What is Good for the Gander is Good for the Goose

What’s Good for the Gander is Good for the Goose
By Sarah Goodwoman

Author's Note: Warning this is a dark story and has a rape in it. The rape is not in details but I do not want anyone who would be bother by it read it.

This is yet another one of my old stories, I edited it as exercise to get better at editing. I feel that I am doing so by putting the stories out also for people are so nice to give me constructive criticism and pointers.

As always I want to thank everyone who has helped me become a better writer, who has edited my work and who has given me encouragement.


Adam woke up groggy and with a massive headache. His stomach was turning and his anus was burning with pain. He went to open his eyelids and they were heavy. It looked like his eyelashes were longer and his vision of the guest bedroom was blurred by them. “Why am I in the guest bedroom”, he asked himself.

He felt a strap on each of his shoulder and a band going around his chest and back. His underwear was tight and smooth. It also did not cover half of his ass. He felt cold steel on his penis. He took off the cover to see that he was in a matching set of pink bra and panties. with fishnet stocking, and a garter. There was a cage on his cock. The cage on his cock made him not even notice the high heels locked to his feet. Adam asked himself “why the hell is there a cage on my cock?”

"What the fuck is going on", Adam thought to himself. He tried to remember last night and could not. The last good memory he had was Gemma, his wife, gave him a glass of wine. He rummaged through his dazed brain to try to get a hold of exactly what happened last night.

Some fragments of last night were found in the mess that was his memory. His wife was looking at his face intently while she had something in her hand. Seh grabbed his face and lauhed in it. A necklace with a key around his wife’s neck. The name Sheila said over and over. Him saying no quit it, being told to smile. Clint, a friend of theirs was in their bedroom naked?

That last thought really disturbed Adam. It gave him a very uneasy feeling, like something extremely wrong happened last night. He finally got up to get out of the bed. He stood up and felt his calves were already tense. He looked down and saw high heels on. He went to take them off and could not. They had padlocks on the ankle straps.

Adam got out of bed and stumble calling out, Gemma, his wife’s name. He stumbled as he was going to the door and reached his hand out to the writing desk to steady himself. He saw long pink fingernails on his fingers.

Another fragment of last night came back to him while he looked at them. Gemma pressing those nails onto his fingers. She was calling him Sheila while doing so. Why would she use that name and put those nails on him? She also mention about how pretty Sheila is going to be from now on at home.

Gemma came into the room and in a sarcastic tone said “I was wondering when sleeping beauty was going to wake up?”

Adam was very confused. His wife was ridiculing and talking down to him. Why would she? He looked at her with a sad confused look on his face.

Gemma said. “Sweet sissy Sheila, I know you are wondering what is going on. While, I will tell you, this is the beginning of the rest of your new life. See you are not Adam anymore, but my stupid sissy Sheila. You are my servant from now on at home, and other than work you will be at home.

Speaking of work you will step down as a lawyer at your law firm and ask them if you can be a legal secretary or paralegal. I can’t have my sissy making more money than me or working long hours. You will need to take care of the home. You will tell them you want the demotion so you could be a homemaker.

It will be great dear. You will be one of the girls at work. You will hang out with them, enjoy talking about the same topics as them. You will even start dressing more like them until you are in a dress even at work “

Adam could not take her crazy talk anymore and screamed “ What the hell are you talking about? You are insane to think I will do any such thing.””

Gemma laughed and responded “Silly goose, you will do as this smart gander says for you are now my sissy. If you do not I will show them the video we made last night. We will watch it on the computer now.”

Adam hated when she called him a silly goose. It was so childish. It was always when she corrected him over something trivial. She would then call herself the smart gander.

Gemma went over to the computer and called up the video and it started to play. She told Sheila to sit down. Adam did not. She repeated herself again and Adam still did not listen. She finally said that it was not a request, if she said to do something from now on Sheila was going to do it.

Adam was defiant and stayed standing. Adam was ready to say something when Clint called out to Gemma to come to their bedroom. Hearing Clint say their bedroom got Adam’s blood boiling. It also brought back another memory from last night. His wife kissing Clint right in front of him and Adam not being able to move.

Gemma told her sissy to watch the video while she went to see what her bull wanted. Adam wonder what the hell a bull was.

Adam watched the video in horror. His wife and Clint had Adam dress up like a hooker: short leather skirt, gold sequin tank top, and a blond wig. His wife locked his cock in a chastity belt and kept the key on her necklace.He was tied up to bed begging them to stop. They just laugh. Then he saw Clint mount him and started to fuck him hard in the ass. Adam was screaming stop and Gemma just grabbed his face and laughed while Clint was fucking him.

