Theresa's Trick

Vincent was getting ready for bed, he laid down and closed his eyes. Suddenly, he felt something very strange and before being able to check he opened his eyes and it was morning. Feeling very rested and comfortable, he sat up and stretched, ""

Vincent was oddly ready for the day, he got up made breakfast ad went to work. Work seemed to drag on and things didn't go great but he couldn't help but be extra happy no matter what happened. He drove past a store and decided to stop for some reason, inside he found himself looking through the clothing section. Searching, he was dissatisfied with everything and he left unhappy.

Vincent got home and made dinner for himself then felt uneasy being home alone so he decided, in a most rare thought, to go out to a bar. With his keys in hand, he left and went driving around to look for somewhere fun. After a while, he became overwhelmed with unhappiness. He couldn't find anywhere fun looking enough and his hunger for fun was unquenched. He got back home and went to bed, feeling a strong sadness. He couldn't help a few tears escaping him. Once again, he felt something very strange just before falling asleep and a dream came over him.

He woke up the next morning with an overpowering smile on his face, his eyes didn't want to open and he remembered something about his dream. He remembered being somewhere so soft and comfortable and relaxing. He remembered floating on a cloud that seemed to change colors in a slow calming way. Vincent tried to think of more details but the dream seemed to disappear quickly enough from his memory so he got up and got ready for work.

He stood in front of his bathroom mirror and began brushing his hair, it looked a little longer and he said to himself, "Wow, it's gotten so much longer than I well, it doesn't look too bad..." he stroked his hair for a while and then sat down on the toilet.

After going, he stood up and realized that wasn't something he normally did. He looked at his phone and saw he was late, "Oh shoot! I gotta go." he got to work and things seemed to get better. He found himself smiling more and talking to his coworkers a lot more than before. He shared a cubicle with a nice woman and he rarely talked to her but that day he couldn't seem to stop talking to her about strange yet interesting things.

Theresa was wearing a gorgeous dress and he complimented her on it, starting them on a conversation about fashion and her style. He asked her questions he's always wanted to ask women but didn't have the random opportunity to, things about makeup or why women liked wearing high heels so much. She explained some things to him and they laughed together about it.

Vincent left work and went right to the store again, this time he wondered around mentally examining women's fashion. He watched women as they looked through the clothes and became curious to see what options there were there. He soon stopped looking at the women there and looked through some dresses and tops himself. A worker walked over to him and asked if he needed any help, "Uh, oh no thank you. I'm looking for something for a friend's birthday." the woman smiled and tried to direct him to what he might be looking for, Vincent asked her about today's fashion and they had a conversation about it.

He ended up feeling guilty for lying to her so she found a pair of high heels and Vincent didn't want to tell her he didn't have anyone to give them to. He tried to walk away from the woman but she took them and said, "Oh, don't worry about those long lines up front. I'll ring you up right here." she was so helpful and sweet, he paid for them and walked out.

"I'll return these in a day or two, hopefully she won't be there when I do. Ohmygosh, that'll be embarrassing..." he said to himself as he got in the car. Driving past another store, he was curious again and went in. He again fond himself watching a woman sifting through clothes and when she left that area, he looked through the same rack.

He again was approached and again he got into a conversation about fashion, pretending he was buying something for his long time girlfriend. She helped him find a dress then talked to him about makeup, she brought him to a makeup kit that was on sale and she put it in his hands, "Your girlfriend will love this one, it's been one of our best sellers. And it's the last one, so she'll be so lucky to have it."

He tried to walk away from her and pretend to go to the register but just like before she was trying to help him, "I got you covered. Here's my register." she rung his items up and he paid reluctantly.

Leaving the store he thought things were strangely interesting. Vincent drove back toward his apartment and on the way, he got that same curiosity and stopped in a convenience store. He bought adrink and some gum, then in line he looked at the cigarettes behind the counter. He had always been very strongly against smokers and it was so weird that he was looking at them without feeling hate for them. His turn to pay came up and he pushed his stuff forward then said, "Umm...can I...uh, can I have a pack of..." he stumbled through his words then as if something took over his mouth he spoke again, "Can I have a pack of Misty 120's and one of these lighters?" the young woman grabbed them and rang them up.

