Jexy meets Snikki

Jenny and Alexa entered the Mall of America with no plan other than to waste some of the day shopping. They had been good roommates and invited their roommate, Katie to come with and have lunch. Katie had politely declined, saying she wanted to spend some time with her new boyfriend. Jenny giggled and gave Katie hug telling her to have fun. Alexa stood there faking vomiting noises until she was admonished by her two roommates. Eventually the two head down to Jenny’s car and make their way to “The Place for fun in your Life.”

Once inside, the two began strolling hand-in-hand and doing their normal window shopping through the mall. As usual, shoes always tend to be the biggest thing they look at. They hadn’t been to the MoA for a while, so they enjoyed looking at the different offerings this place had. As they are looking in the window of one of the many stores, a thought comes over Alexa. She turns and looks at Jenny “Can we go to the Disney Store?” she asks. Jenny just rolls her eyes at her lover.

“We were just at Disney World a couple of weeks ago? Do you really need to go again?

“Yes, we need to go. Please Jenny?” Alexa says as she flashes a set of puppy-dog eyes at her partner.

“You’re worse than a little kid. Yes, Lex we can go.” Jenny says to her soul mate with a smile across her face. Alexa gives Jenny a kiss on the cheek and begins to jump up and down in excitement while Jenny just laughs at her girlfriend. The next kiss becomes a little more than a friendly kiss, but before they can get too involved, the lovers are interrupted by the voice of an English woman just behind them.

The couple turn to see two girls about the same age as them, both with brown hair. One was about Alexa’s height and one just slightly shorter than Jenny. ‘Excuse me, did I hear you say the Disney Store? Could you point us to it? I was hoping to get my little sister a gift.”

“We were actually on our way there. Why don’t you walk with us?” Alexa says to the two pretty British girls.

“Yeah, we’ll show you.” Jenny adds. “If we don’t go now I’ll never get her to shut up. I’m Jenny by the way and this hyper thing next to me is my girlfriend Alexa.” With that the American girls both extend their hands.

“I’m Nikki and this is my fiancé Sarah.” The taller one says. And the two of them accept the offered hands. Soon the four of them are making their way to the Disney store. Along the way, Jenny and Alexa find out that Nikki’s sister is named Jenny as well. Jenny can’t control her excitement over that while it’s Alexa’s turn to roll her eyes. The two English women giggle as Alexa goes on and on over Jenny’s reaction. Soon the four are at the Disney Store. Alexa notes for the first time that Jenny is as excited as Alexa usually is about going to the Disney store.

Jenny goes a little crazy once the foursome enters the Disney Store, mostly trying to find as many things as possible that she can get personalized with Nikki’s little sister name. “I have to get her something! If she has a name like that she has to be a great kid.” Alexa just shakes her head. “Here I thought I was the one who was out of control at this place.” Alexa says to her girlfriend. “Get her a pair of Mouse Ears, if she is a Disney fan she will love them.” Jenny pouts a bit over being told to control her spending and heads over to order a pair of personalized Mouse Ears in pink. Alexa, Sarah and Nikki continue to browse through the store, looking at various things. “So, what brings you to the states?” Alexa asks as she looks at a ‘Small World’ t-shirt that was similar to the one Jenny had bought a few weeks ago at Disney World.

“My mother got us this little trip as a gift. I had a break from Uni and Nikki needed a break from her job. So, we picked this place. Plus, one of my mother’s friends over here is Counselor and wants us to meet a couple in a similar situation to ours.” Sarah said as she oohed and awed over a cute ‘Princess’ nightgown for her goddaughter.

“So, what do you do Nikki?” Alexa asked. Nikki goes on tell Alexa that she is the personal assistant for an all-girl singing group back in Britain. Alexa froze. Recently her and Jenny had begun listening to a group that they had found on YouTube and loved them, to the point where their other roommate was getting annoyed at how much they played this group. “Would that group be Out of Heaven?” Alexa asked excitedly. Nikki seemed in shock over the question.

“Yes, you have heard of them over here? I didn’t think anything had been released over here yet?” Nikki said with a confused look on her face. Alexa could barely contain her excitement. She called Jenny to come over to where Alexa was standing with the other two girls. An annoyed Jenny left the work station where they were working on the Mouse Ears and went and joined her partner and their two new friends.

‘What’s up?” Jenny asks. Alexa tells Nikki to tell Jenny what she does for a living. The excitement Jenny showed for the Mouse Ears was quadrupled over her excitement over hearing Nikki’s job. “Out of Heaven! Oh, my god! Lex and I love them! We found them on YouTube a few months back. We are even thinking about going over sometime and see them.” As Jenny goes on more about Out of Heaven, a contemplative looks comes over Alexa.

