Shadowsblade: Four funerals and a Movie part 5

This is the story of a man who finds a magic box, one that changes him into a Teenage Drow girl (a dark elf) and he has to deal with the very sudden change. Then handle all the memories of a Drow that was 'made' for a long lost war. This new part of him, has 40,000 years of memories of fighting that war. She has to deal with all that pent up PTSD, her enemy is here, but she loves her. Her old Queen is here and she wants to kill, that Queen ohh so bad!

So far in the story, Rohanna is being sent to a high school for mutants. While in school, she has to learn to keep that temper in check and her vast skills at killing others! She has been attacked in Boston while shopping, by her new lover by accident of fate and by an assassin that nearly kills her.

The last major hurdle in her short new life, is that a science project gone mad! Has made an exact clone of her and linked it mentally to her every thought, it reacts like an extension of her body now.


In this chapter, the movie is almost done with it's part. But disaster at Whateley stops all that joy the working on film brought Rohanna and now the whole of Poe cottage is upset by the changes.




Saturday May 5, 12:50 PM
Galactic studios

Most of the day so far had me changing clothes or costumes at a very rapid pace, once in a new set clothes. They would take pictures of the new look from every angle, film it for reference, then 3D scan it and one to the next one!

As I stepped out of the 3D body scanner for this round of costumes, my ears picked up a agonized sad yell coming from Gwen who was standing by the food table, "NOOOOOOOOOO!" she cried out, then slammed her phone to the floor!

Her yell unhinged most of the stage that heard it. Me? I just reacted and ran over to her still crying and now mumbling out, "It's not true...she is not dead! Who would do that?"

"Who Gwen?" I asked as I picked up her phone and looked at the undamaged screen. Yes undamaged, a bunny-phone can stop bullets and has done so many times!

"Someone just killed Jamie! Nikki just texted me that...she is gone and someone tore her apart!" she cried on to me, as her sobbing real hard just started.

My hands flew over the phone to pull that text up, after I found it and read it over a few times to be sure. I texted Nikki right back...'Who did this!'

As I waited for Nikki to get back to me, Jineen took Gwen to my trailer and Bill stood next to my side and watched as close as I was for an answer! Then few minutes of living in hell just waiting, the answer showed up, 'We don't know, but it was bad. Who ever did it!'

Now I was sure that Gwen was not mistaken and Nikki would never lie to one of us like this! A scream of rage tore it's way out of both of me and the stage stopped right there.

Not one person even moved, let alone talked and all of them stared at me...waiting.

Bill grabbed my arm and dragged me to the waiting trailer, as I yelled out to the world, "Who would do that, who would kill little Jaime!...why?"

"I don't know, sometimes bad things happen and you know that...just like I do?" he said to me filled with that very same sadness I felt now.

With all of us inside now the trailer, Bill worked his phone to find out more information and while he did his work. I sat next to Gwen and tried to help her over this loss. Me personally I did not know Jamie that well, but what I did know for sure. That she was a kind person and very non-violent.

"Should we go back to Whateley?" Gwen asked me, while crying into my side.

"Why? We have no idea who did this and there is no family that is coming for her?" I said the sad truth, Jamie had nearly no one. She had one grandma that all but disowned her and Mrs. Guzman her present guardian. She had lost her mom in a car wreck, when she mutated and that mutation saved her life.

The wreck that claimed her mother, nearly her. Was caused by a truck own by Mrs. Guzman one of the HUGE benefactors/board members of Whateley and the person who had a TON of gold in the museum there as a art piece?

As I held Gwen, Arthur showed up at the trailer door and knocked to come in, so I yelled for him to come on in.

"Well what happened Rohanna? I was over at stage Ten, when one of my crew ran in and told me you lost it?" he questioned me.

"We lost one of our cottage mates back at school, we just heard about it via a text." I said and even now that rage was growing in me...who did this and why was I not there to stop it from happening!

"So you want to call it a day?"

Before I could even say anything, Bill waved at me as he got up from sitting on the table, "I have this Ro," and he lead Art back out the door.

Bill felt is was a good idea to leave me alone now and let me calm down with my caring for Gwen, As he noticed that one of me might be holding her and helping her out. But the other twin was pacing the trailer and twitching in anger, plus a very obvious growing rage.

Once outside the trailer and hopefully out of my earshot, Bill brought Art up to date his plans, "Art, I think we should call this a long lunch and let those two cope with this?"

"Fine I can do that, but please if they need the day off. Please tell me and this ends right now?" Art makes sure, that Bill knows that he cares for his old friend.

About and hour later, we got back to work and the crew tried to help with making each step of photos happen as fast as I changed. They seemed to know that we needed to get done today or at least very close to that!

When I was stuck with one of me getting 3D scanned and the other in the dressing trailer. Once again Gwen cried out, "Why! There is no way she did that!"

When I heard that, the one dressing pulled on the last parts of that costume and run over to my trailer, "What Gwen?" I barked as I flung the door open to find her very confused.

"Nikki just texted me, they arrested Kayda for Jamie's murder at dinner!" Gwen told me over her growing shock of the idea.

"What, Kayda? She would never do that, she does not have it in her to go off and just kill someone like Jamie? She might 'off' someone by accident during a fight, but I really doubt she would do it intentionally." I reasoned back to Gwen.

"Ya I know, so who did this and why frame Kayda?"

"She brought lots of baggage to Whateley and maybe some of it did this?"

"So if she did not do this, then who Rohanna?"

The next text beeped in and with is a short description of the damage done to Jaime. Gutted in half and a 'tomahawk' to the head. Then Nikki added that they wanted to prosecute Kayda off campus via the state and MCO I would bet.

That is when my phone beeped a message from Ayla, Once I read just floored me! 'Call me back on secure line and place. We might need to help Kayda escape from custody to save her life!'

I huddled close to Gwen and showed her the message, she instantly gulped back to me, "Ayla sending that, means this is very bad!"

"Yep, say nothing!" I said back to her, then after I read it once again and hit the received button. The phone erased that message forever and no one can get past Bunny's security!

With that done I twist to Bill standing at the trailers door, "Bill please tell Art that we are done and we are going home to Whateley. It is out of control there and I rather be nearer to ones I care about. Especially with the MCO prowling around my HOME looking to do damage!"

"I just heard it's bad, so we are leaving and if you had said...stay here? I would have shoved you back home anyway, where I think it safer to be right now?" with a mutual nod, Bill goes off to inform Art for us and I start to get out of this last set of clothes.

When we all filed into our hotel room, I moved off to get all packed and ready to go. The main reason why I did, was that I just thought that leaving tonight might be a good idea. But Jineen had convinced me on the ride back, that nothing could get done by use going back any earlier than morning.

All my bags were packed quickly, save that one overnight bag of mine and I had Samuel take all my purchased items to the baggage room for our leaving tomorrow. He took that time to leave me a small plate of snacks, I am sure thinking I would be held up in my room tonight.

When he was gone, my Bunnyphone came out and I tossed a privacy spell at the ceiling, while I locked my door. Very quickly Ayla's number was dialed up and I whispered into the phone, "all clear on the western front"

"Safe on my end." she said back to me and the phone flashed a secure connection that no one could hack, Sara did the math behind the encryption and GOO math bends human minds!

"So how bad is it?"

"Very they want her...Kayda and Carson is fighting it. But it's all uphill this fight!"

"So they might get their hands on her?"

"Yes and jail her...then maybe ask for death?"

"So what's my part in this caper?"

"You are back-up, right behind a team I have at the ready to get her out of here."

"They fail or can't get to her, I go grab and port out. You do know my porting sucks ass right now and I might have issues with getting her out?"

"I hope we don't need you then?"

"In any case, find me a good spot to 'port' her too and make sure of it with me? I will do it even in the court room, as I am the only kid currently going there to Whateley. That falling off the map for a few decades, will not affect my life that greatly."

"I had hoped you would see it that way?"'

"Just remember, this is last resort. A huge part of me, the Drow part. Sticking it's neck out for a human and leaving behind fellow elves, that does not sit well with me at all. Then Kayda is a shaman, something that is not a happy place in all that ancient past of mine!"

"You have to tell me that last one someday?"

"Nope that is mine, only Sidhe or Fae ever hear that one. So we all done?"

"Yes, you coming back tomorrow with Gwen and your friends?"

"Yes, by noon I am almost sure for the planed time?"

"I will see you then!" and the phone goes off.

Just after I set that phone down, Gwen knocked at my door, "Ro come out and eat please. Bill asked for dinner and Samuel brought in the best for us!"

