Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 40

Synopsis: Cath explains the relationship between Baby Pansy and Baby Jennie. Isabell's husband Brett arrives home as the women are punishing Baby Pansy.

Chapter 40. Who's Your Daddy?

Mummy came back a few moments later carrying two tall highball glasses of scotch and coke, although her glass was half-empty by the time she returned to the sunroom. She shuffled closer to the dining room as her bossy big sister tossed the back of her kneeling sissy’s pink frock and petties high over her bent back, completely exposing her quivering striped bottom. Cath accepted her drink with a grunt of thanks, and she took a quick sip before placing the glass aside on the sunroom coffee table. “I don’t understand, Cath?” Mummy asked, looking terribly confused. “You married this big sissy baby, knowing… knowing he was like this?” She grimaced in disgust and flicked her fingers in contempt at the cowering girly-boy in pink satin and white chiffon, kneeling on the chair with her creamy bare bottom facing Mummy.

Cath laughed again. “There’s a lot more to it than that, Isy. But yes. I knew Peter was a dirty little potty-mouth sissy named Baby Pansy, from the moment I first met him. When I went to work for him at his family’s law firm several months later, I knew he secretly liked to wet and poop his nappies and dress up like a prissy little two-year-old girl whenever he could.” She decided this wasn’t the right time to inform her sister of her masochistic ex-husband’s other disgusting fetishes, or how he had tracked her down at the place where she worked as a legal secretary, a few weeks after that first eventful party. He had offered her an extremely well-paid job with his firm - starting as his legal secretary, but with the potential to become his chief personal assistant when he made partner - with certain ‘bonuses’ for looking after his bizarre kinky tastes during office hours.

For Cath it had been the opportunity of a lifetime. Apart from being a disgusting little pervert, her cute new boss was highly-intelligent, witty, and fun to work for. And as long as she regularly changed his wet and sometimes poopy diapers three or four times a day, he usually smelled fresh and clean too. Cath loved the sweetly familiar fragrance of baby powder and always used a ton of talc whenever she changed him. Within six months, Peter had asked for her hand in marriage, and she accepted - with certain conditions. “While we were married, whenever we were at home, I kept Baby Pansy diapered and dressed like the sweet little Princess he always wanted to be.” There was no need to tell Isy about the shenanigans they got up to at the office, or their wild trips overseas.

“How could you? Why would you want to?” Mummy demanded, looking aghast.
“Oh, Pansy made it worth my while, let me assure you. His father died of cancer when Peter was only twenty, and he obviously knew his only son was a diaper-wearing, panty-pissing fairy. Imagine that?” Her scornful laugh was brittle and unkind, and I saw the gagged sissy baby’s head droop in long-remembered shame. “His father had four big healthy daughters, and then at long last, an only son - and look what God gave him to carry on the family name. A puny little sissy fairy like this.” She pointed at the kneeling sissy’s bum with a disdainful sneer. Cath opened wide the double sliding doors between the sunroom and the dining room, and shoved aside the yellow lounge chair nearest the doorway to give her plenty of room to work. She grinned as she possessively patted the plump exposed bottom cheeks sticking out provocatively for her attention. I couldn’t help thinking how feminine the sissy’s curvaceous round rear appeared. There were already four angry red welts across both plump pale botty cheeks from the cruel kiss of the crop.

“Pansy’s daddy knew he was a sissy from the time he was four or five years old. He was still a bedwetter, constantly under the thumb of his mother and domineering older sisters. They kept him in nappies and baby dresses until he started school, and he was diapered every night until well into his teens.” Cath crooned mock-sympathetically, “The poor dear never had any choice! Anyway, Pansy’s daddy set up his will before the miserable bugger croaked, with certain provisions for his wayward effeminate son. Daddy was a successful patent lawyer. Instead of cash, he took a small percentage of some of the more commercially-applicable patents from his clients as payment. They made millions! Anyway, Pansy had to achieve certain… targets, before inheriting anything - and there was a considerable fortune to inherit.”
“Certain targets? Like what,” Mummy demanded, obviously intrigued.

Cath picked up the cruel punishment instrument once more and took a few practise swings with the pink crop that noisily cut the still air. I saw the kneeling sissy writhe in what I assumed must be fearful anticipation. “Like; Peter received a million dollars on graduation from an acceptable university with a law degree. If he made partner in the family law firm before the age of thirty, he inherited another five million dollars. If he married between the age of twenty-five and thirty-five, he got two million. He was twenty-four when I met him, twenty-five when I married him, and twenty-six when he made partner. For every child - another two million, and if he successfully remained married for at minimum of five years - he collected another five million. After ten years - another five million.”

“Oh my God!” Mummy exclaimed, although she looked a little hurt. “How come you never mentioned any of this to us?”
“What? Me tell you and Mum and Margie that I was marrying for money? Don’t be ridiculous!” Cath scoffed, and Mummy had to nod in shame-faced agreement. They would have given Cath hell! “Anyway, I was actually rather fond of him -” She patted the sissy’s protruding bare buttocks possessively, “- and my pretty sissy baby did offer me a million dollars to marry him, and a million for every child, and another million if we remained wedded for five years.”
Mummy’s expression was torn between confusion, horror and avarice. “How much…?” She stumbled, unable to complete the question.

Cath tossed her a winning smile. “You know he helped me get my law degree part-time?” Mummy silently nodded. “Well, with some help from the girls at the firm, I drew up a contract - kind of a prenuptial agreement. He purchased the house in my name, and I made sure that the mother received half of each inheritance for each child within thirty days of the birth. Now that we’re divorced, he pays me maintenance till they’re twenty-one years of age, including the girls’ tech and University fees and all the household bills.” Cath couldn’t help looking pleased with herself when she smugly gloated, “When I gave you that quarter-million deposit on this house all those years ago, it didn’t even touch the interest I’d earned! There was a little over fourteen million dollars in my bank account the last time I checked.”
“My God,” Mummy gasped, covering her mouth in shock. “I had no idea how rich you were,” she blurted before she could stop herself. “But what about the girls? What about April and Bonnie?”
“Oh, they don’t know about the money,” Cath replied with a self-satisfied smile. “I wanted to give them a fairly normal, middle-class upbringing-”
“No Cath!” Mummy cut her off. “I mean, do they know their father is… you know?” Isabell disdainfully waved her hand at the kneeling sissy’s shivering bare botty-cheeks again. “Like this?”

