First Dates are Kissing Dates 5

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First Dates are Kissing Dates 5

Murmuring with Starlings

By Frances Penwiddy

Copyright © Frances Penwiddy 2016

Murmuring with Starlings contains material of an adult nature and is not suitable as reading material for minors.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.

And so the evening continues and hidden amongst the moments of romance and love there hides Miss SC…Let the games begin.


He surprised me the way he enjoyed supper, men don’t really go for salad but he seemed to relish mine, I don’t know whether it was the homemade spicy dressing, the lobster or the wine but he certainly ate with enthusiasm and complimented me several times on my skills.
“Would you like a fruit salad with ice cream?” I asked.

“Thank you, no, I couldn’t eat any more.”

I smiled, “I will take that as a compliment to my culinary skills even though it was nature’s work really, all I had to do was rearrange things a little.” I stood up, “Coffee, Columbian or Kenyan I don’t have “Turkish?”

“Kenyan is good.”

“Would you like it in here or shall we go into the sitting room?”

“Whichever suits you, as long as we both drink it in the same room.”

“I’ll serve it in the sitting room and that other door leads back into the hall and if you get lost, just shout.”

I went into the kitchen and prepared the coffee and took it into the sitting room just as he returned and we both sat on the two seater settee, “I’ve enjoyed this evening, thank you,” he said.

“I didn’t take you anywhere, you took me so I’m the one who should say thank you. You supplied me with two hankies and let me cry on your shoulder and prevented me from being attacked on the way home.”

He smiled, “The footpads knew I had you to protect me whilst I was protecting you.”

I nodded, “We work well as a team. Did I bore you with my enthusiasm for the local wildlife?”

“No, it was fascinating and your enthusiasm was infectious, I’m going to read up on starlings and their flying habits on the internet tomorrow.”

He finished his coffee and I took his cup, “Another?”

“No that’s fine.” I placed the empty cups on the coffee table and stood up and went to the sideboard, I have a single malt or Napoleon brandy?”

“I shouldn’t drink a brandy, I had two glasses of wine, no three counting the pre supper wine and a beer in the pub, I’ll be drunk if I have a brandy.”

“No you won’t, you hold your drink well and we’ve drunk slowly. It’s me that can’t drink a lot without falling over.” I poured a small brandy and brought it across, “Would you like a cigar to go with it, I have Dutch or Cuban?”

He laughed, “Is there anything you don’t have, you’re a marvellous hostess.”

I poured myself a very small liqueur, “I don’t entertain very often, I’m too busy at the moment and when I do, I like to make it as nice as possible. Now, the cigar?”

He shook his head, “No thank you, it would make the room smoky and I wouldn’t be able to see you clearly.”

I came back to the settee with my very small Green Chartreuse and sat down a little closer to him and took a sip, “Can you see me clearly now?” I put the glass on the table and turned into him.

He sat still for a moment or two and then his glass joined mine on the table and he pulled me into him and kissed me, kissed me with a little more passion than he had used previously.

“If I’ve acted improperly I will not apologise, you are so lovely, both your looks and your personality and not to have kissed you would have offended the Gods.”

“You mustn’t do that, the repercussions would be horrendous,” and I moved closer until the sides of our bodies were touching and I took his hand in mine and pulled it until he had his arm around my shoulder and I turned inwards and our faces were barely an inch apart and we kissed again but this time, when he started to end the kiss, I pressed my lips more tightly against his and opened my mouth a little and took his free hand and placed it on my knee and then put my hand over his shoulder and caressed the back of his head. I was lying across his body now his head tilted forward and I felt the tip of his tongue touch my lips and gently caress them and I opened my mouth a little and then the world disappeared and we kissed as lovers should and I pressed against him and felt his hand start to caress my knee and then move up slightly until his fingers were under my skirt. I parted my legs a fraction and the hand moved upwards a little more and his fingers started lightly caressing the inside of my leg still moving as they worked a little higher until they touched a suspender and there they stopped climbing but continued caressing me. I had reached the point where I was faced with a decision, should I stop him now and bring my knees together or should I let him continue? If I did the later I would have to allow him to continue until we reached the inevitable point of no return and I must let him take me into the bedroom.