He paid and walked out, completely unsure what just happened. He drove straight home, not sure why he made so many purchases and even more unsure why he liked it so much.

Once home, he watched tv and mindlessly flipped through channels. After a while, he looked over at the bags of things he bought and became curious. He slipped the shoes out and held them, they were shiny pink high heels and Vincent noticed something odd just then. They matched the dress he accidentally bought. He pulled it out and realized they were the exact same shade of pink and seemed to be the perfect outfit.

"Geez, now I just need a bra and panties to finish the outfit, haha." he said to himself and put it back in the bag. "Oh well, I'll have to take these back tomorrow..."

He then went to his room and laid down, quickly falling asleep. This time he was dreaming, he saw the color pink all over like in the clouds and wherever things were colored. He looked down and saw he was walking confidently in the high heels he bought. That seemed normal for some reason and he then looked at his arm and hanging down was a pink purse and he then realized he was wearing that pretty pink dress. People were looking at him as he walked down the street and he felt his teased up hair bounce and tickle his shoulders as he went. Over a short while, the confidence that the dream gave him seemed to take over and he felt so right.

He walked into a store and a woman came up to him, it was his coworker. Theresa kissed his cheek and guided him to the clothing section of the store. They talked about stuff and giggled as they shuffled through different clothes. He found himself knowing what to say and looking through bras, seeing many before coming to one he really liked. "What do ya think, Theres?" he held it up to his chest and Theresa smiled,
"Love it, Bitch."

He then slowly faded into reality and woke up laying in his bed. He thought deeply abut how the dream made him feel until it dawned on him that it wasn't normal for him to dream like that, then he realized he had to get to work soon. He got into the bathroom and looked at his face, "Gosh I look so pale and...sickly..." he said before grabbing something to eat and and darting out the door.

At work, Theresa talked to his ear off. She talked about how her boyfriend didn't get her clothes obsession and how she wished her boyfriend was more like Vincent. After lunch, Vincent reluctantly decided to tell her about his dream. She said she loved that idea, "You should totally come dress shopping with me. We can pick out bras and talk about cute boys." Vincent laughed that comment off but was kind of embarrassed, he changed the subject and they finished the work day.

Vincent walked toward his car and Theresa caught up to him, "Hey. Hey, V. I need to ask you something, it's funny you had a dream about us meeting outside of work. I need someone to go out with tonight, my boyfriend refuses to go and I really don't want to go alone. Please?" she was desperate and he had such a hard time saying no so he was going to meet her at a bar then do something, she wouldn't tell him what it was. They planned to meet at 8 that night.

He got to his apartment and immediately went to his room and laid down, the dress and high heels were out. He looked at them oddly, realizing he didn't leave them out. "What the heck?" he sat up and examined them. They were so pretty and something wouldn't stop running through his mind, he wondered what it would be like to put them on. 'What would it feel like to act like a woman, just for once' he thought to himself.

Vincent looked around as if to check and make sure no one was watching then picked up the dress, he popped it over his head and slid it down to see how it fit. He then sat down and pushed the high heel on and then the other. Standing up, he walked to the other end of the room and had no trouble. Then something reminded him that he purchased cigarettes too. He looked through the bad and found them, holding the pack up he felt excitement like never before. But also felt a very strange comfort, like a deja vu. He looked closely at his feet and felt like he'd done that before.
Vincent walked into the bathroom, his hips swayed in the most feminine way and his hands rose in a girly way. He reached the bathroom mirror and looked at himself, "What am I doing?" he mumbled as he just then noticed his hair was longer than he thought, it was past his shoulders. He never let it grow that long but for some reason comfort came over him as his hair seemed to add to his look. He opened the second drawer and was absolutely shocked to see something he never bought.

There in that drawer was a clear bag full of makeup, he saw lipstick, nail polish and brushes through the side. He picked it up and opened it, taking out the foundation. He began applying it to his face as if it was an everyday routine. "How on earth...what am I doing?" he said while applying more and more makeup. He got to the lipstick, a bright red shade, and slid it across his pouty lips. He then instinctively struck a pose, "...holy cow. I look...I'm not that bad looking...I think..." he didn't even look down at his hands moving almost on their own, they unraveled the pack of cigarettes. "I don't...smoke..." he whispered as he looked at them.

