Spring Break 4 Just One of the Girls

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Spring Break – 4
Just one of the Girls

By Jessica C

It is mind blowing to dive into the ocean swimming to shore and then onto the beach in March. That is almost as big of a dream as me being here as Marti with Sandy and Hannah acting like sisters.

None of us want to go up to the condo quite yet, but we’re to have dinner with their parents as well as Lela’s folks. It helped having sun protection from burning, but my girly tan is still there, and now even deeper. We shower and get dressed. I like how the golden yellow skirt and white blouse go nicely with my tan. Sandy uses makeup on my breasts so they match my tan.

I can’t believe that my soft blue bra shows through or that Sandy says that’s good. If I were not taken with how nice it looks, I’d change it, because as Marty I’m a bit embarrassed.

Mr. Sparks has a rental car for us that he picks us up in. We go to a nice place to eat. Papa Sparks says called in reservations before we left South Carolina. All the good looking guys in this restaurant either have a woman with them or are waiters. Crossing the restaurant going to the women’s room; I have my first experience with a dirty old man pressing against me as he squeezes passed me. He had plenty of room and Hannah asked him to keep his hands to himself as he passed her.

Hannah tells me in the women’s room, “It’s good at times to speak up so they don’t continue.” I wanted too but was afraid of causing a scene where my identity might become known. She says, “I know you’re in an awkward position. If you decide to hit someone like him try to slap him like a woman.”

Back at the condo, there sleeping areas each with queen size beds and a long couch in the main living area. I thought I’d be sleeping on the couch or the floor with there being four of us. But Lela’s with Hannah and I’m to be in the other bed with Sandy. Sandy says, “You and I are just sleeping in the same bed. Don’t get any ideas or try bring someone back here.”

I looked toward Hannah and Lela’s room. Sandy says, “You should ask them.”

But after I don’t she says, “I think they’re now very good friends with privileges and like to have a good time with each other. They stopped being an item since they go to different universities. Hannah’s not one to stay exclusively around the money people. They know they’ve drifted apart, but their friendship is solid.”

Sandy asks me, “It looked like you and Tricia Evans had a chemistry the last night we were at Hilton Head.”

“She’s on call this weekend, so I won’t be seeing her again.”

Sandy says, “She said that or you assumed that she won’t come down here? I had the impression she might find her way down here after the weekend. Does she know who you are?”

I say, “Yeah. She even asked me to transfer to FMU for next year.”

Sandy says, “Then I think you’re probably wrong about her not coming here.”Just one of the Girls


The light is being turned out when I ask, “But how about you Sandy? You talk about everyone else, but you’re not talking for yourself?”

I can hear a sniffle before she says, “I was pretty sure you were smitten with Tricia so I didn’t warrant consideration.”

I had not entertained the notion Sandy saw me anymore then a dress up opportunity. I thought, I would be in trouble in thinking about either of the sisters. I hadn’t considered if she liked me, or what she hoped for here at the beach. “I thought you were just amused in getting me dressed up. That the clothes would go along with the panties you spotted. Anyway I’m not right for you, I was just passing through. I’m a northern college guy who shouldn’t be trusted as you’re a southern belle of sorts in high school. You’re a rich girl, even my car doesn’t fit into your neighborhood. I still haven’t figure out if I’m more than some reclamation project.”

I say, “You are special, between the Trooper and how nice you’ve treated me. You had become more like forbidden fruit and since like a sister.”

“But I was more attracted to you than your sister…” I felt the mattress move and soon Sandy plants a kiss on me. Somehow in the dark she finds my lips with no problem. The kiss is different from Tricia. It’s Marti that she kisses, but Marty that feels the kiss. My right hand is quickly holding her at the shoulder, not yet hugging her. I want to return the kiss, but I hesitate. I become aroused and Sandy’s disappointed that I don’t do more.

She says, “You know this is kind of insulting, your body is getting excited but you don’t embrace me or kiss me back.” I embrace her and draw her near so we’re lying next to each other.

I’m still talking as Marti, “I’m torn, and I’d like to love the smithereens out of you. But I’m not sure it’s as me or the other Marty. You deserve that I know whose responding to you.”

