The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 1

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“Kat, their heading your way.” Paul relays this information over the ear wick he was wearing. He chases after the two men they had come to capture for the bond company they worked for.

The men had a good head start on him. He had tried to catch them as they came running through the back door. He heard Kat knock on the front door and then her voice as she announces who she was. He loses sight of the men, but hears Kat and at least one of them fighting. As
Paul comes around the corner of the house, he stops and watches as his partner Kat fights with one of the men. The other one he notices was already on the ground with handcuffs.

Kat had literally run into the first guy as he came around the corner of the house. If she hadn’t been born with fast reflexes, she would had collided with him. Her unusual looks had caused him to pause as she whipped out her handcuffs and charged towards him, grabbing one of his arms and slapping the handcuffs on the arm she had grabbed. Kat had to fight to get the other arm. The guy had tried to snatch his arm free from her hold, but she held on with an arm hold her father had taught her. She then manages to get the other end of the cuff on his other arm and drop him to the ground.

Just as the guy recover from her looks and felt the handcuff lock around his wrist, he tried to break free from her hold. He was surprised at how strong this petite cat girl was. He felt her capture his other arm and the clicking sound of the cuff as he felt the cuff wrap around his wrist. He had tried to break free from the arm hold she had him in, but was unsuccessful. He felt her sweep his legs out from under him and then saw the ground coming towards him as he fell face first to the ground.

The other guys partner rounds the corner of the house they were staying in and notices a small petite humanoid cat girl running towards him with his partner lying on the ground with his hands cuff behind his back.

"What the..." He tries to avoid the cat girl as she comes charging into him. He barely managed to avoid her tackle. He felt claws rake his chest as one of her hands swipe passed him.

Kat saw the other guy coming around the corner of the house and notice her partner had stopped to watch as she charged the other guy. Kat charges towards the other guy as she is about to tackle him, he dodges at the last minute. She reaches out with her right hand and extend her claws to rake against his rib cage. She feels her claws strike as she spins around with a roundhouse kick to the head.

The guy hadn't counted on her next moved as he feels her booted foot smack him in the head from behind. He falls face first to the ground hurting from the impact of the roundhouse kick and then hitting the ground face first. Before he realizes it. He feels his arms pulled behind his back and a pair of cuffs slap against them.

“What the hell are you?” The guy couldn’t believe something that came from an anime cartoon had taken him and his partner down.

“You’re worse nightmare, Mister.” Kat presses her knee into his back harder.

“Ow!” The guy was feeling like this cat girl was trying to break his spine.

Kat looks over towards her partner “He’s all yours Paul. I did all the hard work like usual.”

Paul just walks over to help the prisoners up off the ground.

“He was coming your way any way. I know how you like the cat and mouse games.” A mischievous smile appears on his face as he walks their prisoner back to their Suv.

“You know, that is getting old. You need more tag lines and something else new to tease me with.” Kat knew she looked like a cat girl from an anime cartoon. Why someone did this to her. She would like to know. She’s had a hard life because of her looks and not many people wanted to be her friend when she was growing up.

Paul gets in on the driver side, while Kat hops in on the passenger side. She turns around in her seat to look at the two losers in the back seat.

“Why didn’t you guys just turn yourself in, instead of having me and my partner hunt your dumb asses down? It would had been easier on you and the two us.” Kat has been hunting down bond jumpers for a while now and she still couldn’t understand why they thought they could get away.

When neither one of them didn’t respond, Kat turns back around to face forward.

Paul starts the suv up and they head to the nearest police station to get the paperwork done so they could turn it into their boss and get the reward money.

“So, what are your plans this weekend? Are you still thinking about jumping out of a perfectly working airplane?” Paul couldn’t believe his partners hobbies.

“Yep, still planning on it. George is taking me up with a few other students and were going to jump out of the airplane like dummies and fools.” Kat still couldn’t believe she had agreed to do something so stupid on a dare. George thought she would had chickened out after going up with him and his partner. Instead she agreed to do it just to shut them up.

Paul glances over towards his feisty partner. He knew she was just proving that because she looked like a cat girl from the anime’s didn’t mean she couldn’t do her job or some of the other things most people do. He also knew she hated looking like she does and would like to get her hands on the son of bitch that made her the way she is.

The guys sitting behind Paul and Kat couldn’t believe a short petite cat girl had taken them down. This was something they will never be able to live down if any one finds out. Just what the hell was she and where did she come from.

“Hey, how about turning the air on in here. It’s hot and I’m sweating like a pig back here.” The first guy Kat took down was sweating like a pig.

“Fine” Kat turns the rear A/C units on for the crybabies. She turns around in her seat to look at them.

