Actions Have Consequences Vol 6: We are at an Understanding

Actions Have Consequences Vol 6: We are at an Understanding

Author’s note: I would like to thank everyone who has helped me become a better writer. All the comments and suggestions really mean a lot to me. I know I still have a far way to go, but I will keep on working on bettering my writing. I could not do that without the support of others.

“You are such a bitch Doug and I love that about you!” Helen exclaimed.

Helen could not believe how devious her husband can be. He was a straight shooter and by the books. Doug was opening up not only to his wife but himself. He found he had a mischievous streak and liked it, He was looking forward to using it in an impish manner towards his wife, that would be just another way to put a smile on her face.

Doug gave her a dead stare, trying to show his disapproval. Helen thought “Oh great he took being called a bitch wrong.” Quickly, Doug left his wife off the hook by matter of factly saying “I will take that as it was meant.”

Helen knew that she was going to have to explain it now until she saw a twinkle in his eyes and her love’s voice ring out, in great delight, the rest of his response “ a compliment, Thank you so much for noticing and I love you also.”

Helen playfully slapped her man on his arm and said “Quit that. I am not used to this spontaneous playful side of my husband. I like it, but I need some warning.”

Doug was not going to listen to his wife, he was enjoying the sound of laughter in their home too much, and the puckish husband responded to her slap and request was “Thank you ma’am, may I please have another.”

Helen stopped laughing long enough to mention it is time for them to make the call. It has been 8 hours since Doug told Cindy not to call back and they let her wait long enough to build up the right amount of worry. They were using one of Cindy’s tricks against her, get the person you want to control to have something else on their mind so they could not see what was really going on.

They were prepared to make the call for, inbetween special time with each other, Doug and Helen formulated a first-rate plan to extract revenge on Cindy for what tried to do to them. It was aimed at her getting back at Doug, but that cunt also hurt Helen. That shrew tried to make Helen as bitter and lonely as she was.

It was a simple plan and that was what made it awesome. The plan consisted of having Cindy believed that she was getting what she wanted and then watch that harpy’s reaction when she found out the truth. With the easiest falsehood to have a person believed was one which they desire to be true their mark was going to do most of the work. All they had to do was plant the seeds of success in Cindy’s head.

The first step of the plan, having Cindy believed that Doug was broken by Helen and was now her sissy, actually happened before the crafting of it. The second part was to convince Cindy that Helen came around to her ideology and she was back in Helen’s good graces. This phone call was going to reinforce the first phase and lay the groundwork for the second phase of their plan. They were hoping to only lay the groundwork for they wanted Cindy to have doubts, having any doubt would lead Cindy to being too distracted to think about what is going on or pick up any discrepancies. It was sweet irony that they were using the tricks Cindy taught Helen on her.

Doug lightly kissed the love of his life on her lips and started this step of the sting operation. He called Cindy while he channeled Marci and said “Hiya Ms Cindy.”

Cindy picked up the phone and was not expecting to hear Doug’s voice. She greeted the fake sissy with “is that you Marci?”

Doug wanting to set Helen up to berate Cindy some, that was using yet another trick of Cindy on her, get the person on the defensive, said “I told you not to use that name, I am Doug. I am calling for Ms Foreman wants to talk with you.”

Cindy did not know what was going on so she asked “Why didn’t Helen call me, if she wanted to talk?”

Doug used that question to set up Helen agreeing with Cindy on Fem Dom. “First she is Ms Foreman and you should use that name while referring to her, if you know what is good for you. Second she did not call for she should not have to waste her time making a phone call if you are not available to talk.

So are you available to talk or not?

The call could not have been working any better if it was scripted. Doug and Helen was astounded at the ease they were able to lead their rube exactly where they wanted her to go. Cindy was reeling and reacting, yet another one of her tricks she trained Helen.

Cindy hurriedly said “Yes.”

Doug said “What?”

Cindy knew the answer was right but the response was wrong. Doug enjoyed seeing someone else squirmed while they were feeling like they could not do anything right. Cindy said “Sorry Doug, I meant I am ready to talk with Ms Foreman.”

