The Office

Vincent was working late on night, filling paperwork out. His coworker came in his office and sat down. Renee was attractive and flirtatious and she knew she was good looking, which in Vincent's opinion was why she was such trouble. He consciously didn't want to give her too much attention and kept his head down while she was there, trying not to be rude though.

"So, you leaving soon?" she asked and he answered, "Yeah I'm just about...done." he put the last of the paperwork in a folder and put it down, standing up to get ready to leave when he saw Renee holding a cigarette. "Renee, please don't smoke in here. I'm leaving anyway, smoke outside." she flicked her lighter and sucked in, blowing smoke in his face.

"Too late, sweetie. I'm already gonna stop me?" she laughed and he shook his head. "You...umm...I...stop..." she blew smoke in his face again. "Shit, baby, you're thinking too much. It would feel so much better to...relax...and stop thinking. Look into my eyes, sweetie."
He tried to think but it felt so good to stop thinking, his eyes seemed to drift to her eyes. After a few seconds, he was lost in her green eyes. "Just relax...let those muscles stop working...and let that mind of yours just...stop...working. Let me think for you, baby."

Vincent stared longingly into Renee's eyes, he felt her words calming him down. She touched his face and gently kissed him, "I have another surprise for you, sweet baby. " She reached into her purse and took out another cigarette pack, a pink pack. She opened it and slid one long white cigarette out, placing it between Vincent's lips. He was so entranced by her beautiful eyes that he did nothing to stop her.
She slowly lifted her lighter up and laughed a little as she watched the flame light the cigarette. She whispered, "Now, honey...when I suck in I want you to do the same thing."

She gave him a moment to let those words sink in and then she sucked slowly on her cigarette and watched as he obeyed her. His virgin lungs took in the smoke and for some reason he didn't cough or even dislike it.

"You like it. You like being like me, sweetie." She sucked on her cigarette again and he copied her. He watched her and suddenly he felt his hair cover his eyes, she brushed it from his face and laughed, "It won't take long for you, my dear. Your hair is getting so long...just like mine. Your eyes are becoming so pretty...just like mine." He was confused but unable to really concentrate on that statement.

Renee unbuttoned Vincent's shirt, lifted it up and pulled his tie off, "Honey, I'd never wear that. We're gonna have to get you dressed soon." She caressed his chest and it felt so sensative, more than ever before. "These tits are getting so fuckin big, honey." She sucked on her cigarette and he did too then looked down and he was shocked to see his chest was almost as big as hers.

"Sweetheart, I want you to stop copying me...smoke on your own."she caressed his chest and pinched his puffy hard nipples, making him squeal a little. "Feels good,'s gonna get so much better." she then brushed his long red hair back and leaned in to kiss him.

They both then sucked on their cigarettes and she pulled a small makeup kit from her purse. She slid dark red lipstick on Vincent's lips and he was so entranced by her that he didn't move at all. He watched her apply blush and mascara and she smiled at him, "You look so sexy, hun."
She finished and took his hand, guiding him to a mirror in the women's bathroom. He looked in the mirror and was speechless. He looked like Renee's twin, in every way. "What...what did you do to me..." he spoke and her voice came from his lips, "HOLY SHIT! I fuckin sound like you..." he put his hand over his mouth and saw his fingernails were painted dark red and he was still holding that cigarette.

"Well, sweetie, I needed to find a way to get all the perks I can get. Things that I don't have time to do...or things I'm not willing to." He looked at her with fear, "Not willing?" he sucked on his cigarette and she continued, "Yeah...there are plenty of times I could get what I want if I...use my assets to my advantage." she squeezed his big breasts and pinched his ass.

"You think I'm going to do things for you? Fuck no!" he said loudly and she sucked on her cigarette, blowing smoke in his face,

"'re going to do a lot for me and my career. You're going to shake that ass, you're going to bounce those're going to suck and fuck your way to a great career for me."

he took a step back and turned to run out of the room when she spoke firmly, "Drop to your knees, slut." Vincent reached for the door and suddenly the only thing he could do was fall to his knees. "Aah, fuck! That hurt, goddamnit!" he said instinctively. She laughed, "You're so much like me. You're talking like me already, pretty soon you'll think so much like me you won't be able to tell the difference between me and you, honey." she walked in front of him and lifted her dress. "What's your name, sweetie?"

He looked puzzed, "My name is Renee...Fuck! That's not it! Dammit, I'm...Renee. No!" he wrested with remembering his name and she sucked on her cigarette agian. "Renee, sweetie...I would love if you'd lick my pussy." she pulled her panties down enough to expose her wet lips and Vincent gave a rageful look, "I'm not fucking Renee! And I'm" His face slowly moved closer and closer til his tongue was touching her pussy.