Just then there was a knock at the door, Vincent jumped nearly to the ceiling. H ran down the stairs and leaned on the door, "Who is it?" he loudly asked.

"V? It's Theresa, can I come in?" he was terrified she'd see him dressed up like that.

"Theresa?! Yeah, uhh, hold on though. I'll be right back. Just, just wait a sec."

He ran upstairs and tore those clothes off and changed into other clothes. He then dashed down stairs and opened the door, out of breath and looking nervous.

"Woah, you okay? Did I interrupt something?" she laughed and walked in.

"Me? Oh no no no. I was just getting dressed...what's going on?" she sat down and looked around. "Oh nothing, I just thought we could go from here." she picked up the pack of cigarettes and held them up, "You smoke?? I thought you were the one who got smokeing banned from the office. Dirty little secret?" he grabbed them and tossed them in a trash can near them.

"No, no not at all. Someone must have...someone must have left them there. They're not mine." she giggled and they talked for a few minutes. Theresa asked him what he thought of her dress, he said he liked it.

"Well, V...I was wondering if we could stay here. Just for a little bit, maybe have a drink and talk? What do ya say?"
Vincent walked into the other room, getting two glasses and a pitcher of iced tea. "Yeah, we can sit for a little while. Here, here's a drink. I'll be right back, I have to...check on something. I'll be right back."

He walked up the stairs and she quickly grabbed both glasses. She looked to see he was completely gone and sprinkled powder in one glass then filled both with iced tea. He came down a minute later, his face was wet and red. "I just had to...there was something on my face. How are you? You ok?" she smiled and nodded. He sat next to her and picked up the glass, sipping slowly.

They talked about fashion just like at work and he was more fascinated than usual. Theresa looked at his hair ans said, "Ya know, you'd look really good if you did something with your hair." Vincent blushed a little and responded, "What? No. Ya think?"
She pulled a brush from her purse and stood behind him, brushing his long hair, "Oh honey, I could do so much with your hair. Have you ever thought about dying it? Or...maybe a perm or something?"

He dismissed the perm or coloring idea but it felt so good to have her playing with his hair, he just sat there relaxing. His eyes closed and he quickly shook his head, then he blinked slowly and then his eyes closed and stayed closed. Theresa began humming softly and gently touched his face to see if he was awake, "V?" she whispered.

Theresa put the brush down and picked her phone up, "Hello, Jenny? He's asleep, come on over, let's get started."
Her friend Jenny came over and they propped Vincent on his couch, tying his hands and feet together. Theresa stuck him with three needles and then she began covering his hair with blonde hair dye.

Hours later, Vincent sat up and looked around, "Wha...what happened?" He stood up and stumbled over to his bathroom and looked at his image. He twirled his finger in his curly blonde hair and smiled, "Something' I think..." he said to himself then forgot about that thought as he turned away from his image. Then he saw a note that read

"Hey honey,
You fell asleep, I hope you feel better. Anyway, I left you a little present on the counter, check it out.
Love, Theresa"

On the counter was a bag, he dumped the contents out and looked at the stuff. There were brushes, all kinds of makeup, hair bands, cigarettes, lighters and a memory card.

Vincent had no idea what to think about tall of this, he walked away from it, wondering if Theresa had left him the wrong package for him. Then he walked back to the mirror and stared for a moment, " Something...OHMYGOSH!! My hair! What happened??!!" He yelled, finally realizing the difference.

He touched his long locks and moved closer to the mirror, hoping it was an imagination or something. He twirled his hair around his finger and unintentionally giggled. "How on that for real? My...I'm a blonde?"

He went back to that bag and grabbed the brush and quickly gravitated back to the mirror, he started brushing his now platinum blonde hair. Something was making it hard for him to think clearly, he couldn't really fight that as he watched the reflection in the mirror.

He slowly walked back to the bag and gathered everything in the bag and brought it all to the mirror. Curiosity slowly clouded his mind and he picked up a hair band, he pulled his hair up on one side then on the other. Looking at the reflection, he wondered why he put his hair in pigtails but then another surprise stole his attention in a terrifying way.
He followed his hair down to his chest, where he suddenly noticed he had puffy nipples and some swelling that looked oddly like breasts.

