Sisters in Pink

Sisters in Pink

Hi my name is Kaleb or rather was Kaleb and this is how I got turned into a girl by my 9 year old sister.

one day in late June 2014 my sister was getting changed out of her pajamas which happened to be a pink t-shirt with white panties with pink and purple stripes on them and I just happened to look at her changing for one second little did I know my life was about to change.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Kaleb?" said Courtney
"I dunno sorry I didn't mean to stare at you o
Changing out of your pyjamas Courtney." I said then she pulled out a pocket watch and I started to fall into a hypnotic state.
Courtney said in a relaxed voice "You are now becoming my twin sister, you are now Kaitlyn Alison Cenite, you do not remember being anyone but Kaitlyn Alison Cenite since we were born nine years ago, you don't have boy parts now do you Kaitlyn?"
"No what are you talking about we have always been twin sisters since we were born." I said still hypnotized
as Courtney gives me my next hypnotic suggestion I feel my testicles and penis shrink and form into a vagina

She says "You now think like a 9 year old girl whose favorite color is pink and you love to paint your nails."
"Now what did I just say?"
"Of course I love the color pink are you crazy or something Courtney." I said all bubbly like a little girl
"What else do you want to do sis?" said Courtney
"I dunno can you paint my nails please please pretty please?" said Kaitlyn
"Sure sis what color would you like them?" Courtney said.
"the prettiest pink you have." I said.
would you like me to do your toenails too sis?" said Courtney.
"Yes would you also put black tiger stripes on both my toenails and fingernails please pretty please???" said Kaitlyn
"Anything for you sis." said Courtney
"Maybe we can get my ears pierced tomorrow." said Kaitlyn
"I'll ask mom later tonight after you go to sleep remember 8:30 is your bedtime and it's 8:15 now."
"Do I have to take off my nail polish?" said Kaitlyn
"No you don't." said Courtney
At 8:30 Courtney comes into there bedroom to tuck Kaitlyn into bed.
"Don't worry everything will be fine." said Courtney
"I'm not worried I got my big sister and no I didn't forget that your 10th birthday is this Wednesday.
"Ok time for you to get some rest." Courtney said
"Yikes I'm Sleepy!" Kaitlyn says yawning almost half way asleep.
"See you in the morning sis" said Courtney
"See you in the"Kaitlyn falls asleep mid sentence.
"By morning mom won't even remember ever having a boy and she has already made plans for us to go to the mall to get our nails done and get our ears pierced thanks to that powerful hypnosis that changes the brain to make her think what I want her to thing by rewriting her brain." Courtney said in a low low whisper as she drifts off to sleep

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