Alexa B-Side: #17 - The Collection

Alexa B-Side: #17 – The Collection

Debbie had set this appointment up for us. It was going to be an odd day. I had never in my life thought I would be going to a ‘sperm bank’, but that is where I was. The last few weeks had been crazy. First Alexa had been so anxious to begin HRT that she was getting annoying, then came the day she showed me that web site for the plastic surgeon. I couldn’t believe she was thinking that. I was furious! But I was worried as well. It was starting to be an issue that was really weighing on Alexa’s mind. It was when she broke down that I finally found out what was bothering her and why Debbie hadn’t yet prescribed the Estrogen. She was still worried about me! I could have kissed her and punched her at the same time.

As many times as we had talked about that I would be there for her no matter what, she still felt like she wouldn’t be able to please me. To say I was frustrated with her was an understatement. She didn’t understand it wasn't about the sex, it was who I was with. But then there was the other admission that she made I have to admit that I really hadn’t put much thought into. She wouldn’t be able to give me a baby. It was typical Alexa. Always thinking of me. Damn her.

So here we were, sitting at Lakes Labs in Plymouth, awaiting to meet with one of the counselors. To me it was an odd feeling, but looking over at Lex I could tell she was nervous. ‘Relax, babe. These people are here to help us.” Alexa was almost trembling as we sat there and waiting. Eventually there was a knock and in entered a middle-aged woman with red hair. She stuck out her hand and began speaking. “Hello there, I am Dr. Ellen Telane, and you are Jenny and Alexa? It says here you want to make arrangements for personal storage? This must be wrong.” The doctor states, looking all flustered as she starts whipping through the chart. I start laughing but Alexa is still too nervous.

“Excuse me, Doctor, but the chart is right. You see Alexa here is just beginning her transition to be being a woman and we want to save some, ah, um We want to.” I couldn’t say the words. It is really an odd word, sperm. Where did that come from? I try and push the thought out of my head and try and focus on the doctor.

“OK then. I see you have filled out all the paperwork and I see that we have copies of your latest medical records and all seems good. So, we need to go over a few things. Alexa, have you been intimate with anyone recently?” Dr. Telane asks. Both of us blush a bit. Alexa tries to speak but words don’t come out. She looks over at me in frustration. Finally, she just nods. I squeeze her hand little more just so she knows I am there for her. “Well we have to reschedule for another day. It’s Tuesday, today, could you come in on Friday? You would have to abstain from any ejaculation.” The last line really put Lex and I over the edge and we began giggling like school girls. Dr. Telane looks at us oddly. It seems like the woman has no sense of humor. We both finally nod. So, we set up an appointment to meet back here on Friday.


The next few days were hell not only for me but for Jenny as well. We could barely be around each other. It was like Christmas when you were a kid. You could look at the presents and that’s what Jenny was. My own Christmas present that I couldn’t open. It got a little anxious around apartment. On Tuesday I came back from class and there was Jenny as usual and we shared a kiss. It was a kiss that seemed to linger a bit. We looked at each other longingly. Jenny spoke first “We can’t do this.”

“Why? We can’t kiss?” I asked.

‘You know what I mean. Our kisses rarely stop there.” Jenny chided me. I pouted a bit but knew Lex as right. It made for a very interesting evening. Thank god, we both had studying to do.


The night proved to be the longest I had spent in some time. I would take a break and look over at Alexa and see she was looking at me like a puppy dog. I felt bad for her, but I was losing out on this too! We made sure we stayed away from each other, but then bed time came. We tried to fall asleep like normal, holding each other but both of us were feeling some tension. I rolled away from Lex because the tension was almost too much. And she was even more frustrated. I could feel her flopping around for about a half an hour. Finally, she got up growling away and left the room. I felt bad for her. As I laid there I realized that this was the first time since Christmas that we had not slept together and not because of fight. I started to cry a bit. I reached for my phone and texted her.

“I love you :-*” I typed.

“This sucks :’-( She typed

“Remember why we are doing it.’ I replied. As I lay there, I thought I could hear her whimpering and it broke my heart. I don’t think either one of us got much sleep that night.