"Umm...what's..." he squeezed his chest and lifted his shirt up. He felt his sensitive chest and couldn't even think of what to say as he now had what looked like boobs, "What is happening to me?!" He dropped his shirt and went to get his phone.
Quickly he dialed his boss, "Hey, Lester? I'm so sorry but I had some personal problems today and won't be able to be in."

"Alright, Vincent. Is everything ok?" Lester responded and Vincent answered, "No, thank you very much though. I'll explain when I see you, everything's ok. Thanks again. Bye."

He hung up and ran back to the mirror. "What the! What am I gonna do!??" just then he got a text from Theresa. "Hey, V. Are you ok?"
He was furious at her, realizing she left the bag for him. "Did you do this to me?" he sent back. Vincent stared at the mirror and examined how the shadows looked on his budding breasts, trying to find a way to hide them if he needed to go out.

"What do you mean, Sweetie? Don't you like the present I left for you?" he read that text and wanted to throw his phone. "Are you kidding me!?" he yelled and looked for an old t shirt that was way too small. He put a shirt on that squeezed his chest down and then put on a sweat shirt, "Well...this is a start, I guess..." he called his doctor and requested an emergency visit then quickly left.

At the office, he waited nervously for over an hour in the waiting room. Finally his name was called and he went back to the room with his Dr.
She walked in and asked, "So, Mr. Verona, how are we today? What's wrong?" he looked at her angrily and responded by lifting the shirts covering him up.

"Oh..." she said in shock. "When did you decide to transition?" she said robotically.
"I didn't! I need your help! Someone drugged me or something...I need to reverse this...or cut them off or something...Umm...can you help me?" he was nearly in tears and lowered his shirts. The Dr looked at his chest and she leaned back, "Well, it seems reversible. It'll take some time though. I'll come up with a plan of action and get back to you soon, ok?"
Vincent jumped up with a giant smile, "Oh thank you, Dr. Adams! That's so great to hear!" He left with hope that things could be returned to normalcy.

Once home, he tried to relax and watch TV. He looked at his phone and read the text from Theresa then responded finally.
"Why did you leave me that bag? What did you do to me?" He put his phone down and not even a minute later it buzzed.

"I want you to be happy, you'll love what's coming next."

He read that in terror and didn't reply. 'What else could she do' he thought to himself and sat down to watch TV.
After a while, he was craving something but didn't know what. He started feeling jittery and annoyed at everything, unable to sit still and eventually going to the bathroom where he left the bag Theresa left for him. He looked through it all, picking up the different makeup. He looked in the mirror, seeing his hands holding the lipstick sent electricity through his body. He looked down and saw his puffy nipples were hard and visible and he couldn't help thinking something was beyond sexy about the stuff in the bag.

"What's going on with me?" he said as he moved close to the mirror, staring at his lips.
"This is so...umm..." his hand nervously opened the lipstick tube and he sniffed it then slowly looked at his reflection. He watched himself slowly slide it across his lips. Something then happened to him that was unexplainable, muscle memory seemed to take over and he applied more makeup. Twenty minutes later, he stopped and looked in the mirror and saw what he had done.

"" he was shocked that he just seemingly had no control over what he did but he was also shocked that he did such a good job with makeup. Then he did something else that had him scared, he reached down and picked up the pack of cigarettes. They were Capri 120's and he unwrapped the pack without even thinking about it. As if he was so used to doing that, he tapped one out and put it to his painted lips.

"What the hell? I don't smoke..." he said as he looked at his image in the mirror. He knew that wasn't right but seeing his pretty face, long blonde hair and that long white thin cigarette between his lips was turning him on like nothing else ever has.

He took the cigarette out of his mouth and held it between his fingers like a girl, finding it easy and erotic to pretend to be a woman. Without realizing it, he found himself entertaining himself by watching his reflection act like a woman, smiling and posing.

"Got a light, Hun?" he said in his most feminine voice. He held the cigarette between his lips and held it toward the mirror as if he was waiting for someone to light it for him. He then smiled and picked up a lighter and one of the pills from the bag.

He put the pills in his mouth and drank from the sink to swallow them. Then he realized he was holding a lighter up to his face, "Wait...what am I doing? This isn't right..." the lighter clicked and a flame grew from it. He watched that, knowing he couldn't smoke.