“Sarah. You said there was another reason you guys came over is because of a friend of your mother’s. Can I ask you two a personal question? Are one of you transgender?” Alexa asks. A stunned look hits the two British women. They look at each other and then back at us. “How did you know that?” Nikki asks Alexa. Jenny stops talking for a second as things become clearer. Jenny begins to giggle a bit as she realizes that Alexa’s counselor had asked for both of them to come in Monday morning for a special meeting.

A grin spreads across Alexa’s face as she looks at the British girls. How odd is it that Jenny and Alexa just happened to run into these two in of all places, the Mall of America? When Jenny and Alexa tell them that they are the couple that they are supposed to meet with they are in just as much shock as the two of Americans. “So, do you two have any plans for the next few days, other than shopping?” Jenny asks.

‘Not really.” Nikki says “Shopping is always fun but we were going to ask at the hotel for some other things we could do.”

“How would you like to have a personal guided tour of the Twin Cities?“ Jenny asks.

“That would be so sweet of you. Do you have the time? Don’t you have Uni?” Sarah asks.

“No, we’re on break and we don’t have any real plans. Plus, it will give us some time to come up with a way to play a joke on Debbie. You guys in?” Alexa says.

The two girls nodded and the four of them move off to plan a great joke on Debs.

As the four of them walk along Alexa looks at Nikki. “You know Nikki, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Alexa and Jenny tell Nikki and Sarah to take their purchases up to their room and meet them down at the lobby

"Okay, I am a LOT less nervous about this meeting now," Nikki giggled as she and Sarah dropped their shopping bags in their hotel room.

"I know what you mean!" Sarah chuckled. "They seem SO nice too."

"Hell of a coincidence running into them like that," Nikki mused. "At the mall..."

"Not really," Sarah said as she touched up her make-up in the hotel bathroom mirror. "I mean, there can't be THAT many lesbian couples in their early twenties in this city, right? And what better way to spend your free time than shopping? Kinda had a feeling when we approached them at the mall..."

"Oh- you did not!" Nikki admonished her fiancee, who simply giggled in response.

"...Maybe not," Sarah chuckled. "So... What d'you think of 'American Nikki'?"

"Alexa?" Nikki asked. "She seems sweet, you know? She passes REALLY well. Hard to believe she's not on hormones yet. What'd you think to Jenny, then?"

"She seems alright," Sarah shrugged, earning a frown of confusion from her fiancee.

"...I know THAT tone of voice well enough," Nikki sighed. "What's up?"

"Ugh," Sarah spat, knowing that once again, her fiancee had read her like an open book. "It- ugh, this'll sound silly..."

"Not to me," Nikki says. "If it bothers you, it bothers me, you know that."

"She... Kinda reminds me a bit of Dannii, that's all," Sarah mumbles, her cheeks reddening with embarrassment.

"What- really?" Nikki asked. "I mean, okay, she's tall and blonde, and her family's well-off, but- really?"

"I dunno," Sarah sighed. "Maybe I'm just being paranoid, here's this rich, friendly girl who's obviously got no hang-ups about being with a trans person and who is WAY more beautiful than me-"

"Nuh-uh," Nikki interrupted her fiancée. "I don't know how many times I have to say it, and frankly, I don't care. NO ONE is more beautiful than you. At all."

"...Thanks," Sarah said, sighing happily as her fiancée encircled her waist from behind. "One thing's for certain- we're the cuter couple overall, hehe!"

"Just don't tell Alexa and Jenny that," Nikki teased as she shared a soft, slow kiss with her fiancée before fixing her own make-up and heading down to the hotel lobby, where their new friends were waiting for them.

As Alexa and Jenny are going to get their car, Jenny turns to Alexa “Can you believe we met up with the PA for Out of Heaven in the middle of the Mall?” Jenny asks, excited as ever. She starts humming “No more Lies” as the lovers walk to the car. The drive from the ramp to the Radisson Blu is short and so the couple winds up waiting a few minutes for their new friends. Eventually Sarah and Nikki make their way out and they climb in the back seat of Jenny’s car. Since it is still a little early in the afternoon, the American girls give them a mini tour of Minneapolis. First, they take them to Minnehaha Falls. After spending about a half an hour at the falls, they take a drive down Minnehaha Parkway and around the Lakes before eventually making their way downtown to Rosato’s. Sarah and Nikki asked some questions about the city and some of the sights. The foursome exchanged stories of how each couple met. They talked a bit about transitioning, as Alexa was full of questions for Nikki. When it was mentioned Alexa had just started on estrogen, she appeared to feel a little odd. She realized that she was the only non-female here. Nikki assured her not to worry about it. It takes time, Nikki assured her, but if you were committed, it would happen. She and Sarah smiled at that and shared a quick cuddle in the back seat including creating a unique shape with their hands.

