The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 2

Brittney could smell the scent of bacon cooking in the air. She had woken-up early and decided to just stay in bed. The bed she was laying on had the scent of lavender to the sheets and blanket. She had been told that she could sleep in this room last night by Kat. The room itself looked to have belong to a teenage girl. There were posters of men on the wall and of bands. A vanity table and stuff animals and books. It had the same smell as the bed of Lavender, now mixed with the smell of bacon. They had stopped at a thrift store on the way to their office and gotten her some decent clothes that she could change into at the office. Kat had given her a night shirt of a kitty playing with a ball of yarn to wear to bed last night, after she had taken a shower at Kat’s instances. Kat and Paul said they would take her out shopping today.

There was a light knock on her door as it opens “hey Brittney, breakfast is ready if you are hungry. There’s a robe that should fit you in the closet.” Kat slowly shuts the door as she hopes Brittney will join her and Paul for breakfast.

Kat heads back into the kitchen and sits down at the table. She looks over towards Paul as she grabs a piece of bacon off the plate it was on.

“I wonder who her parents are. She’s too young to be out on the streets.” Kat bites the strip of bacon she had taken to eat.

Paul takes a sip of his coffee as he listens to his partner. They were more like a couple, but they hadn’t made it official yet.

“We could check the missing children’s hotline and run her finger prints.” Paul takes another sip of his coffee and reaches for some bacon to put on his plate.

“True” Kat steals some bacon and scoop up some scramble eggs on put them on her plate. She could hear the bedroom door of her old room open and close.

Brittney had decided to go ahead and get some breakfast. Even tho Kat and Paul had feed her last night, she was still hungry this morning. When she walks into the kitchen, she notices Paul wearing a pajama bottoms and a t-shirt, while Kat just had on an oversized football jersey shirt. She looked like a teenager wearing her brother’s clothes.

“Ah, she lives.” Paul had notice Brittney coming into the kitchen.

“Come on over and have a seat Brit. There’s bacon, scramble eggs and toast if you want it. I don’t know about Paul’s feelings about teenagers having coffee, but we have fresh made coffee, milk and orange juice to drink if you would like some.” Kat was holding a piece of bacon in her hand when she was talking.

Brittney walks over and sits down across from Kat and next to Paul. Brittney could see that Kat had made a bunch of bacon and scramble eggs. There was grape and strawberry jam on the table.

Kat gets up and grabs a plate, silverware “do you want milk, juice or coffee?”

“Coffee, please.” Brittney had gotten into drinking coffee.

“Okay” Kat grabs a plain white coffee mug off the coffee mug holder and set it down along with the rest of the items.

“Here you go, kiddo. Help yourself to whatever you’re in the mood for.” Kat pours the coffee into the mug and set the pot back on the coffee maker.

“Thanks Kat.” Brittney still couldn’t get over how Kat looked. She was petite, small of height and looked like she was only teenager. She had silvery-white color fur covering her cat ears and her hair was cut short and blended with her ears. Her tail was the same color as her ears and hair. Brittney couldn’t believe how blue Kat’s eyes were.

“You’re welcome kiddo.” Kat walks back over towards her seat and sits back down.

Paul had been watching Kat and Brittney interact. He had notice how Brittney observed Kat’s unusual looks. Most people who met Kat didn’t know what to make of her. Her ears and eyes and were the main things most people focus on when they met her. She kept her tail hidden most of the time. She had learned early in her career that when she is fighting her enemy could use it against her.

“Brittney, I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but why did you run away?” Kat takes a sip of her coffee while watching Brittney.

“My parents sent me to a gay conversion camp. They thought the leader of the camp could drive out the need for me to be a girl with prayers, starvation and torture. They kept you there till they were convince that you weren’t gay any more. The camp itself is set up in the mountains miles away from any town or city. There’s no phone, sewer system or power, except the generators used to provide power to the camp. You’re not allowed any personal possessions when you arrive and you slept in the same barracks with other boys. The girls that had been sent were forced to cook, clean and serve the food. They kept the camp tended to. There were rumors that some of the girls that had been accused of being lesbians or wanted to be boys were being raped to force them to accept their place in life.” Tears were streaming down from Brittney’s eyes as buried memories of her time came to the surface. The beatings and isolation she had been forced to endured while there.
Kat gets up and walks around the table and wrap her arms around Brittney. She holds her tight against her petite body like her father had done with her when she was little. She needed to find out where this camp was to check it out for herself and put an end to it. No one had the right to torture children or other people.