Aunty Cath’s smug smile grew broader. “I had to keep my part of the marriage contract. I dressed my Baby Pansy in her toddler frocks and nappies and treated her like the perfect little baby girl she always wanted to be whenever she came home from Kindy.” Cath snickered fondly at the memory. “That’s what we always called Pansy’s workplace - her Kindy. The arrangement worked perfectly - until April was nearly five. Maybe four and a half. I can’t remember exactly. The girls used to love it when Mummy and daddy played ‘Mummies and babies’ with them. Pansy was my baby girl, Bonnie was April’s baby, and she was so good at changing her sister’s nappies by the time she was four.” Cath sighed with long-remembered regret. “But then April started telling the other kids at day-care about the way her daddy used to get diapered and dressed like a baby girl, so he could play babies with the other girls at home. Of course her friends didn’t believe her and gave her a hard time. April got upset and told one of her carers at the centre, too, insisting that her story was true. I had to make up some stupid story about Peter rehearsing for a silly work skit when the young woman questioned me about our dress-up games later that afternoon.”

Isabell stared at her sister with her painted red mouth gaping open in astonishment, and Cath explained, “That was when I decided that Baby Pansy and I had to part ways. I knew that as long as I broke it off before April turned five, the girls would have no real lasting memories of their father dressing like a sissy baby girl and having his dirty nappies changed.” She grinned triumphantly. “So the answer is - no, they don’t know.” I turned to glance questioningly at Bonnie beside me. When she hesitantly met my gaze, she shook her head in denial. From the expression I could read in those astonished golden orbs, I knew prior to this moment my cousin had no idea of the truth. I wondered if the same was true for April?

“Anyway, we’d been married longer than the required five years by then, so I didn’t mind my big baby girl moving out of my house and into an apartment nearer the city with her elderly Nanny. We picked up her Nanny during one of our business trips to London, a year before we separated. Pansy gave me my rightful share of the inheritance every time it was required, and the divorce about a year after we separated was quite amicable.” Cath turned to leer at the kneeling sissy slave’s back. “But enough about that till later, Isabell. Right now you need to learn how bad little baby girls like mine should be punished.” She gave Pansy’s trembling striped cheeks a smart loud backhanded smack with her broad left palm. The plump feminine bottom flesh quivered with the impact.

“Here, Isabell, let me show you how it’s done,” she advised her worried-looking sister, as a large red handprint appeared on the sissy’s creamy left buttock, overlaying the cruel crimson welts from the crop. Mummy responded by taking another huge swig of her drink and watching Aunty Cath with wide eyes. “Stand to your kneeling slave’s left if you are right-handed - like us - and line up the end of your chosen implement with the crease of your subject’s buttocks.” She crisply tapped the flap at the end of the pink nylon-wrapped, willow crop across his out-thrust posterior. The hot-pink leather tip kissed the gap between the sissy’s trembling cheeks. “That way when you swing hard and naturally lean forward slightly…” Slash! WHICK! “You’ll strike both cheeks. See?”

The shivering sissy’s frilly pink bonnet reared up sharply and I could hear air being noisily sucked back through her nostrils. Although I couldn’t see the expression on her pained face, I knew the blow must have hurt. Her wide white lace bonnet frills trembled with shock, but there was no shriek of agony to mar the quiet suburban afternoon. Only the sounds of happily squealing little girls drifted over from the house behind ours, in counterpoint to the incredibly erotic scene before my eyes. Pansy’s quivering bottom cheeks bore a fresh angry red stripe on each side that looked awfully painful, but she kept her curvy round posterior defiantly presented, poking her big round bottom right out for her ex-wife’s sadistic attention. WHICK! WHICK! WHICK! Cath turned around smiling grimly in satisfaction, and then handed the crop to her uncertain-looking sister. “Here, Isabell. You have a go.”

“Are you sure?” Mummy nervously asked, but she placed her clattering glass on the varnished pine coffee table and clambered to her booted feet. Cath simply pressed the leather handle of the pink crop into Isabell’s right hand and guided her into position. “But I-”
“She lied to you,” Cath forcibly reminded Isabell. Cath held her sister’s right arm in position, helpfully centring the hot-pink leather flap between the crease of the shivering sissy’s creamy buttocks. She released her grip and cautiously stepped back out of range, adding, “My naughty sissy baby tricked you into having sex with her.”
“Yes, that’s right,” Mummy mumbled uncertainly, but her arm moved back as though preparing to strike.

Cath’s expression was a curious mixture of anticipation and arousal. “Go on, Isy! She deserves to be punished!” My domineering Aunty actually looked turned-on by all this. I knew my clittie was rock-hard inside my warm wet nappy and I discretely clutched myself tighter through the slippery lycra crotch of my pink leotard below the frothy tulle skirts. “Go on, Isy!” Cath sternly ordered. “Punish her! Punish that naughty little sissy slut.” WHICK! The crop whistled down and a fresh red slice appeared on the sissy’s quivering botty cheeks, although it was much lighter and narrower than the previous welts. “Again!” Cath forcefully commanded. WHICK! “Harder!” WHICK! More!” WHICK! “She’s a dirty lying little slut who needs to be punished!” WHICK! WHICK! “That’s it.” WHICK! WHICK! WHICK! “Beat that bad baby’s butt,” Cath urged her dazed kid sister, her emerald eyes glowing with vengeful satisfaction. “Give her what she deserves. Give it to her good!” WHICK! WHICK! WHICK! WHICK! WHICK!

Mummy must have laid at least twenty strokes on the shivering sissy’s bouncing buttocks before she burst into tears and threw the crop to the floor in self-disgust. Cath wrapped her arms around the sobbing woman’s leather-clad torso and murmured soothingly in her ear. “It’s okay, sis. It’s okay. You did the right thing, Isy. She was very naughty and my wicked Pansy deserved a good sound thrashing. Now you sit down here and finish your drink while I finish the job.” We ducked out of sight when Aunty Cath led Mummy back to the yellow chair in front of our viewing window. When Mummy was settled into the single overstuffed armchair, facing the dining room with her back to us, Bonnie and I cautiously peeped inside again.

Cath had returned to the scene of the crime and picked up the discarded pink riding crop, holding it above her head. She flexed the pliable willow rod inside the shiny nylon wrapping between her clenched fists to test its suppleness, and then gave the leather tip a few noisy practise swings. The menacing swishing sound made goosebumps rise on my arms and legs. I glanced at Bonnie skulking beside me and wondered if she was aware that she was pressing the crotch of her warm wet nappy against her puffy swollen kitten with the heel of her right hand.

Cath settled her booted feet wide apart and lined up her shot like a professional golfer addressing the ball, taking her time to position herself perfectly. She leaned her broad bare shoulders back and crisply tapped the blazing red, curvy round buttock closest to her with the little leather flap. She loudly ordered, “Present, Baby Pansy! Stick that naughty little botty right out for Mummy.” The taps on the cheek grew harder, louder and faster, as the bound sissy slut provocatively poked out her multi-striped bottom even more. “That’s better, little girl,” Cath murmured in sadistic approval. “Stick out that pretty bot-bot just a little more, baby.” She swung her strong right arm all the way back, steadied her wide-legged stance, and then; CRACK!