Doug used silence to create more tension in Cindy’s mind. Cindy became anxious, and her mind raced with questions. Was her answer worded right, had she used the right tone in saying Ms Foreman, why did it take so long for Ms Foreman to call her back. With being concern about a place to stay, and Helen’s feelings about her, Cindy did not even notice that she mentally referred to Helen as Ms Foreman.

Doug finally let Cindy off the hook and said “Good, I will inform Ms Foreman that you are ready to talk with her,”

Doug pulled the phone away from his face and said “Ms Foreman, Ms Cindy is available and willing to talk with you.”

Helen took the phone and waited until it was up to her face when she casually dismissed Doug. While she actually did not dismissed her husband, she said “You are not needed anymore Doug.”

The crafty mistress made sure that Cindy heard her treatment of Doug, reaffirmed what Cindy thought was happening to strengthen her belief that Doug was seen as a servant. Right after making that statement she mouthed “I love you, Doug.” She wanted to make sure Doug knew the sternness in her voice was an act.

Helen waited for Cindy to talk and Cindy only could muster a “Hi, Helen.”

Helen did not say anything and Cindy remembered that Doug told her if she knew what was good for her that she would refer to Helen as Ms Foreman so she apologetically said “Sorry Hi Ms Foreman.”

Only then did Helen start to talk at Cindy. Helen was not going to have a conversation with that cunt, she was only going give her information and not take in accept anything but Cind agreeing with her. Helen said “Hello Cindy. It is good that you understand about calling me, Ms Foreman. I hope you do not forget that.

Before I tell you why it took me so long to return any of your phone calls, I want to make this clear. My husband’s name is Doug, you will call him Doug unless told otherwise. Do you understand?”

Cindy was not anticipating any of how this phone call was going. She felt a little out of sorts, a step behind. She knew she better agree with Ms Foreman. “Yes.”

Helen used the same “what” trick her husband just did and Cindy gave the reply the revenge seekers wanted. “Sorry, I understand Ms Foreman.”

Helen calmly said “Good, we are at an understanding. I did not talk to you since we last saw each other for I had to do some soul searching. It was hard for me to recognize myself for what I am . A dominate woman, I know all women are superior to men. I am also superior to most women also. The reason it was hard to see this for it was you showed me it. You, are not a dominate woman and I was mad when you tried to see us as equals. I should have shown pity instead of anger at you. Since I am better than you. I will apologize for acting like you, instead of myself, by striking you. Do you understand.”

Cindy quickly said “Yes, I understand, Ms Foreman.”

Helen said “Good, now unto why I called you. I wanted to inform you, I have been thinking about what you been hinting at with my sissies urging, you can stay with us until we find you a suitable place to live.”

Cindy said “What?”

Helen was going to correct her on not say Ms Foreman but thought better. It was time to use the carrot not the stick. “Yes Marci urged me to let you stay. I will admit I was disappointed in you by bringing up wanting to move in with her. You should know better, that the sissy does not need to know anything of what we are planning unless we want her to. Do not let that happen again, do you understand?”

Cindy, in a remorseful tone, said “Yes, Ms Foreman.”

Helen was sick of talking with that vile person, so went to end the call and said “Good we are at an understanding. You will move in 8 days from now. I will call you if I need anything else from you. Now, is there anything else you want to bring up before I call for Marci to get my wedding date back in bed with me.”

Cindy loved hearing the last part and wanted to hear more about the wedding. It was great that her wedding date was still there. Cindy so wanted to hear about the “new” man in Ms Foreman’s life, but knew better than to ask.. “Ms Foreman would give me any details which I am worthy to know” she thought. Cindy said “No, Ms Foreman.”

Helen abruptly said “Good, I am happy you know your place and we are at an understanding, I am off.” then hung up the phone without giving Cindy the chance to say goodbye.

Helen looked right at Doug and with all the love in her heart for him said playfully “Marci, get that sexy stud of a man, Doug, in bed with me right now.”

Then Helen’s tone went more serious “ I am so sorry that I called you my sissy. We agreed it had to be done, but I need to make sure you understand that I know I do not own you. You are my wonderful husband.”

