The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 8

“Kat, you and Paul better get over here.” Brittney had heard a commotion outside and had looked out the living room window to see what it was.

Terri comes walking down the hallway rubbing her eyes. She had fallen asleep yesterday on the way back from the camp and was carried in. It was lucky that Kat’s house had another spare bedroom. Then again, it was her family home and she had a sister and brother that had lived here with her till they got their own place.

“Why, what is going on?” Kat and Paul walks over towards Brittney.

“Morning squirt.” Kat ruffles Terri’s hair. It felt kind of greasy.

“After breakfast, you’re getting a hot bath.” Kat continues towards the door.

She looks outside and notice the mouse lady, a teenage girl and a man with short black hair that look like he played football or something.

“Well, I’ll be a monkey’s aunt. That’s the girl my father told me about.” Kat and Paul rush outside to help the mouse girl and her friends.

Rebecca, August and Lev had arrived at Katherines house and was getting out, when one of the religious nuts had come up and got in Rebecca’s face calling her a freak and other names. Rebecca had ignored him and when she turned around, he had grabbed August and was trying to pull her away saying decent Christian girls shouldn’t hang with freaks like her.

Rebecca had broken his grip on August wrist and was pushing her behind her body. The guy sucker punched her and then Lev got involved. The next thing everyone knew a fight had broken out. Rebecca was protecting August from several protesters. Lev had already knocked two protesters out.

Kat and Paul come running out of Kat’s house and try to break the fighting up. After ten minutes, police cars start showing up and the fighting comes to an in. The police arrest a few of the protesters who had started the fight and sent the rest home.

The protesters had been showing up after the events that happen at the camp had aired. They felt that Kat and her partner had interfered with gods work and with Kat being like she was. They were calling her a spawn of the devil. They didn’t like that her and her partner had taken the camp down.

They thought Rebecca was with Kat and was attacking her and taking the human girl they had seen away from her so she couldn’t corrupt her.

Once everything was settle with the protesters. Kat and everyone heads back inside to her house where Brittney and Terri had stayed.

Once everyone was inside and sitting around.

“So, what brings you to my part of the country? Rebecca?” Kat was curious why the other girl her father told her about was here?

“I wanted some answers and I figure you might know something. Oh, this is my fiancé Lev Medvedev and my adopted sister August Elizabeth Miller.” Rebecca should had introduced Lev and August before she had explained why she was here.

“Nice to meet you Lev and August.” Kat extends her hand to shake Lev and August hand.

Both Lev and August shakes Kat’s hand.

“This big man here next to me is my partner Paul, and our soon to be adopted daughters Brittney and Terri.” Kat points to Brittney and Terri.

“Now that, that is out of the way. What makes you think I have any answers?” Kat only had questions herself.

“Because you’re like me and I was hoping maybe you knew more than I do. Me and My father never bother to dig into my past because we figure I was the only one there is?” Rebecca really would like to know who created her.

“Well me and my father did do a little bit more digging. One doctor we spoke to, said that the only way something like us could exist. Was that someone tinker with our DNA and manipulate some of the birth defects that humans have. The only other way was to use nanites to change some ones’ DNA or a retro virus to do the same thing, but nanites would be better to do the job. So, someone who is familiar with nanites had to have custom make our DNA then impregnated two women or the same woman. For us to have been born like we were.” Kat had done some thinking on the subject and research as well.

“So, who is smart enough or has the resources to create something like us?” Rebecca was a mechanic, but knew you had have resources to do this.

“That my dear moue lady is the twenty-thousand-dollar question.” Kay wouldn’t mind finding out who was responsible to their creation.

Lev and Paul had sat quietly and listen to the two ladies talk about how they came about. Lev had heard rumors about an organization who was experimenting on people. However, that was years ago and nothing currently. Even Russia, he knew they had perform similar experiments to build people like how both girls are, but their victims didn’t live long afterwards.

While the adults were talking, Brittney had excused herself and took Terri to take a bath. She figures that they would be talking for a while. August sat quietly and listened. She was finding out a lot about Kat and Rebecca.

“Well, while you two girls are talking. Why don’t Paul and I go and get some dinner for all of us. Do you want to come along August or stay here and entertain the other girls? I hear that they are like you.” Lev winks at August.

August looks back towards where the girls had gone.

Paul nods his head as she looks at him.

Rebecca had heard the whole conversion between Paul and Lev while talking to Kat “excuse me Kat. Go ahead August. Why don’t you find out more about your fellow sisters?”

“I think it might do them some good, August.” This it was Kat speaking to August.

“Okay, I’ll go and talk with the other girls.” August knew when she was being conned.

Rebecca stops her and gives her a hug “go make new friends.”

“Okay sis.” August returns the hug.

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