Ginny's Story Chapter 11

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

Copyright© 2016 Karen Lockhart
All Rights Reserved.


It's funny how things happen


The next few days we went to the Lynn site. The site contractor showed up and so did the survey crew. I handled phone calls from the form company, scheduling them to show up in two weeks. Things were starting to pop!

I spoke with Kevin several times, but I didn't think Ellen had talked with Pete since he handed me my Pistol Permit. I came right out and asked Ellen about that, I'm nosy you know! She said that she and Pete had texted back and forth, and things were just fine.

Now I dug in, “Just how fine?” I asked. “I'd have thought the two of you were still playing tonsil tennis.”

That caused her to have a nice rosy, leaning to red, complexion.

“Oh crap Ginny, this is really new territory for me you know,” Ellen took a deep breath . Besides, Pete's been out around Pittsfield investigating a multiple murder.”

“So, he has more than Vinny Morales on his mind these days?” I asked.

Ellen didn't bother to answer.

Over dessert that night she said Pete was coming by Saturday night and taking her to dinner and a show in Boston.

I asked what show in town were they going to.

“Gilbert and Sullivan's 'HMS Pinafore', it's one of the light operas put on by Harvard University”

I pricked up my ears up at this. ”Gilbert and Sullivan, at Harvard? I didn't know they performed light opera.”

Ellen looked surprised, “You like Gilbert and Sullivan? You want me to ask Pete if he can get more tickets for Saturday Night?”

I smiled and said “Let me call Kevin to see if he's interested, if not, definitely one for me!”

I ran into the living room and called Kevin's cell phone. It took me a good ten minutes to convince him that he would enjoy himself, and I'd be there too.

Ellen sat down and raised her eyebrows. I gave her the thumbs up sign, and kept having phone sex with Kevin. I noticed Ellen had her phone out, and was making those funny faces while she spoke to Pete. We hung up at about the same time. “It's on!” she said.

Dinner was at 6pm and the opera started at 8pm, so we'd have to hustle from the restaurant to the show. Pete would make reservations at a restaurant near the theater. We should leave the condo by 5pm to make our reservation.

“Phew, you sound like a travel guide Ellen. Making sure we make our bus to the hotel.”

With that she threw a cushion at me. “Watch out, I know a cop!”

We started giggling so hard, at least I know I peed myself a little.

“We have a riding lesson first you know,” Ellen warned. “We should go to bed early tonight, I don't want to hear you snoring during the show!”

“Hey, I don't snore,” I said.

“How would you know, you're asleep!”

We watched the early 10pm news and went to bed.

Ellen and I were on the way north to Newbury at 9.30am sharp. Ellen informed me it was my turn to drive, so I packed up the Honda CRV with our riding gear and grooming kits.

Cathy was surprised to see Tina pull into the parking lot behind us. This resulted in a small gab fest that started at Ellen's horses' stall and ended up in front of Tina's stall.

The horse I was riding was in between those two. While tacking up with Cathy's show saddle, I asked her if I should think of buying my own silver show saddle.

Cathy laughed, “Why don't you wait and see how you do at the April show in West Springfield before spending several thousand dollars for a saddle; your riding outfit, hat, and boots will cost enough.”

I smiled, “Well, even if I don't show, the shirt is rather cute and so are the boots and spurs.”

Cathy looked at me, “Boots and spurs, want to borrow a whip too? Okay, let's get going, the arena is ours, Kevin can't make it today.”

That made me feel guilty; was he home so he'd be ready to leave on time that night? I hoped not. Anyway, our lesson was over in no time. If time flies, the lesson went well.

We brushed our horses, and made our goodbyes to Cathy, saying we'd see her next week. On the way home Tina stopped with us for a quick lunch at 466 on Route 1. Over the meal, Ellen and I told her of our plans that night in Boston.

Tina said she studied Gilbert and Sullivan in college. She thought we would also like 'Princess Ida' and 'The Mikado'.

When we arrived home, it was time to shower, put on our faces, and dress for our dates. It had been decided Kevin would come to the condo and we'd all go in Ellen's Explorer, with Pete driving.

We were seated a little early at the restaurant, and Ellen told the waiter of our time problem. She asked for no time between our salads and the main course.

The four of us arrived at the theater at 7.30, in plenty of time to get to our seats before the lights dimmed.

What a spectacular production was put on by the students! 'Pinafore' is a funny production, talking about the class differences in England as relating to the Royal Navy. The dialog is full of puns and the 'patter' songs are terrific!

On the way out during intermission, I picked up a brochure listing the other productions and dates. Right there and then I decided to attend another operetta.

The next production scheduled was 'The Mikado', probably the most liked of the light operas.

At the conclusion of the show, the actors returned for three encores before the curtains finally closed. This definitely earned Pete several kisses from Ellen and me!

On the ride home, we decided to attend 'The Mikado' in two weeks, We volunteered Pete to pick up the tickets, this time Kevin's treat.

We were in bed alone by midnight. Running through my head was the Admiral singing, “...and polish up the handle of the big front door!” I had to chuckle, times haven't changed that much in over 150 years.

Sunday dawned dark and drizzly, a good day to read the papers on the couch. About noon Ellen got a panicky phone call from Tina.

She was hysterical, crying so hard, Ellen couldn't understand her.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“She said something about a post card from him. I told her to come over here, I'd put on the tea kettle.”

In no more that fifteen minutes Tina was knocking at the front door. I opened the door, and she flew by me into the kitchen.

“What's this all about?” Ellen asked, “Why are you so upset?”

“Ellen, let her sit and gather her wits about her,” I scolded. “She's hysterical, the poor kid.”

In between sobs, Tina said, “I got this post card, look at it!”

She thrust the card at me, “Read it, go ahead, read it!”

I held the post card to the light, and dropped it in shock.

“Let me have it,” Ellen said, reaching across Tina.

“Oh my God! 'I love you, honey, don't forget.' Is this from whom I think it's from? Your father?”
Ellen turned it this way and that.

“There's no cancellation on this! I've got to call Pete right away!”

To be continued

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh, without her encouragement and assistance in correcting typos and punctuation, this story would not be possible.

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