The kneeling sissy baby jumped at the force of the blow, her bonneted head rearing back in agony as air noisily whistled in through her flared nostrils. Her mittened hands flailed in front of her flushed red face before they returned to rest on the wooden back of the dining chair. “Ah yes, that’s better,” Cath announced with a grim satisfied smile. “Mummy knows how to punish bad little girls like you properly, doesn’t she? Hmm, baby?” Of course with the pump-up gag filling her mouth, the poor bound sissy had no way of replying. He mutely nodded his bowed bonneted head in masochistic acceptance of her will. “Present, baby. Stick out that botty for Mummy. That’s better! I think twenty more like that should do the job. Don’t you?” The shivering sissy poked out his girlish striped bottom once more, but with more reluctance this time.

With those cruel words Aunty set to her task, the pink riding crop lashing the bouncing welted buttocks of the grunting and gurgling sissy slave unendingly. CRACK! “Bad Baby Pansy!” CRACK! “Bad girl!” Cath yelled, chastising her bound victim between full-armed strokes of the riding crop. CRACK! “You’re a dirty, deceitful, bad baby girl!” CRACK! “Lying to Mummy!” CRACK! “Trying to hide the truth.” CRACK! “Hoping it would never come out!” CRACK! “What a stupid - CRACK! - stupid - CRACK! - baby!” CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! “Mummy always knows, doesn’t she?” CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! I didn’t count the vicious slashing blows, but I was sure my strict avenging Aunty had delivered exactly twenty strokes when she cast the savage punishment implement aside on the carpet.

The kneeling sissy was sobbing in pain, snorting for air through her flared nostrils, her narrow satin-clad shoulders rising and falling sharply. Only muffled whimpering could be detected from around her mouth-filling rubber gag. I only had eyes for my Aunty Cath. The flushed-face dominatrix was facing away from us, leaning over the hot-pink overnight bag and poking out her big round bottom towards us, carelessly showing off the tautly-stretched seat of her tight red satin panties. My wide eyes were locked on the moist dark gusset between her long booted legs, but then she took from the bag what looked like an enormous hot-pink rubber penis! ‘Do all Baby Pansy’s accessories match?’ I thought with a foolish twinge of envy.

The latex tool was about twelve inches long and from my perch outside the window, it looked almost as thick as David’s huge piece of man-meat! I heard Bonnie quietly gasp from beside me. Cath had a tube of lubricant, too, and she squirted a little clear gel on the fat floppy tool and erotically rubbed it over the latex shaft with her curled fist, like she was giving the monster hot-pink cock a hand-job. The image reminded me of my erotic scene in my crib with Connie last night. I wished I could slip my hand inside my too-tight leotard and wet nappies, and fondle my pulsating hot clittie.

Cath placed the glistening floppy tool on the open dry diaper between her sissy’s forcibly-splayed knees, and returned to the hot-pink overnight bag. She took out a grey hand towel first and wiped her hands clean, tossed it aside, and picked up the gag pump. The dominatrix in black leather stepped around to the front of the kneeling sissy and lifted his bowed head to screw the fitting into the pink leather mouthpiece. With a quiet gush of air the black rubber gag deflated, and then Cath unbuckled the tight leather bonnet and slid the frilly pink item from her whimpering slave’s curly blonde hair. The slimy gag popped free of Pansy’s drool-smeared lips with a wet sucking sound, and then the grateful sobbing sissy inhaled sharply and burst into a snivelling litany of thanks.

“Oh thank you Mummy! Thank you,” Pansy sobbed, reaching up to clumsily wipe her drooling mouth and her panda eyes with her fluttering mittened paws. “I’m sorry I was such a bad girl, Mummy. I’m sorry, Mummy, I’m sorry. I’m a bad baby girl, Mummy. I’m sorry.”
“I know, baby. I know. Mummy knows you’re sorry.” Cath tossed his leather bonnet aside and picked up the floppy latex dildo, and she pressed the slick golfball-sized head between her kneeling sissy’s shivering parted buttocks. “But you know the rules, baby girl. First comes the punishment - then comes the pleasure.” The penitent sissy seemed to poke out her blazing red-striped bottom even more, and she shuddered and moaned in arousal when the fat cock-head slipped inside her greedily dilated sphincter.

“Ooo Mummy!” Pansy squealed, and her high-pitched moans of passion escalated when Cath shoved the huge monster a few inches further inside her sissy’s bobbing bottom. “Oh Mama! Mama! Mama!” From her armchair my Mummy watched the erotic scene unfolding in front of her with wide fascinated eyes, her drink temporarily forgotten in her hand.
“Open up, baby,” Cath urged her sissy slut, worming the fat tool ever deeper. “Open right up for Mummy like a good little girl… Ahhh!” She grunted in satisfaction when the flexible dildo head slid past the poor girl’s second sphincter, and she wormed the hot-pink tool at least eight inches inside the moaning sissy’s steaming bowels.

“Good girl! Mummy needs to make sure her little girl is still nice and clean all the way inside.” Cath rammed most of the long pink tool in and out of the sissy’s puckered anus like she was fucking him with a big fat cock. I didn’t know she was actually preparing him for the main event. The sissy boy began yelping in excitement, although he groaned loudly in disappointment when Cath slid the monster tool all the way out.

“Oh Mummy! No Mummy! Please Mummy?” He begged in high girlish squeals. I concentrated on listening to that strangely-familiar high-pitched pleading voice, which is probably why I missed the sound of a car pulling up in our driveway.
“Settle down, baby,” Cath sharply warned him, with an additional hard, open-handed spank to his badly-mauled buttocks. “Or Mummy will put the bad baby bonnet back on her noisy little girl.” The mere threat of the gag shut him up immediately. He provocatively stuck out his crimson-striped candy-red bottom, his plump womanly cheeks parting sluttishly wide to display his winking wet, wrinkled pink hole. I knew the sissy baby was silently begging for more and his fervent prayers were about to be answered.

My Mummy was leaning back in her yellow armchair, her olive-green eyes wide as uncovered manholes, her mouth a gaping red-rimmed circle of amazement. She watched in slack-jawed astonishment as her sister casually wiped the lube from the used tool with a baby wipe. Cath discarded both items in the open plastic shopping bag lying on the floor. “Good. You’re still clean,” she muttered in approval to her panting sissy slave. My brunette Aunty approached her stunned kid sister and held out her hands. “Come here, sis. I need you to help me with this last part.” She hauled Isabell to her feet and led my Mummy like a zombie back to the hot-pink leather overnight bag. Aunty took out another latex dildo. This fatter flesh-coloured tool had a series of black leather straps dangling from it, and Cath pressed the base to her sister’s groin so it stuck out stiffly like a real cock. “Hold that there for me for a minute,” she briskly ordered, and my mother numbly obeyed.

