The Trials of Shay-Va-Za: Prologue

This is a tale of three girls all born with male traits, of how they found each other and their adventures after they first meet.

The caution is related to various incidents described below, all but one being current events, the other occurring two years earlier.

Be warned, this first part isn't nice. There's a fair bit of what many might call needless violence, the bad guys don't leave witnesses behind. Well, not if they can help it, at least.


January 14th, 2017, 1:38 PM, Homestead Meadows South, Texas

Shane Randall McAndrews stomped along the edge of the blacktop for several hundred feet before he realized that the stomping was making the muscles in both legs ache quite a bit. At one point, one of the muscles in his left leg cramped and Shane fell on the grass beside the road.

He'd been stomping around because he was still fairly angry about the fight he had been in about two hours earlier. He'd been wandering around inside the Cielo Vista mall in El Paso just after 11 AM when he spotted five teenagers picking on and hitting a very small child.

Shane wasn't particularly big, being about 5'7" and maybe 150 pounds, most of that being long, lean muscle, he loved to run. If he wasn't stuck in that darn prep school his dad had wanted him to attend, he would likely be involved in track and field, maybe even going to events. His other major effort in the physical fitness realm was that he maintained and improved his skills in both standard boxing and kick boxing.

But no, he was picked up by a car every Sunday at about 5 PM. They'd grab food about half way there and reach the school around 9:30 PM. He would stay at the school in one of the single rooms, then would have to go home again on Friday afternoon, back and forth every week.

He shook his head and remembered the fight, he quite honestly caught the five boys by surprise. By the time they realized he was there, two of the five were on the ground, one with a broken knee, the second with a shattered elbow. The three remaining boys moved to surround him, then all three attacked at once. Shane managed to take another boy out of the fight with a vicious kick to the head, but the last two then hit him from behind; one landed a weak kidney punch, the other rang Shane's bell just as half a dozen security people arrived and broke up the fight.

The police had been called, Shane gave his side of the story, which was backed up by the young boy the five teens had been harassing. There were at least twenty other witnesses who had seen some or all of what happened, and Shane was soon allowed to leave and go home.

Shane never heard what happened to the five teens, but he'd seen one of the four cops there watching them like a hawk before they let Shane go. He never knew the little guy's name, or anything as to why the boys had been harassing him. He hoped the kid would be okay.

He'd managed to catch a bus back to Homestead Meadows South, he and his mom lived in a nice house on Linda Rene Lane.

His mom worked six days a week as a manager in a women's clothing store in downtown El Paso to pay the bills. His father had been an accountant with a small firm in El Paso, well, up until he ran off with a secretary and over $7 million US from the company last April. He still hadn't been found, no one had the slightest idea as to where he might have gone. If they ever found him, he'd learn about life in jail.

Shane had stayed in the house long enough to make and eat two sandwiches and drink some milk, then left to work off the remaining anger.

Shane would be sixteen in just under five months, his birthdate was June 11th, 2001.

There was one other thing that was bothering him. He was intersexed and had no idea at all of how to deal with that information.

The yearly medical exam a week ago had revealed that he had partially formed female reproductive organs. This was a shock, there hadn't been anything like that showing up a year ago. He had then been told that, if things continued as they looked to be doing, he would be fully capable of becoming pregnant and bearing children, perhaps a chance to be a father as well. He really didn't need this right now!


January 19th, 2017, 4:47 PM, Biloxi, Mississippi

Ah'm Valira Nizuna Alguroha-Mendozia, yah, it's a big mouthful, ain't it? Oh, sorry about that, the accent slips out sometimes.

I was born on May 1st, 2002, way up in the northern area of South Africa, about ten miles from the border with Zimbabwe.

I've always been small and skinny, even when I tried to bulk up, it didn't work. I'm 5'4", about 115 pounds with waist length blue/black hair. You know what I mean, hair that's so black it looks blue. I had it straightened about a year ago, it sure confuses people, they think I'm a girl!