Vincent reached down with the hand holding the cigarette and squeezed his breast, "...ohmygawd..." he moaned quietly. His eyes closed and instinctively the cigarette was put to his lips and the lighter was brought up, burning the tip. He sucked in and pleasure poured through his body with such vigor, he couldn't contain himself. "Holy fucking shit!" those words seemed perfect and he had no ability to think about why the stuff he was doing wasn't under his own control.

Vincent looked at his reflection and thought to himself, 'that woman looks so sexy...' then he sucked on his cigarette again. He watched the mirror as he smoked more and more, not caring that before that day he was a strict non smoker. He picked up the pack of cigarettes and walked back to his couch and put on a soap opera, "What is happening to me?" he said while smoking.
A few hours later, he heard a knock at his door. Nervously he asked through the door who it was, Theresa answered and he opened the door.

"You! Get in here!" she walked in confidently and Vincent stood there, holding a cigarette between his fingers which were painted pink and purple. The tight undershirt he was wearing wasn't enough to cover his breasts and he looked like he was crying.
"You need to tell me what you did and how I can fix it!" Vincent shouted as Theresa sat down on his couch, lighting a cigarette.

"That's not very lady like, honey." she said. He grew so angry he wanted to throw her out the window. "I'M NOT A LADY! bitch!" he yelled and began tearing up.

"Well, it seems like you don't want me to tell you how to change back. I'll just leave if you're going to yell at me. Bye." she stood up and began to walk toward the door.

"Wait! Ok...ok, I'll calm down. me..." he said in a much calmer tone. Theresa stopped and smiled as she turned back to him. "Good, honey. I'm glad we understand who's in fucking charge here. You will be respecful and do pretty much every fucking thing I tell you to or else you'll be stuck being the little bitch you are. Got it, Cunt?" she blew smoke in his face and watched him uncontrollably suck on his cigarette.
Vincent quietly answered yes and she kissed his cheek, "Now that we got that settled, let's get you made up all pretty. You and I are going out tonight." He turned beat red as he heard her say that, "You...we...I can't go out this?!"

"You're going to look perfect and I have something that will help you." she quickly stuck a needle in his shoulder and pushed him back onto the couch.

Dizziness overtook him and she led him to the bathroom, Theresa decided he was going to be the dumb fuckable ditz. She made him up with way too much makeup and made sure to dress him in a way that showed off his now nearly flawless feminine body. He didn't realize that she conditioned him to take hormones without even knowing it so his body kept conforming to her plans.

He sucked on his cigarette and watched as she dressed him, not fully aware that any of it was real. He smiled as she formed his face and giggled as she dressed him in tight clothes.

A while later, they were both walking out to Theresa's car. Vincent was barely able to speak and Theresa knew she had him exactly where she wanted him.

They drove to a bar and got out, walking inside and going right to a couch in a dark corner. Vincent sat there looking around and Theresa ordered drinks for them both, she then leaned close to Vincent and whispered, "Honey, you look beautiful. And by the way, for tonight you're Candi with an I. If you fuck up and don't answer to that name or try to tell anyone you're real name, I'll make you suck every dick in this room." Vincent teared up and through a cracking voice said, "...Candi..."

"Hell, I might make Candi suck a few dicks just to teach you that I can." Vincent looked at her horrified. He sucked on his cigarette and sipped his drink. "Please...don't. I'll...I'll be good. I'm Candi...with an I."

A woman from across the room pointed to them and walked over, "Theresa? I'm so glad you're here. How the hell have you been, Bitch? It's been way too long." they hugged and sat down. "Who's the bimbo?" the woman asked.

"Steph, this is Candi. Candi, this is Stephanie. " Vincent meekly replied with a quiet hello and she laughed at him. "Is she your new...toy? What happened to Renee?" Theresa gave a smirk.

"She found a man...or men. Dumb slut couldn't shut her legs. Yeah, Candi here is a beginner. I'm gonna get her started tonight and see what happens." They chatted for a while while Vincent sat there trying not to do anything to get himself in trouble with Theresa, who made sure to keep massaging his leg and shoulders. He was scared but some things were making him feel more and more comfortable as the night wore on.
After a few drinks, Vincent found himself dancing in his seat to the music and looking around at the people there. He watched as a few men and women stared at him, he even got a drink from a guy. He smiled at the guy and accepted it, not even thinking about how much he didn't want to be dressed that way.

