Kim Possible and The Amazon Women 11

Dr James Possible is researching a new formula for genetic DNA he can now change men into women and back the same way but there is lot evil people out there in America and The Amazon Jungle in the Race known as Amazon women his daughter Kim Possible work for global justice Network with her Friend Ron Stoppable what happen if Kim became Evil like her enemy Drakken and Shego

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11 Operation invasion Hong Kong and Japan

Heather said “welcome to being a girl Charles”. Charles started to change his body had now wide hips and he saw his penis disappear and a vagina appear he saw her boobs appear on her chest then she fell to the floor as nanotechnology took over her brain and made her like Kim and her Amazons.

She looked up at Heather and said “ I feel so free from my male shell and male influence I love being a girl”. Heather said “ I told you would love being a girl it better than being a stupid boy”. Carly said “your right it much better and Heather I am now called Carly . Heather said “ cool we better return to her highness”.

On their way Heather help Carly get into her new black leather Amazon uniform they both arrived and saw her highness Kim said “ you look better now as a girl”. Carly said “ thank you your highness your right in being a girl is better than boys and I cant wait to help get change boys at club banana”.

Kim said “ good your mother now finished your father has signed all his assets over to your mother as if he had any choice it is the law now men cannot own any assets only women can now in the amazon states of America and states of Cuba”. Heather saw her new mother Teagan now which was her Father.

Teagan was now the speaker of the Amazon states of America Parliament and she will be implementing her majesty laws and she was now happy she is a woman the foreign minster was now in her job she was on her way to Hong Kong as she knew her highness want Hong Kong and Japan next she want Director Drew.

Carly walked up to her mother and said “ mom where are we going to have Club Banana headquarters”. Her mom said “ we will have it in Amazon city not far from Amazon Middleton”. Carly said “perfect place mom the former go city”. Carly and her mom headed to Amazon city where club Banana will be.

Monique walk and said “ we have started preparing our invasion of Canada your highness”. Kim said “ we will hold on that invasion for a few days I want sneak warriors into the Hong Kong area of China and invade that”. Betty said “ your highness the Chinese will be very upset if we invade”.

Kim said “ they are hiding a wanted man and I want him back here as a women and the Chinese will fall same as here”. Betty said “ it just your highness I thought Japan and Canada”. Kim said “ not Canada they would be ready but Hong Kong wouldn't and Chinese will be amazon women soon any way”.

Monique says” we could invade Hong Kong and Japan at the same time we have enough warriors now as the male soldiers of America are become Amazon warriors each of our cities all male soldiers are becoming women our warriors is becoming more everyday”. Kim said “ we will invade both at the same time”.

Betty and Monique says “ yes your highness”. Kim has decided to invade Japan and Hong Kong she know there is Yori where Ron was sent for a while but Yori doesn't know Ron has been changed into a girl now. Kim told Betty too get everything ready and once they are she is go Amazon Middleton where Kim will be.

Kim left Washington for Amazon Middleton the new home of the Amazons Kim knew she had special prisoners like Drakken and the Possible twin she want to change one of the twins into a girl and make him her little sister the other twin boy will become a house servant but will go to school.

Why flying back Kim saw a small town she saw action between the new Law enforcement there and resistance rebels against her rule she saw Bonnie and Tara and her agents Tara said “ your highness you want take a look at the problem down there”. Kim said “ yes Tara we will”.

Bonnie said “ your highness Alexis has warned this area is secure but not that secure yet”. Kim said “ tell Alexis to send more Warriors here and find out where the local army is”. Bonnie said “ I am on it straight away your highness”. Kim and her entourage arrived at the small town she saw it was quiet little town.

It had a saloon and drug store local mall and huge park area she also saw the local police force the sheriff was a male Kim landed near the sheriff station and asked “are you the local sheriff here?”. Sheriff says“ yes little lady I am”. Kim then asked “ you runs this town”. He said “ our Mayor Harry jay Kingston”.

Kim said “ I want you to take me to him now male”. Sheriff says “ your a rude teen girl calling me that”. Sheriff was then grab by Kim agents and they walked in and brought out the deputies Sandy says “ sheriff we have been captured by the Amazons you looking at the princess of the Amazon”.

