bill. Anyone whom votes against the bill will look like she or he is against helping children. So this is a no-win situation for us.'

'Bail and myself already quietly coordinated with our small group of senators, in private. With me using an encrypted holo-comm channel to attend our meetings. We had discussed this bill, along with a few other bills, in private.'

'Due to Senator Garm Bel Iblis being present, the debate got a little heated. He completely oppose this bill on its merits. While most of us were weighing on the supporting, or being against the bill, by the outside political repercussions. But, we kept our meetings civil.'

'I have found I respect Garm even more that before he joined out little group. He prefers to debate the matter from the heart of the subject. Instead of debating the results of an action.'

'While Garm can be very stubborn and passionate in his views, Garm has a very down to earth point of view on matters. He is the type of person we need in our group.'

'Though, in the end we all decided to vote for the bill. Even Garm. Because we all realized we are not ready to publicly challenge the war effort. We do not have the political strength yet to do so. But, we are slowly building up our forces for the day when we will challenge Sheev over the war.'

'That will likely be an interesting day for all of us.'

Padme sighed, as she continued her thoughts, 'In the long run, our support for this bill is only a minor defeat for us. It cannot be helped that we are supporting the bill. Especially, myself. Considering my current political and military situation. And that Chancellor Palpatine knows who I am, and what I am doing right now.'

'Sheev knows I oppose a to of the measures dealing with this war. But, he will not do anything against me as long as I am useful to him, and I do not draw political attention towards him. Both within the Senate chambers, and outside the Senate.'

'Though, I can help Bail lead the opposition in my place.'

'Also, I need to keep in mind that there are still Separatist sympathizers within the Galactic Senate. Even though I am doing this by holo-comm, I need to be careful. A misspoken statement can be politically disastrous.'

Padme thought on the debate itself, as she realized in thought, 'It is clear this debate is going to go on for the next few days. And I am only really attending by holo-conference as a matter of record that I an present during these senate sessions. Being absent too many times could politically harm me.'

Padme turned her head to the window in the room, that showed the ship was in hyperspace.

For those in the senate, it looked at if Padme was looking away from the Senate conference.

Padme thought, 'I do not care if people in the Senate Rotunda wonder what I am looking at. I am glad I was able to convince Anakin to allow me to move to another set of quarters with a window.'

Padme looked back t the holo-monitor. She continued her thoughts, 'Still, I am not sure what I will be doing in a few days when the official vote happens. Fortunately, I can preset my vote. And I will set my vote for the record before I log out, tonight.'

Padme felt concern, as she mentally reflected, 'Though, I wonder where we are going. Anakin told me he does not know. And Obiwan has not said a word about it. Though, Obiwan likely knows where we are going. He is probably under orders not to talk about the matter. And I respect his privacy.'

'Though, while in my stronger form, my enhanced senses allowed me to overhear, in the distance, some of the bridge staff saying that we are going to be a part of a big operation. And that it is going to happen soon.'

'But, I will not worry about the matter. I will be concerned when I find out what my part will be to play in it. I do hope the job I am assigned on the coming mission is one that I can stomach. Then, I will deal with the matter. For now I will focus on the present. On being a senator, and not a soldier. I will be the soldier tomorrow. Tonight, I will be the senator.'

Padme quietly listened to the debate for a few hours. When she felt tired, she use the computer to set the Senate datanets to record that she voted for the current bill being presented to the Senate. After which, she logged out of her account in the Senate datanets and shut down the holo-monitor.

Padme got up from her chair, took of her her gown and other clothing. She put on her sleeping wear and she went to sleep on her bed.


A few days later, Jango Fett sat in a the main seat of the cockpit of the Slave I as he landed his spaceship on the spaceport tarmac of the small coastal city of Jud'Dan, on the planet Ord Mantell, on the northern part of the Mid-Rim of the galaxy.

The city Jud'Dan was located by an ocean on Ord Mantell.

For Jango and Boba's internal clocks it was late at night. Though, Jango was wide awake, Boba was asleep on his bunk.

Though, this worked for Jango. He intended to meet with someone, and he did not want Boba to be present during the meeting. From the clock on the instrument panel of the cockpit of the Slave I, Jango was on time for his meeting.

A few minutes later, after transferring the electronic credits for the docking fees, Jango exited his spaceship from the back door and ramp.

Once Jango was on the ground of the spaceport tarmac he used a hidden panel that opened up by the bottom of the ramp, to retract the ramp and lock the door to his ship.

The panel also had a numerical pad that one had to press in the right passcode to open the door from the outside.

Anyone that got the code wrong on the second time would be shot at by the ships weapons. The reason for the second chance is that when Jango was in full armor, with his gloved hands, even while being careful, he sometimes punched in the wrong code the first time.

The time on that side of the planet was late evening, right after sunset. Night had fully set in. The sky being clear and there was a slight breeze from the cool air.

Jango was in normal clothing, because he did want to have this meeting, discreetly. He wore a blue short sleeve shirt, a black sleeveless vest, dark brown pants, a light brown belt, and brown boots. He had his blaster pistols holstered in side holsters on the sides of his belt.

His blaster pistols were the only weapons had had on him body. He also had a comlink in his interior left vest pocket in case he needed to contact the Slave I and Boba, to work Boba of trouble. But, he hoped the situation would not come that point.

Jango soon exited the spaceport and walked down the street, in the direction he needed to head towards.

The city lights properly illuminated the street. Jango both knew where he was at, he knew where he was going, and he knew the this area of the city was fairly safe, even at night.

While Jango walked down a city sidewalk, towards his destination, he kept an eye out for trouble, as he thought, 'Ord Mantell... I have found this planet is one of the nicer populated planets in the northern part of the Mid-Rim. This planet has a varying landscapes of land, with nice oceans, and nice weather most of the time.'

'If Ord Mantell was closer to the Core Worlds, this place would likely be a far more successful and populated planet. Still, I like this planet for what it currently is. Which is a planet that just civilized enough for to enjoy. But, not so civilized that they do not appreciate the proper application of violence.'

'I have had some people in my line of work ask me why so many bounty hunters come to Ord Mantell.'

'The governments of this section of the hyper-route do not ask to many questions from travels. With the only usual question people like myself have to worry from the local authorities being. That being do I have enough credit to bribe the authorities?'

'The reason the governments hear do not ask questions comes down to local politics and geography. Ord Mantell is a good example of this.'

'Ord Mantell is on the northern part of the Mid-Rim of the galaxy, where the hyper-routes of the Celanon Spur meet the Entralla Route.'

'The Celanon Spur goes all the way west to Namadii Corridor at the Expansion Region planet Dorin, homeworld of the Kel Dorians, to the northeastern part of the Outer Rim. The Entralla Route goes up the northern parts of the galaxy. Even better, the Namadii Corridor directly connects to the northern hyper-routes of the Colonies, and from there the hyper-routes lead to the Core.'

'Given much of the major Separatist territories are on the northeastern corner of the galaxy, this puts Ord Mantell at a crossroads between the Separatists and the Republic. This makes the planet a perfect place to come for everyone from smugglers looking for a few quick credits to fugitives fleeing from both sides of the war.'

'Fortunately, most of the fighting is to the galactic east. And smugglers can go around the fighting by using the Entralla Route. From there smugglers can take the back channel hyper-routes around the fighting into Separatist space.'

'And where there are criminals, bounty hunters are sure follow.'

'In addition, any bounty hunter realizes that most of their business is going be either be in the Expansion Region, the Mid-Rim, and the Outer Rim. As such, when a bounty hunter hits it big and wants to throw a party, they do so on Ord Mantell, because for us, this planet is one of the few places we can do so without dealing with any outside interference. And those have been some fun parties.'

'Actually, the local government of Ord Mantell welcomes us bounty hunters being here. As long as we do not hassle the locals. Which is fine with me. With so many bounty hunters here, at any given time. Most times when a local here finds out they have bounty on them before their bounties are posted on the datanets.'

'And unlike most people, when a bounty hunter finally decides to retire, the local government welcomes bounty hunters to retire on this planet.'

'The local governments realize that cannot stop smugglers and criminals from passing through. Actually, a good bit of their business through the area of space comes from such criminals coming and going, to and from the Core Worlds and Outer Rim.”

'Some of us in the bounty hunter business dub this as, fugitive tourism.'

'I know for a fact that the locals on this planet also welcome bounty hunters. They get a kick from the prestige of having so many bounty hunters visit their world. I try to be nice to my fans. It is bad for one's reputation to be unnecessarily cruel to those whom are polite to you.'

'Ord Mantell has one of the most concentrated numbers of bounty hunters per capita in the galaxy. This keeps the smugglers, fugitives, and other criminals, whom are passing though, on their toes and behaving. Which is perfectly fine by me.'

'Presently, the Black Sun syndicate controls much of this planet, but as long as I long as I do not interfere with their business dealings and be careful not to try to collect on the bounty of one of their members, I will be fine.'

'Still, if the Black Sun upsets too many people here they may find themselves in trouble with the Bounty Hunters Guild. We may not start a fight, but we will finish our fights.'

'Though, I have little to work about from the Black Sun. Jud'Dan is a small city and the Black Sun usually focuses on the major cities and spaceports. They do not have the manpower nor interest to seize control of every backwater town on a planet.'

'Once my business has been concluded here, I can head out for a job that I just lined up. A real easy job that I can use as a training exercise for Boba.'

'And if I am correct. I will meet with my... friend, right on schedule.'

Jango turned the corner to his left, and he saw the location he was heading for.

The place was a bar. With the bar being on the side of the street he was on.

While Jango headed towards the open entrance to the bar, he thought, 'Bounty hunters frequent this bar. Including myself. The name of the bar is the Red Insignia. Due to bartender is a nice to us. With his drinks are not watered down. And he has a reasonable prices on his beverages. We try to not cause him too many problems.'

When Jango reached the open entrance to the bar, he walked inside.

Jango came to a stop a meter inside the entrance of the bar. The room was moderate large enough to fill up to fifty people at a time.

Jango stood there. Jango looked around the bar, and he saw that were plenty of empty tables.

It was then Jango heard a familiar female voice say behind him, to his right side, in galactic basic, “You're late.”

Jango casually joked, “No. You're just early.”

The woman genuinely laughed a little. As she stopped laughing, she stated, in a casual tone of voice, “It is good to see you, Jango.

Jango turned around to face the woman. He said, “It is good to see you too, Aurra.”

In front of him, was the pale skin, legendary bounty hunter, the female force user, Aurra Sing. Aurra had her back to the interior side of the outer wall of the bar. She wore a sleeveless orange jumpsuit, with a brown vest, brown belt, and brown boots wore over her jumpsuit.

Aurra head was bald except for the back of her head. In the spot in the middle of the back of her head she had a large cloth orange scrunchie pulling together her long auburn hair.

Aurra had two blaster pistols holstered on the sides of her belt. The holsters were held up by the belt and a small set of straps at the bottom of each holster that tied around the lower part of the thigh the holster was set against.

Jango thought, 'You stood against the wall, by the entrance to the bar, because you knew it was one of the few locations that I would not immediately survey as I came inside.'

Jango complimented, “Ah, Aurra. You are one of the few people in the galaxy whom can get the drop on me and I would enjoy it.”