Eventually the two couples were in the parking lot behind Rosato’s “This is a real old-school Italian place. My family has been coming here for years. I do hope you like it” Jenny states as she takes Alexa’s hand and leads their dinner guests to the front of the building. As the couples walk in they are greeted by the loud voice of the owner, Paul, who is standing partway in the dining area but sounds like he’s right next to the women. “Jenny, Alexa!” Paul booms as he is coming towards the couples. “Welcome back and you brought to more beautiful women! Wonderful, Wonderful! Come, this way.” Alexa and Jenny step aside and let Sarah and Nikki follow the owner back to a table.” As he leads them back, he grabs the bottle of Chianti and pours each a glass. “Marie will be right with you ladies” Paul says and moves off. Nikki and Sarah begin giggling as they are seated. When Alexa ask what’s so funny, Nikki answers.

“His voice, reminds me of my boss. I swear I can hear him a kilometer away” Sarah echoes that thought “He is very loud, but always good natured.”

Marie, the waitress, appears with menus and goes over the specials, before moving off. “How is the Ravioli?” Nikki asks. Alexa tell her that it is incredible and was thinking of ordering it herself. Soon meal decisions are made and the orders are placed. It then time the two couples get down to the nitty-gritty of the dinner, the planning of their joke on Deb begins. Sarah is the one who comes up with the best idea. They all agree to the plan and soon their dinner is served. They all ordered something different. Sarah had gone with the Chicken Alfredo and Nikki had gone with the Ravioli. Jenny went with the Linguine and Mussels while Alexa went with the Penne Arrabiata. All of them were outstanding. If you were sitting at the table it would have seemed quite normal to see two female couple who enjoyed sharing their meals with each other, though Sarah and Nikki were not quite as brazen as Jenny and Alexa who had the tendency to feed one another. Nikki and Sarah also learned one of the usual things that happens at Rosato’s, no one could finish their meal. “Are all the dishes this much?” Nikki asks. Jenny and Alexa laugh and say when they come here with their roommate, they tend to order two meals and three plates there is so much food.

The waitress appears again, with boxes in hand as well as an order of Tiramisu and espresso. Alexa and Jenny giggled as they ddn’t even have to ask who ordered it, because they knew how it worked at Rosato’s. Jenny explained to their new friends that her family had been coming here forever and were friends with the owner and he liked to do this for her family. The four women continue to enjoy a great conversation about their lives, the celebrities that Sarah and Nikki know and Alexa and Jenny’s life in Minneapolis. It was also the first-time Alexa had ever heard of Jamie-Lee Burke but she knew that soon she would be learning a lot more about her. Nikki shows the Americans a video of a costume party that they had been to a few weeks back. “That looks like a lot of fun!” Jenny states.

“Oh, they are. Charlotte puts on the best parties,” Sarah informs us.

“We need to get an invite to one of those.” Alexa says. ‘Our costume parties are limited to the two of us usually.” Alexa says in part because it is true and in part to tease her girlfriend. A bashful giggle comes out of Jenny.

“Well if you are in London and there is a party, you will definitely be invited” Nikki says. “I guarantee it” Sarah nods in agreement with her fiancé’s statement.

Soon dessert and coffee are finished and the four are basking in the glow of their well stuffed bellies. Alexa asks their new friends “Are you guys ready to head out? We can go to a bar or something.” she offers up.

“We are not of age yet to go to a bar in the states. We were going to ask if you could buy us some wine when you took us back to the hotel” Sarah states sheepishly.

“Not a problem, but if you don’t want to hang out in your room, you could come over to our place.” Jenny says. “We can always order up a cab to take you back to the Radisson. Unless you want to be alone.”

Nikki and Sarah look at each other and blush a bit, but the Americans can see a decision has been made without words being said. ‘That would be great” Sarah says.

Katie let out a long sigh as she slumped against the back wall of the elevator. Danny called, saying he had to cancel today because he was fighting the flu. She felt bad and almost made a beeline to play nurse maid, but Charlotte got on the phone and waived her off. “You don’t want to deal with this Katie. It’s pretty ugly.” So, Katie was happy to pick up the shift when Noelle called looking for someone to cover for her. But it had been a rough night. It started out bad because there was a Timberwolves game tonight, so she had lots of drunk men who were like children, and then she had a table with a very demanding woman whose food was never right. At least Jexy didn’t show up. That might have put her over the edge.

So, when the elevator doors opened and Katie heard the strains of Shania Twain coming from the end of the hall, she hung her head. She was hoping that her roommates had decided to have a quiet night at home. The music told her otherwise. Katie took a deep breath to prepare herself for what crazy game these two were up to tonight. Based on the song, she was convinced she was going to find the two of them dancing around in oversized men’s dress shirts and stilettos. However, when she opened the door she found four girls dancing around and singing. “Man, I feel like a woman!” came from the four women singing in unison, but a little off key. The mostly empty blender sitting on the dining room table explained the key of the singing.