"Okay I will be there in a sec!"

Soon enough, I walked out to the living room and over to the small dining table. After my butts landed in the chair with a mad plop. Bill had to grin to me, "Well I guess you called someone at Whateley and heard more bad news then?"

"Yes some, but I hope it gets better or Kayda is not going to have a good life or long one from here on out"

"So you don't think she did it?" he questioned me and passed a plate with lasagna on it over to me.

"Nope. she is not the type at all. Not without a reason too? Besides who would hurt little Jamie? Me I get, I am vicious and dangerous. But her, she would not hurt a fly except to save her life or someone else!"

The next dish he passed to me was a salad, that I took huge servings from. "Well good to hear." Bill grinned at me.

As I took a bite of the lasagna, my tongue tasted a flavor from the past...the far past at that! There was no way a human knew that spice, it was long gone...or so I thought!

"Eldanar ixaan pes'cis" I Mumbled the only name I knew for it, as I only tasted it when working near the few royals that would ever let a Drow even near them! (royal grove spice)

"What was that Ro?" Gwen asked me.

"Something in Drow, but I have a question for Samuel!" I said and I got up to hit his call button, then sat back down to eat.

Once Samuel walked into the room I just had to ask him, "Samuel the spices in the lasagna, the spice on top of it. Is that something special?'

"Ohhh I had hoped you would notice that one and the chef did too!"

"So there is more of that around?" I had to question him, wanting more of that taste of my home of the past.

"That is a very personal secret of the chef!" he insisted.

"Can I buy some or maybe trade for some Tari's Ar-fion?" I smiled to him and he wrote it down quickly as I spelled it. (Queen's Royal wine-or the brandy I have!)

"I will see my lady?" and he ran back to his door and slid into it quietly.

A short time later he came back as I was eating dessert, "My lady, all he said at first honesty was...what the hell!...But he thought you might be mistaken at what you have in trade?"

"Nope I have some, just a few bottles and if he wants one, the trade would include more than just spices?" I grin to him.

"I will tell him, but do you have this bottle with you, or is it at home?"

"At home, but I can get to it soon enough?"

"I will tell him that and give him your number to contact later...Miss."

"That would be fine with me Samuel." and he left to tell the chef our plans.


Monday May 6, 8:20 AM
'Top of the mark hotel

As our bags were being loaded into the SUV's Art's drove up to say goodbye I am sure. He waved to me as he got out of his rather nice car and came over to us all waiting for the 'Go' signal from the drivers.

"I just had to say bye to ya and make sure you promised to come over to my house someday to stay the weekend!"

"I bet you want to catch up with all that time missed...don't ya?" I questioned the huge man as I gave him a twin hug.

"That's right and you have to meet the kids, plus the little grand ones! I bet they will fall in love with a elf!" he grinned down at me.

"Ohh I have to come back now and embarrass you with all the dark stories I know about you!"

"Ohh shoot, please not too bad?"

"We will see, I do accept bribes to forget things?" I winked up at him.

"Ohh no, I will bribe you to spill them all!" His wife Linda added in now.

"Humm a better offer I just heard?" I ponder the thoughts.

"Yes I make better offers than him, but you have to come over and our house is your home here in LA forever!" Linda insisted with a quick nod from Art to reinforce it.

"I hate to break all this up, but we have to get going. The gate at ARC is open only at certain hours and if we miss our time slot today. We will have to wait a full day to go home." Bill warns us and gives me a gentle tug to the waiting SUV.

As we pulled away from the hotel, I wanted to stay here and be with Art for a few days. But the madness at Whateley was growing by the hour and we wanted to be there just in case!


Monday May 6, 9:50 AM
ARC Los Angeles

I shook my head to Bill for the hundredth time today so far, as he barked a the tech for suggesting that the gate was fixed now, "No I am not going in that gate thing again, just call up ARC and tell them I am going to land at the they don't shoot me if I miss my spot?"

"Fine, we will go first and then after I call you. You will port and I will be waiting on the other end for you Rohanna?"

"I like that idea Bill, that will workout just fine for me."

A short time later, Bill, Jineen and Gwen had passed through the gate and I never entered that room when it was on. When that was all finished up and the techs told me. I walked outside to the large lawn hidden within this complex and waited eagerly for Bill's call.

The phone rang soon enough as I paced on that smooth grass and Bill said to me, "time to get your butts over here!" he laughed at me.

"Be there in a second?" I said back to him, some doubt hanging on my words and hung up not wanting to face that I might mess this up bad...and be gone forever?

With the phone slid back into my pocket, we Drow hugged each other and the Pixies held onto my neck for dear life, "Well lets go I whispered to all."

~"We will be fine, Gaea will see us back to home!"~ Violet whispered in my mind.

I ported.


Monday May 6, 10:20 AM
ARC New Hampshire

Well we both landed on the grass hard, the height I ported in at was off by several inches and I fell to the ground in front of Bill. But I got the location 'dead on' and that made me happy. As Bill helped me to my feet and Otto helped the twin me, my head started to pound like a drum.

"Ohhh that was a stretch and I paid for it, I have to start porting any chance I get and work out the kinks with more practice darn it!" I growled and squinted from the twin sets of pain.

"You alright Rohanna," Otto asked me.

"Not all great Doc, my head is pounding a bit from that?" I question myself why a long port hurt so bad now.

"If it does not fade, we can do some tests to find any damage?" Otto offered in a more caring voice than I had heard coming from him before these last few day.

"I will tell you if it keeps up and the Groves healers have no luck in fixing me up?"

"Fine by me, then those healers of yours? We might have to hire them on here and see if they can help us simple humans out once and awhile?" he jested back to me.

"I have the car being packed with our bags and a security SUV will follow us down with all the extras that you and Gwen bought. And damn if that Gwen can't shop when she has cash in her hands!" Bill whistled out to me.

It took almost an hour to get both cars packed up and ready to go. Boy bill was right when I looked over the whole stack of clothes Gwen had bought, she could shop like a pro! Then me right behind that, but at least I had an excuse. I was shopping for two of me now and the girls back at Poe too!

This time instead of me driving the car, I left that to Bill so I could sit in the back seat with Gwen and get the latest texts on how things at Whateley were going. That 'going' was not looking good for Kayda, unless someone showed up with the right evidence or confessed to the crime?

On the way back to Whateley, Paige sent me the full tape she stole of poor Jamie getting killed and it ALL struck me as wrong right off! The way she died and them saying Kayda did it, her buffalo did not attack like that. Spirits like him had to appear before they hit something. Didn't Everheart even know that simple thing?

Then add the wound had buffalo horn DNA or horn flakes in it! Impossible I say to the text as I read it out, 'spirits don't have DNA! They are ghosts!'

Next was the tomahawk to the head, Kayda is an expert with that darn thing and the blow was done by a novice at best. A true expert would have split that skull far worse and took the tomahawk back out as they left the scene.

Gwen looked at me as I spoke to the texts and the videos I was receiving from Paige, "Maybe you can testify at the trial Ro?"

"I sure can, but one thing Gwen? My expertise has no documents to back it up and my Sidhe medals don't count with humans I am sure. They will call me a liar to my face and get hurt for it. So me in a courtroom is a very bad idea, wouldn't you say?"

"I get that, I could see you busting the chops of some want to be TV attorney calling you a lair in court and the cops needing a SWAT team to even get you motivated to leave the room!" she giggles to me.


Monday May 6, 12:50 PM
Poe cottage

Bill's car pulled up to the front of Poe and we found no one there save Mrs. Horton to meet us. She told us that most of the Poesies were in class or at the pretrial waiting to see if they could charge Kayda. Since Carson was using the defense that we were on Indian tribal land for a defense and the tribe had standing over the state...I made a fast mental note of using that for later somehow!

Well for over an hour, we unpacked the car and the SUV and moved that mountain to each room in turn. I took that time with most of the fellow Poesies gone, to grab the washing machines and get the loads of clothes set to washing.

While that was happening, I dropped of bags of what the other Posies had given me a shopping list to buy in LA for them, GO-GO got candy plus a 'Hollywood' t-shirt and so did Bunny. Rip wanted a bikini and I found one for her. I dropped a bag of small things in Nikki and Toni's room.?

Then ran down the stairs to Sara's room, we found it kind of messy and her strangely not there. She might be at the trial deal or class? But I left a bag of nice stuff for her anyway...Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie, that we found very new in that shop!
Next I ran up stairs and dropped a bag just like the one left in Sara's room for Roz... that was going to be fun to see very soon!