“Happy now?” She just glares at them. She saw both their rap sheets and knew they were repeat offenders. One was a wife beater who sent his wife to the hospital and the other was a sick pedophile that had a thing for dressing little boys up as cute little girls and then film having sex with them. His last victim had been a twelve-year old boy that lived two streets up from him. He had gotten the child to trust him and then lure the child to his house. Once there he had tricked the child into modeling some costumes he had made that he said were for his niece and just wanted to see what they looked like when worn.

If Kat had her way, she would castrate the fuck and stuff his Johnson down his throat. She wanted to know why the judge he had gone before had granted bail for this sick fuck.

Paul notices his partner was in a foul mood and knew why. Still, they had a job to do and once they dropped the two in the back off. They would go and collect their money and have a few drinks afterwards.

Paul pulls into the loading area at the police department and shuts the engine off.

“Are you coming in this time?” As he opens his door.

“Nope, the last time I did. You had to drag me off Officer Hardees throat. I’ll stay out here this time around.” Kat opens her door and slides down to the ground with a water bottle in her hand.

She holds the door open for Paul as he escorts their bounty into the police station. Kat walks back over and leans again the truck watching as a cruiser of an officer she knows pulls up. She watches as he parks and gets out of his car.

“Hey, Tony. Who you got in the back?” Kat heads over to talk with her friend.

“Hey, Kat. I found her soliciting down at 37th and Mark Ave.” Tony looks down at the poor kid in his cruiser.

“Let me talk to her and find out why she was down there. Because she might have been forced by Angelo. That’s his territory and I’ve come across a few girls that have been forced to work for him.” Kat knew the pimp and would like to hang him from a light pole like they use to do to people.

“Kat, you know I can’t do that. It’s against regulations.” Tony didn’t have a personal problem with it, but he knew if his LT. found out, he could get into trouble.

“Oh, come on Tony. Don’t make me have to blackmail you with that certain picture you know I have of you?” An evil smile appears on Kat’s face.

“You wouldn’t dare?” Tony looks directly at Kat with alarm on his face. He knew what picture she was talking about and it would ruin him.

“Want to try me? You know how I respond to dares.” Kat wiggles her eyebrows.

“Fine, you win.” Tony opens the door of his cruiser.

Kat walks over to the open door and kneel to see the person better. What she sees is a teenage oriental looking girl dress like a high-class hooker you would find in New York city. Her make-up was ruined from her crying. She could tell the kid was wearing a wig, because she notices the kid’s hair line peeking out from under it. Kat guesses she couldn’t be any older then thirteen, maybe fifteen at best. Also, this wasn’t a girl. No, this person was a boy dress as a girl.

“Hey kid. My name is Kat and I was wondering why you are dress like this and selling yourself. Did a pimp by the name of Angelo Belmonte force you to dress like this and put you there?” Kat could smell cigarette smoke cling to the kid.

Brittney looks at the cat looking woman kneeling to talk with her. She had never seen anyone like her before. She didn’t want to go to jail. Angelo had found out her secret and blackmailed her into selling herself. All because her parents couldn’t deal with her being transgender.

“Yes ma’am. He said I owed him for taking me in and feeding me.” Tears start streaming down her cheeks.

Kat looks up at Tony “Why don’t you let me take her home with me? I’ll take responsibility for her. Besides getting someone from child services down here at this hour would be impossible. Plus, making her stay overnight in the drunk cell would be a bad idea. My partner is in there right with a pedophile that had jumped bail.”

Tony looks down at Kat “I don’t know Kat.”

He looks at the girl and then back at Kat. He knew she was right about child services.

“Alright, but this better not come back and bite me in the ass.” Tony, felt he was crazy doing this.

“Thanks Tony. You won’t regret this.” Kat pulls her handcuff keys out of her pants pocket.

“Show me your hands kid.” As Kat leans forward and use her key to remove Tony’s handcuffs.

“Here you go Tony.” Kat hands Tony his cuffs back.

“Thanks, now get out of here before I change my mind.” Tony walks away and goes into the police station.

“Come on kid. Let’s hurry up before he comes back and changes his mind.” Kat helps Brittney out of the police cruiser and shuts the door behind her.

Just as the two of them climb into the suv, Kat's partner comes walking out with the paperwork in his hands.

"Who's the kid?" Paul gets in on the driver side.

"I'll tell you later partner. Let's go and get our money and then some decent clothes for the kid. Then some food and boozes afterwards." Kat turns around in her seat to look at Brittney.

"Is that okay with you kid?" Kat needed to find out the kids name.

"I guess so." Brittney still didn't know what was going on here.

Paul looks in the rear view mirror at the kid. "My name is Paul in case my partner forgot to tell you. What's your name so i can get her to stop calling you kid."

Brittney looks towards the mirror " it's Brittney Henreid."

Kat was watching Brittney when she said her name.

"Hun, Brittney. I would had thought it be something a little fancier." Kat turns back around in her seat.

"Don't let her rude manners fool you Brittney. She's got a soft spot for kids." Paul just glances over at his partner.

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