Ambassador of Femininity - Chapter 1

(This is my first story. So kindly bear with me if the language or references hurt anybody's sentiments or beliefs. I hope you will enjoy the story.)

Ambassador of Femininity – Chapter 1

27-year old, 5’9” tall, fair complexion, a lean athletic physique and a job in one of the leading event companies. Dev had everything that a 27-year old would want from life. Probably that was the reason that he thought of himself as superior to others, that too in a company that had more than 60% staff belonging to the fair sex. Then came the day that took Dev further up the success ladder, not quite the way Dev had expected or wanted. It was the Auto-expo Dev was supervising on his company’s behalf. The ticket counters, the exhibition halls, the food counters, the entertainment zone, everything was planned to perfection and Dev could clearly see his way to the corner cabin. When one of the models hired for promotions requested a replacement since she had an emergency at home. Dev didn’t only refuse but mistreated her and even commented that she was a useless dummy whose only job is to behave as a beautiful statue that smiles and despite of having a face for it, she couldn’t pull off a simple job like that. The poor model took the embarrassment, the abuse without a frown and swallowed her words if she had any and didn’t let a drop of tear spoil the presentation and she went on to stand for the day overlooking her need to be at home that moment.

The day was over and everyone including the models were expected to report back at the office and take their schedule for the next day of the event. Dev walked into the office with a newly found confidence in his stride thinking he pulled off the job single handedly better than anyone else would have done in the history of the event and the company. With a smile on his face, he knocked his boss Filomina Dayal’s cabin. Dev had always had cordial relations with all his female superiors but one thing he didn’t know about Filomina was that inside she was a hardcore feminist. Filomina asked him to come in and as he was about to pull a chair, she asked him to keep standing without looking up from the file she was looking at. Dev’s confident smile turned into an expression of worry and confusion at the same time. Filomina dialed her secretary Rimmi and as she came in, she handed her the file containing everyone’s schedule and asked Rimmi to distribute them among the employees carefully. Rimmi dispersed and Filomina simply handed Dev a sheet of paper saying, “Your schedule for the remaining 2 days of the event.” Dev looked at it perplexed and replied thinking there must be some mistake, “But this is a model’s schedule.” Filomina stood up went to the other side of the table where Dev was standing and before he could know, gave him a tight slap. “Yes this is a model’s schedule you prick. It’s Vandy’s, the model whom you abused in front of a hundred people like she is your slave and who is now at her home who tried to commit a suicide this evening because of the way you harassed her.” Dev’s words froze in his mouth making him speechless for a few seconds before he finally managed to say, “But I just did what was necessary to keep the standards of the show up.” But then he said something which almost sealed his fate for at least next 2 days. “I mean all she had to do was just get dolled up in designer clothes and makeup and stand there welcoming people with a smile. And then take her fat cheque and leave. A statue could have done a better job but she was just making excuses. And now she is trying to get sympathy with this suicide prank.”

Filomina turned around and before he knew, had his balls in her hand with her long manicured nails digging into his skin through his pants. Dev was about to hit her but the pain put him into submission and suppressed his screams in his throat itself. With the other hand, Filomina took the schedule from his hand and said, “Now, listen you piece of shit. One more word and you will be spending all your life behind the bars being tortured by the criminals and when I am saying that I will make sure that it happens. Because trying to outrage the modesty of a woman, forcing her to quit her job and commit suicide is a huge crime in this country and enough to keep you imprisoned for the rest of your life. So, now listen carefully as what I am offering you is the only option you have got unless you are willing to go to the jail. This was a model’s schedule for the event. But now this is your schedule. You are no more the supervisor but one of the ‘dolled up models’ as you call them and like you expected them all to do, you will be standing beside them in designer clothes and make up with your only job being smiling at thousands of guests who will be coming to the event over next two days. And since you think it is a fairly simple and heavily paying job, I have personally made a few additions to the dos and don’ts. You survive these 2 days and who knows you could make it to the fashion ramps soon as many of the guests are businessmen looking for brand ambassadors, fashion designers looking for pretty faces and figures and even high-profile escort service agents. You might like exploring your feminine side as well and maybe you won’t like to get back into these boring pants.” With a wink, she took her hands off his balls and a successful event planner till morning was now lying on the floor dominated and beaten.

Dev was still lying in pain and Filomina left the cabin saying, “A carton with everything you will need has already been kept in your car. When you reach home, you will find your clothes for the night already laid on your bed. Rimmi will be there in the morning to help you get ready. So wake up on time. Unlike a supervisor who can walk in at any time, your reporting time is 9 am sharp. I think you have the face for it. And imagine you can still be running your hands up a skirt or a blouse, just that you yourself will be wearing them.” Dev wouldn’t have believed this was really happening to him but the pain kept him realizing that he was not dreaming.

After lying there unattended for about an hour, Dev managed to get up and drive home. He didn’t have the energy to cook, so he just took a beer from the fridge and almost gulped it. Suddenly, he recalled something that Filomina told him about his night clothes. He went straight into his room and there it was. The first door to the world of womanhood he was about to explore. It was a hot pink full length satin nighty with long sleeves and some heavy lace around the cuffs and the neckline. Alongside, was a matching gown, a satin padded bra and panty set in the same hot pink. Everything was so soft and gorgeous that Dev didn’t realize when did he start running his hands over the clothes and got lost in satin. Just then his dream was broken by a card that was lying there. He opened it and read…

Dear Devi (female version of the name Dev),

Welcome to the world of womanhood. What you did to that model was unacceptable but then the entire female staff got together and we thought of giving you that one chance to apologize as well as to understand women by becoming one yourself. This will not just help you to save yourself from going to jail but will also help you to build stronger and better relationship with your female coworkers in future. And by the end of this trial period if you don’t want to go back to the boring world of men, we will be happy to accept you as one of us.

On a special request of Vandy, the model that you misbehaved with this morning, we have added a few of her own belongings to the carton you brought home in your car – which includes some of her skirts, blouses, lingerie as well as saris. All our models wear only one dress a day but on Vandy’s special request, we allowed her to make that schedule for you which has details about what will you be wearing during what session. As she wanted to make this extra special for you because these 2 days could be very crucial in deciding your future. Don’t worry, Rimmi will be there both the days to help you with makeup, hair and changing. We hope you will try to give it your best as our company’s reputation rests on this event.

Also, your home is now under surveillance and we can see you right now as you are reading this letter and we could see you even when you were feeling and loving the satin of your new nightwear a few minutes ago. Don’t try to locate the cameras because you won’t be able to find them. Just go along and enjoy your wonderful time as a woman and a model. You are supposed to wear the clothes lying on your bed tonight. It’s a gift from the entire female staff. As far as your dresses, footwear make up and jewelry are concerned, the bill for them would be adjusted from your project fee. So you don’t need to return those. In fact, we would like to see you continue wearing them. Your performance will be reviewed by Vandy and if you are not able to impress her for next two days, she will be free to decide your new position in the female or male department, whichever you choose to continue with. But if you impress her but the male staff doesn’t welcome you as before, we will be happy to consider Devi for our female supervisor’s position.

Good night. May your dreams be as beautiful as the clothes you will be wearing tonight.

Filomina Dayal,

CEO – Event Masters Pvt. Ltd

To be continued…

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