Then Clint stopped and Gemma started to fuck Adam with a strap on. Adam asked her why. Gemma said "For pathetic men who are nice,like you Adam, deserve to be a sissy to a true alpha male who takes what he wants, like Clint."

The worse part happen next. Adam knew what has happened from his memories of last night were coming back. He came while she was fucking him. Gemma and Clint both laughed at him for he came with a limp dick while being fuck like a girl.

Seeing himself being rape numbed Adam. From his days at the District Attorney’s office Adam knew he had two options right now. He could either act like a helpless victim and not fight back or he could fight back. It was easy for him to make the decision to fight back for he still could not remember the feeling of the experience of being rape. He knew that those wounds were yet to come.

Finally Adam watched Gemma telling Clint to put the silly goose to bed for this smart gander was tired. Gemma saying silly goose again on that video gave Adam an idea. “What is good for the gander is good for the goose he thought”.Adam was going to record her when she came back in the room. He will get her to tell him in detail everything which she and Clint did.

He hurried up and set up the computer to start to record when he hit enter and waited. He remained sitting to lull her into a false sense of security, plus those 5 inch stiletto heels were killing his calves.

Seeing her new sissy sitting down as she came back into the room made Gemma smiled. He was learning his new role. Adam quickly hit enter to start to record and was worried that she saw the trap was being set. After hearing Gemma commended him for coming around to accepting being Sheila: he was relieved that she did not, his trap was going to work. Adam corrected her about the name. Gemma laughed and told him that her name is now Sheila.

Adam asked her what happened last night. Gemma was more than happy to fill in the details. She told him how she drugged his drink and then dressed him up like the sissy he was. Then Clint came over. They tied Adam up and made him watch those two have sex. After that they tied him to the bed and raped him.

Adam stated you raped me. She laugh and said “Yes we did rape you and there is nothing you can do about it but learn to like it. This is for it is going to happen again and again. Sheila is now our personal sex toy, Clint’s cum dumpster.”

Adam yelled for Clint to get in there. He wanted him to be in the video also. Clint came in and slapped Adam. After the slap Clint said “I was gentle this time, never raise your voice or give me a command again, you sissy bitch!”

Adam then asked Clint why did he rape him. Clint response was gold to Adam’s ear “I raped you for I could. I am your superior so I can take from you what I want, like I took your wife and your manhood, Sheila.”

As they kissed in front of him Adam took the opportunity to stop the computer from recording. Adam asked them if he could be left alone for a moment to soak this all in and then Adam will be ready to start his new life. Gemma responded, “I am a good owner so yes my sweet sissy Sheila you can have a moment.”

Clint and Gemma left the room laughing. The first thing Adam did was saved his recording on the computer, and a flash drive. Then he e-mailed it, along with last night recording to himself. After that he used Skype to call the police and reported everything which happened last night and today. The police told him to email the recording to them and they would be right over.

Adam left the room and Gemma called for him to come downstairs right now. Adam asked if he could used the restroom first. She said of course for her sissy asked, but next time refer to her as Mistress.

Adam went to the restroom and got the scissors from the medicine cabinet. He cut the leather straps off of those damn high heels and took them off of his feet. Adam finally looked in the mirror and saw how bad the makeup job was on him. He then ripped off those false lashes. He used his wife’s makeup remover to get all that gunk off of his face. He quickly stripped and ran to his bedroom.

Gemma heard the running and told Sheila to get down here right now. Adam did not answer her, he was too busy putting on pants and a shirt. He then walked downstairs.

Gemma and Clint laughed at Sheila when they saw her dressed as Adam. Clint said it was cute to see a sissy fighting becoming one. Gemma said it is so adorable that her sissy is trying to have a revolt. Adam just looked and informed them at any moment the police will arrived, that he called them and reported what those two did to him.

Gemma laugh even louder and said she was not worried one bit for the police are going to believe her. Adam said he was counting on it. That really confused her, so she asked what was the point of the useless exercise of calling the police.

While Gemma was telling Adam she was not scared of his idle threat, he walk up to Clint and punched him. He then raised his voice and told that bastard “That was for the slap, Big Bubba will give you payback for the rape." He then walked over to Gemma and ripped the necklace holding the chastity belt’s key off of her neck,

Adam then smiled at her and said. “The point is to get both of you arrested for raping me. See I recorded you and Clint telling me all about last night. How you both freely admitted to drugging, tieing me up, and raping me. I am a lawyer so I know with you bonding me against my will is kidnapping. I also know that the DA loves to use that fact it is kidnapping in rape cases and add that charge.

I also already sent the video files to the police and I know someone at the precinct watched it as they sent a couple of officers over. It is standard operating procedure to do so. I think I just heard them pull up right now.”

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