I wanted him, I wanted him like mad, he was gentle, kind and I was already in love with him but if I disregarded the weeks we had chatted on the internet we had only met twice. He must have sensed my hesitation because he ended the kiss, “I think I had better go home,” but he didn’t stop caressing my leg and I answered by pulling his hand from under my dress and placed it on my breast and pulled his head close to mine, “It’s too late, you’ve been drinking and could get lost or mugged and you can’t leave me here on my own, only halfway to Heaven,” and this time it was my tongue that teased his lips and entered his mouth as he started caressing my breast. It only took a short while before I was squirming my way across his lap and when he broke the kiss I whispered, “The zip is held with a hook and eye fastening,” and I placed my mouth against his and we kissed again as he fumbled for a moment, managed to unhook the top of the dress and slowly slid the zip down to the belt with one hand and loosen his tie with the other. He dropped the tie to the floor and his hand returned to my breast and caressed the nipple through the slip and basque. I felt my nipples harden and push hard against the basque and tiny electric shocks crossed my body to the other breast and then both nipples sent shocks down my body to my belly button where they joined and went down to where my redundant penus was located and there the electric shocks split into three.

It felt as if he had lit sparklers and was holding them close to my body and moving them to trace lines down the inside of my thighs and under me and up between my buttocks, following the line of my spine, over my neck and then they seemed to explode inside my head and send sparks all over my body. I broke the kiss and gasped, threw my head back and nearly screamed when I felt his lips on my throat kissing me down my neck, over my breast bone until they moved again and found the spot where my nipple lay below the basque. I stopped him, the nipples were hurting too much as they pressed against the basque, struggling to get free, wanting to feel his tongue teasing them again without my clothing separating them from his lips. I stood up, undid the belt and eased the dress over my hips and let it drop to the floor. I kicked it to one side and my fingers trembled as I slid the shoulder straps of my slip down and started to unhook my basque to below my breasts and then I pulled it open and let my breasts escape and feel the night air and I started to tremble all over, my body was on fire and he stood, almost ripped his jacket off, scooped me up in his arms and lowered his head and kissed both nipples and I just managed to gasp, “John, get me to the bedroom.”

Without asking the way he turned down the passage next to the bathroom and somehow managed to turn the door knob and push the bedroom door open and carried me straight to my four-poster and laid me gently on the bed covers and stood back. His eyes looked into mine, “I’m lost to you Emma, completely lost only you can stop me, only you, just one word and I’ll walk away but I will try again on our next meeting and again, and again until you give yourself to me.” He had kicked his shoes off in the passage and now he was slowly unbuttoning his shirt and my eyes were fixed on his hands, hands that I wanted back caressing me. His shirt fell to the floor and my eyes followed it and then returned to his hands now working on the waist of his trousers and I watched again until his trousers followed the shirt but I kept my eyes on his hands this time as the thumbs hooked into his underpants and they slipped down and he looked at me “Emma?”

I said nothing but dropped my eyes to his penus standing stiff and proud slowly rising and falling as he breathed, bobbing me a bow or perhaps nodding its approval. He took a step forward and stood over me his eyes like blazing stars, “Emma?” again he said my name, needing my answer.

“Your lips and tongue can form the words, John but there is a part of you that reveals them as lies, you can no more leave me than I can let you go.”

He knelt on the bed and reaching behind almost ripped his socks off and then a hand cupped my breast and the thumb drew little circles around my aureole and tantalisingly slowly reduced the radius until they touched my nipple and pressed hard on it and I couldn’t stop my body from arching nor the gasp that escaped me and I reached for him, gripping his thigh and moving to find his penus and took it in my hand squeezing it and sliding down its length feeling the pulse of blood coursing through the veins, the heat and the velvet hardness. And I pulled it towards my lips sensing rather than feeling his body move as he placed a hand both side of my pillow and his penus touched my lips and I parted them and lifted my head high enough to take in over half its length.

