You're My Bitch Now part 5

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You’re My Bitch Now

Part Five

Rick kept his eyes closed and jumped as he felt Chris touch his chin
with his fingertips, but he almost swooned as he felt the lipstick slide
across his puckered lips. It felt soft and slippery and exciting and he
felt dizzy as Chris rolled the lipstick across his lips.

‘How does that feel, Rikkie? It looks so sweet on you. Open your eyes
now and come have a look.’

Chris took Rick gently by the hand and led him across to the mirror.
Rick opened his eyes and gasped as he saw his reflection. His hair
pulled back into the high ponytail made his face look narrower and his
eyes seemed bigger and more prominent. Rick moved his head, and he saw
the ponytail flick from side to side in the mirror. The bright red
lipstick made his lips look plump and oh so feminine. He couldn't stop
himself and his tongue flicked out and licked his lips. He watched
transfixed as his pink tongue slid over the bright red lipstick. He
shivered as he felt the stickiness on his lips.

‘So, Rikkie, do you like it?’ whispered Chris, and he moved his head
next to Rick in the mirror.

Rick could only nod as he didn't trust himself to speak. Chris could see
the excitement in Rick's eyes as he looked at himself in the mirror.

‘Told you it was magical, didn't I?’

Rick swallowed and smiled shyly at Chris in the mirror. He watched as
Chris turned his face sideways and gave Rick a kiss on his cheek.

‘Rikkie, I want you to do something tonight. Will you do something for
me? I promise you will enjoy it.’

Chris couldn't tear himself away from the image in the mirror, but he
managed to squeak ‘What is it?’

Chris looked Rick straight in the eyes in the mirror as he dropped his
hand onto Rick’s bum and gently stroked it with his fingers. Rick moaned
as he felt Chris’s fingers glide across his panties and his knees
wobbled a bit.

‘Rikkie, just say yes, pretty please. I promise you won't regret it.’
Chris moved fingers round to stroke Rick’s cock through the panties and
Rick moaned again.

‘OK, OK, I’ll do it.’ Rick was in such a state of excitement he thought
he would do anything as long as Chris didn't stop caressing him.

Chris bent forward and kissed the nipple that was closest to him. He
rolled his tongue around it and felt it harden under his tongue as Rick
threw his head back and whimpered. ‘What do you want me to do?’

Chris let go of the nipple and took Rick’s hand. ‘I want you to be with
me tonight.’

Rick looked at Chris in confusion. What did Chris mean? I am already
here with him. Then, he realised with a start what Chris had meant. His
eyes widened, and he started to shake his head. ‘You mean you want me to
be on…?’

Chris smiled at him and nodded his head. ‘Yes, Rikkie, I want you to be
next to me tonight, in the show.’

‘Nooooo, I can't do that.’ Rick started to pull away, but Chris held his
hand tightly.

‘Rikkie, you won't have to do anything, I’ll do it all. I promise I
won't make you do anything you don't want to.’

‘No, I mean, I don't know. I can't do it, I'm too shy. I mean, what if
someone recognises me?’

Chris stroked Rick’s face, which had gone quite pale. ‘Rikkie, nobody is
going to recognise you. Who do you think you know who would be watching?
Nobody, that's who. I promise you, you won't be recognised.’

‘I recognised you.’ Rick instantly regretted saying it.

‘No, Rikkie, you recognised my room, not me. Even when you did recognise
the room, you didn't know it was me straight away. You had to check by
listening to the music that's what you told me. Come on, I want you to
be with me.’

‘But why? Why me?’ Rick was almost snivelling.

‘Because I’ve always wanted to perform with someone else and you're so
pretty Rikkie. The clients will love you. I will do everything, you
won't need to say anything, just follow my lead and you’ll be fine. Just
try it this one time and then if you don't like it, you won't have to do
anymore, but I think you want this too.’ Chris pushed Rick’s hand onto
the front of his panties and held it there. Rick tried to pull away at
first and then Chris felt him stop struggling and Rick began to rub
Chris’s cock through the panties.

‘That feels so good, Rikkie, doesn't it? There's so much more where that
comes from. Just come with me and we’ll get started.’

Rick was now so confused by the conflicting emotions he was feeling as
Chris held his hand against his cock. He felt afraid and excited as he
felt Chris’s cock begin to stiffen under his fingers. I can’t do this he
thought, it's too awful, and it's so embarrassing. The longer he allowed
his fingers to stay rubbing Chris’s panties the more his excitement grew
and his resistance began to fade. He closed his eyes once more and from
somewhere he heard himself say, ‘OK, just this once.’