Theresa whispered to him, "Go to the bar and bring us three drinks, Candi." He got up and made his way to the bar, "Can...Can I get three sangrias p-please?" he asked the bartender.

He smiled at Vincent, "You got it. What's your name, sweetheart?" Vincent felt his cheeks turn red and replied, "I'm Candi...with an I." the bartender then asked, "Candi with an I, that's cute. You here with anyone?" Vincent was completely lost in everything Theresa exposed him to and he smiled, "Me? N-no, I'm just here with my girlfriend..." He smiled at Vincent and made three sangrias. As he handed them to Candi, he said, "Well, Candi, if you get lonely...I'm Vince."

Vincent stood there for a minute, looking at the man and admiring the come on. He walked away, smiling and thinking about how good it felt to become Candi. He got back to the table and Theresa and Stephanie weren't there.

Vincent looked around and felt very scared, he sat down and sipped his drink. The music grew quieter and he felt so awkward and small. A man came over and sat down next to Candi, "Hey, baby. You look lonely, you want some company?" he touched her leg and leaned close.

"No thank you, I'm just waiting for my girlfriend." she tried to back away but his hand gripped her leg and pulled her close. "Just let this happen, babygirl." he leaned forward and closed his eyes. Candi backed away and said, "Umm, I don't know who you are and I don't want to do anything...with you..." the man wrapped his arms around Candi and forced her so close he was in her face and he kissed her on the lips. Candi tried to pry herself from him but she was so weak she had no choice but to bend to his strength.

Just then, the bartender, Vince, came over and tapped the man on the shoulder, "Hey guy, I think the lady doesn't want you touching her. Take the hint."

The man turned and was about to say something when Vince calmly touched his neck and he winced in pain. "Take a walk, buddy." Vince let go and the man walked away, mumbling angry things.

"I'm sorry, Candi. Some guys are assholes." Candi thanked him and couldn't help smiling, she was overcome with emotions and Vince seemed like the knight in shining armor type of guy. She was tipsy and she said, "Oh Vince, how can I thank you?" She put a cigarette between her lips and he reached over and lit it for her.

She sucked slowly, staring right into his eyes, "Well you could thank me by taking a walk with me. I just got off my shift." Candi felt all her thoughts drift away and she smiled at him, "I could...I could take a walk." she said meekly.

They walked out the front door and Theresa watched, sitting across the room hiding from Candi. " Ha, Candi just left with Vince, that bartender. He's gonna love fucking the shit out of her." The two women laughed and toasted to a successful transition.
Meanwhile, Vince walked Candi down a dark street. "So...have you worked there long?" She said, while involuntarily reaching over and taking his arm in her's.

"I've been working at the bar for a few years. Actually Theresa, your friend, is a business partner of mine. She got me the job." Candi was so focused on the strange erotic electricity she felt from letting him lead her around that she ignored what he just said. She smiled and said, "Oh yeah? That'"

Vince led her to an apartment building, "Well this is my place." she looked up at it and asked, "Oh wow, what floor do you live on?" he pointed to the highest window. She awkwardly said, "Well, I you want to...are you going in?"
"Yeah...would you like to come in? Just for a coffee or...something?" She looked concerned and replied, "I probably shouldn't...I mean, I want to...kinda...maybe... but-"

She turned away to look where she'd come from and quickly she felt a strong arm wrapping around her waist, he pulled her close and kissed her passionately. At first she tried to pull away and slowly she melted into the long sexy kiss. Her sounds of distress dissolved into sighs as she closed her eyes and kissed him back.

"I...I couldn't help that.'re so beautiful and sweet. I understand completely if you're upset, I just had to know what it's like to..." he caressed her cheek so gently and stared deep into her eyes, "...I just had to feel your body close to mine. I had to feel your on mine. I just had to know if you'd...kiss me back." Candi's mind was spinning, she wanted to tell him the truth about what had happened to her and who she really was but the more he touched her and spoke softly to her, the more she loved the attention. She then spoke,
"You shouldn't think I'm...beautiful?" he took her hand and guided her to his doorway and motioned for her to walk in. "I probably shouldn't be doing this..." she said while letting him lead her to his apartment and inside, locking the door behind them.