Katie recognized the blonde singing to the one side and recognized her ‘sister’ singing away, while standing on the coffee table. She didn’t recognize the tall brunette that was singing with Alexa on the coffee table or the shorter girl who was playing off of Jenny. Soon the next song started. The opening stanza of that British girl band that Jexy was so into came across the Bose speaker. “Oooh Baby do you know what’s that worth!” The girl on the table suddenly yells “No! No! next song” The other three look at the girl. Katie picks up a British accent immediately coming from the girl. “I’m on vacation! I don’t need to hear these people sing!” She states and the other three begin laughing their heads off. Alexa was the first to notice that the third resident of the apartment has arrived.

“Katie!” an obviously drunk Alexa screams and runs over to her long-time BFF and basically jumps up on her. “Your home! Come in you gotta meet our new friends.” Cautiously Katie sheds her coat and follows Alexa into the main part of the apartment. “Katie, this is Nikki and Sarah. They’re from London. Sarah, Nikki this is our roommate and best big sister in the world Katie.” Greetings are exchanged and soon Katie see’s she has been offered a glass by Jenny.

“So,” Katie asks “How did you guys meet?”

Nikki, the taller of the two Brits begins. “We were at the Mall of America and we overheard Alexa bothering Jenny about going to the Disney store. We wanted to get my little sister a gift there and wasn't sure where it was so we asked if they could tell us where it was.” Jenny piped in next.

“And Alexa was being the annoying..” Nikki began giggling.

"I was not.” Alexa pouted. Sarah came over and the two British girls comforted Alexa. The two were giggling mostly, but it looked sympathetic.

Jenny continued “She was jumping up and down bugging me to go so I said fine and these two heard us. So, we took them over.” Alexa jumped in again

“This where it gets crazy. Tell her what you do Nikki”

Nikki straightens herself up a bit. “I’m the personal assistant for Out of Heaven.” A grin spreads across her face.

Katie’s slumps a little. Shopping, the Disney Store, Out of Heaven. This is too weird.

“Wait it gets better” Jenny tells Katie

Sarah starts in. “My mother is a gender counselor back in London and she has a friend over here and the two had talked.” Katie begins shaking her head. This can’t be possible she thinks. “And her friend asked my mother if we would meet with another couple who was like us. Turns out these two are the other couple.”

“Oh god! There’s two of you. Two Jexys.” Katie groans and slams what’s left in her glass before reaching for the blender. She empties the remaining contents into her glass.

“What did she just say?” Nikki asks.

“Jexy!” Jenny says. “It’s a nickname that Katie gave me and Lex.”

The two British girls giggle away. “Our friends call us Snikki.” Sarah informs the Americans.

Jenny and Alexa move close together and hold up their glasses and yell out “Snikki!” Sarah and Nikki follow suit and hold up their glasses and yell “Jexy!”

Katie just groans and slams the margarita in her hand. She grabs the empty blender and heads for the kitchen. “What did I do to deserve this?” She asks herself. ‘I’m definitely going to need more alcohol to get through this.”

Alexa laid on the pillow trying to decide if she was alive or dead. The groan coming from the blonde mound laying on her arm told her she was alive, but she wasn’t sure if this was the condition she want to be in. She tried to slide her arm out from under Jenny, but all Alexa accomplished was to wake her girlfriend. Other than the sounds of pots and pans rattling in the distance, Alexa can only hear groans and mumbling from her partner.

‘Tequila is banned in this apartment from now on” on she says. “My mouth tastes like a barroom floor” Alexa can’t even answer her. Alexa attempts to, but all it does is cause her pain. Jenny rolls over to snuggle up to her girlfriend. “What happened last night?” She asks.

After a few attempts Alexa is finally able to speak. “The last thing I remember is dancing on the coffee table with Nikki. That and how she didn’t want to hear Out of Heaven. I think that Katie was there.” Alexa replies. Jenny begins nodding her head at her soul mates’ observation before she stops and begins to whimper.

“My head is killing me. Do we have any aspirin or anything?” She asks. Alexa says she was hoping they had some cyanide so the suffering would end. It is at that point Alexa realizes that both of them are stretched out on top of the bed, naked as the day they were born and that the door to their room is open. She starts to get nervous about that, but there is no way she is getting up. She attempts to pull the comforter around her and Jenny without moving. Not an easy task

The next thing the two of them hear is Katie stumbling into the bathroom followed by a scream “Jenny get in here” Jenny’s eyes pop wide open. She tries to replay over in her mind what exactly happened last night.