We’re lying together, we do kiss and we’re growing warm and affectionate to each other. It is for now kind of woman to woman though there’s more to it for me. She presses against me and I can tell her breasts are hot. She presses, moving against my hips and I can feel she’s hot and moist. I now know it’s me Marti to whom she’s responding. I help her to roll on top of me. The emotions between us are rising. “We’re just friends and I’m fantasizing.”


I don’t know when we fell asleep, but we’re still embracing one another; when we awake in the morning. I am not sure if what I remember is a dream or if it really happened. Whether it was real or a dream we had made love and for me it was as a woman that an orgasm engulfed me.

When we get up, we go out on the balcony to look out at the ocean. Sandy has her arm around me, her hand resting on my hip. When I turn and look at her we kiss lightly, like this is normal for us.

Without too many words we change into our swimsuits and I wear my wrap-around skirt to the beach. With my skirt and a beach towel dropped to the sand we run hand in hand into the water. Diving into the water is refreshing and we remain in the water a short while. Dried and with my short skirt wrapped around me we walk down the beach.

Sandy shows me this path of little prints in the sand to the water from farther back on the beach toward a roped off area. We walk up to two women who have dug up what they say was a turtle nest that had hatched. There are many empty shells, a few eggs that hadn’t hatched and several baby turtles they found hatched but not yet out of their sandy nest.

They’ve determined the nest had sixty-eight eggs, change that another empty shell is found, three eggs unhatched and the three babies that they found are in a bucket. The women are drawing and taking pictures of tracks, most leading toward the water. But they see a number of tracks of turtles that wandered in different directions. Some of them, show the young turtles turned for the ocean. Some tracks just stop like a bird or another predator caught them.

Cathy one of the women documenting the nest says, “Even getting to the water does not mean they’re safe. There are predators who feed on them in the water and they have about forty miles of open water they need to swim before they reach a safer spot to feed and hide as they grow. Around twenty-five years from now the mature females will begin returning to the beach they came from to bury their eggs.”

Sandy and I return to walking the beach before we turn around and walk back. There are now more people out on the beach.

Sandy and I lay on the beach towel and sunbath before heading back to the condo. Once we’re there Hannah informs me. I’m sleeping on the couch tonight. “You’re here to discover yourself as Marti, not my sister.”

Sandy says, “I’m old enough to decide for myself.”

Hannah doesn’t argue, simply states, “Dad says otherwise. He’s happy to give Marti this experience but it doesn’t include discovering either one of us. …He was thinking Marti might find that she’s attracted to guys.”


We have a breakfast of breakfast sandwiches, juice and coffee.

Sandy and I have the responsibility to go shopping for groceries to load the condo for a week. Sandy had put six-packs Samuel Adams and some wine into our grocery basket. When we check out it was I who needed to show proof of age. The woman at the cash register looks at it and then at me, ‘Car license pictures never do look good. You are much prettier in person.”

It is Sandy to first says, “Thanks.” “Marti that was a very nice compliment you should be pleased.”

I look up as the cashier hands me the receipt, “Thank you, I appreciate you saying that.”

The cashier asks, “Can I ask you a personal question?” I look to make sure no one is waiting behind us before saying, “Yes.”

“You present yourself as a woman so well. I was wondering if you’ve already begun transitioning?”

I’m too stunned to respond. Sandy says, “Most of think she should be. She doesn’t realize how naturally she comes across as one of us.”

I say, “Thank you, I think.”


We’re soon back to the condo putting things away and getting the beer cold and the wine chilled. When I put things down near the bottom of the refrigerator I feel my breasts hanging down, swaying a little. When I get up and turn to Sandy her smile is more of a smirk, knowing I had another girl moment.

Sandy says, “This is like having a younger sister and watching her having the experiences I’ve already had. I just wish you were able to feel other feelings that go with it all.” Sandy gives me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. I think she was going to kiss me on the forehead, but I moved away.

Sandy’s phone rings and I can hear Hannah say, we’re to come over to the Sand Dollar for lunch. I’m to throw on something and wear my sandals. Sandy pulls out my sandals that have a higher heel. I took that to mean we weren’t going to walk on the beach.

It is not until we’re down to the ground floor and walking around to the ocean side, I realize otherwise. “Sandy how far is the Sand Dollar from here?”

