The Mirror World Chronicles

Hello, This is my first story, so please don't go all pitchfork and torches on me, this story is part 1 of a 6 part story I'm working on and each part will have a different lead character in them, please let me know if you like it.

The Mirror World Chronicles
Book One
Werewolf Tribe

Chapter One
The Creature

Many story writers and TV/movies writers have always portrayed the werewolf as this huge evil creature that killed humans on site, or worse portrayed as sex god beings who fight alongside vampires who sparkle in the sun (yuck), anyways to set this strait I shall tell you the story of Arron and how he became a member of the Werewolf Tribe.

It all starts off with Arron having what he calls a bad dream, or is it seeing the future? He has had this dream for the past 2 years, ever since he turned 21, Arron is running down a street in the dark of night, the moon is full over his shoulders, allowing him to see the road that has no end, behind him he sees a creature chasing him with bright red eyes and sharp teeth, try as he can, he always falls at some point and gets pounced on by the creature but before it can do anything, Arron wakes up in a wet bed form him sweating all night.

Arron is a 23-year-old man, that stands around 5', 11" tall and around 180lbs, with sun red hair, and Jade green eyes.
After he gets all cleaned up he heads to his dead in job, in his 7 foot by 7 foot cubical, to work on his daily tasks, when his boss walks by and sees the bags under his eyes.

Boss: "Hey Arron, didn’t get much sleep last night?"
Arron: "No, it’s been the same dream again, I just wish I can get rid of it, that way I can actually get a full night’s rest."

his boss looks up at the clock before letting out a soft sigh and rubs the back of his neck, Boss: "You know Arron, seeing how its Friday, and we only got an hour till the shifts over, why don't you go ahead and get an early start on your weekend and get rested up, your work can wait till Monday."

Arron: "You sure Boss? I can stay and finish up I don't mind."
Boss: "No, no, you go on ahead, I don’t need my best worker to be tired, and besides, your already three weeks ahead of schedule, tell you what how about you take your vacation for the next week or two, and try to get this dream all sorted out okay?"

Arron nodded his head and said that he will just do that and logged off his computer, though little did he know that’s going to be the last time he ever sees his boss or work again.

Later that night Arron meets up with his best friend Kevin at their favorite bar, now Arron is not much of a drinker but seeing how it’s the start of his vacation, and he only lives a few blocks down the road, he decided to stay longer than normal with his friend, after they been drinking for hours, Kevin and Arron were getting to the point of no return from the drinks.

Kevin: "You know man my parents won't stop hounding me about finding my soul mate, they are like 'Kevin you must find your love by the next month or you will be kicked out of our family' and I’m like 'but dad my soul mate might not be out there.' "
Arron: "I know what you mean man I can't find a woman who will stay with me long enough, I mean after a few times of screaming bloody murder at night from my dreams they want nothing to do with me, I’m like fuck it man I might as well be single for the rest of my life."
Kevin: "Or worse, Arraigned Marriage."

Now I should tell you more about Kevin right now, Arron and Kevin knew each other since 4th grade when Arron protected Kevin from a wild cat that was trying to kill him, he stands about 6' even with dark silver hair, his eyes have an unnatural yellowish green tint, and weighs in around 210lbs., his Father is a leader of a family clan that dates back to 1'000AD, his father is also part of the top five most richest men in the US, and the top ten in the world, and in the past few months been trying to get Kevin to find a wife or he will be kicked out of the clan and will be forgotten.

Kevin: "well man it’s that time, I need to get going, don’t want my father sending out a search party again."
Arron: -chuckles a bit- "yeah almost think he’s too protective of you, but hey man thanks for staying with me longer than I normally do."
Kevin: "nah man, don't think about it, it was fun, but I have to go, see ya tomorrow after we both wake up from our hang over, about 3pm?"
Arron: "Sure, and bring your best game moves, cause I’m going school you in my video games on my SP4."
Kevin: "you with, see yah man."

As Kevin walked out, Arron stay for a bit longer, drinking a few more beers before calling it a night and started for home, only problem he had right now, he was so hammered, he didn't know where he was, so after walking around for a bit, he started to hear noises from behind him, which caused him to sober up enough to realize that he is nowhere near his home, he kept hearing a strange breathing noise as he looked around but nothing was there, or he thought until he caught sight of the big canine like eyes staring at him from the shadows'

Slowly Arron tried to slowly walk away from the creature, as the creature realized it been seen, and before Arron knew what had happen, the creature leapt out of the shadows, grabbing Arron, picking him up and holding him tightly, Arron was so shocked with fear that his yell for help never reached his lips, as the creature carried him further into the forest near his town, Arron began to realize the creature was running on its back legs and held him with it powerful arms, as it curried him deeper into the woods before finding a clearing and dropping him on the ground.