“I remember showing Sarah and Nikki the closet and told them they could crash there and then I remember dragging you in here and us, having fun then, I. Oh shit. No wonder my mouth taste like this.” Alexa looks at Jenny as she is talking through what happened. ‘I threw up. All over the place. I remember Katie helping me because you wouldn’t move. You have to help me clean it up!”

‘No way. I’m not moving for the rest of the day.” Alexa says as she wraps the comforter around her body. Immediately she feels some piece of clothing land on top of her and being told by her girlfriend that if she is up, so is Alexa. Reluctantly, the brunette pulls herself out of bed and puts on her hockey jersey that is laying across the bed and grabs her robe. The couple draggs themselves into the bathroom, where Alexa almost gets sick. Jenny tells her girlfriend to go get the bucket and some cleaning solution. The two of them struggle but they get the bathroom cleaned up and then move off to the kitchen. By mutual agreement, they let their guests sleep as the pair enjoys the warm brown life giving elixir that Katie had started. They decide they should get cleaned up, and as much as the couple wants to shower together, they think it wiser if they go individually just in case Sarah and Nikki get up. Katie has already gone back to bed, saying her roommates had to deal with the mess.

While Jenny is in the shower, Alexa begins to take inventory of the living room and kitchen. It wasn’t too bad. There was one cracked glass and an almost empty pitcher of margaritas sitting on the dining room table. Alexa sees a nearly empty bottle of tequila and an empty bottle of mix. No wonder they feel like crap she thinks. Its then Alexa begins to wonder if Sarah and Nikki are OK. Alexa also finds a half-eaten pizza. From the receipt attached to it, it looks like they ordered it at 11:14. That gives her a time frame to reference. The four had left Rosato’s about 6:40 and hit the liquor store on their way back. That puts them at the apartment at a little after seven. Rality hits Alexa, “ Oh, my god! We must have been a complete mess.” She says out loud. She throws away the pizza and tries and straighten up the rest of the apartment.


Nikki moaned as she slowly opened her eyes. Even though the room was dimly lit, it was still far too bright for her sensitive skull.

"Mmph," the slender body wrapped around Nikki's tired form groaned as she shivered herself away. "...Nikki? Where- where are we?"

"Ugh, in a bed... I think," Nikki moaned, trying to force her shredded brain to remember the previous night's events. "We- we're at, um, Alexa and Jenny's place... I think?"

"That- that's ringing a bell," Sarah mumbled. "Ugh, like every other damn thing, feel like I've got Big Ben behind each eye..."

"I know the feeling," Nikki sighed. "How can we get THIS drunk when we're not even legally allowed to drink alcohol?" Sarah giggled at her fiancée’s joke, but even that simple action was enough to cause both women to frown in pain.

"...We've been worse in the past," Sarah moaned. "And Becky from uni says that if you stop getting hangovers, that's the sign that you're drinking too much, so we've not got anything to worry about."

"Yet," Nikki mumbled, eliciting more painful giggles from the two women. Suddenly, their attempt to relax was broken by the sound of a loud yell.

"Jenny! Get in here!" The loud American voice yelled, causing both Englishwomen to moan in pain.

"...Should we start worrying?" Nikki asked.

"Oh god," Sarah moaned. "I- I think I remember needing to use their toilet..."

"It's called a bathroom over here," Nikki mumbled. "And in fairness, it did have a bath in it- oh... God..."

"...Please say I actually got it in the toilet and not the bath," Sarah said, before breaking into a fit of giggles.

"What's so funny?" Nikki asked.

"Ugh, just thinking," Sarah chuckled. "Mum sent us over here to meet Alexa and Jenny and set a good example for them... We are SO not telling her about tonight, Ever."

"Deal," Nikki chuckled as she wrapped her arms around her fiancee's slender waist.

"...I really need some aspirin," Sarah laughed, unwrapping her fiancee's arms before slowly climbing out of bed, stretching her tired, pain-filled muscles and heading toward the door of the spare room.

“Alexa? Jenny?” Sarah whispers in obvious self-induced pain call. Alexa, being at the fridge, grabs two bottles of water and the aspirin from the counter and heads down the hall to see Sarah sticking her head out. She looks like she has had a rough night. Alexa tries to speak as softly as she can, and even that seemed to be a little loud for her new British friend.

“Do you have any water and aspirin?” Sarah asks as Alexa hands her both. A weary smile come across her face. “Thanks”

“If there is anything comfortable in there, feel free to put it on. I know we got some new toothbrushes I’ll leave them out for you.” Alexa tells Sarah, hoping to help the obviously hurting girls as much as she can.

“You’re an Angel Lex.” Sarah tells her.