Isabell clutched the black upside-down leather triangle over her groin with both hands, and the fat phoney phallus poked out obscenely through her fingers like a huge flesh-coloured salami. She swayed and wobbled unsteadily on her pencil-thin heels when Cath threaded the wide black waist straps around her corseted waist and buckled them tightly in place. “Spread your feet and open your legs, Isy,” she commanded from the rear. When Mummy obligingly spread her booted thighs wide and squatted slightly, Cath crouched down and plucked at the two slender leather straps dangling from the apex of the leather triangle in front. She drew each narrow strap around Mummy’s muscular tanned thighs above the boot flaps, looped it through a metal ring in the waist strap at each side of her wide womanly hips, and pulled it tight. The straps had some chromed snap-fasteners riveted in place to secure them, and they made a loud noise when my Aunty snapped them closed. She tugged on the tight waistband of the cock-harness to make sure it was well secured, and then stepped around to Mummy’s front.

Cath grabbed hold of the obscene, flesh-coloured latex tool, and dragged it down and centred it over Mummy’s crotch so it looked like a huge stiff cock poking out horizontally from her body. I couldn’t believe how realistic the thing looked, jutting out from her groin like that! I reached under my frothy tulle skirts and clutched my own tiny stiff clittie through my warm wet wadding, and rubbed my hand up and down over the slithering lycra crotch of my leotard in mounting excitement. I didn’t realise that beside me, Bonnie was unconsciously pressing her fist harder against the crotch of her warm wet nappy, too. “Good,” Cath muttered in approval, and she gave the monster tool a careless hard slap with her hand that would have been excruciating had it been real. Isabell gazed down in disbelief at the heavy projection rudely bobbing from her groin, and she noticed the shiny shaft was fatter than her wrist!

“Now help me put my glove on.” Cath produced a long red latex glove from her bag of tricks. Mummy seemed to be in a trance as she obediently held the end open for Aunty Cath to feed her large right hand inside. “That’s it, honey,” Cath encouraged her sister. “Hold tight while I wiggle my fingers all the way in. There! Now roll the end up my arm. That’s it, Isy, keep unrolling. They go quite a long way.” When Mummy finished, Aunty Cath’s muscular right arm was covered in a skin-tight sheath of shiny red latex, all the way past her elbow. “I only need one glove today,” Cath added, when Mummy instinctively looked for its missing mate.

Cath stepped over to the overnight bag and pulled out the tube of lube again, and she squirted a generous dollop on her gloved palm. After tossing the crumpled tube to the floor, she turned to the kneeling sissy slave and fondly probed between his bruised parted buttocks. Pansy groaned in excitement and pushed backwards, her mauled botty-cheeks opening wider, greedily exposing her greasy dilated hole for her Mistress’s slippery red fingers. Cath obliged by sliding four latex-covered fingers straight inside his relaxed open anal ring, shoving them in till the wanton sissy-slut swallowed her whole hand all the way to the base of her thumb. She whirled her broad open palm around inside her slave’s sloshing wet opening, leering back at her stunned sister as the bound sissy baby helplessly moaned in excitement and then squealed loudly in unrestrained joy.

The sissy-slut’s gratified groans were abruptly cut short when Cath ripped her hand free, her red gloved fingers glistening wetly with lube. Cath gave Mummy a lascivious smile, rubbing her slimy lubricated fingers across her shiny red palm. She stepped closer to her gob-smacked sister who stood there wobbling in her exotic high-heeled boots. Cath grabbed hold of Mummy’s enormous life-like erection with her gloved fist. She expertly masturbated her sister’s flesh-coloured member until every inch of the fat fake phallus was shiny and wet with lube. Despite being ridiculously large, it looked so frighteningly real! Cath stepped around behind Isabell, never releasing her erotic grip on the glistening shaft, and she pressed her crotch against Mummy’s leather-clad bottom. Aunty used her broad hips to steer my mother’s slimy jutting tool towards the blazing out-thrust buttocks of the kneeling sissy baby on the dining room chair.

“Baby Pansy fucked you, Isy. And I mean, really fucked you! Now it’s your turn,” Cath convincingly coaxed Mummy into position, using her lush body to edge her mesmerised sister closer and closer to her waiting target. “This is your chance to get even!” Mummy moaned loudly in submission as Cath used her fist to aim the huge head of the strap-on dildo at the winking back door of her eagerly-waiting sissy slut. The greasy head was almost the size of a baseball, and the glistening latex shaft grew fatter as it approached the harness base. Bonnie and I were watching with entranced eyes, our boggled minds overwhelmed - and neither of us heard the slamming of a car door in the driveway out the front. With one expert thrust of Cath’s pelvis against Mummy’s trembling botty-cheeks, the latex cock-head popped inside her sissy slave’s wet open hole. The kneeling Princess in pink satin tossed back her mane of curly blonde hair and shrieked with combined excitement and pain as the huge cock-head stretched her well-used sphincter wide.

Cath moved my limp mother like a lifeless marionette, repeatedly thrusting her pelvis against Mummy’s big round bottom in an obscene mimicry of sex, while the huge fake phallus drove deeper and deeper into her sissy slut’s wide-open hole. But after a while I noticed Aunty was leaning back, and Mummy’s grinding hips seemed to be driving the eternal erotic rhythm. Cath tilted her round curvaceous bum back further and leaned down so her luscious red lips brushed my mother’s flushed pink cheek. “Oh Isy,” Cath whispered in Isabell’s ear with a knowing grin. “I guess you found the little nub that’s made to tickle your clit, too. Huh?” She teasingly bit her sister on the earlobe until Mummy squealed and shuddered. Cath’s laugh was evil as she slowly backed away.

My mother’s only response was to grab the writhing hips of the kneeling sissy baby and shove her monster cock more purposefully inside the slave’s bucking bottom, making Pansy squeal in high-pitched pleasure. Isabell drove deeper and clamped their bodies together so the soft latex nub on the inside of the cock harness parted her sensitive swollen labia, massaging her aroused clittie through her tight black satin panties like a firm little tongue. She rocked back slightly and thrust deeply once more, pressing her throbbing clit against the slippery front of her slick wet panties, right over the latex stimulator. Isabelle couldn’t believe how wet she was or how aroused the erotic scene made her feel! Her kitten was dripping with excitement and she could smell the musk of her aroused sex. She felt so dominant and powerful as she forced her huge pretend-cock deep inside the shivering slut’s wide-open arsehole.

“Oh yeah, darling, you got it,” Cath crooned to her in encouragement. “You go girl! You fuck that sissy bitch all the way to hell and back.” She chuckled in wicked approval and it was a low dirty sound. “Yeah, that’s right. Fuck her! Yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about, sister!” She walked around the madly-fucking couple and bent down closer to her kneeling sissy baby’s ear. “Go, on, baby!” Cath cooed invitingly, making sure that Isabell could hear her. We could all hear her order the groaning big baby, “Tell Mummy what you really want, while your Aunty Isy fucks you with her great, big, cock! Go on! Tell us what you really want deep down, Baby Pansy!” Cath urged the grunting red-faced sissy, as her sister plunged her rigid ten-inch member ever deeper inside his steaming bowels. “Tell Mummy and your Aunty Isabell what you’ve always wanted,” she crooned in loving maternal tones.