There was a quiet gasp from him and as I began to suck and slide my lips back he gave an involuntary jerk forward so I started again and as I moved my lips back I pressed my tongue against it and soon I felt the swelling of the head so I paused and caressed the glands at the bottom and slowly began the journey back to the root and was able to take more of him before beginning the sucking, tickling return. This time when I neared the head I began my tongue caresses a little sooner and again paused at his glands. John was moving a lot now and once again I heard him make a noise, a cross between a mewing sound and a gasp and he suddenly withdrew, “No more, no more, Emma, I’m going to explode.”

I lifted my head to take him back into my mouth but he pushed himself back from my body and wriggled his way down until he knelt astride my ankles his penus touching my calves as he leaned forward, “No,” he said quietly and kissed me, softly and lifted himself and looked down at me, even his lips out of reach.

“What’s wrong, did I hurt you, catch you with my teeth?”

He smiled softly and took his weight on one hand and caressed my cheek with the other, “You didn’t hurt me, you sent me up to the clouds and I was near to ejaculating.”

“That’s okay, I wouldn’t have minded, in fact I wanted you to.”

“Not yet, later, this time I want to be inside you, deep inside you and bury myself in your arms, feel your body tight against mine, feel your passion.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say so I just nodded and he kissed me gently again and swung his leg over me to kneel beside my body and then he leaned forward and I felt his tongue on my nipples and immediately those sparklers started again but this time they seemed to start in my abdomen and radiate in all directions and I put my hands on the back of his head and crushed it into my breasts. I couldn’t feel the bed beneath me just his head now buried between my breasts and the tip of his tongue tickling the valley between them and the room began to blur but now it was me that had to stop him. “No, it’s happening to me now, you’ll have to stop as well.” He did just long enough to raise his head a little and I felt his tongue trace a line from between my breasts down past my belly button and trace across my body following the waist band of my thong. And then he lifted his head again and straightened up and looked down and I felt his fingers take hold of the thong and begin to pull it down. “My stockings, you’ll have to take them off the thong won’t get passed the clips on the suspenders.” I took my hands away from my breasts and reached down trying to find the fasteners but he gently pushed my hands away and took over deftly slipping the rubber buttons up until the clip released the stocking and quickly he had both stockings released and gently eased them down my thighs. “Where did you learn to do that; with another woman, have you been two-timing me before we ever met?”

He chuckled, “Thousands of times and he took the first stocking off my foot and laid it gently on the bed and then the second. “You see, I’m careful not to ladder them,” and then he undid the last two hooks on my basque and lifting one shoulder at a time he pulled down the straps and pitched the basque over the side off the bed, scooped up my stockings and dropped them on top, knelt beside me and smiled, “I went to a private school and we were taught how to undress a woman by the art mistress.”

I reached towards him, “Come here and show me what else she taught you.”

He eased my legs apart and knelt between them and spent time looking down at my body, slowly working his way up from my groin to my breasts where his eyes lingered, “You have the most perfect breasts I have ever seen, size, shape, nipples aureole, texture, everything.”

“The left one is a tiny bit large that the right,” I whispered.

He leaned forward and kissed it, then traced his tongue down until it reached the crease where it began to rise from my chest and then tickled its way along and then up again to the nipple and the sparks started again and this time they reached the underside of my chin and the backs of my knees and I felt my legs bend and my feet slide across the sheet and I started making a gentle mewing noise as his arms slipped under my knees and he lifted his head and pushed his body forward and found my lips and my legs crossed his back and locked around his waist and my arms around his shoulders. I felt a hand lower to the outside of my thigh and he started stroking it and then the tip of his penus touch the base of my scrotum and something exploded inside me and I called out his name and thrust myself up to him and felt his penus touch the entrance to my body that it was searching for and I pushed and the head entered me and as the explosion seemed to intensify the pain began and the mewing changed to a desperate panting and he stopped but I squeezed my eyes shut and using my arms and legs I pulled him down and tightened my grip on him as I thrust myself up. I thought he was going to tear me apart so strong was the pain and I screamed but still managed to push a little harder and the pain vanished. My body went quiet for a moment and he started to withdraw, “Don’t!” I cried, “Don’t you dare, the pain has gone,” and I pushed harder, “Bury yourself in me, John – Push!” and as he did I felt my entire body, my molecules, every neutron, every atom explode and break away from their disciplined orbits and fly off in every direction, through John, through the walls of the room out into space and they danced with the stars and then John started to slide his penus back and forth slowly and then with increasing urgency and everything started to spin, a whirlwind of wide open nerve ends and every one of them was touching John and it started to quieten down and then started up again with greater intensity, increased speed and flew further out into the void before slowing and turning back and the spinning slowed again and for a while we drifted back towards the blue speck of earth and then suddenly the funnel of sparkling particles blew apart and formed an endless single cord and sped back to my bedroom and collided with our two bodies in a tremendous explosion and for the third time I screamed and screamed in total ecstasy, my body shaking with the intensity of an orgasm before slowing and allowing the particles to join together.