Aurra smiled, as she chucked a little. She suggested, “Let's have a seat.”

Jango returned Aurra's smile, as he replied, “My thoughts, exactly.”

Both adults walked over to set in chairs across from each other, as a small table, in an empty area of the bar.

As they got comfortable, they looked at each other.

Aurra inquired, with curiosity in her tone of voice, “So, why did you want to meet me? And of here of all places?”

Jango said, in a pained voice, “This is one of the few places we can talk without worrying about being disturbed. And as for why. I want you know, Aurra. I wouldn't call you unless it was important.”

Aurra stated, “It's okay. I don't mind. You are one of the few people I can tolerate being in the company of. And given how hard as nails you usually are. I want to know what has you so rattled.”

Jango responded, “Thank you. You know this business. Someone can punch out at anytime. That is the way things are. But lately, I have some strange dreams. Sometimes these dreams take me back to that arena on Geonosis, with a Jedi beheading me with their lightsaber. Sometimes it is some other person killing me. I have this felling that not only did I have a close call, but I literally missed the call. That I was suppose to have died in that arena. But, I didn't. And you are the only person I know of. That I trust. That has experience with the force and other strange stuff.”

Aurra smiled, as she stated, “No problem. Listen. Things like this happen to people all the time. While being force sensitive lends itself to having visions. I have even had a few myself. This does not mean that non-force sensitive people cannot have visions. It is just very, very rare.”

“The Jedi would rather pull their teeth out than admit it. But, even non-force sensitive people can have super-natural experiences. I personally know of a few non-force using people that have had such experiences.”

“I even know a few people that occasionally have a bad feeling about things, with their bad feelings being more accurate than my force abilities. This has long since lead me to believe that the force only allows one to be more in touch with the strange occurrences. Being force blind does not preclude someone from having strange events happen in their lives.”

Jango complimented, “Aurra. That is what I always liked about you. No matter what it is. You know how to put it in a straightforwards manner.”

Aurra inquired, “Thank you. So, what is all this really about? You won't just come meet me over some bad dreams. While it has been years since we were together, I know you enough about you to tell that something else is bothering you.”

Jango said, “Well, you did leave me for that Weequay.”

Aurra pointed out, “And I left Hondo because he was too greedy even for me.”

Jango stated, “Considering our profession that is saying something.”

Aurra responded, “I know. Besides, I only left you after you began talking about starting a family. After I left you, I always thought you would find someone to have a child with.” Her lips curled into a wicked smirk. She continued, “I did not realize you would decide to clone an army of children.” She then laughed a little.

Jango firmly said, “I only have one child. The rest on their own.”

Aurra dropped her smile. She calmly asked, “That is understandable. So, what is going on?”

Jango admitted, “I crossed the wrong person.”

Aurra said, “I warned you about dealing with the Jedi. Even former Jedi.”

Jango pointed out, “Weren't you trained by the Jedi?”

Aurra flatly stated, “That doesn't count. They abandoned me.”

Jango said, “Fair enough. I am not talking about Dooku. Though, I have had nothing to do with him since Geonosis.”

Aurra asked, “What happened on Geonosis?”

Jango said, in a tired tone of voice, “I would rather not talk about.”

Aurra responded, “Clearly whatever happen started there.” Aurra then remembered something from that event that she had learned about.” She continued, “Wait a minute. It is that Thor woman? Isn't it? That is where she was first spotted?”

Jango looked down at the table, as he admitted, “Yes. That is the one I crossed.”

Aurra stated, “How did you cross her? I heard about happened. You were there at the arena when Thor first appeared. The only ones there that did not immediately run, were you, your son, Dooku, the Jedi, and that Senator woman you were hired to kill...”

Then, realization dawn one Aurra's face, as she went onto say, “Oh... Her. She's Thor?”

Jango continued to look down at the table. Aurra saw Jango cringe, as he said, “Yes.”

Aurra stated, “You really screwed up this time.”

Jango looked up at Aurra. He commented, “I know.”

A thought then occurred to Aurra. She asked, “You are not going to ask me to help you fight her? Are you?”

Jango said, “No. This woman can now take down an entire army by herself. There is literally nothing I can think of that could actually kill.”

Aurra inquired, “If it is not about fighting someone you crossed? What is this all about?”

Jango replied, “Boba.”

Aurra questioned, “Your son?”

Jango explained, “Yes. I know I am on that woman's list. She has just been too busy with the war to come after me. I am sure I am not lucky enough for the war to do the job for me by taking her out. So eventually, she is going come after me. I am getting my affairs in order, beforehand.”

Aurra complimented, “That's wise of you.”

Jango replied, “Thank you.”

Jango reached into his right side pocket of his pants. He pulled out a folded piece of paper. He handed it to Aurra.

Aurra took the piece of paper. She unfolded paper and looked at it. One the paper were a written a set of two different numbers.

Aurra folded the piece of paper back up and pocketed it in the right side of her brown vest. She looked up towards Jango. She asked, “What is this?”

Jango stated, “The top number is the escrow account, and the bottom number of the amount. Should I die. I have it set up for that amount of my money will go into that account for you to use. In exchange, I want you to raise Boba until he is an adult. I want you to be his godmother.”

Aurra asked, “Me?”

Jango said, “Yes. You. While you can be as cold as they come. You are fair. And I know for that amount you will do the job. I know you well enough to trust you with my son. If something happens, I want you to take care of him.”

Aurra inquired, “One question. Why not ask a member of your own people to do this?”

Jango answered, “Because half of them have abandoned their culture. And the other half have betrayed their culture.”

Aurra commented, “That is an interesting outlook to have on such matters.”

Jango questioned, “Will you accept the job? Or, not?”

Aurra said, “While I think you will live long enough to see your son reach adulthood, I accept your deal.”

Jango replied, “Thank you.”

Aurra asked, “So, what is it like to be a parent?”

Jango answered, “It is nice being able to teach someone and know that when I am gone, there will be someone to carry on my legacy.”

Aurra commented, “Well, if your son is even half the bounty hunter you are, I do not believe you have much to worry about.”

Jango smiled, as he stated, “This I what I am hoping for.”

Aurra asked, “So where are you heading to next?”

Jango answered, “A simple job on Balmorra.” Jango thought, 'As long as I do this within the proper timetable.'

Aurra let out laugh. She smiled, as she commented, “That place brings back some memories.”

Jango shook his head a few times, as he smiled. He stated, “Tell me about it. At least this time it won't involve the Hutts.”

Aurra replied, “That's good.”

The two friends spent the next few hours casually talking, as they caught up with each about old times, and what was going on in their lives. As they do so, they had a few drinks. Eventually, they called it a night, paid the bartender for their bills, and went their separate ways, with Jango returning to his ship to check on his son.


Two days later, the Resolute and Negotiator came out of hyperspace on the eastern part of the Inner Rim, in high orbit of the planet Rasterous.

Rasterous was located on the Trellen Trade Route.

Rasterous was one of the key Republic military locations in the Inner Rim. This was due to one of the military ship yards being located in orbit of Rasterous. The ship yards constructed many of the capital ships used by the Republic. Not just Star Destroyers, but other large ships.

The ship yard was owned by Kuat Drive Yards. The galactic level company built everything from Jedi starfighters to Republic walkers to Star Destroyers.

The ship yard was not the largest ship yard employed by the Republic and Kuat Drive Yards for the war effort, but it was a key one for that area of the galaxy. As such, the ship yard was well defended with star destroyers, starfighters. And the ship yards had energy ships and enough turbo-laser batteries to hold off a small fleet by itself.

It was mid-morning in the schedule rotation on the Resolute and Negotiator.

After the Resolute and Negotiator came out of hyperspace in high orbit, away from the ship yards. The two cruisers were met by four other Republic Star Destroyers.

A shuttle was sent from one of the other Star Destroyers to the Resolute, with military personnel being temporarily transferred to the Resolute. Once those personnel were on the Resolute, all six Star Destroyers had been sent instructions on their hyperspace destination.

The formation for the Star Destroyers was one ship at point, two ships behind the lead ship, two ships behind the front pair of ships, and one ship behind the back pair of ships.

Among the formation of six Star Destroyers, the Resolute took point and the Negotiator took the rear.

Meanwhile, the personnel that had come on board the Resolute were now meeting with Obiwan, Anakin, Padme, Ahsoka, Commander Cody, and Captain Rex in a private room.

The room had a large, black circular conference table. In front of each black chair there were buttons on panels on the top of the table. There was a holo-monitor in the center of the table.

Padme was in her Thor form, with the hammer in her right hand, at her side. She was in full armor and helmet, with the Black Solace sheathed in its scabbard and strapped across her back.

Obiwan, Anakin, and Ahsoka were in their usual clothing. Each of them had a lightsaber holstered to their belt.

Cody and Rex were in their white trooper armor, without their helmets on. Neither clone had a weapon on their person.

The lights in the room were on.

As the group filed into the room, Thor saw a man and woman standing in front of them, by the edge of the table, a few meters further inside the room. The woman stood to the man's left side.

Both the man and the women were fair skin humans. The man looked to be in his mid-forties and the woman looked to be in her late twenties. Both were in their Republic olive green naval officers uniforms. Neither officer was armed.

Thor looked at the two naval officers, as she thought, 'I really am getting tired of dealing with a new admiral, or general, every other mission. I miss Admiral Wullf Yularen. We worked well together. While we are not really friends. He was a practical man. And though I did not tell him my true identity, I suspected he knew who I really am. He just did not press the matter.'

'Though, a few weeks ago, the Chancellor took an interest in Admiral Yularen and Palpatine felt Yularen could better serve the war effort by being transferred to another branch of the Republic military.'

'The rumor I heard was that Yularen ended up in the intelligence branch of the military. Given his professionalism, he will do fine there. We did give him that wonderful going away party. As such, I believe that we now have a friend in the intelligence branch of the military.'

'This admiral in front of me, is nothing like Admiral Yularen.'

'The man's name is Admiral Odus Denival. Though, I do not know the woman he is with. But, the bars on her uniform state that she is a Commander.'

'And speaking of not knowing. I do not know what is going on. Or, where we are going. But, I believe Obiwan does. And I guess the rest of us are about to find out.'

'What I do know about Admiral Denival fills me with worry.'

'While Admiral Denival does not know me as Senator Amidala, I do know of him and his family. He is from a rich, well connected family on Coruscant. When he was younger, he entered the officers academy on Coruscant, where he graduated with honors. While he is a bit of a brown-noser to the Chancellor, he is also a skilled leader and tactician.'

'He has recently married. He has a son with his wife. And his wife is currently pregnant with another child. Rumor has it that she is going to have a daughter.'

'Rumors among the government circles state that Admiral Denival is looking for a way in which to be with his family and continue his military career. This likely means convincing Chancellor Palpatine to appoint him as a Planetary Governor. This would allow him a stable environment to raise his family. Even during a war.'

'If the rumors are true, this coming operation might be the one where he takes over the planet he wishes to rule, with our help... My help.'

When everyone in the room, the sensors by the door no one was in the entryway and the door automatically slid shut.

Anakin, Thor, Ahsoka, Obiwan, Rex, and Cody all stood, as they looked at the man and woman, whom were looking back at them.