When I heard someone crying down the hallway, I just had to find out who that was? And quickly found Gwen crying at Jamie and Hank's door. I knew instantly why, Gwen had found a great dress for Jamie and now she will never see it!

"Gwen, she would have loved it. You picked out the perfect one for her." I said trying to hard to keep all that sadness back myself and that nagging feeling that I should have been here to protect someone under my own roof!

"What do I do with it now?" she cried at me.

"Jamie had someone that cared for her and gave her the needs of this world. Leave this dress in the school donation locker, for one of those that comes here with nothing and see if you don't find someone else loving it like she would have Gwen?"

This part of death always bugged me, the human and the Drow. After you took away the house or the car and the money. The photos that would never get tossed no matter what, all a persons long life ended up being is...a bag full of clothes and that was all.

After Gwen tearfully nodded back to me, she went off on that quest and dropped that off at the donation locker. Then we all would see if someone in the coming school year took that dress as one of their own.

Later on as the washing got done, I packed my new clothes in my drawers and closet. Then heard all the fellow Poe kids coming in from class and the pre-trial. What mumbling I overheard was not good, then Ayla pulled me into her room as I passed by with a load of clothes in my arms.

"You're back, that's great. This does not look good Rohanna, Kayda's alibis are not panning out yet and this prosecutor wants blood!"

"Hummm you do know the evidence that a 'cat' showed me is utter crap. But my word that it is, will never be listened to by humans that hate us mutants or elves?"

"Too bad, I am sure you know what your are talking about. But lets wait till this 'blows up' and react then. I hope we don't have too?"

"Me too, I like it here now and this is the only home I really have?" My voice carries off thinking that it really is the only place I can call home for now and the Grove really does not count, as I don't own it?

"Well I am off Rohanna to find out if all my plans are ready and I was checking in with you...just in case?" she winks at me, "And I have a bike on order for that twin coming and it's on me!"

"Ayla you don't have to do that?"

"Of course I do, using your money to invest! It being so free and ready, plus untraceable. It gives me leverage in huge deals that net me and YOU far more than that little bike is worth!"

"Well keep it up and how is that going anyway?" I had to ask, because I really was not keeping track of it. Because I knew Ayla would not fail me.

"I will have it doubled in a year or less easy, then after what I predict will be a major drop in stock values we will make a killing on the upswing!" she grinned at me.

"Well keep me up to date and have fun playing monopoly with my money!" I sang back at her as I left her room.

After I left her room, I was back on track to my room and that waiting chore of putting away my new things and once that was finished up. I headed on out to find dinner in crystal hall


Monday May 6, 5:10 PM
Poe cottage

When I walked into Poe My ears picked up crying again, but this time it was Hippolyta. A girl that seldom cried and that freaked me out to no end! As I flew down the staircase to Sara's room, I overheard what the issue was as Hipp explained it to someone.

Sara was with Hippy having fun and 'poof' vanished! Sara looked as if she was fighting what was calling her, most likely a summoning spell and not a good thing for a demon to have happen to them. Hipp then told the guard at the main desk, that Sara was missing a day or so ago, but now it looks like he made that report vanish to make money off the information!

My angry shouting interrupted Everheart and a on going conversation that she was having with a lady I had never met with, "Is this true Everheart, Sara is missing and has been for DAYS!"

"Yes Rohanna, I just found out after Hippy told me?"

I gazed over to Hipp, who was just starting to fall apart from losing Sara like this. Hipp had just lost a love, where I had just lost the only 'rock' that held me in place in this river of heel I was in since I had changed! But my rage needed to be vented on the leader of the security department at fault for this mess... this very huge and on going mess!

"This is your fault Everheart, we all warned you more than once. To clean up that 'payola' squad and now one of the students is missing...PLUS ONE OR MORE CHILD IS DEAD because of it!" I yelled at her my growing rage.

"Rohanna, we will talk about this later on. I have to get going on this investigation to save Kayda's life!" she barked back at me.

"Then get going, leave this to the experts to clean up the mess!"

"Hey none of that Rohanna, "She wiggled a telling finger at me, "I don't need you going after someone just now. Besides you have an oath not to!" she tried and failed miserably to remind me.

"Yes, THAT I do, one that states. I will not hurt anyone going to or working for this school and protect the ones here, from threats from the outside or within it!"

Those words cut into Everheart, Rohanna left herself a huge way out and Coltrain the man who did not report Sara missing. He might have opened that door and now is in more than mortal danger for it. He is or was a 'threat' to all the students from within by not doing his job...the moron!

"Don't...please not right now?" she nearly begged the twin Drows.

Both of me were seething now and more than ready to hurt someone right this second, no kill was the far better term for my anger now, "I will give you time to clean that house Everheart of yours or have it done for you, if you take too long!" I growled to her.

"Are you threatening me now too?"

"NO...but I am sure many students and parents would want to hear of this incompetence. Like Mrs. Guzman...Jamie's sponsor. Who is on the school's board and will I am sure, fire those she deems necessary for this shame?" AND a shame it certainly is in my eyes, letting one you are guarding die and more than one CHILD at that!

"Fine, but I have to talk to someone about summoning spells right now Rohanna?"

"Why it's far too late now? Sara is gone for who knows how long and the trail is COLD...VERY COLD! Sara might not pop back up for years now!" hearing that explanation of mine. it sent poor Hippy into a bout of sobs and tears now. She knew deep down, that I did not lie and rarely exaggerated.

The other lady took sudden interest in my spell knowledge and asked me, "You know summoning spells?"

"Not really, that was not part of my training. I only killed what might be summoned by one, if that was possible? Or I helped to make what was summoned by one, part of a magic item at times?"

"We have to go now, Janice?" Everheart frowned at me, as she spoke to the other lady there.

As they both set off down the connecting tunnel, I gave the huge Amazon the only thing I had right now...the hug I needed too! As I pulled her closer and felt her crying just like me. That rage within grew until it exploded, "VENGANCE shall be MINE!" I screamed very loud in stereo at the world.

"Can you find her...find Sara for us Rohanna?" Hipp cried into my side, as we all hugged in support of one another.

"Sadly no Hipp, if your link can not hear her. I can not find out where she is, she is beyond anything I can do?"

"But how do we find her?"

"We find out who did all of this and get that out of them at any cost! I have ways of making anyone TALK!" I growled to her a promise, that I fully intended on keeping.

After we calmed down a little bit, we all trudged up stairs and I asked her if she wanted her room or spend time in mine. Hipp, was the one who would tear anyone apart to save one of her fellow posies, she wanted my room for now...because she needed that support right now.

As I lead Hipp into my room and sat with her, she just fell apart right there, "Did I mess all this up and lose Sara forever, did I?" she cried at me in fright that Sara was gone and I was not too far behind her in those very same thoughts.

"How could you have ever known what was happening? I only know, because how old I am inside and have seen ohh so much in my life. You have never dealt with this kind of thing Hipp?" I tried to reason with her and myself.

"But I failed her and all of us...her loves! I should have known...the connection...her mark it told me?"

"Did it tell you, or just hurt?"

"It hurt for a second then nothing?" she admitted to me.

"See even it did not know or could tell you?" I said to her and had to admit to myself that if...just if I had one too? That mark, I might have felt that and been instantly here to search for Sara. But I can't, I could not join with Sara like that ever. My old life held me back from ever doing that with her.

Not too long after we sat in my room and cried in shared pain, Nikki peeked into my room and found us both there sobbing on the bed. There was no way we could shield that much sadness from an empathic like her and me especially being a fellow Sidhe.

"Hey you two what gives, it's like someone died in here?" she asked truly wanting to know.

"We lost Sara, she was captured in a summoning circle I am most sure of now?" was the first to answer her, Hippy was far too torn now to even notice anyone in the room with us right now.

"NO!" she shrieked out instantly, knowing what that meant more than others going here to school.

"Yes, it happened on Tuesday, poor Hippy was with her and did not know of such things as a summoning spell."

"Did she tell security?"

"Only a day or so back and they seem...or Guard Coltrain kept that little nugget to himself and MIGHT have got little Jamie killed for it!" I hiss out slowly now, as that deep rage grows again in me.

"I am calling daddy and a few others that I know. This man is fired for sure!"

"Please do...then he is mine to deal with!" I grin to her.

"Rohanna promise me that you will not do what you're thinking!" Nikki asked me.

"Never, I can not promise that... this human is my prey now and nothing changes that fact. After his firing and he leaves this school, it is open season on him!"

"Rohanna, would knowing all this one day sooner saved Sara?"