Chapter 2

After hanging up the phone, Cindy lit a cigarette and started to think. She needed to process all the new information she got today. Cindy could not be any happier with the developments; she was not expecting them, nor saw them coming. Her getting justice was working out better than she plan. It was working out better than she could have hoped, imagined or even fantasized about.

This should had been too good to be true to her, but she got the outcome she wanted and more and that made her looked past how improbable it was. Helen announcing to her that she was a dominate woman also helped with Cindy being taken in by the ruse. It filled in the holes of the story.

“Wow”, Cindy thought ”I did not take into consideration that Helen was a dominate woman.” That fact was a game changer to Cindy. Cindy believed that their was a hierarchy in life. It went domineering males, males, men, woman, females and dominate females and then at the top dominate women. It had both sex and gender in the rankings, for they are different. A man can be female and a woman can be male. She used male and female when referring to a person’s gender and man and woman when referring to a person’s biological sex.

The system was based on her philosophy of being dominate was held in higher regard than being submissive, and a person’s gender was more vital in whom there than their sex. Being dominate made one be held in higher esteem by Cindy, for according to her,they make sure that their needs are met before others. Submissiveness was not in the equation for it was the natural state of people. She went with the given, that if someone was not dominate then ergo they were submissive.

It might seem contradictory that she held domineering males as the lowest rank, but it was not. They had no right to feel superior to others for they were lowly males. A male could never escape the caste of their gender. They needed to know their role in society. How could someone who was the gender which, according to nature's laws, was inferior have the attitude and outlook on they they were better than anyone.

Cindy saw that sex was nothing more than the body of a person and gender is what made the person who they are. A female should not be looked down upon just for she had the misfortune of being born a man. Even with this being true,with the default gender of a woman being female, a dominate female who was born a woman should be held in higher regards than a one who was unlucky and born a man.

When Cindy added in the revelation, about Helen being a Dominate female who was born a woman, it changed her entire outlook at the events which expired since she started to give Doug payback. Doug almost naturally took to his role of being a sissy, that might mean he is not. To her, a sissy is a male who acted the role of a female. A sissy could never truly be a female, they could only emulate one.

If Doug was a female then she could be a dominate one. With the possibility of Doug being the better gender, Cindy did not want to think of Doug as a male. That would be disrespectful and lead to Cindy not seeing Ms Forman’s husband's actions in the right light.

Doug sure did act like a dominate female in her eyes. She believed that Doug stood her ground, was assertive, and did not care about other people’s feelings. Cindy was right about the first two points.

Doug did stand his ground, his convictions were what made him who he was. Doug would much rather be wrong for the right reasons than be right for the wrong ones. He could not understand why more people did not see things the same way.. Doug was straightforward, from his upbringing, and it helped him know that others was not misinterpreting what he said or did. He wanted people to not put motives in his actions which were not there.

Not caring about other’s feelings, Cindy was wrong about that. In fact Doug’s caring was the reason why Cindy was under that false impression. Cindy did not see Doug getting her kicked out of the classroom as defending Lucy Bell; she saw it as him not caring about Cindy’s feelings. There was no reason for this conclusion, other than Doug’s actions adversely affected Cindy. Doug was not negative in talking with Cindy, and tried to help her even after making the decision that he would not have her as his aide.

If Doug was a dominate female that would explain why Helen being a dominate woman would lay dormant until Doug became her sissy. His natural state of being was shining through and hindered Helen for embracing who she really was. Once she had power, it became the normal state between those two. There was some growing pains; for even when people wanted change, the new normal is hard to get used to. That would explain the fights between those two and how hard it was to break Marci.

Cindy did claim,when she had a confrontation with Ms Helen, she was a dominate woman. Cindy knew it was not true. She wanted to be a domme so bad and tried to act like one. Cindy knew she was just a bad imitation,not the real thing. She was only able to befriend a couple of other acolytes of Fem Dom. They were like her, striving to be dominant women, but were not.

Cindy now saw the chance of learning from a dominate woman before Ms Foreman was corrupted by the BSDM culture of treating everyone as equals. This was her chance of getting her wish of a dominate woman taking the eager apprentice under their wings. With it being Helen Cindy also thought “I know, with her guidance, I could overtake her as queen.”