My parents were both members of a tribe that had lived in that area for thousands of years, the earliest tales of the tribe's storytellers took place around 4000 BC and described the birth of the tribe under the watchful eyes of a goddess with a name I can't pronounce. The name of the tribe, like that of the goddess they had worshipped since those early days, is just as impossible for me to say.

The tribe has a rather interesting characteristic that has been passed down since the earliest days of the tribe itself. The males are all very, very dark skinned, you've heard the expression black as coal? Well, our men are like that, there had been only five examples of a male not being that dark in our entire history, I was the sixth. Yeah, I was born male and was raised as a boy; as far as they knew, I WAS a boy.

You see, I tell you this now because the women in our tribe are several shades lighter in skin colour than the males; they're still quite dark skinned but the colour of the women is definitely a brown, just a rather dark one. This was my oddity, my skin colour matched the women's.

The British, when they came to South Africa, called us the Fa-loh-kesh, which was as close as they could get to the first parts of the tribal name. The tribe thought it was funny, but they weren't worried about a few British explorers. The British people left within a few days and forgot us.

By the time I was born, the tribe numbered some 7,500 people, living in an area roughly 50 square miles in size. In that small area, crops were tended, various kinds of animals were bred and used for food and goods, and small houses with thatched roofs could be seen all around.

The South African governemnt has sent people here on various occasions, either to collect taxes they say we owe or for the census. What's funny is that they've never reached our homes, they always seem to get confused and return to Pretoria or Johannesburg empty handed.

I found out about two years ago that my Daddy had gone to school in the UK, then returned to the tribe. What was even more interesting was that Daddy has dual citizenship as his parents had gone on a trip to Hawaii for a chance to relax when his mom was five months pregnant. About a week after they got there, a boy from the tribe arrived, having steered his small sailboat from the eastern shores of South Africa all the way to Hawaii, he simply handed over a piece of paper and left. The brief message said "Stay until after the child is born."

So, like I said, Daddy has dual citizenship. When I was three, Daddy decided we would go to the US so he could find decent work.

About a month before we left South Africa, several important members of the tribe met with Momma and Daddy to discuss me. The big surprise for Momma and Daddy was when the tall, fierce looking female shaman told my parents that I would be intersexed. To say that my parents were stunned would be about right, they surely hadn't been expecting that, and I assume it was what made Daddy decide to leave.

Momma told me later that Daddy wanted us to be as safe as possible, so he set up a system of flights that would each be about four to six hours long, but would have us doing stopovers in two places in Africa, both of them having democratic governments. Safety is good!

The first hop was to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, where we had a meal and waited for almost three hours for clearance for our next flight.

The second hop was to Parakou in Benin. We only had to wait about an hour here, just enough time to have something to eat.

The third hop was to Madrid in Spain, the very first place outside of Africa that I had ever seen, I don't remember much, I was only three then. We ended up having to wait almost seven hours there, partly because of some customs person giving Daddy a hard time about how we had bounced all over Africa before arriving there, partly because Daddy wanted a specific flight that would take us to London in the UK.

Daddy paid for a room in the airport hotel and we had a nice snooze before returning to the airport to be ready for our next flight.

The fourth hop was to London in the UK, Daddy arranged for us to stay at a hotel there for three days so we could wander around London.

The last leg of our crazy journey was to Jackson, Mississippi, this was the longest flight of the lot, we were all ready for bed when we landed.

We stayed in Jackson for nearly four years, Daddy took courses related to police work and Momma did a bachelor's degree in nursing. Daddy was hired as a police officer just over two years after we arrived and worked the streets for the rest of the time that we lived in Jackson.

When Momma finished her nursing degree, Daddy asked for a transfer to Biloxi and we've lived there ever since.

Just over two years ago, Daddy and several other officers were called to a shooting scene at the Edgewater Mall about two thirds of the way to Mississippi City. Three kids with semi-auto guns were holding up the jewelry department in Dillard's when dad and several other officers arrived on the scene. One of the kids had already shot a store clerk for not bagging stuff fast enough, the clerk was lying there, bleeding badly.