Admiral Odus Denival looked around the group, as he stated, “Greetings everyone. I am Admiral Odus Denival.” He turned to look at the woman to his left side. He turned back to the group, as he continued, “And this is my assistant, Commander Talia Brownstone.”

Talia nodded once towards the group.

Admiral Denival went onto say, “Now, let us sit down and start this mission briefing.”

Everyone filed around the table, to sit in the chairs. On one side of the room, with the door to his right side, Admiral Odus sat down in a chair, with Talia sitting down to his left side.

And in a clockwise rotation, to Talia left was Obiwan. Then, Anakin, Ahsoka, Thor, Rex, and Cody.

Rex and Cody had their backs to the door. And the door was to Thor's left side.

As Thor sat down, she set the hammer down on the floor, in its head, by her, to her right side.

Thor silently looked over at Admiral Denival whom was across the table from her.

As everyone got comfortable, Anakin was the first to speak. Anakin asked, “So, what is the mission?”

Thor saw Admiral Denival's lips curled into a small smile, as he answered, “We are going to take over a planet.”

Thor noticed the smile. She grimly thought, 'It looks like he found the planet he wants to take over and rule.'

Ahsoka inquired, “Is it a Separatist stronghold?”

Admiral Denival said, “Quite the contrary. It is a planet that has not picked a side in this war.”

Though, Thor did not show it on the outside, Thor was worried. Thor used her mental defenses to hide her concern from Anakin, Obiwan, and Ahsoka. Thor thought, with trepidation, 'Oh please. Do not be... I have to ask...' She questioned, in a stern tone of voice, “It is not one of the worlds of the Neutrality Alliance?”

Admiral Denival turned to Thor. He stated, “Fortunately, no. I have no interest in driving hundreds of worlds into the clutches of the Separatists. The world we are going to deal with took a neutral political stance when the war started, but the planet's government has decline to join the Neutrality Alliance.”

Thor thought, with mild relief, 'At least you are showing some intelligence. Still, we need to know where.' Thor asked, “What is the name of this planet we are invading?”

Admiral Denival answered, “Balmorra, in the eastern area of the Colonial Regions”

Thor thought, with concern, 'Balmorra. A planet is a member of the Galactic Republic. While that world mostly exports arms, it is a peaceful planet. And the locals know better than to cross the Republic. The rumors are the before the war broke out the Balmorra government realized what was going on, and they forced those companies that planning to side with the Separatists to either leave the planet, or change their minds on the matter.'

'After a few mysterious accidents by some of those individuals that owned those companies, the other owners of those companies got the message and either left, or they decided not to side with the Separatists.'

Obiwan turned to Admiral Denival and Commander Brownstone. Obiwan calmly requested, with no emotional shown in his voice, “State the mission, Admiral.”

Thor did not look at Obiwan, but she heard what Obiwan said. Thor thought, “From the way you worded that, I am sure you already know what the mission is about. And you do not sound enthusiastic about the matter.”

Admiral smiled, as he said, “With pleasure. We are going invade and take over Balmorra because we found out a few of the factory owners, along with few members of the planetary regime are quietly selling weaponry and droid parts of the Separatists.”

Thor sadly thought, 'I wonder who the, we, are in your statement. Still, we are going to condemn the population of an entire planet for the actions of a few greedy individuals. The had tragically happened several times in history.'

Anakin inquired, “Doesn't Balmorra also sell weaponry to Republic?”

Admiral Deneval turned to Anakin, as he stated, “Yes. And we wish for Balmorra to continue to produce their weapons for us.”

Thor caught the subtext, as she thought, 'Producing. No selling.'

Ahsoka suggested, “While selling arms to the enemy is bad. We could quietly take care of the matter, without an invasion. If support for the Separatists is coming from such a small group. We could simple expose them, arrest them, without invading the planet. Actually, the scandal from this might swing the Balmorrian population into fully siding with the Galactic Republic.”

Thor turned to look at Ahsoka, whom was sitting beside her, to her right side. Thor hid a smile, as she happily thought, 'I see my lessons in etiquette and diplomacy are not going to waste. I will compliment you later on pointing this out.”

Admiral Denival turned to Ahsoka. He conceded, “Young Jedi, that is not a bad idea. We could do it that way. But, these orders came directly from Chancellor Palpatine, himself.”

Thor turned back to look at Admiral Denival. She thought, 'I wonder how much of this mission was your suggestion to Sheev in the first place.'

Admiral Denival looked around the group, as he continued, “The Balmorrians are playing both sides from the middle in the hopes of avoid being attacked. The Chancellor wishes to make an example out of them. Balmorra is near the Neimoidia system, one of the Separatist strongholds closest to the Core Worlds.”

“As we speak, the Republic is trying to take back the Neimodia system. But, if the Balmoorians ally with the Separatists, and share their full resources with the Separatists, taking back the Neimodia system will become far more difficult. If we did not deal with this matter now we risk allowing the Separatists a permanent foothold in the Colonies which is in striking distance of the Core Worlds, including Coruscant.”

Thor grimly thought, 'It does not matter the reasons you are giving. You are just looking for an excuse to invade the planet and take it over.'

Cody inquired, “What defenses should we expect to face?”

Admiral Denival turned to Cody. He responded, “Good question. I was just getting to that.” He looked around the group, as he continued, “The Balmarrians are known for mainly producing two types of weapons. Turbo-lasers, and their own flavor of battle droids. And we can bet they have kept some of best of both to defend their their planet with.”

“Now the battle droids Balmorrians produce are known as the Hulk class droids. Fortunately, these droids are not that bright. Though, each of these Hulk droids packs enough firepower to give a bit more punch than your standard B2 super battle droid.”

Admiral Denival turned to Rex and Cody, both whom noticed this. He continued, “Though, if you apply the same tactics you do with the B2's you should do fine.”

Rex said, “We will keep that in mind.”

Cody requested, “I would like some more information on these droids? For our men.”

Odus replied, “No problem.” He looked to his assistant, Talia. He turned back to Cody, as he continued, “As soon as this meeting is over. My commander will provide you with any information you require on the matter.”

Cody said, “Thank you sir.”

Admiral Denival stated, “You're welcome.”

Talia turned to Cody and Rex, as she stated, “Officers. We will discuss this matter after meeting concludes.”

Cody and Rex turned Commander Brownstone.

Rex replied, “Yes sir.”

Cody said, “That we will.”

Admiral Denival turned his attention back to the group, as he said, “Except for those two types of weapons. The planet's government has the standard space defense forces, infantry, and armored vehicles for an industrial planet of its population size.” He turned to Thor, then back to the group. He said, “Though, truthfully even without Thor, they are no match for us.”

Thor realized where this was leading, and what her likely part in this plan was. She asked, “Thou guesses thy will handle given cover against the turbo-lasers?”

Admiral Denival turned to Thor. He stated, “Yes. Along with taken out a few key installations where the Hulk battle droids are stored. While we are not sure how your powers work. It seems the electrical storms you can create play havoc with anti-aircraft sensors. And what the turbo-lasers cannot lock on to they cannot fire on.”

“Though, keep the wind and rain to a minimum. We will be using starfighters and bombers in the atmosphere.”

Thor replied, “Yes sir.”

Admiral Denival said, “Balmorra has four moons. We will come out of hyperspace behind Balmorra's largest moon. When we are ready we will to the planet. Those on Balmorra are not expecting an attack. We can use surprise to both overwhelm and defeat them before we get into such a large, bogged down battle which could become a bloodbath on both sides. Besides, we want to take those factories, refineries, and even the mines, in one piece.”

Thor realized subtext of what was no said. She thought, 'But, you say nothing towards the welfare of the civilian populations. That troubles me. Also, I wonder who you plan to have work in those mines, refineries, and factories? And in what conditions the workers will be in? This troubles me further. But, we will get to this in a minute.'

Admiral Denival went onto say, “ Given the invasion will be a surprise attack, I want you to fly in a headhunter starfighter, and land at the spaceport of Bin Prime, the capital of Balmorra. Then, I want you to to stay low, and use your weather abilities from the ground. If you do this correctly, the locals will not be able to realize what is going on until it is too late.”

Thor thought, 'So you want to keep me out of the line of fire. I will give you that one. Still, there are another matters we need to discuss.' Thor responded, “Thy will do my part. Though, are we going to bomb civilian populations? Or just military targets?

Admiral Denival stated, “As I said, we would like to take the industrial complexes in one piece. And given many of these factories are in civilization populations, we do not want to destroy those locations. Though, we should also attempt to take the mines and refineries on the outskirts of civilization on this planet in one piece. Once we have taken control of the planet from this corrupt regime, we will bring order to the planet through use of the Republic military to institute martial law. After we have done this, we can bring the weapons factories of Balmorra up to full production level for the Republic war effort.”

Thor thought, with disgust, 'It sounds like we are replacing a legitimate government with a corrupt regime of our own. You really do not give a damn about the civilian populations. As such, you plan use of the factories without paying for the production. Given other planets we conquered... I disgusted with using that word. But, it fits. The Republic military will be controlling the local population under martial law, and you plan to run the weapons factories at full production. This leads to one conclusion...'

Thor asked, “Whom is going to man the factories? The refineries? And the mines?”

Admiral Denival said, “The local population.”

Thor questioned, “Are we going force the local populations back to the work?

Admiral Denival stated, “The locals will be conscripted to do the jobs they previous did. As they do so, they will housed and fed by us. If they obey they will not be harmed.”

Thor bitterly thought, 'We are not going to pay them and we will force them to work. The Republic resorts to slavery. And you plan to be the military Governor. That makes sense. If I refuse to help, I risk a court-martial. And without my weather abilities for cover, you will bomb the civilian targets, likely killing millions more people. You likely realize this. How did I end up being blackmailed in a way that forces me to use my powers?'

'I am likely now one of the most powerful single individuals in the Galaxy. If I bail on this mission I will become an outlaw, and millions of lives will likely be lost just during the invasion. But, I cannot say a thing, because doing so would only get me in trouble. They might even take me off the mission and the civilian areas will be bombed.'

'As such, I might as well be diplomatic about the situation.”

Thor carefully chose her words, as she said, “Admiral. Thank you for clarifying the situation.”

Admiral Denival responded, “You're welcome, General. And while you will be focusing on your part of our attack on the capital. Bin Prime, and surrounding areas, we will also be attacking other military targets. Once Thor has done her job, we will move in by sending our starfighters squadrons to deal with their starfighter squadrons. Our bomber squadrons to deal will destroy their stationary air defense targets. Then, our infantry and armor transports to take control or destroy of their assigned targets. Depending on if it is an enemy installation, or a industrial complex we wish to keep.”

“As our forced invade the planet, our six Star Destroyer fleet will begin to set up a blockage around Balmorra. We will assign some starfighter squadrons to assist us with the blockade. We do not want the Balmorrians to escape.”

Thor thought, with some bitterness, 'And tell the galaxy what has been done.'

Admiral Denival looked in front of him, at the buttons on his side of the table.

Admiral Denival pushed a few buttons in front of him. The lights suddenly dimmed. The holo-monitor in the center of the table came on to show the a full colored, three dimensional hologram of the planet Balmorra.