"Slide that dirty tongue inside me, Renee. Fuck my wet pussy with your tongue, Renee. Finger me like a good little fuck slut, Renee." She said and Vincent was unable to form words as his tongue slipped out and began caressing her pussy lips. His slender fingers slid inside Renee's wet hot pussy and she moaned, "Ohmygod Renee, you're so good with those fingers. You're gonna love getting me that management position."
Renee stepped back and watched Vincent as he was confusing himself with her, "Renee, sweetheart, I'm going to turn the lights off. Just relax and let things happen, dear." She then dialed a number and spoke into her phone, "Charles? Yeah, baby. That management position still open? Oh really? Well, I am willing to takes to get it. Well, meet me in the women's bathroom on the third floor. I'll be the one on my knees, waiting for you. Come quick, baby...see you soon."

Renee walked to the door and turned to see Vincent sitting there, "Suck on your cigarette, darlin." He did and smoke flowed from his pouty lips. "Get used to sucking, whore." and with that she walked out, flicking the lights off as she exited.

Vincent sat there, smoking and thinking about sucking when the door opened and someone walked in. Vincent heard someone whisper,
"Renee?" and for some reason he replied, "Yes, honey. Come here." Vincent couldn't believe what he had just said but that cigarette seemed to make him want to be her and obey her. The person stood in front of Vincent and he reached up and unzipped the person's pants. In his mind he tried to think of what his name was but all he could think was "I'm Renee. I'm Renee. I'm Renee."

Suddenly his thoughts were in a very feminine voice in his head and he forgot to think about anything but being Renee. Vincent slid the person's cock out and her lips began caressing it. "Mmm baby...Give me that hard cock." she sucked on her cigarette and blew it toward his dick then kissed it.

Renee slid his hard cock in her mouth, sucking and pleasing him as much as her slutty mouth was able. Her empty mind was so focused on making him cum that she couldn't help herself from moaning, "Oh wow! You're so hard, fuck my mouth...Fuck me." she whispered and the man pushed her down and climbed on top of her. He whispered, "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you, bitch." She smiled in the dark room as he pinned her down and slid her panties down.

" shouldn't..." she tried to object but he pushed his cock to her thighs and found her pussy before she could stop him. She sucked on her cigarette and the chemical in her cigarette that changed her took control, "Ohmygod that fuckin dick feels so good! What the fuck!" He pushed his hard dick inside her and she squealed with delight!

Renee couldn't even form words as he slid his dick in and out of her hot wet pussy, she wrapped her arms around him and he whispered in her ear, "Take it all the way in, you fuckin dirty cunt." she giggled, "Shove it in me, baby!" she felt her body squirming under his pressure.

Renee's eyes rolled in the back of her head as wave after wave of pleasure took over. She moaned louder and louder and she looked into his eyes, " I get the raise, baby?" He nodded his head and she sucked on her cigarette, blowing smoke in his face. He breathed in and felt light headed, they both rhythmically thrust their hips in unison as Charles kissed Renee passionately. "Ohmygod I'm fuckin cumming!"

Renee smiled, "OH fuck! Cum on my tits! Slide that beautiful dick between my tits and let me suck the cum from it." He pulled himself up and position his hips above her breasts and began fucking her large chest, she held her mouth open and sucked on it each time it popped up from between her breasts. "You are one kinky goddamn slut. I'm gonna cum all over your face!" he said and suddenly his cock throbbed and stiffened even more, then his seed shot out and hit Renee's lips and face.

She smiled and pulled his hard dick in her mouth and sucked it clean. She couldn't seem to help herself from being that dirty whore, she made sure he was as pleased as can be. Renee then sat up and kissed his cheek, "Good doin business with you, hun." She stood up, gathered and put on her clothes and walked out with a strut in her step. Her red high heels clicked as she walked out, leaving Charles euphoric on the floor.

She walked to her office and sat down in her chair then as she smiled from thinking about what she had just done, it hit her what really just happened. "Ohmygod! What the fuck did I just fuckin do?" She suddenly realized that she wasn't Renee, Vincent seemed to wake up and remember who he was.

"That bitch made me...she...Oh what the hell!?" he said as he looked down to see his body. He had very large breasts, he guessed DDD's and he was wearing a dress and carrying a pink purse. Vincent opened it and saw some make up and a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. "Goddamnit, she made me smoke. And why the hell can't I stop fuckin cursing?" he tried not to use foul language but he just couldn't resist.