The store emptied in a matter of minutes after the police arrived. The situation turned into a standoff for nearly an hour thanks to one of the three gunmen using a second clerk as a hostage, the one clerk who had been shot had died before anyone could tend her wounds.

Eventually, the guy holding onto the hostage allowed himself to relax for a brief moment, thinking that he and his friends were in control.

The police officers on the scene took him down with three shots to the right side of his body. His buddies opened fire as he started to fall, one of the boys triggering off short bursts in rapid succession as he turned, daddy had his left thigh almost completely blown away.

It was all over within a minute, the last two gunmen were shot down, one taking a bullet through an eye.

Paramedics had been stationed nearby, out of the line of fire but close enough to get there very fast if the situation required it. As soon as the three gunmen were confirmed to be dead or no longer able to shoot, officers rushed in, cuffed the two survivors and the paramedics were on the job, doing everything they could for Daddy. They airlifted him to VA Medical Centre where he died on the operating table.

Momma took two weeks off to deal with Daddy's funeral and other things, then started full time as an RN at the VA Medical Centre.


January 20th, 2017, 7:15 PM, near Tallahassee, Florida

I was born Zambrel Antoine Panateel on September 19th, 2001. I've known since I was five that I should have been a girl.

I haven't had a chance to really do anything about it yet, I don't think my parents would take it well at all, they're hard core fundy Christians.

To the few friends I've found in my online wanderings long after the parents are asleep, I'm Zanakiya, a young girl discovering herself.

I've been too darn scared to even take the chance of having any clothes here that might fit me, I'm not very big, about 5'3" and maybe 110 pounds if I'm soaking wet. I've got shoulder length reddish blonde hair from some distant Irish ancestor, wide eyes and a nice smile.

My sperm donor does road work around here, here being the farm just outside of Tallahassee, Florida. There isn't much left of the farm nowadays, when my great-grandparents were around, the farm was over 2,500 acres, there's maybe five acres now, none of it in use.

Mom just sits around in the kitchen these days, if she isn't listening to some church program, she's tipping back a bottle. I swear she can go through a 750 ml bottle of bourbon in one night, yikes! Dad isn't much better, he dives into a bottle fairly often himself once he's home.

I have no idea why, but late this afternoon, they decided to go to a bar in town and have fun, then left me alone here in the house.


January 20th, 2017, 8:53 PM, near Tallahassee, Florida

Everything was fine until a few minutes ago, then a dark van pulled up by the house here and six men, all wearing ski masks, stepped out of it. One of them pulled a gun from a holster up near his left armpit and shot the lock off the front door.

I stood there, frozen, for a minute or two, long enough for most of the men to circle around the house. Now I was surrounded, oh sh*t!

I'm no fighter, I prefer to get along with everyone if it is at all possible, so this was definitely not a good situation.

I turned around to head for the back door and literally ran into one of the guys, who then knocked me out using the butt of his gun.


January 21st, 2017, 12:47 AM, several miles south of Ocala, Florida

I woke up briefly at some point and was able to look out a side window of the van, a sign showing "Exit - Hwy 27 1 mile" vanished behind us.

One of the guys noticed that I was awake, reached into a bag, pulled out a syringe, filled it with something and stabbed it into one of my veins. I was out of it pretty damn fast, you know how you count down as they put you under for an operation? I started at 100, barely reached 95...


January 21st, 2017, 7:33 AM, somewhere offroad from State Road 4a, No Name Key, Florida

I have no idea how much time passed before I woke up again, this time to see the van parked next to a large dilapidated shack. A fairly new Jeep Wrangler was parked off around the side of the building, so someone was already here. One of the guys stepped out of the van, slung me over his shoulder and carried me into the building, then opened a weird looking very heavy box, tossed me inside and locked it.

In the brief moment before I landed in that box, I saw three doors, one for a bathroom, the second and third leading to other rooms.

Oh, great, I'm stuck in a nearly solid wooden cage, not a very big one, either, maybe three feet on a side. This is not going to be fun.