Cindy was happy now, in her mind the future looked so delicious. She found a dominate female and woman to learn from. Those two would also be more than happy to be mentors to Cindy’s coven. Ms Marci, Cindy would call him Doug until she was allowed to do so otherwise. Cindy would be respectful of Ms Marci's station by thinking of her as who she was, even if the student did not have the pleasure yet of using her true name to refer to one of her teachers.

The only cloud in the future was If all of her speculations were true, Cindy knew that she would have to make it up to Ms Marci. The recently awakened female would not be harsh on Cindy. How could she, Cindy helped her embrace who she was. The same would be true for Ms Helen. Cindy would be their faithful herald until she was powerful enough to take her rightful place. She did not want to be queen, but she had to. She was the only one who could rightfully lead and guide her people to their where they blonged

Being remorseful would not be so hard, for her to admit what she did was wrong would lead to greater rewards. The benefits outweighed the costs.

After leading herself to the conclusion it was all going to work out for the best, Cindy got ready for bed. She had a lot of things to do before she went to learn under the tutelage of her Mistresses.

Chapter 3

Those 8 days went so quick for Doug and Helen, yet dragged on for Cindy. The difference between the passing of time came from their perspectives on the future. Doug and Helen were looking towards the future, while Cindy could not wait for it. In looking toward the future, the lovebirds were in the moment they wanted to be. Cindy was not wear she wanted to be, and time went slowly to anyone who is anywhere they do not want to be.

The Foremans both went to their therapy session. They both found them so productive. There was no new breakthroughs, but they knew that they still had to process what they learned about themselves at the first one. It was freeing to both of them to see the chains of the past which had been holding them back from being who they were supposed to be. They could now work on breaking those chains.

Those two also made the decision it was the right time to set up an appointment with a marriage counselor. It was one of the hardest decisions which they had ever made. They both knew that they needed to see one, but neither of them wanted to. They wanted to not face the issues which were still in their marriage.

After making the call Helen commended Doug for doing so. She knew how hard it was for them to make the decision to fulfill a need which was seen as would adversely affect them over something they would prefer. It took them being strong to see past the illusion of there was nothing wrong with letting the elephant stay in the room. If they did they knew it would be the downfall of their relationship. Them not fixing the relationship would not make it better. They could not lie to themselves, they needed to work on being a better couple.

Like the Tom Petty song “Waiting is the hardest part” was all which Cindy could do until her moving in with Ms and Ms Foreman. She dared not break protocol and go against the wishes of Ms Helen. Ms Helen would call when the time was right, not before nor after.

Doug and Helen knew exactly what they were doing by making Cindy wait. They were putting her on edge, yet another one of the tricks Cindy shown Helen. When Cindy figured out that she was played by using the same tactics she had Helen used on Doug it was going to make their revenge so much sweeter.

Cindy took up camp right next to her phone. Even with having a cell phone, that needing creature did not want to take the chance of missing Ms Helen’s call if she decided to use the landline. Cindy understood that the Foremans were busy, but still they could call. Cindy was not asking for much, she just wanted to know the details about the move. Yes, Cindy did want to talk to her friend, but that is what friends do. She knew Helen and her would talk less now, even with her being under the same roof as her friend. She also knew the lower frequencies of them talking was for until Cindy became what she should be, a dominate woman, she was not worthy Helen’s time until then.

Then at 11;00 PM, 5 days before the moved it happened. Her phone rang and Cindy smiled when she saw the name “Ms Helen”, come up on her phone’s screen. She changed Ms Helen’s contact information out of respect. She quickly answered the phone. “Hi Ms Helen.”

Doug so enjoyed hearing that salutation. Cindy was on the defensive right away.

Doug, not wanting to show any emotions in an monotone voice, replied “It is Doug, I was instructed to call you and inform you about the move.”

Cindy was disappointed in herself. Her eagerness to please has led to her committing a faux pas “I am so sorry Doug. I should not have jumped to the conclusion it was Ms Helen that called. I would not make that mistake again,

If you do not mind, may I please have the pleasure of calling you Ms Marci?”