She sat down on his couch and he sat very close to her, "Can I get you something to drink?" he said then took her hand and kissed it gently and sweetly. He kissed her wrist and up her arm, Candi tried to think or say something or do anything but he made her feel so weak and helpless. She watched his face glide up til he kissed his way to her neck, he began sucking delicately. Candi's eyes closed and she quickly became putty in his hands.

Vince reached over and put his arms around her shoulder, pulling her closer. She had absolutely no will power and moved for him, he slid his tongue along her neck. She whispered, "...fuck..." she then reached for his face and flowed into a sultry kiss. His hand snuck down to her dress. His lips found her earlobe and he whispered, "I want you..." Candi sighed and reached up, covering his hand with hers. Her mind was racing with nerves and erotic tension as she uncontrollably pushed his hand up to her breast.

Their lips met vigorously and both began kissing more ferociously, Vince's hand squeezed her breast with such power. She leaned back and she watched Vince's face fall into her sexy bra, he kissed all around it before pushing her nipple out. She moaned sharply and wrapped her arm around his head as he caressed her nipple with his lips.

Candi pulled his body closer to her's, almost on top of her. "...holy fucking shit...mmm..." she moaned softly and lifted her dress up around her waist. She then reached down and unbuttoned his pants, massaging his bulging dick through his underwear.

A sly sexy smile came over her face as she knelt down and pulled his pants down. She reached over and took out a cigarette. Her mind was so lost in the spell and the moment and his compliments that she gave in totally, She sucked on her cigarette and blew the smoke all around his cock. She knew what she was doing and could not stop herself, sliding her tongue along the shaft of his cock and teasing him.

"Do to suck your cock?" she whispered, blowing smoke toward her big tits, "Or do you want me to titty fuck you? I'll do whatever you want, lover." He didn't say a word, he pushed his hard dick between her breasts and she began sliding it up and down.
She kept blowing smoke around his cock while massaging it with her massive boobs, squeezing them together. She then slid the head of his cock in her mouth every time it came up to her luscious lips, hoping to make him cum.

He stiffened up and mumbled, "Theresa did a fucking great job with you, Slut." Candi stopped when she heard that. "What? Did a good job of what? Ohmygawd! Did she do this to me for you?" Vince looked down, in the heat of things and replied, "What no, just...don't stop.I'm almost done then we can talk." Candi backed up and Vince leaned down and grabbed her harshly. He pulled her back to where she was.

"I said don't fucking stop, you dumb cunt! I didn't pay for you to stop. Shit!" She was terrified as she realized everything was set up for a reason and that he paid for her. "...I'm...I'm not a..." he didn't let her finish her words, grabbing the back of her head and forcing her face down to his throbbing dick. He shoved her so hard that she tried to scream but his dick muffled her sounds and she didn't stop him out of fear.

She slid his cock in her mouth and he moaned quietly, "That's good, keep sucking." He then slid his dick out of her mouth, "Now get on the couch. Lay down so I can fuck you. I want that pussy." he shouted and she jumped up, obeying. She had tears coming from her eyes causing her mascara to run.

He climbed on top of her and harshly slid his dick in her pussy, she grunted in pain as he began fucking her faster and faster. "Baby, I know about you. I know who you are." Vince said while continuing to fuck her, "I also know that the spell Theresa put you under can be permanent." Candi was so completely terrified, she sucked on her cigarette and said, "Wh...what? No. How?"
Vince laughed and buried his face in her bosoms, "I'll tell you how if you make love to me. I want to hear you moan and beg me like the dirty little dick slut you look like. Baby? If you make it really good, I'll tell you how you can change this spell." Candi smiled and hugged him.
She kissed him and whispered, "Mygawd, I want every inch of your amazing dick inside me! Fuck me harder!" She sucked on her cigarette and placed it in an ash tray next to the couch. Vince kissed her neck, "Beg me to cum inside you. Tell me you're my cock whore." She looked up at him and with such desire she replied, "Yes baby! I am your cock whore! I love your hard cock fucking me! Mmm...keep going!" She closed her eyes and felt him thrust deeper in her.