I'd been in there for a while when a voice said, "No need to worry about your folks, kid. There was a really big brawl at the bar they were at, your parents were drunk to the point of sheer stupidity and tried to attack some police officers with flick knives, the cops shot them down."

Holy shit, these guys know who I am?


January 21st, 2017, 9:03 PM, Homestead Meadows South, Texas

I'm not sure what woke me up, I think it might have been a car door slamming nearby, I'd fallen asleep on the sofa while watching a movie.

I was just straightening up and looking at the TV when someone kicked the front door off the hinges, then six guys entered the house.

Mom came out from her office upstairs, it was a converted bedroom, and one of the guys shot her in the head, no warning at all. This was getting really freaky; the gun had barely made any sound, so they were using silencers, which meant that they didn't want to be heard.

One of the guys stepped into the living room through the hall door, I flipped backward off the sofa and kicked him in the side of the head; he went down, making a fair bit of noise as he hit a bookshelf. Another guy pulled some little device from a pocket and aimed it at me.

I jumped sideways just as he pressed the button on the side of the device, I heard something go by me and hit the far wall. I twisted around a bit and was just about to jump again when he triggered the device a second time; next thing I knew, I was bonelessly sliding to the floor.

One of the guys stood over me for a moment, and just before I passed out completely, I heard him say, "Keep him under, he's dangerous."


January 22nd, 2017, 02:18 PM, Biloxi, Mississippi

I know I was in the back of a van, I woke up as we were travelling, I made the mistake of shifting around and was noticed right away. Before I could get any chance to see anything, they'd hit me with some kind of tranquilizer and I was out of it again perhaps thirty seconds later.

Next thing I knew, I was being carried into a room somewhere, and as soon as the door was closed, the tranquilizer was used again. I have no idea why, but it took quite a bit longer for me to go under this time. While the dart was taking effect, I heard one of the two guys that carried me in here say they were in Biloxi and to grab some sleep now, the other guy turned on the TV which briefly showed the time, 2:18 PM.

Perhaps a minute or two after that, the proverbial lights went out and I knew no more.


January 22nd, 2017, 10:47 PM, Biloxi, Mississippi

I never heard the guys as they entered the house, I'm sure mom didn't hear hear them, either.

She'd come in after a long day of work, we'd made dinner together, she had a bath while I washed the dishes, then she went to bed.

I had a pair of headphones on, connected to my iPod 4 and was listening to a series of songs by various old time rock and rollers.

Well, I tell you I got a shock that night, someone yanked off my headphones, then I heard someone else say, "Kill the woman, tranq the kid."

Another guy stepped over to mom's room, opened her door, and walked across the room to her bed. The guy apparently grabbed the pillow from under her head, which woke her up; he shoved the pillow over her head and used it to muffle the sound as he shot her.

I heard the muffled shot, turned to look toward my mom's room when I felt something hit my leg; less than a minute later, I was out cold.


January 23rd, 2017, 4:08 PM, somewhere offroad from State Road 4a, No Name Key, Florida

Shane was barely conscious when he felt the van stop moving. This time, he stayed still, he didn't want them to see that he was awake.

His eyes were open just enough to let him see things, he made no sound as he was picked up, but he did notice there was a really dark black kid on the seat next to him. Shane wasn't sure if the kid was a boy or a girl, physically, the kid had a boy's shape, but the hair screamed girl.

One of the other guys picked the second kid up and the men stomped their way into this godawful shack, the thing looked like it might fall over if someone sneezed! He managed to catch a glimpse of a clock hanging on the wall above a counter and sink, then was shoved into a box.

Before he could twist himself around inside the thick walled box, he heard the door close, a latch snap over a hasp and a lock click shut.

A few seconds later, he heard what he presumed to be the other kid getting tossed into yet another box and that one also being locked.


January 23rd, 2017, 6:53 PM, somewhere offroad from State Road 4a, No Name Key, Florida

Ah woke up, Ah don't know what time it was. Ah soon found that Ah was in a rather small box made of very thick wood.

There wasn't much light to see by, but it was enough to allow me to look through the slot in the door.

I could see what looked like a clock on one wall, but the angle made it impossible for me to see the time.

