Ginny's Story Chapter 8

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

Copyright© 2016 Karen Lockhart
All Rights Reserved.


It's funny how things happen


Of course I wouldn't know what he told her, why do people always say that?

“Ellen, what did he say?” I played along.

“He asked if you and Kevin wanted to double date again.”

I started to make a move to choke her.

“All right, all right, Pete said the body was really beat up, but it wasn't Morales' pal, this was a Chinese man about 25 years old.”

I looked at Tina and smirked, “So is the date phony too? Did you make it up?”

Ellen smiled,”That was all my idea, I really had a great time, and so did Pete. I thought one more double date and then he and I would go solo.”

Tina shook her head, “I can't believe you two, first making jokes about dead guys, then talking about dating like it was the Piper Aviation School at Beverly Airport.”

“Okay ladies, what shall we do today? Shop? Watch soaps all day? Take a ride to Newbury and Cathy's barn? Tina and you can ride your horses while I sit around and watch,” I said.

“You know Ginny, it's been a month since your surgery,” said Ellen. “If you took it easy, you'd be fine I'm sure. You ride Western too.”

I was thinking this was a good idea, but I would feel better if I spoke with the doctor. I got up from the sofa and headed for my room, making sure my cell phone was charged first.

“You two relax, I need to call my OBGyN before we go. I'll be right back.”

I quickly spoke with Doctor Singh, explaining our afternoon plans. She felt I could ride, but again cautioned me, no sex for another month.

I walked out to the living room all smiles. “She gave me the green light for riding. When should we go, and should we give Cathy a call first?”

Ellen volunteered to make the call, while Tina and I got our things together.

“Lets take my Explorer, it's got more room in case we shop on the way home.”

This got big smiles from Tina and me.

We gabbed about nothing and everything on the ride north, arriving shortly before noon.

Cathy was just finishing training a couple of young geldings as we walked into the barn.

She gave Tina a big hug, saying how badly she felt about the loss of her father, and how glad she was to see her again.

“Ginny, why don't you use my old show saddle, and tack up the chestnut mare you rode in your lessons.”

We got busy, brushing and grooming our horses before saddling and bridling them. When we were ready, the horses were led into the indoor arena.

Using a mounting block we got into the saddles, appreciating that Cathy left the heat on for us.

If we thought we could fool around, that thought was soon ended as Cathy entered the arena and asked if we wanted a riding lesson today. Of course we agreed!

She put us through our paces for an hour, going easy on me. Then she told us “to cool them out” and she'd see us in the tack room.

Everything in reverse, untacking, brushing again, and reblanketing the horses before we put them back in their stalls.

When we got to the tack room, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee welcomed us. Cathy had made a fresh pot of Green Mountain coffee. After pouring a cup, and adding sugar and powdered cream, we started to gab, making up for lost time.

At three o'clock we made our goodbyes and headed home. Shopping was unanimously postponed until another time. Imagine, we were too tired to shop!

After getting comfortable in the living room, I asked if it was an eat in, or go out for an early dinner, then back here for desert. As usual, I had a fresh pie on the counter, this one was a cherry pie in honor of George Washington.

Eat out early won three to nil, but where to go was up in the air; Tina wanted the Tides, Ellen wanted Applebee's, and I preferred the Porthole Pub.

Tina came up with the idea of drawing cards, high card chooses.

Ellen drew a ten, I drew a three, and Tina cut the deck for a Queen, the Tides it was.

As we walked out, Ellen said to me, “Figures, she won with her deck, I wonder if her father taught that trick to her.”

There was no losers, we had a great dinner and time sitting in the bar looking out over twinkling ocean looking towards Swampscott and LynnShore Drive.

After getting the okay to ride I now had to miss Saturday's riding lesson so I could attend the handgun safety course in Revere on Saturday morning.

Pete Smith called on Friday to give me directions, and to say he had spoken to the instructor, who would be expecting me promptly at 9am. After telling me that, he asked if Ellen was there. I giggled and handed the cell phone to her.

I wondered what was going on, I was giggling a lot lately. Could having the surgery make me a giggler? I never giggled when I was Gene. Wow, did you ever say giggle so many times in a row before?

Ellen handed my phone back, informing me we had a date Saturday night, and better tell Kevin soonest.

That of course, invited a laugh from me.

“I'm calling him now.” I said.

Saturday morning I parked at the Veteran's of Foreign Wars building at 8.45. As I sat in my Honda, a tall moustached man walked over.

“Are you Ginny Hansen?” he asked, “I'm Bob MacDermott, the instructor. A State Police captain asked me to take good care of you. He said your life may be in jeopardy from a drug ring?”

When I answered in the positive, he assured me that I had no fear of failing, no one failed this course.

We walked inside together chatting on appropriate guns for a woman my size to easily carry. When I mentioned Ellen's suggestion of the little Smith and Wesson with the built in laser, he laughed, and said that's the one he would recommend.

There were about thirty other students in the class and the information was fascinating. We broke for pizza at noon, then finished the course by 5pm. Bob promised to mail out certificates on Monday morning. He was right, no-one failed. He asked me to stay back and handed me my completed certificate, which I think he had filled out before the course began, wished me well, and said to say 'hi' to Pete Smith.

I thanked him, then headed home to get ready for our second double date.

Ellen was all questions as I proudly waved my diploma in her face.

“Now we can go shopping for a cute pistol for you. A way to carry it is just as important as the gun, you know,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, most women don't use a shoulder holster, a carry purse is better, or with such a small gun, inside the waistband of your jeans.”

“Ellen, right now, I have to get ready for our date, where are we going?”

“Pete suggested we go clubbing. There is a new place in Peabody at the Hotel that sounds good, what do you think?”

“Okay, heels, smokey stockings and that sequined blue dress, sound right?”

Ellen gave her blessing to my choices, and asked if I could help with her make-up.
We headed our separate ways, with her showering first. As soon as she was finished, I ran in, making sure my hair stayed dry, otherwise it would take for ever to dry.

Quickly, I chose a lacy black panty and matching bra set. I then chose a black garter and smokey hose. After stepping into a pair of four inch court shoes, I worked on my make-up, choosing to go heavy on my eyes for the dark club. Once that was finished, I stepped into my sequined dress.

After looking in the full-length mirror, I headed for Ellen's room to see how she was making out.

Surprisingly, she had done a great job on her make-up, needing no assistance from me.

The boys arrived on time, giving us no excuse to make the wait.

It was decided to have a light supper at Carabba's then find a table in the night club.

We were seated at a table near the window, giving us a view of the tail lights heading north on Route One.

To be continued

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh, without her encouragement and help correcting typos and puncuation this story isn't possible

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