Kim asked “ you know who we are then?”. Sandy said “ yes I know your Amazon women and now your occupation of America has begun”. Kim said “ we are the new rulers of Amazon states of America and Cuba”. Sandy said “ I am sorry princess my boss didn't know who you were”. Kim said “ your boss”.

Kim was in state of shock said “ Bonnie free her from Male influence”. Bonnie said “ yes your highness”. Bonnie walked over to the female deputy sheriff and put a need in her neck she began to change into a Amazon woman she then said “ thank you for freeing me your highness from male influence”.

The sheriff was shocked his deputy was now acting different. Kim looked at him and said “now where is your Mayor now male”. Sandy came back in her black leather Amazon uniform and said “ I can show you where he is your highness”. Kim and her entourage with sheriff and deputies following Kim and her Amazons.

They walked into the mayor office the secretary looked at Sandy and said “ what do you want deputy Sandy”. Sandy said “ the mayor is in here”. Secretary said “ yes he is in at the moment why?” . Sandy said “ her highness the princess of the amazon states want to see him”.

Secretary looked at Kim and her entourage and saw they had the sheriff and the deputy as the secretary got a call saying that women in leather have arrived and order all women out and men as well as the children. Bonnie said “ your highness sergeant Major Jessie has arrived your highness”. Kim said “ your heard everyone outside”.

Kim walked back out with her Amazon Agents she saw her Amazon warriors taking over control she saw women going and coming out Male influence free in Amazon white dresses and she saw some men becoming women she saw the Mayor come out and he said “my town” Kim laughed and said “ my town now”

Mayor said “you evil bitch and said I will never surrender to you” Kim said “you need proof Mayor that I am serious all politicians and Police force will be Amazon women” Kim walked over to the sheriff and deputy and put needles in their neck the men began to scream as they started to change and become women.

In around 5 mins they were both women they loved their new bodies the sheriff walked up to Kim and said “thank you your highness for free me from my male shell and freeing me from Male influence” Kim said “go and change warrior”. Sheriff said “yes your highness” . The sheriff and deputy left to change into their new uniforms.

Kim looked at the mayor evilly and said “ have I made myself clear now mayor”. Mayor said “ you win you evil bitch I surrender”. Kim smiled and said “ Tara load this piece of fucking shit on a hovercraft and take it back to Amazon city and lock it in re-education camp for Electronique to have fun with”.

Tara said “ yes your highness”. The former Mayor was loaded on the hovercraft with others Amazon women heading back to Amazon city ( formerly Go City) on the hovercraft with Carly and her Mother as they are on their way to Amazon city Kim said “ Sandy”. Sandy said “ yes your highness”.

Kim said “ you are now the new commander for this town the former sheriff is your new Amazon police captain and deputy is Amazon police warrior you will get 4 other women to help “. Sandy said “ yes your highness and the males here?”. Kim said “ you are turn all boys into girls and selective men ok”.

Sandy said “ it will be done your highness”. Kim said “ you will have sergeant major Jessie here with you for a few days”. Sandy said “ thank you your highness”. Kim and her Amazon Agents left to head back to Amazon Middleton. Shego was still in Washington setting up the new Amazon government there.

Kim arrived back in Amazon Middleton Amy said “ welcome back your highness your mother is not feeling well this morning so she is resting she said to tell you she is very please with your progress”. Kim said “ I am going to see my mother for my self agent Amy”. Amy said “ yes your highness”.

Kim went down to her mother room and said “ are you ok mother why are so sick”. Kira said “ you are doing well my daughter but I think my time is coming to end soon you will rule the new Earth with only women and some men”. Kim said “ mother you cannot leave me now”. Kira said “ my daughter I am over 300yrs old”.

Kim said “ I still need you mother I have been so happy since I was freed and became a Amazon girl”. Kira said “ my DNA run through you now my daughter you are no longer the girl who work at global justice and a student at Middleton high soon you will get my power and you will live to my age and rule earth”.

Kim said “ I look to much like you now mother the girl who came to amazon village to her father is gone I love being this person and I don't know why I fought for global justice being evil so much fun and love seeing men and boys become girls and women thanks to Gaia”.

Kira said “ I am glad my warriors raided that village and found her but she was Dr James Possible”. Kim said “ thanks to him being capture by our warriors I was freed of male influence and she must have put your DNA in my body now cause I do not look like what I was when I was first freed from males”.