The Creature slowly circled Arron and gently started to sniff all around him, as Arron was huddled into a fettle position, the Creature slowly moved his hand over Arron's back and gently raked his nails a crossed it, making the fabric rip apart and fall off him, all this time all Arron was thinking in his head was please don’t eat me, as the creature looked onto him it finally said something in an almost human animal type voice.

Creature: "Your aura, it matches with mine perfectly, though your body is not right, so now I need to fix that."

Before Arron knew what was happing, the creature had flipped him onto his back and completely ripped off the last remaining parts of his clothing leaving him naked, as Arron looked up at the creature he couldn't believe what he saw, for between the creatures legs started to grow a humanoid canine shaped dick, petrified from the size of it, Arron tried to turn over and run, but before he could push off the ground with his feet, the creature was on top of him with its fangs gripping onto his neck, just enough to make Arron realized, it’s best not move or else the teeth will rip his skin.

As Arron laid there under the creature, the creature started to pull him closer causing Arron's ass to rise into the air, Arron was starting to cry, praying that he won’t die, he started to feel something press against him, as he looked back to see that the creatures dick was against his ass the only thing he was thinking now was 'oh my gods I’m about to get raped by this creature.'

Sure, enough before Arron knew what to do, the creature thrusted his canine like dick deep into his ass ripping his hole open, as Arron screamed with pain from the sudden force, as the creature slowly started to pump in and out, slowly at first then he started to pick up in pace as he moved in and out, as Arron was still crying from the pain, though after a while, his cries of pain started to scare him, as they started to become more of a lustful moan.

As the creature thrusted more into him, Arron started to realize his body was starting to love the feeling of this creature in him as he too was starting to get hard for the creature thrusting into him, though as he tried to use his hands to rub his own dick the creature bit harder into his shoulder making him realize the creature didn’t want him to touch him self

Harder and harder the creature thrusted into his ass, as he soon started to feel something growing at the base of the creature's dick, that after a bit, Arron realized it was a knot that had grown and was trying to slide into his ass, with in a flash the creature grabbed Arron's arms and pulled them out from under him keeping its mouth on his shoulders making him push his ass more into the creature forcing the knot to enter as it made him scream not from pain though but from pleasure as the creature was now lock together with him.

The creature getting closer to reaching its goal started to thrust faster and harder into him, as Arron lost control and herd himself moan louder and louder until he felt the creature cum deep inside of him, and bite hard into his shoulder digging its teeth into him, making him pass out from both pleasure and pain filling him, as his mind started to go blank, the last thing he remembered, was feeling the creature's dick still in him pumping more and more of its cum deep inside of him.

Chapter Two
The Were Book

Arron woke with a scream, as he laid in his own bed, after looking around for a bit he realized he was in his own bed, getting up he walked to the bathroom and did his business of using the restroom and taking a shower, after walking back into his room with a towel wrapped around his waist, did he see the message on his cell from Kevin.

{Kevin, dude we need to talk, message me when you get this}
{Arron, do I'm up, what do you want?}
{Kevin, go to your front door.}

Before Arron could figure out there was a knock on his door, feeling weirded out Arron looked threw the peep hole and saw Kevin standing there with a scared look on his face and a backpack slung over his shoulders, looking around in as if he’s hoping no one is around.

Slowly Arron opens the door and Kevin dashes in closing the door behind him sighing happily, slowly he looks up at Arron and blushes a bit then heads to the front room and plops down on the couch.

Arron: "You ok man? You look like you just committed a crime or something."
Kevin rubbing his shoulders looks at Arron while he rubs his neck: "In truth man your partly right, though what I did won’t put me in jail, though I could be in big trouble with my family if I don’t talk with you first."

Arron looking confused sits next to his friend: "What do you mean talk to me, why would you not talking to me be a bad thing?"