Denival pushed a few more buttons and red dots appeared on the planet of Balmorra. Along with several white dots with names of show below the white dots. There were names in standard galactic basic, in white lettering, under each of the white dots. There were far more white dots and names than red dots.

Though, many of the red dots either were set by the white dots, or overlapped the red dots.

Also, the hologram of Balmorra beginning to slowly rotate from left to right, to allow all those at the table to see the various targets that were dotted across the globe.

Thor noticed Bin Prime located on the planet. She thought, “So that is where Bin Prime is located on the planet.'

Admiral Denival looked around the room, as he stated, “The white dots are civil locations. The red dots are primary targets of key areas we will be focusing on hitting first. As you can see, some of the red dots are located in civilian populations, some are located just outside of civilian populations, and a few are set far away from civilian populations. Once we have dealt with the primary targets, we will be focusing on secondary targets.”

Admiral Denival pushed another button on the table. Blue dots appeared on the holographic globe. A few blue dots overlapped some of the red dots and white dots. Though, there are more blue dots than red dots. Even counted together, the red dots and blue dots did not outnumber the white dots and names below the white dots.

Admiral Denival continued, “The blue dots are the secondary targets. And these...”

Admiral Denival pressed another button. Some green dots appeared. There are more green dots than red dots and blue dots. But, the green dots only composed about half the number of white dots and names. The green dots sometimes overlapping with the red dots, blue dots, or white dots.

Admiral Denival said, “The green dots are targets of opportunity. Places we suspect might give us trouble. But, we hope is not the case. With luck, the Balborra government will surrender, or we will take control before we get to these locations.

Thor thought, 'Those green dots are likely where possible business and political interests are located. Along with some of the greens does also being influential individuals and families that might cause problems for those enforcing martial law on the planet's population.'

Admiral Denival stated, “Keep in mind we are the only the first wave. A number of relief personnel are standby. If we run into unexpected trouble we will call them in. Though, their primary job is to oversee the transition period of us taking control of the planet.”

Thor thought, 'Meaning. Along with us forcing millions of people into labor camps, to produce weapons for the Republic. We are going likely go door to door, and round up possible troublemakers and put them, and likely their families, either in prison, or into labor camps with everyone else. I feel like I am going to be sick.'

Admiral Denival said, “We will break down what each of the red and blue dots mean. Where exactly they are located. And what to expect when attacking those areas. Both from a military standpoint, and from potential collateral damage.”

Thor bitterly lamented in thought, 'Meaning civilian lose of life.'

Admiral Denival went onto say, “Afterward, we will do an overview of the locations of the green dots, along with other points of interested that compose some of the white dots. Those included in the primary targets are locations in Bin Prime were we know Hulk droids are being kept.”

Admiral Denival turned to Thor. He stated, “General Thor. You will be give the coordinates of where the battle droids are being kept. I want you to destroy the Hulk droid depots on Bin Prime with your lightning and tornadoes. Use you discretion on this matter.”

Thor turned to Deinval. Thor replied, “Yes sir.”

Admiral Denival said, “Good.” He looked around the table, as he continued, “The other primary targets are mostly military defense installations and weapon depots. Given Balmorra has been invaded several times over the millennia, they have experience on invasions. As such, we need to hit all the primary targets as quickly as possible so they do not have time to organize a challenging defense.”

Admiral Denival went on to give the details of the mission to those present in the room.

Meanwhile, Thor thought, 'I will do my part. But, that does not mean I have to like it.'

During the mission briefing, it took all of Thor's willpower not to make any disparaging remarks concerning the details of the mission. These details included that it would be a few days before the mission took place.

By the time the meeting was over, an hour later, all Thor wanted to do was leave the room and get out of sight of Admiral Odus Denival.

With the mission briefing over, the hologram of Balmorra has been turned off and the lights were set back to normal.

Those present began to get out of their chairs. Rex and Cody went to talk to Talia about various details of the mission which were not covered in the mission briefing.

On the other hand, Thor stood up from her chair, picked up the hammer in her right hand, and she left the room.

Thor headed to her personal quarters. Once she inside her quarters and the door to the hallway slid closed, locking itself, Thor changed back to her normal form.

Thor set the hammer down on a nearby table, on its side. Then, she headed to her bed to rest due to the meeting being so mentally draining.

Later that day Padme talked to Anakin, Ahsoka, and even Obiwan, about the mission. Though, she knew better than to share her opinions on the matter. And they paid her the same respect on the matter.

Padme could tell that none of the four of them were happy with the mission. Still, they had to follow orders, because if they did not, they all realized that other people would take their places. And those people would possibly not car about the welfare of the civilian populations of the planet they were make war on.


A few days later, Jango piloted his space ship, the Slave I, out of hyperspace and into orbit over Balmorra.

Balmorra was an industrial planet. But, not a full city planet. Even after being colonies for several millennial, much of the planet was still uninhabited. Balmorra rich iron ore reserves, clean water, and fertile soil made wonderful locations for industrial complexes.

Unfortunately, Balmorra was located between the Core Worlds and the Colonies.

On the interior side of the Core Worlds was the Deep Core. The exterior side of the Colonies was the Inner Rim. Then, Expansion Region on the outer side of the Inner Rim. Then, the Mid-Rim. And on the outer side of the Mid-Rim was the Outer Rim of the Galaxy.

This location of Balmorra in the Colonies put Balmorra just outside of the protection of the Core Worlds. And over the last ten thousand years, the planet had become a proxy for the major players in almost every galactic war.

As such, the planet never became an ecumenopolis. A city planet.

But, Balmorra had still been a major arms exporter for the galaxy for thousands of year.

Though, this industrialization played havoc with Balmorra's eco-system. Though, the Balmorra population had successfully addressed this issue several times in their past.

Jango sat in a pilot chair in the front part of the cockpit of his ship.

To Jango's right side, was his eleven year old son, Boba, whom was sitting in the co-pilot chair. There were also to empty chairs, attached to the floor, behind the from chairs.

During the time Jango owned the Slave I he had modified the ship a few times. With Boba getting older, Jango had the cockpit of his ship modified to add a few more chairs, so Boba could sit beside Jango, as Jango taught his son how to fly the ship. The other two chairs were to practically in keeping an eye on live bounties they capture.

Jango was dressed in blue shirt, black pants, and black boots. Boba was dressed in a light blue shirt, dark blue pants, and black boots.

While Jango piloted his ship, he turned to Boba, then back to the controls. Jango thought, 'It is nice to have Boba watch me do this so he can learn how to properly fly this ship himself. I always taught him the basics on flying this ship and how to use the weapons systems. He is already a decent pilot. I will teach him more. Though, for right now I do the flying and he will watch.'

Jango turned to look through the cockpit windows, towards the planet Balmorra in the distance. He continued his thoughts, 'Ah, Balmorra. This place brings back memories. Some good. Some bad. But, all were interesting. The planet is slightly polluted, with some dusty plains. But, there is still some forests and wildlife on the planet. Though, I would not recommend swimming in the oceans of Balmorra.'

'Also, the landscapes offer a nice contrast between the mountains and plains.'

'The planet's inhabitants have gone through cycles of industrialization and nearly toxifying the planet. With the Balmorrians then scaling back and cleaning up their planet. Only for the cycle to repeat itself.'

'The industrial eras begin during the lead up and duration of major galactic wars. While the clean up happens after the end of each galactic war.'

'Given that there has been nearly a thousand years of peace since the Russan Reformation, even with the factories on the planet which are presently in use, the planet is still fairly clean by most standards of galactic civilization.'

'I am glad that I checked to find that my contact in the Balmorra government is still alive after the last time I had to use him to land on this rock. The codes he already sent me should make it easy for us to get onto the planet and get off the planet without a problem.'

Jango thoughts were pulled back to the present, as Boba asked, “Is this Balmorra?”

Jango turned to see Boba looked out the window towards the planet. Jango answered, “Yes. Now, we need to suit up. Then, we will head down to the planet. It is always wise to arrive in a manner you are prepared for anything.”

Boba turned to his look at his father. He replied, “Father. I will keep that in mind.” Then, Boba got up from his chair and headed towards the back of the ship.

Jango turned back to the cockpit controls in front of him. He set the autopilot on his ship, to put the Slave I into a stable orbit around Balmorra, without hitting anything in space. Then, he get out of his chair and he headed towards the back of the ship.

Unfortunately, Jango's sensors did not detect the fleet of six Republic Star Destroyers which had just exited hyperspace behind the largest moon that orbited Balmorra.


A few hours later, after Jango and Boba got ready for the job, Jango Fett piloted the Slave I down to the spaceport on Bin Prime.

Given Jango already had a contact in the Balmorra government receiving clearance to land at the Bin Prime spaceport had not been difficult.

As soon as the ship had landed and the engines has been shut down, the ramp in the back of the ship lower to the tarmac below. After which the door in back of the ship slid open.

Jango was first to walk out of the ship, and down the ramp. He was followed by his son, Boba.

Both of them were in their mandolarian armor, with their helmets on. Their suits had internal weapons, along with each of them having two holstered blaster pistols. The pistols on both sets of armor were holstered on the outer sides of their thigh armor. Each holsters was tied to the belts of the armor and tied around the thigh armor.

In addition to other equipment, Jango was carrying his jetpack on the back of his suit. Boba was not wearing a jetpack.

While Jango walked down the ramp, he noticed from the angle of the sun in the sky that it was early afternoon, local time. On a warm, sunny day.

When both father and son made it to the bottom of the ramp, to stand on the tarmac, Jango used the hidden panel on the back of the ship to close the door to the ship, and retract the ramp.

Once the ship was locked, Jango leaned up and turned to his son, whom was standing a meter from him, with Boba facing him.

Jango used his helmet's internal encrypted communication system, with microphone and speakers, to ask his son, “Is everything alright with your suit?”

Boba answered, though the internal encrypted comlink of his helmet, “Father. Everything is alright on my end.”

Jango could tell that something was off in Boba's voice. He inquired, “Is there anything you wish to state before we being this hunt?”

Boba stated, “I would prefer to have a rifle, over a pistol. But, other than that I am fine.”

Jango commented, “Sometimes this job requires subtlety.”

Boba pointed out, “There is not much subtlety in wearing full mandolarian armor in public.”

Jango thought, 'He has a point.' Jango conceded, “That is true, my son. But, having a rifle would cause even more questions to be asked. While in many cases holstered pistols would be fine. We are trying to do this job in a low key fashion. As long as we do not look for trouble, and stay on schedule, this current job should be a milk run for us.”

Boba said, “That is usually when things go sideways.”

Jango responded, “True. That is sometimes the case. But not most of the time.”

Boba questioned, “Do we need to rent a speeder?”

Jango stated, “No. The target is only a few kilometers from here. And we could use the walk for you to get use to moving around in your armor.”

Boba asked, “Okay. So where exactly is the target?”

Jango answered, “Our client stated the target should be in his home. Which according to the map I looked up, the target is this way.”

Jango turned and started walking in a direction that took them out of the spaceport, and to the city proper.

Boba followed close behind his father, as they headed for their target's home.

Though, there was a brown, grassy field between the spaceport and the city.


Half an hour later, Thor sat in the cockpit of the Republic Z-95 headhunter starfighter she had been issued, as she came in for a landing at Bin Prime spaceport.