"No, but it might have stopped Jamie from dying!" I yell at her, "Vengeance is mine! I protect this cottage and someone killed a child under MY very roof! Honor DEMANDS a blood payment!"

"SHIT!" Nikki yelled knowing the Drow was right, even she felt that honor debt in her own way.

"Ro, let daddy do his job and then we can see later...much later, when no one will know?" she winks at me.

"Fine Mr. Reilly can try as he may, but sooner or later that human is mine to deal with!" I warn her.

Nikki leaves us for a second to go grab Feral, one of the few Poe kids that Hippy talks to like me and both with lots of encouragement leave the room to just us Elves once again.

With Nikki sitting in my room alone with me, I start crying again and start falling apart now, "I was not here to help anyone! I should have been here, instead of being at some dumb movie set!"

"Like you just said...and do what? No one of us knew what was going on till just now, when the pieces started sliding together?"

"But Sara helped me out so many times and I was not here for her?"

"And you helped her many times I am sure, plus some I don't even know about fully I'd bet?" she grinned at me knowingly.

"Gaea who is going to tell Donna and Paige about this...poor Donna facing all that she has coming without Sara there?"

"Donna will face it fine, we will help her as best we can and she does have Gothmog to fall back on I am more than sure?"

"You know as well as I, that a good summoning circle can last years. If not decades and that means most of those that Sara took into her life might not know her at all till they die, just a few short months is all they may ever get? Is that fair!"

"You know as well as I, life is not fair Ro!"

"Damn it I really wanted her to be here, for all that fun this movie will bring?" I tear up again.

"I know...I know. But you and I will see her soon enough?" Nikki said to me with her seeing that a few passing decades, was just like a few weeks in comparison to us now.

I tried hard to laugh and make light of my pain, "She promised to feed the monster under my bed and he ran off. Now I have to find a new one!"

"Well if he ran off just for food, then he was not loyal to you and we need to find you a far better one to chain up...don't we!" she grinned with me.


Josh enters his father's study, a rather large one. That covers over a thousand square feet of the huge house he calls home and the room even has three tiers of library books in it. The main reason for such an expense room, His dad loved the smell of old books and this room contains ten of thousands of them, some even first editions. But most of this room was brought to life by his Great grandfather, who built this mansion, after gaining most of the families fame and fortune.

"Yes dad, you called for me?" he asks his father more than intimidated by the man at times and this was one of those times!

"Yes I did, so who are you taking to Prom this year? I have to know, because as a US Senator I have to keep up appearances!" he said from his desk, just barely lit by the green glow thrown off by the desk lamp.

"Well dad I was going to take a girl that Nikki Reilly introduced me too?" Josh said and stared down at the expensive Persian carpet under his feet, not wanting to face his father right now.

"The Reilly girl that mutated into a elf from a boy?" he questioned his son.

"Yes, that is her dad. Nikki was visiting her dad and her brother Troy was going out to dinner that night with Dania. So I came along and escorted her friend from school Rohanna."

"So this girl is a mutant too?" his dad asks, then slides his papers into a stack to better pay attention and listen to the boy.

"Yes she is a mutant dad and she is an elf or dark elf sorta like Nikki is?"

"Dark elf, you don't mean evil elf or something?"

"No dark elf is the common mans term, she calls herself a Drow and she is not evil at all dad!"

"So you went out in public with a mutant and did not tell me first?"

"She looked very normal during dinner, she uses magic to disguise herself outside and no one knew dad that saw us I am very sure?" he added sheepishly.

"Well what does she look like without the magic?" the senator asked knowing full well what magic was, he was on many a senate panel that discussed mutants in general.

"Tall, dark skin...a little purplish, athletic and real beautiful!" he sighed remembering her.

"Do you have a picture of this girl Josh?" he asked, when he saw how taken his son was by the girl.

Josh rushed over to his dad's desk and pulled out his cell phone. After flipping through a few pictures, he found the ones he wanted to show him and leaned over to do so.

"See dad, she is cute!" Josh grinned as he flipped from one picture on the phone to the next.

What Senator Earl Stockbridge saw, was a very tall elf with dark purple skin, all white eyes, fangs and a body that showed a life dedicated to working out. Some of the pictures were of them all at Nikki's dad's home and some of the girls obviously in school, the last bunch was of his boy with a blonde that was certainly the elf...Rohanna he called her in her magical disguise.

"Now I see why you like her, your last girl was tall and athletic too? That 'blond girl' disguise she uses is perfect! She must be really good at the practice of magic then?" he had to ask knowing how powerful Nikki had become of late!

"Ahh I am not sure about that dad? But she does know how to fight and real well too!"

"Hummm, Josh give me her full name and I have to look into her. Just be warned son, you might have to break that date?"

"But dad, that would embarrass me!"

"ALL your fault, for not telling me who she was first. Before your inviting her to the Prom! So what is her full name again?"

"Rohanna Leigh and Rehanna, she just got a twin somehow? She did not tell me how that happened?

"I will look into that, Now git!" he waved at his son.

Since he had cleared his desk of work to have that talk with his son, Senator Earl sent a quick, but top secret level e-mail to a person working under him in the intelligence department.

Just over an hour later, the computer beeped at him as he worked on one of the many law proposals that crossed his desk. When he tapped his computer screen to life, it showed him a huge file that his contact had just sent him, labeled...Rohanna/Rehanna Leigh.

He opens it to a basic run down of what the girl is, her history, what happened to possibly mutate her, the theories on how it did? What she has done in school, who she sees there and who they are and then the theories of what a Drow really maybe? As none like her have been seen...till now?

Lastly he opens the video files on Boston, then the video just filmed in front of the Hollywood restaurant with her entertaining a small child. The footage of her showing her skills for the director. The last ones shown, are of her now famous sim run that first few days in Whateley and the one she did...eight well trained boys, verse only her and her ripping them apart in a short time.

One file gets his attention, the possibility of her killing eight CIA cleaners and making them disappear. The only clues found in their damaged SUV to where all the men went too? A single paper, with what looks to be Elvin writing on it and that Mr. Falk did chase two people close to her. A fellow elf, now at the school and the now missing computer mutant. One that was very close to a girl she 'sees' now at school, a love interest named Sara and that file on Sara was huge in it's own!

One small note of the CIA trying and utter failing at recruiting her one night, both agents hurt. Then a added note, the CIA will continue to try to recruit her via school based influence. As this girl has skills they desperately want for 'black ops' someday.

The last file, is the synopsis given by this trusted individual that wrote up and collected the files for him.

What he read was the best idea so far...'get to know this girl soon!'

She is soon to be acting, in what will be the block buster movie of next summer and the great press at even being close to her will help the senators career. She is a mutant, a minority person, one most of the public will love to see in the movie and one that saved several kids in Boston...a hero! The Politically Correct 'PC' checkboxes she filled, rose in numbers very FAST when you added it all together!

Then add this, she is a Sidhe, an ELF! An ancient race, that is seen as a good thing most of the population and getting to know her in her younger years might payoff in time? Plus influencing her future path to who knows what ends for the good of the nation?

The last suggestion, being close to this individual over time, may influence them into working for CIA or other agency 'Black ops' as needed.

Senator Earl can see it now, photo ops with the twin girls and his son. The bunch of them at red carpet press! Being seen as a 'caring politician' Getting in good with the 'inside Hollywood crowd' and all that influence that group carries, plus fund rising!

The senator knew full well, that there have been rumors of a Elvin/Sidhe underground working their influence all over the globe and for who knows how long? And getting to know one this close, to the one girl that might be their Queen someday...Nikki...that was a good thing?


In a very digital world

As Earl calls to his son via a phone on the desk, someone goes through all his files on his computer and most of his digital life in nanoseconds....Cyberkitty or Paige, one of Sara's pack and a close friend of Rohanna.

"So looking into Rohanna Senator?" Paige taps a digital foot on a floor in a very TRON looking world inside his computer.

Paige sighs out, "Well I had better keep an eye on you and track all your contacts down. Us girls, we have to stick together!"

Just then, a new person fades into Paige's digital world with a giggle. 'Whisper' one of the elves on campus and a mutual friend to both girls, "Yep we do!"

"What are you doing here?" Paige asks the tall elf standing by her in very tight 'matrix' style armor.

"Well this human, he set off all the alarms that I have on my fellow Sidhe's data, so here I am!"

"Okay, so we team-up on this one. I take the personal stuff and you get the other junk!"

"Why do I get the shit job?" Whisper yelped back.