There was someone sitting at a table in the middle of the room. The guy looked pretty big, but flabby, I could see his pot belly.

Someone else was standing by a countertop, waiting as the coffee finished percolating. It wouldn't take long, I could hear the sound change.

Huh, that's weird... Ah can feel, see, INSIDE these guys, that one's heart is thumping pretty loud, he needs lots of exercise or he's toast.

Ah took a few minutes to use that weird new sense and look around the shack, just these two guys and kids in three of the other cages.

Uh oh, the girl in one of the cages is slowly bleeding to death, she has a medic alert, somehow sharpened a link and then opened her wrist.


January 23rd, 2017, 10:41 PM, somewhere offroad from State Road 4a, No Name Key, Florida

Oh, damn, Ah just felt that girl go who cut herself using her medic alert bracelet, she just died, she's gone. Ah hate that Ah couldn't help her!

'This, this sort of shit is just too much to deal with', Valira whispered as tears ran down her cheeks in a steady but silent flow.


January 23rd, 2017, 11:58 PM, somewhere offroad from State Road 4a, No Name Key, Florida

Zambrel, no, Zanakiya, stirred as she woke up.

She'd just been dreaming that she could see what these guys were planning to do, then woke and realized that it wasn't a dream at all.

She could, if she focused a bit, hear their thoughts, and it almost made her sick except there wasn't anything in her belly to expel.

They had no intention of ever letting any of them go, they planned to drug them and then use them in some sort of experiments. She couldn't get a clear idea of just what kind of experiments, but considering she now knew they would never let any of them go, it couldn't be good.

She closed her eyes and tried to steady herself, lurking in the heads of these sickos wasn't doing her much good right now.

She spent several minutes checking out the other people nearby, two people near her were asleep, another was turning cold. That last one was odd, she couldn't read any thoughts at all, then something inside her own head went "aha" and she knew that person was dead.


January 24th, 2017, 12:30 AM, somewhere offroad from State Road 4a, No Name Key, Florida

The two guys sat in the kitchen, finishing the last of the coffee. One looked at the clock, then said, "They're secure, let's get some sleep."

The second guy nodded, and with a brief glance toward the locked boxes, each man headed into a room and soon was asleep.


January 24th, 2017, 03:21 AM, somewhere offroad from State Road 4a, No Name Key, Florida

Shane had been dozing off and on through the evening and night, he was now fully awake. Something was different, though.

He sat there inside the box and thought for a while, then realized that he could feel the wood of the boxes, the table and the shack's outer walls, as well as the locks, the latches used as part of the locking mechanism for the boxes, a filing cabinet in one of the other rooms...

'Oh, my,' he thought to himself, 'this is weird, but I seem to be able to feel and see inside anything made of woods or metals.'

He sat there and thought for a few more minutes, then giggled very quietly and started using this new ability to examine the locks.

He eventually was able to see the inside of the lock well enough that he could insert a mental 'key'; he turned it and the lock popped open.

It took him perhaps another ten minutes to pop the locks on the three other boxes that were occupied.


January 24th, 2017, 04:13 AM, somewhere offroad from State Road 4a, No Name Key, Florida

Shane smiled as he opened the boxes as quietly as possible, then reached into the one beside his and touched that black kid on the shoulder. The kid woke up, took a quick, startled look around, then noticed that the door to the box was open and scrambled out on their knees.

Shane stepped to the fourth box, opened it and tapped the shoulder of the kid inside just like he had with the black one a moment ago.

This kid seemed to take a moment to wake up, finally looked around, noticed the open door and crawled out, then stood up next to the box.

Shane looked into the fifth box, then sighed, there was nothing that could be done for the poor girl in there, she was lying in a pool of blood.

The fourth and sixth boxes were empty. The three teens stood there for a moment, looking around the room.

Zanakiya spotted an old, semi-rusted monkey wrench that had been left on the end of the countertop. She walked over and picked it up.

She turned to the two other teens and whispered, "There's a guy in each of the two bedrooms, I'll take one, you two deal with the other guy."

