The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 5

Kat was pissed by the time the cops had left after taking her statement, Paul’s statement and photos of all the damage done to their place. Brittney had fallen asleep in her arms from all the crying she did. Kat had left her asleep on her bed curled up with her favorite Teddy Bear, which happened to be dress like a SWAT officer.

“Why couldn’t we had left one of them alive, so we could find out who sent them.” Kat was sweeping up all the broken glass and broken wood pieces.

The police had already taken all the guns these guys had attacked them with except the one she had picked up. She had hidden it in the pantry when she had gotten Brittney out of there.

“I wasn’t thinking about keeping one alive. I was more concern for you and Brittney.” Paul leans down and kiss Kat.

Kat wraps her arms around his neck and jump up and wrap her legs around his waist. She had slipped on a pair of boxer shorts when she had taken Brittney into their bedroom. She had been naked under the big oversized jersey shirt she was wearing this morning when they were attacked. So, when the police started showing up, she had slipped on a pair of boxer shorts to cover her bottom. The last thing she needed were officers that knew her to see her with no underwear.

Paul just supports her while Kat kissed him. She stops after a few minutes and looks directly into his eyes “I think we are into this mess deep.”

“I beginning to think your right. Why don’t you call Jerry and have him come over and help with the doors and help replace the broken windows.” He kisses her again and pat her butt.

“Okay!” Kat gives him one more kiss and release her legs from around his waist.

She looks around for her cell phone. She knew she had it in the kitchen this morning, but what happened to it after the attack, she had no idea. Kat finds Paul’s phone and notice it had a bullet hole in it.

“Paul, I found your phone, but we’re going to have to replace it.” Kat searches on her hands and knees till she finds hers hiding under a shelving unit in the kitchen.

“Ah, there you are.” She stretches her hand till the tip of her finger nails touch it and pull it back towards her.

Kat unlocks it and dials Jerry. Jerry was a local handyman that her father had helped reform. He wasn’t a bad person, but because he had a criminal record, no one would give him a chance. So, her father had hired him to help him do work around their house and then are her grandparents’ house. Her father had gotten Jerry involved with Habitat for Humanity. He did a few jobs with them and word had spread about his skill and low labor cost.


“Hey Jerry, sorry for bothering you, but I could use your help today. Some people attack my place and damage my windows and doors. Could you come over and fix them for me and Paul?” Kat figures she had enough to cover his labor and purchases.

“Sure, I’ll be over in twenty minutes.” Jerry held his cell against his shoulder as he got dressed.

“Thanks.” Kat disconnects and looks at the mess they still had.

“Well, it looks like we’re eating out tonight.” Kat goes back into their bedroom and change into a pair of coverall and comes back out to help Paul clean-up the mess.

Twenty Minutes later, Jerry shows up and with Paul’s help take measurements of the doors and windows and make a list of things he’ll need to cover up the bullet holes. Around two in the afternoon, Brittney wakes-up and comes out into the living room.

“Hey sleepy head.” Kat walks over and gives her a hug.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Sort of.” Brittney held onto Kat.

“Why don’t you go and change clothes. We’ll go and get some lunch for everyone.” Kat places a kiss on Brittney’s cheek and direct her to her bedroom so she can change.

Kat walks over to where Paul and Jerry was working.

“Hey, Brittney and I are going to get lunch. Do either of you have a special request?” Kat looks towards both Jerry and Paul.

“Where are you going for lunch?” Jerry was in a mood for a sub.

“I was thinking Clare’s diner and getting four lunch boxes.” Kat figures it was a good place to go and she shouldn’t run into anyone she knew or knew her.

“I wouldn’t mind an Italian sub for me?” Jerry loved how Sara over at Clare’s made the subs.

“Do you want potato chips or French fries?” Kat was writing down Jerry’s order.

“Fries will be fine with me. Also, a large coke if you can swing it.”

“No problem. How about you Paul?” Kat already knew what he liked.

“Whatever you get will be fine.” Paul knew what Kat liked and knew she already knew what he liked.

“Okay, I should be back in thirty minutes.” Kat grabs her car keys after she notices Brittney walking into the living room.

“Come on kiddo, let’s go and get some lunch for these hungry men.” Kat walks past the suv and down to her 1969 Mustang Boss 429.

“Wow!” Brittney stops to look at the car.

Kat just smiles “it used to belong to my father. It’s been fully restored and the engine and drive train has been upgraded.” Kat unlocks it and climbs in. She reaches over and unlocks the passenger side door.

When Brittney sits down inside the car, she couldn’t believe how clean and shiny it looked. There was a police radio and lights installed in the car.

“My father use to drive this car back and forth to work all the time. Sometimes he would use it to chase down runners. Its faster than most of the police cars the Knoxville police currently have now.” Kat turns the key and the engine rumbles to life.

“What to have some fun?” Kat looks over towards Brittney.

Brittney shakes her head yes.

Kat backs up from the parking space in front of her house and then open the engine up as they burn rubber down the street. It didn’t take long for Kat to get to Clare’s speeding like she was.

Brittney had felt herself pushed by into the seat as Kat drove. She couldn’t believe how fast this car was.

By the time, they parked in the parking lot of Clare’s. Brittney was giggling. They had passed two police cars like they were standing still.

Kat had spotted the police cars before she zoomed by them. She knew both officers, so they knew the car as well. It wasn’t the first time she had zoomed pass them.

Thirty minutes later she was back at her house with the food she had gone to get. The police officers had flagged her down and told her to slow down.

“Foods, Here guys.” Kat walks up with the drinks, while Brittney carried the food itself.

“Good, we’re staved.” Both Jerry and Paul head to the backyard to sit down at the yard table set-up back there.

They all sit down to enjoy lunch and after lunch they finish up fixing the damage done to house from the attack.

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