Kevin blushing again as Arron sat next to him

Kevin: "because last night I had marked you and soon when the new moon rises you will be welcomed into my family..."
Arron still confused: "Into your family what do you mean by that?"
Kevin taking in a deep breath: "last night after I left the bar how much do you remember?"
Arron thinking back on it only remembers leaving the bar a few minutes behind his friend but after that nothing.
Arron: "the last thing I remember is seeing you walk out the bar after saying bye and I stayed for a couple more drinks before leaving myself but after I walked out the bar I can't even remember how I got home."
Kevin Blushing even more: "That’s because I carried you home... Tell me what do you know about werewolves?"
Arron thinking hard shrugged his shoulders: "Only what I seen on TV and movies."
Kevin pulls his backpack around and pulls out a big leather book and hands it to Arron
Kevin: "this is a book about werewolves and how to live a day to day life, and the rules one must follow"
Arron laughing to himself as he looks at the book in his hands stands up and places the book on the coffee table, and looks at Kevin.
Arron: "Are you saying that I’m a werewolf and must know the ins and outs of being one?"

Kevin knowing his head looks up at Arron and told him that its best if he starts on page 4 of the book, Arron shaking his head walks into the Kitchen, flipping the book to page 4 and started to read as he reaches for a beer.

'Page 4, how one would change into a Werewolf

there have been many movies and TV shows showing people being changed into a Ware by being bitten by a wolf or other Ware creatures, in truth that’s not true, the only reason we bite is to show the target that we're in control, the true way for a human to become a Ware is by sexual intercourse where the female Ware makes a human male cum into them, while for a male Ware cums into a female Human, most of the time it’s a 50/50 chance the person will change, but if performed on a full moon the Human will have a 100% success rate.

the rarest of change happens if a Male Ware and a male Human has sex, If the Human Male were to cum inside the Ware Male, not only would the human Male turn into a Ware Male the Ware he came into will turn into a Female Ware, but if a Male Ware were to cum into a Male Human the Human Male will change into a Female Ware, so far there has been no successful female Ware and female Human mating, change to date.

The person who has been marked will slowly feel the changes first in head then body, the final transformation will happen on the day a New Moon appears in the sky and the change will be complete, until then the Ware that started the change must stay with the one to be change until he or she is done with the transformation.'

As Arron finished the section he tossed his empty beer bottle into the trash and started walking back into the front room saying

Arron: "This book is crazy, do you actually think this stuff is re..."
Before Arron could finish what, he was saying, he saw a large creature standing in his room looking down at him with sad eyes whimpering a bit, as Arron was looking at him the voice in the back of his head kept yelling at him to run, but his body and heart was yelling at him to go and cuddle the sad creature, and so far, they were winning.

The Creature: "I knew you wouldn't believe the book so I thought if I was to change into the form from last night you would believe me."

As Arron Kept looking at the creature memories from what happened to him after the bar flashed into his head, gasping Arron almost clapped to the floor if it wasn't for the creature grabbing him and holding him close to his chest.

The Creature: "please don’t be mad at me, I lost control when I saw your aura last night, for you see we Wares only get a mate if the person they love has the same aura as themselves, so please don’t be made at me Arron"

As Arron felt the creature hold him tightly, in his head he kept hearing his voice tell him don’t move, while his body and heart which won again made him start to snuggle the creature, it wasn't until Arron considered the creature eyes that he saw something.

Arron: "Kevin is that you inside there?"

Nodding slowly Kevin whipped away a small tear from his eyes as he kept cuddling Arron.

Kevin: "Yeah it’s me, please don't be mad at me, I promise I make everything all better you will see"

While they were holding each other Kevin slowly changed back into his human form holding each other, it wasn't until they heard a police car buzz by with its siren blaring did they realize that Kevin was butt naked, blushing both slowly parted ways and sat down on the couch but only with their hips touching.

Kevin: "So you’re not mad at me, are you?"

Arron grabbing Kevin's hand: "By all right I should be mad at you, but I think the mental changes have already started to take effect, for all I want to do is cuddle with you, man this may take some time to get use too"

Kevin wrapping his arm around Arron whispered in his ear: "don’t worry I will be right here for you."

Chapter Three
The Were History and the Mother

A few days have passed since Arron found out he was becoming a Were and after reading the book again from the start realized that Kevin had sex with him while he was in Were form on a full moon which means he would become a female Were, after confronting Kevin again, all Kevin did was ask for forgiveness again and started pouting all over the house until Arron blushingly kissed him on the lips telling him its ok.