Shane and Valira nodded, Valira could feel exactly where the two men were as they headed into the bedrooms.

Zanakiya moved quietly to the head of the bed in the first room, then hit the paunchy guy's head with the wrench. She wasn't used to wielding something that big, but the blow was quite effective, he woke up, bounced back against the headboard, then slumped unconscious in the bed.

When Valira heard the guy hit the headboard in the other room, she used her newfound ability to reach inside the head of the guy in this room and gave his brain a pretty good squeeze. Like the other guy, he bounced up, fell against the headboard and was out cold a few seconds later.


January 24th, 2017, 04:22 AM, somewhere offroad from State Road 4a, No Name Key, Florida

Zanakiya giggled and spoke fairly clearly, "This guy is out like a light, there's all kinds of stuff on the night table, I see a big handgun in a holster, two sets of handcuffs with keys, a wallet, a box of ammo, a nightstick, pepper spray, a taser. Shit, these guys were loaded for bear!"

Valira also giggled and called back to Zanakiya, "Looks like this guy has the same sort of stuff. Let's lock them to the headboards."

Zanakiya turned to the night table, picked up the cuffs and keys, and secured her guy, Valira doing the same in the second room.

Shane wandered out into the combined kitchen/dining area, looked through the drawers and returned a minute or two later with a roll of duct tape. He quickly pulled off a piece wide enough to reach from ear to ear, then smoothed it over the guy's mouth before heading to the other room. He repeated the procedure, nodding in satisfaction that these guys wouldn't be able to make too much of a ruckus after they all left.

The kids removed the other items from the night table in each room, dropping everything on the floor several feet away from the beds.

Shane smiled as he remarked, "They're locked to their beds, gagged, and they can't get to their gear. I think it serves them right!"

Zanakiya frowned for a moment, then replied, "That all looks like cop gear, you know. Are these guys actual cops gone bad or wannabes?"

Valira shrugged, saying, "Who knows? It's not something we have to worry about."

Shane remembered hearing Zanakiya mention wallets. "Check their wallets, if they have cash, take it, we can use it right now."

Zanakiya walked into one of the rooms, Valira into the other; both returned a moment later, holding a bunch of bills in one hand.

Zanakiya counted hers, "Six fifties, that's $300, fifteen twenties, that's another $300 and eleven tens, that gives a total of $710, nice."

Valira took her turn, "Five fifties, that's $250, twenty-one twenties, that's another $420 and seventeen tens for a total of $840, sweet!"

Shane nodded, replying to both girls, "So between the two of them, we've managed to get $1,550; that should be a big help!"

Valira looked around, then spotted something small on the counter; she walked over and picked up a set of keys, with a Jeep tag on it.

When Valira held the keyring in front of her, Shane laughed and said, "I bet one of those keys will start the Jeep Wrangler out there."

Valira giggled, then remarked, "We should check the fridge, see if there's anything we can take to eat that won't go bad right away."

Both girls walked toward the fridge, Valira tossing the keys to Shane as she passed him, saying, "Driving will be easier for you."

Ten minutes later, the girls were ready, they'd turned two packs of sliced bologna and a loaf of bread into sandwiches to take with them.


January 24th, 2017, 4:45 AM, somewhere offroad from State Road 4a, No Name Key, Florida

Shane had seen a couple of rags lying around on the counter in the shack and had picked them up as they left the shoddy building.

He chuckled, then explained to the girls, "When I arrived here earlier, I saw the building and wondered how it was still standing."

He used a rag to wipe the handle on the outside of the driver's door, then opened the door, reached in and lifted the seat with the same hand. Zanakiya moved around him, then hopped into the back, buckling her seat belt. Shane and Valira took the front seats, buckling their belts.

Shane started the engine, let it warm up for a few minutes, then backed up and followed the tire tracks away from the shack.

The initial part of the journey was slow, but once they reached the state road, they followed it west and eventually crossed over to Big Pine Key where Valira noticed a sign pointing toward State Highway 1. Several minutes later, they were on the highway heading east.