He put his hands on those giant breasts, "My god these are fucking huge. How does she deal with these?" He slowly caressed them, squeezing them together. "Holy shit...that feels...kinda...good...really...fucking...good..." His eyes closed as he imagined someone else massaging them. He started uncontrollably fantasizing about being held tightly. His hands slid down his body and without even knowing it he reached over and pulled his purse close to his body.

"I shouldn't be doing this...fu...oh my...holy...fuckin...shit..." he said as his hand reached in and slowly pulled the pack of cigarettes and lighter out. "I don't...I mean I can't...smoke..." his fingers held a cigarette and placed it between his pouty lips. "How the hell...would I explain if I...started smoking..." his hand raised the lighter up slowly. "I could never smoke...maybe..." his finger flicked it till a small flame burned. "I'd hell of a sexy smoker though..." the fire touched the tip of his cigarette and he instinctively sucked in.

"Good thing I'm not...a...smoker...a" He felt a moan escape his lips and he let go of his control. He looked down at his perfect round breasts, "Renee's breasts would look so goddamn sexy with smoke all around them." He squeezed them and sucked on his cigarette, blew smoke down his body and watched in awe.

Renee walked in, smiling. "Holy hell, you work quick. I just got a raise because I apparently fucked my boss." she then stopped and was shocked to see Vincent squeezing his giant breasts and smoking without being commanded to. "Mmm baby, you look so damn good playin with those tits. And you make one hell of a sexy smoker." She sat next to Vincent and kissed him on the lips.
"I don't smoke...tits?" he looked confused but didn't stop caressing his large breasts.

"Renee, sweetie, you should get changed. I just got a text, if I do a photo shoot I'll get some nice little perks. Go to the 3rd floor and do the shoot for me." At first Vincent thought about how she just called him Renee but as words formed, that thought drained form him and his response was, "3rd floor? I'll be there in a sec, honey." He stood up and without ability to stop his feminine body, he was out the door.

Vincent's mind seemed to come back to as he walked through the hallway, "How the fuck did she do this shit to me? Why am I obeying her? Goddammit! Shit shit shit, I need to stop this!" He reached into his purse and took out a pack of cigarettes and put one to his lips. "That fuckin bitch made me a smoker! Dammit!" he lit it and felt so sensative and sexy that he calmed down and walked confidently to the 3rd floor.

Vincent got to the 3rd floor and a man was waiting for him in an office that was decorated to look like a bedroom. "Come in, sweetie. You look so good, Renee. Lay on the bed and I'll be ready in a moment." He kissed her cheek and went into a side room.

"I gotta get the" Renee sucked on her cigarette again and felt like she was getting swept away in the scenery and just as she was going to get up and leave the man came back and pressed a button on his camera.

"Honey, this photo shoot is a portrait of pleasure. A man...a woman...flesh surrendering to sexual desire..." he touched her forehead and she stared into his eyes, "Pull your dress down, baby." without breaking gaze, Renee slid the dress down her shoulders and let it fall down her body. She stood there, wearing a purple bra and purple panties, staring her co worker's eyes and letting his camera click away.
He kissed her and reached around, unhooking her bra. She gasped and uncontrollably reached up and wrapped her arms around him. "My god your body feels...good." she whispered and Renee melted into a passionate kiss. The camera clicked away as he slowly guided her down to her back and he fucked her.

Renee moaned louder and louder and begged him to cum inside her, wrapping her legs around his waist in an attempt to force him to cum quicker. She then slid his cock out of her pussy and knelt in front of him. She reached over and took a cigarette from her purse, lighting it. She slowly stroked his dick and kissed it, staring up into his eyes. She gently blew smoke around his throbbing cock and seductively said, "Fuck my mouth, baby. Fuck my big tits. Cum all over me." She slipped his hard dick in her mouth and she began bobbing up and down on it.

"I'm gonna fuckin cum on your face, goddamn slut." she sucked on her cigarette and blew smoke down her breasts just as he put his prick right in front of her face and sprayed his cum all over her face.

"Ohmygod yes! I need your cum!" she let him finish shooting it hot seed all over then pulled it in her mouth to swallow the rest while rubbing the cum into her skin. "These pictures are gonna be fuckin great. Renee, you're gonna love the attention you're gonna get." he went into another room to clean up and Renee sat up, sucked on her cigarette and gathered her clothes. She wiped her face off with a towel and got dressed.