While Thor sat in her cockpit chair, she head on her armor, helmet, with the Black Solace sheathed in its scabbard, strapped to her back. The hammer was placed behind her seat. She was not strapped into her seat.

Thor flew her starfighter to a hovering stop over the area of the tarmac that has been assigned to her.

Thor extended the landing gear and hovered to the ground. After she felt the land gear gently hit the ground, she started to shut down the engines to her ship.

Once the engines where shut off, Thor opened the canopy to her starfighter.

Thor breathed in the fresh air. She felt relief, as she thought, 'It is pleasantly odd that this time I was able to land and not have to worry about ditching my starfighter in midair. When I do so I always worry I might end up hitting civilians with starfighter. Though, from what I understand the starfighters I use for such mission are usually taken out by anti-aircraft fire before they hit the ground.'

'Though, I am also happy I am not made to pay for these starfighters.'

'Also, I am glad Anakin helps me check the starfighters out before I fly them. He sometimes notices things that even the technicians working on them occasionally miss. He is such a helpful boyfriend. We really do need to figure out how to get away from the fighting and go on a date, without getting caught... Still, I need to get down to business and accomplish my part of this mission.'

'With the codes I was given by the military, I had no problems getting clearance from Bin Prime spaceport for the landing. Now...'

Thor sighed, as she mentally lamented, with bitterness, 'Now, to go out there and do the mission before I make myself sick from thinking about what is about to happen.'

Thor pushed the canopy wide open. She stood up, and turned around to pull out the hammer.

As soon as she had the hammer in her right hand, she used it to fly up, and way from the starfighter she had piloted.

A few seconds later, the ship's cockpit sensors detecting the pilot had left and it automatically closed the canopy.

Thor stayed around thirty meters in the air as she flew towards the city proper. Though, with her enhanced vision she noticed another ship parked among the many ships the tarmac of the spaceport.

This was a very familiar ship to Thor. A ship she knew on sight from the pictures she had seen of it in government reports.

Thor came to a stop, in the air, as she looked at the ship. Her lips curled into a wicked grin, as she thought, 'Oh. I recognize this ship. And I know who it belongs to. This is going to be fun. Though, I better let Obiwan and Anakin know what is going on. But, I won't give them all the details.'

Thor had a comlink earpiece on her right ear, under her helmet. The comlink was turned on and set to an encrypted channel for the mission. Thor stated, “This is General Thor requesting to speak to General Kenobi and General Skywalker.”

A few seconds later, Thor heard Obiwan's voice say over her earpiece, “Go ahead.”

Thor stated, “Thy believes thee has found someone on the Republic target list. High priority.”

Obiwan asked, “Which target?”

Thor thought, 'If you knew who it was, you would forbid me found going after him. With you saying that I was too close to the matter. And you would send someone else. But, I really need to make him pay before for what he did to me. I know just the excuse to use.'

Thor commented, “Thy would prefer not to say on an open channel. Thy might be wrong.”

Obiwan inquired, “Will confronting this target effect your mission?”

Thor replied, “No.” She thought, 'And that is the truth. I can do both.'

Obiwan said, “Then see to it.”

Over the communication earpiece, Thor heard Anakin say, “Happy hunting.”

Thor replied, “Thank you.”

Thor flew up higher, just over the spaceport, so she could use her enhanced sight to search the area for her target. As she did so, she thought, 'If I am lucky, you just arrived here and I can find you without a problem.'

A few seconds later, Thor spotted her target in the center of an open, brown, grassy field, just outside of the spaceport, between the spaceport and the city proper.

Thor lips curled into a smirk, as she thought, 'There you are. And you are not alone. I am going to enjoy confronting you. And I know just how to do.' Thor's smirk turned into a wicked grin. She continued her thoughts, 'It is time for you to learn what it is like to be afraid and be powerless against those that bring you fear.'

Thor flew towards her target, as she began to use her weather powers, for both her mission, and her personal reasons.


Meanwhile, Jango and Boba made it passed the spaceport, and they were walking across a brown, grassy field, towards the area of the city where their target's home was located.

The grassy field a little over a kilometer in diameter. The grassy field was surrounded by large buildings in the distance.

They had made it to the middle of the grass field when Jango noticed the skies suddenly darken in black clouds.

Jango felt dread, as he thought, 'Something is not right. Before coming to Bin Prime I checked the weather report. It was suppose to be sunny all day. This is not natural.'

Over their internal comlink, Jango ordered, “Boba. I want you to stop. And not do anything without my say so.”

Over their communications, Boba replied, “Yes sir.”

Jango stopped. Boba stopping a meter and a half behind his father, behind his father, to his father's right side.

Both of them stood in place as Jango continued to look around.

By then, the wind was beginning to whip up, and the only daylight were from beyond the edges in the cloud cover in the horizon.

The only light was from the horizon, the lights from buildings in the distance, and from the lightning from the clouds.

Though, Jango noticed that none of the lightning had touched the ground, and there was no rain.

Jango realized, as he thought, with a bit of fear, 'This is just like the dream. Only with one difference.' He turned around to look at Boba, as he continued his thoughts, with worry, 'My son. We have got to get out of here.'

But, when Jango looked back in front of him, he saw Thor, with her hammer in her right hand, hovering in front of Boba and himself. Thor was about fifteen meters from them and ten meters in the air.

Jango thought, with concern and growing fear which he forced himself to contain, 'Too late, She must have flown over us. And she waited until I turned to look at my son for her to appear in front of us. I guess when one can fly without an engine, one can be very quiet.'

Thor hovered in place, as she smirked under her helmet. She looked at them. She commented, in an arrogant tone of voice, “If it is not Jango Fett and his runt.” She thought, 'I admit. I am having way too much fun doing this.'

While Jango kept his eyes on Thor, he stated into his microphone, which was still set to just speak to Boba, and not use the outside helmet speakers, “Boba do not react to her insults.”

Boba did as his father had ordered to do as he maintained his position.

Jango kept looking up at Thor. Jango used the heads up display on the internal visor of his helmet, which was directed by his eyes, to set his helmet to have its external speakers on. He put as much bravado and firmness into his tone of voice as he could muster, as he asked, “What do you want?”

Thor laughed for a few seconds.

The wind picked up a little more, with lightning and thunder coming from the clouds being more frequent. But, none of the lightning hit the ground and there was still no rain.

Thor stated, “Thy still has business with thee.”

Jango inquired, “What business?”

Thor smirked, as she warned, “Do not play coy. Bounty Hunter. Killer. Murderer. Jango Fett. I know you both know who I am. And what this business is about.”

Jango admitted, “Yes. I know who you are. And this is about my contract against you.”

Thor said, “Yes. Thy has not forgotten.” Thor all but growled, as she continued, “And thou lost friends because of you.”

Jango thought, 'I guess it would be too much to hope you had forgotten.'

Jango responded, “We have all lost loved ones in this life. But like all things it is best to live in the here and now. When it comes to you, I fulfilled my contract the moment you were captured. And the reason I was in the arena was that I was assigned bodyguard work during that entire situation. I had no intention of coming after you. Then. Now. Nor ever again.”

Thor stated, “Thou realizes this. Which is why thy is talking to you, instead of arresting you and your son.”

Jango thought, 'I cannot fight my way out of this.' Jango requested, in the most sincere tone of voice as he could bring forth, “Please do not harm my son. Please let him go. It is me you want. Not him.”

Thor dropped her smirk, as she thought, 'This is not the response I was expecting.'

Thor said, “Thou have no interest in your son.”

Boba turned on his external speakers, as he pleaded, “Do not hurt my dad!”

Jango felt dread as he saw Thor turned her attention towards Boba.

Thor said, to Boba, “Your dad has done horrible things.”

Boba countered, “And you have done horrible things as well. We have been paying attention to what you have done.”

Thor commented, “I have brought near bloodless victories for the Republic.”

Boba flatly stated, “And in doing so you have enslaved worlds. It is clear that this world is next.”

Thor was stunned by what Boba had accused her of. Thor said, “I do not enslave worlds. I save lives.” She thought, with doubt, 'Don't I?'

Jango risked a look at his son, to his right and behind himself. Then, he he looked back up at Thor. He thought, 'I do not know what you are playing at son. I hope your plan works. If she tries to hit you with lightning, I will protect you with my body. Our suits are suppose to be insulated against electrical attacks. Though, I am not sure that is even enough against her lightning attacks.'

Boba commented, “Almost all the worlds you helped to conquer for the Republic martial law declared, and the governments were replaced by political puppets appointed by the Chancellor. A garrison of troopers stationed to control of the populations of each of those planets.”

“You do not save lives. You enslave them.”

“There have been reports that the populations of many of those worlds have been enslaved into forced labor camps. Given the type of world Balmorra is, can you not say the same will not happen here, very soon?”

Thor realized, as she thought, 'Well he has me in a corner. For a child, he is well informed. But, given whom his father is, I should expect nothing less.'

Thor lowed down where she was standing on the ground, eight meters from them. She held her hammer in her right hand, to her right side.

Thor looked away, as she admitted, “I cannot.” Then, she looked back at Boba and Jango. She thought, 'I have to ask.' She inquired, “What will happen to your son, if I arrest you?”

Jango stated, “What happens to all children orphaned by war? Some die. Some survive. But, they all lose a part of themselves. An important part of themselves. I lost my parents and my sister when I was a child. I know what I am talking about.” He thought, 'I am not going to let you know about Aurra. And should something happen to me, I already have a preset recording for Boba on our ship and in his helmet.'

Thor thought, 'This explains a lot about you.'

Thor commented, “Thy was not aware of that.”

Boba stated, with a bit of anger in his voice, “Thor, I promise you. I will free my father from you. And if something happens my dad. I do not care how powerful you. I will find a way to kill you.”

Jango turned around face his son. He stated, with the external speaks on, so Thor could hear him, “Boba! No! You will not. Revenge will not bring profit. Revenge only brings death.”

Jango turned back to face Thor.

Thor turned to Boba. Thor said, “Listen to your father.” Thor thought, 'I need to know something.' She requested, “Take off your helmet. I want to see your faces. I want to see your eyes.”

Jango ordered, “Boba. Do as she says.”

Thor watched as Jango and Boba used their hands to remove their helmets.

Thor looked at the faces of the father and son.

While she could see the resemblance between them, for the obvious reason of Boba being a clone of Jango, she also could tell several other things by looking at their a faces and eyes.

While Jango's face was unreadable, she saw fear in his eyes.

Thor thought, 'At least Jango understands the seriousness of the situation.'

Then, Thor looked at Boba. She saw that Boba's face was almost a sneer towards her. And she saw a fierceness determination and stubbornness in Boba's eyes.

Thor thought, 'This boy will be trouble if I leave him be. But if I try to arrest him, Jango will fight me, even when he clearly knows he cannot win. And this can only end in tears, with Jango probably fighting to his dying breath to protect his son. And in the end the boy will either end up in prison, or dead. If the boy escapes, he will likely try to make good on his promise. I have had enough death marks already to last a hundred lifetimes. I do not need another one. Especially from a child. And from a death mark I can avoid.'

'And even if I can take them both alive, should either of them are interrogated by Republic personnel, there is a good chance that my secret identity will become more widely know. So, I need to handle this is a better way. And I know just how to do so.'

