The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 7

August was in the kitchen fixing herself, Lev and Becca some breakfast. It was the weekend and Lev and Rebecca had gone out last night and celebrated his birthday. It was a week after her sixteenth birthday. They had asked if she wanted to come along, but August had stayed home to give them some private time. Rebecca had help her mend the fence with her mother, but not her father. He was still being a butthead and now her mother was divorcing him. She still couldn't believe he had another family.

August chops some onions for the omelets she was making for the three of them while still in her night shirt. As she stood at the counter chopping onions, a news broadcast comes on showing a cat girl walking around. August couldn’t believe it. This person was like Rebecca. August stops and runs towards Becca’s bedroom. She doesn’t bother to stop and knock, but just runs in.

“Becca, you need to see this.” August turns Becca’s television on.

When August turns around to see if Becca was awake. She notices Lev and Becca totally nude laying there in bed not covered up.

Becca raises her head and turns to look at August. She’ll have to remember to talk with her later about just running into her room unless the place was on fire.

August notice that Becca looked real rough this morning. She had only seen Becca like this after a heavy night of sex with Lev. Which meant she was going to be walking around slowly today.

“Why are you waking me up?” Becca brushes some of her messy hair out of her eyes.

“For this Becca.” August turns the sound up and show Becca the picture of the cat girl.

Becca stares at the television. She couldn’t believe it. These was another person that looked similar to her. She thought she was the only one. She kept watching as she wonders who this person is. Lev had woken with all the noise and watched as his beloved was staring at the television watching a woman that looked similar to Becca.

“Do you know her sweetie?” Lev rubs Becca’s back.

“No I don’t. I thought I was the only one like I am. I need to talk with her and see if there are others like us or if we are one of a kind and who might have done this to us.” Rebecca and her father had never pursued her past. They just thought she was unique and was a fluke, but right there in front of her on the television was another person like her.

She looks at August “do you think you could locate her?”

“Yes, ma’am. It shouldn’t be a problem.” August figures she could call the station or look on the web for her. It did say she was a bounty hunter.

So, she could call a few bail bonds companies to see if they heard of her.

“Good, now if you’ll excuse us.” Rebecca looks at August. She has come to see the younger girl as a sister she never had in the short time she has been with her.

“Yes, ma’am.” August turns and leaves Rebecca’s room and head to the office where the computer was. She looks at the invoice they still needed to file and send out so Rebecca could collect on a few jobs.

“Thinking about getting in touch with the cat girl, luv?” Lev pulls Becca onto his lap. He had worn her out last night and knew she was tender.

“Yes. I need to know if there are others like us and where we came from.” Rebecca leans back against his hairy chest. She was still sore from last night. He was so big and long. She was small and shallow. He had stretched her to her max and enter so deep into her that he was hitting her cervix.

“Well, I know this is the first time I have ever heard of another like you sweetie. I have driven one coast to the other coast and to the North and South and Haven’t come across any one like you at all.” He nuzzles her neck and nip at her shoulder.

“Mmm, if you keep that up. I may not get out of bed.” Rebecca closes her eyes and just enjoy Lev nibbling on her. He had proposed last night while they were out celebrating his birthday. She hadn’t gotten around telling August yet.

Lev just smiles and moves to get out of bed while carrying her with him.

Rebecca wraps her arms around his neck for support. She rest her head against his shoulders and wish they could stay like this forever.

“We need to get dress sweetie, unless you are going to go in the nude all day long.” Lev puts Rebecca down on her feet.

“That would freak out all my employees.” Rebecca walks over carefully to her dresser and grab a bra and panties to wear under her jumpsuit.

Lev was doing the same thing. He was grabbing a t-shirt, underwear, jeans and socks.

“If August finds out where she is. Are you going to fly there or drive?” Lev pulls his pants on after he had gotten his underwear and socks on first.

“If she lives nearby, we can drive. If she lives a fair distance out, we can take the C45H Twin Beech 18. I haven’t flown her in a while.” Rebecca was moving slowly and carefully. She was so tender today.

Once both were dressed. They head out of Rebecca’s bedroom and into the kitchen. Rebecca had smelled the food cooking.

“So, did you locate her?” Rebecca sits down on the stool carefully and fixes herself a cup of coffee.

“Yep, found her. They live in Knoxville, Tennessee. It seems her and her partner, a Paul Romano are bounty hunters and just busted up a gay conversion camp this morning that had been abusing the children and a few adults there. Her name is Kathrine Sedberry, but goes by Kat and is the adopted daughter of a SWAT officer. She has an older sister that is a lawyer and an older brother who is on the Knoxville fire department.” August had found all this out by talking with a bail bondman and from the news articles she had found on the internet.

“Well, it looks like we are going on a trip. You said she lives in Knoxville, Tennessee?” Rebecca was trying to think how long of a drive that would be.

Lev notices the look on Becca’s face.

“It’s about a fourteen and half hour drive sweetie. We would do better by flying there.” Lev looks at Rebecca as he snugs a piece of bacon out of her hands.

“Hey, that was my bacon.” Rebecca frowns at him as she takes another piece off the platter on the breakfast counter.

“Can I come with you Becca?” August wouldn’t mind meeting this other person.

“Like I would leave you home with me being out of town. You might burn the house down.” Rebecca was teasing August.

“I have only had one accident since you taught me how to cook.” August had left a pan of oil on a hot burner and it caught fire. Rebecca had made her clean and repaint the whole entire kitchen and the living room.

Rebecca just smirks “finish your breakfast and pack a bag to take with you. I don’t know how long we will be there, but have one ready for a week.”

“Yes ma’am.” August finishes her breakfast and head towards her bedroom to pack.

“I’ll finish cleaning the kitchen love. My bag is already packed.” Lev kept one pack just in case he needs to leave for a job.

“Thanks, I’ll go prep the plane and get it fueled up. Also, let Harry know we’ll be gone for a few days. So he is in charge of the garage.”
Rebecca walks over to the door and put her tennis shoes on and head out to prep the plane.

Lev finishes up cleaning the kitchen and putting away the rest of the bacon. He goes and packs a bag for Rebecca and grabs his bag as well.
When he comes out of Rebecca’s bedroom, August was coming out of hers.

“So, did you propose to her last night Lev?” August knew because her and Lev had spoken about it. Rebecca was still torn up from her father dying.

“Yep. Didn’t you see the ring this morning on her hand?” Lev wonders if Rebecca took it off.

“No sir. I was excited about that cat girl. I thought Becca would want to know.” August needs to look at Becca’s hand when she gets on the plane.

“Next time you see Becca, look at her hand.” Lev couldn’t believe August.

August locks the place up as Lev carries their things out to the plane. Rebecca was already on board and was waiting on them.

“How come we’re taking the C45H Twin Beech 18?” August hasn’t flown in this place before. Rebecca normally took her up in the helicopter or the bi-plane she had in the hangar.

“Ask your sister.” Lev climbs in and up front with Rebecca, while August takes one of the back seats and secures herself.

Once everyone was aboard and secure. Rebecca gets the clearance from the tower and takes off heading towards Knoxville, Tennessee.

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