Allie 3


Allie 3
This is an interactive story, Allie now lives with his aunt and is dependent on her


Allie 3

She called me over and I sat down before her. She started brushing my hair. I loved this. I loved as the brush went through my long hair

“Allie… there is something we have to talk about.”

She called me Allie. Is that not a girl’s name? At least it was no Alex. I hated when people called me Alex. I don’t know why I hated this name. I think it’s because it sounded so rough. Alexander sounded so softer. I was called Allie before, but usually when mom wanted to sweet talk me and does her a favour. Sometimes she even called me princess. I did not mind her calling me that. To tell the truth, it made me fall warm inside.

I started to cry once again as I remembered my mom once again. Why did she have to die and go to heaven? Why did she not take me with her? Aunty stopped brushing my hair and said she will be back. I sat there in an empty room. I knew that my aunt was in the same house, but more tears came. I did not want to be alone. I needed my aunt here. Aunt came back and gave me a cute stuffy bear that had a heart on its stomach that said BFF. Then she put a pink pacifier in my mouth. I sucked it a bit in shock as I was no baby. But it did stop my tears so I kept it in my mouth.

Aunty told me she was not used to children and when she heard that I was coming, she first didn’t want me to. She didn’t even know if I was a boy or a girl. She knew I had a boy’s name, but the way mom wrote to her, it was like I was a girl. When she seen me, she thought I was a girl because I was slender and looked fragile and because of my hair. She continued talking saying she was always a career woman and the only children she took care of were the brats at her mode agency. She said she will try her best with me, but I should know she was not perfect.

I told her I liked when she brushed my hair. This made her laugh as she said it was a good start. She told me I would look cute with earrings and pigtails or pleaded hair. This made me laugh as I said I would look more like a princess.

It was time for bed. She helped me put on an old t-shirt that mom got from one of her old boyfriends. Aunty told me it did not look so pretty, so we would have to get some new clothes. She reminded me I didn’t live in trailer park anymore. I could get the best of everything. I put the pacifier in my mouth trying to stop tears. Did my mom not try to give me the best of everything? She asked me if I wanted to wear a diaper. I shook my head and said I never wet the bed. She told me she put a rubber sheet on the bed, just in case.

When I sat on it, I thought that it was so noisy. How was I going to sleep? Every time I moved it was a huge crinkly noise. Aunty read a story about Snow White up for me and then gave me a hug. As she went out, I cried out begging her not to turn off the light. I was now by myself. I looked around at all the dolls and toys. This was my mom’s room. She slept here and played here. I tried calling out her name, but the only noise was the rubber sheets. I cried as I feel asleep.

I woke up again and looked out the window. The sun was beginning to shine. It was still early. I felt a bit strange. I sat up in the bed and wondered why I felt so strange. Then I realized I wet the bed. I hugged my teddy as close as I was thinking why I wet the bed. Maybe it was because I slept to well. I thought it was good that she put a rubber sheet on. I took off my wet clothes and took my teddy bear and found my aunts bedroom. I climbed into her bed and hugged my teddy while I fell asleep again.

My aunt woke me up by asking what her name is. I opened my eyes and said the teddy’s name was Bella. I then asked aunty was she mad at me because I was in her bed. I told her I did not want to be alone. She smiled and said that my mom and her always went to their parent’s bed. She then smiled and said that they were not naked when they done it, but at least I was already for a bath.

She took me to the bathroom and sat me in the tub. The water was nice, especially when she put some bubbles in it. She smiled at me while I started blowing at them. We both ended up giggling. She looked around and put these colourful things in the bathtub. She said they were salts and would make me smell nice and pretty. I smiled at her and whispered that I wanted to be pretty. She looked at me a bit confused and told me she could see I was very special. I splashed in the bath until my fingers started looking like grapes. I could see that she was not used to children because she asked if people teased that my boy’s thing was so small. I knew that some older boys in the trailer park did, but I told her that I did not want to talk about it.

After, she found some yellow cotton shorts and put them on me and a white t-shirt that had a yellow teddy bear. I didn’t want to tell her they were girl’s clothes, especially when she told me the bear on it could be Bella's sister. She also told me I was now both pretty and clean and this made me happy.

She got ready herself in the posh clothes that she usually wears. She then sat down at her makeup table and started painting her face with everything. I stared at her as it looked like it was hard to do, especially the lipstick. She smiled at me saying that it was strange doing this with an audience. She then looked at me and asked did I want any makeup on. I giggled and said that boys do not wear makeup. She looked at me and said that some pretty boys do and then admitted she was jealous at my long eyelashes. She pointed the lipstick at me and I ran away.

She caught me and said she had to do my hair. She put it in a ponytail and said that it was time to eat breakfast. During breakfast, she told me a governess was coming to take care of me, because my aunt had to go to work. As soon as she said this, the doorbell rang.

I hang onto my aunt as she opened the door. I felt anxiety in me as I did not want be left alone with a woman I did not know. I wanted to go to work with my aunt. I kept on tugging her clothes as she welcomed the governess that was small and old with pointy glasses. Aunty pushed me In front of her, so I was no longer hiding. The woman looked at me and said, “I thought you said it was a boy. You did not say it was a girl, or is that it is a sissy?”

She was not smiling and I ran to my room. Aunty tried explaining that I was shy while the old lady said that sissy boys needed to face the facts and not be misled. She said sissy boys were freaks and sinners. My aunt told the woman to leave, as with an attitude like that, she was not needed here.
Was I a sissy? I remember people always called me that in the trailer park

Aunty came in and gave me a hug. She said it looked like she would be staying home today. We did not need a governess like her. She then told me she had a question and she hoped I would be honest. She explained that she know knew me a bit and she knew me from moms letter

She took a breath and asked
“Do you think you are a boy or girl?”

What do you think Allie answered? How should this story continue?

Now you as the reader can decide how this story will continue…

What do you think Allie answered? How should this story continue?
1. He said nothing, He really did not know the question or trust his aunt yet - 17%
2. He said he was a boy and hated when people treated him like a girl. He only let them do it so they would like him 18%
3. He said he wanted to be a pretty boy. He knew he was a boy, but liked girls things that would make him look pretty 27%
4. He said he is a girl inside and a boy outside. He had a boy’s body but knew he was a girl despite this 38%

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