Chris clapped his hands and did a little jig and kissed Rick on the
lips. Rick felt a little tremor as he felt Chris’s lipstick covered lips
slide across his own.

‘Let me repair our lipstick, Rikkie, and we’ll get started. Just
remember to look at the camera and I’ll do the rest. You don't need to
say anything, I’ll do it all. Just be yourself and enjoy what will

Rick’s mind was spinning, and he was thinking of telling Chris that he
had changed his mind, but somewhere deep inside him was a desire that
was pushing him onwards. He was now shaking with nerves and fright, yet
he didn't want to let Chris down now that he had said he would do it.
Anyway, it would only be this once, he was sure of that. He wasn't going
to let Chris sweet talk him into doing it again. Rick had seen enough
duo webcams to realise that something was going to happen to him tonight
and that knowledge half terrified and half excited him. He knew Chris
was pushing him into this, but he so wanted to please Chris, and he just
had to trust Chris.

Chris touched up his own and Rick’s lipstick and smiled to himself. He
knew Rick would be nervous and hoped that Rick wouldn't bolt once the
show started. He knew that Rick was caught between his desire and his
fear, but he thought that if he took it slowly, at least at first, then
Rick would fall in with what he had planned.

Chris took Rick’s hand and pulled him across to the bed.

‘Rikkie, just sit on the bed behind and to one side of me. Remember to
look at the camera and smile, sweetie. You can see what is happening on
the screen. You look very pretty and the punters are going to go crazy
for you. They love someone new.’

Rick did as he was told and sat on the bed, his legs tucked up beneath
him. He could see himself on the laptop screen and he was tempted to
just get up and run. Chris still had hold of his hand and he knew that
he couldn't escape. He gulped and before he knew what was happening
Chris had started the music and the show began.

There were a few of Chris’s regular fans online already and Chris began
by reading some of the messages that were already coming through on
screen. He laughed at a couple of them and turned to smile at Rick and
said, ‘Meet Rikkie, she’s joining me for tonight's show. It's her first
time, so she’s a bit nervous, but I’m sure we’re going to make her feel
comfortable soon. Say hello, Rikkie.’

Rick was almost transfixed with nerves, but he managed to squeak out a
Hi. Chris giggled. ‘Should I give her a kiss to make her feel welcome?
What do you think?’

You could hear the messages coming in but Rick couldn't read them, he
was too far away. Chris giggled as he read what was being sent.

‘OK, a kiss is fine, but if you want to see more, you’ll have to buy
some tokens. Let's get Rikkie involved, shall we?’

Chris turned and put his hands behind Ricks head and pulled him into a
passionate kiss. Rick froze for a moment and then felt Chris’s lips
slide across his, and his tongue slipped its way into Rick’s mouth.
After the initial moment of fright, the intensity of the kiss made Rick
forget about where he was and he began to respond to Chris. His tongue
flicked out to spar with Chris’s and he felt himself melting into the
embrace. Chris pulled back and Rick saw his eyes were gleaming.

‘That wasn't so bad, was it?’ Chris whispered.

Rick shook his head, and he felt the ponytail brush across his
shoulders. He looked at the screen to see himself grinning as Chris
turned back to read the messages.

‘Yes, she is nice isn't she? She’s a great kisser too. If you want to
see some more, buy some more tokens and we’ll get into it.’ Chris
flicked his hair back and began to stroke his nipples as he watched what
was coming through.

‘Do you like my stockings?’ said Chris to the camera and languidly
stretched out his legs to show them off. ‘Rikkie helped me put them on
tonight. Do you want to see him take them off?’ Chris swung sideways on
the bed and put one leg up in the air.

‘Go on Rikkie, take one off at a time.’ Chris whispered to Rick. ‘Take
your time, rub your hands up and down my legs. Give them a show.’

Rick nervously stretched out his hands and stroked his hands up the leg.
Chris threw his head back and moaned out loud, ‘Oh, that feels so good

Rick stroked his hands back down the stocking, and before he knew quite
what he was doing, he bent forwards and kissed the stocking top.

Chris said in surprise, ‘Ohhhhh, that was so hot, Rikkie, do it again.’

Rick was now beginning to lose his nervousness and kissed the stocking
once more, a little lower this time. He kissed his way down the leg
holding Chris’s foot in his hand and then began to lick his way up

‘Oh my god, Rikkie that feels wonderful.’ Chris whispered to him. Wow,
thought Chris, he’s really getting into this now. Chris switched legs
and Rick did the same to the other one. Rick felt himself getting hard
now as he began to lose his inhibitions and his cock began to tent out
his panties. Chris glanced down and noticed the bulge.