The kneeling sissy baby drew in a deep shuddering breath. “Oh Mummy! Mummy!” Pansy squealed, trembling on the verge of climax. The fat base of the latex tool was so firm, so thick, and the massive girth stretched his naughty hole so wide! “I wanna be a widdle girl!” He wailed in a high-pitched, girlish squeal, “I wanna be a widdle baby girl forever! Oh! Oh! Oh Mummy! Mumma! Mama! Mama!” Cath glanced back up at her stunned sister in time to catch Isabell before she collapsed over Pansy’s petticoat-strewn back. Mummy covered her gaping mouth with one hand, her expression suddenly horrified. Only the stiff boning of her tight black leather corset and her sister’s hands kept her upright.

My Aunty smiled in heartless satisfaction as she steadied her stunned sister, and then she turned back to address her sissy baby slave. “Make your baby noises for me, darling,” she tenderly instructed the writhing impaled sissy.
“Ma-ma! Ma-ma! Ga-ga!” He gratefully gasped, and the bad baby juice simultaneously began to squirt out of his stiff twitching tool without anyone even touching it. “Ga-ga goo-goo-goo!” He mindlessly babbled, exploding into the adult disposable diaper his thoughtful ex-wife had carefully left open under his groin in readiness.

I rubbed my throbbing stiff clittie through my leotard and baby panties, and the warm wet nappy front scraped softly over the sensitive underside of my twitching little tool. I knew I was close to climaxing myself, and I bit harder on my dummy-teat as I helplessly gurgled in quiet undertones, “Ga-ga! Ga-ga goo-goo! Ga-ga goo-goo ga-ga-ga!” As I babbled my baby noises I exploded inside my warm wet nappies, and I didn’t even notice when Bonnie quietly shuddered to a climax right beside me. I clutched the window sill with my left hand in an effort to stop collapsing backwards when my knees helplessly buckled. My little legs trembled violently with reaction. If I could have wedged them closer together, my knees would have knocked so loudly, the women inside might have heard them. Fortunately the wide wet crotch my warm fluffy nappy was too thick to allow that to happen.

Mummy seemed to be moving in a trance as she mechanically thrust her long rubber cock in and out of the babbling baby’s twitching bottom, literally pumping the bad baby juice out of him. “That’s it, Baby Pansy! Go on! Babble like the hopeless little baby girl you really are!” Cath tenderly commanded her exploding sissy baby, but her calculating emerald eyes remained locked on Isabell’s face.
“Ga-ga goo! Ga-ga-goo!” he squealed incoherently between panting gasps for air.
“That’s it! Good girl! What a good baby girl,” Aunty Cath effusively praised him as he violently shuddered to completion.
“Ga-ga-ga-ga-goo! Goo-goo!” With all the noise they were making, no wonder no one heard the front door being unlocked and opened.

“That’s my good little baby girl!” Cath crooned in honeyed baby tones. “Push out all the nasty squirties into your diaper like a good little baby girl for Mummy.” She stepped behind her sister and slammed her pubic bone against Isy’s trembling buttocks one last time, keeping the huge latex tool crammed all the way inside of her shuddering slave’s twitching hole for a few more seconds. Pansy squealed like an excited little girl again, and then Cath slowly leaned back and stepped away to the side, her smile victorious.

Mummy’s hips reluctantly separated from the panting sissy’s sweaty moist bumcheeks with an naughty wet sucking sound. Cath glanced down to inspect the fat pink tool when she slowly withdrew it. “Good girl!” Aunty Cath praised her breathless trembling sissy baby, patting her bowed head condescendingly. “You’re still nice and clean inside after Mummy cleaned you out, baby girl. Good Baby Pansy! Not a trace of poop,” Cath proudly declared, but she crouched down and wiped the greasy length of Mummy’s jutting cock with a moist baby wipe, anyway. Before she could unbuckle the harness straps from around her stunned sister’s thighs and waist, Isabell pushed her away, reeling back in horror.

Cath rose to her full height to confront my mother once more. Mummy collapsed back into the overstuffed armchair right in front of Bonnie and me, looking completely stunned. “Did you tell her to say that?” Mummy demanded, although her voice was so faint, I could barely hear her.
“No, honey,” Cath replied, sounding strangely sympathetic despite her triumphant expression. “That’s what Baby Pansy always says - right before she cums.”
“Just like my-”
“Yes,” Cath cut off her sister’s quavering voice, “just like your sissy Baby Jennie.” I couldn’t understand the pained look of horror on Mummy’s pale face when she turned away from her big sister.

Cath stepped over to her kneeling baby and effortlessly shoved her four gloved fingers back inside the shivering sissy’s abused anus, making her sissy-slut shriek like an over-excited toddler again. “Ooo Mummy!” My Mummy seemed to be in a trance. She sat there in a daze, watching open-mouthed while Cath forced her whole hand inside the twitching sissy’s greasy opening, all the way to the base of her thumb. Pansy squealed excitedly, “Mama! Mama!” Cath rotated her latex-covered hand inside the slippery writhing hole, making sure all sides were well coated with lube, and then curled her fingers in towards each other, cupping her palm and tucking the tip of her thumb inside her sissy slave’s well-used arsehole. “Ooo Mama!” Pansy’s unmistakable groans of pleasure simply grew louder and higher.

“Open up, Baby Pansy! Open right up for Mummy!” As if by magic his wrinkled pink hole obediently dilated on command. Her whole hand disappeared inside his twitching bowels, all the way to her gloved wrist. He squealed loudly in pleasure/pain as his tortured sphincter gratefully clamped around her narrower wrist, but I felt sure it was definitely an excited cry of passion this time. My Aunty curled and uncurled her gloved fingers inside his teeming bowels, opening him up inside too, and then her probing fingertips moved left to locate the second sphincter.

“Ahhh!” Cath grunted in satisfaction as her wiggling digits expertly penetrated the inner hole, teasing it open until she could fit her bunched fingertips all the way inside her baby’s well-used colon. Then she began to slowly fist-fuck him, making the poor baby squeal in masochistic pleasure. Cath turned back to look at Mummy while she twisted her wrist around inside of his twitching anus, as if blindly searching for something. She forced half of her thick muscular right forearm inside the sissy girl’s shivering bottom before she murmured, “Watch this, Isy. Of course she hasn’t got any sperm - you need testicles for that, after all. But I can still milk my sissy baby’s prostate…”

Pansy threw back her curly blonde locks and squealed girlishly. “Ma-ma! Ma-ma! I wanna be your baby, Mama! I wanna be your widdle baby girl forever! Ga-ga-goo-goo ga! Ga-ga!” Pansy babbled like an incoherent toddler as more baby juice seemed to squirt out of her stiff clittie in long pulsating bursts. Cath kept her gloved forearm inside him, buried halfway to the elbow while she observed Mummy’s reaction. I watched in shock as a sticky wet puddle of cum grew in the crotch of Pansy’s formerly clean dry diaper. “Oh Mama! I wanna be a baby girl! Me bubba! Me bubba! Ga-ga-goo-goo ga!” Pansy plaintively whimpered, shaking and shuddering uncontrollably as her Mummy milked her of bad baby juice, the clear fluid helplessly spurting out every time Aunty Cath hit her G-spot deep inside.