Kira said “ I had no daughter to leave my amazon kingdom to I didn't want a warrior so I thought I would find a daughter a different way when Gaia was caught and turned into a woman and you came I knew you would be perfect girl to be my daughter so when Gaia freed you it also had my DNA in you there is nothing left of a possible gene in you”.

Kim said “ for that mother I'm very happy now I am a Amazon woman or girl and your daughter” Kira asked “ what do you want my daughter ?”. Kim said “ I would like a sister like me mother a baby sister”. Kira asked “ which of the Possible twins you want Kim?”. Kim said “ I have not decide yet mother”.

Kira said “ what ever twin you deicide the other will become a servant in the palace”. Kim said “ I know mother but it still need his schooling”. Kira said “ true he can wear a collar to school”. Kim evilly thought and said “ why don't we get Gaia to make one for all boys until their 18yrs old”.

Kira said “ good idea my daughter I like that we will get Dr Ann Possible to make with Gaia assistants”. Kim said “ that will include Jaycee”. Kira said “ yes you are going well my daughter you will make a great queen of the Amazons”. Kim said “ thank you Mother I will leave you to rest and I will tell the Dr Possible”.

Kim left her Amazon mother and the queen headed to the science area she saw her ex mother and ask what she was doing Ann said “ we are working on a quicker way for the Nanotechnology in liquid form you highness”. Kim said “ ok I want you work on a collar for boys so we can control them and track them”.

Ann said “ you want something that can control their brain and mind your highness”. Kim said “ yes mother and I want it now we control America , Cuba and half of the Caribbean area”. Ann said “ I will start on it straight away your highness” Gaia says “ your highness I think we might have the liquid ready”.

Kim said “ we need a test subject”. Kim saw a boy walking through he was being taken down for questioning Kim saw the guard and said “ where are you taking that male”. The guard said “ he has been question and he is being processed as hostile”. Kim said “ bring him in here now”.

The guard said “ yes your highness” they brought the boy in he asked “ where the fuck am I now?”. Kim laughed and said “ nice attitude to have male”. He said “ fuck off bitch”. Kim said “ you are fucking hostile what if we give you a drink and let you go”. He said “ really you will let me go”. Kim said “ yes”.

He took the drink from Gaia he drank it down and asked “ when can I leave please”. Kim said “ soon not long at all”. He then begin to scream as he started to change his hips got wider and he got feminine legs and arms she saw her manhood disappear and she grew boobs and her face was feminine.

She looked at Kim and said “ thank you your highness for freeing me and releasing me from my male shell I love being a girl now and will help you any was possible”. Kim said “ thank you warrior now go and get dress in your uniform and go see your PTA examiner”. She said “ yes your highness”.

Kim said “ that was very good Gaia I want test it on four other males before we use it on one the possible twins”. Gaia said “ yes your highness have you decided which Possible twin you are gong to change into a girl”. Kim said “ no I have not I might wait until my girlfriend get s back soon and ask her”.

Kim left the science area and headed back to her throne room she saw Monique there and said “ all is ready for the invasion of Hong Kong and Japan your highness”. Kim said “ we will attack the same way as we got control of America”. Dr Betty said “ we are now ready to send the warriors there your highness”.

Kim said “good prepare to invade them now I want Japan and Hong Kong as one us under amazon rule”. They both said “ yes your highness” Carla walks in and says “ your highness the prisoner in the special area they are say why they are being held without reason”.

Shego walked in and said “ her highness does not have to say anything agent Carla and shouldn't you be get ready for the invasion of Hong Kong and Japan”. Carla said “ yes lady Shego but I heard the prisoner there saying about over ruling the guard there and the commander”.

Shego asked“ the person was not Dr Drakken Carla?”. Carla said “ yes my lady and one of he Possible twins”. Kim asked “ did you hear which twin Carla?”. Carla said “ I think it was Tim Possible your highness”. Kim said “ thank you and can you ask Amy to bring up Drakken and Tim Possible”.

Carla said “ yes your highness”. Shego asked “ what are you planning babe?”. Kim said “ Drakken will make a great Amazon scientist and I was wondering which Possible twin I wanted as a girl”. Shego says “ Drakken will become a woman and Tim Possible will become your sister” Kim said “ yes Babe”.

Drew was at is acting headquarters in Hong Kong when he saw these hover crafts start flying over with women and they look like the women who invaded and conquered America he kept to himself as they land and began attacking the Hong Kong police force and Army here.