Further into the book Arron looked up at Kevin blushing as he saw him walk out of the bathroom with only a towel, asked him something he read.

Arron blushing: "Umm Kevin I... I have a question about what I read in this book."

As Kevin got closer all Arron could do is get redder in the face as he kept picturing the night Kevin marked him, once Kevin sat down wearing nothing but a towel he looked over at Arron and asked him what’s up.

Arron still blushing: "Well it says here that Werewolves are the Alpha Species amongst other Wares and I was wondering what did it mean by 'other Weres'."

Kevin rubbing his neck: "Well besides Wolf there are 3 other Were species that must answer to a wolfs orders seeing how were the first of the were species."

Arron: "kind of like a royal were?"
Kevin: "Kind of, you see the way the chain goes is Wolves are the top, then comes Lion Wares, then Tiger, then horse."
Arron: "Where are they all at then?"
Kevin taking a deep breath: "well that requires a history of weres so here goes, Wares came to be by a great war that happen long before human history, at first wolf weres were made do to their speed and ability to work together as a pack, then around 5'000 BC the Lion weres were created for their strength and ability to take down large prey, around 2'000 BC the Tiger weres was made for their agile bodies and powerful jaws, and as for the Horse Were they were made back in 100 AD do to their strength and speed, they are mostly used by the other species as pack mules."

Arron rubbing his chin: "you said created what do you mean?"
Kevin sighing: "well you have the right to know well here goes, there is a world link to this that’s called the Mirror World where it is controlled by one species, the Vampires, below them is Dragons, and below them it’s the Elves then it’s us wares, then its pixies then finally goblins."

"In the begging there were only Vampires, Dragons, and Elves, but the Vampires wanted a stronger warrior so they started mixing humans with animals until the first Werewolf was made."

"Then the Pixies were made as spies for the Vampires so they could make sure every being in the Mirror world was behaving, the goblins were made to guard valuable items so they can’t be used again, most of the stuff though, that were used like Joan of arc sword or the spear of destiny."

"It took us many years but finally wares were made part of the Elder counsel that made up of the oldest and wisest of the beings from the mirror world."

Arron: "how come I never herd of the Mirror World?"
Kevin: "Well that’s because back in 500 A.D. when the human Catholic Church was starting to gain power the demanded that all beings from the Mirror World to be killed on site foot they are not of god’s creation and demand that they be removed.
After years of fighting with them the Vampire leader hand ordered that the gates to the Mirror World be shut down and no human shall never be allowed into the Mirror world again, that was around 800AD, since then the only people allowed to go between the worlds is those that are considered Mirror beings like us, and for the reason there is no words of us in history is due to the church destroying anything that mentions us."

As Kevin looked down at Arron, he notices that his skin was becoming a lot smoother and his body was taking on more of a feminine shape each day, as they sat there, Arron grabbed his book and lean back against Kevin and started to read again.

After a while Arron looked up at Kevin and asked: "what about your family I always see them having big parties and stuff where do they stand in the were community?"

Kevin blushing: "Well that’s because my family is on the councils of elders, my Grandfather was the first to be a part of the counsel, and soon my father will take his place, but before he can do that, I have to become the next Alpha on out clan but I can't do that without a mate."

Arron sliding up Kevin as he had lost some Hight since the start of the change gently took Kevin's chin and considering his eyes whispers, 'soon you will', and kisses him on the lips.

A few days later, Arron received a text from his mother saying she will be there for the weekend, freaking out Arron running out into the front room with just an oversize Tee, that use to fit him, pounced on Kevin’s lap showing him the text asking what to do.

Kevin: "Well what we Weres do is if the family welcomes the thought of not only their son/daughter becoming a were then they will be welcome in as a non-ware, but if the family rejects them then we slip them a drug that makes them forget the what was said to them and a week later we fake the person’s death"

Arron pouting in a cute way: "But I don’t want my mother to forget me."

With only a week to go before the new moon Arron has been looking more and more like a woman each day, a few days ago he started to develop breasts and a bigger hip and butt, his hair had grown past his holderbats, all Kevin could do to comfort him was to pull him into a hug and gently kiss him.

