The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 4

The next morning Kat and Paul were up early looking over everything Brittney could remember about the camp. They had written and drawn maps of the layout of the camp. The routines were written as well. So, they knew when they retrieved mail and when they went into town to get supplies. Also, when they brought new people to the camp.

Kat had her favorite jersey shirt on and was sitting on Paul’s lap. Brittney had stayed up late with them and was still in bed.

“You know sneaking onto the campgrounds won’t be a problem if they don’t have security like Brittney says. If we try kidnapping one of their people and it goes to court, we’ll be in a heap of trouble.” Kat leans against Paul and try to think of anything they could use. Technically, they didn’t need search warrants if they have probable cause they could just storm the place.

The problem was. An idea just popped into Kat’s head and she jumps off Paul’s lap and run into their bedroom and come back with their lap.

Paul wonders what got Kat all excited. He watches as she runs into their bedroom and comes back with their laptop.

“I just figured out how we can get away with going there and they can’t say a word against us.” Kat starts searching the warrant data base looking for anything on Greggory Miller or any of the people that staff the campground

“Bingo, I have found our way in.” Kat turns the laptop around to show Paul.

“Meet Mike Muller. He has an outstanding bounty from a bails bond company in the state of Ohio. He jumped bail and the bail bondsman might be willing to let us have the bond.” Kat smiles at her partner like she had been very clever.

“Who’s the bondsman?” Paul pulls out his cell phone to dial the number.

“It says here, the Bondsman name is Harry Savage of Savage Bail Bond Company. I’ve never heard of him. How about you?” Kat looks over towards Paul.

“Nope, now give me the number for him.” Paul figures he’ll call and see how much he is willing to pay them.

“216-678-8794 “Kat keeps reading the bonds.

She pulls up the arrest report of Mr. Muller and couldn’t believe that he made bond. The guy had been caught red handed with child pornography on his computer. How did this fellow manage to pay the bond? She keeps reading while tuning out her partner.

Paul finishes his phone call with Harry Savage and glance down at his partner sitting in her chair Indian style.

“He’s willing to pay us the full bounty and our expenses.”

“Cool, that means I can get a new pair of shoes.” Kat looks up at her partner with a playful smile on her face.

“You have enough shoes.” He walks over and kiss her on her nose.

“Mmmm, yummy.” A low purr builds in her throat.

Brittney wakes up and rubs the sleep from her eyes. They had stayed up till in one in the morning talking about the camp she had escaped form. Kat and Paul wanted to know everything about it. What their routine was, when they went into town for food, how often they got mail. Also, she told them the names of some of the people that worked there. Plus, she told them how she had escape from the camp. The route she took from the camp.

Brittney stumbles into the kitchen and notice Kat and Paul making lovey-dovey eyes at each other.

“I don’t mean to interrupt you two?” Brittney stops in the kitchen.

Kat looks over towards Brittney” you’re not sweetie. Come on in and I’ll fix you some breakfast.”

Kat jumps up and plant a kiss on Paul’s lips, before moving off to feed Brittney.

“How about some cereal for breakfast?” Kat was opening the cabinet she keeps the cereal in. They had Cornflakes, Raisin Bran, Sugar Pops and Cheerios.

“So, which one would you like for breakfast?” Kat was shaking the boxes.

“Sugar Pops will be okay.” Brittney walks over and sits down at the table.

Kat pulls down a bowl and start pouring the cereal. She grabs the milk for Brittney and let her add how much milk she wants.

“Coffee’s up.” Paul hands Kat her coffee mug with her coffee fixed like the way she likes it.

“Thanks.” Kat could smell her coffee was made right, but she takes a sip and purrs when she tastes it.

“Thanks Kat.” Brittney takes a bite of her cereal.

“You’re welcome.” Kat takes another sip of her coffee and stares out her kitchen window.

As she is standing there, a loud crashing noise comes from her living room.

“What the?” Kat drops her mug on the counter and turns around. Kat moves towards the kitchen door.

“Brittney get down under the table.”

The next thing she hears after telling Brittney to get under the table is bullets riddling her wall.

The back door is busted open. Paul steps to the side and grabs the first figure that comes through the door. He yanks their gun out of their hands as his elbow slams hard into the intruder’s face.

There’s more gunfire as the front door to Kat’s house is busted open. Kat picks Brittney up and rush her into the pantry.

“Get down and stay down.” She shuts the pantry door. She ducks in time as Paul tosses a person over her head.

Another figure was coming into the kitchen. Kat slams him as hard as she can in the stomach. The person wasn’t wearing body armor, so he felt her blow to the stomach. Another one takes aim at her and fires. Kat jumps out of the way just in time and charges straight at him and slamming her claws into his groin area and yanks.

“In coming Kat.”

Just as a body flies over her head towards the person she just buried her claws into.

“Thanks, Paul.” Kat grabs the gun her guy had dropped and fires at another person behind him.

She spins around and notice Paul was stepping on the neck of a second person that had come in and had another pinned up against the wall.

There was another fellow that looked to be coming towards her back door. Kat fires twice and puts two rounds into the person.

“Who the fuck are these guys?” Kat watches as the guy Paul held up against the wall goes limp.

The one under Paul’s foot had a crushed throat.

“Who would send this many people against us?” Kat takes a paper towel and cleans her claws of the blood on them.

Kat goes over to one that was wearing a mask and pulls it off. She doesn’t recognize the guy, but recognized the gang tattoo on the neck.

“He’s from the Baagh gang.” Kat knew they were thugs for hire. She and Paul has had a run-in with them on a few of their cases, but they have never attacked her at her house.

The next thing she hears is sirens outside her house.

“Fuck, that’s all I need.” Kat stands up and walks over to the pantry to check on Brittney.

“Are you alright Brittney?” Kat saw Brittney balled up in the corner of the pantry.

Brittney was worried when she heard the gun fire outside the pantry and the crashing noise. She had moved to the furthest part of the pantry for safety. When she hears the door, open and hears Kat’s voice.

She looks up at Kat with tears streaming down her cheek. She jumps up and runs to Kat wrapping her arms around her petite body.
Kat was nearly knocked on her butt when Brittney ran into her. She felt the poor girl wrap her arms around her body and was holding on tight to her and crying.

“Ssshhh, everything is going to be okay.” Kat holds the poor girl.

“Paul, can you deal with the cops please?” Kat looks over towards Paul and notice he had blood on him.

“Ya, I’ll go and deal with them. You take care of Brittney.” Paul walks pass the two of them towards the living room.

“Come on sweetie, let’s go to my bedroom and let Paul deal with the cops.” Kat leads Brittney towards her and Paul’s bedroom.

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