Like in America the men that were shot became like other men he saw they became women and it was spreading very fast any man who stood in their way became a woman and devoted to the Amazon cause Drew knew he need to find away out of Hong Kong as he hadn't heard from Dr Betty .

Then he saw another hovercraft arrive it had on it amazon agents from the princess. They walked up to the local police officer who was still a man and Tara said “ we are looking for a male by the name of Dr Drew Anderson”. The officer said “ I have no idea where he is”.

Tara said “ why he is a wanted criminal in the Amazon states of America”. The officer said “ you are invading Chinese territory”. Tara said “ China know we are here and they will suffer same fate as you are and so will the world”. The Officer said “ I have no idea where he is”. Tara said “ make him a woman”.

The officer was given the needle and he began to scream as he body changed from a man to a woman his legs became more feminine and his arms . He started growing boobs and now had a vagina and he was very feminine she said “ commander thank you for freeing me of my male shell and male influence”.

Tara said “ you welcome now do you know where Dr Drew”. She said “ yes commander he has been staying at local Hilton Hotel here”. Tara said “ good now go and change warrior and help us capture the furtive of the amazon race”. She said “ yes commander”. The warrior left and got change into her Amazon uniform.

The warrior came back and showed Tara and her agents where he was she said “ you help with invasion now warrior she said “ yes commander” she headed down to wear the invasion was taking place with sergeant major Jessie controlling the forces down there the invasion was it final legs of completion soon .

Tara and her agent had surrounded the hotel she told any man escapes then to turn them into Amazon women and any woman was to be freed . Drew was in his room and he saw the Amazons had control he saw them take the secretary of states family into custody not know he was now foreign minister now for the Amazon women.

Drew heard them come to his floor heard gun shot as they his officers were shot and he knew they will be Amazon women now . The amazon busted down his door and he saw 5 amazon women looking at him Drew said “ can I help you please”. Tara said “you are under arrest for crimes against Amazon race”.

Drew asks “ what crimes I have done nothing your the criminals you have invaded America and now here”. Tara said “ we are freeing the world of men and their influence over women”. Drew said “ so what is my my crime then”. Tara said “ it simple your a man guards take him down and I will inform minster Betty”.

Drew said “ minster Betty”. Tara said “ yes Amazon states of America defence minster Dr Betty Director”. Drew knew then he was now a prisoner of the Amazon women he was taken down in cuffs he couldn't try to free himself as these women were very strong and he was now concern. He saw the secretary of state sons were with their mom.

Tara walked up and said “ your the wife of the former secretary of state”' she said “ yes my name is Tracey and these are my sons Simon and Brandon”. Tara said “ you will be freed and one of your sons will become a girl and the other will be educated and become a a breeder for Amazon purposes”.

Tracey said “ what will happen to my brother over there”. Tara said “ he will maybe turned into a woman and made the new Justice minster we need in the new Amazon Parliament”. Tracy asks “ what has happen to my husband?”. Tara giggled and said “ your wife now the foreign minster for the amazon women”.

Tracey looked shocked that her husband was now a woman but she really didn't care she was going to divorce him any way she said “ free me as you call it and Make my youngest son Brandon the girl and now Simon is 19yrs old you can use him for breeding processing area”.

Tara walked up and gave Tracey the freedom needle as the amazon women were calling and she was in pain and that she fell to the ground and came up saying “ thank you commander for freeing me from male influence” then Tracey was given the needle and she injected to her youngest son Brandon”.

He began to change form a boy to a girl his arms and legs went feminine and dainty he saw his hips widen and saw his penis start disappearing in his pant he then saw these lumps appear on his chest he had now boobs should I say she had boobs she felt down her jeans and felt her clit and then Vagina she was happy now.

She said” thank you for freeing me from my male shell commander and mom I love being a girl now and free from male influence” she left with her mom and Simon was taken to be processed as a breeder for the Amazon race. Bonnie walked up and said “ Hong Kong is now our a Amazon country or state”.

Tara said “ good I can see sergeant major Jessie forces now leaving heading towards Japan” then Tara get a message from Amazon Middleton from colonel Monique for the warriors to stay in Hong Kong and they are to return back to Amazon Middleton there has been a death among the Amazon Race.

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