My Mummy shook her head and turned her worried face away in denial. “No, no,” she muttered, and her blanched features turned a lighter shade of pale. “It can’t be!”
“It can be - and it is!” Cath firmly declared, callously ripping her latex covered arm from her sissy’s gaping arsehole. When her clenched red fist popped free, it made a loud sound like a plug being pulled from a half-filled bathtub. The poor sissy shrieked at the unnecessary cruelty. Pansy turned to glance back reproachfully over her shoulder at her hard-hearted Mistress as my father stepped into sight in the hallway at the other end of the dining room. I could see him lurking outside the dining room doorway clutching his bags, his red face glowing with anger. My blue eyes widened in shock and I heard Bonnie gasp in alarm beside me.

The women in the sunroom saw nothing for the moment. Mummy hesitantly asked Cath, “When did you first suspect-”
“The other day, when I was washing her in the tub, after Baby Jennie wet and pooped her nappies. I jerked her off while I was trying to get the truth out of her, and when I heard your sissy baby squeal those famous words while she climaxed…” Cath let the unfinished sentence hang dangerously in the air while she peeled the mucus-covered red latex glove from her arm, carefully turning it inside-out before she tossed in the shopping bag on the sunroom carpet.

“But still - You can’t be sure-” Mummy weakly objected, before her sister brutally cut her off.
“I took some hair samples from your sissy baby last week, and sent them to one of the pathology labs our legal firm uses - along with some of my ex-husband’s hair.” Cath shook her head in denial at my mother’s protests, but her expression was sympathetic. “It’s a perfect genetic match, Isy. You are going to have to accept it. Your Baby Jennie is my sissy Baby Pansy’s son!”

What the fuck!” My father screamed from where he had been listening in the doorway. He threw his bags to the floor and dashed to the other end of the dining room towards the surprised women in the sunroom. “What the fuck is going on here?” Mummy cowered away from his righteous anger in fear, but her domineering big sister was not so easily frightened.
“Settle down, Brett,” Cath firmly advised him, throwing up her broad palms to stop him. The huge buxom dominatrix even towered over my tall Daddy in her skyscraper-high black boots. Isabell struggled to her feet in her thigh-high stiletto boots, the glistening flesh-coloured dildo poking out obscenely from her groin. She looked as though she had momentarily forgotten it was there.

“Brett!” Mummy cried in distress, “It’s not what it looks-”
“Shut up!” He roared at Mummy, as he roughly pushed Cath aside. “Get out of my way, you bitch! Just because you gave us half the deposit for this house, doesn’t mean you own the place!” My Aunty stumbled backwards on her towering high heels, falling against her kneeling bound sissy on the chair, but she swiftly regained her balance.
“Brett! Wait!” Mummy pleaded, before he froze her with a withering glare.

“My God! What are you wearing? What is that thing strapped to your…” His mouth fell open in shock at the frighteningly huge dildo bobbing obscenely from Mummy’s groin. He turned around and inspected the striped red bottom of the kneeling sissy, and saw a stream of lube leaking like cum from her dilated, pulsating pink rosebud, dripping onto the open diaper between her shackled legs. “Jesus Christ!” He turned back to his wife, his blue eyes wide with horror and disbelief. “You were fucking her, weren’t you?” He reached over and grabbed Pansy by one skinny bicep, and roughly dragged the bound sissy-slave to her hobbled feet.

When Daddy saw the sullied diaper on the chair seat, and the raging erection poking out from under the cringing sissy’s pink frock and petties, he cried like a wounded animal. “Oh no! It’s worse than I thought!” He shoved the hobbled sissy away so hard, Pansy fell backwards onto the sunroom carpet, her skirts and petties flying up over her tummy, her stiff red clittie bobbing in the air.
“Get away from her!” Cath screamed from the dining room. “Leave my husband alone!” Brett paused to stare back at his sister-in-law in confusion, but then disgust and anger filled his darkening face.
“Your husband?” He turned back to the cowering sissy on the floor, grabbed the front of her hot-pink leather toddler harness with his large left hand, and menacingly raised his clenched right fist. Pansy’s tear-filled blue eyes were wide with terror, and her pink leather mittens flailed uselessly at Brett’s hand on her harness.

I jumped down from my perch and clumsily waddled around to the veranda steps in a stumbling, toddler-like run. I had to take the wooden steps one at a time like a real toddler, due to the fluffy moist mass impeding my progress, and I urgently scurried towards the back door. “No, Baby Jennie! No!” Bonnie called out in desperation from behind me, trying to keep her voice low. I clumsily fell to my knees on the coarse varnished timber, the bulky wet nappies a huge obstruction between my splayed thighs. I scrambled to my feet when I heard my cousin pursuing me. I ripped open the screen door, flung open the back door, and slammed everything closed behind me as I fell inside the kitchen. I shuffled across the linoleum tiles towards the sunroom on my hands and knees like the big baby I was, babbling mindlessly in fear. “No Dada! No Dada! Ma-ma! Da-da! Ma-ma!”

“Leave her alone!” Cath stridently ordered my father, but Brett needed to lash out. He ignored her harsh warning, and leaned down to punch the cowering sissy in the mouth. The frightened feminine face staring up at him made my father instinctively open his fist at the last moment, but he slapped the surgically-enhanced beauty across the face with the full strength of his powerful right arm. The loud blow snapped Pansy’s head back and her pink left cheek suffused with blood. Cath stepped behind the crouching man and lined up her boot.

“You fucking pervert!” Brett screamed at the stunned sissy-slave. Pansy’s head reeled and her big blue eyes rolled back in her head. “You and your fucking kinky wife have ruined my- Oomph!” When the instep of Cath’s patent leather boot struck him in the testicles, it was at the end of a long powerful arc, with the full strength of a strong, five-foot eleven, thirty-nine-year-old, long-legged exercise fanatic behind the blow. All the air exploded from his lungs as Brett went flying straight over the cowering sissy baby, to land face-first on the dining room carpet.

“Get out!” Cath yelled at him, as he lay there desperately trying to refill his lungs. “You stupid impotent fool! Get out of here!” She stepped over her stunned Pansy lying on the carpet, and Brett rolled away from her onto his back, clutching his bruised nuts before she could kick him again. She lashed out threateningly with the pointy toe of one thigh-high boot anyway, and he whimpered in fear as he scrambled backwards towards the door to the hallway. Pansy slowly rolled onto her front and shakily tried to clamber onto her hands and knees, clumsy because of her bound mittened fists and the restrictive hobble chain. That was when my Mummy noticed me.