"Sweetie, I'm going to send your share to your paypal sometime next week. I'm glad you finally came around. I think we're gonna have a lot of fun partnering up." he guided her toward the door. She waved at him and smiled as she walked out and down the hall.
She walked down the hall and pushed the elevator button and as it opened she saw Renee standing in there, "You look like one satisfied slut.
How did the shoot go?" she said and Renee answered, "Went fuckin perfect, Renee."

"Wow, you really are accepting your new life. But I just realized we may have a problem with telling us apart. I'm going to give you my old life, you're going to be Renee from now on and I'm going to tell everyone I'm your twin sister Nicole.
I just moved here and we're gonna have so much fun."

Renee stopped and said, "Something's wrong some...thing in the back of my mind is telling me this isn't right. Dammit I can't figure out what the fuck is wrong though."
Nicole responded, "Oh that's the spell I put you under.You're accepting your new life and after 24 hours it will be irreversible. Do you remember being a man?"

Renee sucked on her cigarette and blew smoke straight up in the air, "I was a...? Wait! Yes, goddamnit yes I remember! You did this shit to me! I don't even fucking talk like this! did this goddamn shit to me!" she grew angry but as she stopped talking she sucked on her cigarette and calmed down immediately.

"I did, slut. And the best part is you have full control right now to stop it all...but you won't. If you stop smoking for an hour, the effects will be reversed. You'll completely change back and have no memory of all the slutty shit you did as Renee. Go ahead, quit smoking those cigarettes."
Renee looked at the cigarette in her hand in disgust then slowly raised it to her pouty lips. "Goddamnit! You sonuvabitch! I...I can't stop..." she watched the smoke swirl around her giant breasts and smiled.

"Renee?" Nicole said innocently

"Yeah?" Renee answered back sweetly.

"What were you just talking about, babe?"

Renee thought for a moment, sucking on her cigarette and then said,
"I...something about...dammit, I can't remember."

Nicole laughed and spoke, "Let's go to a club tonight, babe. You look too good not to show off that ass a little." Renee started to shake her head and and say no but Nicole gently guided her hand up to her lips causing Renee to suck on her cigarette. "Fuck...ok I'll go." she smirked and they went to Nicole's car.

They got to the club and Nicole led them both in the front door, "C'mon Renee. Let's go sit by the VIP room." Renee followed Nicole and they sat down, searching the room. Nicole watched Renee look around awkwardly and noticed she hadn't had a cigarette for almost a half hour.

"Ney, babe, you ok?" Renee looked slightly scared and replied, "I'm not feeling so good...something"
"You just haven't had a cigarette in a while." just as those words hit Renee's ears, the need to smoke hit her and she could barely think about anything else but she tried not to give in, "Yeah but that's not it, I don't really want a cigarette anyway. Something else is...wrong." Nicole got a little bit nervous, it had been close to an hour since Renee's last cigarette and she knew the changes were beginning to reverse.

"C'mon bitch. You'll feel better, let's go outside for a minute." she took Renee's hand and led her out front of the club. Nicole took a cigarette from her purse and watched Renee try her hardest to fight the urge to smoke herself. "Why aren't you having a cigarette, hun?"

"I don't know, I probably shouldn't smoke...I..." Nicole noticed Renee's eye color had changed back to their original color and knew she had to act fast to keep her plan intact. "Shit, you're right. We should both quit..." Nicole sucked in slowly and blew smoke right in Renee's face. Renee breathed in lustfully and looked at the cigarette, "Yeah, let's both quit...smoking..."

"This'll be my last one. Maybe you should...have just one last one." she watched Renee thinking about it, considering having just one last cigarette, "I...that's probably not a good idea. I don't know why but I really don't want to. I mean, I DO want to but..." Nicole took out two new cigarettes and held one up to Renee's face,

"Babe, don't let me smoke my last ever cigarette alone. Let's quit together. One...last...cigarette..." she slipped the cigarette between Renee's lips and she couldn't resist it, she tried to raise her hand to stop her sister but Nicole's lighter clicked and burned the tip. Renee sucked in and pleasure raced through her body.

"Last cigarette ever?" She lit her own and watched Renee blow smoke straight up in the air and laugh, "Yeah...right...last one..." they stood there smoking and talking. Renee finished her's and she looked at her purse, "You have a whole pack left, don't you?" Nicole said.


"Well...we don't HAVE to quit tonight...we could just finish our last packs and quit tomorrow..." Nicole dropped her's and took another one out, Renee reached into her pure and took one out too. "You're such a bad fuckin influence." she smirked and lit her cigarette.

To be continued...

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