"Because you are still a trainee and need the practice?" Paige says sarcastically, then Whisper huffs out her hanger and is gone with a TRON like de-rezz

Then Paige fades off to find all his records, banking, e-mail and who he talks to! "Ohh looooky!" she shouts in the digital world, "He has a mistress...that info is a keeper!"

"Lucky you! All I found was more reports, but some look interesting!" Whisper adds in as she fades back into Paige's domain and Paige rezzes in, to hand her the file.

"Well keep looking!" Paige grins and she is gone with a blue pop of light.


In the real world.

Senator Earl's head comes up form his vast stack of papers to just see his son entering the library again, "So I have my verdict!" he nearly yelled at the boy and look very much the part of a judge giving sentence to him.

"Yes dad?"

"You going to Prom with Rohanna and the twin is fine with me, I think you going out with her and being seen? That might even help my reelection campaign out some!"

"I am sure it will dad, I know you have to look out for your job? But sometimes, I really hate how it messes with my life like this."

"That is the cost of what I choose to do in my life, sometimes it affects yours. But see it from my side? You get good and bad influences from my being a senator and from where I sit, you have had mostly 'good' things happen to you. Am I right son?" he lectured to his son.

"Yes sir, you are right. My life is far better than most and the small limits I have on my freedom are very small indeed."

"Well invite her to lunch one day soon and make sure that happens before you go to Prom. As I want to meet her before that night, so I can get to know her better and I am sure your mother wants to meet the girl that grabbed her son's heart so very fast with just one small date!"

"Yes dad, I will have her come over this week. If she can make it?"

"I am sure she has the time, just give her a few open days and I am sure she will come to see us all?" Earl said back, knowing Rohanna's class schedule fully and that she had lots of open time in it!


Monday May 7, 1:50 PM
Poe cottage

I had just got back in from a visit with Dr Bellows after having a small blowup in gym class during a match, Ito made a small mistake and matched me with a kid on my bad side. They got a little hurt, the topper was the Rehanna part of me walking out on the archery students in class at nearly the same time. I in both part of me just had enough this week.

So Bellows was called in and we talked. But sitting there trying to chat with him, all with not having Sara on call or in the room with us, that hurt and I told him so! Then I added in that Everheart had better clean up that department of her's or I will get the students to help me do it!

We talked about many subjects. Me facing the past in the studios, hearing Jamie was killed and now Sara missing for years I am sure. He knew now, after that long chat. This Drow was a powder keg looking for a match!

When I stomped into my room, one Drow flung a book bag at the far wall while the other slammed the door hard enough to shake the frame! "This week had better get easier or I don't know what to do!" I shouted at the room.

"Jabbress, you need to go out to the Grove an center yourself some?" Violet pled with me.

"No!," I raged at her sitting on my shelf, "I need blood on my hands to wash off this anger of mine!"

"I know sister, Sara helped us out more than once. She will be back soon enough?" Violet tried to convince me.

"But we protect kids and one died right here under my roof!" I bark at nothing.

"We were not here then, so we could not stop it?"

"NO!" I shout back, "But we could have easily tracked the killer that day, bled him out and found Sara at the same time...tell me if I am wrong!"

"No you are not, but we can not save the can we?"

"But we can save this small part of it!" I yelled again, as Nikki poked her head into my door and yelled at me now.

"Rohanna, don't yell at Violet and take this out on her. She is right, we all tried as best we can and failed, we can not be on guard all the time? But this is not the end of us trying to protect the ones nearest us?"

"Nikki this was Jamie? She never hurt anyone, heck her sim finals test even said on it for defenses used... Dialing 911, Running Away, Hiding, Begging for Mercy!" I tried to laugh at her description of her ways in life. Only a few us that knew certain things, knew she held back spirits that could blow buildings off the map in one hit!

"I know she was a good person and did not deserve this. Rohanna I know what you want, just please wait for the law to do it's job? And lets head out to get an early dinner, because they let me off class to see about you or keep the others in check around here?"

"That's funny, you're the level headed one this week!"

"Someone has to be?" she grinned and me, then yanked on one of my several arms to drag me to food!

Then she stops just as fast, "Ohh forgot why I was here almost, Josh called and tried to get you. But you never returned his messages or texts?"

"I turned that darn thing off, I wanted to be left alone?"

"Well lets call him and find out what he wants?" she winks knowingly at me.

"Not a great idea, Drow mad, talking boy bad!" I said like a caveman to prove a point!

Nikki dialed his number, it only rang once! And Josh was there, "Nikki, ya find her!?" he asked on the phones speaker.

I shook my head to her and mouthed out NO! "Yep sure did she is right here!" she sang back to him.

"Amin will hurt lle later somehow ten' sina!" I whispered to her in Elvin (I will hurt you later somehow for this!)

"Hi Rohanna, I got dad to say yes to the prom and I should have told you that I had to run it past him too? But it's on in any case!"

"Alright Josh, fine by me set up the date and call me with it?" I cracked a smile at the phone trying to be nice?

"I will, but dad wants a dinner or better a nice lunch to meet you personally?"

Nikki jumps to hug me close and whispers to me "You get to meet a Senator! His dad is cool and I am happy for ya!"

"I guess Friday can workout or Saturday?" I asked him.

"Friday it is, I will call and you can still port to here?" he asked not so sure?

"Yes I can make it to where ever you are, my port is a bit messed up right now? But I can make it!"

"ALL set then! And the Prom is on Saturday the Nineteenth!"

"In two weeks!" I shout at him.

"Ohh you can make it?"

"Yep, you are very lucky I bought a dress for this just in case during my trip to LA!"

"Can't wait to see you in it!" Josh added in next.

"Ri' n'e en' ta!" Nikki whispered in Elvin to me. (Or out of it!)

"Gaea lle naa worse than Sara!" I growled back at her. (Gaea you are worse than Sara!)

"Friday's lunch is very casual, mom and dad insists. So don't dress up, just wear your street clothes to here and see you then?"

"You will bye!" and he is gone.

"Well that's done...lets go eat now!" Nikki said and dragged me from the room as both of my now trader Pixies laughed at my pain.


Monday May 7, 6:10 PM
Crystal Hall

All of us were sitting at our usual table and eating, some of us were busy helping Kayda feel better, as best we could in her case...with her magic being locked away!

Both of my heads shook at the thoughts of that, "Nikki if they ever try to do that to me, lock away my essence with a charm necklace like that...please remember to run away fast. It will not be pretty, as us Drow without Magic essence. We can die very fast and I am not going out like that!"

"I know, Aung warned me about that too. That us Sidhe need essence or death and she told me exactly what you said about Drow, it happens even faster."

"Ohh she did, did she and what else...IF!" I wink to her, "I can ask?"

"Ohhh know, her little diary to me so far said not too do that! Not just yet, anyway?"

"Ohh poooo you're no fun?"

As we giggled it up from that made up spat of our, Ayla just across from me rapped on the table with a fork and pointed to the lower doors. Once I looked that way and a few others. I spotted Everheart coming in with her better guards and the junior cops on campus 'the Wild Pack'...

As the group of the came into several doors of the hall, one of me quickly stood up and moved to right behind Kayda, nearly unseen or heard. Just incase they were here for her. The other me stood up and worked her way over to the balcony rail, to stand watch over the floor below us.

Everheart moved her team across the hall with precision and I spotted instantly that she was not here for any of us eating up here on the second level. She wanted someone below, on the lower level and that happening on this day meant only one thing to me...Jamie's killer, Sara's kidnapper was her target and now mine now!

My bow spun to my hand in a smooth motion, a arrow nocked even faster and I was ready. The Rehanna part of me, she ported to the same rail on the far side of the same floor and now we covered the whole room, no one could escape now!

That short port had cost me a headache, but that was getting better each time I used it and soon would be nothing. Nikki noticed my being at the ready and moved up behind me, "Who?" she asked at a whisper watching my every move.

"Not sure yet, trying to figure it out still. But in any case they don't leave here without being in cuffs or very dead!" I said very coldly, this Drow was hunting and Drow hunted well!

With having four eyes now, I could read all those guards faces and watched where they looked at the most, where gazes lingered too long? And I found out who they were searching for even before Everheart said his name...My bows came up as my mind made the connection.

Edward Rutherford or Quickdraw, I did not know him personally. The little asshole murder! It had to be him, only him. His power was speed and that is the only way someone could have fooled the cameras on the video tape that Paige stole from the security department. Then he got away with it, till just now!