Thor asked, “Well, Boba is it?...”

Boba answered, “Yes.”

Thor stated, “Well Boba, thee strikes thou as someone who would make good on their promise.” She looked down at her hammer, as she continued, “But part of having and using this power is being worthy.”

Thor continued to look at her hammer, as she thought, 'I have to be better than them.'

Thor turned back to Boba. She said, “So killing you is out of the question.”

Thor noticed that Jango face and eyes relaxed a little. But, Boba's face and eyes remained the same.

Thor focused on both Jango and Boba, as she went onto say, “So, thou guesses thy will likely be let thee go on two conditions.”

Jango swiftly requested, “Name your terms.”

Thor sternly said, “No more assassination missions.”

Jango quickly stated, “Deal.”

Thor looked over at Boba. Then, she turned to Jango. She ordered, “And raise him to be an honorable man.”

Jango said, “Deal.”

Thor commanded, in a firm tone of voice, “Go. Before thou changes thy mind.” With mixed feelings, Thor thought, 'I know I am going to regret this later. But this feels like the right thing to do.'

Jango turned his son. He ordered, “Head back to the ship as quickly as you can.” Jango thought, “I could use my jetpack. But, I will not abandon my son.'

Thor watched as Jango and Boba put their helmets back on, as they turned away from her. Jango and Boba then ran back towards the spaceport.

Jango and Boba showed not signs of trouble running while wearing their armor.

Thor smiled, as she chuckled a little. Thor though, 'I find it funny seeing a person some considered the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy turn tail and run away from me. And in front of his son. I will watch them for another minute, then I will continue with my primary mission. In my report after the battle, I will not name the target I mentioned to Obiwan. And I will state I could not find the target and the target escaped.'

Thor watched Jango and Boba run for a minute. Then, she used Mjolnir to fly into the sky, as she turn around, and headed into the capital city of Bin Prime to continue her mission for the Republic military.


Meanwhile, as Jango and Boba continued to run towards the spaceport, Jango set his communication to only speak to Boba. He ordered, “Set your helmet to privacy mode.”

Over this encrypted internal comlink system, Boba replied, “Done father.”

Jango said, “Good.”

Boba mentioned, “Father. I am not disappointed with you. We did what we had to do.”

Boba words made Jango feel better. Jango replied, “I am glad you understand.”

Just then they saw a squadron of Republic starfighters do a fly by over them, as they headed into the city of Bin Prime.

Jango thought, 'We do not have much time. But we still have time.'

Jango inquired, “Son. Do you remember your lessons on being cunning?”

Boba answered, “Yes.”

Jango complimented, “You just pass your lessons on that. We would have not gotten out of there if not for what you said to her.”

Boba said, with happiness in his tone of voice, “Thank you, father. I just read the situation and used the knowledge we on her against her.”

Jango stated, “And you did a good job of it.”

Jango risked a peak behind him. He saw Thor had left. He turned back to look in front of himself. He thought, 'Good she is gone. Now to take care of business. Though, I will make sure that she is gone. An extra minute will not hurt.'

Jango ordered, “Now I want us to continue running for another minute. Then, I will turn back and head to our target. Our timetable has been moved up. But, we still have time. I want you go back to the ship and await my signal for an emergency pickup.”

Boba says, “Yes father.”

Jango commented, “Also, do a ground level fly over with the ship. The open air is too dangerous right now.” He thought, 'I really need to teach you more about dogfighing.' He continued, “After you pick us up. I will fly us off the planet.”

Boba inquired, “Yes father. How long should I expect to hear from your signal?”

Jango thought, 'That is a good question. And considering only I can get us off this planet, I will have to rely on you as a plan B for me.' He answered, “I should be there in fifteen minutes. I want you to use the emergency located beacon system I have one my suit to come. I will use it to inform you to come up pick the target and myself. If I have not used the beacon system within half an hour use it to find me.”

Jango thought, 'The Republic will be monitoring communication transmissions. But, a beacon system usually is ignored by the Republic and mistaken as part of a ecological beacon system to warn ships of dangerous environment hazards on the ground.'

Boba replied, “I understand.”

Jango stated, “Good. Now let us finish this hunt.” He thought, 'By using my jetpack, I will be there ten minutes.'

A few seconds later, Jango turned back around and ran towards the city proper, as Boba kept running for the spaceport, and their ship, the Slave I.

Jango then used his jetpack to quickly travel across the grassy field and to the city proper. Though, he had to fly lower to avoid the Republic starfighters, and this meant he had to go at a slower speed, as he flew close to the ground.


Ten minutes later later, Jango used his jetpack to fly through the streets to the address he has been looking for. The building was a small, one story building, surrounded by larger, taller buildings.

By the time Jango reached the home the air raid sirens had started blaring, and the streets had quickly emptied. Even the speeder vehicles were gone.

Jango landed by the front door of the building.

Jango thought, 'When it comes to invasions, the proper time to get someone is when everyone is going to ground. So they cannot react. And the invaders and defenders have yet to fully commit to the fighting. The trick is to get out quick enough not to get noticed. As such, Boba and I are under tight time constraints.'

'I know the Republic likes to invade a planet before they have fully established a blockade around the planet they are invading. This is a major tactical mistake on their part and a mistake I do enjoy exploiting.'

Jango turned his attention to the building the target was suppose to be inside of. Jango through, 'This building has only one floor. The ground floor. And by all reports the target is not a fighter. He is an accountant.'

As Jango walked to the front door, he used his right hand to pull out the blaster pistol that was holstered in his right outer thigh armor.

When Jango reached the door, he found the front door was a simple knot door, and not a sliding mechanical door.

Jango thought, “When remodeling a building, it is simpler and cheaper to add a manual door than an automatic door.'

Jango used his left hand to open the knob to the door. He found the door was unlocked. He thought, 'I hope he did not flee. We do not have time for hide and seek.'

Jango opened the door and he looked inside. He saw no one in the front living room.

Jango turned the external speaks to his helmet on. He loudly announced himself, “Eric. I am not hear to hurt you. You're older brother, Bennett hired me to rescue you.”

Jango thought, 'I do enjoy these simple pick up runs. The target is usually cooperative. Once they realize I am hear to help them. Both Boba and I already knew the Republic was invading Balmorra. The client informed me of this coming invasion. The client learned of the Republic invasion from a source he has in the Republic military.'

'The reason the client hired me was that if he tried to use an open holo-comm to warn his brother it could expose him as knowing classified information. And in a time of war, that could be viewed as treason. So, the client quietly got in touch with me and hired me to come get his brother. And the client is paying very will for me to fetch his brother. There is even a bonus for me to bring the target in unharmed and on schedule.'

'Yesterday, I informed Boba that the Republic was going to invade this planet. Though, the invasion is sooner than I expected.'

'The client and I both thought the invasion was not until next week. It is not either of our fault that the Republic military moved their timetable up.'

A few seconds later, a tan skin, middle-aged human man, with short brown hair, walked out of a back room. The man wore a nice blue business suit with black dress shoes. The man came to a stop across the room from Jango.

Jango did not point his gun directly at the man, but he kept it ready in case something did happen.

The man asked, “My brother Bennett sent you to come find me?”

Jango answered, “Yes Eric. Your older brother Bennett hired me to find you and get you off world.”

Eric responded, “Bennett always has been a caring brother. I heard a rumor about the coming invasion. I was still trying to come up with the credits to leave. I figured it we a few more weeks until the invasion. And that the invaders would be the Separatists, and not the Republic.”

Jango thought, 'I guess the Republic military has more leaks than I thought.'

Jango commented, “A military invasion is a military invasion. Are you ready to leave?”

Eric replied, “I can leave right now with the clothes on my back. My items are just stuff. I can replace them.”

Under his helmet Jango smiled at the man proper sense of priorities. Jango thought, 'It is not to deal with someone whom understands what is really important in life.'

Eric inquired, “When do we leave?”

Jango answered, “As soon as our pick up arrives.”

Then, Jango used his left hand to press a button on his right gauntlet which sent a repeating beacon homing signal for Boba on the Slave I to alert Boba to come bring the ship to pick up him up.


Ten minutes later, Jango was standing inside the home, by the front door. Further inside the room, Eric stood a few meters behind Jango.

Jango kept his blaster pistol in his right hand at the ready.

Jango watched as his son flew the Slave I low to the ground, on the empty street.

Less than a minute later, the Slave I hovered in front of the home, and landed on the street, with the back of the ship facing Jango and the home. Though, Boba kept the engines of the ship running.

The ramp of the ship extended to the ground, and door to the ship slid open.

Jango turned back towards Eric. He stated, “Come on.”

Eric walked passed Jango. Eric walked outside, up the ramp, and into the ship.

Jango followed right behind Eric, with his blaster pistol at the ready. He used his left hand to pull the front door of the home closed behind himself.

When they reached the inside of the ship, Jango pressed a button a panel by the door to retract the ramp and close the door to the outside.

Jango turned to Eric. He warned him, “If you try anything. I will have to kill you.”

Eric turned to Jango. Eric stated, “I would not dream of it.”

Jango responded, “Good. Now head with me to the cockpit. You are going to seat across from me. And my son will be sitting behind you. You will be sitting on the front right seat. If you try anything. One of us will kill you. Do you understand?”

Eric answered, “Yes.”

Jango said, “Good. Now head to the cockpit.”

Eric turned and walked to the cockpit, with Jango behind him.

A few seconds later, when they reached the cockpit, Boba noticed was still in his armor and helmet. He noticed the two men. He got up from his seat.

Jango holstered the pistol in his right hand, as he turned to his son. He stated, with the external speakers on for Eric's benefit, “Boba. I want you to sit behind this man. Keep an eye on him while I fly us out of here.”

Through the internal comlink system, Boba said, “Yes sir.”

Jango turned to Eric. He said, “Strap in. This is going to be a bumpy ride.”

The three adults got into their seast. Jango got into the seat on the front left side. Eric got into the seat to Jango's right side. And Boba got into the seat behind Eric.

After they were all strapped in, Jango flew the Slave I up into space. Them soon made it off the planet, passed the Republic ships, and into hyperspace, before the Republic military had fully established their blockade around the planet of Balmorra.

They were not the only ships to make it through the blockade. Given the Republic was invading Balmorra, most of the other ships headed for Separatists controlled space.


A day later, Jango dropped off Eric off with his brother, Bennett. Given Eric was unharmed. Jango was paid for the bounty and for a bonus for bringing Eric back unharmed and on schedule.

Afterward, Jango and Boba used the Slave I to leave the planet they were meeting on.

Jango planned to spend some time with his son, Boba.

That the night after Jango dropped off Eric was the first time in a long while that Jango slept soundly, without any nightmares.


Meanwhile, during the initial invasion of Balmorra by the Republic military, Thor used her weather powers to complete her mission of providing cover for the invasion, while also using lightning and tornadoes to destroy a few locations where large groups of Balmorrian Hulk droids which were kept in warehouses within the capital city of Bin Prime.

While Thor was not present in a few of those locations, with her enhanced sight, while flying in the air, she could see those locations in the distance. She controlled the weather enough to where she could minimize collateral damage around the targets, and prevent possible injury and death towards the surrounding civilize populations.