I opened my eyes as my body quietened and he was above me staring down. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before, never. Where did you take me?”

“Heaven, let’s go back again, now.”

He shook his head, I can’t, not yet.”

“John, we have to go back, I have to check I haven’t left any of me behind. I split into millions of atoms, no sub atomic particles and they flew off in every direction, I may have left bits behind.”

“Take some from me. I can’t take you back yet, I need to refuel.”

I pushed him off me and sat up and looked down at him, he was beautiful, his chest so muscled and covered in sweat, glistening. He looked like a glazed statue of a Greek god. “What fuel do you want, caffeine enriched coffee, oysters, cornflakes? Tell me I’ll go out and buy anything you’re short off. What about another brandy or shall I massage you with evening primrose oil?”

He smiled up at me then pulled me down and kissed me. “I have all the stimulation, fuel and love right here beside me.”

“It’s probably you in that case, there’s missing bits of me inside you.”

“I thought it was the other way round.”

I nodded enthusiastically and turned into him, “Millions of them and you can’t have them back,” and I kissed him and kept my eyes open and stared into his, my own private paradise.

After a while, I closed my eyes and went to sleep and dreamed of John and me flying over the meadow with the starlings. When I woke up it took me a moment to work out where I was and then I realised that the lumpy thing beside me was not a screwed up duvet but John and I was tempted to poke him and see if he had regained his strength but he was smiling as he slept so it was obvious he was dreaming of me and I didn’t have the heart to disturb him and I was a bit worried that he might think I was being too forward, too quick to want him inside me again, perhaps I might have overdone it last night. I slid to the edge of the bed and got up and went to find my nightie and then remembered I had been undressed by John and hadn’t bothered with a nightie so I took the slip I had worn and crept into the en-suite shower room. I looked in the mirror before showering to check myself over for hickies and things like that but there were none so I wouldn’t have any embarrassing marks to explain away at my final pre-op medical which was now only days away.

I moved closer to the mirror and studied the bit that wouldn’t be there before much longer. There was nothing new about it and yet last night something had happened down there, it had been a bit sticky this morning on the area of my abdomen just above it. It wasn’t anything to do with John, well not directly. I know he was responsible for the way I had spent all that time in space but the sticky bit was more of a by-product, something that had happened because he had sent me into space and it had to have a connection with the explosions I had felt inside me, the wonderful sensations of being inside a volcano during an earthquake when a comet had hit the world but I can’t remember feeling anything down there, I had forgotten it existed, my excitement, the fiery sensations came from inside me, all over my body not from my penis. But it was the only place where the sticky stuff could have come from.

As I showered I thought back to the lectures my doctors had given me about my condition, about the operation and what I might experience afterwards and the best I could come up with was it had to do with my prostate. I know that was going to be left when I had the op so I assume it would still continue to produce seminal fluid but I wasn’t making sperm so seminal fluid was the only thing it could be. There was no blood anyway and nothing hurt and hadn’t done so last night so I put it aside, I would ask the experts when I saw them next but for the moment, there didn’t seem to be anything to worry about except how I was going to creep about in the bedroom and open wardrobe doors and tallboy drawers without awakening my space pilot.