“I wish” Alexa says “Not good looking enough.” Her comment earns her a giggle from Sarah which obviously caused the Englishwoman pain. Sarah shuts the door and Alexa turns and enters the bathroom. She digs out the two new toothbrushes and goes and checks on Jenny. She is sitting at the bottom of the tub, just letting the water run over her. Alexa strips off her jersey and a smile crosses Jenny’s face. Jenny pulls her girlfriend down to the bottom of the tub.

‘We are never drinking that much again.” She tells Alexa. But Alexa reminds her.

“We said that two weeks ago,”

The pair finishes getting cleaned up and gets dressed in leggings and throws on sweatshirts and heads back out to the living room where they each grab another cup of coffee and curl up on the couch with a blanket wrapped around them. It wasn’t long before they hear Sarah and Nikki moving around. A few minutes later, the two of them appear in the living room and plop down in the love seat next to the Minneapolitans. Nikki is the first to speak.

“Alexa, were you and I dancing on the table last night?” Alexa nods her head and makes a comment that they were pretty loaded. “We must have been. We posted it on Facebook last night.” Alexa reaches for Jenny’s iPad that is sitting there and logs on to Facebook. First there is notification of accepted friendships with Nikki and Sarah and then postings by both Nikki and Alexa of pictures from the night. There is a selfie of the four of girls with their tongues stuck out at the phone and then various shots of the four of them together and individually. The picture of Nikki and Alexa singing into a ladle while standing on the coffee table was pretty embarrassing to both girls.

‘Oh god” Alexa groans, “My mother is going to see that. Thank god Debbie and I aren’t friends on Facebook. Would have ruined the whole plan.” Jenny returns with two mugs of coffee for her guests.

“You are a life saver.” Sarah tells Jenny as she takes a sip and then goes on to reveal more of the night’s activities. “Well that’s not the only thing we did.” Sarah pulls out her phone and shows us several text messages. “We texted several of our friends back home.” Nikki asks who. “Jacinta, Steph, Lauren.” Sarah informs her.

“Oh god.” Nikki says in almost sheer panic as she reaches for her phone. She begins checking her call log. Looking at Sarah “I called Jamie at about 11:30 here, what time would that be?” As all four try and calculate the time difference, Nikki answers her own question. “That would be 5:30 at home. I have a missed call from Jamie at 5:30 here and a text that says ‘are you OK or drunk?’ She is going to be so mad when we get home.” Sarah giggles a bit. Jenny collapses back into Alexa and Sarah and Nikki cuddle even closer. After about an hour of lying about and laughing at the previous night’s events the it is decided to give the Brits a ride back to their hotel. Jenny asks them if they wanted to do anything today.

“We should or my mother will be upset we sat around the whole time.” Sarah states. The foursome devises a plan to do some minor sightseeing and then possibly head back to Nikki and Sarah’s hotel to sit in the hot tub. They all quickly change and then head to Jenny’s car for the drive back down to Bloomington. Jenny and Alexa go into the hotel’s restaurant and try and eat something while they wait for their new partners in crime. Forty-Five minutes later ‘Snikki’ joins Jexy and the Americans wait while the British girls try and eat something before they head out for another round of exploration of the Twin Cities.

"Hey girlies!" Jenny says as Sarah and Nikki enter the hotel restaurant. " How's that? Jenny asks with a giggle.

"Perfect" Sarah responds with her own giggle.

And while Sarah seems in better spirits, Nikki seems to still be fighting with the aftermath of the previous nights’ drinking. "You feeling OK Nikki?" Alexa asks

Nikki looks at her new friend "Used to the hangover. It's this." Nikki hands Alexa her phone. "It looks like Facebook isn't the only the only social media we posted to last night."

Alexa looks at Nikki's phone and sees a Twitter post by Nikki. The other three girls are tagged in the post followed by "Look out @OutOfHeaven". Below it was a 20 second video. Alexa hits play. It is a video of the four of girls singing the opening to 'Heaven is a Place on Earth'. Alexa slump a little as she listens to the alcohol fueled rendition of one of her favourite songs. It was then she notices a comment below it from @steph_abbott "Don't need the competition Nikki :-p"

As Alexa hands Nikki back her phone, she mumbles "I'm so bollocked when I get home.” Alexa quickly grabs her phone and opens Twitter. There she finds a tweet addressed to both her and Jenny from Stephanie Abbott! "Don't let Snikki corrupt you :-)". Alexa shows it to Jenny and then 'Snikki'.

Alexa squeals out in excitement "I can't believe Stephanie Abbott tweeted US!" Jenny is just as excited. Nikki and Sarah just laugh at their reaction.

The foursome spends the rest of the day hitting various other highlights around the Twin Cities, before returning the British couple to their hotel for a much-needed and well-earned night’s sleep.

"So, how many apologies am I going to have to give when I get home, d'you reckon?" Nikki asked her fiancée as the two tired women entered their hotel room after a long day with their new friends.