As the Weekend finally arrived Arron's mother, Deena, was knocking at the door as Kevin answered it.
Deena: "Kevin! How are you? I haven't seen you since you where little."
Kevin Blushing: "Hello Deena, yeah it’s been a while, what made you want to come to visit Arron?"
Deena: "Well I haven’t seen my son since he moved away"
Kevin: "Well he ran to do some things in town and will be back later, in the meantime there are a few things we need to talk about."
Deena smiling: "I would like that"

A few Hours later after receiving a text from Kevin that it’s time to come home, Arron made his now her as she started to think of herself, walked into her home wearing a brand-new sundress he just bought, calling out: 'Kevin I’m home.'

Before Arron knew what was happening, her mother was wrapping her arms around her new daughter hugging her and gently kissing her cheeks while pulling her into the front room where Kevin sat with a shocked look, not only from Arron, but what Deena had told him.

As they finally sat, Deena in the arm Chair and Arron next to Kevin, Arron asked her mother: "So I take it you’re ok with the new me?"
Deena winking at Kevin: "Oh sweet child of mine of cores I am, cores I knew this day was going to happen."
Hearing this Arron looked from her mom to Kevin and back confused, till he finally asked her what she meant.
Deena: "Well Arron, I knew all about Kevin and his family since you both were 14 when Kevin was found in my backyard naked..."

Arron saw Kevin blushed, making Arron blush also for she remembers that day when Arron's parents came over to talk to her mother about something.

"what Kevin didn't know is that night I saw him in his Were form, thus caused his parents to talk with me, after a while they finally told me the truth about Kevin, after I agreed to keep it a secret, I noticed that ever since then Kevin had been coming to our home each night.

now about this time I had already read my book on human knowledge of the Mirror world and keeping its secrets, at that time I realized that the reason he kept coming to our yard was because of you Arron."

Arron looked at her mother: "So you knew this was going to happen?"
Deena blushing: "Well yes and no, I knew that one day I was ether going to have a Were daughter-in-law, or a new daughter"
Kevin blushing: "So you came to see Arron because you know that the 3 days before and 4 days after a new moon she has to be in the mirror world for her change, so you came to say you except her new form?"
Deena taking both Kevin's and Arron's hands: "and my new Son-in-Law."

Chapter Four
Kevin's Family and the Mirror World

The next day Deena gave Arron a kiss on her cheek and hugged Kevin as they left for Kevin's parents’ Home, telling Arron she will watch her home while, the Gradians (a group of humans who know about the Mirror world and swore to protect it) help fix Arron's records to match her new self.

Arron and Kevin arrived at his Parent's house, as they pulled up to the house Kevin's Mom and Dad were standing at the door watching them pull up, as they climbed out a butler came out and took the keys from Kevin and went to park the car.

Before ether of them could say anything, Kevin's mom Beth grabbed Arron and hugged her tightly as his father Frank grabbed her hand and gently kissed the back side of it.

Beth: "Finally the true Arron is here."
both Arron and Kevin: "You Knew this was going to happen?"
Frank: "Ever since you were found in Deena's back yard, we knew Arron was your soulmate my son, now how about we go inside and we can get to know our future daughter-in-law"

Still a bit in shock both Kevin and Arron followed Kevin's parents as they walked into the family living room, where Frank and Beth sat on one love seat and Kevin and Arron in the other, after sitting there for a bit in awkward silence Arron finally spoke up.

Arron: "So what will happen now?"
Beth reaching over and grabbing Arron's hand: "Well starting tomorrow, we will be going to the Mirror world to get you listed in our family line as Kevin's mate and be allowed to come and go from the Mirror World with ease"

Frank lighting his old-style pipe: "Then after her final change, about a month later you 2 will be taking over the family business and clan business while I take my father’s spot on the counsel and your mother retires."

Kevin: "What will we be doing once we take over?"
Frank taking a puff: "Starting when we return from the Mirror world we will be having your wedding to welcome Arron properly into the family, then after you return from your honeymoon you both will be taught how to take care of the tribe and business, I will teach you Kevin how to run the Cattle Farms, and the Male Weres affairs..."

Beth: "While I teach you Arron how to help the Women Weres affairs and with the new born pups"
Hearing this Arron blushed a deep red: "Puppies? Do you mean children?"

nodding Beth said: "Oh yes a Werewolf can have anywhere from 1 to 7 puppies in 1 litter, I myself had 4 litters before Kevin here was born, and seeing how he was the only male born, he was named successor to his father, in turn when you have your first Male birth he or will become the one in charge of the family."