Doug did not know how to handle this request which came out of nowhere. Why would Cindy want to show respect to him. He knew that if he gave the wrong response their plans might start to unravel. He thought back and pulled out one of Helen’s tricks, always make the other person explain.

Doug asked “Why?”

For a second, Cindy thought that her views of the situation might be wrong. Surely Marci knew she was a dominate female. Wait if she did, then this must be a test. To see if Cindy also acknowledge that fact. This is part of retribution for trying to get payback on Marci. Marci is making Cindy admit who Marci was, just like Cindy tried to make Marci admit she was a sissy “I will not fail this examination” Cindy thought.

Cindy made sure her answer did not offend. “I am so sorry Doug, it is just I know you are a dominate female and Ms Helen is a dominate woman. You might be only a man biologically, but you are a female. I want to show you the respect you deserve by calling you by your rightful name and putting the moniker which you earned in front of it.

Ask Ms Helen about some of the writing I told her to read the last time we talked. It would help you better understand why, I need to call you Ms Marci.”

Doug took in what Cindy said and was relieved his reaction to Cindy’s unusual and unplanned request did not muck them up. He knew why also. Cindy much rather be right for the wrong reasons than wrong for the right reasons. She had to make the situation fit into her narrative and not even consider any other one .

Cindy answer also had the added bonus of giving Doug and his wife more information on her mindset, which they could use against her. Her offering that reading material was a by product of her needing to be right. She wanted to show why.

Doug said “As for now you may call me Ms Marci. I will have to bring it up with Ms Helen, as you know she will have the final say in this matter and we would not want to keep anything from her.”

Cindy did not like hearing that Ms Helen was going to have to know. She knew it was the right course of action, Mistress was the final arbitrator in all decisions her or Marci made. Cindy knew she messed up and felt like she could not do anything right.

Cindy was already working on making amends with her response of “I know Ms Marci, please explain to her I only asked out of the desire of me wanting to show you the respect you deserve.”

Doug said “Of course I will. Before I tell you what I made this call about, please make sure as soon as we are off of the phone, for you to send Mistress a list of that reading material you told her about. She should not have to waste her time telling me if you can provide that information.”

Cindy cursed herself, she should had offer to send a listing for Ms Marci to read, why should Ms Helen do so. She should not even of suggested that Ms Helen did anything. She felt so lucky that Ms Marci was looking out for her and gave her a way to correct that error.

Doug said “Now, that we are at an understanding, I will move on to the next topic; you moving in. That would happen at midnight 5 days from now. You will pack and be responsible to bring your belonging here. All the help you need bringing in what you would need during your stay will be provided. You will not bring any help, for Ms Helen still is not ready to show her prize possession, me, off to others, yet.

I hope you know the privilege you have just knowing I am Marci, and you will be getting what you rightfully deserve when you finally meet me in person. I am off for I need to prepare the bed for Mistress and her man.”

Cindy quickly said goodbye, she needed to hear Ms Marci say one to her.

Doug said “Goodbye Cindy” and hung up the phone.

Helen was right next to her husband waiting to hear how the call went. Doug informed her and said he thinks that Mistress should give Cindy a call in a couple of days. Cindy would think of it as a reward. It would not be one, it would just be long to make Cindy yearn for more time.

Helen made the call and it worked like the rest of the plan, flawless. Cindy was treating Helen as her superior. Cindy was never acting, just reacting. Helen almost felt bad when she heard the sorrow in Cindy’s voice when she informed her victim that she had to go; more pressing needs came up, Helen wanted to see if anything interesting was on the television. That feeling of remorse quickly left when she remembered how much pain that cunt caused herself and Doug.

Chapter 4

The night of Doug and Helen’s revenge was upon them. Tonight they were going to have a good time, it was going to be the time of their life. It was going to be great, to finally have this horrible person, Cindy, out of their lives.

Helen had a leather one piece skintight bodysuit on which showed off her cleavage, and 5 inch black stiletto boots. She looked and felt the part of Mistress. Knowing she felt the part, she made sure she was always thinking that Marci was her loving husband, she did not want to fall into the old mindset of being the cruel mistress to her husband.

