The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 6

Kat moves quietly through the woods to the camp. They had left first thing in the morning and drove till they came to the small town that the guys from the camp got their supplies from. They had talked about leaving Brittney behind, but she insisted that she came along. Kat didn’t like it, but she made sure Brittney stayed in the suv, since it was bullet proof.

“Are you having fun Kat?” Paul’s voice came over her Bluetooth.

“Loads of fun. I love tramping through the woods.” Kat was moving quickly with her agility. She was like her namesake. After ten minutes, she comes to the camp itself.

Kat finds a spot she could observe the camp and use her binoculars that transmit a video back to Paul. So, what she saw, he saw. Kat couldn’t believe the condition some of the children were in. They were thin and had bruises on them. Some of the girls didn’t look to well. A low growl was building in her throat.

“Kat, calm down sweetie. I need for you to remain calm.” Paul had to keep Kat calm or Kat would end up acting reckless.

“Right, stay calm.” Kat breathes and holds it for a few seconds, before moving closer. She counted six people and her target.

“Alright partner. Get ready to floor it. We have eight teenage boys and four teenage girls to pull out. I’m going after the staff now.” Kat puts her binoculars away and pull out her gun and switch the magazine with rubber bullets. They were strong enough to take the person down, but not kill them.

“Alright, I’m going in.” Kat moves and drops her first target.

“One down, six to go.” Kat moves quickly and takes another one down.

“Two down.” Kat hurries and drops two more.

“Four down.” Kat hears the clatter of a bell.

“Seems like the jig is up partner. Time for you to use brute force and crash through the gate.” On my way.

Kat moves till she finds her target. He was using one of the girls as a hostage. Kat moves closer towards him.

“Stay back you freak.” He pulls a gun and points it at the girl.

“Why don’t you surrender? You know that what you are doing is wrong to these people.” Kat didn’t want to endanger the girl.

There was a loud crashing sound and Greggory Miller lets up on his hold of the girl.

“Duck!” Kat races forwards and jumps Greggory sending him backwards on his back.

A growling sound comes out of her mouth “I should rip your throat out for what you are doing to these people.” Kat closes her hand around his throat and let him feel her claws.

Kat so wanted to rip his throat out and eliminate him, but she had to make sure he went to court.

Kat flips him over onto his stomach and pulls a quick strip out and secures his hands behind his back. She presses her knee into his back harder. If she can’t kill him, she can cause him pain. Kat gets up and drag his sorry ass outside to where everyone was gathering.

“Paul, can you come and take this sorry sack of dog crap and put him with the others.” Kat kicks him just because she could.

“Sure, what are you going to do?” Paul stops next to Kat.

“I saw going to see if they have any tapes or anything of what goes on here.” Kat looks at one of the women who work at the camp.

“You, do you know if they record your sessions here?” Kat walks over towards her.

“I don’t know.” Shelly couldn’t believe what was going on.

Kat walks back over towards Greggory Miller “I bet you do, don’t you?”

He just glares at her “I’m not telling you anything.”

She leans in close to his face “you’ll tell me what I want to know or I am going to change your religion.” Kat grabs his balls and squeezes them.

“Now tell me what I want to know or I will extend my claws and chop them off permanently.” To emphasize her point, Kat extends her claws some. She lets them extend so they go through his pants and touch his skin.

“Now talk or I’ll squeeze so they go a little deeper.” Kat gives a little squeeze.

“Fine, I’ll tell you.” Greggory hated that he had cave so easily, but just her touching her claws on his bare skin was enough to change his mind.

“Good boy.” Kat drags his sorry ass to the admin building and have him give her full access to everything. Kat dials a few television stations she knows and then police officers she could trust. Which for her was the SWAT officers that her father had known. By the time the afternoon came, there were paramedics, police officers and news reporters. The lawyers for the religious organization that owned the property tried to counter things saying Kat had no right, till she showed the bounty. Paul was standing next to her when she showed the warrant to the police.

As Kat is walking away “if I only had a brain.” Her tail was twitching back and forth because she was happy.

She walks over towards their Suv and climbs in.

“Let’s blow this Popsicle stand. I have a feeling that this nightmare isn’t over.” Kat had the paperwork for the capture so they could get paid.

Brittney had stayed in the car like she was told. She knew all the boys and girls there at the camp.

“Kat, can I get out and see how my friends are, please?” Brittney needed to let them know she was alright.

“Go ahead Brittney.” Kat gets back out of the SUV and stands by it to watch Brittney. She is very protective of her.

Brittney walks over towards her friends and talk with them. There was one that looked to be a little younger then Brittney that wraps his arms around her and starts crying, Kat could hear him sobbing and pleading with Brittney to take him with her. His parents won’t take him back.

They had said so. They said they were leaving him here till he was old enough to be on his own.

Kat looks towards Paul “I think we might have another daughter. How do you feel about that partner?”

“I don’t mind. I enjoy having Brittney around the house. Having another child won’t be so bad and it will keep you out of trouble.” Paul just smiles at Kat.

“Keep me out of trouble? I don’t go looking for trouble.” Kat gave Paul her sweet innocent smile.

“Ya right. You’re so sweet and innocent. If I believe that, I would have to buy that ocean front property in Arizona.” Paul knew Kat always went looking for trouble.

Kat and Paul stopped bickering back and forth when they notice Brittney escorting a young boy over to them. The boy was staring at her.

“Yes?” Kat climbs back into the Suv.

Brittney looks towards Paul with a confused look on her face.

“You heard her squirt. She said yes. You didn’t think she couldn’t hear you, did you? With those ears of her she could hear a flea fart.” Paul climbs into the Suv.

“Get in kiddos.” Kat leans out and looks at them.

Brittney helps Terry into the Suv.

“Home Charles.” Kat looks over towards Paul.

“One day, pow to the moon.” Paul starts the Suv and heads back the way they came.

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