The next few days were absolute hell. I wanted to be with Jenny so much, it was killing me. I took more cold showers than I ever had. The worse was Thursday night. Jenny was becoming nervous I might take things into my own hands. We were sitting around watching a little TV when Jenny asked me a question. “Have you been a good girl?’ She asked me. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust me she said she just wanted to make sure. But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was the giggling from the third member of the apartment.

“Shut up!” I yelled at Katie, which made her laugh even harder. The laughing got louder from Katie. I even noticed Jenny giggling a bit. I felt so low. It was then Jenny spoke up.

“Shut up Kate” Jenny said with a smile. “I’m sorry babe, but you know we have to do this if we want to make sure this all works out OK.” I agreed with her that this is what we both wanted but it sucked. I stood up as I was feeling uncomfortable. That is when my sister spoke up.

“Another cold shower Lex?” Katie asked, still laughing away.

“Shut up Katie!” I screamed. Katie could see I was really upset, and between that and Jenny’s scolding, Katie calmed down. A defeated Katie slumped back in the chair. I gave Jenny a quick kiss as a thank you. It had to be quick, because if it was longer it could have been disastrous.


It was finally Friday. Alexa and I both got up early and got cleaned up and dressed. She purposely wore a short skirt with no nylons or tights. “I want to get this over with quickly” she told me.

“With as wound up as you are, I think it will be quick.” I said with a giggle which earned me a dirty look. I quickly went into apology mode. “I’m sorry babe” I told her. “Can I make it up to you tonight?” I asked which was only acknowledged by a grunt. We quickly made our way to the Lab and waited. Finally, a technician came out to get us. We were led to an area that looked like a typical hallway with a few closed doors with lights over each door. The technician opened one of the doors and led us in. Inside was a television and a DVD player. The technician looked at us and began going over the routine. The first thing he did was he produced a long stainless steel tube. Alexa got nervous at the sight of it.

“What’s that? she asked.

“Oh this, this is a collection tube. You see we place this over you and then hook you up to the milking machine.” The technician said with a grin on his face. Panic over took Alexa as she looked at me. I had to work hard to suppress a giggle, but I took her in my arms and shot the technician an evil look. He quickly began to back pedal. “I’m so sorry. We use this as little joke to get the patients relaxed.” He quickly turned around and pulled out a cup. “You will just deposit your semen in here. As you can see it already is marked with you name so there will be no mix ups and then place the container in this little door when you are done. Then just stop at the front desk on your way out.”

Alexa seemed a bit more relaxed at this. The technician then asked me to leave, while he went over some more instructions with Lex.


I was still in shock over what the technician said as Jenny left the room. He continued to point out a few things. There was a recliner in one corner and he showed me where the remote was and then he asked if there was anything I wanted to watch or read. I looked at him like he just asked me the square root of 4783. “I mean to help facilitate things” I shrugged my shoulders and said anything I guess. Just with girls. “I thought so” he said. He placed a DVD in the player and handed me the remote. He told me to relax and showed me a phone and told me if I needed anything to pick it up. It rang directly to his station. Soon he was out the door and I was left alone. I tried to get situated in the chair and hit play on the DVD. Soon I was watching a movie with two women slowly seducing each other. It was very exciting and both women were very beautiful. After watching for a bit, I realized nothing was happening. I continued watching and tried to help but still nothing. I don’t know if it was because I was so nervous but nothing was happening. Finally, I picked up the phone and talked with the technician.


I was just sitting in the lobby leafing through a People magazine. I kept looking at my phone wondering how long this was going to take when the technician came out and asked if I could follow him. I stood up as confusion overtook me and followed him back down the hallway to the room where Alexa was. He knocked and I heard Alexa said to come In. He nodded at me and left. I went in and I found my soul mate in near panic. On the screen was a pornographic movie of two women enjoying each other and Lex practically in tears, I raced to her side. “What’s wrong babe?” I asked. My heart hurt as I listened to her.

“Nothing’s working!” She cried out.

“Shh, babe. This isn’t working?” I asked pointing to the screen.” Her bottom lip stuck out as she shook her head.

“I tried, but nothing seems to respond.” She said. I hugged her even more and then knew I had to help. I began and in no time things were taken care of. The relief on her face was great. The next line though almost leveled me.