“Oh no!” She cried in alarm, staggering in shock. “It’s Baby Jennie!” The adults in the room all froze when I crawled past Mummy into the dining room, crying my eyes out and babbling like an incomprehensible eighteen-month old infant.
“Da-da! Ma-Ma! Waah! Ma-ma da-da don’t- don- do- Waah!” I wailed incoherently, unable to get the words out past my dum-dums for once. “Waaahhhh!” All eyes were locked on me, and every face reflected the confused state of their emotions.

“Holy shit!” Daddy grunted as he stumbled to his feet, although he remained in a defensive crouch, with one hand hovering near his damaged balls. He backed into the hallway, glaring at Cath and Mummy. He drew in a deep shuddering breath before he yelled, “You sick fucks! Look what you’ve done to him! Look what you’ve done to my son! You crazy bitches!”
Cath rearranged her massive bosoms inside the stiff cups of her black leather bra, tucking in the erect russet nipples which had momentarily managed to spring free. “He’s not your son, you stupid arsehole! Shut the fuck up and get out of here!” She snarled in reply, moving threateningly towards him.

Daddy backed away from her towards the front door. He turned to glance at me on my hands and knees, my make-up a mess, crawling towards him in my frothy pink tutu and bawling like a big diapered sissy baby. His pained expression was torn between contempt and anguish. “Jeremy?” he called out to me, as he picked up his fallen suitcase and laptop. “If you ever hope to grow up to be a man, you’ll come with me now and live with me.”
“Get out!” Cath screamed at him. She leaned down and grabbed me around the waist, halting my infantile progress towards my Daddy. Mummy collapsed back in her yellow armchair in the sunroom, covering her face with her hands and sobbing mightily.
“I’ll be in contact,” he called to me. Then he glared at Cath, and his face was black with anger. “Fuck you, bitch, and your fucking sister, too! Fuck the both of you!” He slammed the front door so violently, it shook the whole house.

“Not in this lifetime, Brett,” Cath softly replied after he disappeared from sight. She settled her overflowing bosoms in place with an emphatic wobble of her broad shoulders. When a white-faced Bonnie came trundling into the sunroom from the kitchen, she stopped to stare down at her kneeling father in the pink dress and petties. His swollen erection was still on display, and with his mittened fists still shackled to his toddler harness, he had no way of covering his shameful tumescence. Aunty Cath released her grip on my waist and muttered, “Oh shit! Now the cat really is out of the bag!” She ignored her stunned teenage daughter and her horrified ex-husband for the moment. She stepped over to where Mummy was sitting in the sunroom, covering her face with her hands and crying her eyes out.

“Stand up, Isabell,” Cath briskly commanded, grabbing her wrists and dragging the desolate blonde to her feet. She turned Mummy around and swiftly unfastened the black leather cock-harness from around her thighs and waist, and she tried to be discrete when she threw the stiff fake phallus in the plastic shopping bag on the floor. She didn’t realise it was a waste of time. We’d already seen and heard everything. She gathered up any other evidence strewn on the carpet and tossed anything incriminating in the hot-pink overnight bag.

I crawled over to Mummy’s feet, staring up at her long booted legs, all the way to her moist black satin panty crotch. My nose was only a few inches from he steamy kitten, and I could smell the familiar musk of her feminine arousal. “Ma-ma? Ma-ma!” I plaintively cried. Even though she reached down to absent-mindedly fondle my bobbing platinum curls, she didn’t seem to see me when I forlornly gazed up into her vacant olive-green eyes. But then she leaned over my kneeling form and I felt her automatically slipping one finger inside the leg band of my baby panties to check my nappy.

“Is it true?” Bonnie was standing in front of the kneeling bound sissy, staring down into his blushing red face. She reached out and took hold of the shiny metal tag hanging from the battered sissy’s pink leather collar. She had to lean down to examine the humiliated sissy’s nametag, and her expression remained blank when she read the words ‘Baby Pansy’ engraved in the shiny heart-shaped disc. Bonnie turned it over, and she had to lean closer to read the tiny engraving. ‘Property of Mistress Cath.’ Below that she recognised her mother’s mobile phone number.

Pansy looked like she wanted to be somewhere - anywhere else! Her wide blues were filled to overflowing with tears, her high round cheeks flushed red with shame. Pansy shook her petite frame in a futile attempt to make her bobbing dress and petties cover her dripping stiff clittie. Even though my cousin was staring at the embarrassed sissy baby’s red, tear-streaked cheeks, her question was obviously directed at her mother. Bonnie softly demanded again, “Is it true?”

Cath looked momentarily confused as she tried to straighten her too-short leather skirt, and then she placed her curled fists on her wide womanly hips. “Is what true, darling?” She made her tone light and inquiring, as if nothing was out of the ordinary.
Bonnie grabbed hold of the kneeling sissy’s pink satin dress and chiffon petties. She raised them up to his shackled hot-pink baby mittens, holding the frothy layers against his revealing bejewelled pink toddler harness till his jutting erection prominently protruded. “Is it true that this… Baby Pansy is my father?”

For the first time Cath looked seriously worried. She demanded, “How much did you hear? Where were you listening from?” She glanced in regret at the many open windows overlooking the sunroom and dining room. “What did you see-”
Bonnie dropped the blushing sissy’s skirts and petties and snarled, “Just answer the question, mother!” I recognised that commanding tone of authority and apparently, so did Aunty Cath. Her high stiff brunette bun reared in annoyance.

“Don’t you dare speak to me that tone, young lady! I’ve a good mind to- to- to-” Bonnie fixed her mother with a gaze so terrible, Cath actually stuttered to a stop. My Aunty’s cheeks were flushed red and her emerald green eyes glittered dangerously, but then her face dropped in shame.

“I’m going to ask you one last time,” Bonnie growled, her golden irises afire, “before I march out that door and you never see me again. Is - this - my - FATHER!” She screamed the last word so loudly, everyone cowered back in shock, especially the blushing sissy baby kneeling at her feet.
“No need to yell, Bonnie,” Cath gently rebuked her enraged daughter. “We can all hear you.” She sighed and wilted under the pressure of Bonnie’s intense golden orbs. “Alright. Stop looking at me like that! Yes, she’s your father.”
“And Baby Jennie’s father, too?” Bonnie demanded in a low pained voice. She looked like a balloon slowly deflating, and the fire in her eyes died.
“Oh my! You really did hear everything, didn’t you? Yes, that’s right, Bonnie. Baby Pansy is Baby Jennie’s father, too. I guess that makes her your half-sister.” I looked up at my horrified cousin in stunned surprise, and Bonnie was slowly shaking her head in disbelief. She looked like her whole world was crumbling around her.