Fortunately, due to Thor's involvement there were no serious problems with the invasion. There were only minimal causalities and no civilian massacres on the ground.

The Balmorrian government soon surrendered to the Republic forces.

Casualties were light for both sides of the battle. Though, the same could not be said for those in the air and in space.

Soon after the battle was over, Thor confirmed that her friends, Anakin, Ahsoka, Obiwan, Rex, and Cody, were not injured in battle and they were okay.


A few days later, the initial part of the invasion of the planet of Balmorra has been completed.

The local government has been deposed, with the political leaders surrendering, and the Republic military assuming control of the planet and the populations on the planet. Though, the official announcement for the planetary governor had yet to be made.

Soon after the beginning of the invasion of Balmorra the blockade around the planet has been completed. This prevent anyone coming onto the planet, or leaving the planet, without permission by the Republic military.

Those ships that came into the system were ordered to leave the system and enter hyperspace or be destroyed. Those ships that tried to run the blockade were shot down.

Any ships that attempted to do warned by Republic forces to surrender and land at designated coordinates set by the Republic military. Those ships that did not obey were swiftly shot down.

Many refugee ships, filled civilian men, women and children, tried to escape Balmorra. Those ships ignored the orders of the Republic military to land. Once the warnings were ignored, the ships were immediately shot down by Republic naval forces, without any warnings given to the civilian ships.

Those on board the ships that were shot down were killed when their ships exploded in midair, or in space.

Though, none of the war crimes of massacring civilians were reported by the news media. Instead, the press lied and stated that the Republic was liberating Balmorra from the Separatists.

Within a few days of the invasions, Republic relief ships arrived to relieve the troops and personnel. This included relieving military personnel among the 212th battalion, and the 501st battalion.

Those two battalions, along with their equipment and vehicles returned to the Republic Star Destroyers they were assigned to. The 212th battalion left of the Negotiator. And the 501st battalion left on the Resolute.

Resolute and Negotiator landed on the planet to pick up their personnel and equipment.

Though, before the Resolute and Negotiator left Balmorra, the members of both crews held simple funeral services for their dead comrades.

The number of injured and dead were not many for the two crews. But, the crews still ordered the few whom did die in the invasion of Balmorra.

The dead were buried in simple graves with a single stone marker places at their burial sight to state whom had fallen in battle. Both the dead clones' designation numbers and their nicknames were placed side by side on the large engrave metal plaque. The metal plaque listed the designations in numerical order in a single column.

Once the services were complete the two crews left on their ships for Balmorra's orbit.

The command personnel and other personnel of those two battalions left on the Resolute. This included General Kenobi, General Skywalker, General Thor, Padawan Tano, Commander Cody, and Captain Rex.

When the Resolute and Negotiator reached orbit around Balmorra they flew in tandem with each other. The Resolute was in front of the Negotiator. The two ships left for hyperspace for their next assignment.

Meanwhile, the new personal were presently going across the globe, from city to city, door to door, rounding up all the civilians, by the millions, and separating them. Most of the civilian adults and teenagers went to labor camps that were currently being set up to run the mines, refineries and factories, or build more mines, refineries, and factories.

The children were taken to reeducation centers to be indoctrinated in Republic propaganda.

Though, a number of known political and influential members of Balmorra were taken away. Some of these individuals were sent to off world prisons. And some of these individuals where just executed on sight by the Republic troopers.

All the wealth and assets held by the civilian population being seized by the Republic military.

All of this was done by the Republic military under the justification of funding and the supporting the war effort. The Republic used the actions of a few Balmorra to be justification to declare nearly the entire Balmorrian population guilty of treason against the Republic.

Those Balmorrian citizens whom were not on the planet at the time of the invasion were declared fugitives by the Republic government. If the Balmorrians were caught by Republic forces, they were arrested and imprisoned without trial. In addition, the Republic government seized their property and other assets, such as bank accounts and spaceships.

The only Balmorrian citizens whom were not declared fugitives were those wealthy families living in the Core Worlds whom were well connected with the Galactic Senate.

All these crimes would later become known as the Balmorrian Massacre.

Though, this was the standard operating procedure for when the Republic military took over a planet. The news media was directed by the Republic government to spread lies that the Republic military were fighting for freedom when the Republic military was really fighting to enslave the local populations of one planet at a time.

The exceptions to these political purges were those families that were politically or economically well connected to the Galactic Senate. Or, if the planet or moon's population was too small and there were no economic reasons that made doing so worth the task.

Though, a number of Balmorrians that were off world at the time invasions. And many of those Balmorrian citizens were able to flee to the Separatists. But barring a few exceptions the Separatists were mostly not to kind to the Balmorrian refugees either.

To make matters worse, Neutrality Alliance could not protect Balmorrians that fled to them, because the Republic would declare them to be harboring and aiding fugitives. Providing shelter to the Balmorrians would be used as pretext to for the Republic to invade them, as well.

But as a people the Balmorrians were many things, including survivors, and they would endure.


It has been a week after Balmorra. The Resolute and Negotiator were in orbit around the wealthy Republic planet of Fedalle. Fedalle was located on the eastern side of the Core Worlds. Fedalle was located north Hydian Way hyper-route of where the Trellen Trade Route met the Hydian Way hyper-route at the core world of Trellen.

While the Trellen Trade Route lead directly out of the Core Worlds to the Colonies, the Hydian Way hyper-route snaked down the eastern side of the Core Worlds in parallel with the Corellian Run hyper-route which was deeper inside the Core Worlds.

Though, unlike the Corellian Run which stretched from Coruscant in the north Core Worlds to the southeastern edge of the Outer Rim. The Hydian Way hyper-route went from the northeast corner of the Galaxy where the Separatists held power to the very southern edge of the galaxy on the Outer Rim.

The Hydian Way and Corellian Run hyper-routes cross paths at the city planet of Denon in the southeastern part of the Inner Rim.

The Resolute and Negotiator were being refueled and resupplied by a nearby Republic military spacestation in orbit around Fedalle.

On board the Resolute, things had mostly returned to normal.

Presently, the schedule rotation on the Resolute was early afternoon, just after lunch.

At the moment, inside the Resolute, Padme was walking down the hallway to Obiwan's office.

Padme was still slightly troubled by what happened on Balmorra and her actions during the matter. Though, this dealt more with her worries over what would next happen to the civilian population of the Balmorra, and less to do with letting the Fett family go. But, Padme kept her opinions on the matter to herself.

A few minutes ago, Obiwan has contacted her in her private quarters and requested she come see him, in a few minutes. Though, he requests she do so in her normal form, and without her hammer.

Padme did not think much of the request, as she casually headed through the hallways of the ship to Obiwan's office. Padme had been to Obiwan's office a few times before and she had no problems finding the office on the Resolute.

Padme was wearing a blue short sleeve blouse, dark blue pants, and blue slippers. Padme let her long brown hair hand loose down her back.

Fortunately, she has been on board the Resolute long enough that those crew members she passed by gave her no real attention. She had walked about the Resolute a few times before and the crew knew she was Republic dignitary whom was stationed on the ship. But, most of the crew did not know who she was.

When Padme reached the door to the Obiwan's office, she used the code that she has been given by Obiwan on the numerical pad on panel by the door.

A second after finishing putting in the code, the computer to the door accepted the code and the door slid open.

When Padme looked into the room, she noticed the room was mostly dark, except for some dim lighting from the walls and ceiling near the back of the room where Obiwan was located.

The room was fairly large, square room.

In the back of the room was a large, rectangular black desk with the long side of the desk facing Padme. There was a black leather armchair behind the other long side of the desk. There were no chairs in front of the desk.

And Obiwan was sitting in the chair behind the desk. Obiwan was in his usual clothing and Jedi robe.

From Padme's vantage point, she could not see if Obiwan has his lightsaber holstered on his belt.

Behind the chair was the large window. Outside the window Padme saw Negotiator which was near the Resolute, supply ships coming and going from the Resolute and Negotiator, the nearby Republic military spacestation the Resolute and Negotiator were receiving fuel and supplies from by the supply ships, and the planet Fedalle in the distance.

There was some light coming through the window, into the room, from the ships outside. Though, it was still fairly dark near the entrance to the office where Padme was standing.

As Padme walked inside the room, she thought, 'This is odd. Obiwan usually keeps lights normally bright in his office. Though, I do not have to worry about hitting anything on the floor. When it comes to decorating Obiwan prefer an austere approach. This includes him not having chairs for his guests. He prefers his guests to remain standing.'

The door soon slid shut behind Padme.

As Padme made her wait across the room, she saw Obiwan looking at her. She noticed Obiwan had a slightly stern look to his face.

Padme saw that Obiwan's robe was so close to his body that she could not tell if Obiwan had his lightsaber holstered on his belt.

Padme thought, with concern, 'Oh no. I know that look. He is not happy. Well, I might as well deal the matter right now, than wait for the matter to get worse later on. Still, I will put up my mental defenses. Just in case.'

Padme put up her mental defenses to high her emotions and thoughts from being sensed through the force.

A few seconds later, Padme came to a stop in front of Obiwan's desk. Both Padme and Obiwan look at each other.

Padme asked, “You wanted to see me?”

Obiwan maintained his stern look, as he calmly said, in an even tone of voice, “Yes. I have been going over and reviewing records of the battle at Balmorra. I found the recording of your meeting with bounty hunter Jango Fett and his son Boba Fett. I want an explanation for your actions.” He continued, in a slightly angry tone of voice, “And I want that explanation, right now.”

Padme could not help but stiffen her body, as she realized she has been found out.

Padme noticed Obiwan's facial reaction, that he saw her stiffen. Padme thought, 'Damn. I sometimes forget that my earpiece comlink is an open microphone. I knew I was going to regret letting them go. I knew was going to get in trouble someday for what I did. Though, I did not expect to be caught so soon. I did not mention the Fetts in my mission report. And I lied in my report. I stated that I could not find the high priority target and the target escaped. I did not name the target. I am sure you will noticed that. And it makes since to avoid a possible fight that you want me to meet with you in my normal form, without Mjolnir. Still, I have no good excuses for my actions. I might as well face up to my actions.'

Padme stated, “I have no good excuses for my actions.”

Obiwan calmly responded, “I thought as much. You allowed a war criminal to escape. You had the authority to arrest both of them. Yet, you let someone who tried to kill you go free because you are worried about your identity. You used his child as an excuse to do so. I realize he was in the arena on Geonosis when the hammer dropped. So, he would know who you are. Now, am I correct?”

Padme admitted, “Yes. You are partly correct. Besides the risk to my identity, I let Jango go for his son, Boba, because I did not want another death mark on my head that I could avoid. I did not want to send that boy on a path of revenge that would hurt everyone involved.”

Obiwan questioned, “I can undestand your reasoning. But, that is still no excuse for your actions. Nor does this excuse you actions before hand when you willing neglected to inform us that it was Jango Fett whom was the high priority target. You knew beforehand if I had known it was Jango you were going after, I would have ordered you not to go after him? And I would have sent someone else to go get him?”

Padme said, “Yes.”