"Umm... All of them probably!" Sarah chuckled nervously. "Though you've got off lightly, all you have to apologise to is Jamie and Steph. Take a look at this." Nikki grimaced as Sarah held up her phone, on which was the notification 'missed call- Mum- 4:22 am'.

"Ouch," Nikki grimaced. "You- you didn't call her, did you?"

"No, thank god!" Sarah laughed. "Though next time we go on holiday I might have to unfriend her on Facebook just to be on the safe side... Thank god, the dragon doesn't allow Karl or Kerrie to have Facebook, THAT would take some explaining..."

"Ugh, reminds me..." Nikki groaned as she reached for her own phone. "...Ah, shit. Was worried about that."

"About what?" Sarah asked, before sighing as Nikki held up her phone, on which was the same video Nikki had posted to Twitter.

"I really need to turn cross-posting OFF," Nikki sighed. "Or just delete all my social media altogether. Smartphones should have, like, a breathalyser, something that stops you from posting when you're THAT drunk.

"Should take that on Dragon's Den, you'd be a millionaire within a week," Sarah laughed. “Speaking of… I may- may have been a bit too hard on Jenny, might have pre-judged her a bit harshly…”

“When you compared her to Dannii?” Nikki asked, smiling as her fiancée nodded. “To be fair, comparing ANYONE to Dannii is pre-judging them too harshly, hehe!”

"So true,” Sarah giggled, before letting out a long sigh. “So, then… What're we going to do with the rest of our Sunday?"

"What's left of it?" Nikki giggled, before planting a long, deep kiss on her fiancee's lips. "You really need to ask?" Sarah giggled as she reciprocated Nikki's kiss, and it wasn't long before the two women were underneath the bedcovers, locked in a passionate embrace...

Monday morning had finally arrived. Nikki and Sarah caught the train from the Mall of America and they met Alexa and Jenny downtown at a coffee shop to go over the plan for their little joke on Debbie. Jenny took control of the get together and started rehashing the plan the foursome made the night before. All four of them admitted they could not remember much of the original plan they devised Saturday night. The four of them got up from the table and exchanged hugs and wished each other luck. They also made a bet over who would break first. Alexa and Jenny had ordered up a cab to take Nikki and Sarah over to Debbie’s office for cover. Ten minutes after they left, Jenny and Alexa made their way to Jenny’s car and headed to Debbie’s office.

The couple are told by Nicole that they could head back and Jenny and Alexa entered the office of Dr. Burke to see our their friends sitting there on the couch. Alexa improvised right at that moment, giving an annoyed look at Sarah and Nikki as if they were in THEIR spot. Debbie got up and addressed her patient and her girlfriend. “Alexa and Jenny, I am so glad you came. I would like you to meet Sarah Phillips and Nikki Thomas. Nikki, Sarah let me introduce Jenny Thompson and Alexa Quinn. Why don’t we all sit.” Jenny and Alexa take the two chairs across from Sarah and Nikki. Making sure Deb isn’t looking, Alexa gives Nikki a quick wink as a signal to let the fun begin. Debbie begins. “Sarah is the daughter of a good friend of mine, who is a gender counselor in London. When I found out they were going to be here in Minneapolis, I thought it would be a chance for you two to meet others in a similar situation.”

“What situation would that be?’” Alexa asked, giving a fake stare down to the Brits across the way.

“Well”, Debs begins, ‘Like you and Jenny, they are a couple that is a woman and woman that used to be a man. As matter of fact they are engaged to be married latter this year”

Jenny took this one starring straight at Sarah. ‘Wow. Sarah I would have never known you used to be a boy. It looks so real. Did you have plastic surgery?”

“I beg your pardon!” Sarah hisses at Jenny’s comment. Debbie tries to reel the discussion back in.

“No Jenny, Nikki is the one who has transitioned into the lovely young woman you see sitting here. As a matter of fact, I think it might be good for Alexa to maybe talk with Nikki about some of the things she has gone through. Maybe give her some advice, and Jenny, I thought Sarah may be able to answer some of your questions about having a partner who has transitioned fully.” Nikki takes the next swipe,

“You mean that Alexa here still hasn’t had SRS? So, what’s the point of this meeting?”

Debbie looks confused by the question. “Like I said Nikki I thought you could give some advice to Alexa and let her know what lies ahead.”

Nikki looks at Alexa and gives a bit of a sneer, “The first bit advice is to tell Alexa here to get a better razor. That beard looks a little tough.” As planned Alexa reacts with anger.

“What did you say?” Alexa almost growls at her new friend.

Sarah spoke up next. “She said get a better razor. You look like Jon Hamm in makeup.”

Jenny jumped in next “You leave her alone. You probably used your mother to hypnotize or drug Nikki into thinking this is all real so you could play some little game.”