Frank: "but it took us 174 years until Kevin here was born"
Arron in shock: "174 year how old can a Werewolf live?"
Frank thinking hard: "Well my grandfather who lives in Ireland now was born back before the closing of the portals, and he is the oldest Ware still alive so I say almost 2'000 years or more"

Hearing this Arron looked at Kevin who only nodded to this, as a maid came into the room and cleared her throat: "Dinner is ready my Lord."

hearing this they all went into the family dining room, where the table was lined with all different types of foods as a welcome meal for Arron.

The next day Arron awoke to a maid entering her room that was set up just for her while Kevin was in his old room, as Arron slowly woke the Maid was busy getting Arron's attire set up for when she returns from the bath, but to Arron's surprise the Maid followed her into the bathroom.

Arron: "I'm sorry is everything ok MS?"
Maid: "Janice Ma'am, and yes, it is Ma'am I have been ordered to be your personal Maid until I can no longer do my duties which then my child will take my places and so on and so forth."
Arron: "wait so you’re not a Werewolf?"
Janice: "No Ma'am I am human; my family has been serving the Timber Family since the early 12th century."

As Janice was telling Aaron this she had filled the giant tub with hot water and pored lavender oil into it, while getting Arron undressed.
Arron: "is this how it’s going to be every time I try to take a bath?"
Janice: "No Ma'am, usually you would be by yourself, but seeing how were to have a special send off for you and Sir Kevin to the Mirror World, the only other times you will see me in here with you will be the day of your wedding and any time you and Sir Kevin hold a ball."

Arron blushing: "I thought humans weren’t allowed in the mirror world?"
Janice: "Your Right Ma'am were not, but you do have Maids and Butlers in the void to who are lesser weres, and most likely one of them will be maid your personal maid while you’re there like me."

As Arron slowly relaxed in the tub, Janice slowly started to work on Arron's body, gently scrubbing every inch and trimming her toe nails and finger nails while also putting a fresh coat of nail polish on her fingers and toes to match her new dress she’s to wear, after finishing, Janice left Arron to soak in the lavender water for a bit.

30 Min's later Janice came and got Arron out of the tub and gently patted her down with a towel before walking back into the room, where Arron saw the most beautiful dress ever, a shoulder to floor long, open back, green silk dress with Jade emeralds embedded into the bust of the dress.

Janice: "Now Ma'am, if you allow me to help you into your new dress I will gladly help you"

After Arron nodded, Janice went to the dresser and pulled out matching corset, girdle, stockings, and thong and started to dress Arron up in it, after getting her undergarments on, the maid sat her down in front of the vanity and softly started to apply makeup that once finished made Arron's hair and eyes stand out, then the made brought Arron over to the walking closet and picked out every pair of shoes that was jade color and laid each pair in front of the dress to see which one Arron liked best.

once the 5-inch stiletto heeled boot was picked, Janice helped lowered the dress over Arron's head and tide it off so no matter how much movement she did none of the corset will show, once that was done Janice slipped the boots onto Arron’s nylon covered pantyhose covered feet and made up her hair, once completed, Arron pulled Janice to her and gave her air kisses on her cheeks.

Arron: "Janice if you can keep making me look like I should be a princess I will never let you go."

Janice blushing: "Ma'am if you keep talking that way I might have to find a were husband and become your personal maid forever."

After a bit of a giggle fit, Arron said goodbye and meet up with Kevin waiting for her in the front hall in his Jade tuxedo, though when he saw Arron his jaw would have hit the ground if it could for he could not take his eyes off her.

Arron whispering sexually in his ear: "Careful love if you don’t close your mouth, a fly might land in there."

Blushing as he heard her say that, he closed his mouth as his parents walked around the corner, hand in hand, as Frank walked up to his life size portrait, he pushes a hidden button on the frame: "Well Arron I like to welcome you to the Mirror World."

As the picture frame swung open all Arron could see is a room just like the one she was in only they weren’t in it, confused she watched Frank and Beth step threw, then she and Kevin followed.

Chapter Five
Mirror World Party and night of passion

Once they were through, Arron realized that everything looked the same only on the oppose sides of the room, while looking at the grandfather clock did she see a big difference, for all the hours were on the oppose sides and the hands going in counter clockwise movement and yet it still told the right time.

Frank: "The Family and guest have already Arrived and is in the grand ballroom, your mother and I will go in first, then a few mins later you 2 will be announced and that’s when everyone will get to meet Arron."