Obiwan inquired, “You knowingly withheld information from me? Both at the time, and in your after mission report? Yes. I noticed that glaring omission of not naming Jango and Boba in you report. With you lying in your report. You stated in your report that you could not find the high prioty stating the target escaped. You lied multiple times during this incident. Including directly lying to me.”

Padme viably cringed, as she replied, in a weak tone of voice, “Yes.”

Obiwan said, “I am disappointed in you. But, at least you know not lying now, even with your mental defenses up.”

Padme cringed a little more at Obiwan calling her on using her mental defenses, which Obiwan taught her, against him. Still, Padme kept up her mental defenses.

Obiwan went onto say, “You should already know this is why we did not since people on missions that have personal connections to the targets of those missions. One's person connects can be used against them. As you found out the hard way.”

Padme admitted, “Yes.” She swallowed hard. She asked, “What will be the repercussions?”

Obiwan commented, “Even though you are a Senator, I could have you court-martialed and imprisoned for doing all this. But for right now, I am just giving you a warning. I am overlooking you actions this one time. This incident will be noted in your military record as Thor. Should there is a next time, I will not be so lenient. If there is a next time, this incident will be brought up during your court-martial trial. At which point you will have to give a far better explanation for your actions than you have just given to me.” He continued, in a firm tone of voice, “Do not let there be a next time. We cannot allow war criminals to go free.”

Padme realized what she has been doing. She thought, with a bit of anger, 'Come good or ill. I will not grovel to anyone like a coward.'

Padme collected herself. She stood up straight, as she said, in an even tone of voice, “I understand. Though, I am walking a tightrope.”

Obiwan flatly stated, “Aren't we all.”

Padme thought, 'I need to chance the subject. But, I need to do so delicately. I know just which subject to broach. And it is a subject I would like to know, that I have yet to have confirmed.'

Padme calmly asked, “Is there anything else you wish to discuss concerning this matter?”

Obiwan flatly replied, “No.”

Padme calmly requested, “I have two questions, sir. About related topics.”

Obiwan inquired, “Which are?”

Padme asked, “Did the invasions of Balmorra provide any tactical advantage for the Republic in retaking the Neimodia system?” She thought, 'I would hope at least some good came from all this.'

Obiwan stated, “From what I have learned, I am not sure. The Separatists are dug in on the planets and moons of the Neimodia System. There is going to be a lot fighting over the next few months before a victor is determined in that campaign. And the battle could go either way.”

Padme grimly thought, 'I guess not. Now for the more important question.'

Padme asked, “Has the Chancellor already appointed a military governor for the planet of Balmorra?” Padme thought, 'I have yet to hear who it was. I can already guess. But, I want a confirmation.'

Obiwan answered, “Yes. I just heard an hour ago that Admiral Denival was appointed as governor of Balmorra, by Chancellor Palpatine. From what I understand, Admiral Denival is currently on Balmorra. He is planning on having a party with his friends to celebrate his appointment as governor.”

While Padme did not show it on the outside, with her using her mental defenses to keep Obiwan from sensing her emotional state, nor thoughts, in the force. She mentally reflected, with bitterness, 'As I thought. He likely already had the party planned in advance. He was just waiting for the official word of his appointment as governor. That monster even has the gall to figuratively dance over those people he had just murdered and enslaved.'

'Obiwan, I am glad you taught me to protect my mind and emotions in the force. Because, I do not believe you would go so easy on me if you know how I really felt about all this. And you at least respect me enough to allow me to maintain the privacy of my mind and emotional state.'

Padme calmly said, “I guess that would be expected.”

Padme grimly thought, 'And we helped him enslave an entire planet under his rule. Still...'

Padme requested, “Permission to speak freely?

Obiwan said, “Go ahead.”

Padme looked Obiwan in his eyes, as she stated, with conviction in her tone of voice, “We used the excuse of a few wealth families secretly selling tech to the Separatists to invade a planet. Kill thousands of innocent people. Maybe even millions. Eventually. Enslave the rest of the populations of the planet under martial law. Forcing them into labor camps. While separating the best and brightest of the population for off world imprisonment, or just murdering them all on sight.”

Padme's voice turned into a low growl, as she continued, “We did all of this for the sole reason that a politically appointed tyrant, whom only cares about power and does not give a damn about them, could take control of them and their planet, to enrich his own pockets, and increase his own power base.”

Padme's voice become more calmer than her words reflected, as she inquired, in an even tone of voice, “How do you rationalize all this with your mandate of keeping the peace, as a Jedi? Which means upholding the laws of the Republic. Such as being against slavery. Which is exactly what this is.”

Obiwan firmly said, “Like you said a while ago. We do not. We just do both jobs, and we hope the conflict between the two does not destroy us. You are dismissed.”

Padme forced herself to reign in her emotions, as she thought, 'Jango's son, Boba, was right. We are no better than Jango. I am no better than Jango. Actually, I am worse. At least Jango does not pretend to be anything but what he is. A bounty hunter.'

'I remember that conversation with Obiwan, so long ago. And while I have a great desire to talk back, doing so will not help me, nor anyone else whom is caught up in this tragedy. So, I will just have to remain silent and wait for an opportunity to act when the time is right.'

Padme remained silent, as she turned around. She walked deeper into the dark room, away from Obiwan and the dim light near the desk.

As Padme walked deeper into the darkness of the room, towards the door, she thought, with sadness, and a bit of disappointment, 'I feel that all I am doing is walking further into the darkness. And not just the darkness of this office, but of my own heart.'

When Padme reach the door, she saw the glowing buttons on the panel beside the door. She used the buttons on the panel to open the door.

The door slid open, and Padme walked into the lighted hallway. She then headed back to her personal quarters to retrieve Mjolnir, change into Thor, and resume her duties for the day.

The door soon slid closed, leaving the darkness of the office behind her.


“It is not death that a man should fear. But, he should fear never beginning to live.” Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus.

To be continued.


Author's Notes:

I wanted to do many things in this chapter. I wanted a chapter to focus on Jango and Boba. But, I also wanted to show how evil the Galactic Republic military is. And how for all her good intentions, Padme and her friends are suckered into aiding that evil.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

My twisted reasons for using the planet Balmorra as the sacrifical lamb for the Republic invasion is due to Balmorra being one of my favorite zones to play in the MMO game Star Wars: The Old Republic. With the SWTOR game being set thirty-six centuries before the Clone Wars.

Though, by the time of the Clone Wars the capital city of Balmorra moved from Sobrik to Bin Prime.

After thinking about it, I came to the realization that the Ord Mantell planet is the Roanapur (Black Lagoon Anime/Manga series) of the Star Wars reality. Smugglers, fugitives, and bounty hunters, pass through there all the time. Though, Ord Mantell is not on a border frontier style situation. Ord Mantell is more like old world meets new world situation, with Ord Mantell full of danger and adventure.

The name of the bar on Ord Mantell, the Red Insignia, was a nod to the bar in Roanapur, the Yellowflag.

I made this chapter because I felt that Jango and Boba needed their own chapter. While only minor chapters in this story. They still have a story as well. And a good tale at that.

When I made this story, one of the minor points was I wanted to allow Jango to survive the arena battle on Geonosis. Not just for his sake, but for Boba's welfare as well.

While Boba was cold due to a very hard life after Jango was killed, I always felt that Jango was less cold and just more professional. He considered all jobs the same, but he used the professionalism from his Mandolarian upbringing in how he dealt with his job as a bounty hunter.

Also, by all accounts Jango was a good father to Boba. Jango did have a caring side.

In addition, I would have no doubt that if Jango got in over his head, and lived long enough to realize it, he would make arrangements for Boba's care.

Aurra Sing. She is one of the most unique characters in the entire Star Wars franchise.

Aurra is a force user. She can be a cold as a person can be. But, she can show mercy, and she have friendships and romantic relationships.

One cannot easily place Aurra as either part of the light, nor part of the dark. If one was going to talk about true gray force users. Aurra would be a good example of this. Unlike other force users she various her tactics, skills, and tools. She is very good with a rifle and blaster. And she is fairly skilled with a lightsaber and she has some decent know-how with using the force for basic telekinesis and using the force to enhance her physical abilities.

Aurra is also a lot older than she looks. Though, she acts like a middle-aged woman.

Aurra is likely the only person with knowledge in the force that Jango could go to, whom Jango knows, who he can trust to give him some straight honest answers.

On things that I detest, that most Star Wars fans ignore is that a Star Wars character does not have to sense the force to deal with paranormal experiences. Though, the Jedi and Sith would pretend otherwise.

Aurra is the one of the few characters whom can honestly call people on this.

I had Aurra comment that people she knows, who do not sensitive the force, whom have “bad feelings” which are better at warning those individuals of danger, than Aurra's force abilities warning her of danger.

In the original Star Wars trilogy, if Han Solo's track record on his “bad feelings” is anything to go by, for the average person there is some truth in this theory.

Aurra points out that being force sensitive only makes someone more in touch with the strange situations.

While in the original timeline it was not stated that Jango and Aurra had a relationship. They did know each other.

And in one adventure they ended up on Balmorra, and they worked together to capture a Hutt named Groodo.

Also, given the way Aurra treated Boba, for the time Boba was in Aurra's care, while Boba was a child, I get the feeling that Aurra and Jango had to have least been friends at some point in their lives.

During the time Aurra had been taking care of Boba, they met with the Weequay, Hondo Ohnaka, with Hondo hinting that he previously did have a relationship with Aurra.

Working for there, given that Aurra and Jango had worked together in the past, and they were in the same profession, it is possible that in the past, Aurra and Jango were in relationship. But, the relationship fell apart because Jango wanted a child and Aurra did not.

As such, given that Aurra did help to raise Boba for a little while, it makes sense in this story that Jango would arrange Aurra to be paid to be Boba's godmother, to take care of Boba, should something happened to Jango. And Aurra accepted the deal due to their past relationship and for the right amount of money.

On Padme/Thor letting Jango go. Due to everything else concerning the invasion of Balmorra, Padme was feeling merciful that day. She did not feel creating another death mark for herself. And there were no good options for herself in this situation.

She realized that arresting Jango and Boba would bring more trouble for herself, with Jango likely be interrogated by Republic intelligence service, her secret identity would be more widely known.

But, killing Jango would leave his son, Boba, an orphan.

And given Jango was clear he did not want to cross Padme against, Padme let him go on a few conditions which Jango was more than willing to agree too and honor.

Though, I later showed how Padme got chewed out in a later scene by Obiwan, for doing so. How she forgot she was on an open microphone with her earpiece comlink. And how dealing with personal matters on a mission can backfire on someone.

I do love twisting a story. Jango and Boba were on a rescue mission, while Padme and her friends were on a mission to wrongly conquer a planet. And the one kind, decent, good action Padme took during the mission was the one actions she got called on and chewed out for doing.

Obiwan did have some legitimate grievance for Padme's actions. Especially, since Padme knowingly lied to Obiwan before, during, and after a mission.

So Padme's actions in sparing Jango and Boba could be seen as good or bad, depending on one's point of view.

Finally, in this chapter I wanted to show how Palpatine could control Padme, from a distance, both from a point of as a senator and a soldier.

All of this was to make the point that having the power that Mjolnir provides does not make one invincible. Especially, against someone who is a master at psychological manipulation.

A few details to think about.

Until next time. Have fun.

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