“You’re safe now, Brittney.” Kat just strokes Brittney’s short hair and holds her. She was going to have to let Brittney wear a wig for a while, till her hair grew back in. Someone had completely cut her hair down to a crew cut and it was slowly growing back.

Paul gets up and walks over towards the sink and gets a warm wash cloth. He may have done a lot of bad things in his life, but he has never hurt children. He walks back over towards Kat and hands it to Kat. Brittney had stopped crying.

“Thanks” Kat lets go of Brittney and kneels to be able to look into Brittney’s while she gently washes her face.

“There that’s better. I know you may not feel like eating Brittney, but we need to get some food into you. You’re too skinny for a girl your age.
After breakfast, we’ll go shopping and get you some clothes and make-up. When we get back, we’ll sit down and talk more about this camp and do something to help the rest of the kids who are still there.” Kat picks the bowl the eggs are in and pop them in the microwave to reheat them.

After breakfast, Kat and Paul get dress and take Brittney shopping. Paul drops them off while he goes to the Law Enforcement Supply store to pick-up a few items that they were going to need or were running low on.

Kat has fun shopping with Brittney and takes her to her friend Raoul to get her nails done and her ears pierce. They will have to wait on getting her hair done till it grows back to a length that Raoul can do something with.

By the time, they are done at Raoul’s shop. Paul had shown back up from completing his shopping.

“So, who is hungry?” Paul ask the girls when they load into the suv.

“I can go for some lunch.” Kat fastens her seat belt as she shuts the passenger door.

“Me too.” Brittney was hungry as well.

“Okay, how about we grab some food at Mommies Italian Kitchen?” Paul looks towards Kat and Brittney.

“Sounds good to me. I think Brittney will like it.” Kat turns to see Brittney.

“Is Italian food okay with you, kiddo?”

“Yes ma’am.” Brittney loved real Italian food.

“Off to Mommies then.” Paul backs the suv out and starts driving down the street. As he is driving, he spots that they have picked up a tail.

“Kat, we have a tail.” Paul nods to the rear-view mirror.

Kat adjust her side mirror and notices them as well.

“Let’s have some fun with them then.” Kat climbs towards the back seat where Brittney was sitting. She knew their tail wouldn’t spot her because the windows of the suv were tinted dark.

She reaches in the back and pulls out her paint ball gun and load it out with bright neon pink paint balls. She opens the sun roof and stands up.

Kat takes aims behind her and start letting lose with the paint ball gun towards the car that was following them.

Daxten and his partner had been hired to tail some strange looking cat girl by the name of Kathrine Sedberry and her partner Paul Romano. The person that had hired the two of them weren’t his normal clients and had paid them twice his going rate. Him and his partner had found out that the two individuals were bounty hunters and worked for several different bonds bail companies in town. Kathrine, he learned was the child of a SWAT officer that had died in a confrontation several years ago. She had an older sister and brother that stilled lived in town. Her older sister was a high price lawyer and her older brother was a fire fighter station with the local fire department.

Paul, he found out had a colorful career. He used to be hired muscle for one of the mafia families in New York, before they were taken down by the FBI. He gave that life up to become a professional wrestler for a few years, before being caught taking steroids and release from his contract. He had come to Knoxville, Tennessee to start over and had become Kathrine’s partner several years ago.

“Watch out, what is that crazy girl doing?” Daxten partner had screamed at him when neon pink paintballs started hitting their car windshield and hood.

“Oh, you are not right Kat.” Paul was watching traffic in front of him and watching in the rearview mirror as well when Kat had stood up through the sunroof with her paintball gun.

Brittney had turned around in her seat and looked out the back window of the suv and watched as a car that she assumes was following them were being pelleted with paintballs. She starts laughing as the hood of the car and the windshield were turning bright pink.

Kat kneels back down in the suv and closes the sunroof.

“That should deter them from following us.” She lays her paintball gun back where it had been and climbed back up front to the passenger seat.