After Frank and Beth went through the door, Arron Squeezed Kevin's arm tightly.

Kevin: "a bit nervous?"
Arron: "mmhmm."
Kevin lean down and kisses her on the lips: "I will be right here with you at all times."

Blushing Arron nods and hears their names call, taking a deep breath they both slowly walk into the room where Arron can see that there were more people than she could count.

As they approached the High Table, Arron noticed that there was a man in a black suit that looked like he could do anything and get away with it, and his wife who had the most beautiful silver hair she has ever seen, and who Arron had to guess is their oldest daughter with equal beautiful silver hair, stand on the left side of Frank.

On the right side of Beth was a Man to looked to be in his early 50's with pointed ears and a beautiful blond hair, standing next to him was a woman with the most beautiful Burnt red hair in the most beautiful Chinese dress.

Reaching their chairs, Kevin sat First then Arron, once they were nicely seated Frank and Beth followed, then the rest of the table, once the main table was seated the rest of the guests fallowed, as the food was brought out. Arron kept looking around from one person to another, every now and then though she kept looking at the man in the black suit.

After the food was finished being eaten, the tables and chairs were moved away to clear the dance floor.

Announcer: "My Lords and Ladies, may we have Sir Kevin and Madam Arron please come to the dance floor for the first Dance of the night?"

Kevin then stood and held his hand out to Arron as she took it and blushed as she was lead out onto the dance floor, where they danced what seem like forever.

Hours have passed and Arron had meet all her new family members, and family friends, when the man in the black suit walked up to the couple, as they approached Kevin slowly bowed which tipped Arron of two curtsey to them.

Kevin: "Master Al, it is a blessing to have you here at our family parties."
Al: "Indeed it is a beautiful thing to be seen amongst friends and family, and MS Arron you do look beautiful in your jade dress, do you like it? it was a gift from me as a special wedding gift."
Arron: "Thank you Master Al for the dress, for I didn't know where it came from."
Al taking Arron's hand and gently kisses it: "Not at all, and please call me Al, now if Kevin will allow me and if you would let me I like to have the next dance with you."
Kevin looking at Arron: "If my love would like to I have no problem with it Master Al."
Arron holding her hand up to Al once more: "I be delighted too."
Once the music started a new song, Al gently lead Arron to the dance floor, where they slowly dance on the floor, as they danced, Al was whispering in her ear.
Al: "I knew you would turn out beautiful."
Arron: "You knew I was going to become a werewolf?"
Al: "My dear child, I know everything that happens before anyone else, for I have seen it, and you my dear will be happy with Kevin."
Arron Blushing: "So you see the future? can you tell me what’s going to happen to me?"
Al smiling showing his fangs: "My dear child, what would be the fun of giving away the future when its best as a mystery?"

As the music ended, Al gently kissed her hand again and rejoined his family as Arron walked back to Kevin, and gently snuggled his arm.

Arron: "Who is that man love?"
Kevin blushing a bit: "Sorry love I should have told you, none dare speak his full name, so everyone just calls him Al, but for who he is, he is the leader of us all, His daughter there, Malisa, is the one who takes care of the Vampire affairs"
Arron: "Vampires? you mean he is the creator of the mirror world and the reason the Weres were created?"
Kevin: "Yes he is, and is why a Were must call him Master Al when speaking to him, but to have him tell you personally to call him Al is a blessing for us, since the weres were made not one could just call him Al."
Arron: "Who is that lady he is speaking too?"
Kevin: "That is Ashley, his disciple, and the only person I have seen that Al allows to call him bay his real name."
Arron: "Why is that?"
Kevin: "Because she is the only person from both worlds to be able to enter the mirror world without a portal."

After a bit the party started to wind down, as the guest started to leave with Al being the last, and everyone was gone, Kevin lead Arron to their new Master bedroom, where Kevin got a good look at Arron's new 5'4" tall body with her 38" hips, 32" waist, and her 36 D breasts, and didn't take long getting to know Arron's final change into woman hood.


2 days later, Arron and Kevin, with the rest of the family went out to the back yard where a fire pit the size of a bus was in the center of the courtyard, as everyone gathered around, each person was given a slip of paper with their names on it and was told that once the fire is lit to toss it into the fire.