She says, “Not far, maybe a quarter of a mile. We try to walk or bum rides when we’re here. Parking can sometimes be difficult to find.”

“I’m not use to walking in the sand with heels. That will be far to me.” I reach down to take my sandals off, but the sand is too hot. While the place is far enough it is not more than I can handle. Once we’re there, I feel happy that I did it.

Hannah recommends the chicken sandwich and I get the fresh fruit plate as well. We each order a different flavored margarita. We’re enjoying our lunch, talking about how beautiful the day is as well as talking about people there. Suzie is our waitress, she asked if we would rather be at one of Tim’s tables?

Lela asks, “Is it okay if we prefer being served by you, we leave a good tip?”

Suzie says, “I’m sorry, I am very pleased to serve you. For some reason, Matt at the bar suggested I ask.”

Hannah says, “Matt already knows Lela and I are together. My sister Sandy has only been here before with our family. Marti’s new, she doesn’t need his grief.” Suzie giggles and signals something to Matt.

We’re each nursing our second margarita, when Hannah suggests, “Let’s go over there and look for beach tops,” I’m thinking t-shirts, but most of the tops are much better than that. Most are loose fitting tops that wrap around or pull over.

For once I’m in no a hurry to choose and get going. I like how the tops are light enough to catch a breeze, colorful and many pretty prints and combinations of looks. I set out to try on a number of tops and get the opinions of others.

There is one blouse that is catching my eye; it has water coming onto a beach with sea birds flying about and with a small breeze they appear to be moving as are the trees and beach grasses on the left panel. When pulled together it is a fantastic beach scene. Once I see the price tag I know it’s wrong; a sixty-nine dollar top discounted to $14.95.

It does fit, and all the others say, “If you don’t take it, I will.” Sandy escorts me to the cashier as she too has a top she’s fallen in love with. It will cost $33 which she says is good enough. Atice at the register says, “Oh no, that’s one of Bono’s tops.” She points to a specialty store two buildings over. “There was a strong wind that spewed a lot of clothes taking them onto the beach. That top must have gotten in with our rescued clothing. “

Hannah says, “There at that shop we’ll be lucky to get it for $69 dollars. Well we might as well go over and see what it will cost.”

I grab it, holding the beautiful wrap closely. I say, “If it’s $69 or close I’ll buy it, please don’t try to rescue me.”

We walk into the boutique shoppe and the woman is smiling as we enter. “So you’re the woman who found our beach wrap among the kiosk’s rack. If you would, let me see what you found dear.” She looks and shock comes to her face, “This young lady is an original. The $14.95 tag is hiding part of the price. Without looking I can tell you the real price should be $569. I was showing it to Mrs. Johnston when the first wind gust ripped it out of my hand and Ms. Johnston was hit by a flying magazine from the newsstand next door. I had to give Marie attention and get her into our building. I figure it could have been blown into the ocean or into smithereens. I doubted very much if it were found that it would be returned.”

She says, “May I ask what you think would be fair, if you want it?”

I say, “It’s beautiful, I was ready to pay $69 or something close to that. I take it the discount price tag isn’t yours.” I ask, “If it’s an original, does that mean like a limited addition? Ms Johnston was not going to see many others like it in New Smyrna.”

Ms. Atkins says, “I am known for buying unique, one of a kind items. Ms Johnston was going to buy it for her granddaughters honeymoon to Monaco or something special like that.”

I say, “If Ms Johnston doesn’t buy it. What would you be willing to sell it to me for?”

She says, “See how it’s wrinkled and I can tell the salt air has already damaged it. Ms. Johnston would never give buy this for her granddaughter now.”

“I do have shorts that go with it. You can have the wrap for $15 and both for $40, or you can allow me to take a picture of you in them and they’re yours.”

I offer seventy-five dollars and then a hundred. Finally Ms. Atkins says, “I know Tamist the designer; she’ll much rather have the picture and know you love it. Enough please go try it on, along with the shorts. Please wear nothing else save your swimsuit.”

The shorts are the water blue of the top. It too shimmers in the sun and appears to move. Once ready, Atkins starts with makeup and brushing out my hair. I’m told a professional photographer is in route. A delicate chain necklace and impressive ring is used for the first pictures. However, the plain pictures without the jewelry, but sunglasses and a beach bag are what help capture the beauty of the outfit.