‘Rikkie’s getting excited.’ Chris announced, before stretching out his
stockinged foot and rubbing the front of Rick’s panties. Rick moaned out
loud as he felt Chris’s foot stroking his hard little cock. Chris lay
back and while he was masturbating Chris with one foot, he stretched the
other leg up and began rubbing Ricks nipple with his toes. Rick was now
teetering on the edge of his climax and Chris seeing this pulled his
foot away from Rick’s cock but kept playing with his nipple.

Rick put his hands on Chris’s foot and without thinking pulled the foot
up to his mouth and began to suck the toes through the nylon. Rick had
no idea where the idea to do that had come from but it seemed to the
most natural thing in the world for him to do. He kissed and sucked each
toe and Chris was wriggling around on the bed. Rick took a peek at the
screen and he saw himself sucking Chris’s toes. It was so weird watching
himself, like he imagined an out-of-body experience would be. It was as
if it was happening to someone on the screen and not to himself.

Chris’s eyes opened wide as he saw and et what Rick was doing. He had
not expected this, but he wasn't going to stop it as Rick seemed to be
enjoying what he was doing.

‘Rikkie,’ ordered Chris, ‘Now do the other one.’

Rick picked up the other leg and repeated the action, kissing and
licking the foot and then the toes. He thought this can't be happening
to me, I'm not doing this, someone else is.

‘Rikkie, take the stockings off now.’

Rick slid his hands up Chris’s leg and unclipped the stocking top,
rolling it down slowly, pausing to kiss the leg as he rolled the
stocking down. He repeated the action with the other stocking. Chris
rolled onto his tummy so that he could read the messages on the screen.
Rick knelt on the bed behind him and stroked his fingers up Chris’s legs
and onto his bum. He rubbed Chris’s bum with his hands and he felt Chris
wriggling beneath him.

He bent forward and kissed Chris on the back and butterfly kissed him
down his back to his bum where he planted a kiss on each cheek. Chris
giggled and rolled over onto his back.

‘Kiss my nipples, Rikkie, you have a lovely tongue.’

Rick leant forward and let his tongue roll over a nipple. It stiffened
beneath his touch and he nipped it between his teeth.

‘Oww,’ squeaked Chris, ‘You are so naughty.’ Chris could hear the
messages coming in and he knew already that this was going down well,
and that more and more tokens would be bought if he went on with this.
He arched his back as Rick continued to kiss his nipples and managed to
pull his panties to let his cock free, which was hard by now.

Rick felt Chris pull down his panties, and he saw Chris’s cock spring
up, freed from its nylon prison. He felt Chris tugging at his panties to
pull those down as well and he panicked. He couldn't show his little
cock to everyone, he would be so embarrassed. He tried to knock Chris’s
hands away but Chris was too strong for him and he flushed as he felt
his panties slide down his legs.

Chris rolled him over onto his back and Rick put his hands over his cock
so that nobody would see it. Chris looked down at him and said. ‘Rikkie,
don't be embarrassed, you have a lovely little cock. It's perfect, let
me suck it for you and show everyone. Trust me, baby.’

Rick was mortified, but he let Chris gently take his hands away and as
Chris touched it with his fingers, it immediately began to swell. Rick
could see on the screen what was happening, and he watched, transfixed
as Chris took him into his mouth and began to suck. He closed his eyes
yet again as he felt Chris’s warm mouth envelop his cock. He moaned and
opened his eyes to look down to see Chris’s head bobbing up and down on
his cock. He looked over to the screen and he could see in close up
Chris licking and sucking his cock. He couldn't believe this was
happening to him and that hundreds of people were watching Chris suck
his cock.

He felt a thrill run through him as he realised that some of those out
there would be masturbating themselves as they watched the two of them.
Maybe because of that thought, he felt his climax approaching, and he
began to buck his hips. ‘I'm cumming,’ he shouted and Chris wrapped his
lips tight around Rick’s cock as he spurted cum deep into Chris’s mouth.
Chris didn't swallow and as he sat up, he grabbed Rick and kissed him,
pushing Rick’s own cum into his mouth. Shocked, Rick’s instinctive
reaction was to gulp down what he had in his mouth.

Chris sat there grinning like a Cheshire cat. ‘Rikkie, you're a

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