Marci had on a black bodycon dress, which hemline was just right below her ass and also shown off her cleavage, black stockings , and 3 inch black stiletto heels. Marci was still learning to walk in stilettos so hers were not as high as Mistress. Marci looked and felt the part of sub to her Mistress. Knowing she felt the part, she made sure she was always thinking Helen was her loving wife. Marci did not want to fall into the old mindset of seeing everything which Helen said or did in a negative manner.

The couple knew it was time for the chickens to come home to roost when they heard the doorbell. They both got off of the couch. Helen to go to the recliner which was rearranged to be the focal point of the den and Marci to get the door. While walking to let their visitor enter, Marci was nervous. This would be the first time anyone, other than Helen, saw her. What if Cindy laughed at how silly she looked?

Marci got to the door and took a deep breath to gain her composure. She needed to come off as confident as possible when greeting Cindy. Cindy was apt at reading people and warning sirens would go off in her head if she thought something was skewed.

Marci opened the door and welcome Cindy into “our” home. Cindy took the our to include her, this was working so well. Cindy was impressed when she saw Ms Marci. Not only was Ms Marci good looking, she had the airs and carried herself as a strong female. “Thank you Ms Marci. You… you look great. When can we start bringing my stuff in.”

Marci turned quickly, hoping that Cindy did not see her blush from that complement. Even if it was from a bitch you hate, being told you looked good made one feel good. She hoped that her unsuspecting visitor took the quick turn as being prompt and wanting to fulfill the wishes of Ms Helen. As she was walking towards the den Marci said “Thank you for the complement. Do not worry about your stuff. Ms Helen has requested your presence in the den as soon as you arrived. That would be done before we get to your belongings.”

They walked into the den and Marci instructed Cindy to stand where she was. Then Marci walked over to Ms Helen. Ms Helen, got up, and greeted her faithful servant with a kiss. Then Mistress sat back down and Marci knelt right beside her. Helen gently scratched Marci’s chin as Marci looked up at her Mistress with admiration on her face.

Cindy broke the silence. “Greetings Ms Helen, thank you so much for allowing me to stay at your place until I am back on my feet. I really need this, for I really have nowhere else to go. I appreciate your help and promise that I will do anything I can to repay you and Ms Marci.”

Helen went off script for a moment. She was only supposed to announce that Marci was going to tell Cindy what was going on. Helen had the urge to correct something. “Cindy you are welcome. Dear we never said that you would stay with us until you were back on your feet. We said that you would stay with us until we found a place suited for you and you could afford. Now Marci is going to tell you more about this arrangement.”

Marci got up from kneeling and spoke. As the words came out of Marci mouth, her eyes glowed red from anger, and her presence felt menacing “Cindy I have great news, we have found you a place suitable for a person like you, the gutter. You are nothing more than human trash.

How dare you demean one of my students and then when I got you out of my classroom plan revenge on me. I was too nice getting you out of the classroom. I should have made sure the school district fired you.

Then you used my wife as an instrument of your revenge. You had her see me as someone who did not treat women with respect. You played on her fear of being left by me. You strengthen her bad views on men. You almost destroyed our lives for you was given what you deserved. Actions have consequences, and your actions has the consequence of you ending up on the streets, where you belong.”

Cindy was dumbfounded and scared. She had nowhere other than her parents’ home to go. She did not want to come crawling back to them. They would point out to her how she should listen to them, how she needed to change how she treated people. They have the funny notion that people were not pawns in life, Cindy knew better. It was either treat people like a pawn or be one. She was not going to be one.

Cindy was once a kind and nice person, but she has been a pawn too many times in her life. People did not treat her how they wanted to be treated. Girls would befriend her just to be close to her brother. It would hurt her when they called her Moose behind her back, Cindy was a little overweight in her childhood. It did not matter if some of those people did so in jest. They were demeaning her for her weight issue.

Other people would start a friendship only so Cindy would help them with math. They would only hang out with her in private and never invite her out to do anything, even if it was in a group. She would always end up doing all of a group project in hopes of making a connection to others. That did not work, her fellow students figured she wanted something to do to fight the loneliness.