January 24th, 2017, 7:08 AM, S Dixie Highway and Card Sound Road, Homestead, Florida

It had taken a bit over two hours to reach Homestead, Florida. Shortly before they entered Homestead, Zanakiya spotted a poorly maintained sign at the side of the road advertising a car sales business in Homestead; she had Shane pull over briefly so she could see the sign again.

Shane pulled back into the traffic afterward and turned onto the S Dixie Highway, then followed it in a northeasterly direction for a while.

It took them another fifteen minutes to find the car sales place, but then they had to travel a bit further before they found a way to reach the other side, then it took a few minutes to find somewhere to leave the Jeep. Shane spent ten minutes wiping anything they'd touched.

He dropped the keyring on the driver's seat, then closed the driver's door, wiping the handle, then the three of them started walking.


January 24th, 2017, 7:36 AM, Imperial Car Sales lot

It was about a ten minute brisk walk before they arrived at the car sales place. The three kids took a few minutes to catch their breath.

Once they had settled down, the three of them wandered around the lot looking at cars, specifically the mid-size sedans.

It took about twenty minutes, but Valira found a semi decent car, even if it was thirteen years old. The car was a Chevrolet Caprice, which hadn't been in production for at least ten years. Shane wandered over and used his ability to scan the car from end to end, then nodded.

The piece of cardboard stuck under a windshield wiper showed the price as being $500, that was a lot of cash for it, but manageable.

Zanakiya spotted a piece of scrap brown wrapping paper and a pencil lying on the ground about twenty feet from the sales centre's main door. She giggled, used the pencil to write a note saying they had paid for the car, stuffed $500 in the paper, folded it and shoved it in the mail slot.

Shane used his abilities to figure out where the keys for that car were, then discovered that he could move at least small items with just his mind. 'Wow,' he muttered, 'that could be useful!' as he pulled the keys to the door, then through the now open mail slot past the brown paper.

Three minutes later, they were all in the Chevy, buckled into our belts and heading north. They stopped at a diner and had breakfast, all three of them were ravenous. They each demolished a plate of sausages, home fries, toast, three eggs and enjoyed the fresh coffee.

Five minutes after they had finished eating, they were back in the car, getting ready to drive north to Miami.

January 24th, 2017, 8:23 AM, inside a car in the parking lot of a diner somewhere in Homestead, Florida

Zanakiya giggled, then said, "We've been running around together for the last few hours, but we haven't introduced ourselves at all. Oops!"

Shane laughed before he replied, "Well, to most people, I'm a boy named Shane, but I found out a week ago that I'm intersexed. Shane might be a possible name, but according to the doctor, in a year or two, I'll look a lot more female than male, so I'm going to call myself Shayanne."

Both Zanakiya and Valira smiled as they responded, "Hello, Shayanne!"

Zanakiya decided to go next. "I was born as a boy and named Zambrel, but I've been a girl in here (pointing to her head) and here (pointing to her heart) since I was five. I haven't a clue as to how to be a girl, but I'm going to do it anyway, and I want to be called Zanakiya."

Shayanne and Valira nodded, calling out, "Hi, Zanakiya!"

Then it was Valira's turn. "I was born a boy, but my mom told me a while back that I'm actually intersexed; I'm not sure how exactly, and my last medical six months ago didn't show anything, but when a powerful shaman says something will happen, it often does. I was given the name Valira a few days after I was born. I didn't find out it was a girl's name until I was ten, but I see no problem with it being my name now."

Zanakiya and Shayanne turned bright smiles toward Valira, saying, "Hello, Valira!"

Shay giggled as she thought of something, then asked the other two, "We're going to stick together, right?" Both nodded yes. Shayanne continued, "Then we need a group name, what about Shay-Va-Za? The first syllable of each of our names?"

The two other girls nodded again, then Zanakiya called out, "We are Shay-Va-Za! One for all and all for one!"

All three girls clasped their hands together and chanted, "We are Shay-Va-Za! One for all and all for one!"

Shayanne put the car in gear and they started the next step on their journey, they had business to take care of in Miami.

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