Candi started moaning and she didn't want him to stop, she didn't care if he told her how to change back or if she had to stay with him. All she wanted was to keep feeling his hard dick sliding in and out of her, her pussy was on fire and he was starting to satisfy her.

"Do you want me to stop?" he said through thrusts.

"For fuck's sake, NO! Don't stop!" she answered. She reached up and held his face, "I want you so bad! I need keep fucking the shit out of me..."

Vince wrapped his arms around her and leaned his lips to her ear and whispered, "If I stop right'll change you want stop sliding my hard cock in you?"

She heard him and lost all control over her senses or cares, "I don't fucking care...don't stop! My gawd, don't stop making love to me! I need your cock! I'm your cock slut...ffffforrrr...evvvvverrr..."

Just as she said that, he pushed his hips into hers harder and harder and his cock stiffened even more, "Ohmygawd I'm cumming! Tell me you want me to fucking cum in you!"

Candi didn't even think for herself, "Oh baby! Yes! Please, honey, please cum in me! Fill my fucking pussy with your hot mother fucking load! I need it!" she screamed as she felt him shove his hips into hers and his dick shot his cum in her.

She felt electric as Vince's cum pumped in her for what seemed like hours and just as he finished and pulled his dick out Candi felt her body finally relaxing, "Holy motherfucking shit that felt fucking amazing..." she said through deep breaths as she regained her mind slowly.
She reached over and took her cigarette, sucking in happily.

"Candi, babe?" he whispered as she laid there with a smile plastered on her face, "Yes, honey?"
He then confessed, "Honey, do you want to know how to change back? Or rather how the spell becomes permanent?" she sucked on her cigarette and blew smoke straight up in the air and responded carelessly, "Please tell me, babe."
"If you let someone cum inside you...the spell becomes permanent."

Candi stopped and shot up, "Umm...what...the fuck...did you just say?" she looked over at him.

"'re stuck in that body...for good." he laughed a little and kissed her cheek. Candi pushed him away, "OHMYGAWD! You mean to tell me I'm...I'm never gonna go back to my old life? You fuckin asshole! Dammit! What the fuck!"

Vince wrapped his arm around her and said, "You're so cute when you're angry." She shoved his arm off her and sat up. "I need to get out of here." she said as she reached down for her clothes, Vince grabbed her and began kissing her neck. As much as she thought about stopping him, she couldn't get her body to comply. She closed her eyes and her hands uncontrollably found his body and she sighed.
"I have to...leave...soon...maybe..." he laughed and whispered, "Stay the night..."

His tongue slid along her neck and slowly moved up to her lips and she felt him guide her into a passionate kiss. "Lets go to our room." He took her hand and she spoke, "No, babe, I really shouldn't stay..." she let him lead her to the bedroom and with a laugh she said, "I'll just stay for a..." he cut her words off by kissing her hard and passionately, his hands roughly squeezing her giant tits.

"Mmmm...don't do that...shit that feels fucking...good..." he massaged her nipples and looked her in the eyes, his dick was hard again and he whispered, "Let's make love..." she smiled, "You think I'm just gonna do whatever you tell me to, Hun?"

He kissed her passionately, "I'll night then..." he pushed her legs apart and massaged her thighs, "You're never going to leave." he whispered. She tried to think about leaving and changing back or trying to get her old life back but with each touch, he made more of her memories disappear.

"I want night then I'll..." he slid his fingers slowly in her pussy. "Where are you gonna go, girl?" he said confidently.
She looked into his eyes and smiled slowly, "No where, baby. No where. I'm not going to leave you...ever..." she kissed him and gently rolled over, guiding him on top of her. "I love you, baby. I never want to leave here. I want you to be with me always." she whispered then reached down and guided his dick to her wet pussy lips. "Please fuck the shit out of me, baby? Please. I need your cock inside me. I need you to fuck me. Make me your's. Take me."

Vince kissed her passionately and whispered, "I love you too, princess." he then slid his lips down to her giant breasts, kissing them and fucking her faster and faster. He knew she gave in and would never again remember her old life. She let him make love to her and cum inside her,

Candi then leaned down and sucked his dick clean.
Later that night Vince went out and bought a pregnancy test for his girlfriend and she freaked out when it came out positive. She was going to be a mother.

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