Pansy stared at me with wide blue eyes, looking like she’s just won the lottery. “Baby Jennie?” I looked up at the kneeling sissy’s tear-streaked face through a haze of my own tears. “Are you really a boy?” When I numbly nodded, Pansy squealed in apparent delight. She sounded exactly like an excited little girl, and her mittened fists waggled enthusiastically. “Oh my God! You’re beautiful!” She turned to Cath and demanded, “What is she, Mummy? Twelve or thirteen?”
“Yes Baby Pansy,” Cath replied in a dull monotone, as she tried to comfort her distraught sister. “Baby Jennie is thirteen years and two months old exactly - if you’re too stupid to do the math yourself. And obviously you are. Thirteen years and eleven months - that’s how long it is since you betrayed me.” Despite the fact that they were legally separated at the time and filing for divorce, Pansy’s pretty face fell at the frosty rebuke. Her Mistress turned away from the kneeling sissy, her tone lightening considerably. “It’s alright, Isy,” Cath soothed my Mummy. “You haven’t yet realised what this all means.”

Mummy wiped her eyes with a soggy tissue and looked up at Cath with an expression devoid of hope. One of her false eyelashes had peeled away from the corner of her left eye, giving her an odd, cast-eyed appearance. My Aunty explained, “You gave birth to one of my husband’s children - which entitles you to half the inheritance due from Pansy’s father for said child.” Cath grinned when she could see the wheels slowly turning behind her stunned sister’s glistening olive-green eyes. “Not only that - there’s a bonus!”
“What?” Mummy demanded, bravely sniffling back her tears.

Cath gleefully explained, “If Pansy produced a male heir to carry on the family name, he received a three million dollar bonus. That makes five million altogether - half of which is yours, as it happens!”
What?” Mummy demanded again, a hint of excitement creeping into her tremulous voice.
“Oh, it gets better,” Aunty Cath boasted, as I clumsily crawled closer to the beautiful sissy baby who was supposed to be my real father, my stiff tutu skirts noisily scraping across the carpet. She knelt there watching me approach with wide blue eyes and long fluttering black lashes, just like mine. Her hot pink mittens waved uselessly at the front of her toddler harness, like a clumsy toddler waving hello. I tentatively smiled up at her from around the teat of my dum-dums. I couldn’t believe how young and beautiful she looked! “Half that money - two and a half million in total - was supposed to be paid to you within one month of Jeremy’s birth. With compounding interest, as of now, I figure the family trust owes you a little over six million dollars!”

Mummy looked completely flabbergasted, although Baby Pansy was seriously nodding her head in agreement, her curly blonde locks bouncing prettily over her narrow satin-clad shoulders. “If what Mummy - Mistress Cath says is correct, then my family trust owes you and me a considerable fortune.” Pansy added, and she smiled happily. Despite her panda eyes, she looked so beautiful, I could hardly believe she had ever been a male named Peter, or that she was old enough to be my father! “You’ll be able to afford to keep raising this beautiful sissy baby like the pretty little diaper Princess she’s always wanted to be.”

“After your law firm has ascertained Baby Jennie’s true identity and sex, Pansy, and confirmed the DNA tests,” amended his ex-wife in a tart tone. “They’ll want to take tissue samples themselves, and run their own tests. You know your suspicious big sisters. Then your sissy son will need to have his last name legally changed to Jones.”
Like a foolish little girl I immediately thought, ‘Jennie Jones?’ I tried out the sound of my new name in my head. Maybe I would need a full name? ‘Jennifer Kate Jones’ sounded pretty. I almost missed Aunty Cath’s next scary comment.
“Hmm,” Cath pondered aloud. “We’ll have to dress her up as a boy for the meeting with the senior partners - for your older sisters, at least. They make up half the senior partners, after all. Maybe Baby Jennie could wear a cute little sailor suit, with her thickest nappies underneath?”

Pansy delicately shuddered at the thought of confronting his domineering big sisters at the family firm with his pretty diapered sissy son in tow. But the DNA evidence was irrefutable, and they would have to give him - and thereafter Isabell - their share of the money. “And if you couldn’t be bothered diapering her,” Pansy babbled excitedly to Mummy, “you could give Baby Jennie to me and my Nanny to raise. We would look after her properly, and keep her in nappies and sissy baby clothes forever, if that’s what she really wants!”
“Shut up, Baby Pansy!” Aunty Cath harshly commanded, when she saw the look of horror on her sister’s tear-streaked face.
“No, I mean it,” the bound sissy baby foolishly continued. “I could legally adopt Baby Jennie, and my Nanny and I could- umph!” The beautiful sissy baby’s explanation was abruptly cut short when Aunty Cath fitted the snug bad baby bonnet over his curl-covered head once more.

She ruthlessly fed the pump-up gag between her bound sissy’s writhing pink lips and tightly buckled the frill-edged leather bonnet under his bobbing chin. He mumbled unintelligibly in useless protest, his hot-pink mittens flailing fruitlessly over his buxom bosom. With a few quick pumps, Cath inflated the mouth-filling rubber gag, rendering her sissy-slave speechless. She unscrewed the pump connection and tucked in under her armpit, so the gag couldn’t be deflated. With a remorseless grin, she grabbed the back of the sissy baby’s harness and forced the poor kneeling girl to bend forward at the waist, until her bonnet frills and then her pert little nose brushed the carpet and her bare bottom stuck out prominently. Then Cath released her grip, and Pansy had to turn her face to the side to stop her cute little nose from being crushed.

Cath gave the sissy baby’s bruised bumcheeks another couple of hard hand spanks that must have reignited the pain in her badly-striped buttocks. “Bad baby! Bad Baby Pansy!” She turned to face Mummy. “Ignore my stupid big baby girl, please Isy?” Cath apologised to her aghast little sister. “Despite being very bright, she’s a slow learner in so many ways.” Cath stepped over to the side of the dining room nearest the hallway, where Bonnie’s diaper bag sat leaning against the wall. When my Aunty bent over to search inside the pink vinyl-covered baby bag, her red satin-clad bottom poked out temptingly at me, and I wished my bum was as round and feminine as hers. Little did I realise that one day my secret wish would be granted.

Aunty Cath took out a pair of pink terrycloth nappies and arranged them together on the floor beside her kneeling sissy baby. She left his mittens shackled to his toddler harness while he awkwardly wriggled onto his back, his throbbing welted bottom centred over the fluffy mass. In minutes Aunty Cath had her sissy baby cleaned, powdered, and pinned into her fresh nappies, and then some crackling pink baby panties were snapped in place over the top. “There, now my other baby girl is safe,” Cath muttered in satisfaction, before she rose to her feet. “We wouldn’t want her to make a mess on Aunty Isy’s carpet, now would we?” She left her diapered and bound sissy baby lying helpless on his back on the floor, and strode over to the overnight bag once more.

To be continued...
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Baby Jennie

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