I crept out of the shower room and almost slid my feet across the carpet to keep quiet and opened both wardrobe doors and stepped back and looked at the array of dresses, blouses and skirts. Judging by the light penetrating the cracks in the curtains, the weather was going to live up to the forecast of warm and sunny so I eased my floral sundress out, changed my mind and selected the white one and was about to put that back and have a look at the baby-blue when I heard John call my name softly. I turned round and walked across the carpet and looked at him, he was still asleep so I knelt down put my elbows on the mattress and cupped my chin in my hands and stared at his face. His eye lids fluttered a little and his mouth turned into a smile and the lips were slightly parted and for a moment I was tempted to lean forward and touch his lips with the tip of my tongue and then kiss him but he started muttering so I turned my head a little and eased forward so that I could hear what he was saying.

“Fly across the meadow again…fly lower so the hay tickles us…prairie oysters and…caffeine flakes…no, let’s fly again.”

I eased back turned and sat with my back resting against the mattress; he was dreaming about me. He and I were flying like birds across the top of the hay meadow and he must have been telling the dream-me what he wanted for breakfast. I stood and tiptoed back to the wardrobe, picked up the white dress and tulle petticoat and managed to open and close the drawers enough to pick out my bra, panties, stockings and sussies and then took them back to the shower and got dressed. He was still asleep so I took my make-up and hairbrush off the dressing table and was about to leave the bedroom and make myself incredibly beautiful in the office when he started muttering again so I went back to the bed and listened but it was just mumble jumble except for “Boiled eggs.”

So I left him to do my makeup in the office and then went to the kitchen and pondered the problem over breakfast, did he want prairie oyster eggs or boiled eggs? The caffeine flakes were easy, just coffee and cornflakes but the prairie oyster bit was a nuisance, I wasn’t sure how to make them other than they included raw eggs, tabasco and Worcester sauce but would he want boiled eggs as well? I shrugged and went back to the office, looked up prairie oysters, easy-peasy and if he didn’t want the boiled eggs, I could have them. Odd though, usually people had prairie oysters to cure a hangover, I’ve never heard of anybody having them for breakfast instead of poached or fried, still, men were a bit strange sometimes. I left the office and heard a voice coming from the bedroom so I went down and opened the door. The voice was John and it was coming from the en-suite shower so I knocked on the door, “I’m in the shower,” he called back unnecessarily, “I’ve got no clothes on,” he added equally unnecessarily. I opened the door and walked in and pulled the shower door open, “Do you want me to do your back?”

“You’re fully dressed!”

“That doesn’t matter, I have spare clothes.”

He smiled, “It’s tempting but you’ll spoil you hair.”

“I hadn’t thought of that but I have two things to say. One, you sing terribly and the other is about breakfast, do you really want prairie oysters AND boiled eggs?”

“Who told you I like prairie oysters?”

“You but I haven’t time to go into it now, which is it to be?” I sniffed the air, “And you’re using my perfumed soap, I warned you about that yesterday.”

He grinned again, “I’m not going into the office or on site today so it doesn’t matter and I’ll have the same as you for breakfast.”

“Are you sure, I’m having strong tea, toast and two estrogen tablets?”

He laughed, turned off the shower and stepped out and kissed me as I handed him a towel, “Want me to dry your back or better still your front?”

“No, I don’t trust myself.”

“I don’t trust you either that’s why I offered.” I turned to leave and said “Breakfast in ten minutes and don’t use all my makeup.”

Ten minutes later I sat at the kitchen table and watched fascinated as John picked up the glass containing my first ever attempt at making a prairie oyster. He sniffed it gently, rolled the glass in his hand to mix the contents evenly, sniffed again and placed the glass to his lips, tilted his head back and opened his mouth and the oyster vanished into his mouth. His lips closed over it and for perhaps three seconds he held it in his mouth and then swallowed, opened his mouth, sighed with satisfaction then smacked his lips. “Perfect,” he said, “Why don’t you try one?”

“I prefer my eggs in egg cups, it’s more lady-like. Why did you want one, you haven’t a hangover?”

“I like them, it’s just one of those odd things about me.”

“Do you have any other odd things about you I should know about?”

“Loads. I really enjoy winkles and fresh celery but the salt mustn’t be sprinkled on the celery, it should be poured onto the side of the plate in a neat cone so the celery stick can be dipped into it. I also liked to suck the sugar coating off paracetamol tablets before I swallow them.”