As my bows came up to a nearly level aim from twin bodies, both of us faded with an out of habit invisibility spell and our armor formed on our bodies. The arrow tips leveled with Edward's head as the center of each aim, just as Everheart yelled out.

"Edward Rutherford!" Everheart asked him, in her best voice of authority.

I wondered for a second if he was the one? Part of me was not quite sure yet one hundred percent! So I lowered my aim as he stood up and said back to her, "Oh, hey, Chief..." and he started to run away from the security team around him now.

At the ready, my aim moved to his leg and if he ran farther. My arrow would blast through both and pin them to the floor or remove them if I wanted to! The Rehanna part of me took a ready aim at the door he HAD to use to escape the room from where he was at and incase of a miss, she would nail him even worse!

Nikki whispered next to me, "Don't we are not sure yet if he is the one?" she knew I was still standing there wrapped in an invisibility spell or not, there was no fooling her this close without some prep-time.

"Shhh Nikki I am working!" I hushed her and the distraction she made in talking right now.

As Edward tried to speed off that very few feet, the security guards fired taser darts all over where he might run too and nailed him right away. Edward lay there twitching on the floor from the darts hitting his body and my aim never really left his head till the cuffs and shackles claimed all of his movement.

When Edward was all packaged up, both us Drow faded back into view and Everheart spotted me as my aim dropped. She nodded to me some order of respect and I un-nocked the arrow, then jammed it's head into the wooden topped railing and left it sticking out...showing her I was still very mad, but restrained for now.

My bunny phone came quickly to my hand and I just barked at it, "Paige I darn well know you can hear me on this thing, with me having dialed your number or not. We need to hear what is said around that kid Edward, from this second on and record it for me!"

The phone crackled back to me, "Paige is not here leave a message please?" a boyish voice said to me with a slight chuckle.

"Blue no joking out of you, Edward is Jamie's killer. I would bet my life on that and with that being true. He knows where Sara tell her...tell Paige...or I hide all your stuff in the grove! And you just know Pixies love to wreck human stuff for fun!" I warned him.

"You got it your Drow ladyship, I am on it and will get back to you!"

"That's better you computer hack!" I barked at him, none too happy right now.

Blue is nearly the same as Paige, a person that can live in a computer and rules over anyone system they touch, But they both know this small thing. I am deadly in the real world and they can't affect me with their computer wizardry enough for me to even care! With that, I rule out here in the real world and they both know it.


Hours later,

There I am both sitting and pacing in or about my small room. Gwen decided to keep an eye on me and Nikki was off 'pumping' her contacts for information, what good looks, or a quick smile can do for a person at times like a glamour that could stop a truck!

"Well Paige!" I yelled at my Bunny phones open line for the tenth time this hour.

"I am working on it!" her voice sang back to me dripping with sarcasm!

Gwen tossed the walking part of me a fruit plucked off my room's tree, "Hey sit down on your cool floor mat and eat that why don't cha? Then chill, mellow out!"

My head tilted to my chest in defeat, Gwen was right and I needed to mellow before I blew up. So I plopped down on the mat and stared at her, "So what now, I hate this waiting and the longer it takes, I just know the worse IT gets!"

Gwen started to do her homework and asked me some questions on history. Too easy for me, she asked about stuff from the sixties and Nixon...I lived it, so I knew it!

"So Nixon sucked as a president then?" Gwen asked as she wrote more of her assignment down.

"In my opinion, yes he was bad. All into himself and thought others were out to get him personally. But then add the war and it was a crap shoot that any person could fix that mess?"

"So you think the war did most of the damage?"

"Yes. It was a waste of time, money and great men. The locals for the most part just did not care who or what ran them, as long as they got what they wanted with the least amount of effort!"

"Ohh I get it, I think?"

"You have to have lived it and seen it, to understand the whole mess. I did a few small jobs over there towards the end of all the fighting...that nation was messed up long before the US showed up, blame the French for that mess I guess?"

Just as Gwen was about to ask me even more questions, my phone beeped and I glanced at what it said, then reread it again 'Edward states he does not know where Sara is, then that he was influenced by Speakeasy/Darren Haskins and his powers to kill Jamie'... Somehow I could see the tears falling from Paige's face, as she wrote that in her electronic world behind that small screen.

My rage grows within me and the flames of that fire lick at my mind to act, but one thing holds me back. So my fingers fly across the keypad, 'Is Edward still a student and where is Darren?'

'Edward is now expelled by confessing to murdering a student and Darren is nowhere on campus, I have my 'bots' searching for him. But he fell off the grid!'

When I read that and reread it to me sure. My now trembling with anger hand tossed the phone onto my bed and onto Gwen's homework. Both of me stood up, as she read the text and she looked up to me. Gwen spotted that growing red glow in my eyes and it was growing brighter by the second.

"Rohanna...please don't?" she asked me, as my armor flowed from nowhere on the twins she was staring at.

"See you later Gwen." and I was gone.

Gwen sadly knew what I meant by those words, 'see you later' because if I kill this kid, I am going to have to leave for a long time.


As I port over to the security office, my rage just grows and my eyes are certainly glowing red by now. I end up porting just outside the glass doors of the office...I missed my intended target of porting inside the office in my fog of anger. So one of me holds open the door, while the other runs into the office and right past the reception desk.

The main desk sergeant yells at me, as I quickly pass by him "Where in the heck do you think your going!"

All I do is ignore him, as I yell out in unison to the whole building. "WHERE IS HE, He is mine!"

Sam Everheart spots me very fast, then hears my yell and spins out from behind her desk to run quickly out of her office. As she does, the 'chief' yells out as she passes his door "SAM what in the heck is going on out there?"

"Let me handle this one chief?...I know I can calm her down?" Sam begs her boss.

As Sam is running toward me, one of my sets of eyes, that has been non-stop scanning the office for my target finally sees him.....Quickdraw, the kid who was one of those two... who TOOK Sara from me and all her friends! I can 'just' barely see him in a detention cell via the open door of the cell block.

My next port, easily blasts past the outer wards of the cell block, as the block door was wide open and the wards are meant to 'keep in' not 'keep out'! Once in cell room I snatch Edward up by the throat and pin him to the wall. While the other twin me, she quickly raps a blow on both legs with her fists, to stun them and keep him I know he is a speedster and running is his only defense or offense.

Sam is speeding toward the cell block that she saw me 'port' both of my-selves into it and finally into Quickdraw's cell. Deep in her computer mind, she turns off all the cameras and sound monitors in the cell we need privacy to talk some and this might go badly!

That one hand has him pinned to the wall, it's grip closing off his air slowly as he gasps in air as best he can now and one of my longer daggers forms into my hand over his chest. Sam runs in and closes the automated door of the cell block behind her with another thought via her computer links....then yells at me "Ro...don't, he is not worth it!"

"I am well within my rights...He is no longer a student here. He has been expelled and this is what should be done to him...for all the pain that he has brought to us all!"

Sam walks slowly into the block and shakes her head to me, as she gets slowly closer to me, "No its wrong and you know it?"

"Okay...maybe it is, but at least some of us will feel better? Or maybe I should torture him and see if he knows where love is at?" I start sobbing towards the end of that simple sentence, Gaea I miss her already.

"No...he is a kid...a child...he does not understand the damage he did...or is do! So let him go...please? Besides he may have been influenced by Speakeasy's powers?" Sam begs me.

"This is no child anymore, he chose to kill and planed it out. That choice makes him a warrior in my eyes and a adult now in all ways!" I explained how I saw Edward now in my mind.

"Okay Rohanna I understand that, but he was influenced greatly by Darren? So he might be inocent?"

"I still want to know, no demand! If he has an idea where Sara is at, from this weak minded fool of a boy?"

"He does not! We asked him many times darn it...the other kid...Speakeasy. He was the one who took that paper she is trapped in..." Sam tells me.

Then both of my halves trade words back and forth over the subject, one mind...two bodies saying the same thing. Like watching a verbal tennis match.

"Well then?...are you sure of that? As I am not!"
says the one holding him.

Then the one standing there adds next...without missing a second
"Maybe some of my friends can find out if that is truly so?"

"By tearing him apart like warm bread...slowly!
Over the course of weeks!" the other adds back.

"OR...I know!
I will give him to Gothmog as a gift! HE will find way or another!"
I say in unison with a growing darkness and coldness in my voice
that just sends chills up Sam's she knows, I really mean it!

" He does not know anything. Just let him go, his life is over."

"Well Edward!....Did Speakeasy take the paper that traps Sara to somewhere that you don't know?" I ask him and open all my feelings to him to see if he tells me the truth!