“Thanks babe, I’m sorry. The girls in the movie were pretty but...” she paused for a moment. I urged her to go on. “I guess I’m only tuned on by you. I guess I am Jennysexual” If I had loved her before, I knew at that moment she was truly part of me. I gave her a long, deep kiss and told her “Well good, since I am Alexasexual it all works out.” I took the cup from her and asked her what to do with it. While she straightened herself out, I put the container in the door she showed me. And soon we were out the door.


The weekend drug on. After Friday night, Jenny and I were back in our abstinence mode. I had another appointment for Tuesday. We wanted to get this all taken care of before any effects of the Estrogen took control. We still cuddled but it was very difficult for us to keep our hands off one another. We were able to sleep together but we almost gave in to the urges we had. I did try my best to give Jenny the love she deserved but it left me frustrated and I was a bitch all day on Sunday. Katie just laughed at the two of us. “I can’t believe I am about to say this, but I can’t wait for the two you to be jumping each other. You two are absolute bears when denied.”

I went to my normal appointment with Debbie on Monday and she tried to assure me that in the long run it was going to be worth it. But I didn’t want to hear. I even snapped at her at one point. Rather than get mad, she laughed which made me even crabbier. But I was able to relax and get through the session without ripping Debs’ head off. Although when I went home, I began thinking of another doctor I wanted to kill.


I came home from my class I was fit to be tied. Dr. Burg had announced a test for the next day, which meant I could not go with Alexa to her appointment. The thought of her struggling like she had on Friday really started bothering me as I sat through class. The whole way home it bothered me. I didn’t know what to do. As I was sitting down on the couch it hit me. I ran to the ‘closet’ and dug out my digital camera and tripod. I grabbed the remote and stripped down and began taking pictures of myself. I was so embarrassed but kind of got into after a while. I changed into a couple of different things, including the infamous ‘naughty nurse’ costume. I did not hear the door to the apartment open and the next thing I knew Katie was standing in the doorway of our bedroom as I was flashing my breasts at the camera. “Uh Jen, what the hell?” I heard as I realized she was there I quickly grabbed a blanket and covered myself up.

“Get the hell out of here Katie!” I screamed. But as she left, so had the adrenaline rush I had been on. I got dressed in a pair of leggings and grabbed the discarded Gopher Jersey lying on the floor. I made my way out to the living room, where I sat down with Kate.

“What the hell is that all about?” Kate asked me. Once again, I was torn by wanting to help Alexa and my need to keep some things private. But I also know that Katie would never say a word. I took a deep breath and began in.

“The other day when Alexa went to the lab, she, um, how do I say this? She, she had some issues, so I thought I would help out.” I explained to our roommate.

“Issues? What kind of issues?” Kate asked.

Once again, I took a deep breath. “You see they give you things to help you along. But it didn’t help. I got called into to give her a hand.” I explained. Of course, Katie had one of her typical smart ass answers.

“I’m sure you did” Katie said. I told her to shut up.

“It was one of the sweetest things that I had seen. She was really sad. They had this movie on of two women ravaging each other but Alexa was nearly in tears. It was then she said something that I had never heard but it might have been the most loving thing ever.” Katie looked at me to get me to say it. “She said that the girls didn’t excite her. She thinks she is Jennysexual.” The two of us started giggling. “Don’t ever say I told you” I implored Katie.

“Don’t worry I won’t. That is very sweet. I think the correct term is Demisexual” Katie said. “You know what it also means don’t you?” She continued on. I stared at her for a second. “You will never lose her. She loves you more than anything.”

I smiled one of my biggest smiles “Well it is a two-way street Kate” I said.


I walked into the lab even more nervous than I had last week. I didn’t know how this was going to work. I had made the commitment but that damn Dr. Burg had decided on having a test. As I was walking down the hall behind the technician I tried to think of everything possible to get me prepared to finish this little adventure. After getting rid of the technician. I just stared at the TV again and still nothing. That’s when my phone started to go off. By the tone, I knew it was text messages from Jenny. The first one simply said ‘I hope the following help. Good luck and remember I Love You’ That helped relax me but the next text and the several that followed did very little to relax me. The last one with Jenny in her Gopher jersey brought more than a smile to my face. A few minutes later I strolled out the room with my head held high. As usual Jenny had come through for me. God, I love her.

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