I did buy the beach bag for a good price, along with the sunglasses. Back out on the beach Sandy gets into a conversation with a few guys. I’m a little afraid to get into the conversation, but Sandy and a guy name Jazz draw me into the conversation.

Jazz asks me to lose my wrap and to go with him into the water. We waded out to deeper water. Where I got surprised by a wave crashing over me and was gasping for air. Jazz taking hold of me and I took hold around his neck as welcomed security. His warm body in the cool water felt good. He said, “I’m glad I could be here for you.” I found myself giving him a kiss and saying ‘Thanks.’

We stayed in the water and swam for a while and then went back to relax on the beach. Sandy had gone walking the beach with someone. Jazz and I picked up our stuff and decided to walk along the water. Today the Turtle Ladies as they’re called were moving a nest laid too close to the water, back further onto the beach. Jazz asks if the nest was sponsored. When it wasn’t he shelled out $50 and sponsored it in my name. I got a pretty t-shirt, the nest number information concerning the time they expected it to hatch out. I gave my email address so they could send me the results of the nest in about two months.

This time when I kiss him I felt more in kissing him. I also felt good about the nest. As we made are way back to the water I heard Sandy call to us. Sandy ran up to me and we hugged again as sisters.

The four of us went back into the water and lost track of time. Sometime later a thunder shower started and we ran different directions for protection. Sandy heard the guys mention a place they hoped to see us after 8:00 p.m.

We showered and dried off to take a nap to be fresh for tonight. Sandy took the opportunity to glue my vagina gaff in place. I thought it was odd that I had not experienced excitement as a guy. But I knew as Sandy commented that I was excited as Marti when I was with Jazz as well as with her.

We went to two places that night to dance, drink and enjoy the crowd. We saw Jazz and Bob but didn’t really stay with anyone. Someone would cut-in, some I enjoyed while others quickly turned me off. I was confused about where my feelings were coming from. We moved from Traders to Bottom’sUp where we caught up with Hannah and Lela, They too were dancing with a variety of people. Hannah determined I had enough to drink when I started gyrating with someone I was dancing with.

Hannah whispered, “Get a hold of yourself before you surprise someone while in their bed.”

On Tuesday, some women come up to me on the beach, wanting you see my wrap and shorts up close. We are talking when I spot Hannah, Lela and another woman walking toward us. There less than twenty feet away when finally I recognize Tricia.

I couldn’t believe it that a woman would come this far to see me, as I am. We enjoy the day and the next day together, but Tricia won’t allow me to come out of girl mode nor to be exclusively with her. She giggles now and then as some guys are interested in me, along with the attention I showed back to them. I didn’t fully understand as it was what she said she wanted.


Thursday I ride up with her to Francis Marion University, in Florence, South Carolina where Tricia is enrolled. I even meet with officials about transferring. I appear as Marti, but the transfer could be as Marty Stanley to come to FMU. The director suggests I come as Marti, noting my final transcript and degree can be made available for either identity. He states as Marti I’d qualify for some extra assistance.

It is Friday late morning when we arrive back at Hilton Head to the Sparks residence. I know they have guests despite not seeing another vehicle. Ma Sparks says, “Mr. Sparks picked them up at the airport. You’ll meet them later.”

She asks me to put on the beach wear I bought in New Smyrna. I pause as I didn’t want to embarrass them or me with their guests. She said, “They don’t know you Marti, but I did ask the woman and she said she absolutely wanted to see you in your outfit.”

Tricia was happy enough to take me and my luggage up to Sandra’s room to change. I’m guessing that the guests are now staying in the guest room I used and I’m to stay with Sandy.

I know there are other bedrooms but I don’t argue if they’re comfortable with me in with Sandy. Tricia and I both shower and change into our beach clothes. Each of us are changing to our beach clothes after we dry off.

We’re both done and putting our hair into ponytails for swimming, when Sandy arrives home and comes bouncing into her room. Sandy seems a little upset but is surprised that we are being so calm.

Finally, Sandy says, “Our guests know who you are Marti and I don’t think it is fair if you’re totally surprised when you see them…

Story to be continued…

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