“That’s normal, I do that as well.” I got up and crossed to the breakfast bar and poured him a large cup of breakfast tea and picked up the plate with the two pink tablets on it and placed them in front of him. “There you are, I’ll get the toast ready now.”

He popped the two pink tablets into his mouth, crunched on them and washed them down with tea. You’re supposed to swallow them whole,” I reprimanded.

He nodded and drank a little more tea, “I know pink Smarties when I see them so that didn’t work.”

I grinned and sat down and pushed the pile of toast towards him. “Do prairie oysters work like sea oysters?”

“Well I fancy you like mad but I do that all the time so I can’t be sure.”

“I made you an offer when you were in the shower but you declined.”

“You looked so nice in that white dress I didn’t want to spoil it.”

“What time do you have to go home?”

“If I leave after breakfast I can get an early start, and I would like to take you out this evening.”

“If you can access your files, you can borrow my desktop and I’ll use the laptop, it will save you having to go home. Then I could tidy up the flat, do my work and we could go out for the day. You can use one of my leg razors if you want to shave, your chin I mean, not your legs and I have a spare tooth brush.”

Breakfast was finished so I started to clear the table and tuck everything away with the supper dishes and turned the dishwasher on, “I’ve just had a thought. Clean shirt, underwear and socks? If I wash them now and put them in the spin dryer, it will be a couple of hours before they are fit to wear.”

“What do I wear in the meantime?”

“I hadn’t thought of that, why not wear a towel round your waist and I’ll lend you one of my wraps to keep your upper half warm? Come to think of it, it would look quite sexy. You could wear it like a toga, over one shoulder with the other bare, a bit like a, gladiator. I’ll take the belt out of your trousers and you can wear that around your waist with one of my larger carving knives stuck in it.”

He nodded, “But for the sake of your safety, forget the knife and as nobody is going to see me, I’ll try it, I’m only sitting at a desk.”

I went into the bedroom and collected his clothes, placed his trousers on a hanger in my wardrobe with his jacket, left his shoes beside the bed and went into the utility room with the washing which now included my stuff, they could have a chat about last night whilst they were swimming about in the washing machine and then took my laptop into the sitting room and started work.

An hour later I had completed my work for the soft furnishing contract and sent it all off with a reminder that I would be going into hospital in a few days to let me know immediately if there were any changes needed and then I closed down and went into utility room and took out the washing and put it in the dryer and then made coffee. “Your clothes will be ready in an hour,” I looked him up and down, he was more like a pile of dirty linen awaiting a washing machine than a Roman gladiator, “It’s just as well you weren’t born about the time Jesus was on earth, you look more like a beggar than a gladiator.”

He nodded, “I feel like a discarded corpse the work is not going well, I keep thinking of you instead of area volumes and weight stresses.”

“That’s not a very nice thing to say. I was thinking of you when I did my work and it’s some of the best I’ve done.”

“You’re female and can compartmentalise your brain, I can’t.”

“Do you want an exciting, rip-roaring afternoon or a romantic one?”

“Romantic, why is there a fair in town?”

“No and it’s a surprise so don’t ask any more questions. I have to pop out to the shops, I’ll be about forty five minutes and then I’ll iron your shirt and we can be off any time you’re ready.”

“Okay, I’ll be finished work by then. Want me to help with the shopping?”

“No, you finish your job and I only need a few bits so it won’t be heavy.”

When I got back I had just enough time to prepare lunch, pack it away in the picnic hamper and get the carton with the primus stove, kettle and cool box and left them on the kitchen table. I ironed his shirt, grabbed his underpants and socks and went into the bedroom and left them on the bed with his trousers and jackets and went to fetch the owner.

“I’m just about finished; another fifteen minutes okay,” he greeted me and took a hold of me and kissed me, “I haven’t kissed you at all today.”

“Yes you did, in the shower but I don’t mind the second kiss, so any time you get the urge, just come and get me. Your clothes are ready and I’ve left them on the bed with a floppy hat I bought you.”

“Are we going to a cricket match?”

“Better than that, not so noisy but it’s a surprise now hurry up, I’ll make a phone call to a friend and then put everything in the car and we can get away.”

In Chapter 6, a surprise trip and a time for confessions.

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