He shakes his head to me in terror, "He has it! Darren has the paper we trapped her on and he did the whole spell by himself!...I don't know where he is or that paper...I swear!"

MY hopes are dashed into the ground and shattered like glass...he spoke the truth!

"NO!" we both scream out "He dies or we cause him some of the pain he did us and our friends...DAMN it!...He killed Heyoka...little Jamie! She never hurt anyone!" I cry out.

"I know...I know Rohanna. Just so you know, I turned off all the recording of this we are the only ones who know what is said here today...or done?"

A evil grin covers both my faces and I hover with intent over Quickdraw. He can now see that I intend on killing him and Sam just made that possible for me! He gulps down the growing bile in this mouth, from his fear of death coming at him.

"But Rohanna" Sam says softly interrupting my evil thoughts "I did that so I can help you, I want him dead too! But we can't do that? AND you know it. But his life is over now, he is going to jail for many years...if not decades. Yes he will get out someday? If he obeys the rules inside prison and does not get in anymore trouble inside prison."

I turn to her and stare at her. I have no idea where she is going with this?

"But think of this 'Ro?' He will get out someday...and for sure. You know Sara will be released by that spell or what ever it is? AND she will want him badly?

So save him as a gift...for her or her dad? Then maybe...." Sam thinks...'there is no maybe for this kid! "Sara or Gothmog will...." Sam even gulps a little at the thoughts "Torture his soul forever? For the crimes he has done. Heck I will bet that Thunderbird wants him, as Jamie was it's avatar?"

Both of my faces leer at the boy..."Humm? I like that! I get revenge and save you for love! Her father will maybe want you too! AND Thunderbird...I might even be able to trade you for something? I like this!" I smile, in my growing twin fanged grins.

Sam looks on as I ponder the choices laid out before me...the kids fate is mine. As Sam knows, I am too fast to stop from killing him...and now there are TWO of me!

I lean in real close to Quickdraw....My mouth and its sharp fangs hover at his neck. I know its the greatest insult to be killed, via a neck ripped out by a bite! As it shows that you were so WEAK, your enemy got that close and thought so low of you, as not to draw a weapon. But I don't kill him, instead ...I say to him coldly "I am going to save you for later and make your end the most painful one I can think of...and Sara I am sure will too!"

After I slice his neck, just a little cut for the blood to flow from and I store the drips of his blood in a glass vial for a later spell of mine!

"Tell me, that you give this blood of yours willingly to me right now? Or you die!"

He snivels back to me very quickly, "I give that blood willingly to you?"

"Darren you do understand that with this blood, if you get out and escape prison. I can find you no mater where you go and do so in less than an hour! Then use it in a spell to kill you right where you stand!" I bark and hiss a warning into his face.

Then my hand drops him to the floor and lets the blade fade from my hand, and I walk slowly out of the cell door that Sam just now opened for me.

"I am done...your right...Sam. He is not worth it, at this time. Let him rot in jail and think about what awaits him next!.....When he gets out of jail!" I hiss out back at him, then Darren gulps down bile from knowing that pain and death await him soon enough.

Sam then leads me out of the block of cells and back out to the main office. After she opens the cell block door for me, I see most of the guards on staff are all standing there...waiting. Then some of them have their large weapons the ready.

Sam waves her arm at them all "Its all fine guys we worked it all out and no one got hurt? So everyone go back to your duties!" then Sam turns to me "hey Rohanna? You called me Sam back there....not Everheart?"

"I did Everheart? I never call a person who is not a close anything but their last name? Hummm?" I ponder to her.

Sam walks me toward the office doors slowly, as her fellow guards are still not sure its all good or safe...yet. I then exit the door at her prompting me and as the last one of me exits the room, I look over my shoulder at question her "Pizza tonight...Sam at my place?"

She stands there shocked for a second and then slowly nods to me...and adds "How does about Eleven sound?"

"Fine" is all I say, as I let the door finally close behind me.

Sam with her mind wondering, just stands there in the office staring at me walk slowly way...for several minutes. Then she smiles as she finally realizes...she just made a new life long I just called her...Sam.

A short time later, I walk back into my room and both Gwen, plus Nikki are there waiting for me this time. Gwen leaps to give me a quick hug, but Nikki can only angrily stare at me, "Did you?" she questions me.

"No, I did not and don't judge me. I did not do it, because I could not get to him, but because Everheart talked me out of it and I have time on my side to wait for my revenge."


Back at the Whateley Security department office

Sam plops down into the old leather chair in Chief Delarose's office, "Well Sam what was all that nonsense about?" he asks the ranking officer just under him.

"Frank, that was Rohanna and she came just too close to killing Edward just now to even call it." she sighs out slowly.

"Should we go get her and take her over to see Carson or Bellows?"

"Nope, that would be a bad idea right now. She is grieving for Sara's being missing and piling on more...especially from us, the security department. Would make it worse."

"What axe does she have to grind with us now?"

"Coltrain, hiding that Sara was missing for more money I am sure? She blames all of us in the department for that and Jamie's death on top! We will have to fire him soon and most of third squad too!" she warns the older man.

"I am not doing that because a student asked for his head."

"We have to, she is going over our heads and to Mrs. Guzman and the board of the school if we don't do as she asks. AND Frank she is right, we should have cleaned up the bad apples years ago and now a kid is dead because of it."

"So we give into a kids demands, I don't like it. But I see her point?"

"I don't want to fire Coltrain, but we have no choice. I wish we could hide him for a while till she cools off, because when he is fired. I give him a month or so, maybe summer vacation and she will skin him alive!"

"So what can we do then, call the MCO on her or something? I hate even saying it, but no student is above the law."

"Frank, you know how we used to talk about Sara or Tennyo being the biggest predator on campus?"

"Yep I called Sara the apex predator of the school once and she knew I was right."

"This one Drow worries me even more, because I know she has killed in the ancient past and it does not bother her one bit. Then we already chatted about that Falk man offing himself and the team that might have been sent to do it. Then all of that team coming up missing?"

"Yep, we did and both of us are sure she made that group vanish without a trace."

"Well I will try to talk to her tonight over a pizza we agreed on and see from there?"

"I still think Carson should get in on this?"

"Nope, lets see if what I do tonight works out and fire Coltrain as an appeasement?"

"Ask her to swear this, we fire him and she does not off him?"

"Nope, won't work at all on her, She already told Bellows the only one here that understood her was Sara or Aunghadhail...and Aung is gone and she HATED that ghost with a passion! So Coltrain goofed and he is going to pay for it, it was his mistake and his greedy choice to start this mess!"

"I'll get the paperwork started on firing him, so you can show her tonight?"

"Good idea Frank, that might slow her down a bit?"

"Ohh I got one, mention that the moron Coltrain has a family and with dad missing his kid will suffer?"

"That might do it, part of the Fae credo is to protect children at all costs? So I will use that on her tonight and hope it works?"


Back in my room

Gwen watched on as the twin Drow ripped the top cover off her bed and then the top sheet. Both very large pillows got tossed into the corner of the bed, then both Drow sat on it next and snuggled into the makeshift nest they made. Next the sheet was pulled over both of them and as one Drow was leaning over to grab Max, the stuffed childhood dog off the desk, but Nikki's hand beat her too it.

"What is this Ro? It's new here." Nikki asked.

"Give me THAT! No one but me even touches Max!" The closest Drow roared at the elf queen.

"But I was only..." Nikki sheepishly said, while reaching out to hand the stuffed dog to it's owner.

"Never touch MAX and get out!" that Drow twin yelled again and took the offered toy with a quick yank of rage.

"I think we should talk a bit more Rohanna, you seem to need it now?" Gwen added just now.

"GET OUT I SAID!" the Drow barked once more.

"But where did that dog toy come from Ro?" Nikki asked again.

"I said get out both of you and ask Gwen that question Nikki. She knows all of it, but do it outside of my room!" the other Drow raged at Nikki now, as both Drow pulled the toy closer to their chest and leaned on one another.

"Rohanna we should talk some about all of what happened this last week?" Gwen tried hard to persuade her friend.

"Talk about what, Sara was the only one here that understood what I have gone through! She had nearly the same thing happen to her as me and now she is GONE! SO get out now!" the ranting from one Drow got louder.

"But tells us and we can learn too?" Nikki started to ask the Drows now.

"Tell you what, Sara looked into me and experienced what I did in the past...a little bit. What do you want to me to do? Give innocent kids like you, nightmares forever or what! Sara understood what I was about and she is only rock, that I could hold onto in this storm!"