As the sun finally set in the east, Frank lit the fire and tossed in his name making the fire burn green, after a while it was finally Kevin and Arron's turn, watching everyone’s paper turn a different color each time, Arron was curious what color hers would burn.

As she watches Kevin throws his in, it turned into a beautiful shade of gold, which made everyone cheer, confused Kevin told her he will explain later, but for now its Arron's turn, as her paper flew into the flames a big flash of light exploded from the flame as the fire turned into the purest white flame, as everyone saw this, everyone including Kevin started to bow towards Arron.

After the flames return to normal, Kevin lead her over to their seats, as Arron was asking him a million question about what had happen.

Kevin: "Easy love, the reason we burn the papers is due to what Al told us to do, back when we first were made he said each person name is a power of its own, and depending on said name will determine what they will do for the tribe.

A red flame means they will protect that is honored most, a blue flame means, that their heart will guide the tribe as best as they can, a green flame means they will be just to their tribe, a purple flame means they will make sure the tribes are at peace, a gold flame means they will rule fairly amongst the wares, but it’s the white flame, a flame that has never been seen, one that you have, it means they you my love will become a Goddess amongst the wares, for a white flame means the Flame of a Goddess."

As Arron sat there taking in what Kevin just said Beth stepped forth and ordered all couples to head for their rooms and that Arron must be prepared for her first change with Kevin there for her.


As Arron and Kevin entered their room, Arron started to get heat flashes making her strip off her clothing as fast as possible.

Arron Panting heavily: "Kevin love, I feel so hot, why do I feel so hot."
Slowly Kevin lowers Arron onto their bed and kisses her lips before getting off the bed and standing just out of her reach.
Kevin: "That’s because my love your first transformation into a true Were has started"
Arron laying on the bed panting heavily, started to wiggle around as she felt her bones pull and stretch, as her nails begin to grow into a more canine claw, panting louder she starts to beg.
Arron: "Ooo Kevin, please I’m so hot, please I need you, Kevin please make me feel good, oh Kevin I need you in me!"

As she keeps wiggling about, her tail starts to grow out, and her face starts to take on a more canine look to it, as fiery red fur starts to spread across her body almost like a flame was changing her, as a new set of breasts appear under her other set of breasts stopping a cup smaller than the first.

it wasn’t until Arron stopped wiggling did Kevin finally walked over to Arron in his were form and gently licked her across her cheek before they started to kiss, gently he picked her up, holding her close as she wrapped her arms around his neck, as she felt his strong hands gently start to play with her new tail, she slowly started to grind her hips into his as he lean down and started to nibble on her neck making her moan softly, faster and faster she started to grind as she felt his dick slide out of his sheath and rub hotly against her slit.

Harder she started to grind her clit against his dick, as his hands tighten around her ass more while he slowly nibbled on each of her 4 nipples, before lifting her hips up and making his dick slide deep into her wet pussy, feeling him buried deep into her moist walls, she began to bounce wildly on his shaft as she arched her back and moan loudly.

harder and faster she bounced herself on his shaft, until with one swift movement, while keeping her on his dick spin her around and forced her into a doggy style, where they both started to grunt like wild beast, harder and harder he thrust into her as his knot slowly slid into place locking them together, as they moan and yip at each other, it wasn't until they both let out a loud howl did they both cum together and claps onto the bed with her snuggled up against him and his dick still hard inside of her.

Last Chapter
The Family Business

It’s been a Year since Arron’s final change, and since then she has been busy keeping the peace between the female wares, while having to deal with her first Litter to come, every time she is seen by the other wares, they all stop and bow to her calling her Lady Arron, for in their eyes, ever since the name burning they treat her like a goddess.

Kevin had taken over his father's cattle business that provides for both the human world and Mirror World, with in the first 6 months he had been able to triple the product coming out, and with his fair since of thinking the 4 Ware clans never saw war between them again.

Frank went to become the most trusted Elder on the counsel, where his ideas were mostly used to help the different species in the Mirror World.

Beth retired after she gave Arron control of her job and became a stay at home granny who helped Arron with taking care of the first litter of pups once they were born.

And Finally, Deena could come to the Mirror World after Al had agreed to it, where like Beth, too helped with the litter until her old age caught up with her and she passed away at the age of 97, where on her grave Arron wrote

(Here Lies Deena Hoth, a Beloved Mother, a wonderful Grandmother, and the only human loved by all the Weres in the Mirror World.)

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