She looks out at her mirror and notice the car had pulled over to a parking lot.

Paul had whipped the suv around in the middle of the highway and headed back towards them. He pulls in right behind the people who had been following them.

“Brittney, get down and stay down.” Kat said just as she jumped out of their suv with her hidden .45 automatic pistol pulled.

Paul gets out on the driver side with his massive hand cannon pulled.

“Alright, get out of the car with your hands held where I can see them.” Kat was using the suv passenger door as cover.

Daxten saw that they were blocked in with the suv behind them and both Kathrine and Paul were facing them with guns drawn. Their windshield was covered in neon pink paint.

Daxten looks over towards his partner “I think we better do what they say.”

Gable couldn’t believe they had been seen and then outsmarted. He slowly opens his car door with his hands out in front so they could see he was unarmed. Daxten follows his partner’s movement as well.

“Who are you and why were you following us?” Kay was taking the lead, because Paul was the better shooter.

“We’re private detectives. We we’re hired to track and tail you.” Daxten was watching Kathrine, while his partner was watching Paul.

Paul stood behind the driver side door and was watching both men while Kat was speaking to them.

“Okay, who was dumb enough to send you to track and follow us?” Kat wanted to know so she could go after them.

“We can’t tell you that information.” Daxten wasn’t going to tell them.

“I bet you will tell me or you won’t like what I am going to do to you.” Kat had a devilish idea to make them talk.

“You can’t make us talk, freak.” Gable looks at Kat with disgust on his face.

“You think so, okay let’s see how you like being used as targets.” Kat puts her gun away and lean inside the suv.

“Brittney, hand me my paintball gun and the clear paintballs filled with a red color powder inside them.” Kat was going to pepper them with pepper balls.

“Yes ma’am.” Brittney looks in the back of the suv and grab the paintball gun and the balls she was told to. She loads the balls for Kat and hands her the gun.

“Thanks.” Kat lowers the window on the passenger side door and rest her paintball gun on it.

Daxten and Gable couldn’t figure out what Kathrine were doing, till she aimed her paintball gun at them. Sure the things sting, but they weren’t going to make them tell them.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell me, because these things really sting when you get hit by them and I have the pressure turned up on this one. So, are you sure you won’t tell me what I want to know?” Kat was itching to cut lose with the paintball.

“Yes you….” Gable never got a chance to finish as three paintballs hit him in his privates and his eyes start to water and he starts choking on the pepper balls filled with her favorite Mil Spec sauce he just got hit with.

“Kat, you hit the man in his privates. Even I wouldn’t talk after getting hit there.” Paul had a smile on his face.

Daxten looks over at Kat “aren’t you going to help him?”

“Nope, he called me a freak. He won’t die. It’s only military grade pepper spray. Now, do you want to tell me or should I hit you in your privates as well and let you choke on the pepper ball?” An evil smile appears on Kat’s face.

Daxten thought about it and realized this girl wouldn’t stop till she got her answers.

“His name is Greggory Miller. He hired us to track and tail you.” Daxten knew this job was a lost cause.

Kat stands there and wonders who the hell Greggory Miller is. It wasn’t any one she knew from their cases.

“Paul, do you know who Greggory Miller is?” Kat still had her paintball gun trained on Daxten as she looks over towards Paul.

“Nope.” Paul was watching Gable as he on the ground moaning and holding his privates and coughing from the pepper spray.
Brittney heard the name and immediately froze. He knew who the person was. He was one of the counselors at the camp. The one that use to beat him with leather belts.

“Kat, I know who he is.” Brittney yells from inside the suv.

“Alright, we can talk later. As for you Mr. Daxten. You have till this evening to get lost before I call the cops and have them arrest you for the endangerment of a child and assault.” Kat hands her paintball gun to Brittney.

“Assault? You assaulted us.” Daxten couldn’t believe this.

“No I didn’t. I was practicing with my paintball gun and your friend wonder into my line of fire. I have two witnesses who can back-up what I said. Also, the local police around here know me. So, they will believe me, before they will believe you.” Kat gives him a raspberry before climbing back into the suv.

Paul puts his gun away and gets in as well and they back-up and heads towards Mommies in quiet.

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