"But?" Gwen nearly cried to them, "we talked after Boston!"

"And you barely handled that! Now get out, I lost the only one that had the same thing happen to them and understood it all!"

"Ohhh! I get it now?" It suddenly dawned on Nikki, "Sara lived a full life, then changed just like you did!"

"GET OUT!" both Drows hissed in stereo now.

"Okay, but we talk tomorrow then?"

"OUT!" came one more bark from the twin, as Nikki pushed Gwen out of the door.


Monday May 7, 10:40 PM
Poe Cottage

Everheart walked in the entrance of Poe and found the door to Mrs. Horton's room off the main entrance strangely open at this time of night and on a week night too!

As Everheart passes the door, Mrs. Horton suddenly appears standing in it, "Ohh Sam it's you! I thought you might be someone sneaking out?"

"And who would sneak out tonight Bella?" she asked with a grin.

"Rohanna, Nikki and Gwen told me she was having a bad night or week so far?"

"Ohh I bet she is Bella!"

"I know Sam, Frank called me and told me what she was thinking of doing to Edward in vengeance?"

"I talked her down for now, that kid Edward has no real idea what trouble awaits him someday." Sam had to shake her head at even thinking of what plans are being made all over the campus right now for his painful demise.

"I can guess, Sara plus her whole pack. I am sure wants him badly. But why are you here now?" the older house mother questioned Sam next.

"I am here to have a little chat with her and a pizza I promised her."

"That might work for her, she needs a chat with someone right now. She tossed both Nikki and Gwen right out of her room after she came back from your office."

"Are you sure she is still even here?"

"As I can be, she can sneak past me at anytime? But tonight I am almost sure she is in her room still?"

"Well off I go, wish me luck then?"

"You have it!" she smiled back.

Sam drifted down the long hallway and stopped to knock softly on the correct door. "It's me with that pizza!" she tried to whisper and cheerfully sing at the same time.

"Go away Everheart!"

"Nope, we are chatting and eating! You said be here at eleven and here I am, so we eat then!" Sam nearly demanded of the twin Drows hidden behind the door.

"Then come in." a soft voice whispered back.

When Sam opened the door, she found both parts of Rohanna leaning against one another in the beds far corner ageist the wall. Both of them, covered by a sheet that almost covered their heads and looked like she had just pulled it down just enough to see her come in.

Bellows, Gwen, and Sara had told her about the sheets with Rohanna. It was a defensive shield she did, especially when she wanted to be left alone. Bellows said to Sam trying to give more clarity on the subject...some people like the closeness they give and have the freedom to move fast when they want to.

"Humm looks like you been crying some to me?" she asked as the pizza boxes dropped onto the large desk in the room.

"SO? Can't I do that now too!" one Drow staring at Sam growled out.

"Yep you can, that is your right too and I get it!" she added and sat in one of the desks chairs.

"Well Sam, what did you want to chat about tonight?" the Drow staring at her started asking, while the others face was still hidden by the sheets.

"That is much better, you calling me Sam for a change!"

"You want Everheart back then?"

"Ohh no!" Sam shook her head fast, "I rather have the 'Sam' forever, then using Everheart. You made me feel so old using my full name or Miss all the time!" she chuckled out a bit.

Sam pulled out from a bag on top of the boxes, a few paper plates and pulled off a set of slices off the pizza in the box below. "Have some Rohanna?" she offered up and the Drows took the offered plates, then divided them up as twin 'thank you's' came from them.

"Good to see that manners compulsion of yours is still working?"

"Don't make fun of it!" Sam was warned quickly and she regretted even mentioning it just as fast

"I won't, but it's nice to see someone here at Whateley live by it and use it?"

"So why the visit, beside my asking for it?"

"I wanted to chat with you about Coltrain?" Sam informed her, as she nibbled on the cheese bread in another box. By tearing small chunks off the gooey mess it was.

"So what of him?"

"Delarose is going to fire him, just as you said to me. His mistake..."

"NOT A MISTAKE!" the Drow interrupted and shouted back at her, "He did that on purpose and very willingly!"

"Okay...his willful breaking of the regs got him fired then and he is gone by the end of the week. Until then, he is stuck on desk duty filing the crap that I give him!"

"So by Friday or Saturday, he is no longer working here?" the Drow grinned so very evilly at Sam, that it actually sacred the combat vet she was.

"Yes, by Saturday he is gone that morning. But I want to add this? A small plea in his case, because I can guess what you are thinking of doing."

"Thinking of...." I trailed off not wanting to lie just now. He was dead to me in any case.

"Don't...Coltrain has a kid. A five year old daughter and her losing dad. And what ever pay check he might make, it will shatter that girl and her mom."

"Are you lying to me Sam? Because since most of you is made-up of machine, I have a hard time telling if you are lying sometimes and this is one of those times."

"I a not lying or will ever to you, because once you find out I have. It's over between the both of wise and I can't have that between us as friends. Then who knows what is to come in our shared years here? Besides, I was a soldier too and we should never lie to one another?" she nodded respect the Drows way.

"Fine I will not act or influence others to act. He might still have issues with living though? As he made several others very mad with him, ones that I can't control and more so than you even know!"

"I'll get with the others of Sara's pack as soon as I can?"

"They are not the only ones angry with Coltrain and I am not talking about Gothmog."

"I think I understand now, but lets finish that pizza up and I get some dessert sent over then?" she asked and got back a small cracked smile from the Drow.


Tuesday May 8, 6:10 PM
Poe Cottage

Laid all out on my bed, there I was trying very hard to study the complex human magic from my class and of the most made no sense to me today. My mind was wondering to much!

This morning...early morning! Bellows had come over to my room for a long chat here instead of his office and I am very sure Sam asked for him to show up. But what he wanted to chat about, I did not and he will never understand any of me like Sara did!

I rolled over to toss the book at my desk and grab one book on powers theory class, as a knock came at my door. What I heard, smelt and could sense was a older human woman on the other side, plus one rather large male?

"Can I come in Miss Leigh?" she asked now.

"Come in?" I told the door and her, who ever that 'her' was?

My door opened very quickly and she walked in, the man behind her closed my door as he stood outside of it.

The Latina lady coming in, she was dressed in a VERY fine dress and shoes. I remembered her with ease!

This was Gabriella Guzman, a major contributor of the school, member of the board and the owner of that one ton pile of gold bars in the museum here, but most of all she was the sponsor of Jamie or Heyoka.

"Ma'am!" I almost jumped up, never having met her.

"Please Don't get up for me, I will grab that chair by the desk the other you is sitting at?" she smiled at me now and took that seat.

"Ma'am why the visit?"

"I am here because of what you almost did last night!"

"Did what exactly...almost?" I asked not wanting to admit to anything...yet!

"You going over to the security department and thinking of killing Edward or Quickdraw." she said so nonchalantly it seemed normal to her.

"So are you here to talk to me and I get tossed out of Whateley today then?" I had to ask how bad I was off first up!

"I am not here to do that and I would never ask for you to be 'tossed' out of school here, this place needs students like you."

"Before we go on, I have to ask for a swear that anything we say here is not used against me...ever?"

"So sworn." she said rather quickly, I am sure expecting it to be asked.

"Thanks ma'am, I just needed to hear it."

"Yes..." she nodded down for a second thinking, "but I am here to make sure that no harm comes to Edward from you and his fate is mine wouldn't you say?"

"Yes ma'am, his fate is yours. As you are the most aggrieved party, unless her grandma asks for it?"

"Yes, I had to make sure of it. I will deal with him in my own good time and if it comes to that end. You will be the first called, because I know what a professional you are and why have someone mess that...transaction up?"

"And that very mean DA that offended us all with the pictures of Jamie's death at the hearing?"

"I will handle him too, same thing in regards with you?" I could tell that even saying something about those pictures hurt her a lot.

"Believe me Mrs. Guzman when I say this...I truly know your loss in ways you will never understand."

"So I have been told. But let me get going and you keep to your studies here! Then that movie of yours this summer...Good luck with it, I want to be first in line for it?"

"You have premiere night seats, if they give me enough of them?"

"I am sure they will arrange something for all of us, but I am off!"

I had to hug her as she left, "If you change your mind, one call, one meet and it's done. Doing this for you, it will not bother me at all." I whispered to her.

"I will and I will give Ayla some of my famous tips and lets see if we can not double that fund of yours for Fae folk?" she whispered back to me and left with her bodyguard.

With her now gone and my peace of mind fully shattered once again, both of us crawled onto the bed and made our safe place under the sheets once more, then cried most of the night again.




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