“Hypnotize me! I always wanted this and Sarah’s been nothing but supportive.” Nikki stands up almost screaming at Jenny. Now it’s Alexa’s turn to stand.

“You watch your tone with my girlfriend.” Alexa says accusingly to Nikki. This is Sarah’s cue to stand up.

“Oh, why don’t you go home and put on your French Maid outfit and serve the little queenie here!” Sarah says to Alexa. This gets Debbie a bit worked up.

“Sarah I am shocked, what would your mother say.” Debbie states alarmed by what is happening. Soon Jenny is standing almost growling at Sarah.

“What did you call me you cow!” The four of them stand there trying to stare each other down while a horror stricken Debbie looks on. Surprisingly Jenny is the first to break and begins giggling and soon the rest of them begin giggling and then came a gigantic group hug. Debbie’s confusion reached a new level.

Debbie finally spoke up “What is going on here?” she asked sternly, looking at Alexa.

“It was all a joke Debbie. We know each other already” Jenny states. The confusion runs deeper in the doctor.

“You know each other all ready?” Debbie asks.

‘Yes. We met at the Mall the other day.” Nikki explains. Debbie shot Alexa a look almost like her mother would “Big surprise there” she states, turning her look of disapproval towards Jenny. The two of Americans blush and giggle at Debbie’s disapproval.

“Yes, Sarah and I were standing outside a shoe store, trying to figure out where the Disney Store was when we herd Alexa here acting like a two-year-old bothering Jenny about going to the Disney Store.” Alexa blushes and giggles at the same time, as the disapproving look from Debbie moves back to Alexa. “They were nice enough to guide us over.”

Sarah then spoke up “I think Jenny just wanted someone along so Alexa didn’t go completely crazy. During our walk, Jenny discovers that we are looking for a gift for Nikki’s little sister, who happens to be named Jenny.”

Alexa chimes in ‘So while Jenny is in the store buying everything personalized with ‘Jenny’ on it.” Jenny slaps Alexa in the arm. ‘Ow! OK so it was just some Mouse Ears. While Jenny is getting the Mouse Ears, I begin talking to these two and I find out that Nikki is the PA for Out of Heaven, who Jenny and I love, plus we find out about this meeting.”

“We offered to show them around town, since we were going to be meeting them anyway.” Jenny says.

‘And so, what do you think of each other?” Debbie asks.

As if they were cued Sarah Nikki stand up and yell “Jexy” followed by Jenny and Alexa standing up and yelling “Snikki” and the four girls grasp hands high above their heads. Alexa looks over and sees Debbie with her head in her hands.

“Oh, God what have I started. I think Bev may kill me.”

They four had enjoyed a quiet dinner at Crave at the Mall of America. Even though they two couples had just met a few days before, they felt like they had known each other forever. After a quick toast to friendship, the foursome made their way down to Jenny’s car for the short drive over to MSP.

“You two didn’t have to give us ride to the airport.” Sarah told the two Americans.

“Sarah is right. You two have done too much for us already.” Nikki said, echoing the thoughts of her fiancée.

‘Forget about it. No one should have to take the train to catch the flight, besides what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t give you a lift.” Jenny told the British pair in the back.

Soon they were pulled up to the curb in front of Delta at Terminal 1. All four women got out of the car and exchanged hugs. Promises were made to stay in touch. “It was great meeting you guys. There is always a bed open for you at our place.” Alexa told Nikki as the two shared a hug.

“We would tell you the same, but our flat is about half the size of your apartment.” Nikki told Alexa. “We could get sleeping bags for you.”

“We’ll sleep wherever you can fit us.” Jenny said as she released Sarah from a hug. “We’ll be over after the wedding. If you two can break away from each other.” Jenny said with a knowing twinkle in her eye.

“You guys better come over.” Sarah said as she and Alexa shared a hug. ‘And good luck with everything Alexa. Don’t worry, you will see all your dreams come true, just like this one did.” As Sarah broke the hug and wrapped an arm around her fiancée.

Tearfully Jenny and Alexa piled into the car, not without one final wave. As they drove off, Jenny looked at Alexa. “I can’t believe how much fun we had this weekend.” Alexa nodded in agreement.

‘I hope we didn’t corrupt them by our drinking.” Alexa said. Laughing away.

“I don’t think there are any concerns there. It’s amazing how people can meet up under the oddest circumstances. Just think your whining about going to the Disney Store, even though we were at the Magic Kingdom just a few weeks ago, made us two great friends.”

‘I don’t whine!” Alexa tried to protest, but soon blushed as Jenny just looked at her. ‘OK a little, but you are right. What was that line Nikki said her friend told her ‘You can never have too many friends’? The two drove off smiling away and beginning their planning for their invasion of the UK.

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