The worse part was that she was not alone. She knew it and having others treat and see her as an outsider, hurt. She had a couple of close friends who she loved and admired and they returned her feelings.

They drifted apart after high school. All of them wanted a fresh start in college and did not return home after graduating. Cindy did not want a fresh start. She wanted to show herself she was not who those people saw her as. She lost her extra weight in the first two years in college.

Cindy did not reach her goals. Those people who used to call her Moose still did, Cindy could not understand that in life people are lucky if they had to use both hands while counting who were true friends. She believed the facebook hype of people easily forming instant friendships. She just wanted true friendship again and became even more bitter when she did not get it.

Now she was at the lowest point of her life. No friends, no job and the people she thought was her two pawns, both turned out to be queens. Those queens wanted nothing to do with her.

Cindy fired back. “Come on Doug, everyone knew that I did not mean that Lucy was only good enough to be a stripper. Those words were to push her and make her reach her potential. It is called tough love.

I did use Helen to get back at you. You might not have gotten me fired but what happened was just as bad. You know, full well, that the school district would not bring me back after you got me thrown out of our classroom. It was my classroom also, I wanted those students to do their best. I cared for them.

I am not sorry about what I did, I am sorry that it did not work.”

Marci’s anger rose and all the physical signs showed it but her voice remained calm. “Cindy, first right now refer to me as Ms Marci. I am Marci at the moment.

Lucy did not know that until I explained it to her. Even then, the damage of those words were done and you never even told her they were wrong and you did not mean them. You never told her you saw why she took those words how she did.

The intent of words does not always matter, it is how they are taken which do. You say mean, demeaning things about someone, you better take ownership of those words when they are taken that way. You still will not admit those words were wrong.

I know you cared about those students. That is why I went to bat for you and made sure that the school district did not fire you on the spot; they wanted to. I was also going to do everything in my powers to have them bring you back. I thought me getting you thrown out of my classroom would have been a wakeup call to you. It was not. I can tell for you are still not remorseful about your actions.”

Cindy hated that Marci was on her high horse and wanted, more than anything, to knock her down.
“While do not think that you are any better than me. What you did to me tonight was just as mean as what I wanted to do to you.

Oh thinking of it right now, I can see that you used all my tricks against me. I was so blinded by thinking that maybe Helen cared for me. I might not have gotten to break you two apart, but I did something better. I made you two just like me.

I am proud of you that you would not help someone who needed help. That is for they do not deserve it. No one deserves help unless they can offer you something in return. I am going to go, I am happy that we are at an understanding.”

Cindy saying that those two were just like her made the sweet taste of revenge turn bitter and poisonous. If they were not open to what Cindy was saying, they would had just blown it off. They were open and saw the proof, that they were no better than her. How could Marci or Helen be happy that they went back on their belief that everyone who wants help deserved it.

Marci looked at Helen and they both nodded, they knew what the other was thinking. Doug said “Wait, Cindy. We are sorry, we lashed out at you for how much your betrayal hurt us and damaged our relationship. What we saw as revenge was nothing more than trying to hurt you. If we kept on saying it was revenge it would not change the fact of what it really was.

It would be our pleasure for you to stay with us until you get back on your feet. I know people, I can get you a job at a private school, where you do not need certification, and Helen will help you pass the state’s exam for your certificate.

We were wrong and hopefully we can all become better people from this incident.”

The last thing Cindy wanted, was pity from them. “Marci and Helen, I much rather be in the gutter than spend another moment with you two. I will swallow my pride and go back with my parents until I get back on my feet. I will get back on my feet, on my own, on my own terms.”

Cindy stormed out of the house. Even with knowing that Cindy did have a place to go, Doug and Helen felt horrible about what they just did. They made someone who was hurting, hurt more. They treated someone badly and help foster their mistrust of others. They did not find much consolation in the fact that they did not go on the defensive and only justify their actions. They saw and explain to Cindy what they did was wrong and why it was.

Doug looked at Helen and before he could say what he was going to say Helen said “I know dear and I agree We are still going to be open to helping Cindy. She needs it and we are now part of the cause and we should be part of the solution.“

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